Dave Matthews Band
Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Santana, The Roots
Onstage: 8:40pm
Warehouse (Stop-time intro)
Two Step
Rhyme & Reason
Seek Up -->
Linus and Lucy
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water *
#41 *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Tripping Billies *
Long Black Veil *
True Reflections *
Stay *
Ants Marching *
Offstage: 11:05pm

* with Bela Fleck
** with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King
entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Mark H.
Wow what a show. this was show number three for me and by far the best. Highlights of the show were seek up, rapunzel, ddtw, tripping billies, and true reflections. But, they saved the best for last by playing ants marching for the lone encore song. it's the first time that i've heard it live and was to pumped to hear it tonight. it didnt matter what other songs they played, as long as they played ants. the band sounded great and as usual they had some guests playing with them. bela fleck played on some of the songs as well as butch taylor on keyboard. plus, the female singers from stay were there. that song sounded really good. i couldnt believe that they actully played true reflections. this is the second time that ive seen that song, and actually knew what song it was before they started playing it. boyd was going nuts during a couple songs. he really knows how to get the crowd pumped up. the crowd was really into the show and it didnt get out of control at all . people were dancing all over the place. unfortunately, i'm not able to see them again during their stay in philly, but maybe in hershey in august.
A great stadium show. Some highlights included True Reflections, Ants, and the whole setlist. Boyd and Dave jammed all night long. Hopefully we will hear a little change tomorrow night. Bela Fleck added to a great performance. The one song encore was worth it with Ants Marching any other song would not have been as good. I didn't see many tapers but if the sound is good it would make a great bootleg.
Really good quality show. Cant say I was blown away by this one but the band was on tonight and there were some really enjoyable pieces and a good mix of mellow songs and jammin ones. Setlist opened with a "Red Rocks" theme as the first five songs came off that album and the show largly mimic the show on the 16th with opening songs. Two Step had a nice long jam at the end which was new as to anything Ive heard out of the band. The 5th song, Seek Up, featured a guy playing the piano(couldnt get his name cause you couldnt understand Dave talking at all). After all the words, they started with the typical jam featuring Boyd and then slowed it down making it seem like the song was about to fade out. Then they picked it up again with just Carter and the guy playing the piano jamming. Pretty soon, the piano man began to play some framiliar cords...and suddenly out of the blue began playing "Peanuts"--the theme to Charlie Brown!! Crowd ate it up. Repunzel was very good, Dave began dancing and everything during it and the crowd was really on fire for that one. Nice Jammin #41. Tripping Billies had a lot of fire to it. But how nice it was that after a pretty standard set to open it up they go to the lesser known songs which were a real treat. First Long Black Veil which is becoming a common thing on this tour, but then Boyd took the mic to sing True Reflections along with a group of choir singers which stayed on for Stay. Boyd also took the solo in True Reflections as well. Stay closed it up in a big way and then the band returned for Ants Marching on the Encore. Crowd was semi-dissapointed with only one encore song, but all in all a very enjoyable show and I look forward to tomorrow night and reviewing that show for you guys as well. Stadium was pretty packed, but not a sell out. About 55,000 I guess. Radio says tomorrow will be a full sell out of 70,000. Sounds interesting. Ill be back tomorrow with another review.
Dave B.
Great show!!! The Roots were great!!! Santana was INCREDIBLE (great drummer too)!!! And DMB was, as usual, AMAZING. At first, I thought we were headed towards a L@RR show......until Butch started playing "Peanuts"...heh heh heh!!! From the get-go, there was GREAT ENERGY!!!! Could've done without "Rhyme...", but you can't always get what you want. The stage was AMAZING!!!! Two large video screens on either side of the stage (great camera work by the way). The sound was groovy!!! My recordings sound fabulous.... and a lot of people were taping. So, many of you can except some good sounding tapes, mp3s, CD-R's...whatever... Butch Taylor was there the whole time. He played a wonderful piano solo to jam out "Seek Up" that changed the whole feel of the song -> for the better. Bela Fleck came and joined the guys for DDTW, #41, Crash Into Me and Billies. He's the man. The backing singers joined Dave for "The Long Black Veil", "True Reflections" (which grooved b etter than I have EVER heard) and, of course, "Stay". They closed the show with "Ants" which took us off guard!!! Regardless of what anyone says, it's an incredible live song. Nothing of any major earth-shattering significance happened other than witnessing the magic and energy of one incredible band. That's how it was from my seat :-)
Kevin D.
