Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
Graph of songs performed, by album
Stand Up
Dancing Nancies
Warehouse (Norwegian Wood) -->
Steady As We Go
Hunger for the Great Light
Jimi Thing
You Never Know
When The World Ends
Out Of My Hands
What Would You Say?
Too Much

Old Dirt Hill
Two Step

Great show last night, and after seeing Saturday's, I was wondering how they were going to top it... Well, the boys definately delivered. Interesting opener with EVERYDAY, I really liked it there, got the crowd groovin. Nice to hear CRASH - it's been a long time and I think it's not longer overplayed. DG and SU were good - two of my lesser liked songs on the new album, but Live, I thought they rocked - Carter was fantastic on SU and. Dave went pretty crazy, shaking his butt at the audience... Funny. I was hoping for NANCIES, and the band delivered. Dave started with two notes and the crowd went bonkers and then, he stopped looked at everyone and shook his head like "noooo, i don't think so" - we went crazy. So he raised an eyebrow and played two more notes... and the crowd when nuts. Then he was off and strumming.. I love Nancies live. Boyd had an awesome solo in there, taking over the stage for like 10 minutes, going around to each member of the band, and jammin his head off. Then-right into WAREHOUSE. By now the temperature in the pavilion was about 120 and I was dripping with sweat and the whole crowd was just rocking. Awesome WH! We were then treated to a few intros - like Norwegian Wood, nicely done solo by Butch, and Steady as We Go - pretty. I think HUNGER is awesome live and was happy to see it both nights. Then #34 into JIMI and I am just completely gone now, thinking the night cannot get any better. Nice long Dave-scat during JIMI - YNK and WTWE were were ok, decent to cool down for a minute and then Stephan opened up with his bass line for CRUSH - I about fell over -Crush and Crash in teh same night?? Wow. Some new content in the jam section and Boyd had another great solo. At that point, someone in the audience near me had a #40 sign and Dave teased a little 40 adn everyone was screaming "40..40..40" and he just smiled and went into Out of My Hands, and then right into WWYS. I always love that song live and it rocked last night, and I thought that was the closer as we were already about 15 songs into a very long night. BUT NO... the "40..40..40" chant starts again and Dave stops and walks back to Carter, holding up one finger as if to say, "one more.." Sure enough, DMB took a request from the crowd last night, and played 40! It was amazing. People were singing and it was just so cool. What a great experience. Then, of course out of that and into an unbelievable TOO MUCH to close. By now, we were nearly exhausted, the heat.. the energy from the concert.. THE crowd was going crazy for like 10 minutes with all kinds of chants and screaming and yelling while the band was offstage, and the band finally reappeared... and Dave said 'this is consistently one of the best places in the world to play.. .thank you" and proceeded to give the AUDIENCE a round of applause! of course, we went even more crazy.

The encore was Bring that Beat Back - which is one of my least fav SU songs, but they did a nice job with it. And then, crowd screaming "TWO STEP" we heard Boyd's opening string plucking and that was it - the place went up for grabs. Closed with a nice 15 minute Two Step and an unforgettable evening for everyone. Thanks DMB - You guys never disappoint at ALPINE - get a copy of these shows if you weren't there, you won't believe your ears !!!
This was my second year going to Alpine to see Dave and it was just as amazing as ever. The heat all day was intense and it was hard to believe that I'd still have to rock my socks off at night, but I did and my mind was blown over and over again. I was amazed at the fact that he opened with Everyday but was far from disappointed and when he was playing Crash and broke into "I will be your dixie chicken..." I went nuts as did everyone around me! Plus, there is nothing better then being teased with nancies and actually having him play it...we've all heard the tease with no reward before! I'm a big fan of Stand Up but I was glad that we got a little break from it, no one is going to complain about the old stuff...For all of you that were there, I had a wonderful time rocking with you all!
Tonightís show was far superior then last nights. This ranks top among the 10 shows I've been to. The set list tonight was picture perfect. Everyday fallowed be crash really caught the crowds attention into the music early. Dream girl was smooth then SU fallowed by a sweet Nancies in which Dave teased the crowd was amazing. It was over 100 degrees in the pavilion and when Dave strung on into Warehouse everyone was just jacked. The energy tonight was brilliant. Crush, #40, and Jimi thing were all great. All songs from the new album sounded real nice. Leroi's play was fantastic and a highlight of my night. However, The biggest downer was seeing a kid get kicked in the head while on the grown defenseless. People at Alpine just get too fucked up for there own good. Dave's music is so chill I just donít understand the violence. Great show DMBÖ.thanks for Seekup in Florida last year.
Without question, this was THE best DMB show that I've ever seen. I don't know what Dave smoked before the show, but he was going nuts. Crash, Crush, Dreamgirl, and Steady as we go are all songs that hit the heart...I couldn't believe they covered them all during the show. The encore of Two Step was unbelievable...
Out of all the Dave shows I've been to, I have to say this is the best one of all - and should be considered for their next DVD release.

