Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
I'll Back You Up [tease]
So Much To Say
One Sweet World
Dancing Nancies
Hello Again
Out Of My Hands
Grey Street
Hunger for the Great Light
Smooth Rider
Stir It Up [tease]
Louisiana Bayou
Too Much

Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
All Along the Watchtower

Ted L.
The energy at the beginning of the show was intense, you can tell there were alot of old school dave fans who are still undecided on the new album, much like myself until hearing them live, I have not listened to the new cd since downloading concert versions of it. Stolen away on 55th and 3rd followed by watchtower... AMAZING but I know that even as steffan started playing watchtower I hadnt given up chanting TWO STEP! GREAT NIGHT!!!

They brought out #34 can HALLOWEEN be next!!!???
Good show...This was my 40th DMB show and I have to say that I really enjoyed watching the boys play again. I really think that this new album re-sparked the fire that is burning between them. Starting with the #40 tease, and then "So much to say" really gave it an old-school feel which was awesome!! To play the old combination of "Dancing Nancies" into "Warehouse" also made for a real reminiscent show for us veterans. I think the new songs sound crisp and as good as the first time we all heard "Recently" live. I love "Dreamgirl", as well as "Hunger for the great light" more now that I have heard them live, and I loved them before. The jam for "Bayou" was sick, again bringing back the original DMB I knew. I would have like to have heard "Old dirt hill" and "American baby", but oh well.
Jay T.
After Saturday nite is was going to be almost impossible for the band to top what they had done but Sunday's show was still very good. SMTS, Nancies, Warehouse, Bartender and Crash all sounded really good. Definately the best Nancies I've ever seen. Dreamgirl just keeps getting better and Bayou with the electric sounds awesome. Everything sounded really good and I mean I wish they could have played something besides Watchtower for the closer since I've seen it so much, but it still rocked and Stephan's solo kicked ass to start it. Overall a great weekend.
Overall, a great show. Not as great as Sunday night's but that's a different story for a different day. The highlights were "Say Goodbye" and #34 by far. Two old songs that really brought the "real" DMB fans to their feet. The new "Stand Up" songs are great, and even better in concert. I loved "Dreamgirl", and "Old Dirt Hill" was a great surprise. He started the show off with great energy and a great choice with "Everday." Last but not least, my overall favorite song of the night was "What you Are". That song has incredible energy and it really gets the crowd rocking. The Outro to it is great! Overall a great night.
DMB rocked the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. The show started with a So Much to Say. This is a good opener, but I would have rather seen something either explosive (Last Stop) or more chill Seek Up). You got to love the old school Nancies into Warehouse. The little funk jam that is mainly backed by Butch was awesome. All the new songs had really good jams on them, especially Louisana Bayou. It seemed like Dave didn't want that song to end. He kept on singing the opening verus at the end of the jam. The best song of the night has to go to Bartender. They went into this jam that put them into this groove that made you want to dance. At the end of the jam Carter had this awesome beat going that Butch was soloing over. It sounded like he was going to play Linus and lucy. The encore was Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd and Watchtower which were both played ver well. I really enjoyed the show especially that Bartender and the jams that went with the new songs.
Overall, a good show with a good vibe. Definitely not as good as the Sat night show, but then again sat's show was the best I have ever seen(10 shows)....which was the consensus from most of the fans that I spoke to. Nancies and Bayou were fantastic, as well as Grey street and Warehouse. But the song of the night was Bartender. Fans in the back of the stadium and in the lawn will vouch for me. Just as bartender was about to go into its long jam, a shooting star lit up the night sky...most fans in the lawn witnessed it...everyone went crazy...to say the least it made the song and the show that much better. Can't wait until next year!!!
Well here it is my 2nd review from this 2 night stand. What a succesful weekend of DMB live music. Some of the greatest memories of DMB shows came from this weekend as I saw my 28th and 29th shows. Thank you to DMB and all those around for making this a special weekend.

I'll Back You Up (Tease) – You know they should just not tease this song.. It’s too beautiful to be teased. I was really hoping to hear this this weekend and was disappointed that it was just tease.. but being a DMB show, the disappointment can only go on for so long….

