Dave Matthews Band
Woodland Pavilion, Houston, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Getaway People

(onstage 8:10 pm)
Two Step
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
For the Beauty of Wynona *
Say Goodbye
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Dancing Nancies
The Stone
Don't Drink the Water
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies
Stefan Solo -->
All Along the Watchtower
(offstage 10:35 pm -- 2:25)

* with Mitch Ruttman, DMB Caterer, on electric guitar

Jbeau L.
all in all, a much better show than last night in dallas. the vast majority of the energy missing last night was regained tonight. the guys seemed to really be enjoying themselves, especially without the bother of crickets and the such. mitch ruffman laid down some very nice fills on electric guitar on wynona, which was highly unexpected. i figured he'd be onstage for crush again. true, the selist was very similar to dallas, but it didn't bother me at all, thanks to the surge of new energy. every song was better. they came into tonight with some ground to make up, if you ask me. and i really could've done without crash into me and satellite as the first encore tunes each respective night. ugh. but i liked tonight. the boys were on. off to austin early in the morning, so off to sleep right now. we'll catch y'all in austin. pray that's not a general admission horror scene.
Alison H.
well all in all, i was a LITTLE disappointed with the show. as far as i've heard it was better than dallas (obviously), and the songs that they did play were actually quite incredible, but i guess what i was disappointed with were the songs that they didn't play. i really wanted to hear seek up especially, or one sweet world or #41, but they played pretty much every radio hit except ants, and the rest were all standard ones, like stuff from btcs, etc. granted, i like btcs a LOT, but some older, less-often-played songs would have been nice. they WERE pretty high-energy though, and on a lot of the songs they went absolutely NUTS and it was amazing. we were in the fourth row, so we had a fabulous view of everything, and dave had some cool cool shoes. what was neat to watch was how they would signal each other with head nods, etc, for changeups and stuff. before some of the songs dave would go over and do what looked like third-base-coach stuff to carter; hand signs and everything, which i would guess had to do with what to play and how and when or whatever, or i could be stupid. this is my third dmb show, but for some reason i'd never seen that before, i guess i hadn't been paying attention or something, and it was pretty funny. dave didn't really say anything other than "thank y'all for coming out to hang with us," and some mumbly stuff i couldn't understand, except right before um, i don't remember what song, he pantomimed opening his head, taking his brain out, throwing it, and closing his head back up. this was all complete with "creeeeeeeeeak" and "splat" sound effects, and then he said "that's much better" or something along those lines, in a wacky voice. pretty amusing. there was another laser pointer again (damn those things to a rotten and horrible death) but dave did this gun type thing with his guitar, which i THINK was aimed at the aforementioned immature person, because whoever it was quit it right after that. the highlight of the whole thing for me was probably for the beauty of wynona, because i'd never heard it before, it's absolutely beautiful, and the annoying group of plastered, trashed, wasted people in front of me got up to get more beer. also jamming was stefan's encore solo, boyd throughout, carter's drum solo thingy before say goodbye, and the last stop and dancing nancies totally rocked. all in all, it was a GREAT show, but formulaic as far as what they played. that's kinda contradictory to what i said at the beginning of this, but it's 2am, after which i think most people get a little contradictory. probably the second best dmb show i've been to, besides october something 96 in austin, even though i was way closer this time.