Dave Matthews Band
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Roots, Santana
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Jimi Thing
Stay * @
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rapunzel @
Recently (On Broadway, Some Do)
Granny *
Say Goodbye (Carter drums intro)
All Along the Watchtower (Tease) -->
What Would You Say
John the Revelator % ^ *
Love of My Life % ^ *
So Much To Say
True Reflections *
Two Step ^
All Along the Watchtower +
#40 Tease (1 minute) -->
Ants Marching ^

* with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, and Brenda White King
@ with Karl Perazzo
% with all of Santana
^ with Bela Fleck
+ with Carlos Santana
most of the show with Butch Taylor on keys

Joe F.
Not a doubt in my mind that this concert was not the best show ive ever seen in my life. This was so damn good, it was rediculously good. There were few teeny bopper songs, but even those were still played really well. Tonite, i had front row tickets, so it was pretty sweet. THe only thing was that camera that moved around partially blocked my view, but hey, it was still awesome. So i arrived at 8 after playing baseball for 3 hours and was very happy because i didnt miss any of it. Anyway onto the comments, Opener: One Sweet World w/ acoustic intro No one knew what the intro was!!! That was funny, but the song was played so well. Highlights: Everything! I mean, come on, we got Granny tonite along with True Reflections, PNP-Repunzel and Santana covers. The others that i didnt mention were also amazing Low Points: I think Stay was the only low point of the nite. Although it was cool, i didnt want to hear it two nights in a row with those gospel singers. Dave does it much better. One more low point, the damn security guards are rediculous. Man, leave the kids alone. Highest Point: Not a doubt, WATCHTOWER. Carlos Santana ripped it up. It was just so damn amazing. Not much i can say except it was just awesome. Funny Moment: Daves dance during Love of My Life. That was really cool. Interesting Tidbit: Roi and Boyd took off their shades at various points of the show. Also: The 40 tease was so cool. My friends passed out sheets with 40 on it and we all thought he was gonna do it but then he did Watchtower, so that was acceptible. He also played the first 3 notes of watchtower at the beginning of WWYS. Then he laughed out loud into the mike. Anyway, great show overall. My personal favorite. Anyone who taped the show. Please let me know. See ya'll May 30 in Foxboro. Bird
Matthew G.
The first time I had the pleasure of seeing DMB two nights in a row, and thanks to the Warehouse, great seats both nights. DMB's trend of playing what they feel like and not bowing to the "Crash Into Me" fans continues, as four of the first five songs were unrecognizable to any but diehead DMB fans. Included in the set were John the Revelator (played for the first time on tour the night before) with Santana, and the new Santana/DMB collaboration Love of My Life, which is a great new song that was refined some in the Dave & Tim tour. I finally got to hear True Reflections live, my favorite DMB song, and thrown in was Granny, another classic, only recently brought to light through the L@LC CD. All in all, improv was king again tonight, and I couldn't tell you which set of the two was stronger, since they both were incredible :)
Kevin O.
INCREDIBLE!!! The show was amazing! Granny, True Reflections, and #40 all in one show!! I was scared that they were going to end the first set with Two Step again but when Santana came out I knew what was coming...the best watchtower I've ever heard. I knew the encore was going to make or break the show and when he struck up #40 I screamed and the sections around me thought I was a freak. It was short but incredible and I didn't care that he only finished with Ants and nothing else, it was amazing!! The highlights of the night were: Jimi Thing, Granny, Recently with On Broadway, True Reflections, Watchtower with Santana, #40, and no Don't Drink The Water!!! It was one of, if not the best show I've ever seen. Sorry to those who only went to the first night.
Michael M.
