Dave Matthews Band
Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Cracker
onstage 8:13

The Best of What's Around
Two Step
Help Myself
What Would You Say
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Warehouse (Stop time intro)
Don't Drink the Water
Long Black Veil
Rhyme & Reason
Lie In Our Graves
Drive In Drive Out
The Stone
Tripping Billies

offstage 10:35

Brian H.
Tonight's show was the my first of the year.....Good to see Dave with the whole band again. They all seemed to be really on tonight.....Boyd's solo in LIOG was one of the best solo's I have heard in a while. LBV was very good....I was able to hear it better live than when it was on TV. Crowd was kind of quiet, thought they could have made more noise. All in all good show.
Daniel Y.
THANK YOU DAVE MATTHEWS BAND and thank you Warehouse (we had the best seats in the house). This was my 9th show, and by far the best. DMB really covered up for a poor sounding show in Birmingham (5.5.99). I read an article about Dave Matthews in the most recent SPIN and he was asked how long is too long for a Jam, and Dave said... "When it starts to suck". NOTHING sucked last night. They jammed longer on LIOG, and Two Step then I've ever seen (there is a new jam at the end of Two Step this year... it's similar to the one they use to play back in 93-94, but much more Carter). Carter and Stefan never missed a beat together. You could tell Carter started improv'ing and Stefan stayed right there with him. They shook hands after the song... and it set Carters pace for the entire night, he was on fire! OHHHH, and BOYD... HOLY S**T. He played his booty off. He jammed out LIOG's twice as long as normal, adding all types of new crap at the end. Dave moved all the way back next to Carte rs kit (actually next to it, not by it, but next to it) to give Boyd the entire stage. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my music life. Rhyme and Reason is something for everyone to look forward to. If you haven't seen them play it yet, your missing a whole other world. Of course they played the traditional versions of DIDO, Help Myself, Stay, #41 (a little jammed out), and for all you people who HATE the radio songs (Dave H.), they played a very nice and mellow Crash Into Me. The encore was equally great... The Stone set the perfect mood for Tripping Billies. Tripping Billies was also jammed out longer then usual. Carter tore the hell out of it at the end, and then chucked his drum sticks straight up in the air afterwards (he broke one during the finish, and kept playing without switching them out) He was laughing his ass off once the show was over. WOW, I'm still blown away! To all traders out there, this ones a keeper.
Josh E.
Well, being ROW 1 dead center, I had the BEST time. This was my favorite of all DMB concerts that I have attended. The boys came out, Dave & Carter joking and having a good time, and started up with BOWA. Awesome opening, one of my favs. Nice to hear Boyd sing. Then Dave sang the first verse of #40 (Always) then into TWO STEP. Awesome 2Step. Not many people knew #40. Then came a real crowd pleaser Stay! Awesome live, much better w/o the backup singers. Then came the highlight, HELP MYSELF. OMG! Loved every minute! Even though I and 4 other people knew it. Then came a nice change, WWYS! Great to have it back in the setlist! Then came the classic CRASH dixie chicken, being appropriate for TN. Then the boys fell into WAREHOUSE which was UNBELIEVABLE. The guys looked like they were having so much fun. Then came DDTW. Love this song, but needed Bela like last years Nashville show (8.7.98) Then a real nice surprise, R&R! Glad to hear this one live, first for me! Carter and Dave ! kinda did a little jam into LIOG. Let me say two words, BOYD TINSLEY! He was on FIRE! Couldn't have been any better. Then came the typical DIDO. Good song, great energy by the band! For an encore, Stone was played beautifully. Loved it! One of my favs. The they ended it up with a rousing BILLIES. All and all an AWESOME concert.
Kevni S.
Well, all and all a good show, but I've seen better. We made it to the show right when Dave and the Band stepped on stage. The crowd was really not into it tonight. Best of what's around started and nobody around me did anything -- nobody dancing, nobody singing. How boring. Dave and the band did come out with a few unexpected songs tonight -- first time I've heard since August 1996 -- 7 concerts ago. I went crazy when I heard Leroi start with the intro -- God, do I love that song. I also was surprised to hear Help Myself and Long Black Veil, although I had heard that Dave had been playing LBV in the past couple of shows. Lie in our Graves was the highlight of the show. Boyd went absolutely crazy on stage. It is amazing how much energy he gives the band--on a night when it seemed as though they were not really into it--can't blame them considering how boring the crowd was. The Stone was a surprise Encore. It was pretty good, however, once again there was no respons e from the crowd. Dave did submit pretty good Davespeak saying something like " Man, my shoes are all sticky, either I stepped in Dog Shit on the way in or ya'll need to clean the damn floor" -- it was something like that. I don't recommend going to Thompson-Boling for any other concerts -- terrible acoustics. All in all a good show, but you can tell that the summer tour is just kicking off -- not as many jam sessions in the songs. Pretty much straight forward -except for #41, LIOG, and Tripping Billies.