Randall's Island, New York, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and Black Eyed Peas
Smooth Rider
When The World Ends
You Never Know
Too Much
Lover Lay Down
What Would You Say?
Hunger for the Great Light
Ants Marching
Stand Up *
All Along The Watchtower *

Rhyme & Reason
Two Step

* With Robert Randolph
Part of the band's Island Getaway at Randall's Island, a July 30-31 festival. Other acts were Barenaked Ladies, Black Eyed Peas, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Ray Lamontagne, Jem, and Mike Doughty.

Where do I begin??? Show was good. Good set, good encore, good lights. Aweful venue, aweful people! Dave shows used to be about the music. Feelin' Dave AND the crowd. Now it's just about "Me, me, me!" Not one person gave a crap about each other. At least not in the lawn, or the dirt in this case. Add 6 hours in the sun with no place to sit except the dirt, 90 degree heat, and sweaty drunks everywhere, you have a pretty aweful time. It's not just the youth either. The older crowd is just as obnoxious. Same in Hartford (6/18). From now on I will spend the extra dough just to be able to breathe, dance and enjoy the show up close. I wish Dave new it wasn't about the music in lawn anymore!!!
Very solid show. 42nd show overall and 5th this year. Nice mix of songs, taking 5 from UTTAD and 4 from Stand Up. Its always great to have Robert Randolph come out and tonight was no exception. one of the best, if not the best Watchtower's I've ever seen. Too Much and Ants were rocked out pretty tough and #34 was nice and mellow. The venue was in a nice setting, almost like Golden Gate Park for those of you that were there. Just a little dusty though. The Stand Up songs have blossomed into some nice jams, Smooth Rider really stealing the show last night. I know people love to bash the new stuff and want a show full of 17 "classics", but as bands grow so does their music. I just hope everyone sits back and appreciates these guys while they are still around doing their thing, and maybe one day people will understand that this is the greatest band of all time. See ya'll at Red Rocks
Tonight was a great show overall. the second ive been to this summer, the setlist was amazing. I thought Randall's Island was kind of a dumpy place, but it was still a good time overall. Robert Randolph was a great opening act as usual. Some highlights of the show were everyday, you never know, and an unbelievable version of smooth rider. what really capped it off was bringing Robert Randolph back on stage for the last 2 songs. he had an amazing solo in each and really pumped the place up. the crowd was kind of disappointing and lacking energy but stilll overall the setlist was great.
show had a lot of hype, especially if you were there since 2:00. Everyday to open was ehhh, crowd really was not into it, they barely sang the #36 part. Dreamgirl was OK, considereing it was played better last night. Smooth Rider, pretty smooth. WTWE, I personally like the song, but at this point in the set, it put people to sleep. YNK was ok, but my count has that at 5 "slow" songs in a row. Bartender was good, and Dave really got into it, this brought the show its first strong energy. Too Much was solid, the song sounds a little differnt now (specifically Leroi's sax part). Granny, Lover Lay Down, and WWYS were GREAT. This got the crowd really going. Hunger For.... was done well also. Mid-set ANTS was awesome, the crowd really felt that, #36...AWESOME, period. Stand Up with RR...ehhh, not bad, but Watchtower was really jamming. RR stole the show for that song, really good stuff. ENCORE: Rhyme&Reason, hmmm, unique pick, quick version, but nice. 2Step...very predictable, but they jammed it out for at least 10min. Overall, my final comments are: This was a better than average show but nothing spectacular (except #34), first night was better overall, and, WHERE WAS TREY!?!? Next time remind me to just show up for Dave, being there since 2pm was brutal. -g
Joe Z.
This was my 15th show and it was farrr from a disappointment. Even though the opener and first few songs were quite typical (Everyday, Dreamgirl, etc...), it definitely put the already carefree crowd in a great mood for the evening. Probably the best Bartender I've seen so far. Ridiculous amounts of energy from the entire group. As always, Ants burned the house down. As expected, Randolph came out for Stand Up and Watchtower and added that special kick to the tracks. Great encores with R&R and Two Step. An amazing vibe throughout the entire show and a great concert all around.

