Dave Matthews Band
Nissan Pavilion, Manassas, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters, Earth To Andy

(onstage 8:12 pm)
Seek Up -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
Lie In Our Graves
The Stone *
Jimi Thing *$
#41 %
Stay %
Warehouse *%
Crash Into Me
Anyone Seen the Bridge -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies
Stefan Solo -->
Stir It Up -->
All Along the Watchtower
(offstage 10:52 -- 2:50)

* with Bill Summers on percussion
$ with Bennie Maupin on saxophone
% with Herbie Hancock on keys

Jbeau L.
good, good show. i really enjoyed it. nissan pavilion is a nice, though huge, place, but our seats had a perfect view (section 103 row F) and those big screens on either side of the reserved section work well. nothing really new for us except recently, which i was really psyched to hear. the guest appearances were fun and jammy. bill summers didn't really add that much to the stone, i didn't think. not to at all downplay his musicianship, but he was just playing a shaker, and the stone isn't too complex. maybe bad song selection on dave's part. jimi thing, on the other hand, was a wonderful choice to add percussion and sax. bennie took roi's first solo, then they played together later on. bill even took a percussion jam after bennie's first sax solo. very extended. dave did a bit of singing introductions for both benny and bill during the jam. using the voice as an instrument, i'd say. coolish. the song didn't fade out, as normal. instead, they all just stopped on a hard beat... a bit over 17 minutes long. wow. #41, stay and warehouse were once again all great jams with herbie, and warehouse with bill back on percussion. kenneth thought these were the best jams so far, but the novelty of them back in atlanta still takes the cake for me. in all honesty, i still don't understand what herbie adds with keys to stay. i think songs like the last stop or typical situation would be better fitted to that type of tone and instrument, the same way that #41 and warehouse are. i loved the guesting though. the highlight of the show was the encore for me. pig was the last thing i expected, and it was well done. they must've really liked their charlotte version and gained some confidence in the song, because it was back soon. stir it up was so fun to hear. the crowd loved it, and i was stoked to get to experience it. watchtower rocked. 2:50 on the show length... longest show of our tour. it kinda sucked to have to leave this morning. we got no sense of finality, since we did expect to go to the second night at nissan. hopefully it rocked, too. sorry to everyone i never got a chance to say goodbye to.
Chris M.
WOW!! An absolutely incredible show!!! After a fantastic tailgate BBQ it was time to head in. When we got to the Pavillion, the band kicked into Seek Up and my night was made right there! A fantastic way to start any show and Roi was rocking away like you read about. A great version which lasted forever. Next came Pantala --> Rapunzel which is just a kickin' combo. A great version once again, which was paced slower, like the first Hartford show. During Seek Up and Rapunzel Boyd was rockin' so hard on his violin that he snapped almost all the bow strings! Don't Drink the Water was next on the list and it was a strong version as usual. This song takes on a new meaning live. Lots of feeling. Like Hartford, DDTW was followed by LIOG and the place went nuts! At this point I was just beyond the Orchestra section and it was a great spot to watch the guys GO OFF. I was very psyched when Dave invited some guests on stage to jam and they proceeded to so into The Stone! YES! This was one song which I was hoping for and what a version we were given, unreal! Once again, Boyd was on fire!! Things really started happenin' when they kicked into Jimi Thing! The place went nuts and they jammed for what seemed like 15 minutes, it was awesome! After the Jimi Jam, Dave invited Herbie up on stage to jam and I wondered what they might play...well, I was blown away when they started into #41 (another that I was hoping for!) The version they played was absolutely unbelievable, it sounded better than I'd ever heard. Daves voice was just mezmorizing. We were then treated to a stop-time-intro-->Warehouse and my night was complete! This was my first stop time intro and I was amazed, it makes a Warehouse, a WAREHOUSE! Talk about energy!! With Herbie still on stage, Dave started the licks of Stay and we were given a very tight version of that, with the extended ending with Dave doing all the vocals solo like Hartford. Following Stay, Herbie left and the boys went into Crash Into Me, which was good, but Dixie Chicken made it better. Things were about to become epic. Dave started the acoustic intro to Recently and