Randall's Island, New York, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Dreamgirl -->
Don't Drink the Water
Time of the Season
Hunger for the Great Light
You Might Die Trying
Jimi Thing *
Tripping Billies
Steady As We Go
American Baby Intro
American Baby
Dancing Nancies -->
Down by the Bayou +

Old Dirt Hill
What You Are

* With Trey Anastasio
+ With Robert Randolph
Part of the band's Island Getaway at Randall's Island, a July 30-31 festival. Other acts were Barenaked Ladies, Black Eyed Peas, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Ray Lamontagne, Jem, and Mike Doughty.

this was my second dmb show ever. and i absolutely loved it. the 41 and dreamgirl were almost holy or something. and seeing robert randolph and try come out was amazing as i am also a big fan of rrfb and phish. the only problem i had with the festivel was the whole dirt vibe. maybe if they took the time to lay turf or something down....then it would have been pretty sweet. barenaked ladies were pretty good...RRFB was friggin awesome. the side stage bands were alright. seeing a whole lotta deadheads there too was pretty groovy as well.
This was a good cooncert, overall, and alot of good songs were played but i dont like this album at all.I am a big fan of Dave and he has great music, but I really don't like this album. I dont mind promoting an album with concerts, but this albm doent sound like the rest. I'm a huge fan, but lately Dave's records have been fading, they dont have that many good songs anymore. The songs that hes promoting are just not good anymore. I loved it when they were promoting the "good stuff."
Rob Z.
I thought the show was a good mix of old (41,Tripping Billies) and new (Lousiana Bayou, Steady as we go) with a splash of cover (time of the season), and a mix of jam. (jammed out on Jimi thing, and lousiana bayou with robert randolph, who is bad @ss). But i didnt like the fact that no one would share info on what time or what area the artists would be on. And the NYPD were not cool about tailgating. What would a DMB show be without the before/after show festivities? Otherwise, it was a great experience from the best band on this planet!
Amazing set lists and great surprise guests, and you could tell the band really wanted to give their fans a special time. With that said, I would never go to Randall's Island again with a general admission ticket. DMB owes everyone that had a general admission ticket a refund. I got there at 12 when the gates opened and got as close to the main stage as could be, which meant I was behind the warehouse preferred lawn seats (about 2 or 3 football fields from the stage), which I myself am a Warehouse member and did not receive (not that they turned out to be better than any general admission ticket). Anyway, right after Barenaked Ladies exited, they removed the Preferrred Warehouse Lawn Markers and everyone made a mad rush to get 100 feet closer, unfortunately everyone ended up like pickles in a jar. No one could move, no one could dance, and you could hardly breath. I could understand standing (there really was no field to sit in and the ground was all dirt) and waiting to see DMB play for over 8 hours, shoulder to shoulder, with dirt all over you and in your nostrils if DMB was like 2 or 3 rows away; however, this is what the lawn was like and as I said before we were at least 2 football fields from the stage. I would go so far to say that DMB really avoided a major tragedy at this venue by not at least having marked out paths on the lawn to get out of the majort crowd. My fiancee nearly passed out after a day in the heat and the enormous crownd pushing and shoving us for almost an hour before DMB came on, and it took us nearly twenty minutes to get through the crowd to a space where she could even breath.

I am a huge DMB fan, and would ordinarily do anything to see them, but Randalls Island was a very poor choice of venue. With Giants Stadium right across form the city, they should have played there. It seats 75,000 COMFORTABLY.

I think DMB focused heavily on transportation, which I must say they really did do a good job with (me and my friends drove and it only took about 30 minutes to get out of the venue, which is not bad for a DMB show); however, DMB should have focused more of their attention to the safety of their fans and their fans ability to actually see the show in a confortable environment. It is unbelievable that DMB charged people $55 dollars to stand for over 11 hours and listen to them play in a dirt pit. No matter how could DMB is, and they are the best, Randalls Island Lawn was no environment to enjoy their music the way it should be enjoyed.
This was only my second show so I don't have the historical perspective to compare other shows. However, I've been to many concerts in general and have been a Dave fan for several years so I feel qualified enough to speak.

One - This was no Central Park. It was good, but this was no Central Park. It also was no Golden Gate, but putting Trey on made it close.