Other notes: #34 was unexpected and took me wayyy back and I loved every second of it. This show was my (sadly) only show this summer and I really feel that Carter is just getting old. While he was still amazing on the drums, he just looks like he's aged a great deal since last year.
First if you do not believe in God, here is your proof that he/she exists. This show was expected to be a big one, and indeed it was. The Gates opened around 12, alot was going on there was stunt men on skis goin off a slope to free Ben & Jerry's ice cream, DMB came on at about 8:25 and opened with a very mellow and relaxing everyday. Later in the show carter let out a nice lick on the drums which erupted into You never know which is an amazing song. #34 added a nice touch along with Lover lay down. Watchtower with Robert Randolph brought back some memories of May 29th show in 2002. This show was amazing the whole day was amazing, thanks DmB see you in San Francisco...
I have been to see DMB several times. I usually rave about the concert, however, this venue was a disapointment to say the least. Dave just seemed out of sorts, Everyday was just to relaxed. At times at the concert, I wondered out loud if Dave and the band were OK, because the he just seemed out of steam.

As for Randall's Island, the advertising theme was great, but the New York City Parks department has got to get it together and lay down some grass seed. I felt like I was in a dust bowl for 12 hrs.

What was really cool about the concert was Enviromental Friendly theme. Hey who else but Dave Matthews would give a concert all run by wind energy. (That right no CON ED) Plus it was really cool to donate a book to NYC Public School system and That what is cool about DMB, they love to give back to communities and make people socially aware of their surroundings.
I thought this show was a little lackluster. The band's performance was fine, but the choice of songs was weak considering the environment. When you've been standing on your feet for 8 hours in a huge dirt bowl (and that's what Randall's Island is...one big field of dirt), you want to hear some songs that bring your energy up. Instead, they went the other direction and played alot of their more mellow songs. Don't get me wrong, it's a treat to hear #34, for instance; but when the whole show is mellow, and you can't sit for even a minute, you start to become aware that your feet are killing you, you're covered in dirt, and the guy who's pressed up behind you smells really bad. Consequently, the crowd seemed not that into it. The "Love, Baby" cries from the crowd during Granny was weakest I'd ever heard. Saturday was definitely better. Just one man's opinion.
Brian G.
This was my 13th DMB show, and one of the more disappointing. The venue (I was in general admission) was disgusting; picture one giant dustbowl (or maybe a junkyard with no cars). I've never attended a concert at a worse venue (for any band, at any level). Promotion was pretty poor. Why would gates open at noon, for such a slim list of performances (unless they just wanted to sell us a bunch of food and drink)? Basically, we sat around in dust and dirt for six hour until DMB went on. The Black Eyed Peas were embarrassing. A truly awful performance, with a 10 minute jam chanting "philipino's"???, 20 mins of "get it started" and barely much more of anything good.

DMB came on with a solid Everyday. But they just seemed too mellow for a crowd (or at least me) that had spent the past 4-8 hours baking in sun and dust. And the delays between songs were a bit long. When the World Ends, Bartender, and Ants Marching (maybe the best I've heard) were fantastic; tons of energy, hardcore jams. My favorite was All Along the Watchtower, with Robert Randolph, who fit like a glove with the band. Randolph simply went off - amazing. It was a great, great way to end the set.

I came in from DC for the show, and left a bit disappointed. I'm still a huge fan, but will definitely be more circumspect about watching them in only good venues, since the band's admin apparently doesn't pay attention (Nissan Pavillon is a traffic nightmare, but another story).
I didn't think this show was as good as the night before... they were the only 2 shows I attended/plan to attend this summer. Still, this was one of the better DMB shows I've been to. I now LOVE Robert Randolph - he definitely makes Dave go off the hook. Awesome musician. I liked hearing #34 too. The crowd was decent... I was in the 300 section behind the VIPs which was better than the dust bowl I stood at the night before but I'd have to say that the biggest fans are on the lawn.

What I wanted to know was - where was LeRoi during like half of Two Step?

The guy just disappeared. I am also semi-disappointed that Dave pulls out the same repetoire at all of his New York area shows. I've been to 8 DMB concerts now - all in the NY metro area (Hartford 2002, MSG 2002, Meadowlands (2) 2003, Central Park, Hartford 2004, Randalls (2)) and I feel like I hear the same songs at each venue. The only songs that I hadn't heard live before ALL WEEKEND were #34 and his new stuff. I was praying that he'd pull out a Dreaming Tree or Spoon or Minarets - any of his older yet AMAZING stuff but instead he just played the same fan faves that he does at every other NY area show.

