Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters

Two Step
Don't Drink the Water
Lie In Our Graves
Jimi Thing
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Say Goodbye
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Anyone Seen the Bridge -->
Too Much
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Drive In, Drive Out
Tripping Billies *
Pay For What You Get
All Along the Watchtower

Scott K.
This show was awesome, definitely one of my top three ever. Herbie Hancock ruled too- I'd tie them with Bela Fleck as the best opener Dave has had. They played five songs, and ended with their classic Chameleon. The crowd was electrified as soon as the first notes from Two Step were played, and continued that way for the whole show. Before DDTW, there was a cool strobe- light blitz that was different from the St. Louis show I saw on the spring tour. Also different was Jimi Thing, during which Dave's guitar almost seemed electric. Before Say Goodbye, Carter and Roi did a little flute-and-drum jam which was different than other SG's I've seen. I'm glad that the band has done away with SMTS for the time-being; that was the one weak part of the SMTS-ASTB-Too Much jam of the past. Crash Into Me was a real crowd-pleaser as usual, and Boyd tore up on Tripping Billies even more than on the spring tour. The encore was simply incredible. Pay for What You Get! I haven't heard that one in 12 shows, and it was good and groovy. Then Stefan went wild for about five minutes and then came an unbelievable Watchtower with awesome light-work. Dave didn't say much except for a couple times. After Crush, he held up a Beanie Baby someone had thrown on stage and talked about sticking something up its ass. Someone with one of those stupid laser pointers had been shining it in Dave's face all night, and after Crash Dave told the guy next to the laser guy to take it away from him, then said "Brother, I may have to come out there and kick that ass if you don't stop" Go Dave! Deer Creek is a great venue, and the crowd at this show was really cool. Before it started, some girls were passing out free Trojans, and people blew them up like balloons and bounced them around the lawn. The only thing that could top this show for me is tomorrow's, when I hope to hear Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, One Sweet World, Granny, and anything where they invite Herbie to jam with them.
This show was rather fun. First of all, i think the setlist was rather cool. I've always wanted to attend a show with an opening 2step, and i freaked out when started into 2step. It was a great opener. Very normal, yet as as good as always. I was also happy to hear Lie In Our Graves. The band really rocked on that one. To keep this short, lemme just mention some of the cool davespeak moments. First of all, someone through a beanie baby onto stage so Dave curiously picks it up. After looking at it for a moment, he notices something is stuffed in the things "backside" so he promptly says 'i think there is something in this beanies asshole'. Everyone was cracking up. He also, like always, got pissed at the laser lights those idiots bring to the show. Making it funny again, Dave requested that the guy next to the guy with the laser smack him across the head. It was a great perfomance with many great moments as far as music and davespeak. Pay For What you Get was a suprise encore, and i love to hear Drive In Drive Out in the setlist. I can go on and on about this show. It was very good like always. My third this year, they are all equal to me. DMB is amazing.
Matt H.
There were some wonderful parts to this show... however, I thought that the setlist was a little weak. I could have done without sattelite and LIOG. Some highlights were- DIDO- I have never liked this live before- but something was different last night- it really sounded good. Watchtower was unbelivable, I had never actually heard it live before- just off of several tapes but this was definitley unique- stefan sounded great. Dave seemed to be quite excited at certain times, he really got into DDTW. He spoke several times- he was really irritated at some guy who had a laser pointer in the crowd and said, "Hey brother I am sure you are a really nice guy and all but could you turn that thing off- I am gonna come out there and kick your ass." Good show,not great, I think tonights will be better.
Carl M.
The show rocked, that is all there is to it. Highlights have to be Dave's electric guitar solo on Jimmi Thing, all of The Last Stop, and Boyd's violin verse on Watchtower. The show started off live with Two Step and then continued to build until I almost wet my pants during Billies. I thanked God the played some slower stuff like Satellite, CIM, and PFWYG, cuz people needed a break because the groove got too strong. There is no doubt that the new album takes the shows to new levels; DDTW, The Last Stop Rapunzel, and Stay are all INCREDIBLE live.
Erik R.
Saturday's show left me with the question: Where's the upbeat tempo? I was a little disappointed by the set list in that I was in a mood to dance not sway. It was a couple's concert. Crash, Crush, Satellite, Say Goodbye...all DMB songs are great, but spread these out over a few shows. It seemed that Dave and the 'boys' really weren't into the show. The set list was more commercial than Sunday's show and they played for a good length, but the crowd was generally weak for a Saturday night. Where I was sitting in Pavilion behind the sound board had parents who just sat down for over two and a half hours with their 10 and 12 year olds. There was a few bright spots to the show: The extended jam on Jimi Thing was refreshing, Lie In Our Graves was good and I really enjoyed Stefan's heavy bass solo before they broke into All Along The Watchtower. Speaking of AATW, that song is getting quite old as a closer. C'mon, how about Halloween, Get In Line, True Reflections, etc. Something to mix it up a little. I know I'm picking on DMB a bit, but this was my thirteenth show and I always expect Dave to top each one in some way or another.