Dave Matthews Band
Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, Georgia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters

(onstage 8:18 pm)
Seek Up *
Jimi Thing *
Don't Drink the Water *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Tripping Billies *
Lover Lay Down *
Warehouse **
Stay **
#41 **
Crush *
Jam *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) * -->
Too Much *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Stefan Solo -->
All Along the Watchtower *
Ants Marching

* with Tim Reynolds on electric guitar
** with Tim Reynolds on electric guitar and Herbie Hancock on keys

Jbeau L.
ahh, the sweet feeling after a satisfying show night. without a doubt, the atlanta gig was the best of the five we've seen so far. everything rocked. here goes... what a show, what a show. long, jammed, different, energetic, fun... a seek up opener can almost make a show alone for me. in my opinion, it will always be the perfect dmb opening song. it takes a show from nothing to something big in a mere 18 minutes. jimi thing ... tim added so much. he got his own solo, when dave usually gets his, then dave did eventually get to solo a bit later on. the energy was just flowing. i knew this was gonna be the show. 35 minutes for the first two songs... wow. rapunzel featured the biggest jam i've ever seen at the end. dave was dancing like a maniac. such a full, enveloping, energetic sound. tripping billies is one of those songs where the band can either lay back and hope the music surges, or really go after it. tonight they really went after it. the room was going crazy. lover lay down ... eleven shows, and finally i hear it. beautiful... after that, the six onstage became seven.. herbie hancock was invited out. he didn't play the sit-down keyboard that he uses during the headhunters' set, but instead one of those keyboards that goes over the shoulder like a guitar. warehouse was bigger and more jammed out than i've ever seen it. herbie eased his way in, then really went after it. he added much more texture to stay, as well. herbie started to leave after stay, but it was planned for him to be onstage for #41, so dave chased him down and made him stay. #41 was a beauty ... long and well done, especially by herbie on keys.. jammin. herbie took off after #41, leaving tim and the boys to take another show at topping birmingham's unbelievable crush. in b'ham, tim had soloed over the stop time (second segment) of the crush jam, but tonight he soloed in the first segment, and then carried it into the second. carter laid down some mean fills behind him. rawked. then, once crush was over, carter just randomly started soloing, and tim kicked in with some short, high-pitched riffs over him. lasted for about two minutes, i'd say. dave did some weird scat jam crap at the same time. right as carter finished soloing, dave headed straight into so much to say. smts > astb? > too much was pretty standard, but still richer and more textured and full-sounding with tim on electric. crash into me... rah, rah, kill that song. thank god tim added some to it. stefan's solo was great ... more fast-pasted than normal, more intricate finger work it seemed. carter was actually laying down some beats behind him for a bit, so i guess it wasn't a true solo. duet? nah. watchtower was big, thanks to tim. if anything disappointed me, it was that leroi didn't take his solo so tha tim could. roi got one note into his solo, realized tim was still soloing, and quit. but tim's solo ripped, so it was fine with me, and even roi gave tim a round of applause when it was all over... tim left before the encore to get to his TR3 gig in atlanta. the encore was originally written as granny, halloween. granny was great to hear again. first time to hear it on this mini-tour. i was really stoked to hear halloween, but i guess the guys weren't up to it. ants was great anyway ... the intro is still really long, but not as long as it was in austin. wonderful show all-in-all. couldn't ask for much more. my ideal two opener songs were played ... seek up and jimi thing. tim adds so much to the sound, and really has an effect on what the other bandmembers do. for example, he seems to lend to boyd changing up his solos a great deal. probably because the violin and electric guitar tend to occupy a similar tonal region, but regardless a good thing. we can only hope charlotte and manassas add up to this show. i think i forgot to mention, but the lakewood amphitheatre is ugly as sin. i thought starplex in dallas was bad, but lakewood is just a shithole. props to jeff and jamie for still making it sound pretty damn nice, though... catch y'all tomorrow after charlotte. kenneth says hey. maybe i'll let him write a review one of these days. haha.