The setlist was still good, the vibe was good, I danced my head off and am still recovering from it... I just wished he switched up the setlist a bit each time he comes to the NY Metro area since I can't travel elsewhere.
The show itself was fantastic. I've never been disappointed by DMB, especially since they played Too Much...I love what they've done with that ending jam. I was really happy to hear #34 and You Never Know as well, they were new to my ears. the only complaint of the day was the dustbowl. I know this review board pretty much sounds like a broken record with the dirt and the heat and no relief of sitting...but come on, it was disgusting standing out there for 10 hours in all. But in the end it was worth it. Good sets played by Robert Randolph and the Family Band and the Black-Eyed Peas. I can't wait for their next tour.
Party in the Dust Bowl! People, where is your sense of adventure? That was a crazy weekend, and the most fun I've had at a concert since Alpine Valley last year. Randalls Island may be one big dust bowl, but this weekend was all about the laid-back vibe and getting down and dirty. Hasn't anyone here ever been to a Phish concert? Sometimes it's all about the music and not about how clean you walk out. Dave got the crowd pumped up from the start, and it was all up from there. Dreamgirl is becoming one of my new concert favorites, and Bartender was solid as usual. Too Much was high-energy and gets better every time I hear it live. Ants Marching and #34 back to back was a treat, for some reason I haven't heard either song yet this summer and this was my 4th concert this year. Robert Randolph brought the house down, he actually made me enjoy Stand Up which hasn't impressed me much until now. And Watchtower. . . absolutely amazing. I've never danced that much at a concert, came home so dirty, and enjoyed it so much. Thanks to the band for a memorable weekend, let's keep them coming!!
Boris F.
3rd show this tour, and by far the best EXPERIENCE. musically, montage mountain was better, but we popped for the VIP section and it was AWESOME. we did feel sorry for the dustbowlers, so, if you have the chance next time, grab the VIP tickets, just the bathrooms were worth it.

the music was outstanding. i found each band member into every fricking song. dave chatted more to the crowd than all of the previous 15 or so shows i have seen.

robert randolph started things off and was cranking.

black eyed peas came out and everyone started jumping all over hells half acre. i did feel a little shortchanged but they were the opening act. fergie can really belt it out!!!!

hearing dreamgirl is becoming my favorite. the best of the three times i heard it this summer. bartender cranked, then into too much was too much for most fans in reserved seating as they bolted for the toilets during granny.

lover lay down was just icing. when the first ants chord it, i had to check my watch, it was too short for the close and it only made this classic more enjoyable knowing good stuff was ahead.

watchtower. holeeeeee shit. robert randolh absolutely made this one of the best EVER!!!! he went b-a-n-a-n-a-s!!!!! he is awesome. the interaction between all the musicians on stage during this last song of the set was so great. once again, hearing it only meant we were destined for....

two step.

my god, it never ended. cleary, this was the most entertained i have been. the setting was excellent, the vip treatment was excellent and the music was the best all day and all night.

i will travel for the next vip availability.
Carter Beauford has not lost it at all. Did anyone notice how he sped the band up at the end of two step, clearly intentionally, so that he could take that triplet lick as fast as possible? His speed is still there, his feet are ridiculous, and he continuously breaks out new fills and eccentric combinations. He is undoubtedly one of the best drummers of All-Time. OVERALL, energy was lacking in this show, and those who seem to be knowledgeable are saying that the Saturday show was much better than Sunday. The band's dynamics weren't great, but again, I think that comes down to a lack of energy.

If you haven't heard Robert Randolph yet, get your head in the game - he's just unreal, and he made Watchtower BY FAR the best song of the night. The new stuff is growing on me, but I still think the band needs to get back in the studio and put something together that goes back to Remember Two Things.

It seems to me that Dave might have run out of Masterpieces. He just doesn't write songs like he used to. (Which? Song that Jane Likes, Spoon, Granny, Recently...)
What a show!! First they opened up with Everydirt and I was singing my ass off on Hani Hani come get dusty with me. Truly life changing stuff. Then they went into Dreamdirt whic sounds a lot better live and inhaling dust than it does in my Ipod. I got a cold shrimp basket during Smooth Rider and got back just in time for WTWE. Nobody sang along to "We'll be burning wine," and I felt like a bigger jackass than I was, but hey Pigpen at least I was into it. You Never Know. Sorry boys, I don't want to know. Bartender, yeah dude, we were kicking up some dirt in that end jam. They played it more like they do on the Lillywhite Sessions as opposed to Busted Stuff. It was just going off. Too Much (black snot in my nose) was the standard crowd pleasing jam.

