Riverport Amphitheatre, Cincinnati, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Donít Drink the Water
American Baby Intro -->
Steady as We Go
Louisiana Bayou
Too Much
You Never Know
Hello Again
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
So Much To Say
Smooth Rider
Hunger for the Great Light
Ants Marching

Out of My Hands
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

Ethan B.
The Dave Matthews Band always gives you a show werth your money. But, I have deffinitley seen better I was disopionted in the set-list for one thing and I never noticed until repunzle how much Daves voice has been worn down (through out the tour) he deffinitley didn't hit the high notes like i've seen him do before but all and all it was fun and i can't wait 'till I see them again.
Bryan F.
It was a great show tonight at Riverbend. The crowd was really into it. A stndard opening with OSW. A nice surprise to hear Don't Drink the Water on this tour. This was the best of the 3 Dreamgirls I've heard this summer.The band and the crowd really got into Louisiana Bayou. WOW #34!! You Never Know seems to have crawled back into the rotation...good song, love the lyrics. Stolen Away was great and the crowd never slowed down. A great closer with Ants Marching. The band and the crowd were absolutley rockin' on this one. My only complaint is the encore. Dave left the crowd so pumped and then he came back with Out of My Hands... a song that should be played at a funeral. I like the song but I think it was bad placement in the setlist. And then a standard Version of PNP>>Rapunzel. An overall great show, just a little disappoiting encore.
Avi T.
this show was sick. the bayou jam was out of this world; i screamed out "seek UP" when it sounded like he could have gone into it, and Dave teased it! i was waiting for a seek up for 4 years; this was my 22nd show. and then later i screamed out last stop, and leroy played a few notes from it. sick energy - all the kentuckians - nice people. the "you never know" was off the hook. i went all the way from new york city, for i knew that this show was going to beat all the ones out east. the first five songs were already worth it for me. and everything after was a gift. oh and did i mention the ohio river? and the good smells o the air? yay dave loves the kentuckians - it's the greens
I must say that I was really disappointed with the show. I understand this is a tour to promote the new stuff, but they should have done more old stuff. I have been a loyal fan of DMB for over 10 years and I found that I couldn't really sing along or really jam to anything and it was way too mellow. I actually left the show early.
Thankful for nights, events and feelings like this. The show was awesome. Dave looked great, (even with the sweat), as did the whole band, and I never wanted it to end. Particularly loved One Sweet World, Ants and So much to Say, but Louisiana Bayou brought down the house. I like the new album a lot more now. I wish the ushers would turn a blind eye to true, respectful fans who could enjoy a better view from completely empty corporate box seats. If I had paid $30,000 for one, I would want a real fan to enjoy the shows I couldn't make it to.
John R.
Very dissapointed with this show. Out of my 12 or so shows, this was easily the worst. It seemed as if Dave never really got the crowd into this show, very slow set list, too many new songs. Encore was so weak, I left the show early for the first time ever. Out of my hands? come on Dave, that is weak. Only once a year in Cincy and this is what we get? I love the band I was impressed to see Leroi without his shades but that was the ONLY suprise of the night, the rest was unfortunatley nothing but lackluster.
Becky G.
First of all, the show was at Riverbend in Cincy, not Riverport in St. Louis...it was HOT, but I knew where I was! After too many to count DMB concerts, I was very disappointed in the set list. Just as the crowd would get into the vibe of DMB classics, the band would then play something mellow. Bad flow any way you look at it. Louisiana Bayou was the one new song that totally rocked. wow! After a so-so show, I was looking forward to a "comeback" of an encore...only to be disappointed again. One night and Cincy, and this was all we got? I'm praying next year will be a lot better! Please, Dave!??!!!
Annie B.
Hey Cinci!

This was an awesome concert! I think many fans expected a lot of old songs and believe me I was sending a subliminal message to Dave to sing two-step, but not to be..I think sometimes that the feel of the crowd in Cinci is conservative, not to many people were into it. My friends and I were on the side of the stage (lawn) we were dancing so hard we must have lost about 10lbs each. Many by-standers approached us and asked us if we were on acid, we just laughed at them. No, we just don't care what anyone thinks, it's Dave man, just let go.....yes, if you aren't into the new album, then you might have been disappointed. I was hoping to have a more upbeat encore, but I needed a rest from dancing anyway. lousianna bayou, and smooth rider rocked..
i'm not sure what some of these people were listening to, but this was the worst of 17 shows that i have attended. the set list was dull, and i believe he played a total of 9 new songs. i'm not one of these fans who doesn't like any of the new stuff...i think the new album is great. however, when i see them in concert, like i have many times before, i want to be entertained, especially with at least a few of the old jams that made me a fan. furthermore, the crowd was awful--filled with drunk high school kids who cared less about listening to a concert and more about getting sloshed without their parents' permission. #34 was a treat, along with bartender. however, the encore was dull (out of my hands?! are you kidding me?). overall, not impressed with the show, but still not out as a fan...hopefully my next show will be better
Mike G.
This show was mediocre at best. I couldn't agree more with some of these reviews. Very few highlights, naming Bartender, Bayou, YNK, and #34. Everything else was out of whack. It seemed like Leroi was out of sync, maybe wasn't feeling well. Could've been the ridiculous heat, I don't know. My 9th show, and didn't even come close to Folsom Field or the Gorge shows i went to, I don't even think it beat out Pepsi Center, which says a lot. I look forward to a better show at RR 9/10.
I was fortunate enough to be at Riverbend for my 11th show, and this show was one of my top 4 or 5 as far as sheer entertainment was concerned. OAR as the opener did a great job to get the crowd livened up, and throughout the night it seemed everyone was having a great time. OSW was a great opener and it got the crowd pumped up. I told my buddy we'd light up our "cigarette" when the first awesome old school song came up, and this certainly merited it.

The part of the show that shocked me was how well the new CD has translated into live shows. Songs that I hated on the CD (Louisiana Bayou, I am looking in your direction) played out great live.