Dave Matthews Band
Nissan Pavilion, Manassas, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters

(Onstage 8:13)
Two Step
Don't Drink the Water
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rapunzel *
Crush *$
Drive In, Drive Out *
Jimi Thing *$
Warehouse *%
Stay *%
Drums & Percussion * -->
Say Goodbye *
Last Stop (Reprise outro) *
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge -->
Too Much
Bass Solo -->
All Along the Watchtower
Ants Marching
(Offstage 10:36 -- 2:23)

* with Bill Summers on Percussion
$ with Bennie Maupin on Tenor Saxophone
% with Herbie Hancock on Keys

Submitted by John Simpson

Just an incredible show. Then again, I guess any show will be

incredible from the ninth row. But I digress.

As for highlights of the show, for me, bar none, the best was Crush.

14:21 minutes long, with Herbie just taking over at the end. Jimi Thing,

despite being a song I'm not too fond of, blew me away as well. Boyd's

second solo in the song seemed to impress everyone, including the sax

player from the Headhunters.

The most depressing part of the show is when they began playing Say

Goodbye. At first, it seemed like they were starting #36, but then we

realized what they were playing. Not that Say Goodbye is bad, but it's

not #36.

One other thing. From where I was sitting, it seemed like the band was

having as much fun as the fans were, especially when members of the

Headhunters were on stage with them. Nice to see that they're still in

great spirits so far into the concert dates.

Jeanne-Marie D.
This show was great for three reasons: Dave's energy, Herbie and friends, and the setlist. You could tell by Dave's facial expressions (as they were magnified onto big screens) that he "gave it all he had." That added a lot! Herbie and friends came on stage in the middle to bring about some great and new jams in Warehouse and Jimi Thing especially. As for the setlist, it was great to see Say Goodbye. Ants was another good choice. It's sparse appearances on the tour made it a welcome addition and intense song. The Last Stop was another highlight, bringing out great jams in concert and seeming to become a concert favorite. Stefan was also in the light some more with more impressive solo's. Carter teased us a little - almost going into a #36 before Say Goodbye. The only downfalls were the repeats, six songs from the night before. And there weren't many old songs. But all in all it was a great show, one to look for on tape.
Mike D.
From Start to finish a great show. The Jimi Thing was one of the best I have heard and thw Warehouse with Herbie was awesome. The night before was much better, but I had eighth row this time and it was incredible. The Nissan Pavillion had a tapers section, which was the first tapers section ever at a Dave Show. You can usually tape from anywhere. My tapes came out great though and I'm not complaining. The watchtower was basic but good and The Last Stop was great, all in all a great show.
Eric V.
This night's show was, like the night before, good but not great. The most notable highlight was again appearances by Herbie, Bill and Bennie. The band opened with Two Step, which was solid as always. I don't remember the order of the songs played, so just the high points: Jimi Thing, where Bennie and Bill came and played with the band again. The jam was a lot like the night before, really mellow and repetitive but upbeat and a nice change from the usual jam. Herbie Hancock played on Warehouse and Stay again, doing a long keyboard jam on Warehouse. Rapunzel, the Last Stop, DDTW, and Crush were pretty much the same as usual, they also played Satellite and Say Goodbye. On Drive In Drive Out, Carter went crazy on the drums again. Plus he had a grin from one side of the pavilion to the other. The band closed with the SMTS-> Too Much progression, which was great as always, and All along the Watchtower. This time, no Stir It Up, no bass jam, just Watchtower. There ! was only one encore, Ants, and even though it sounded great for them to play it, it was pretty disappointing. Only 15 songs, the show was about 2:20 in length. They didn't play Crash, which my friend Steve predicted, a nice surprise, but they didn't play anything just from Remember Two Things. A One Sweet World or STJL would have really done something for the setlist. The crowd didn't seem as excited tonight as before, maybe because we were in the seats for this one. The weekend was definitely worth the trip from Philly though. Hi to everyone we met, especially our friends in Section 101 whose names I don't remember.
Shawn B.
After a great show on Saturday, I didn't know what to expect from Sunday's show. Being they didn't play Two Step, Satellite, The Last Stop, Ants, and Crush, I expected them to play them along with PNP-->Rapunzel, Stay, and DDTW. I wasn't wrong. I expected them to play Billies, Crash, and Too Much. Thank God-they didn't end with Crash and Billies. Don't get me wrong. They are great songs but sometimes it seems that DMB is appealing to the radio audience. For instance, on Saturday, many people sat down during Seek Up and Recently. Were these people sick? My point is that I expected some old stuff in Sunday's show which I didn't get. I truly would have been extremely ticked if they played Crash and Billies after playing it Saturday so I wasn't so irritated with the way they ended the show but where did Dancing Nancies and True Reflections go? How about Minarets? Sunday's show was good in a way. The band was on fire but the songs were expected especially from my end. I did enjoy hearing Say Goodbye, Jimi, and Warehouse. All in all, I hope for the two shows in Raleigh to be better than Sunday's show. E-mail me if your going to be there. Later!!!!!