Dave Matthews Band
Star Lake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Agents of Good Roots

Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Lie In Our Graves
Rhyme & Reason
Say Goodbye
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Don't Drink the Water
Anyone Seen the Bridge -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies
Stir It Up -->
All Along the Watchtower

Rick M.
The show was an amazing one. I would like to think it was up there with the best ones from the summer. A few dull spots, but that is expected. Overall it was a GREAT setlist and the encore was just amazing. Seek Up was a nice 18 min opener. Rhyme and Reason was nice also as it is pretty rare. Say Goodbye was great, I am glad they brought that one back. Jimi Thing and Warehouse were amazing, back to back...couldn't be beat. Then Billies was a nice closer with a lot of energy. Coming back I was hoping for a Granny as the first encore, but realistically didn't think it would happen since they did it first time around at Starlake and it was only played once in the summer tour...but none the less I got it. I knew it was coming when only Dave, Carter and Stefan went on stage. Unreal! Then the Stir It Up part was great...and a awesome Watchtower to close it out. This will definately be a show to have. All in all a great show and the band was really tight which is great to see. Well, enjoy any future shows, I know I will.
Jeff W.
OH MAN, I still think I'm going to wake up any minute... STIR IT UP?? STIR IT UP?!?! I could sit here and talk about the 20 minute plus Seek Up or the Billies with incredible energy and a nuts Boyd or the great Jimi Thing or any other part of this amazing show and great setlist, but the only thing in this show I can even think of was the ENCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it... i've been waiting to hear Granny for years and FINALLY i got it... then WHERE ON EARTH DID THEY GET STIR IT UP!?!! It was the most random thing I've ever seen and it was so good! Dave let the crowd sing, i thought i was going to pass out. Then the only way to follow up a jam like that would be Watchtower and they ripped it out... Boyd even plucked during the solo. I've seen my share of Dave shows but the encore itself made this show top them all. One other note, this crowd was much more into it then last week's Cleveland show, which i hate admitting cuz i'm from cleveland, but this crowd was SOOO much better... i can't believe this show.... i'm going to be in awe for weeks...
Tara L.
This was my first FRONT ROW Dave Matthews concert, and by far the most amazing show I've ever been to. They were so into the music and so together that I was frozen for the longest time. I called Seek Up as the opener and was so excited to hear it!! It was amazing. Boyd kicked ass in Lie In Our Graves and Tripping Billies. There was so much energy going on around me I couldn't believe it. Say Goodbye was awesome, I was glad to hear it. Someone in the crowd kept shining a laser light on Dave's face, and he had to tell them a bunch of times to shut it off. Finally, he just held out his hands and said "Please?" and they stopped. Otherwise, he was having a great time up there dancing and stuff. He broke a string right in the middle of Don't Dring the Water, and had to change guitars really fast. Then the encore. Can't even believe it. GRANNY!! How much did I want to hear it. I was bummed that more people around me in the front didn't know the song, but it was kick ass. And Stir It Up was so cool. Where did it come from?? The crowd must have chanted it for like 10 minutes. And Watchtower. Amazing as usual. I will be suffering from PCD (Post Concert Depression) for a few weeks....
Jerry H.
The show tonight was absolutley incredible! This is my fifth show that i have been to and this was defineately the best. The whole band was really into the show tonight and the fans could feel it. The concert seemed to move away from promoting BTCS. Dave opened with and awsome Seekup. Saygoodbye was the highlight of the night. Kudos to Dave and the boys; the show was kicken
Kyle B.
After a disappointing show in Vernon, I was ready for a comeback, and we got it. A 16 minute seek up to start, Unbelievable LOIG jam, Rhyme and Reason, Jimi Thing, and a great Tripping Billies. Then the best part, the oncore. GRANNY RULED!!! Then a Stephan bass solo that turned into a Stir It Up jam, then suddenly, the whole crowd was singing along with Dave as he played off of them. Pretty soon the only music was the crowd clapping and singing as the band danced on stage in pure enjoyment. The most unbelievable thing I have ever seen at a concert. Everyone needs a tape of this one. To finish it off...Watchtower. This was the best concert I have ever seen. Nothing can ever top it.
Dave F.
Wow!! What a way to finish a summer of following DMB around. Everything came together tonight, and it really returned on what I had been hoping. The crowd was pretty good, even though there were some rogue characters and the radio listeners did go wild during "Stay", "Satellite", and "Crash Into Me". I had an excellent view from the front of the lawn, and from what I saw, Dave and the boys put out an incredible show for us. From the very start of AGR's set, I was hyped. They kept playing songs because I believe DMB needed more time. Prior to the show, I went down to the edge of the back fence and heard DMB play their soundcheck. I only caught the tail end of it, but I did hear them playing Rhyme and Reason, my friend Mike said, "It would be awesome if he played that tonight." (Little did he know, but he did!) As far as DMB's set, they were alive from the very beginning. At one point, Dave shouted "Pleeeeeeeease turn that red thing off" (the laser pointers) and then pretended to shoot someone in the audience with an imaginary rifle. During the song, "Say Goodbye", there was massive kissing going on in the audience, and at the beginning of it, Carter and Boyd both went off on solos. One thing I have been noticing at the concerts I've gone to, when they play "The Last Stop", they start with the "Minarets" opening riffs. Maybe "Minarets" has now progressed into "The Last Stop"? "Jimi Thing" was incredible, must've lasted for about 20 minutes with all the jams going on in it. The lights were on cue at the right times at the opening of "Warehouse" and it looked mighty impressive. During DDTW Dave switched guitars midway through, I guess he might have had a broken string? Billies was a great way to end the set, and after Dave came back from the encore break, he did a little Japanese bow and then played none other than... GRANNY!! No one in the lawn knew it around me, and I was going wild; I was asking for it all night. I never expected Dave to go into the full song of "Stir It Up" (Bob Marley tune I think), he had a huge grin on his face when he sang it. After that, he gave us another treat, All Along the Watchtower. All in all, it was the most alive I've ever seen the band and definitely the best performance I've ever seen by the band. Everything came into place and I certainly won't forget it for a long time to come.
