Dave Matthews Band
Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters

(onstage 8:15 pm)
One Sweet World *
The Song That Jane Likes *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Crush *
Two Step *
Tripping Billies *
#41 **
Warehouse **
Stay **
Pig *
Don't Drink the Water *
Typical Situation *
Stefan & Tim Jam -->
All Along the Watchtower *
Ants Marching
(offstage 10:45 pm -- 2:30)

* with Tim Reynolds on electric guitar
** with Tim Reynolds on electric guitar and Herbie Hancock on keys

Jbeau L.
the word for the night is "potential." tonight's show had alot of it, but that's just what i think, and i wouldn't think it if i hadn't seen the original setlist. the show was really good -- not as good as atlanta still -- but it could've been better. here's the easiest way to explain it ... this show had alot of things going for it, and it hit a wall. it built and built, then fell flat on its face... the main reason i think that is that i'm sitting here staring at the setlist as was planned by the band. all is in order up until don't drink. here's what was supposed to come after don't drink, though: the last stop, typical situation, recently .. encore: drive in drive out, watchtower. it just pains me to think of how much better the show could've been had last stop, recently and drive been played. the first thought that crossed my mind when the encore ended was "these guys forgot how to finish" ... not that the show was bad at all, it just lacked the punch that it needed throughout. i actually enjoyed the hell out of myself. here's how it went.. one sweet world ... definitely a wonderful opener. to me, they didn't seem completely into it (the intro wasn't as jammed), but then again as the show began i wasn't feeling top notch -- a bit under the weather, in fact. jane was great to hear again, first on our mini-tour, but jane is just jane -- never any real jamming. rapunzel and crush were both nice, but tim added more to the versions in atlanta by far... two step... when i finally started to get into the show. this one rawked. they even altered the normal progression of the show to give tim a solo, which really worked well. i was impressed. billies was good, but nothing too dramatic. then 'twas herbie time again. #41 was very, very well done ... it's such a great tune to start out with, and herbie added much to it. the jam this time was much more multifaceted, though, it seemed ... the rest of the guys really laid into it as herbie was playing, instead of just letting him solo. herbie himself seemed very pumped to be onstage. during the stop time warehouse intro, he was air-drumming along with carter, and herbie's solo was fine as hell. even when the solo seemed to be over "the laughter's dying out..." herbie walked up next to dave at center stage and kept on going, and the jam became a duel. herbie would play a catchy phrase on keys, and dave would answer it with his voice.. pretty damn cool. i'm still not really sure what exactly herbie adds to stay, except a longer jam at the end, but i think he could add more to something else. not that i'm arguing with herbie hancock onstage with dmb, don't get me wrong... don't burn the pig... ahh, about time! where did this one go? the boys have been soundchecking it for a couple weeks now, and finally decided to break it out. it was moving. tim added a filling element to the sound, and the tune was energetic. glad i got to see it return. and it was the song kenneth had been dying to hear... don't drink was don't drink ... tim added a cool reverb spacey sound to the crescendo intro. typical was excellent ... tim seemed a bit confused at first by the plucking whatever it's called jam that the boys have been doing for a while now, i'm sure because he hasn't experienced a modern typical. he got on quickly, though, and the plucky jam went on forever. not sure how long typical clocked in at, but it was looong. and pretty. then came the downfall. sure tim and stefan's space jam intro to watchtower was cool as shit, but i knew watchtower had to be the closer, and it was only song number twelve for the evening. two songs shorter than normal. albeit they had been jamming alot and the time was as long as normal, but i was kinda bummed. as a result, the ants marching encore did very little for me. i was convinced that the shorter set meant a longer (three song?) encore, a la red rocks night one, but i was sent home disappointed. when i got back to the mix position and saw the originally planned setlist, i was pissed. last stop, recently, and drive skipped? ugh. so that's the story. kenneth wishes to add that he enjoyed the show and had three lifetime firsts, but still agrees that atlanta takes the cake. we'll see ya after manassas.