Dave Matthews Band
The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, Michigan
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Corey Harris & the 5 by 5
Don't Drink the Water
Rhyme & Reason
So Much To Say
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Pay For What You Get
Crash Into Me
The Song That Jane Likes
Drive In Drive Out
Long Black Veil
Lie In Our Graves
Jimi Thing
Too Much *
All Along the Watchtower *

* with Jamal Millner (of Corey Harris' band)

Jason F.
There was a sign in the upper levels that read: "Dave: The sooner the better". It couldn't have been more true. Around 10 minutes before DaveBand took the stage, a conversation in row 6 started...which song should open. I usually stand by Seek Up, but tonight needed something more. Don't Drink the Water. Although it may have not been audible to everyone in the venue, the show actually began with Bartender, but without any words. Once tapes start making the rounds, listen closely to Dave's initial strumming. There it is. As the show progressed, it seemed to be more and more surprising, especially when Recently opened with a new intro. I don't remember any lyrics now, but there was definately something I have never heard prior to this evenings show. When the song stopped right around the Water/Wine placement, I thought we were in for a GREAT treat. Instead, Crash into Me. Still a crowd fave, still a good "lovey-dovey" tune. And we even got Dixie Chicken. "I've got a sister...her name's Jane. This is the song that Jane likes" I had written this one off as a Dave and Tim song last year. Seemed as though Dave kind of forgot some of the opening guitar parts as he laughed at Boyd. Dancing through the show, I was hoping for a break in the action. Long Black Veil answered fantastically. After the song ended, I mentioned to some people around me that I'd like to hear the original version because I think Dave and the boys pulled out one better. The relaxation didn't last long. During the solo of Lie In Our Graves, Boyd took center stage...literally. Actually, he took left, right, back, and very front edge of the stage. The solo began slowly, leaving me wondering who would take the solo home...Boyd or Roi. BOYD. Strutting up to the front edge of the stage, standing no less than 15 feet away from me, Boyd stood tall, wailing around like usual, but then backing off, raising his legs and dancing like a chicken...bobbing up and down, legs flailing around incoherently beneath him...Boyd made his way ov er to Roi. This Auburn Hills show was my 9th show since 96, and I have never seen Boyd on Roi's side of the stage. In true Eddie Van Halen manner, Boyd pleased the crowd to the right, the left, the back and the front. Soloing all around the stage. Jimi Thing featured more soloing...this time from Dave. Jimi Thing is nearly the only place Dave has the freedom in his guitar-jam-solo. Tonights solo had a "Come Together" feel behind it. I wouldn't say Dave was playing the actual guitar riff from the Beatles, but it was similar to say the least. Too Much and Watchtower were a good close to the show, having Jamal on stage added to the nights excitment. I'm not sure Too Much is the best song for a guest spot, though. Watchtower had a Tim Reynolds flavor to it. At least the solo featured on the RedRocks 95 disc. All in all, the show was fantastic. Leaving the show, I decided that I was no longer going to try and rate which show had been the best. Each show holds its own highlights. I know not every show will have someone throwing a RedWings jersey on stage and the crowd chanting "Let's Go RedWings.." as Carter puts on the jersey. Not every show will have Dave simply resting on an amp looking at the crowd in the "butt seats". Tonight, being 6 rows from the front was a great highlight. But, here's a shocking revelation for those of you up in the upper levels...the show isn't really any "better" from the 6th row, except for the fact that you don't only watch the "show" you watch the BAND. For the first time in 9 shows, I saw what true friends the 5 members of the band are. Seeing facial expressions between Dave and Boyd, or the way Carter smiles when Roi is soloing slow and smoothe over his amazing drum lines has always been taken for least by me. I always knew they were having fun, but tonight I witnessed the fun. The shows we all witness night after night will continue to be fantastic as long as that friendship continues. The band truely loves what they do, and I honestly think they are as much in awe of us as we are of them. See you in June.
This was definitely up there in best or second best of the 6 DMB shows I've seen. Setlist was VERY original. I saw 3 songs i'd never seen before tonight (weird for a 6th show!). **In the Biggest event of the night.. after DDTW someone threw a Red Wings jersy up on stage and a crew memeber gave it to carter (famous of course for wearing hockey jersies) and carter stood up and put it on (as the crowd cheered "lets go red wings") and wore it for the rest of the show!!** The show was great. Kind of dissapointed at the mysterious abrupt ending of Recently though. It was BY FAR a night for Boyd and Roi (after Roi was so laid back in Cleveland). Boyd was truly nuts. Here are some highlights: Rapunzel: WHAT A JAM at the end!!! SO much energy! This is why its one of my favorite songs live! Rois solo at the beginning was truly amazing. PFWYG: Huge surprise, never seen it live, beautiful. Recently: WHAT THE HELL? We were psyched to hear Recently then they just ended the song after the second verse before the "YEAH YEAH!" with no jam or anything!!!!!! HOW DEPRESSING! STJL: Oh WOW! Never seen this one before but it was SO much fun. So rare and SO good and even with a decent jam at the beginning! LBV: Beautiful as always. Still coming along wonderfully. LIOG: Oh man... Boyd again goin nuts and going all the over past Roi. This was Boyds song and Boyds night! Watchtower: Amazing to hear the 1st full band Watchtower of 1999! Couldnt hear Jamal in 2Much so it was nice to see him jam in Watchtower VERY well. He added A LOT to the song. Davespeak: Dave midway through the show came to the mic and said "is everyone going to the game tomorrow night?" (meaning the pistons). Expecting a huge cheer but no one likes the Pistons so no one did and basically everyone Boo-ed so Dave just shruged his shoulders and laughed.