John G.
This was my fourth Dave concert and I must say it was BY FAR the best one yet. Dave really seemed to enjoy himself out here in Pittsburgh this time around. Seek up was a great opener, it had to be close to 15 minutes long, it was very similar to the Red Rocks version. Another great song that night was Jimi Thing but the biggest shocker of the night....STIR IT UP!!!!! I was totally amazed. I've heard Dave do The Redemption Song from Bob Marley, but this was a nice surprise. They came out for their encore and did Granny(great like always) and then Stefan went into this wicked Bass solo, then all of the sudden, Dave starts to sing "stir it up"...the crowd goes insane. He tries to finish the song, but the crowd wont let him, they just keep singing(very softly)"stir it up, little darlin". Dave loved it. The crowd finally quieted down and he went right into Watchtower. Great version, Boyd does the solo with the Mandolin, it was a nice change.They played for almost 3 hours that night. Is there anyway this band can possibly get better? NEVER.
Jun.30.2004 .
No review would do this show justice, you have to listen to it in order to understand how much energy the band had.. The Encore was incredible.... STIR IT UP!! I couldn't believe how long he played it It had to be close if not over ten minutes The crowd wouldn't stop singing... dave let us sing for what seemed to be forever... Watchtower was cool... The rest of the show was awesome, I couldn't believe they played Rhyme &Reason, Warehouse, and Jimi Thing all in one night, not to mention say goodbye and granny. Boyd jammed hard on Lie in ou Graves and Billies.. I was at the first pittsburgh show, and the one in Virginia Beach... This show blew those two out of the water.... During Satellite did anyone check out the lawn and see all the lighters up.. It was awesome, i was a couple of rows back, and I turned and was in awe. The crowd was awesome, including the drunk naked man who sat next to me, who also happend to caress him self during Say Goodbye!! I may be wrong but wasn't the concert like 2hrs and 50min?? according to my watch they came on at 8:50 and left at 11:40... This show is a must have.. if anyone taped it please E-mail me.
Justin B.
AMAZING!!!!!!!! Seek Up.... totally got me ripped... just a great way to open had me thinking Red Rocks like crazy..... Rapunzel came up and everyone was dancing thier ass off.... dave was so into..... Lie In came on, i was freaking out... cause i just learned how to play it... and i was in total awe..... Say Goodbye brought me back to old school with my frist DMB CD Crash.... i was all into, lighters UP!!! I think ti was sometime around here were Dave decided to address the people with the lazer lights.. He was like turn the f*cking thing off, and made motions to shoot them with a shotgun.... got the crowd all rowdy... The Last Stop was a total jam... the outro reprise was incredible.... Jimi thing, Boyd and Carter were soo fired up.... jammed like mad.... got me dancing and everyone up... My first time hearing Dixie Chicken, and since i do my homework, i noticed it, and like was telling everyone....DDTW came on, now i mean its not my fav. DMB song, but i do like... But this was such a great song... Dave was all into.... terring up hsi voice... Always good to hear Anyone Seen the Bridge... it was a ASTB dominated by Leroi which was just awesome... Billies was a great way to end the set. Boyd was all over the stage... Dave was toe to toe with him the whole time, and Lerio watched in genuine awe!!! So everyone knew there was going to be an encore... but to hear Granny a second time at Starlake... to be sooo graced with LLLLOOOOOOOOVEEEEE, BAAAAAABBBBBYYYYY!!! i felt soo privielaged.... And then Stefan ripps into Stir It Up, now... i had a feeling Watchtower was going to be played, and the I heard Stfan getting all into... nwo i heard people thinking the begining of Stir It Up was Summer Loving from Greese but i was like no baby thats Stir It Up... the crowd was all into it.... Everyone and i mean everyone got into the chorus, and you could see the huge smile on Stefan's face.... Now it says on the setlist... Stir It Up moves into Watchtower... i didnt really think it did, there was enough pause between them to tell me other wise... and then to hear Watchtower...... To hear Dave just rock out, and sing is heart to death.... It was great..... I am still on the high!!! This was definatly an awesome show... maybe the best of the summer.... and i would think the best ever at Starlake... a great venue.... A tape of this concert is a definate plus to anyone's collection.