This show marked the end of a great string of 5 shows in 7 nights(3 Philly, 2 Giants Stadium)...and it was a great way to end it. Anytime DMB opens with One Sweet World, it just seems automatic that it will be an awesome night. One of the big highlights of the night was the On Broadway intro for Recently, unfortunately Dave and the boys cut this song short..but it's still great to hear. In addition, after NEVER hearing Granny for 20+ shows I have been to, to hear it for 2 of the last 3 shows was AMAZING!!! When the band followed that up with Say Goodbye, after Carter's drum solo intro (by the way, Carter is a god...not THE GOD..but a god) the entire crowd erupted. The band kept the momentum rolling with crowd pleasing renditions of SMTS and WWYS. At this point the show was REALLY coking..until..I know I'll catch flack for it..and yes, Santana is one the greatest guitarists ever..but I heard his two songs last night and was VERY disappointed to hear them again, especially after how great the first nine songs of the set were. I don't know who the hell John the Revelator is, and he's certainly not the Love of My Life. Fortunately, the band came right back with True Reflections (Boyd was awesome on this, as usual). They finished the set with Two Step and Watchtower(incredible) and finished this awesome show with the crowd pleaser of all crowd pleasers...Ants Marching. It is impossible NOT to dance to this song. I'd like to thank Brian Gaynor for joinging me on this 5 show tour/drinking binge. Also, a big thanks to the Rock, from Princeton, who for 5 shows always managed to get all the cute girls to hang with can be my wingman anytime. Ursala and Mary Ellen, we'll see ya in Hartford!! On to Virginia Beach on the 5th. Look for a silver Dodge Shadow from Jersey and come over and have a Corona (w/ lime of course).
Thomas A.
The Dave Matthews Band really redeemed themselves the past two nights at Giants Stadium. The show on the 25th was the best DMB concert I had been to yet (out of 7). I thought there wa no way they could top that show but they did. The 26th show might possibly have the best setlist of the last 4 years, definitely the best from the past two. One Sweet World had the extended intro which told everyone the show would be for the big time fans. Jimi Thing was awesome. They brought out the back up singers for Stay which was one of only two repeat sons from the night before. Carter then did a nice, long drum solo intro for Rapunzel. I loved it how I, and a couple 1000 others, could tell what song it was goin into but most people didn't know until the intro ended and then a loud roar came from the crowd. Recently was such a gift. I had planned on judging this show based solely on if they played Recently. With On Broadway and Some Do I was not dissappointed. Then Granny! My first time eve r. I went nuts and sang along while most people had no clue. With that song my whole trip to NYC was justified. But that was just the beginning. Say Goodbye had Carter's drum intro. Anoher 1st time song for me. At this point I could not beleive the set list they had put together. The What Would You Say. With this another song was checked off my list. This is one of my least favorites but it sounded great live. Then they brought everyone out for John The Revelator. This is such an awesome song. I can definitely see this becoming a main DMB concert song. Love Of My Life was amazin as well though I doubt it will be played ever without Santana becasue it is his guitar playing that made the jam so incredible. So Much To Say was great. I love this song. I really thought they would go into Anyone Senn The Bridge? and then Too Much but they didint. Still, I couldn't complain because next came True Reflections. Another new son for me. I have Boyd singing it on a bunch of bootlegs but l ive it was absolutely amazing. I think most people there were confused that Boyd sang. Two Step was the same as the night before but they probably needed to play it for the fans who dont know the older stuff. It was the version where they slow it way down and then LeRoi blasts everyone with some hard horn hits. They could have stopped there they didn't. Santana came out for what could have been the best Watchtower ever. On the giant screnes on either side of the stage huge flames came up. This was an awesome effect that just made it so more surreal. Dave belted those lyrics out. After all that I knew the encore could not be on the same level. I was hoping for The Last Stop becasue Bela was there but instead got Ants which still rocked but was short. But that didnt matter because before Ants started Dave stepped up the his microphone, mumbled a few lines and strummed his guitar. For about 20 seconds he sang #40 (Always). I couldnt make out the words but the music was definitely it. I nearly had an accident. I, and a few others there realized what it was and went nuts. I said to the kid next to me "You dont know what this is do you?" He said no. This left my body tingling throuh Ants. The two shows were absolutely amazing. It was great to see that the boys still can play some old stuff. ----Heres the bad stuff---- My tickets were "obstructed view" so I moved to nice seats in 110 first row. I got pumped during OSW by two guys who said they had 8 seats. I asked where the other people were. He said they were still in the limo getting drunk. But I did meet lots of nice people too. Submitted by Erich Brandkamp absolutly mindblowing! best watchtower ever! i was very surprised to hear so much improv and jamming last night, but it was great. highlights: granny, true reflections(great song, first time hearing it), #40 tease, two step and AATW were absolutly face-melting!!!! all in all, one of the most memmorable nights i'll ever have, even if my mom ditched me and my girlfriend there.