Two - BNL should have played the opening set at 2pm. Up and coming bands are great but when it's hot and dusty, something needs to grab the crowds attention.

Three - BNL should have played a whole set as they are hysterical. But I don't make the decisions. I would if I had a million dollars. ;)

Four - I have never heard of #41 being the opener but hell yeah!

Five - Jimi Thing sure did get the weed burning didn't it? ;)

Six - They need to retire "You Might Die Trying" right now. It sucks. I hate it. And it's worse in concert.

Seven - They need to move Down by the Bayou to the top of the Must-play list and preferrably let Robert Randolph join the band. :)

All in all a great show. Too dirty. The brain-child who thought of putting a vendor tent in the middle of reserved seating and partially obstructing the stage for us GAers needs to be taken out and shot. Transportation sucked. This was no Central Park, but it was a good show.
Kevin C.
What a show, well worth the $250 for the VIP pass. This definitely made up for a bad show in Camden in the beginning of July. Being in the VIP section I received inside information on the #41 opener but it still sent chills down my spine. My favorite song of all time, "One Sweet World" only got the party going more. Jimi Thing, with Trey was amazing. Randall's Island definitely is not a good place for a hot, summer concert, but I think Dave made up for it with a array of old songs. Tripping Billies, Dancing nancies, and warehouse ended the show on a high note. My main objection with this show was the two horrible encores, Old Dirt Hill (ha, ha, GA seats at Randall's island) and What you are. It seems like alot of shows this summer he is ending with "What you are" and it just is not doing for me. Overall a great day, besides the VIP tent running out of cold beer!
Great show. People should have totally appreciated BNL more - I thought they did great but not everyone got their humor. I was in the lawn (aka dustbowl) and it was a fun crowd but it would have been nicer if we could see Dave better instead of having to swing our necks around to get past the friggin' t-shirt vendor. I got there around 4 and was able to get to the very front of the lawn and the fans up there were awesome. The security guards were cool too and we were giving them some applause before Dave came on. Also Interperative Dance Guy (whom we fondly nicknamed Yankee Doodle) was pretty hilarious.

Dave was amazing and played really well with both Trey and Robert Randolph. It was my first show this year and I could have never imagined how awesome Louisiana Bayou would sound live. Robert Randolph really got Dave going there - AMAZING! I was really pleased with this setlist even though [aside from his new songs] he had played all of these songs within the past few years in this area. I'd like to hear more of Dave's stuff than the 30-40 songs I hear over and over at every concert I go to here. He just has so much GREAT STUFF and I want to hear it all.