good show overall. warehouse was good to open. two step with nice different guitar jam, possibly older. satellite was ear drum piercing, but still ok. rhyme and reason was loud and evil. good seek up if you like long jams, especially butch taylor peanuts jams. great rapunzel to capture the energy of the crowd. don't drink the water was good because of bela. belatized #41. crash is a great song, don't care how much they play it, bonus w/ bela. high energy trippin. long black veil was good to hear with the rest of the band and the back up singers. true reflections was a surprise because of backup singers were on stage, it was very gospelized with the backup singers and and organ solo by butch. stay, nice to hear again with the women on backup, so much soul. great ants, good to hear it again, but bela and boyd were better in camden of '97 summer tour. seemed like a low key leroi night. boyd was big. butch was great to hear in there, just adds a lot to the music.
Tyler G.
This show was amazing. This was the first time i had seen the entire band since December and they sound so much better. Everyone was on last night. The award, though, goes to Carter. Two Step and Rapunzel, with Carter's help, were the best versions I had ever heard. Other highlights included Rhyme and Reason, True Reflections, Seek Up, and Ants, overall a great show. I will complain about one thing, but not about the music. To get on to the floor section, you had to go through one of three gates, and it caused major congestion problems in the aisles. Also, the event staff kept trying to make everyone get off their chairs and sit down, but they went from the back of the floor up. Who wants to stare at the guys ass in front of him?
Lenny C.
The Roots and Santana were nothing special. Actually, I was expecting more from Santana then I got. Oh well... Warehouse was amazing! The first DMB concert I ever went to this was the opener and it was great to hear it as an opener again. Two Step is always a nice tune. I think that it is a highly under-rated song. Satellite was nice outdoors b/c the sky was clear and it was just nice. Seek Up --> Charlie Brown was awesome. The Charlie Brown Theme was so cool to hear. PNP --> Rapunzel was great too. DDTW was nice, but no extended outro like during the summer of last year. #41 was great. Crash was good b/c of seas and oceans and dixie chicken. Tripping Billies was great. I love that song. LBV was nice. It was the first time I've ever heard it (on tour) and it was cool. True Reflections, this was also the first time I've heard it on tour. Great song. Stay, umm.... Ants Marching was great. I like this song alot too Submitted by Dave Frederick Overall great show from A2, row 8, seats 41, 42. I moved up early on in the show and stayed in the seats- no one came to claim them. Warehouse- as usual, I think this is a great opener to get the crowd going- reminiscent of the first ever DMB show I went to- 6-7-97, when they opened with it. Nice Stop-time intro too. Two Step- gotta love it- my favorite- 14 mins long- and had the same sweet guitar riff thing going about 8-9 mins in that Pete (off petedogg77) was talking about. Quite interesting how this song hasn't finished evolving. :) Also had an interesting lyrical intro- the Dave mumbling you can barely make out... Satellite- it was at this time when I saw that they had Butch Taylor on the keys- nice touch there. :) Rhyme and Reason- only good live- seen it straight for the last 3 concerts I've been to (DMB). Seek Up- now this is what I came to see! About 8 mins in- or less- they finish the actual song, and spend the rest of the time just playing it out (19-20 mins)- kind of got old- but damn nice if you ask me. Butch was great. :) The Linus and Lucy I had never heard before but knew it within seconds of starting- gotta love it. :) Got the crowd going too... This is when people starting filling the aisles- and pushing up- took security a song or two to settle them down. PNP >> Rapunzel. Ok, I'm sick of this song- but I was quite content with hearing it tonight. They did a great version of it- IMO- and during it- on the tele-screens, they showed the