Rich D.
WOW...amazing setlist, i think we had the right ammount of radio tunes to get the kids who werent into it, back into it, and then we had a whole lotta rare was the best show ive ever been to...highlights...jimi thing jam, dope ass version of PNP into rapunzel, recently, granny say goodbye, WWYS (first time ive heard it in concert), true reflections, two step was a great version but i hated the picture that was on the jumbo-trons, thought i was tripping, i wasnt though, and watchtower.....AMAZING, this version was devine, i think i creamed in my pants repeatedly during this song.....oh my....and then a 40 tease into ants....and was it my imagination of did john the revelator have a few lines from the new song on the d&t tour "reconcile our differences" ?
Well I think this one actually beat yesterdays show. Sat next to some cool people, amazingly, who were able to guess the songs before me. The setlist... ...near perfection. Would have been perfect with a full #40, but I can't complain. Granny and True Reflections. Granny was damn good but True blew the place apart. Highlights, Carters drums into Say Goodbye, Setlist, Crowd (amazingly good), OSW opener. Lowlights, Recently, love the song but just cut too short. Two Step was just unbelievable, in comparison to last nights. Now I can't wait for woodstock.
Chris S.
The show was fantastic!! Watchtower with Santana was one of the most incredible songs I have ever heard at a live concert. Simply amazing. True Reflections is a great tune..first time I heard it live. WWYS was great, as well as Stay and of course Ants was phenomenal. I liked Granny with the back-up singers and One Sweet World is a classic opener. The crowd was electirc and I really thought the band enjoyed themselves....can't wait til Hartford!
This show was awesome. Different from last night, but equally good, if not better. Highlights were definatly the On Broadway / Some People Do tags during Recently, True Reflections, Two Step, an incredible Watchtower with Santana and crazy flames on the screens, a 40 tease! (this I couldn't beleive), and of course Ants. The #40 tease was only recognized by a few people, but was unbelievable to hear. It is definatly one of Dave's best songs ever, and hopefully tonight was a sign for the future. Anyway, the only downer was the 2 Santana songs again. Wasn't one night enough? Santana is an awesome guitar player and really complimented the band well on Watchtower, yet these 2 songs did not agree with the crowd as a whole. Nobody really wanted to hear these songs. The corny gospel singers played a lesser role tonight, so that was good, yet they played a role so that is bad. Bottom line, they got to go. Overall, this concert was great. The band was really into it. The lights and sound were excellent and we got to hear some rarer songs such as Granny, True Reflections and a little #40. Combined with last night these were the two best DMB concerts I have seen in many years.
Brian D.
This was my fifth full Ave Matthews Band show, and my third at Giants Stadium. I would rank this as the best of teh shows I've been to. I think last night's show was horrible in comparison. The setlist alone makes this teh best show I've been to. If I only heard the opener and the last three songs I would have been happy. That's how great OSW, Two Step and Ants were. THe rendition of Watchtower was INCREDIBLE. I am tempted to say one of the best ever, but I've only head a few. Carlos Santana ripped it up. And teh flames on teh two huge screens to either side of the stage only helped. True Reflections was a great song, I'm glad I finally got to hear it. The back up singers also added a lot on Granny. They helped give more depth to the ending with the "Love.... Baby..." part. The crowd was also better tonight compared to last night's crowd. The funniest part of the night for me was when he teased Watchtower, then gave this evil laugh and went into WWYS. Recently had the same two intros as last year's GIant Stadium show, but they didn't jam it out as much. At first I was upset, but then they took it right inot Granny, so I quickly became ecstatic once again. All I can say is sorry to those who went to the first night and missed out on this amazing experience. BTW, Carter was great as usual and for the first time that I've seen him, Leroi really stood out.
