Dave Matthews Band
North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleson, South Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Cracker
Don't Drink the Water
One Sweet World
Say Goodbye
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rhyme & Reason
Long Black Veil
Two Step
Drive In Drive Out
The Stone
Lie In Our Graves
Ants Marching

Matthew L.
Well the setlist doesn't look all that impressive but it's the best dave show i've been to so far. Not kidding. Dave came on at about 8:10 and you could just tell he was excited. Then they open up with an awsome DDTW. Next an extra long intro to One Sweet World and I'm really loving it. The song also had a sweet little jam in it. After an energetic 4-5 minute drum solo leroi comes in on the flute and then say goodbye haven't heard this one in a while with the band so awsome. jimi thing next boyd is just so great enough said. crash into me i don't care how overplayed it is I love it live and can't hear it enough. pantala and rapunzel kind of got off to a rocky start dave kept forgetting the lyrics but then he just got into it he and boyd and even leroi yes leroi were jumping and dancing everywhere. rhyme and reason so stoked to hear it love it. long black veil everyone was quiet during this song because they didn't know it but I was so glad to hear him play it with the band ler oi had a cool jam on the baritone sax. two step awsome jam at the end probably about a 10 min two step. satellite could've replaced with another song but still always nice to hear. drive in drive out never ever heard it live so awsome. the stone good slow jam. lie in our graves my favorite song boyd did the solo he loves the spotlight. ants marching got the crowd going even more than they were amazing amazing show as always thanks dave!
Matt C.
This by far was the best concert I have ever been to in my life!! Almost a religious type experience. I met a few people that went to a few of the previous ones and they too said it was the best one so far. The whole band seemed very energetic and played there hearts out. Boyd was just awesome on the violin. He had everyone going when he ran around the stage playing Two Step. Dave as usually was great, although there was no Dave Speak, except for him thanking us after every song. He did however get into his trademark dance whenever he started to jam, which was soo funny. The whole show lasted roughly two hours forty-five minutes, which was extremely worth it. This show made me decide to see their next two in NC
Chad V.
Great Show!!! Great Warehouse tickets: 15th row center! The guys were in Friday night form, making the most of every song! DDTW was a great start. The crowd was still filling in and the energy level went sky high as soon as Carter hit the first booming beat... Ta dumdum... Highlights: OSW was Perfect and a welcomed surprise, just before Dave started picking out the acoustic intro he clearly said "Bust 'em in the head so you don't spoil the meat." Maybe he was just repeating what he'd overheard at a truck-stop on the way in?... Say Goodbye started with a thunderous drum solo that brought the excited crowd to a roaring frenzy. The Jimi thing outro was long and funky, Boyd was playing off the crowd's enthusiasm and Carter & Stephan were laying a great rhythm. After Crash into Me, it was a long slow jam tease into PNP --> Rapunzel. Long Black Veil was so beautiful. The Stone had the Leroy's Wise men sample outro. DIDO was amazing and the LIOG follow made my night... (personal liv e favorite) The only disappointment was the lack of encore songs: Just Ants. You could see them debating to do another song just before they slammed into Ants, which was what the majority of the crowd was waiting for judging by the overwhelming reaction. All in all a great 2.5 hour show. Canít wait for Charlotte! Rock On!