Dave Matthews Band
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters

Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Say Goodbye
Don't Drink the Water
The Stone
Dancing Nancies
Typical Situation
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Ants Marching

Scott K.
Take a look at the setlist. Notice anything missing? This show was so awesome, I didn't even notice until it was over and I looked at my notes that they did NOT play Two Step, Lie in Our Graves, Stay, Satellite, Jimi Thing, Crash Into Me, Crush, The Last Stop, and Tripping Billies. You know why? Because they played them last night, and that's cool with me. Look at the setlist again and see what they DID play. I expected them to open with Seek Up, since they didn't last night, and the song was enchanting as usual. Rapunzel had a longer and better jam from Roi than they played last night, and got the crowd going crazy. Then things settled down for dramatic singalongs with #41 and Say Goodbye, whose highlight was the starry night background. DDTW had some strobe-madness going, and The Stone was dramatic. Then came Dancing Nancies. Electrifying, intense, incredible. I needed to change my shorts after this one, that's all there is to it. By the way, last night Boyd wore a shiny purple silky button-down shirt with some leather pants, and tonight he sported an unbuttoned all the way sparkly purple number. Quite muscular that guy is. The next three songs were unexpected but great. #36! I've never heard that one in 13 shows. Typical Situation was typically great, but the crowd wasn't really into the end jam. Recently was better than I've ever heard it, with an amazing jam with lights near the end during which the crowd went wild. SMTS-ASTB-Too Much was a fun singalong, and Too Much was a lot more intense than last night. I was expecting to hear Crash Into Me and Tripping Billies as the Encore, but Granny and Ants was more than better than those two. Hardly anyone knew Granny, but by the end most of the crowd was singing along with "Love!" Ants was a huge surprise, seeing as how they haven't played it since Europe. But boy did it jam, as always. To all those people who were complaining after the show that they didn't hear Crash Into me or Stay or any of those songs I listed above- you should have been there last night. Tonight was an awesome night for true fans, and I'm glad was there.
Bobby B.
This show was great! I was very disappointed with last night's setlist, but the playing was intense, and I was expecting big things from the band on this night. My biggest highlight had to be #36, it was my first time seeing that one live after 11 shows. Plus I was ecstatic not to here Crash or Satellite. There was a girl inthe parking lot after the show was mumbling that she was mad that they didn't play Crash and instead the band kept doing this instrumental stuff. I wanted to "kick her in the ass" like Dave had said the night before. Oh well. Seek Up was a great opener and it was the first time I'd seen that since Cleveland Sept. '96. Loved it. Then the show kinda stalled abit and I thought the setlist would head down the same road it had in Columbus and in the previous night, but then... Dancing Nacies!!! Hell yeah!! This was one of my favorite versions ever! Boyd got cerebral on the the 'ol violin and just drove the place nuts, abslotutely fantastic. I was hoping for a Warehouse to follow, but #36 did me quite well. Carter is the best, end of story. I was surprised that more people around me didn't recognize this and get into it, but maybe they're not into Red Rocks discs. PNP -> Rapunzel was intense and the place was going crazy, which was good to see. #41 -> Say Goodbye was cool, but similar to what I heard in Columbus, nothing out of the ordinary. Typical Situation was awesome, one of my favs live and then RECENTLY!!!! I love this song, although I missed the "cover-tease" openings and the "some people do, some people don't", but they jammed it well and Leroi got down with his bad self. Then the encore, I kinda expected a possible two step -> BOWA, but was very pleaslantly surprised to hear Granny. I knew it when only Dave, Carter, and Steffan came out and I started yelling Granny and all the folks around me looked at me like a freak, but I'll take pride in the fact that I know what "unreleased" means. Then I knew Ants was coming and it delivered. Dave started doing this funky little dance and everyone went bananas, awesome version. Funny Dave-speak: One of the inflated condoms made its way onto the stage and Dave said, "Hey, you need to put something in one of those." Then later on someone threw a joint on the stage and he promptly pocketed it. Thank god the laser pointers stayed at home on this night, they're so annoying. Overall a good show and a good weekend, didn't quite top the Alpine Valley show of the spring, but still unbelieveable!
Greg B.
wow......after last nites performance i knew there were some songs that we were gonna hear, but look at this setlist. quite possibly the best setlist ever! no crash, no satellite. seek up was an intense opener that i called it ran about 20 min. then they played pnp>rapunzel it was a repeat but much more intense than last nite...41 was awesome i couldnt believe they whipped it out...ddtw, and sg were repeats but still very good and improved dave does a funky arm dance when he jams at the end of ddtw. stone was unbelievable and showed daves best vocal skills.the next 4 were unpredictable, unfathomable, and unreal....nancies , 36, typical, and recently all jammed extensively...the closer wasnt the best songs but had some good energy.. last nite we met theband and i told all of them to play granny boyd no roi...GRANNY!!! unreal great version...thought they might go to stir it up but they didnt.. dave only plays ants when it has been a great show and it was so they jammed it....i have seen 4 shws this spring/summer and 3 had ants how of the best shows i have seen or heard of.... to anyone complaining of no crash or sat. just stay at home and listen to the!
Bill P.