video of a plane flying through canyons- and the desert type Arizona- whatever. Anyhow- if this is the new single??? Could that maybe be part of the video?? DDTW- nice as usual- gotta have it- kinda wanted a LIOG with Bela there and all- but you have to have this one I guess. #41- thought it was Let You Down at first- sorry! :) what can I say? I'm not familiar with the songs I usually don't listen to- and this is one of them- nice version- had a cool jam thingy going on near the end. Crash Into Me- not bad- not great. Usual stuff- can't belive I know it word for word even though I barely ever listen to it. :) Tripping Billies- had some kind of intro- I forget what it is though- great as usual- the entire crowd was chanting the DMB anthem "eat, drink, and be meeeeereeey.. for tomorrow we die..." :) Long Black Veil- been waiting to hear it- finally heard it- ready for a Too Much, Recently, or maybe even Jimi Thing.. I liked it- interesting job the guys did with it- seemed standard according to the other descriptions it's been getting on the tour. Butch wasn't on this song True Reflections- probably one of the highlights of the night for me, considering this is the first time I've heard this song live. wonderful version and Boyd was_really_into it. Went from singing "It's deep down inside of you" (or some lyrics) and then went onto play and jam a little on the violin, then went back to singing... nice, very nice. Backup singers actually I think added to it also. Stay- nice job- good closer- but I honestly thought there was going to be something after it- like Too Much- maybe WWYS... actually wasn't a bad set closer considering all the stuff they put into it. nice work. Ants- Dave's string broke, so he had to switch guitars, while Boyd and Bela traded off jams- great stuff there. There was again a video on the screens- of cars, and traffic and other such things- pretty cool... reminded me again of the encore in 6-7-97...hadn't heard it since then- it's great to have this back after its brief hiatus... OTHER: for being in a stadium of 65,000?? how many? From the 8th row, it felt like everyone up off the floor- or in the other back sections of the floor were just background- it's amazing how intimate it can feel even with all those people around. Also, I was surprised at the tempermance of the crowd- not that "loud" with all the people- though the VET is pretty large- so a lot gets absorbed by the air I guess... Since there's going to be another installment tomorrow... and then Saturday... :) I won't bore you too much with a lot of details- overall, great show- and for only being 2 hours, 20 minutes- it seemed a hell of a lot longer to me- quite a captivating show if you ask me. :)
John S.
I was truly not expecting much last night, this being DMB's first stadium in a while. However, I was pleasantly suprised it was not a total radio show. They really picked it up and put on a good show. Bela, as always, was a great addition and even the 'Stay' ladies sounded nice. I was also happy Butch was on keys because he really brings alot to the songs, I just wish they would turn him up louder when he solos. The highlights: Boyd Sings!! Warehouse is probably my favorite song, jammed out beautifully. Two Step sounded nice, but Bela should have come out at this point. Satellite (and Crash Into Me for that matter): Could do without them, but they are unfortunately a must when there is that size of a crowd, at least we got a Dixie Chicken. Rhyme and Reason was a nice suprise once again, way to go oldschool. Seek Up, in one word...Amazing! PNP>Rapunzel & DDTW were standard, yet jammed out nicely. #41, I can never say enough about this song live. Billies was OK, but nothing really new. Stay was standard, and the "fans" really liked it after sitting through Long Black Veil and most of True Reflections, I guess they were tired. Encore: Ants...It's been a while since I've heard it live, glad it's back but One Sweet World would have fit the night or possibly Jimi Thing, oh well. Disappointments: Few, Carlos Santana not playing with the band; I thought it was a lock that he would be out. Only one encore???
Kevin K.