The band was on fire tonight. Dave seemed to be in a good mood, dancing around all over the stage. Him and Boyd played off of eachother all night. Boyd was in another world on LIOG! An amazing solo that took him from one side of the stage to the other. Someone threw a Red Wings jersey on stage and cater put it on, sparking a "lets go red wings!" chant that went on for a few minutes. Highlights for me: an awesome Drive In Drive Out, Song That Jane Likes, Recently, Long Black Veil, good crowd, the cool people that sat in front and next to me, and Boyd's hat! All in all, a good setlist and good show. Glad to see the band together as a whole again! see ya in Grand Rapids.
Adam B.
DDTW-Decent opener, I thought it was a pretty good version, the lighting (as it was all night) was spectacular. Dave and the boys were into it from the start. Rhyme & Reason-Not usually a favorite, was pretty decent, standard version. SMTS-Was disappointed at first, turned out to be pretty good. PNP-->Rapunzel-Personally, I think Pantala is an amazing song, and he did some very nice things with it. Boyd and Dave went at it on Rapunzel, which made it excellent. Pay For What You Get-PFWYG???!!!!!! It was a very beautiful version, no Boyd. Lot's of people went to get another beer, really pissed me off. Recently-YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! Great choice, really short version, but really nice to hear. Crash Into Me-I don't see what everyone's problem is with this song, sure it's overplayed and sure it's the song half the people are there for, but still, it is beautiful. The ending on this was AMAZING. Awesome vocals topped off with the Dixie Chicken. Song That Jane Likes-FIRST TIME ALL TOUR. AW YEAH! "I gotta little sister, her name is Jane, and this is the song that she likes." So great to hear, glad to hear it first on the 99 tour. Drive In Drive Out-Not normally a favorite, but Carter did go nuts. Long Black Veil-Thank god Emmy Lou Harris is back in Tennesee or wherever. Dave OWNED this song. Lie In Our Graves-Boyd. Boyd Boyd Boyd. Last show at the Palace he went nuts, this time he did the same. Back and forth, up and down, in Dave's face, in the crowd's face, in Carter's face. Just nuts, may have been the highlight but.. #41-What I was there to hear. I love that song and Dave just rocked it on the vocals. Long version with normal jam at the end. Jimi Thing-I said to the person with me, not Jimi. I was so wrong, this rocked. Everyone had their solo, first Boyd, then Leroi, the DAVE. He was excellent on this. Too Much-Had the "f*ck it up f*ck it up" which was good enough for me. Watchtower-Another tour first, had Milner out there, he's no Timmy but did a fine job. This got real loud, couldn't even hear Dave over the music at the end. Solid close to a solid show.
Kevin K.
This show was awesome! A total mixed setlist. Not for the untrue fans. Pay For what you get and the Song That Jane likes were awesome surprises, but hard to hear with everyone going to the bathroom. Lie in Our grave was amazing with a 8 minute Boyd solo. Jimi thing was a sweet jam as everyone pulled out a little solo, that last 20 minutes. Jamal Millner was good on All Along The watchtower, but this tour is mixing one thing, Tim Reynolds.
Bob R.
WHAT A SHOW. Unbelievable setlist for tDMB tonight, and they put their entire hearts and souls into a concert that could very easily have been cancelled (the Detroit Pistons booted DMB out Friday night and the concert was moved to Thursday-many bands would probably just have cancelled since they were playing Saturday night, too). Things started a little odd, with DDTW just like they did back in Dec. But from there til the end it was a magical concert. We got rare songs like PFWYG, Song that Jane Likes, Recently (shortened though) and a lot of Dave talk. #41, Lie in Our Graves, and Jimi Thing accounted for ONE HOUR of the concert, which itself lasted 2 hours and 35 minutes. There was just some insane jamming there, Boyd came alive during LIOG, walking all around the stage, #41 featured Leroi on the flute and of course Boyd again. Jimi Thing was time for Dave to show off his guitar licks a little bit. Watchtower...WOW. Jamal Millner came out to rip it up. He was a litt le shy at first, but when he got going there was smoke coming off his strings. Very long jam in there, made for a nice, one song, 20 minute encore. Hope everyone enjoyed the show, for those of us that were lucky to be there, thanks warehouse for the third row seats :)
Mark H.
What a show! Dave opened up with a great version of Don't Drink the Water. After that, he played excellent versions of Rhyme and Reason and So Much To Say. They really did not jam very long on many of their early songs. The best song was probably Lie in our Beds. It was fantastic. Boyd jamed on the violin for waht seemed like and eternity. Then Dave finially finished up the song after a pause i the music that really built up the drama. Crash and #41 were both fantastic. The audience seemed to really get into these. The closing song was Watchtower. It was very similiar to the Red Rocks version, but was still great. This was my first Dave Matthews Band show and the band certainly did not let me down!!!