Dave Matthews Band
Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center Arena, Birmingham, Alabama
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Cracker
Onstage: 10:15

Don't Drink the Water
Jimi Thing
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
True Reflections
Drive In Drive Out
Long Black Veil
Two Step
Help Myself
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Typical Situation
Tripping Billies
Lie In Our Graves

Offstage: 10:34

Stuart T.
This show was unbelievable! All of the songs were great and it seemed as if they were having the time of their lives on stage. Dave was going crazy the whole time. The show was extra special because they played True Reflections and Help Myself last night. I have seen Dave 30 times and that was the first time I had seen either of those songs live. Long Black Veil is awesome with the whole band! I hope everyone gets a chance to see that song live. All in all it was a great show!
Daniel Y.
If you weren't there, well you didn't miss ANYTHING... except an INCREDIABLE Two Step with about a 7 minute jam at the end, a really sweet, slightly re-worded Typical Situation, and I don't know anyone that wouldn't have enjoyed True Reflections and Long Black Vail (Johnny Cash Tune). The rest was pretty typical of the band... (LIOG is my favorite tune live, and it made me smile atleast once before I left the building) Now, for my bitching.... This was my 7th DMB show, and by far the worst.. The only good thing about it was the barely audible music and the band's energy. The mix was AWFUL, the only time I heard Leroi was when he pulled out his Baritone Sax, and when Boyd started singing True Reflections they didn't have his mic up. Not to mention that I heard feedback atleast 3 times and the band screwed up atleast a half a dozen times... and the crowd was twice as worse... There was a point in the show where Dave took a big drink of water, and they went Nuts... It was as if he had just parted the Red Sea or something, but the worse of whats around was this drunk, ass, idiot right behind me (the luck of the Irish, only I'm not Irish so I's can't explain it). He kept yelling over and over "Dave is the MAN!!" or "Play Satellite" and the proverbial "whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" (and He was plenty louder then that awful mix). Hey, I believe everyone should have a good time at the show, and I am usually the one who sticks up for all the drunks. "There just trying to have fun" I tell everyone (I think most of us have been there), but this guy was just a plain old IDIOT... (I hope your reading this, you were in the 18th row, section C). He totally ruined the entire show for me, my girlfriend, and the other 100 people directly around us. The crowds have changed, and I think the band knows it as well.... People use to be mellow at DMB concerts, they would dance and smoke week.. Basically chill out and enjoy the music... There were no fights, the were no drunk idiots throwing cigarette butts into the audience from the top of the lawn, and NO ONE ever acknowledged the band as just "Dave" (I think most people who attend the shows nowadays don't even know there's a Carter, Stefan, Leroi, and Boyd in the band). I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT THOUGH... Truly, the more the merrier... BUT, if these sort of incident EVER happen to me again............... I know, they cant control it.
David H.
This show was amazing! No Crash, Ants, or Satellite, instead we got True Reflections, Help Myself, and Long Black Veil, plus some other goodies. They jammed forever on each song, Boyd & Leroi pretty much made the show. They had a jam just before Jimi Thing which sounded like the beginings of a possible new song. Dave started struming a chord progression I didn't recognize, the rest of the band kicked in, then slowly dropped out. Dave turned to Carter, shrugged, then kicked in w/ Jimi Thing. Great jams, great setlist, I just hope my next two shows this tour are this great.
Grant H.
What a way to enjoy Cinco De Mayo! This show exceeded my expectations in a phominal way. I wish it had been an outdoor venue, but Dave in the back of a U-Haul would be phat. The band had a great deal of energy during the entire show, which projected its way into the reactions of the crowd. I had never heard "True Relections" live, but it added a new element to the band: a songbird named Boyd. Their take on "Drive In Drive Out" was explosive, which was a great lead for the Cash cover "Long Black Dress." What really made the night for most of the people I was with was "Typical Situation." Stefan had a great intro using a slide on the fretless bass. They added a calypso mix, which was a great tempo change. It was the best version I have ever heard. There was one thing that made the night suck, at least for one person. During the intro to "Tripping Billies," some joker jumped on the stage and rushed right for Dave. Of course, security was on him in a heartbeat. The g uy never got a hand on Dave, but he got the beating of his life. Even though there were only two songs left, you could tell the energy of the show took a southbound turn. I think it freaked Dave out a little. The encore featured "Lie In Our Graves," which included a monster Boyd/Dave jam. It was a great way to close. The whole show was big time, along with the shots the bouncers got in on our little rebel.