Well.. First I must say that this show was amazing. I didn't have the best seats in the house... (section 305 row 12 seat 17) Just the setlist was... wow.. amazing. The stage looked awesome but I could only see Dave and Boyd sometimes popping out becuase they looked really crammed under there. Other then that.. it was just... fucking amazing. Warehouse as an opener shocked me.. i didn't even expect to see that as a song to be played at all. The stop time intro was phat as hell.. cause of the lighting spectacle with the stars were awesome.. Two step was amazing.. The very end of the song... they had two monitors for people who really couldn't see well, and they kept changing the view of the camaras to every snare hit that carter did.. that was the cool part... Satellite.. (yay) thank god he got that out early... Rhyme and Reason.. Awesome song.. carter started off with the hi hats and that was it.. and then a minute later started the rimshots. Seek Up.. Longest seek up i've eve r heard.. probably the best one i've ever heard too... butch taylor had a little solo in it too.. and after that little solo.. Butch turned into Linus.. keeping the crowd going with the "Charlie Brown Theme".. that was awesome itself.. PNP -> Rapunzle.. awesome... Didn't really want to hear it till friday or saturday.. but.. Still cool.. Then.. I wasn't paying attention in between these songs.. (someone got lucky:) and DDTW starts... and then I look at the monitor and i see this guy.. with a banjo and i was like... HOLY SHIT!!!!! Bela Fleck was out on stage with DMB... That was a major surprise.. That was amazing too.. #41 was phat.. I was digging that.... bela did his solo.. and that was awesome as all hell... Crash Into Me.. again.. thank god he got it out of the way... Not that i hate the song.. it's just.. i've heard it too many times in concert.... Tripping Billies... Boyd tore shit up on his solo.. I mean.. I don't know how his violin takes all the abuse during his sol os..... but they are amazing... Long Black Vail... I knew he was playing the song on tour.. I didn't know we were gonna hear it.. i wanted to hear it.. I heard it.. I wanna hear it again.. Plain and Simple.. they did an excellent job at doing it... Especially the 3 excellent sounding women from Stay, (Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King). Me and my buddy matt were sitting there.... Tryin to figure out what song is next.. and out of earshot.. and I say: ... "true reflections..." my friend matt says: "No way" God I wish i made a bet on this one... I heard the first srum of the guitar.. and he goes.. "how did you call that??".. No clue.. it's just instinct... Boyd sounded great.. and then when the crowd actually figured out that it was boyd singing.. they just sat there.. and I think me and a few other people were the only ones dancing... about 3 people in two seconds came up to me.. "what song is this??" IT'S TRUE REFLECTIONS DAMMNIT!! GO TO MORE SHOWS!!!! :) Back ground singers were excellent on this one of course.. So after TR.. I called Stay.. of course.. you have the 3 background singers out there.. it's eventual that they'll play it... It was loud as hell the way they did it.. And it was aweomse.. and long too.. they put so much power into it too.. that's what made me think it was the best one ever heard.. and then when he sings.. "makes you wanna STAY!".. it's cool seeing 65,000 hands go up in the air... After that.. the band left the stage... So we chanted so loud.. i think the phantoms fans heard us when they were sitting at their cars... about 5 minutes later... The band came out on stage.. Dave was mumbling... and then.. ANTS MARCHING!!! Highlight of this song.. he didn't do the snare intro.. It really didn't mean a thing.. everyone knew what song it was.. and everyone wanted to hear it.. so i was very very happy that i finally heard it after a two year absence from Philly. Overall: Best DMB show i've ever seen.. hopefully ton ight will be better.... I mean.. 15th row from the stage this time.. of course it'll be.. :)
John M.
AWESOME SHOW! Eventhough the sound was pretty poor, it was still great. Pretty Melow show that included a lot of older songs. Warehouse was a great opener followed by Two Step. Satellite was okay, not great. Crash included Dixie Chicken so not everyone new what was going on. True Reflections was spectacular - everyone around us sat down and said what is this. However, that was a very well done version that my friend Dan and I enjoyed. We were a little disappointed with only Ants Marching for an encore, especially because the lights in the stadium didn't come back on for at least 5 minutes after the band went off. All in all probably one of the best shows that I have seen.
James H.
This was my first Dave Matthews Band show.. and it was incredible. There were tons of people there. I'm sorta pissed that they didn't play Say Goodbye or Crush, but they did play #41 which wa really cool... bella fleck joined in on that and his solo was tight. I'm surprized they played True Reflections, but Boyd sang it great as usual. Also Long Black Veil(Johnny Cash cover) was a surprize... I don't think many people knew it. All in all it was a great show, cant wait to see them again.
Rob G.
This show is one of two times now out of the eleven DMB shows I've been to that I've walked out disappointed. I was not impressed with the setlist, although Two Step was played a little differently than how they've been playing it since "Crash" came out. It's more drawn out, slower then getting faster at the end rather than fast up until a stop. The acoustics of the Vet were horrible, as to be expected. DMB shows seem to be a gigantic production nowadays as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who sits around and complains about how they don't play UVa anymore, I'm glad they have their success and all, but it seems very, very grandios now. The band didn't seem to get the momentum going. No tunes really jammed like they have in the past year or so. Who knows, give it a month or two, maybe it will pick up.
Nick Q.