Tyler G.
I would just like to say that last night was awesome. That was my fourth show in a week, and by far the best of the four. I think Dave was drunk. He was dancing more than usual and laughing a lot. Anyway, One Sweet World was a great opener, especially because most people didn't know it was coming from the intro. I did not need to hear Stay for the fourth time in a row, but I was glad they didn't play Crash again. The highlight of the show was definetly the end; True Reflections, Two Step, Watchtower, and then My only grievance is that i wish they had played all of #40, but it was a treat just to hear the first minute. The awards go to Carter for the drum intro for Say Goodbye, and Carlos Santana for his Watchtower solo. Overall, a great show, and a great end to a five night series.
James D.
Well, as expected, Dave rocked. He was totally energetic the whole show. Santana "still rocked after 30 years"-Dave's quote from the show. Just totally blew me away...the energy was intense. There was a nice new variation to Two Step. The jam at the end of Jimi thing was amazing..Dave improving most of it. One negative..about half the people there were didn't even like Matthews. Everyone knows the only reason they came. Pretty lame. Granny was a treat. I think I'm like the only one that knew the original intro to one sweet world. Haven't heard that live EVER before last night. I was all excited and people were like WHAT IS THIS? My personal high point of the night was in the middle of the floor section. WOW! Talk about having a blast. I was dancing the whole show. My legs are actually in pain and my feet are sore from dancing. The rest of the crowd was amazing. We all ditched our shoes and danced around we all were "singing and dancing" (la la la heyyy-Nancies). G! reat atmosphere. Watchtower was AMAZING. Crowd went nuts when he played the first few notes. During the song, instead of having the camera shots in the sides of the stage, they manipulated HUGE flames and it lit up all the front stage. The lights were all shining on the crowd and Santana tore up the solo while Dave danced around. I was disappointed that he didn't finish #40. True Reflections was awesome, Boyd was sooo into it. I was dissapoointed that not a lot of people knew it. Over all, the best Dave show in a while.
First off, I paid a bit more attention to the Santana set tonight. A full hour of playing, and I picked up a bit of "Sunshine of Your Love" in Oye Como Va. I liked 'em a lot better tonight than Tuesday. Now, onto Dave. One Sweet World - Holy crap. I could not believe this. A friend of mine called this today at around 1:30, instrumental intro and all. When they started playing this, my mouth dropped and I just let myself be taken away. After getting only one R2T song on Tuesday (Billies), they were opening w/ OSW. Rock. Jimi Thing - Called this one. A pretty standard version, it featured Dave with a solo. Lots of fun. Stay - A song I could have done without. I guess it was fated that it was to be played both nights since the gospel ladies were around, but still...oh well. Leroi Solo - I'd been waiting to hear Leroi really sink his teeth into something all Tuesday, and it didn't, he finally did. This was very similar to the jam they played before PNP/Rapunzel at MSG on 12.3.98 PNP->Rapunzel - Called this one; lots of fun. A rocking number, the crowd really got into this one, especially on Dave's screams. Recently - This is where I knew the night was really going to be incredible. When I heard the opening riff, I had some sort of brain spasm and confused it with OSW. "WTF," I thought, "they already played this!" When I realized my mistake, I