I agree that the lawn was way too dusty - they could have at least put down tarp or something. And the 2nd stage openers really should have just been on mainstage or something because no one was paying any attention to them. Also public transportation was a nightmare. Getting there it was ok via the X80 aside from the scalpers near the subway station but coming back was a mob scene. Eventually I just ditched the line and walked over the Triborough Bridge (which was a good call).
Great show, bad venue, even though I sat in folding chairs, better than the lawn, it looked horrible, I feel bad for the real fans wanting to enjoy the show. Man can the band play DDTW so well live, Bayou was great with Robert-not expecting that, thought it was going to be watchtower, glad it wasn't, they rocked. I like the new album-it really grows on you, what a difference when they have time to play the new songs live and to see them grow. I think that is why some fans were disappointed with the album-cuz they didn't break out any songs live before the album came out besides hello again. Anyway if anyone that sat in section 303 that seen this nut jump over two rows of chairs and then over the barrier head first in front of the 400 section and then burst up the path towards the lawn please let me know what he was tripping on, the funniest thing I have ever witnessed.
Emily M.
Despite the dust, I had an amazing time. This was my 5th DMB show. I had an amazing time. My only problem was vision since I am short. But I was still able to see enough and since the setlist was pretty much awesome, it was definitely worth every penny I spent and every minute I breathed in that dust. I mean, how often can you go to a show, choose where you sit, and do just about whatever you want.. like nap... I saw so many people sleeping before the bands really started playing. It was definitely a great vibe all around from the crowd and I thought it was friggin fabulous!
Adam K.
After seeing Dave at the Garden last January with Tim and Trey, coming to Randall's Island on 7/30 was a surprise as Dave and the rest of the band threw unbelievable songs at everyone from the beginning. I figured maybe if DMB gave us all a few songs we wanted to hear the night would be great, it turned out the 7/30 at Randall's was unreal as Warehouse, Don't Drink The Water, Jimi Thing, #41, Tripping Billies, and Dancing Nancies rocked everyone at the concert. For my first time seeing the band together, I couldn't have asked for a greater setlist or a greater venue than Randall's. Best night of my life and I can't wait until Dave Matthews Band tours NYC again!!!!
I am a british DMB fan so had to take a long weekend in NYC to see the shows, and i was not disapointed.... in fact i . sure it was a very long day, it was dusty, it was hot and squashed at the venue but DMB are still the best live band ever!,,, i had broken toes and was on crutches and was worried when i heard they were going to remove the warehouse lawn as i was in the middle of it. luckily the security guards moved us into the seated area for my saftey before the rush...so i chilled out in the seated area with just GA. anyway... i thought the barenaked ladies sucked......im a fan usually but i found them dull to watch and not as funny as they thought themself....(though i would have liked them to be on the screams....especially for the guys at the back.) robert rudlof rocks, enough said on that matter......well if i must he played Billie jean wich had the croud nuts. on to DMB my 6th show but i have pleanty of tapes so i feel i can safeley say......awsome.....41 is a great opener and once the everyday bit got going the croud loved it.....stand up songs are getting better and better....dream girl especially..i hate the yeah yeah bit on the album but live it sounds great....i might have skiped you might die trying and old dirt hill but still awsome...... a real treat was when carter started and unfamilier grove that became the zombies hit "time of the season"....a great song to cover...and done with a dmb twist...great..... for me the show was at its best during dancing nancies..... bojd was really on form and as he ended to hear the opening notes of warehouse was truly music to my ears... daves vocals on what you are was outstanding and bayou with Robert rudolf kicked.... im not to sure why they play steady as we go so much.. but i sure like how he ended..... jimi thing was solid throught and trey made my day..... crash was sweet. i would have liked A few more "classics".. maby a crush or seek up but it was a two day event and the set reflected that.the venue sucked but never mind that, the sound was really good. id give it show 8/10 as it was great but sunday was even better . PAUL
Fiore M.
I thought the whole day was great. I got there at 11:00, picknicked in the parking lot (read: field) and hung out with the people i went with. The rock climbing, ben and jerry's were cool and the side stage acts were exceptional. Mike Doughty knows how to work a crowd and he really enjoyed just being there. Jem was an interesting choice but she put on a good show and there were definetley a lot of people watching. BNL was an awesome pick, they didnt play a whole set but their rapport with the harbor police and the chicken dance along with a great Dave intro gave me as much BNL as I could handle without going overboard. #41 was a cool opener and the band jumped into it right away. I think I was closer to the exit than the stage but I could see the screens and definetley hear the music and everyone around me was digging it too. overall, tripping billies and jimi thing were the best songs of the night and warehouse was great as well.. While there was a crowd of deadly dust looming, noone was sulking and I thought the crowd was into it. The newer songs are much better live, American baby and Dreamgirl were enjoyable and Bayou was fun with the virtuoso RR. The encore left something to be desired though, with old dirt hill and what you are, a lot of us were expecting/wanting two step or watchtower but dave really put everything into what you are and while it wasn;t two step, it left you feeling very dave-ified. next year, somewhere in new york, see you there.
This was, by far, the best show I have ever had the privilege of attending. Now having said that, there are some "buts" and "I would have like to seens" that go along with that statement. The fairy service that I pre-ordered to get me to the island did not have my tickets or anyone elses for the 4:00 and 4:30 trip. Once I got to the island, after buying a second fairy ticket, they confiscated my camera, in spite of me having the "rules" that were e-mailed to me in my hand. "The Dustbowl" is a good term being used for the concert. Even though I was in the VIP section, my feet were still black before the show started. I thought BNL sucked musically, they were slightly comical and amusing, but I still wish I had spent my time in the city and not wasted it on their performance. But, at last, DMB went on, and with the exception of a few slow points, they ROCKED!!! The energy was unreal and having seen and heard every live show produced on DVD and CD and been to 3 previous, including a D. Matthews + T Reynolds show, this compared to few others. I was nervous about the set list, because I had seen his previous set lists and reviews leading up to the show and the trend was a bad show the first night, then a good show the second night, but that wasn't the case. DMB brought it, in a big way. I am very happy I went to the first nights show. NYC was great, DMB was great and I hope we get to see a Live at Randall's Island DVD/CD in the near future.
It was my first time in NYC (and in the States by the way). I came all the way from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and a friend of mine got us DMB tickets. Considering they never come to the Netherlands, this was a big deal for me! And I wasn't disappointed. They played their best songs! Starting with #41 was a great decision! I wasn't really familiar with 'stand up', but still, I loved the concert. Too bad that I was covered in dirt and had to wait for one and a half hours in a huge crowd for the bus back to manhattan. But anyway, concert was great! Only thing missing was ants marching, but maybe they've played that song SO many times that they decided to skip it for once? I really liked the time of the season cover -> very surpising!! I defenitely hope that one day DMB is coming to europe cause I'll be there!
Jillian M.
This was my third Dave show this summer and let me start by saying that all my prayers were answered when he began his show with #41. A totally amazing show including special guest visits from Trey (Phish) and Robert Randolph. Tons of great jam sessions. It was an absolutely beautiful night there last night and can't wait to go back tonight to see it all again! Definitely got my money's worth last night. It's gonna be a show that I will be talking about for a really long time. Bravo Dave!
Zak B.
First show of the island getaway was a tremendous one. Have seen DMB several times over the last 10 years and this definitely ranks up there as one of the best. With special appearances from Trey and Robert Randolph, during Jimi Thing and Louisiana Bayou the show completely destroyed. This was my first time seeing them this summer with the new tracks off of Stand Up and the band did seem to be playing with an unbelieveable energy (on every song) that I haven't seen in a while.

