Dave Matthews Band
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Corey Harris and the 5 by 5
on stage: 8:25
Drive In Drive Out
Warehouse (Stop Time intro)
Say Goodbye
Don't Drink the Water
Lover Lay Down
Two Step
So Much to Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) * -->
Too Much *
Crush *
Tripping Billies *
Ants Marching *
Long Black Veil
What Would You Say
off stage: 10:35

* with Jamal Millner (of Corey Harris' band)

Things started out really well... DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT is a nice opener...and Dave has added some new lyrics in the verses right before it goes into the chorus. I've heard the "I'll make a new God and have a tea party" line in the past, but there were a few new lines which I couldn't pick up very well, which I'm curious to hear on tape. WAREHOUSE is always a treat, and the strobe lights for the stop time intro are a lot of fun. SAY GOODBYE was nice, and Carter a long drum solo to get it started...I was hoping for maybe a #36 when he started, but this is a nice tune to hear...I really like the "rogue thrill, but no better pill" line he's been doing recently. After these three songs, everything was pretty standard, except for a few notable exceptions. SATELLITE and DDTW were nothing new, although the long intro thing they did to DDTW in '98 wasn't present, and not missed at that. LLD was a nice treat, but not a personal fave. TWO STEP is a great song live, and really got the crowd going. Near the end of the song, Dave did a new guitar solo part, something that I've never heard before. It's really rare to see Dave solo, and it fits in with the song perfectly. This tune was probably the highlight of the night. SMTS --> ASTB --> TOO MUCH was fun, and they threw a little twist into it. About 1/2 way through SMTS, Jamal Miller came out and began playing. As they began ASTB, Jamal did a solo piece and he went back and forth with Stefan quite a bit. It was longer than the standard ASTB from the past couple years, and it didn't include Roi at the end of ASTB at all. Too Much is a fun tune, but nothing new. CRUSH, BILLIES, and ANTS closed out the show, and Boyd was the star on all three of these tunes, wondering all over the stage, at one point heading all the way over to Roi. It seemed like all the guys were smiling at this. Boyd sure knows how to win over the crowd. No mention of it being his birthday, although he seemed to steal the show. For the encore, LONG BLACK VEIL was the first song, and to be honest, I'm not to thrilled with this tune. I would much rather see them fill this 5 minutes with something else *cough*granny, minarets, help myself*cough* It's a nice tune, but it doesn't really take advantage of their musical talents. WWYS closed the show out. I like this song finding it's way back into the set, and I think it makes a good closer. Although it doesn't compare to the WWYS's from '92 and '93, it sounds much better than it does on UTTAD.
Matthew F.
The show was incredible. I have been to 12 shows and was finally able to hear "what would you say." I was very pleased. Carter was incredible tonight as he was at the earlier detroit dates, and jamal tore it up during "anyone seen the bridge" between "so much to say" and "too much." "Crush" was also great with Jamal. Overall, this had to be one of my favorite shows out of 12. Keep on Keepin on dave.
Jake B.
Great show, Highlight before dave came on, 2 girls got in a scuffle and had to be escorted out, everyone in the place went crazy. Nice DIDO to warehouse, good lights with jam right off the bat. Carter jammed long into say goodbye, longer than last nite. Jamall from the Harris band nailed the SMTS little baby outro and kicked ass on crush as well. Tripping Billies and Ants made for an electric combo, nice encore mixing the Cash song along side WWYS. Def. better than detriot shows
Ian F.
This concert turned out extremely well. Drive was a good opener and the crowd immediately got into Warehouse ( the lighting was great for this song), SGbye and Satellite. Two Step followed by a jam was great , SMTS and TM were unexpected and everyone loved it.The crowd went nuts when they played Tripping Billies and Ants Marching, Boyd had a captivating solo on both of them. I was one of the few who knew Johnny Cash's Long Black Veil, this song is so awesome, but nobody knows it. WWYS was alright, but it's definitely not a closer. Everyone was shouting for Crash all night and were very disappointed that they didnt play it, but other than that it was one of the better DMB one of the 4 i've atttended.
Erika S.
Damn. From looking at the setlist one probably wouldn't think that it was a good show, but out of the 7 i've seen that was probably the best. They jammed hardcore dude, it was well worth the drive from Chi-Town. Rumour had it that it was Boyd's Birthday....he tore shit up. It was a phat show, there could have been more bud smokers though...the lights were dope, especially during warehoue, amazing, i've never heard it in concert....long black veil is a nice touch that he adds....i can't wait till more summer shows....peace and jah love
Ryan G.
This was a fun show. Really a similar show to the one on Saturday. Nothing that really poped out as far as the setlist. But Carter had a 15 minute drum solo leading into say goodbye. Boyd went on and on like he has been lately and the crowed loved it. Dave seemed to have a sore throat though about half way through the show, this may be why the concert was only 2 hrs, shortest of the last three nights. Jamal Milner made his presence know as well. Great show in a smaller venue the crowd loved it.
Thanks to the warehouse I had 9th row, dead center seats. I was perfectly aligned with Daves mic stand. It was a "Greatest Hits" setlist, my biggest thrills were hearing the Long Black Veil. My first time hearing it live, and it was great. Dave looked real serene singing it, and the way he goes high with the chorus, sounds better then the TNT special. Other highlight was Say Goodbye, with the Carter intro, my first hearing that with the whole band. Personal highlight: I brought a sign that said "Happy 35th Boyd" and on the back "Play #36" held it up as they took the stage. Stefan saw it first, and signaled for Dave, who gave us a big grin. He then walked over to the birthday boy, who had his back to us. He turned around, gave us a HUGE smile, and a thumbs up! I was hoping for True Reflections from the man, but I guess he didn't want the spotlight to bright on his day! One last thing, sitting with WAREHOUSE fans is a real treat, and I made some great friends!
Derek B.
Great show. Before the show a guy was telling us that the show before this one really wasnt that great, saying it was just slow and paused a lot in between songs. I noticed this to begin with, they stopped in between each songs and talked a lot, like when Corey Harris came out, it got worse. And some of the songs seemed slower, but after about the middle, it really got a lot better, the songs were awesome, and overall it was an awesome set and show, and I'm in love with Johnny Cash's Long Black Veil, I really hope DMB records this on their next album. GREAT SHOW!