just started laughing. People thought I was kind of nuts at this point :P The On Broadway intro was cool, and it was great to hear the Some Do, Some Don't. GRANNY!! - When I get together with my friends and play my guitar, they always joke around and scream out "PLAY GRANNY!" When I heard Dave hit a D before the song, I knew what was coming and TOTALLY lost control of all bodily functions. I must have jumped about 3 feet in the air, and I was the only person in my section who had ANY clue what it was, singing along and all. Wow. Say Goodbye - Called this one too. Now, I am a strict Catholic and all, so I don't intend this to be blasphemy, but I can think of no other way to describe it: Carter Beauford is God. His opening drum solo got me totally stoked, as I'd been wanting to see him have a good chance at showing his chops; I was NOT disappointed! I really like the new "Rogue thrill, but no better pill" line. What Would You Say - Another crowd pleaser. The place was hopping here, with everyone singing along and dancing...Dave was really into it as well. John the Revelator - They'd played this last night, but I didn't pay as much attention as I should have. Hearing it for the second time tonight, I fell in love with it. I will definitely have to look into getting this CD. Love of My Life - Still liked Revelator better, but this one could grow on me. This one kind of put the crowd to sleep (bathroom/beer breaks, etc.), and I sat down for the first (and only) time tonight. So Much To Say - Wow, my friend Steph called this one. "Open up my head..." with the whole stadium in unison. Loads of fun, and got the crowd back into it. True Reflections - Another one I've never heard before, but I'd heard OF it. As soon as I saw Boyd step up to the mike, I screamed out TRUE REFLECTIONS, and people started looking at me like I had three heads. Boyd really impressed me; he's quite the rounded musician. I really like this song. Two Step - Called this one. The only member of the band up to this point not to have a solo in the past two nights was Stefan, so he set up the song with an intro that I'm not sure if it has a name or was pretty cool. Bela played a solo here that I was pretty impressed with...better than his performance during last night's LIOG, but I'm not sure if it compares to his solo during #41 on Tuesday. Still very cool. Watchtower - After Two Step ended, I looked at my watch and thought to myself, "OK, they haven't played Crash or DDTW, so the closing must be DDTW, then Crash and Watchtower for the encore." This kind of pissed me off, because I REALLY REALLY wanted to hear Ants. Much to my surprise, Santana came out on stage and Dave started to play the opening riff to Watchtower. The place went absolutely WILD. I've often pictured in my head what a live performance of this would look like it, and reality was better than my imagination. Between the lights and the flames on the video screens, it TOTALLY captured the energy of the stadium. Santana was ROCKING...during this song, I didn't even miss Tim. Ants - Watchtower ends, Dave says thank you, walks what? An encore of DDTW and Crash? Damn, I think. This could have been amazing. Oh well, make the best of it. I take out a lighter and start cheering for Dave. All the while, I'm thinking to myself, "NO CRASH NO CRASH!" The band enters and virtually my entire section (including me) starts screaming ANTS, ANTS! #40 tease kind of went over my head until someone pointed it out to me. Sure enough, the band hits the opening chord and I go wilder than I have all night. They really jammed this one out, a high octane finisher that left me breathless and voiceless :P
[Name R.