Not much to comment on for every song except the band was in tune with eachother the whole night. They all jammed on every song. Dave was shakin his ass. I have never seen some of the moves that Dave did at Alpine. I was in awe. Boyd, as always, was all around the stage challenging each member. It was great to see. Leroi had an awesome night and you have to give props to Carter and Stefan as they always give great performances. The setlist was awesome as I never thought I would hear Crash and Crush in the same setlist as well as Nancies, Wharehouse, and Two Step. Dave was very generous to the fans tonight playing our request of "40"! Every song, the fans were CRAZY!!! Dave, I think you gave us one of your best shows! Thanks and see you at Red Rocks!!!!
Alpine Alpine Alpine.. " I love this Place " ( Dave ) What a weekend of fun at Alpine. This Set was far diffrent from Sat. I was at the Sat show and saw how insain dave was. I figgred for this show 1 of 2 things happend. 1. he maybe blew out his voice from all of the screaming from sat or 2. the weather was so hot he had to tone it down a TAD to keep him self alive. And hot it was. Props to everyone on the grass who waited there for hours in 98+ heat.. I really enjoyed the news songs from stand up, for the songs on the cd version just dont do justice to the live versions. Not to many fans can say they heard 41 40 34 & 36/everyday in one weekend. My favorite part is when he teased with Nancies and the crowd of 40,000 just went insain. He waved it like " just kidding" but he turend to Mr. Moore and he changed the settings on his sax machine and it started. I dont need to go indepth with all the songs. It was a privalige to be there and I am lucky to live in Milwaukee and have that Great place known as Alpine valley in My Back Yard. The Highlight was the weekend. Dave Sat and Sun at Alpine.. Pricless..
The two things that need to be said about this show:

#34 Amazing! The band played it for the first time in 12 years on July 9th at the Mansfield, MA show so it was truly a delight to hear it played live at one of my favorite venues.

#40 Got to love #40! With all the teases Iíve heard throughout the years, itís good to finally hear it in its entirety. Hopefully, itíll be a staple that will be reserved for special occasions.