The best part about this show was the setlist! When they began with Seek Up we knew we were in for a good show, but "#36"?, "Granny"?, "Dancing Nancies"?...all in one night? I don't know if I could have asked for anything more (OK...maybe Warehouse, but I'm not going to complain!). So what were the best moments? It is difficult to say. It seemed to me that Leroi was involved in the show a little more tonight than last night. The four songs, "Dancing Nancies" through "Recently", was my favorite section of the show. But I must say that "The Stone" really impressed me live...and as for "Too Much", even though I can't stand listening to it on the radio kicks butt live! This was my 5th Dave Matthews show overall (4 DMB, 1 Dave & Tim), and this was my favorite show. The Aug. 8th Deer Creek show complemented this one well, but it was for the radio listener and the top 40 fan. Last night was for the long-time fan. I'll make one exception...Boyd's solo on LIOG from Aug 8th was one of the best solos of any kind I have ever heard (trust me, I've heard a lot of solos)! Overall, this was a great weekend at Deer Creek!!!
Matt W.
Where to begin? Jeremy and I started the day waking up at 4:30 to make the trip from Green Bay WI to Noblesville IN. Made it there in 6 1/2 hours! Went there to meet up with Gina and Bekah. Had dinner, then on to the show. Had lawn seats, quite a change from 3rd row at Alpine. Dave and the boys came out and the place just went nuts. Opened with Seek Up, at which point I knew this would be an evening i would never forget. PNP-->Rapunzel were next and man did they jam at the end of Rapunzel..I thought they were never gonna stop. Jeremy and i had talked about them mixing #41 and Say Goodbye on the way down, and what do you know, they played it. Dave was just bursting with emotion. The whole crowd got into it. DDTW was normal followed by The Stone. Then Nancies. One word will describe Nancies....WOW!!! The crowd got going and Boyd just went nuts on the violin. I though the dang thing was gonna start on fire. Afterwards Carter did a little drum solo and I thought to myself, "#36??" Yep and it was beautiful. Many did not know the song but that was ok. Typical followed and Boyd once again was in the spotlight. Man can Boyd play the violin!!! Recently was great. I came there wanting to hear 3 songs and got two of them, Recently was one. It was magical. SMTS-->LBJ-->Too Much was great. I loved the Little Baby Jam. For the encore i expected Crash and Stay. I was surprised. Granny. Gina wanted to hear it and got her wish. Many around us were looking at us dumbfounded by the fact that we knew the words. UNRELEASED. After Granny i thought to started yelling at the top of my lungs, "ANTS, ANTS, ANTS" and would you believe it they played it. I went nuts. People around me must have thought i was psycho. You could feel the electricty surge through the crowd and everyone was singing. "People in every direction" 43,000 to be exact. All in all I had a wonderful time. Enjoyed meeting Gina and Bekah. It gave Alpine a run for its money, but Alpine came out on top.
Tom S.
What a show! I didn't get to go to last nights show but after seeing the two setlists I'm glad I saw this one. I mean how often do you hear, #36 (crowd went nuts when Boyd started plucking the violin), Recently, and Granny at the same show. Also, no Crash, Satellite, or Stay. While these songs are great, I really wasn't looking forward to hearing either of them again. I had a great view from the lawn for this show, unlike Tinley Park in the Spring. I'd have to say the highlights of the show were Nancies (Boyd was insane), Say Goodbye, and Granny. I really wanted to hear a Watchtower and my friends were dying for it, but the return of Ants was unbelievable! It's a strange coincidence that the Tinley Park show I was at was the first time Ants was played on the Spring Tour and last night was the first time it was played on the Summer tour. I hope Dave never releases Granny on an album, cause it was just amazing to get to hear it. Well, I made two almost three shows this year, hopefully next year I can make about four trips to see the best live band in the world.
Erik R.
Sunday's show was a crowd pleaser! For a few reasons: We sneaked our way to 8th row, and I had lawn seats! (Not to worry- I made sure my dancing didn't get into anyone's way!) The crowd was on its feet and groovin' into the show from the minute the lights went down until Carter passed out a bunch of drum sticks after Ants was done! The opener was Seek Up, it was close to being 17 minutes long. Not only one of DMB's strongest songs, but probably the best to open up with. The band played with much better intensity than the night before. They only played three songs off Crowded Streets which I liked. Some fans might not have enjoyed this type of set list. However after Saturday's show of Stay, Satellite, Crush, and Crash, it was nice to see Dave and the 'boys' playing longer jams on older material. This was my fourteenth show, and it featured one of the best solo jam's from Boyd on Dancing Nancies I've heard. Recently simply rocked! The order of: Nancies, #36, Typical, and Recently was awesome! If anyone sat down during this groupage- they should of stayed home! Tonight had two less songs than last night, but I think DMB had a funner time playing and that resulted in longer songs than usual. They fed off the crowd which was going crazy up front! Too Much is so better live than on C.D. Especially the way they are playing it lately with the mini-jam up front. For the first song of the encore they came back and played Granny -enough said!! Only bummer I had was I wishing for Warehouse or Rhyme & Reason! I know it's doubtful that they are not going to play Minarets on this tour so I didn't even get my hopes up. Of course this show wasn't as good as the Red Rocks shows from May, but those are in a league by themselves! Nonetheless, this was a DMB show not to miss!!!