Got into the tenth row just in time for Watchtower and Mr Randolph was just absoultely going off on that slide guitar. It was a true moment. Took the greatest shower of my life when I got home and was pretty horrified when I blew my nose.
well you dont have to be an expert dave fan to know that this isnt a killer setlist, but now that i have let it sink in it wasnt so bad after all. The experience was amazing, i mean the whole entire tri-state area was at the concert. And, from what i hear, i was smart enoguh to get there at 7, enough to catch the Black eyed peas and not have to roast in the sun all day. anywyas, the everyday opener was the perfect tone setter for the night, even though the crowd didnt really get in to the #36 intro/outro. Dreamgirl was fine, but the jam at the end really went nowhere. SMooth rider and WTWE were good. YNK and Bartender were both fantastic, first time ive heard either of them live. Too Much and Granny were AMAZING. Granny is such a great song. LLD, WWYS classic performances. IF only they woulda played something else instead of Hunger, then we woulda had a string of alot of good songs in a row, but Ants definitely made up for that. #34 is such a sweet song, and Robert Randolph definitely brought some much needed energy to Stand Up. Watchtower- !! I'm sorry, but RHyme and Reason was just an awful choice, i dont think i saw one person around me happy to hear it, and two step is two step. Carter was feeling it during his solo. Overall, eveyrthing was played to perfection, but the choice of songs coulda been better. I think people wanted to hear LIOG, or maybe BOWA. But the island getaway was definteily fun, and getting in and out of randalls island wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. Thanks dave- this was my last show for the summer.
Great concert. They even played #34, probably to take a rest because they were really jamming. Watchtower was best I have seen so far with Robert Randolph, who couldn't resist standing up and dancing while playing. RR even made Stand Up sound like an old tune while singing the "Stand Up" back and forth with Dave. Everybody wanted it and they did it...Two Step. Great way to finish the night, Carter is still rediculously fast and on Point! Black Eyed Peas opened up and played there popular songs, with about 2 mins of straight freestyling...Very good btw. DMB gave it their all like usual and Boyd jammed with Dave during Ants...which was also great. They work so well together, like they read each others minds. Great concert!
Great show, my six of the summer but I can't say that it was the best setlist that I have seen this summer, but I can say that every song that they played they played the shit out of it. Lover Lay Down was a nice middle of the set song. Randolph is an amazing musican, best stand up I've heard this tour. The same goes for Two Step and Watchtower, although I could have really gone for a Fire outro. Two step went for a solid 19 mins (offical cell phone time). Too Much is better than ever, I frigin love when they slow it down now. Everyday is by far my fav opener of the tour, no better way to get a concert goin. HONEY HONEY well see ya next year or hopefully this winter - great tour
This was one of his best shows I have ever seen. The All along the Watchtower he played with Robert Randolph was truly amazing! I never thought it could be played that great. The field was the worst part of the show, but when people left before the encores it became better. The 20 minute Two Step was the best ending to a perfect night.
James D.
Arrived at night 2 randalls much earlier than night 1 so we could take in more bands, eat, drink have fun and relax. Once again, poor people in the general admission..how did they make it? We had seats in section 301, we spend most of our time in the reserved area since we got our own beer stands, port a pottys and food. Robert Randolph kicked ass yet again. The Black Eyed Peas were well.....The Black Eyed Peas. Night 2 had the tempo of a rollercoaster, DMB gave us more room to relax tonight compared to the first night. The night started off more chill and relaxed. one thing that totally blew me away at the beginning was SMOOTH RIDER!!! holy shit! what did they do to this song?? it sounds incredible now! You never know, then a kick ass BARTENDER that impacted my wife so much that i cant get into the details. Granny and MID SET ANTS was a nice touch!! Ants was followed by #34!! even though i kinda knew it was coming, i still stood there in awe that in 2005 the band is playing this song. the last 2 songs of the main set were Stand up and Watchtower with Robert Randolph! By this point ive just had so much fun all weekend, they could have quit and i would have been happy. Encore: Rhyme and Reason and a 20 minute Two Step! JUST, WOW!! Waited in a long line for the ferry. by the time we got to the train station we had missed the 11:45 train back to trenton so we had to wait till 1 am for the next train. Needless to say we finally got home at 4am and i had to go to work at 8am. What a weekend! Unforgettable! Thanks DMB