Dave Matthews Band
Walnut Creek Ampitheatre, Raleigh, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Getaway People

(onstage 8:15)
One Sweet World (Swim Naked)
Two Step
Say Goodbye
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink The Water
True Reflections
Lover Lay Down
Rhyme & Reason
Jimi Thing
Recently (Pretty Pretty Girl)
Stefan's bass intro -->
All Along the Watchtower
Ants Marching
(show ends 10:31)

Andrew J.
This show had the best setlist of 17 shows that I have been to. Above all, they played my favorite thing: Pretty Pretty Girl outro to Recently plus they played True Reflections. There was just a 3 song overlap from last night---DDTW, PNP->Rapunzel. Those were the only new songs. The first time in the 10 shows this summer that I heard ANTS. They were awesome tonight. On Top of all of that, I happened to park next to Leroi's cousin and my friend Jeff(26 shows) and I went backstage and I met Dave and Leroi. It was awesome. So much energy, they really knew that they were closing a tour tonight. I heard Dave say backstage that Tim and Dave would be doing their acoustic tour startin in February, so don't get tooo anxious until then. I couldn't have wished a better night would come along when I left for the show. I twas my first R&R and my first Ants and TRue Reflections of the tour. I wish you all could have been there... Peace
Krista S.
This show was by far better than last nite's. The Getaway People put on a great opening act, again. I'm pretty impressed by them. Dave came on stage to introduce the Getaway People...I believe he was wearing a blue t-shirt. When he came out for his set, with DMB, he was wearing the same pink shirt from the nite before. Oh well. His shirt was soaked into the 2nd song anyways. One Sweet World - nice little opener...same as Charlotte...only without the intro but there was the whole Swim Naked outro. #41 - it was decent enough. Two Step - I always love this one live. Satellite - nice little surprise in there. I had a feeling I'd hear it at the show. Say Goodbye - I love this song...nice to hear live when you're with that special person. The ending just jams though when Dave yells. Pantala Naga Pampa was played right into Rapunzel. The lighting was awesome for Rapunzel. I was quite impressed. Don't Drink The Water - ah, same old song you always hear now. I like what the band's doing at the end of the song...Dave sings a few lines all quietly. True Reflections - awesome! Go Boyd!! Lover Lay Down - Kind of like Say Goodbye...only slower and quieter. Rhyme & Reason - who would have thought? Not me, that's for sure. Jimi Thing - I liked the jamming towards the end. Boyd was stellar on it. Recently with the Pretty Pretty Girl jam!! I loved it!! I didn't think they'd do that jam but they did, to my surprise. Stefan did his little bass intro (which was rather impressive) into All Along the Watchtower. I don't think I ever get tired of hearing that song live! encore: Ants Marching. Dave broke a string half way through. Fine by me considering I love hearing this song, no matter what. It's always a great closer because it's such a lively song. I really think this show topped the first nite at Raleigh. And that's it for my comments.
Ben S.
If you haven't been a fan of DMB for quite some time, then tonight's set list probably left you wondering where 'all the good songs went.' Tonight was for the long time fans, and the ones who didn't necessarily come to hear Tripping Billies or Crash. From the outset it almost seemed as though the guys hadn't bothered to put together a set list, they just played whatever felt right at the time. After almost every tune Dave would walk over to everyone else in the band seemingly trying to figure out what they would play next. The opener - One Sweet World. It was great to hear that song. It was obvious that a good crowd showed up too, it was easy to hear them sing along. Next came #41, a great jam tune and tonight proved to be no exception. From there it was on to Two Step and the guys really got into a good jam on that one with Carter playing rock solid behind Boyd and Leroi. Satellite was pretty standard fare, but still a really good tune. While Dave talked with Boyd on the side of the stage after Satellite, Carter began doing some random groove that seemingly didn't go into any song. Wrong. After a few minutes of whipping the crowd into a frenzy the band launched into Say Goodbye. One Sweet World and Say Goodbye in the first 45 minutes of the show? Folks, this wasn't your ordinary night out at a DMB concert. Leroi took over the reins after Say Goodbye with a four minute solo that led into PNP which led into a rockin' version of Rapunzel. The guys really got it together for this song. Just when it seemed the song had peaked, they took it one step higher, and then did it again. Incredible. Then came a menacing version of DDTW. Everyone around me was growling right along with Dave when it came to the "I'll live with my justice/And I'll live with my greedy need..." the song finished with Dave singing out that part solo, no music, with all the stage lights shining red down on him. Very cool. Boyd took the time to get a mic stand and then ripped through a spirited version of True Reflections. It was my first time hearing that live and for many people it seemed like it was the first time they heard it, period. A lot of people sat down. Lover Lay Down didn't cause those people to stand back up, but you did hear a lot more people singing along. Then came Rhyme & Reason. Can you say explosive? The Band brought the heat with this tune. Everybody was back on their feet and screaming "take this needle from my vein, my friend". This led into a supercharged version of Jimi Thing. During the solos Stefan did a bass riff I had never heard before in Jimi Thing to give it a real funk feel. Now more heads were bobbing that at the Smokin' Grooves tour that had come through town two nights before. Leroi and Boyd took turns tearing it up for the better part of the 18 minutes that it lasted. After Jimi Thing Dave launched into a pretty standard version of Recently until the middle where he switched things up and for about five minutes he went into this chant that went: "Pretty, pretty girl, lovely lovely girl, spin my world now, you've got my world, turn it" which was totally cool. As Recently began to fade out Stefan went into an extended bass solo which included the chorus of a Black Sabbath tune which I can't remember the title to right now. Trust me though, it was awesome! Eventually he led into Watchtower! And for once, it wasn't an encore tune! After Watchtower where Boyd played the solo by plucking his strings, Dave said goodnight and the band was off the stage. The encore was the only thing which dissapointed me. It was only one song. This is the last show of the tour and the band goes out on a one song encore. Not quite the exclamation point I expected on what was an otherwise stunning night. But the encore was a crowd favorite: Ants Marching. Overall it was a great concert. If you missed it, get the tapes from someone, plenty of people had mics in the air.
Shawn B.
Wow! Wow! Wow! This was definitely the best show of my 15+ times seeing DMB. Not only was the setlist great but I was amused by the "radioheads" sitting down during some songs. They were ticked because Billies, Crash, and more from the new album was played. Many people around me didn't know True Reflections. It seemed like many in the front center section won tickets because they didn't know many of the songs. I had 4th row center seats and it was great. I knew it was going to be good when Dave introduced The Getaway People. He was wearing a grey GTE Amphitheater shirt. Being from Virginia, I thought it was cool. What can I say about the setlist, it was fantastic. I highly recommend getting a copy of this show.