Dave Matthews Band
Starwood Amphitheater, Antioch, Tennessee
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Agents of Good Roots

Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Dancing Nancies
Warehouse (Stop-Time Intro)
Crush *
Pay For What You Get *
Don't Drink the Water *
The Stone *
Lie In Our Graves *
Anyone Seen the Bridge -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies *
Say Goodbye

* with Bela Fleck

Stephen N.
Awesome show! For those who care, AGR played: Shortchange, 2 Bucks in Cash, Hobby, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (cool), Shot Down (said it was a new one), Frown, Upspin, Where's You Get that Vibe? AGR were really good, I think the crowd kinda liked them. Anyway, DMB were awesome. Dave seemed really happy - he was smilin' alot and had the happy feet going pretty good. LeRoi was sans sunglasses for most of the show. He was really good tonight, had a really cool mellow sax bit to close out Seek Up. OSW was beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Pay For What You Get. The encore was a bit surprising to me - I mean, Say Goodbye was cool but . . . A one song encore? Seemed kinda strange. Last but not least, kudos to Starwood Amphitheatre. The sound was great - Dave's vocals and guitar were clear and crisp, the volume was just right.
Mikey L.
All I can say is INCREDIBLE!!! This show had a few suprises. I had heard rumors from my friend Dave that someone we all love to hear with DMB would be there to sit in!! All of a sudden, Dave comes up to the mic right before "Crush" and announced that he had a friend that lived here(in the Nashville area) that would be coming up to sit in for a while. That's when I new.............BELA FLECK!!!! The rumors had been confirmed and I was in total shock and disbelief. This was only after the first six songs, so Bela sat in for at least 3/4 of the show!! "Crush" was incredible with the sweet banjo might I add. A big highlight for me was the totally beautiful "One Sweet World." (they also played the original intro to this song!!!!) I was totally satisfied at this point and could have easily been content if they had walked off the stage right then. After "Crush".........guess what?? We were treated to a beautiful rendition of "Pay For What You Get." Bela also played on this song!! (oh me.......oh my.......just go make me some pie!) Other songs that just totally burned were "Lie In Our Graves,"(with Bela Fleck) "The Stone," "Dancing Nancies,"(Boyd, oh Boyd, oh Boyd!) and "Tripping Billies."(can you say BOYD!!??). They then returned to wrap up this totally unbelievable set with a rendition of "Say Goodbye" that ran around 10-13 minutes. It was GREAT!! Me and my friend Trutle taped the show(me on analog and he on DAT). As a matter of fact we're listening to it this second whil I'm writing this review with our friend Al!!! Can't wait for B'ham and Atlanta!!
Wade A.
This review comes to you from Sect. 103 Row H (8). First off this was my first DMB concert and one of the best nights of my life. It was alot more fun than I expected. The band has so much energy on stage and sound better than in the studio. Carter is the best drummer I have ever heard. He never misses a beat, even after throwing his drumstick up in the air a couple of times. Stefan is a very good bass player. He really shines in ASTB. LeRoi is very talented and has a wide variety of instruments that he plays very well. Boyd has so much energy and is awesome. He is so much fun to watch. Dave is an awesome guitarist and vocalist. He continues to play no matter what. He must have broken 3 or 4 strings last night. The lights kicked too.
Lewis L.
GREAT SHOW!! The Band was great... BELA - What a treat!! Well, for the highlights... One Sweet World- great to hear an oldie, Dancing Nancies- BOYD at the front of the stage, practically over the crowd, going absolutely nuts, DDTW- great version, especially with Bela in there, also the ending was with Dave singing and fading out, The Stone- I just love this song, LIOG- BELA BELA BELA!! Too Much- Dave does some of his great dancing, TBillies- Boyd & Carter make this song every single time, and then the Encore: Say Goodbye (which Bela also played on)- what a way to end it, with Dave putting all that he had left into these vocals. Outstanding performance by the boys. A few lowlights however, the crowd in my section was horrible. Two fights broke out about 10 minutes apart, a small section of the grass was set on fire, people throwing things at other people, some fat girl and jerk of a guy giving me a hard time about my recording equipment (the show allowed audio but no visual) This girl was being stupid saying how I shouldn't do that but she won't tell b/c she's "coooooool" and the the guy gets in my mike and starts saying stuff. They were #1 dorks and I hope they read this. And also some guy jumps on stage during DDTW - I'm sure he got his butt kicked by security for that one. And yeah, more stupid lasers in the crowd. And people need to get off yelling for Watchtower, its not like Dave can hear them anyway. So I wasn't too impressed by the Nashville crowd, but DMB and the setlist made up for it. Only song I missed hearing was BOWA... maybe next time. Don't get me wrong, this show was nothing to complain about. I think it was just my section in the crowd that all the dorks congregated to. But yes, it was a great show - Great work by DMB & Bela!!