All in all the show was okay, but it had its ups and downs. First of all the boys seemed tired, and very uneager to jam. They started off awesome with Warehouse and Two Step, which got everything going, but it reached a halt at Seek Up. I personally thought it was great, with awesome jamming by Butch, but it lost the interest of the many radio fans. Which to mention they played six radio songs !! Obviously all the hype got to them. It was great to see Bela stop by, and especially on #41. Poi Dog was cool too, but got repetitive. The encore was ruined by Ants, as well as the 11:00 curfew. It was overalla good show, but could have been better. The fighting on the floor took away from the mood, but that's what'll happen when they play for 60,000+. Hopefully, there will be a little more enthusiasm and a better setlist for the next two.
Kevin S.
Last night was the forth time I have had the priviledge to see Dave and the Gang.The group seemed to be able to handle the 60,000 people, unfortunately,his crew had no idea what the hell they were doing.It was bad enough that the teenie boppers were making my ears bleed, but then to have a lousy sound system on top of that made the show difficult to enjoy,but I got through it!!!I have never heard a better version of Two Step.It looked like they were going to fade out and then they just went nuts.Seek Up was one HUGE jam.We had it timed at 23 min.As for the rest of the night,this was definately Boyd's night.True Reflections is an unbelievable song that revealed the true Dave fans.90% of the crowd had no clue what song they were playing but it was great.#41 was really smooth with Bela getting into the act.Trippin Billies was another Boyd jam and Carter got into it too.The best part of the night though was hearing Ant Marching again after a loooong break from DMB's setlist.It's j ust a fun song that topped the night off.
Joe K.
A bunch of us (46) took a bus down to the show and it was amazing. We got there right as Roots was ending unfortunatly and missed them. However we caught Santana, and they were absolutly amazing, and i am quite dissapointed that Dave didnt ask them to come out (or that he did and they declined). To the show. Opened with Warehouse and got everyone dancing right into Two Step, which seems to be sporting a little bit of a change in the timing and some lyrics, also it was jammed out quite a bit with Dave taking a solo! Then came Satellite and i swear, all 70,000 were singing along. Up next was Rhyme and reason which had a mild change in the intro, nothing big though, it was played, as with the previous songs, regularly. Up next was Seek Up, and that was beautiful, boyd took this song and made it sound almost mystic. After the end of seek up where dave is groaning, carter started jamming a bit and Butch Taylor took a solo and they went into CHARLIE BROWN!!! it was so cool. After C harlie Brown they went into PNP>Rapunzle which made EVERYONE dance, it was a very cool version. Bela came on and wrecked shit up for Dont Drink the Water and #41, taking his usual solo in #41 jam. Right into Crash, which i will explain as just usual and as with Satellite, i couldnt hear dave. Tripping Billies came out hard and rocked EVERYONE, there was not one person standing still.....The 3 gosple singers came out and they did Long Black Veil which the guys have converted very nicely. TRUE REFLECTIONS..this was amazing, the gospel singers added SO MUCH to this song, best version i have ever heard...Boyd had the BIGGEST SMILE on his face....they then went into Stay which again, made EVERYONE dance.....Encore..Ants Marching...The stadium was literally shaking it was so loud, and everyone was dancing...the boys got real into this one, made it nice. All in all, most songs were average with the exception of a few, and in all the show was very nice.
Bob B.
This was a good show by dave standards, but not a great one, had some surprises, Bela Fleck was a big surprise sitting in onthe whole second half of show, also brought along The girls on back up vocals. Started with warehouse and got the crowd stirred up, then two step really got everyone excited, slowed it down with satellite, followed by rhyme and reason and seek up. He then gave butch taylor a solo as he wowed the crowd with some chralie borwn, which got mixed reviews. Finaaly played some BTC with pantala rapunzel and DDTW, then the crowd fav's 41 and Crash into me, followed by an explosive Tripping Billies. Lost most of the crowd playing Long Black Veil, but is a song that will be good after a couple times hearing it. true reflections is always a favorite of mine and left stage with stay. Encore only one song, Ants which was nice to hear for a change. So a good show but not great, i enjoyed myself and i think everyone else did also.
Mike M.
Tonight was strange. The setlist was standard, but there were a few surprised in the mix. Warehouse opener. Awesome, the band was wasting no time in turning the vet into dance party usa. Our friend butch Taylor was along for the ride again, his keyboards were audible this time around, nice addition to the DMB sound. Rhyme and Reason? Wasn't expecting to hear that. Seek up-->Charlie Brown Jam? I thought I had too much Beast Ice in me, very strange. When Dave said he wanted to bring out a friend, I was thinking a DMB/Carlos santan jam all the way, but Bela fleck came out. What? Where did this guy come from? I didn't know he was in town, a shady but very welcome suprise guest. Also the lady background singers came out for Stay and True Refelections. True reflections, twice in the last two shows in philly. i don't know what to make of it. Ants encore. The cranked up the volume for that. First time hearing it live. No let down, an overall good show.