Nice work, fellas! Especially on a simmering hot, almost freaking unbearable, night.
D.g.martin .
Thanks DMB for an excellent B'day present. And at 56 I may be the oldest DMB fan in attendance (and a member of the Warehouse from it's inception). Aside from the 2-1/2 hour wait in traffic and the heat this was another fine show. This band is fantastic and it was my son's first "rock" concert and he was NOT disappointed. I wanted to hear Stand Up and he wanted Nancies and they were played back to back! The show was tight and I don't have a clue how they can do this night after night playing some 58 different songs with some great jams. The lights and video feeds were excellent. If there is a complaint it might be that the mix was a little low, the crowd was louder than the band sometimes, but that's the way it's meant to be. The energy between the band and the crowd is what makes this event so unlike anything else, and at Alpine... A great mix of the old and new, and the new stuff live is pretty awesome. Carter rules! The Two Step jam was one of the best I've ever seen and that after 3 hours in the heat!
I have to say that Sunday's performance flat-out took me by surprise. What a tremendous performance by the band. It was a great setlist combined with a rockin' crowd. Definetly one of the top five Dave shows I've been too and one they should consider for a DVD release. Not to get into every song, but the highlights include Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Crush, Too Much, Two Step and of course 40. It was awesome to see Dave succomb to the crowd's chats of 40. The solos in Dancing Nellies and Crush were epic! Boyd and Carter put on a clinic... and how can you forget Dave. He was teasing us all night and dancing his butt off. All-in-all a wonderful experience and I was glad to share it with all 40,000 at Alpine. What a great venue. See you again at the Gorge in a couple weeks.
Ty H.
This was my 13th Dave show and was one of the best. The heat sucked but the show was amazing. From Daves speech before OAR all the way to #40 everything was good...even carter playing as they switched out a snare drum...Was happy to hear Jimi Thing and Steady as we go...What a great song. Im not gonna go into every song but just need to say that Alpine Valley ...(haveing worked there and gone to many a show there) is a amazeing place to see a show...specialy one as great as Dave. Only hope I can someday take my son to a show there.
Marco E.
Excellent show despite the combination of heat, humidity, lack of shade and $4.00 waters. I was in the third row on the lawn and could hardly hear OAR from where I was. The same thing happened with Guster last year. The opening band is mixed from the stage rather than the center of the ampitheater, so the crowd can't really hear that well. OAR is a fun live band when they are in a smaller venue. DMB seemed to be in a really good mood, smiling and dancing the whole time. It was great to hear Stand Up Live, however once Dave played the first two notes of Dancing Nancies, the night realy got fun. #34 was a treat as was You Never Know. Two Step was so much fun. Hadnt heard Dave play that since 2002. This show ranks up with DMB@ Bonnaroo as tow of the better shows that I have seen in awhile.
I was not at a DMB show tonight. I'm pretty sure I came to the Boyd Tinsley show! Boyd worked it all night long. Probably one of the best shows I've seen out of my now 22. I was glad to hear Two Step after a 2 year drought for me. I also thought it was great how after only 2 notes the ENTIRE crowd knew that Nancies was coming up. It just goes to show what kind of crowd and people can inhabit Alpine Valley.
Oh my God!!! Awesome show. As my 21st show that I have seen, it definetely was #1 to me. The energy that filled that venue was out of control...and 40,000 people dancing on a 90 degree day was just a start. Amazing set list...#40 was a great surprise. Boyd was on fire the whole night, Dave was a dancing machine, and Carter managed to change a snare mid-song. I have heard Two Step probably at 14 of my 21 shows but that had to be way up there in performance and energy. Everyone was feeling it crowd and band.
We were totally treated on Sunday night: Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Jimi Thing, Crush, #34, Two Step and #40(!) were amazing and I couldn't be happier with them. But even more impressive was how much the new songs have evolved and come into their own this summer. After Stand Up came out I was worried that the boys had lost "it" but they proved me wrong back on June 2nd at the Tweeter Center and they put any of my skepticism firmly to rest last night. Dreamgirl, Stand Up, Hunger For the Great Light, and Steady As We Go deserve to be concert staples long into the future just as much as the ones listed above. Bravo!
Sean S.