David K.
First of all, I thought overall that this show had a lot more energy and better jams than the last Birmingham show (8/18) did. Here's the highlights: DONT' DRINK: I didn't expect this as an opener, because they opened with this at Birmingham last time. Before they started, Dave acted like he was going to start and instead started dancing around the stage acting like he was the pied piper or something. Pretty funny. Overall, Don't Drink was pretty usual. JIMI: Cool jam... I think part of it was new. Dave did a 30-45 sec guitar intro to Jimi Thing that I didn't recognize and it was pretty cool to hear. You could tell that he used the time off during the D&T tour to hone his guitar skills (not that he's not already a kick-ass guitar player, he just deemed really on last night) CRUSH: I really didn't expect them to play both Crush and Jimi thing without Timmy on guitar because they seem to be the two really long jam songs that Tim adds a lot to. It was great, though. DIDO: Another new Dave guitar intro, so I didn't recognize it at first. I've never been a really big fan of this song, but it was done well. VEIL: For those of you who haven't heard this yet, Dave begins the first verse solo and then the rest of the band comes in. It also features a Roi solo which was pretty cool. It's done very well by the band. TWO STEP: One of the highlights because of the new jam at the end. Instead of ending, they just kept on jamming (pretty much centered around the guitar and drums). It put about 4 or 5 extra minutes onto the song. After Two Step, Dave gave Carter a big high-five, and it was great to see Carter smiling so much. Very cool. SO MUCH -> ASTB -> TOO MUCH: Dave had his "crazy scat" solo at the beginning of ASTB that was awesome. TYPICAL: Cool almost regge-sounding beginning... everyone was dancing to the chorus. TRIPPING: Some guy rushed the stage and was tackeled by like 6 crew members. Dave started singing the openening words but then stopped because he was laughing so much at the guy. When he finally started, though, Tripping was right on. ENCORE: LIOG: I didn't expect this as the encore, but they did a great job of it. I had no idea that Boyd played so intensely during his solo on this. He was just tearing it up, walking all around the front of the stage and the audience was loving it. For the minor details I noticed... Dave had his regular Chet and also an acoustic out there, which I don't remember him playing. Stefan was great, and from the 5th row you could really see his genius on the base. Everyone loved Roi's solo, but as always, Boyd has more showmanship during his. I saw one taper on the 3rd row who had a mike duct taped to a broomstick or something, so it didn't look like he was going to get a very good copy. I heard there were more tapers, but never saw the mikes, so I guess we'll see about a good recording. Great show, great jams, pretty good crowd, great seats (thank you WH!), mediocre encore, but a great setlist. If you know of a digital copy, please tell me. I have the time and resources now to tree a good seed of this show.
Nick G.
This show was freaking awesome. Cracker was a nice wam-up for DMB. Got the blood pumping. DDTW- I don't really like the studio version of the song but it was awesome live. Nice Jam at the end. Jimi Thing- Amazing. The band was very into it. Jammed forever on this song. Dave was dancing everywhere. He almost fell into the drum set. Patala Naga Pampa>Rapunzel- About the same as the album versions, except cool lights. Crush- Nice jam once again. Boyd went off and I thought his violen was going to fall into pieces. True Reflections- Totally unexpected. This was maybe the highlight of the show. Once again Dave and Boyd dance cicrles around each other while jamming. Drive In, Drive Out- Carter beat the hel out of his drums on this one. Long Black Veil- Good break in the show. I needed to strecth. Two Step- Very good as usual. Boyd and Dave danced in circles again. Help Myself- Unexpected. Not too much dancing but it was a nice tune. So Much To Say-Anyone seen the bridge-Too Much- the coolest part of the show. Incredible jam going into Too Much. Then the band was hitting it hard and the lights were flashing like crazy. Everyone was dancing. Very nice combo. Typical Situation- Started off pretty much like the album version. Then Dave started jumping up and down. Leroi came in with a kickass flute solo and Boyd and Dave started dancing around him. Tripping Billies- Very nice with the nature intro. Some guy ran out on stage after Dave but was immediately tackled and beat up by security. The band never skipped a beat. Cool. Lie In Our Graves- Good encore. Boyd played a solo that had to last for about 10 minutes. The whole song lasted 17 minutes and was very very entergetic. The band seemed to be totally into the concert tonight. Best one I have seen. Good crowd, great setlist. If you weren't there, you missed out.