Troy S.
Was one of the better shows I have been too. Started out with a song that you dont often hear live SEEK UP. This got the fans movin, all 18,000 of a sold out Starwood Amphitheater. Dave himself seemed a little more calm, then I have seen in past concerts. It looked like they enjoyed then selves. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Dave, doesn't use the backup singers in STAY.. Warehouse and song #34 offered nice long jams. Dave played a lot off "Before these Crowded Streets" I think it was like six.. Bela Flex was on stage jammin for more than half the show. The crowd was not as good as East Troy or Chicago, but it had its moments. My favorite song of the night was Lie in our Graves. Tripping Billies was a pleaser. There are three things that stand out about this show. 1] Say Goodbye was the encore.. 2} Great version of Dancing Nancies.. 3}How bad the security guards beat a kid who got on stage and danced around. Well that's about it. Overall good show.1-10 I give it a 7. Another note "Agents of Good Roots" where surprisingly good.
Kevin E.
Oh how I loved this concert. Dave opened with "Seek Up" and set the mood, then immediatly changed it with the next few songs. He treated us with incredible jam sessions and amazing guitar skills. And what can you say about Boyd. Never have I seen him get so much into a concert as he did this, jamming from song to song and electrifying the crowd. Then Dave treated us with the amazing banjo playing of the great Bella Fleck. Interest in the crowd seemed to be laggin when Dave threw out some of the best live music I've ever heard. People had begun to sit and I even saw some leave when he threw out Satellite. It was Beautiful. This sent a pulse of energy through everybody within an earshot. He jammed with Boyd and Carter on "Anyone Seen the Bridge" and finished with an incredible "Too Much and Tripping Billies". Anybody that went to this concert,--whether it was to hear the long instrumentals on "Lie in Our Graves" and "Pay for What you Get", or to dance the night away and party till dawn to the likes of "Stay", "Too Much", or "Tripping Billies"-- could not deny that Dave Matthews Band is truly the best ever. For the encore Dave invited back out Bella Fleck and finished with an amazing "Say Goodbye" that satisfied everybody in the crowd. The lighting systems on stage were spectacular and caught the interest of everybody in the crowd. Dave Matthews never fails to outdo himself time and time again.
Zack P.
well dave pulled out all the stops for his show is nashville. he started out with a nice, smooth Seek Up. next came PNP into Rapunzel which was extremely good, though i wish that the band would have developed PNP more. Stay came next and was fantastic, this song has a lot of feel to it so i was glad to hear dave play it. then came One Sweet World with a intro i have seen called Walkin By The Water before on a bootleg. Then came Nancies which was tuff and then Warehouse right after which set the crowd a fire. just when things could not have gotten any better Bela "the master" Fleck rolls out for Crush and the band and he played the shit out of Crush. So dave moved into Pay For What You Get which i have not heard in forever, totally awsome. DDTW was next, yeah good but could have left it out. Stone came next one of my favorites off the new album, dave smoked this song and just when it could not get any better they played Graves and blew the crowd away with the best version i have ever heard. Fleck and the boys jammed the best on this song and was prob. the highlight of the show. Satellite was great awsome to see all lighters in the grass.Too much was good, could have dropped it off the setlist. dave then teased with the nature intro and busted into Tripping Billies(worn out to much) but the boyd, dave, and bela jam was so unbelievable. boyd did steal the show at that point. Encore just got better with the drums tease into Goodbye, oh man. a true love song all i can say. overall one of the best dave shows i have ever seen.