Man, I went to both shows and what I really really loved was all the songs from the new album. What keeps these shows fresh is that there is always great new material mixed in with the old favs. The songs that really move me are Old Dirt Hill and Louisana Bayou! When he starts playing Bayou, I move around like a dancing fool and cant stop hopping! And Im the guy screaming "bring that beat back" as Old Dirt Hill fades out, it was a great pre cursor to Two Step. I thought that since it was hot Dave and the boys might not have as much energy as the decidedly mellow show on Saturday, boy I was wrong. Great show!!
I have been going to Alpine Valley for the past 5 years now, and this has to be the greatest place in the world to see a Dave Matthews Band Conert. This show was excellent, not as good as Saturday's show, probably cause I was sitting in 4th row instead of the 30th, but the music is the best. Everyday as an opener! Who would have thought of that. Dave Matthews Band is the best band today and ever, and playing at Alpine Valley makes the two perfect. I swear during Lie in Our Graves on Saturday, or Dancing Nancies on Sunday, I thought Boyd's violin was going to burst into flames. Also, Does he ever not Smile? I don't know what to say about each song, but each one could not have been done any better. Oh yeah, the closer, Two Step, was about 19mins long. I write this review for Dave Matthews Band fans every where, if you have never been to Alpine Valley, then you haven't seen the Band perform it's best. Go to Alpine, get drunk, and enjoy the best night of your life with Dave Matthews Band. MWD.
Justin B.
I drove about 270 miles for alpine as i'm sure many do... it is a truely special venue... i thought the second night was better, my ampitheter seats fro night2 probably made a big difference, but besides it is one of my two favorite DMB shows fromt he 8 i've seen. Dave's manner was more upbeat than the first niht, and I haven't seen his feet as active as this show in about two years. I mean you can't think that Dancing Nancies, #34, #40 will show up in the the same set list very often either...
To describe Sat. and Sun. is not possible. Fifth year in row for me at Alpine and it seems every year the band gets better and they deliver a better show. So many classics mixed with the great songs of new. I just pray that this band continues to evolve and blessing this world with their music since I firmly believe they are the last of their kind (a true touring band that does not use a radio for back up vocals). It is pointless to go song by song for these two shows since another magical weekend has left me speechless. Peace out and see ya next time (hopefully this winter!!!).
T.J. H.
I do not like Alpine Valley but Dave played one of the best shows ive heard in a long time. He played #40 and #34(which i have never heard at a Dave show before.) It was a real treat, he just played a little to much off his new album which is expected and he's done all summer. His segue of Warehouse was also amazing into the outro of (Norwegian Wood). There enegy the second night was also to me far superior to the first night which seems to always happen when I go to two Dave shows back to back. Overall great show i will remember it for a long time.
A+++ What a show. The night was simply amazing. Great mix of new and old with a few more older songs than expected which made the night that much better. The new stuff sounded perfect and only goes to show you that DMB is truly the road hogs of the 21st century by making all there songs 10x better live compared to the studio released albums. The Norwegian Wood outro was more like a little Butch inspired jam rather than an actual outro, give it a listen, you'll know what I'm talking about. I loved seeing WTWE again, that was really unexpected. Then #34 AND #40, I mean come on, when was the last time that was done, 1993??? The jams were all tight, the baritone worked great on the new songs, and the energy was off the hook. The only downfall to Sundays show was the extreme heat under the amphitheatre roof. I'm talking it felt like 150 degrees under that dang thing. By the time the show was over my shirt was completely socked. Now I know how Dave looks and feels after every show. Other than the temp the show was in the top 3 of all time shows for myself. You gotta love Alpine. Cheers!
Well, in all honesty, the show was alright. Im not gonna go crazy and all fanboyish and say the show it was the best show ever, cause it wasn't. Dont get me wrong, Dave and the fellas always put on a great show cause they are great artists, but overall, the show IMO, was just alright. I've been going to shows for about the last 5 years, and each year, they seem to be going downhill. Now, im sure this has something to do with the fact that im getting older and everyone else in the 'sea of flesh' that is the lawn, seems to be getting younger, but hell, half of the concert experience is the actual venue itself and the people within it.