Chris J.
First of all, in regards to the venue, I think the boys would have been much better off playing the E-centre or scheduling themselves around playoff basketball at the First Union Center. Security was an absolute bitch, many times threating to throw people out for standing a foot into the aisle. It just seemed a lot more hectic on the floor this time than at the FU center about 6 months back. Many times instead of just jammin to the music, I was disracted by some security guard who was buggin out for some petty reason. But anyway...onto the show itself. Despite my discontent for the atmosphere of the Vet, the setup was pretty cool. Similar to Giants Stadium last year with the BTCS flags hanging to the left and right. Two screens were adjacent to these on the inside and would be used later to project some pretty cool stuff later in the show. Warehouse was a predictable opener. Good version nontheless, although standard. Two Step was great, although I have been spoiled by dueling banjos when Tim and Bela are there midway through, although Dave does a pretty cool solo jam now that almost makes up for it. Make note of Stefan's bass work in Two Step. The slides he does in the beginning are remarkable. Satellite was great, but no departure of style from the '98 shows. Rhyme and Reason is always great live...a really intense version. Dave was growling as usual at the end of this one. Three songs down and I was beginning to think that this might be a basic show, which would be understandable because it was only night one o f three. However, in my opinion, the show began right here to kick total ass with the first chords of Seek Up. This song is amazing all of the time and it is made to be an opener so it was odd seeing it midset, although it really got the ball rolling I thought. Then flashes of the 12/5 show in Albany came with Butch/Leroi/Stefan Charlie Brown Jam into PNP. I knew PNP was coming and I figured Butch and Leroi would do a little call and response jamming, but this was unexpected. The crowd went nuts and helped launch the band into a really energetic version of Rapunzel. Everyone started dancing and the vibe really started to change. Dave started dancin on stage and everyone really started to have a great time. After Rapunzel, Dave intoduced Bela. In my opinion, any show with Bela Fleck is classic, and this was no exception. He didn't have any competition from Tim and he was given the perfect opportunities to showcase his skill. Don't Drink The Water was absolutely fantastic. Lighting was great and the energy was unbelieveable. Then came #41. I was curious as to how they would handle to jam after the vocals with just Bela, not Jeff Coffin. So I figured the "Sojourn of Arjuna" jam was out and I was right, but pleasantly surprise d with a 5 minute absolutely incredible banjo solo. The camera traced every pick of Bela and projected it on the big screens. The crowd went nuts. Watching him perform is like nothing else. He truly is a master of his instrument. One of the best versions, but no 11/21/98. Crash was good. I actually do like this song a lot and enjoy hearing it despite its mainstream radio/teeny bopper status. I was surprised, a lot of the people around me knew the Dixie Chicken outro. Pleasant surprise. Bela accented a great version of Billies. Boyd was on throughout the jam. I knew The Long Black Veil was coming, but didn't expect it to be with T. Agee, C. Myzell, and B. King. They were great though, and this song is wonderful with the whole band, even without Emmylou Harris. True Reflections wasn't a total surprise like it was at the 12/1/98 show, but great nontheless. Again the backgorund vocalists added some fresh flavor to an already amazing Boyd Tinsley-rooted song. I coul dn't believe the show hadn't ended yet. The setlist was getting pretty long. Then came a great version of Stay and infamous "Thank y'all very very much, goodnight" came and I was waiting for a killer encore. I wanted to hear LIOG with Bela or maybe something with Carlos Santana. I was surprised to hear Ants though, and pleasantly. The entire stadium was into this one. Everyone was groovin to the music and dancing and singing along. A great version with a little Bela and Boyd duel at the end. Unbelieveable energy and a great display of musical perfection. All in all, the show got off to kinda a slow start but more than made up for it. A fantastic show that would be a favorite in anyone's archive. Look for vids of this one too. Anyone who could have gotten a camcorder in there could have had a field day with the big screens and close-ups of the band members. Can't wait for the next two shows, saturday especially. I think we're in for some surprises.