Was very surprised at the cover of "Time of the Season" and they pulled it off well. Carter and Boyd were so on point and the overall show was fantastic. They played from 8:30-10:45 for the opening set and closed it out with a solid encore of "old dirt hill" and "what you are". The closing song of Louisiana Bayou included a sick battle between Boyd and Robert. All in all a wonderful show with a great opening performance by BareNaked Ladies as well (with several jokes cutting into Dave). Good stuff!
Dancing P.
ONE OF THE BEST DMB SHOWS I'VE EVER SEEN! This was my third show of the tour and it was definitely the best show I've seen this year. The whole band was energized for the entire show. Jimi Thing was absolutely awesome with a special appearance by Trey Ananstasio. I knew Robert Randolph would come out for at least one song, and he didn't disappoint with an amazing Louisiana Bayou. He even stood up while he was jamming out. It seemed like the band just jammed forever during that song, and everyone was loving it. I also loved Dancing Nancies followed up by Warehouse. I feel like Warehouse should always follow Nancies and I have been a little disappointed in previous concerts where it seemed like it was going to happen, and then didn't.

It seems like the band didn't "jam" as long as usual during the other two shows I was at (Hartford 6/18, Hersheypark 6/25), so I loved when they really went house on a few of the songs during this concert.

Also, I really liked the mix of the older songs with the Stand Up songs. Having been to two concerts this tour, I expected to hear about 9 songs from Stand Up. This concert, they played 8, but it seemed like they really mixed it up more than at previous shows. American Baby Intro was absolutely awesome, so much better than the studio version.

The only criticisms I have about the whole show are: 1. I would have liked Bare Naked Ladies to come out and jam with DMB 2. The energy of the show seemed to go down a bit when they played Steady As We go after Jimi Thing with Trey Anastasio, would have been nice to hear a more lively song after that. 3. It would have been nice to have some kind of schedule of events for the day. I didn't know what to expect in terms of parking, stage set up, etc. We went in during BNL's performance, which I thought was early.