This was a my first experience with DMB two nights in a row. The first night, I had been a little let down so on Wednesday afternoon, I decided to go again. Right after I heard the opening chords of One Sweet World, I knew I had made the right decision. Before they played PNP, there was one of those silent beginings where the band plays a little for about 5 minutes letting everyone around you guessing what the song is. Right when PNP kicked in, I knew this was going to be the best show I have been to. Then after On Broadway, Dave did a little Some People Do, Some People Don't which added a little bit more to the fire. Say Goodbye - I suppose everyone already knows Carter is the man. Santana and his band appeared next so being how I was there the first night, I knew what was coming. John the Relevator and Love of My Life were okay but after that, the band need to do something dramatic. SMTS was pretty good but you know I was hoping for Anyone Seen the Bridge? True Reflections. I have heard it a couple of times but nothing could every measure up to watching Boyd sing. Two Step - amazing, better then when they used it to close the night before. After Two Step I saw Carlos coming out and I knew that it had to be Watchtower. Probably the best version I have ever heard. Watching Carlos Santana, one of the greatest guitar gods of all-time, with DMB in Giant Stadium playing a Bob Dylan song is an amazing thing to grasp for a fifteen year old kid from New Jersey like myself. After they had closed with Watchtower I knew something very special was coming up in the encore. Dave came out looked out at us with one of those smiles letting us know that we were in for a treat. During the first few words I had gone it, no joke, shock. I stood there completely suprised managing to scream out a couple of words before he stopped. I swear to God if they ever put that song on an album or a live album even, it will turn into a song like Crash where teenie boppers (okay, I know I am only fifteen but I really do hate it when girls get all annoying about how if they were the smallest thing possible, Dave will see them and immediatly get on his knees and ask her to marry him) fill the stadium to hear that one song. Anyway, right where Dave was about to say "Always," he stopped, turned around to the band, and went right into Ants Marching. I knew that was going to happen but I could have been happier anyway. The best part of this show was no particular moment (exept when they played the first verse of #40) but the feeling of appriciation that they just wanted to thank us for selling out two show at Giant Stadium for them. This was much more noticeable the second night. I dont know what happened in Philly but after the first show ended, Dave seemed astonished about the love that had been shared. That is why they gave us such a treat. I think Dave even said something about how grateful he was to be playing there somewhere in the middle of the show. T his was no concert I think I can ever forget.
It is definitely worth it to see the band 2 nights in a row, and after a mighty show on Tuesday with a crazy Boyd and great work from Bela and Carter, I didn't think they could top it. But they did! One point: anyone catch the Dave playing solo moment? Some repeated songs, but worth it, with Two Step getting better and better (since Dec. 98 MSG). Santana was exorcising some demons in a wicked way the second night, and Boyd gave even more with a fantastic True Reflections. Bad Fans remain the plague of big venues. I wish they'd do smaller places like Jones Beach again. Question: what is up with the 45 minute wait both nights? Why? John the Revelator is a revelation, and personally, I think the singers are great. Dave seemed so excited and into the second night, doing his own dance and really looking happy. Very nice to see. Also, lets hear more from Stefan, who is definitely chillin in the back a little too much, and Leroi. All in all, how these guys keeps improving, I'm n ot sure, but they need to keep doing it! These were shows #7&8 for me, and well worth it: the best graduation present ever.
Normally I would not bother with a setlist review but b/c this show was so good I just have to. Up until this show hershey last year was the best one I had seen but this much better. Mainly b/c I had great seats while the floor at hershey was a mess. The songs were great opening with Oone sweet world pretty much guarenteed that the evening would be a good one. Granny and True Reflectios where other high points, and Ants to close is perfect. Almost as important as what was played was the songs that were not played. If anyone from the band reads this, I propose a deal I will not drink the water if you never play itt again. Also not having to put up with screaming teenagers during crash was also nice. John the revelator and love of my life were not needed I would traded them both along with the idiot in front of my who was making phone calls during the show, to hear #36 or song that jane likes. Enough of my complaints I was thrilled that I was there. Anyone who is going I will see you in Foxboro.
Rob G.
This show is probably one of the best DMB shows I've been to yet. I had caught the band a week before at the Vet, and was disappointed, but they definately redeemed themselves here. The Roots were very good, their set was very tight and they seemed to be a lot more relaxed than in Philly. Santana was very good, the Black Magic Woman was great. DMB's set was very good, One Sweet World as an opener is always the sign of a good show. Granny and True Reflections in one show? Lowest Point- Say Goodbye, I've grown kinda tired of hearing this live, especially since Crash was released, but the drums at the beginning were great. Highest Point- It's all about Watchtower. Santana is the man, I don't know how many of you out there have heard Phish 4-21-94, with the Watchtower with Phish, but get this tape and then imagine it being twice as good and that's what we had on the 26th. Honorable Mention- Two Step. I like how they're playing nowadays, this is what, the third or fourth time they've changed the end? But this one was nuts, 6 or 7 minutes long I think.