Dave Matthews Band
Tampa Bay Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters

(on stage 8:10)

Don't Drink the Water ^
Satellite ^
Pantala Naga Pampa ^ (long opening) -->
Rapunzel ^
Two Step ^
The Stone ^
Jimi Thing *^
Pig *^
Crush *^
#41 ^&
Stay #^
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) ^
Warehouse #^
So Much To Say ^ -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? ^ -->
Too Much ^
Ants Marching
(off stage 10:50) (2:35)

^ : with Bill Summers on percussion
* : with Bennie Maupin on saxophone
# : with Herbie Hancock on keys
& : with Paul Jackson bass

Jeff S.
My first DMB show in person after hearing numerous bootlegs. Overall a great show. The band was very tight and the sound was excellent. Some highlights included Two Step, a very long #41 with a jam with the bass player from Herbie Hancock's band, excellent versions of Crash, Crush, Stay & Pig, a huge Warehouse with Herbie jamming, and a energetic closing with Ants Marching. Dave did not talk much, except to explain the technical difficulties with Herbie's equipment when he wanted to jam with the band. The show lasted just over 2:45. Thankfully, the band did not show any signs of tiring out at the end of this leg of the tour. Off to Orlando Thursday night.
Peter D.
First off, by some stroke of luck I ended up getting 16th row seats on the floor after trading up from Section 103 ... so right away the concert started out great. Don't Drink the Water: Nothing spectacular, just the normal run through ... It was a horrible song to start out with though, I much would've rather had a Seek Up opener. Satellite: A decent song to listen to, no real jams or anything extroardinary ... I'd much rather have heard a jammed out version of Recently or Lie in Our Graves ... gotta appease the radio crowd though PNP-->Rapunzel: Incredible jam at the end of Rapunzel, Roi just went off for a couple minutes, this really got the crowd into it (like they needed much encouragement anyway) Two Step: Great version, they had the percussionist from the Headhunters make a sick solo somewhere in the middle of it ... the boys just ripped it up on this one Jimi Thing: They brought out the sax player from the Headhunters from this one and he had a great solo ... the band stopped playing the song, then Carter just kept going, not really soloing as much as just keeping the beat, but noone else was playing ... after a couple minutes Stefan joined in, then they finished with a nice jam .... very odd way to do it though Stone: Definitely a welcome surprise, not much of a jam tune, but this song is still incredible Crush: Great song, great jams, but nothing crazy Pig: See Crush. #41: Herbie was supposed to come out and jam with the boys, but they had some "technical difficulties with the machine thingy" as Dave put it, and they just sat on a groove for about 5 minutes waiting for his keyboard to get plugged in, got a little boring .... the bassist from the Headhunters was out for this tune though and he had some sick solos, it just looked like he was having a great time, smiling and dancing all over the stage Stay: Good song, much better live than on album ... Herbie was supposed to play on this one too, but either his stuff wasn't plugged in right, or I couldn't hear it .... it isn't the best song for him to guest on, no real solos Warehouse: Wow, I called this one after Stay, and it was amazing ... Herbie finally got his sh-t together and put on some tight solos (almost reminded me of Peter) .... during the opening chords Dave would pause and the whole crowd yelled "Hey!", guess you had to be there Crash Into Me: See Satellite, Dixie Chicken was nice though, I love that line So Much To Say ---> ASTB --> Too Much: Good segue, but it was much better done when I saw them open for the Stones in Miami, there was no repeating of "Little Baby" into ASTB .... I also didn't like them closing with Too Much, I much would've rather heard Halloween or Watchtower. Ants Marching: Why???? I was really looking forward to a "Stir It Up" jam into Watchtower, but I guess they ran out of time .... Boyd still did an incredible solo at the end, really playing the crowd and making them go wild It was a good show, with some great jams, but it could've been better if everything ran smoother and it had a better setlist ... No BOWA or Granny kinda pissed me off, but that's the way it is ... The crowd was kinda rowdy, two people jumped on stage, and the second one got absolutely mauled by security ... one guy jumped the barrier to get onto the floor during Too Much and ran into our row trying to hide from security, the gaurd jumped in after him and preceded to basically kick the guy's ass in front of everyone ... Tobagan, if you're out there, it was nice sitting next to you and getting to know you ... and if those two girls who sat next to me ever read this, email me =), and sorry about my singing voice, i need lessons
Hilary F.
Great show, and unexpected; I was expecting the guys to be falling asleep over their instruments and dreaming of the tour being over. Don't Drink the Water was a huge opener and got the crowd going. Some great jams with the Headhunters; long Two Step and Dave and Bill Somers did this back-and-forth routine on Jimi Thing; Dave would play a few chords and Bill would bang out some percussion, then Dave would respond and so forth. Very good renditions of the BTCS songs (beautiful Pig and Crush, especially). Long jam on #41, which was again very cool. Crash into Me, which has become obligatory, was made better by Boyd's violin, and the Dixie outro (which the crowd loved). One mean Warehouse was going on; sweet jam with Paul Jackson and Stefan really working the bassline. I thought we were in for a Little Baby Jam at the end of SMTS, but got Bridge? instead. I thought SMTS->Too Much was going to be it, but then the guys came back on and jammed out an Ants that puts all of my tapes to shame (and I mean all of them).