Matt P.
This show took a lot of weird turns and twists...The jams on warehouse,two step, and 41 were the high points of the show, and as always Boyd's powerful lyrics on True Reflections always seem to send chills down my spine! There were too many radio songs played tonight!!!! The highlight of the show was definately when Bela came out and jammed for a while and Butch Taylor provided a nice sound on the keys..See everyone on Saturday!
Mark H.
What a show! I was worried that a venue the size of Vet's stadium might kill the atmosphere, but it didn't. What made me especially happy was how responsive the crowd was to both guest solos and unreleased songs--I hope the band noticed. Both opening acts were awesome; too bad the Roots only played to about 5000 or so--the rest missed out on an incredibly energetic performance. DMB put forth one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Two Step was extra long & intense, and #41 was outstanding as well. The best by far, however, was a 25 minute (or so) Seek Up that featured some glorious keyboard work by Butch, who magically appeared about 15 minutes into the song. Even DDTW and Crash were pretty tolerable. Ideally Santana & The Roots would both have guested on some songs as well, but there are still several concerts to go...
Adam H.
What a great way to kick off the Philly/NYC/Boston swing. The Roots and Santana both warmed up the crowd well, as Carlos on "Oye Como Vo" got us moving right before Dave came on. When they dropped those beautiful purple curtains on the sides of the stage, I knew we were in for a great night. I predicted the opening number, Warehouse, and then to my delight, they busted into my favorite tune, Two Step. I had grown accustomed to Timmy and Bela jamming at the end of this song, but the multiple solos of the band itself really rocked. Later in the show came the first of two surprises....Bela Fleck! The Flecktones were playing the next weekend in Philly anyway, so it makes sense he would be there. I had never heard Seek Up live before, and they did not disappoint. Butch was flying through the Charlie Brown theme, and then they blended seemlessly into Rapunzel...this was a pretty sweet song, especially with the huge screens showing an IMAX-like jaunt through mountains. Later came ano ther surpirse: the backup singers! Perhaps the highlight of the evening was Boyd and True Reflections...Long Black Veil was nice, too. Of course, they did Crash Into Me (the best part of that song is definitely Dixie Chicken). The encored with "Ants," which I am happy to see back in the play rotation. Minimal Davespeak, but I guess I had gotten spoiled by the Dave and Tim tour. Defiintely the best show I have seen so far.
Patrick B.
With this being DMB's first stadium show of thw 1999 tour, I expected some big things from Dave and his band and sure enough, I got them. Warehouse was a nice song to start off the show, although, the stadium wasnt even full at the point, the crowd that was there got into show early. Two Step was a decent version, average. Satellite was outstanding with Dave's raspy vocals echoing through the cavernous Vet along with the singing of 50,000 fans. Rhyme and Reason as well as Seek Up were pleasing to the hard core DMB fan, butI think the fair weathered fans couldnt get into the band's intense jam at the end of Seek Up. DDTW was incredible - I am not a big fan of the cd version, but it sounded unbelieveable live, definitely one of the highlights of the show. #41 was awesome as usual, this might be one of, if not the best song Dave has ever written. Dave brought the crowd to their swaying feet once again with an outstanding version of Crash. Of course, after Crash, I was ready for a jam and I got one with Tripping Billies which was awesome. Boyd really went off and he was great. The band then played Long Black Veil and True Reflections. I didnt care for LBV that much, but True Reflections and Boyd's lead vocals were a sight to be seen. Stay ended up the show and it was a little too long, but the crowd was very into it. As an encore, Dave broke out Ants and the Vet was rocking. Everyone was singng, dancing, and just enjoying the moment. It was an awesome way to end and excellent concert.
Tom Z.
WOW!! Dave and company rocked Veterans Stadium's sell out crowd tonight. Great setlist with special guest Bela Fleck. HIGHLIGHTS: # 41 with Bela --- such a sweet, sweet jam True Reflections--- love this song, never heard it live till tonight Warehouse--- great way to start the show off DDTW- this song never sounded that great till tonight OVERALL: Just 48,000 + Dave fans jammin in good old Vets Stadium. Dave & Bela as always played great together. Carter did some nice drum jams on "Rhyme & Reason" and "Pantala Naga Pampa". Boyd's violin was heard loudly on "Tripping Billies", "Satellite", and "Ants Marching". I give it an A++