Dave Matthews Band
Walnut Creek Ampitheatre, Raleigh, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Getaway People

(onstage 8:19)
Seek Up -->
Drums -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
Lie In Our Graves
Don't Drink The Water
Happy Birthday to Mike (the Road Manager)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Dancing Nancies
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Tripping Billies
(show ends 10:35)

Adam S.
Man oh man. The guys were ON tonight. Especially Boyd. He was all over the stage and even broke a chord on his bow at one point. Seek Up - I was so jacked when they opened with it, it's my favorite song by them. PNP>Rapunzel - I was not expecting Rapunzel to be slowed down, but the guy next to me said that's what they did the whole tour so far. Stay - SOOOO much better without the back-up singers. Drive in Drive out - normal Lie In Our Graves - Boyd at his hottest. It was awesome. Then they said they'd like to bring out a guy they'd been working with for a while. I thought they'd bring out Tim, but it was the Road Manager, and they had us sing happy birthday. Crash - The girls around us were too loud. Granny - Good song, the first time I saw it live Dancing Nancies - Excellent Boyd jam towards the end. Warehouse - Called it since they allways follow Nancies with it. SMTS> Bridge> Too Much - Same thing as last years Walnut Creek show, that sequence to close Encore: Tripping Billies - Cool song, they opened with it last year. I'm pretty upset they didn't play Ants. Oh Well, there's still tomorrow night.
Kirk W.
i was extremely excited to see seek up as the opener...i'd hoped for that all summer, but didn't think it would happen since they've done it recently, but it was a gat way to start the evening...following the song, carter just kept laying down a beat on the drums which eventually lead straight into was kind of a nice transition... then came the BTCS heavy portion of the night...rapunzel got the crowd going and of course stay was a hit...a lot of people were happy to hear stone...i guess i'm starting to come around on this song, but it's still not one that i'm dying to hear again tomorrow... the happy birthday was sung to michael, who i think dave said was their bus driver...they put his mug shot up on the screen and dave kinda poked fun at him...then he got the entire crowd to sing along with him... following crash, was probably my favorite section of the night...i was very happy to hear the last stop again since they didn't play it at charlotte...this song just has so much energy and is so much fun live...then granny, which i'd never heard live, but was great as i'd expected...a fair number of people knew it, but i had a group behind me asking me all kinds of questions about it...i guess it seems so odd to me, that now they're playing almost the entire set from the cds instead of mixing in a few unreleased tunes too...oh well...nancies and warehouse were very nice...i'd been missing nancies since i hadn't heard it this year, but it certainly made a triumphant return... then i was disappointed to hear smts-->astb-->too much...i'd hoped that we had gotten rid of that little thing, but at least that means that they probably won't play it tomorrow...i was glad to hear tripping as the encore because i'd thought they were going to play ants, since they've done that a lot recently, but was pleasantly surprised not to hear it... all in all, a pretty good show...the ending was kind of a downer for me, but there were definitely some good tunes in there...hopefully, they'll have some treats in store for us tomorrow...these shows will definitely be treed by someone (probably not me), but i know of at least four of the resident tapers were at the show tonight and at least one of them will have a stellar copy of it...
Shawn B.
8/29/98 will always be an important date for DMB at least for me. Why, well forget the show, let's talk about Leroi. Maybe it was because I had sixth row center seats for the show but I saw what happened at the end of The Last Stop. Many people didn't see it. Maybe some did but they don't care. Let me give you the scoop. All night Leroi was drinking water. It was a hot, humid night. So towards the end of The Last Stop, he put his tenor sax down and started to hold his chest. It appeared from my view that he fell down. Whether he did or not, I don't know but 3 EMT ran up the right staircase of the stage to assist Leroi. This is why he didn't play Granny and Nancies. I believe Granny and Nancies were not in the original setlist because they were playing Recently during the soundcheck. It was great to hear Granny and Nancies but for a die hard DMB fan like me, I was more concerned about Leroi. Fortunately, he came back to play Warehouse, SMTS, Too Much, and Billies. For those of you who bitched about SMTS, Too Much, and how they encored the set with Billies, what is more important - hearing some songs that you wanted to hear or Leroi's health. Personally, I was glad that they ended the show the way they did. DMB would not be the band they are without all 5 of them. They are all very talented musicians and without one, the sound they produce would not be the same.