once again my night was made. Now, I've only had the opportunity to see this live 2 other times, but I've heard many versions and THIS version was, by far, the best I've ever heard! It was totally tight, jammin', and intense! I was in awe as I watched the sychronicity going on up there! They were having such a good time, and because of that, so was the crowd. This song alone will make a tape of this show a classic in my eyes. After a brief pause, Carter and Stefan started rocking away with Stefan suddenly kicking into the BTCS filler song between Pig and Spoon which segued amazingly into Too Much. Now THAT'S a great way to start that song, it flowed very nice. The set fiished off with a Tripping Billies which was just plain great. Boyd is just and animal in this song. I think it's a perfect way to end a show and to prep the crowd for the Encore. The band came back out and chatted for a bit before going into Pig!! Another on my "hope to see" list which I had written off. I wasn't expecting it for an encore, and was quite excited to hear such a righteous song which lasted about 8+ minutes. Stefan then went into about a 2 minutes bass solo, which segued into a 4 minute Stir it Up with Dave singing the first verse and the crowd chanting the chorus! Can this get any better?? To end this unreal show, the band presented us with a killer Watchtower which was just plain top notch. If I didn't have a flight to catch back to NH, I would have been back there again Sunday night, but then again, this show was just plain SO GOOD, my expectations would have been too high! A tape of this show should be a "must have" in any fans tape case...
This was my second Dave show. I don't remember the first and I wasn't too into the band at that point, but things change. Anyway, I have heard a lot of the band since and to say the least, I was a bit disappointed. Many of the songs were very slow(PNP->Rapunzel, LIOG, DDTW(sorta)) and this made it hard to vibe with the group. Seek Up was a great and surprising opener. Warehouse, Pig, #41, and Recently were also pleasant surprises. Great jam on Jimi Thing as well. The encore was probably the best part of the show. Stir It Up into Watchtower was money. I enjoyed the show in general, just wish the band pushed it a bit more and had the energy they had in the encore. One quick note: Loved Boyd doing the solo during LIOG. Peace.
Chris S.
This was a great way to the end my summer as school started the next day for college. I brought along a bunch of first timers and they said it was great concert. I thought that this concert lacked energy though some from Dave but a lot from the crowd. Everything was melled out compared to the 8-4-98 concert. I was hoping to hear Granny again but instead DMB played a shorter version of the 8-4-98 concert. The encore was exactly the same except no Granny. Stir It Up came on the crowd was quite for the most part. The crowd sang for only maybe a couple of minutes and most people were like what is this. Definetly a lot of radio listeners. None the less it was a good concert but I was disappointed in that it was somewhat like the 8-4-98 concert.
Eric V.
Tonight was a pretty average show by the band that was turned into a great one by appearances by Herbie, Bill, and Bennie, and by some great choices for the encore. Most of the jams were pretty standard for the first few songs, Seek Up was a good opener as always. I didn't even realize that Bill Summers was there for The Stone, but he did a great percussion jam on Jimi Thing. This through Warehouse was the highlight of the show. Bennie came out too and did a great sax jam, and instead of going into their standard jam, Bennie and Leroi began playing the same slow, mellow melody over and over, allowing for Carter and Bill to go crazy on the drums. Must have been almost 20 minutes. Then Herbie Hancock came out for #41, Stay and Warehouse. His keyboard especially worked for Warehouse's post-chorus, though Stay was too cluttered to add anything too. Then they had to play Crash. Recently was pretty standard, so was the bridge-> Too Much sequence. Billies was a great closer, Boyd played an extra-long jam on this one. Pig was a great encore, didn't expect since I didn't know they'd played it in Charlotte and the last time before that was Giants Stadium. Stefan did another bass jam into Stir it Up, which was good to hear, though neither Boyd nor Leroi really did anything on it. Mostly just drum and bass, but the crowd loved it. Watchtower was unbelievable as always. It's a lot better now with jams by both Boyd and Leroi and the bass drum in the interlude. The encore itself lasted about 30 minutes, the show was about 2:50 total, longest I've ever seen. There weren't any really outstanding exceptions to the setlist except maybe Crush.