So Much To Say – Great Energy to really get things in gear. Standard Performance, but standard for DMB is simply amazing.

One Sweet World – This song will never ever get boring. Simply love it and they played it nicely. Would have like to have heard the intro to start it up, but they went right into it w/ no intro. Gotta love it still..

Dancing Nancies – Ok.. shoot me in the foot b/c at this point I was so freakin numb with excitement I would not have felt it.

Warehouse – Nancies to Warehouse it doesn’t get any better than that for a 2 song one two punch. It’s like a jab followed by an upper cut. Damaging on the body b/c the dancing is out of control. Love it, love it love it.

Dreamgirl – Still digging this tune after the previous night although I would have rather hear something in it’s place b/c they did play it the night before, but a DMB show under any circumstances I will take it and afterall I am really digging this song – I felt like a creep… hahahaha.. love these lyrics.. dirty Dave..

Hello Again – Great tune, really digging this live, not a big fan of the album version but live this song has so much damn energy … wow!

Out Of My Hands – Good song, this stuff is really growin on me now that it’s live time.. excellent musicianship. Crafty dudes they are.

Grey Street – Ok, like Emeril Bam turn it up a notch. I was psyched to hear this b/c my bro was with and this is his favorite tune…

Hunger for the Great Light – another tune that I’m really digging now..

Smooth Rider – love the funky slick feel to this song. Great live..

Crash - Standard Crash. Wasn’t too thrilled about this considering it was about the 20th time I’ve heard this live.. but I still sang along, how can you not?

Bartender – Now you’re talking. Turn this back up a notch again. Beautiful version. Was hoping for this and got it.. had been jamming this out Saturday night with some dude in the parking lot and was really jonesin to hear these guys play it the way that only they can…

Stir It Up [tease] – gotta love it, takes me back to the 8/1/98 show in Hartford, that was my 2nd show and you gotta love something that is played and takes you back to the days before my hair started looking like Dave’s due to aging..

Louisiana Bayou – Oh yeah, got really into this one.. me and the people around me were enjoying this one, we had a blast and it looked like DMB and co. did as well..

Too Much – Close out the set with some energy why don’t you? Great closer for the set, really into it…

Encore: Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd – I was praying for this song before the shows for one reason and came away hearing it and loving it but not for that reason. Bring on the freshness is what I say, damn this song is beautiful and tugs at the strings of the heart. Love it, love it, love it…

All Along the Watchtower – Ok, I’ve heard this like Crash enough times already but, c’mone.. Dylan wrote it, Hendrix made it a tune to go down in the annals of rock and roll but DMB played this song the way it’s meant to be played. Gotta love Stefan and his nasty skills.. rock on rock on, too much rock for one hand, can’t say it enough…

What a weekend.. thank you to my new friends from both nights, Section 9 on this night, you know who you are. Be well, eat drink and be merry…
Brian C.
I have attended three shows on this specific ('05) tour, including the two nights at the meadows in connecticut, I believe this show was by far the best. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the new cd "Stand Up" with the exception of a few songs. But i was particullarly impressed with some of the jams he pulled off with the new songs that i am not a fan of. Louisiana Bayou was a prime example, an amazing jam at the end of the song that allowed Boyd Tinsley to really show off his tallent. Bartender was an excellent version, which lasted about 15 or so minutes, which ended with an amazing jam. Leroi Moore was amazing at the end of bartender, put down the sax and picked up a recorder and finished with a strong jam. Alittle disappointed with the end of the show, but you really can't be when you get a watchtower, (im a little spoiled, already heard it earlier in the tour), most of the crowed wanted to hear two step (never heard it live!!!!) But overall a strong show.
This was my 3rd DMB show, I had attended my last 2 at SPAC, but this year I decided I'd try something new, what a good decision! The show rocked, and even though Im not really a fan of the new CD, I wasnt dissapointed. I had come in hoping to hear warehouse and bartender, I got them both! Also, OSW has always been one of my favorites, as well as nancies. I still find the newer songs lyrically weak, but the jams were amazing...all and all an excellent show. How can you ask for more? especially when a shooting start flew overheard during bartender. again, DMB has left me wanting to see them again and again.