The Weather:

Umm...what more needs to be said. Over 100 degrees easily. No relief at all until around 7pm when the sun kinda got blocked by the back of the hill and a slight breeze wafted through the air. The concesions building was even hotter then outside. Went in to get a beer and pretzel and came out sweating like a hog. Once the sun went down, it was still hot but more comfortable. The stars made their appearance at night....no rain....all in all, not too bad a day for a concert assuming you weren't drinking heavily in the sun or actually out in the sun all afternoon.

The Drive:

The route from Chicago to Alpine Valley isnt bad at all. About 80miles of smooth sailing going 60-70mph! .....until you get about 7 miles from the exit that leads to the parking lot. Then time stands still. I swear to g*d, it looked like the mass exodus scene in Independance Day where the highway is backedup miles long with cars at a stand still, people riding on top of cars, groups of poeple just walking down the side of the expressway. It was nutz....not to mention all the of idiot little kids that are already drunk 4hrs before the concert and decide to drive. There must have been about 5 accidents on the way to the concert alone and another 3 afterwards that I saw, all more then likely caused by idiots that can't drive sane and act responsible at the same time.

The way back was alright...managed to make it out of the concert and into my nicely boxed-in car after the encore and not be caught up in the wave of people rusing to their spots. Though, sure enough...even getting out of the parking lot someone crashed into somebody else, forcing everyone into a standstill for about 40mins. All in all, this is normal Dave traffic I guess considering he shuts towns down wherever he goes. The traffic at St. Louis and Deercreek are 10x worse.

The Music: Cant really complain here, since its what we all came to see. Ive come to the conclusion that DMB never really has an off night. Their perfomances are always good musically...the only reason people say a 'show sucks' or 'wasnt as good as last night' is because of those people didnt like the setlist. The setlist tonight was pretty good...I came to hear all the new songs live for the first time, much the same as I did when Busted Stuff and Everyday came out. The new songs were good..I liked them alot....my only problem is, that being as though these new songs are all kinda mellowish, it really killed the energy of the show sometimes to hear 'em. Dave would have the crowd hooting and hollaring and dancing their asses off with Nancies, etc...then bust into a slow, mellow, 'i can barely hear him sing' type song and, I swear to god, everyone around me on the lawn would just sit down. Now im not talking a small group or two sitting down, but a whole damn almost 100 person chunk of the lawn, in various spots, just laying on the ground, chillin'....which is fine with me, cause I hate standing up for 3+hrs anyhow :) I just feel that at an outdoor concert with 40,000 people, you should be wanting to pump them up, get them going, energize them....not make em sit down until you play a better song. This happened at least 5 times througout the show. The setlist(basically the new songs) seem more appropriate for a club type setting....possible a storytellers or something where its more intimate.

The encore was pretty good. Doesnt match the Encore at Deercreek a couple years back where he was playing an 20min version of Two Step as the a HUGE storm approached from behind the stage and lit of up the sky before dumping on the crowd just as the song reached its peak....but hey...it'll do.

The crowd: What can you really say about a Dave crowd. Aside from the 10,000-15,000 poeple there apparently for the party and not the music, it was alright. Nothing like a bunch of 16-22yr old kids getting piss drunk, passing out, acting like idiots, crashing into you as the run as fast as the can down the hills to really liven up the night. The other 30,000 that came to chill and enjoy the actual concert were great though. Lots of people around me toking up, which was fine by me! Hell, id rather be in a crowd of 40,000 stoners then a crowd of 40,000 frat boy drunks. Can't speak for the ladies about the men, but as a man...I can say that the quality and quantity of decent looking girls that goes to a DMB concert is falling rapidly. In the sections around me, which basically was the middle-to-back sections of the leftside of the lawn, I observed maybe less then 10 girls that I would rate higher then a 7 outta 10.(there musta been 200+ people right in my direct line of observation.

Overall Score

*** / ***** (3 outta 5 stars) Decent show overall...greate venue, good music, decent crowd. Much better then last years shows or the year when Everyday came out. Would I drive again 90miles in 100 degree heat to see 'em again? Sure...but only if i had pavillion seats....f*ck the lawn if your over 25 yrs old.
Saturday was beautiful. The day was just nuts. Massive rain that turned into an awesome night. The mood was so perfect. Full moon and stars. You could feel the emotions of Dave and the crowd. There is nothing better than the high you get Alpine. He really knows how to make a moment for every person. Say Goodbye was beautiful. And opening with #41. But my favorite was LIOG. That was by far the best version I have seen or heard.

I loved every moment.
Keith J.
I was at Saturday's and Sunday's show, and all I can say is wow. I'm a new fan to Dave never really heard of them before this album so I didn't know the words people were singing to most of their songs. Perhaps my only wish was that Dave would have closed with "American Baby", but its hard to complain when a great song like "Old Dirt Hill" made it to the encore. What a weekend!
First off, I would like to say what else is better then seeing the best band in the world playing at the best revenue in the world. Alpine Valley is simply amazing and the show Dave put on was out of control. Couldn't ask for a better opener then Everyday. Loved every new song they played. Probably the sickest version of Jimi Thing I've ever seen. #34 and #40 in the same conert? What else could anyone ask for. Love the new funky part in the middle of Too Much. Old Dirt Hill was one of the sweetest songs I've ever heard live and Two step was perfect to follow. Been to many Dave shows over the years but this one will be hard to top. Can't wait to see them in Champagne and Detroit on the winter tour. See y'all soon.