Dave Matthews Band
Coca-Cola Starplex Ampthitheatre, Dallas, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Getaway People

(onstage 8:15 pm)
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink the Water
Rhyme & Reason
Say Goodbye
Jimi Thing (Incomplete)
Spoon (Without Carter)
--- House Lights On ---
Two Step
Lie In Our Graves
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Stefan Solo -->
All Along the Watchtower
(offstage 10:45 pm -- 2:30)

Jbeau L.
dallas was one weird as hell show. and here's what happened. for a couple of weeks now, every newspaper review of starplex shows has included some commentary about swarming flying crickets annoying the artists playing at the venue. well, tonight, the crickets finally won. early on in the show, the boys joked around about the cricket populus, continously swatting them away and trying to kill them between songs. the bugs were clearly attracted by the bright lights of the lighting rig, and thus to the boys ... this continued until jimi thing... about 12 or 13 minutes into the jimi thing jam, in a relatively quiet part, the crickets got the best of carter. he threw both drumsticks far into the backstage area, stood up, stepped down from the drum riser, and headed offstage, not appearing too happy. needless to say, the others guys were pretty clueless as to what happened, and jimi thing just died. no-one seemed to have much idea what to do without carter. dave walked around strumming for about five minutes, talking to the crew guys and trying to figure out what to do. finally, after a good deal of time, the carter-less time was filled by the first ever spoon, and a very nicely done one at that... things would continue to get weird. carter came back at the end of spoon and they played a normalish stay. after stay, dave announced that the crickets had become way too bothersome as a result of the lights. so, the lighting rig was completely abandoned, and all the house lights were turned on. the boys proceeded to play the remaning hour and a half with no lighting on themselves, and all 20,000 people in the venue lit up. a truly different experience. as for the songs themselves, the vast majority of things were very different from the red rocks in may, the last time i saw them. warehouse, rhyme and reason and obviously spoon were firsts for me, at my eighth show. warehouse was unexpected as an opener. the intro to pantala was new, and rapunzel seemed to be slowed down quite a bit. the say goodbye was very, very well done with contributions from all bandmembers. jimi thing was wonderful, including a brief ska-ish jam, if you could call it that, until carter left and the song died. the songs played after the lights came on were nothing dramatically special ... may have just been the fact that i was so taken aback by the lit-up scene. stefan's solo before watchtower was excellent, no trace of stir it up that i noticed... and that's it. i doubt any other show i go to will be as weird as this one. kenneth and i are off to houston tomorrow, and we'll be back late tomorrow night with more stories from the road ...
Jeff R.
This was my first Dave concert. IT ROCKED DALLAS AND BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE!!!! When dave opened with the Warehouse, it surprised us all... And it made for one great surprise. The lighting on the song added a whole new deminsion to the aspect of the song and intensity level. Ryhme and reason and Say Good Bye was tremendious. Jimi Thing brought so many aspects and dimensions together for a incredible sound, the best i have ever herd that song played. i have herd it on a few bootlegs and this version was put together so well. They each contributed there own special solo to it and made it flow so well. Then Stay, wow what a treat. I was expecting it and it blew me away. the excitement was incredible. Two step was a great one too. they really did some new stuff one that song and Boyd plucked that violin like no tomorrow, it was great. Then the house lights came on. it Kicked butt. I loved it, it was like a whole new feelin to the concert, like it was so much more personal. Dave really let himself go on the others followed in behind him. Boyd tore everything up. It was so great =). So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) --> Too Much Tripping Billies the last three songs b/f the encore really tottaly got everyone excited and wow.. what a group of ending songs. They made it seem like forever. It was so good. It seemed with the lights on they all just seemed to let go and relax with no preasure on them at all and seemed tottaly relaxed. Watchtower was great.. they did it so well. i feel in love with it, and stefan did a great solo on it. i was impressed. Over all a experience worth remembering.
Eric F.
What a show! So much energy throughout. A few things: Warehouse made a nice unexpected opener. Rapunzel seemed slow, and at times Carter tried to speed up the tempo, but the rest of the band didn't. Jimi Thing was unexpected, and was long and great. Spoon was a complete surprise. No one expected it. I sounded really sad live. A few of the downsides: The mixing. The whole band sounded muddy at times, and a lot of the sax solo's were hard to hear, as well as Boyd. The Getaway People sounded fine in the mix, but for some reason DMB didn't. I couldn't understand a word of Davespeak, I don't know if it was Dave, or the fault of the mixer. All and all, a great show!
Steve L.
This was a really good show, the whole crowd was into it. He started with Warehouse which was a complete suprise. Say Goodbye was the best i have ever heard, and they had some really neato lights. They played the Stay chourus line at the end for 2:30 seconds, it was also phemnomial. About half way during the show, the bugs were killing the guys, so dave said,"Would you guys turn on the lights for the whole building." He waited a minute and said,"I mean there has got to be a light switch or something. I mean we are still gunno JAM (The crowd cheered.) It would be nice to watch you guys for the first time." Tripping Billies was awesome Boyd had some weird twicth he must of gotten from vietnam, cause he was tearing it up.