All together, the entire show gets an A+. Definitely would go to another Randall's Island "Festival" again, but next time I'll go in earlier to hear the opening bands!! What a great day.
Concert started off on the right foot with #41. The enormous crowd was really into it. Special guest Trey came out for "Jimi Thing," which was the best version of the song I ever heard. They jammed for at least 10 mintues and ended it with the "stop baby what's that sound" lyrics. Awesome playlist. They couldn't have picked a better song to end the conceret with. "What You Are" was a powerful closer to an amazing day at Randall's Island. Top songs on the playlist in no specfic order were #41, Jimi Thing, Dont Drink the Water, Louisiana Bayou, Tripping Billies and What You Are.
This is the fourth show of the summer for me, and sadly, most disappointing. Perhaps it was naive of me to think that a festival type show wouldn't be a zoo, but it was. I had general admission tickets which was supposed to be a lawn seat, only the venue had no lawn at all, but rather a dirt lot. Needless to say, everyone with General Admission tickets is now burning their clothing which is covered in dirt. I mean, COVERED. I was never as happy to take a shower as I was yesterday.

Okay, onto the music. Since none in the General Admission area could really see the stage, me and some friends decided to camp out by one of the jumbotron televisions. The sound WAS amazing and dave and the gang really looked liked they were having fun. The set list was exactly what I had hoped for--a bit of the new, a bit of the old, and a bit of the unexpected--like an appearance by Trey of PHISH--definetely a highlight. The new material is definetely gaining a life of its own during the summer. I was saddened however because I was really expecting "Say Goodbye" the one song I have yet to hear this summer that they have taken out of their library. Hopefully they will play "Say Goodbye" tonight.

All in all, the music was great, but the venue was and is HORRIBLE. The price of a ticket to sit-nay stand-on a dirt field 200-yards from the stage is just not worth it. If I didn't already have a ticket for tonight's show I would not go back to the venue.
great show tonight...my girlfriend and I got to randall's island around 2...heard some of the other performances...we saw barenaked ladies...they were good...DMB came on around 8:20 opened with a great version of 41...I picked they'd open with OSW but I was off one as OSW was played next..great version...highlights for me were tripping...I didn't think they'd play it...american baby intro into american baby was awesome cause usually dave segues it into dreamgirl..nancies was awesome and I thought they were gonna end the first set with it but they went right into warehouse which I was hoping to hear and loved it...Trey came on for an awesome version of jimi thing...about 20 minutes...Robert Randolph came on for Louisiana Bayou that rocked the joint...it was quite loud...decent encore..old dirt hill was good and what you are was a nice way to end the show although I was hoping to ants or two step...they're always possibly the fall/winter...this is definitely a must get...can't wait to get it shortly...
It was great to see DMB again. It was also exciting to have so much other live music, especial Ray LaMontagne. He kicked it off with a great few songs building the intensity from #41, to One Sweet World, to Dream Girl, into Don't Drink The Water. Hunger for th Great Light was a definate highlight along with Down by the Bayou with Robert Randolph. The biggest and best surprise of the night was TREY ANASTACIO coming out for a suprise performance with the band. They played Jimi thing, and it was beautiful. The encore was a little weak, Old Dirt Hill and What You Are, but DMB still made it incredible by just jamming. Overall a very good concert, but definately not his best stuff. Trey was a great surprise though.
James D.
Randalls Island Night #1...Holy Crap!

Anticipations were high for the "Island Getaway" as my wife and my two buddies set out for a weekend in NYC. We got to NYC in enough time to check into our hotel and BAIRLY catch the 4:00 Ferry to Randalls. As the ferry docked, excitement filled as we knew the Island getaway was finally here as we set upon the hoards of people, merchandise stands, venors, beer, games ect... As soon as we stepped onto the island, dave was introducing Robert Randolph. The steel jams of RR welcomed us wonderfully! Thank god we had seats because that "LAWN" area was the worst thing ive ever seen. I really enjoyed the festival like atmosphere. As the weather started getting cooler, Barenaked ladies took the stage, and they were well...The Barenaked ladies. DMB came on after 8:30ish or so and just kicked the living shit out of everyone! #41, Time of the season started some things off. Then Randalls was graced with Jimi Thing with TREY ANASTASIO! wow wow wow, the place just lit up (in more ways than one). Tripping Billies followed right after, Nancies---->Warehouse then Bayou with Robert Randolph! This was an absolutely amazing show! New York City always gets love from dmb!! waited in line for the ferry,got back to manhatttan, had a few drinks at a bar, headed back to the hotel to get sleep for night 2...