Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: G. Love and Special Sauce
Everyday (#36)
Don't Drink the Water
Drive In, Drive Out
Say Goodbye
Time of the Season
Hunger for the Great Light
You Might Die Trying
Lie in Our Graves
Steady as We Go
Stand Up
American Baby
What You Are
Old Dirt Hill
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
This was the first show in 12 years in which #34 was played.

Jay T.
Ohhhh man what can anyone really say about tonites show? Hold on cause this is gonna be long but with good reason. Everday(36)opener which got the crowd into it right away. Dreamgirl was awesome tonite, I saw them place this as recently as at Live 8 and tonite was a totally different song. Jammed out so much more and totally different from the cd. I could barely recognize it. DDTW followed which was incredible as usual and then out of nowhere DIDO. Honestly I dont think anyone expected this to be played so when they did everyone went nuts. But that didnt compare to what came next...34...Like words cannot even describe how insane it was that Mansfield of all places they broke out a song which they have not played in over 12 years! My nite, my year was made by that song which sounded so damn good. The good times kept rolling with Say Goodbye then Time of the Season! Honestly the people sitting around me, we didnt know how to react to this, it was astounding. Hunger and Die Trying then after which were solid then came Graves. 15 solid minutes of Graves which if it had not been for 34 would have stolen the show but Boyd definately ripped the place apart with this. You didnt want him to ever stop. Steady and Stand Up followed which were good and then Crush which just made the show that much better. American Baby sounded great and I lost my voice during What You Are which burned down whatever Boyd hadnt already destroyed. Before the encore started everyone was trying to guess what was going to be played but at this point I had given up cause really how could anyone know? Old Dirt Hill sounded good but when the broke into PNP I went nuts and an insane Rapunzel where the band went off on proceeded to end one of the greatest if not the greatest I've ever been to. I dont even know how theyre gonna be able to top anything they did tonite tomorrow but I'm sure theyll try and find a way.
DMB was on fire tonight...their sound was tighter than ever and the band was really into it from the start. Everyday was a solid opener, and it was nice to hear the "Honey, honey, come and dance with me" chant from the crowd again. Dreamgirl was very chill, and was followed by DDTW and DIDO, two old favorites that seemed revitalized and improved. But once Dave broke into the prehistoric #34 followed by Say Goodbye, I knew this show was truly special...unbelievable. An impressive new cover song came next when the band played Time Of The Season by The Zombies. I had read about how well Dave's been covering it, but it was even catchier than I expected! Hunger and Die Trying were both played very well, and the song of night followed, none other than LIOG. They jammed it for about 20 minutes as usual and the crowd just ate it up. Steady As We Go was very good to hear live, and Stand Up was funky as hell. Next was the best version of Crush I've ever seen, and DMB ended the set with American Baby and a fiery What You Are. The Encore started with Old Dirt Hill. This and Die Trying were my favorite new cuts. After the extended jam of Old Dirt Hill faded out, the boys broke into PNP and Rapunzel. At first I was disappointed with their choice to end it with this song, but I realized this wasnt the same, tired Rapunzel of old. They played it with so much energy and it just brought the house down. This show was amazing, and it proves that DMB is definitely heading in the right direction with their great new stuff.
Michael M.
all that can really be said about this show is OMG. The energy was just there.. youi could feel the elcetricity through the fan sitting next to you and onto the next... I am deeply honored to have heard #34 in it's entireity for the first time since its release of UTTAD 12 years ago ( ya-ya, it was played at the trax and flood zone) but i mean c'mon.. if it's true that stefans the one who makes the setlists then he must have something for the MA crowds.. maybe if u date it back to the STADIUM years foxboro is where the WOO during warehouse all started or its just the energy from the crowds that they feel.. I dunno? but guys and girls the night was magical......
The show was amazing ~ as always...the energy is so powerful, peaceful, encompassing, i could go on...i've seen DMB and Dave several times a year, for numerous years, and each show just get's better...the exhilaration that flows from your soul is almost incomprehensible...the words, the music, you can't help but dance and feel free...and what makes this all a reality for "the fans" is that the group honestly, truly, believes, and loves what they are doing! they share and create these wonderful memories for us all to enjoy! So, to DMB, thank you for your sharing your dream with us...
Well what can I say... Wow! This was my 28th DMB show and I was going in a little apprehensive of the new songs but by the time the show ended I had a newfound respect for the new tunes played live. It opened me up to them and holy hell.. What a NIGHT! Before I go further, all my new found friends in section 15, you know I got much love for y'all and you know who you are. Be in touch, pmjcampbell@hotmail.com It was a distinct pleasure to share this night with y'all. Never been surrounded by such a great group. I apologize to y'all for not naming more than one name but it's the only one I remember from the night and that is Katie from Framingham, I'm glad to have shared the moments with you I had at this show and hopefully we can make more memories. ;0)

It's been real my friends and here's my play by play...

Everyday (#36) - Great as always, how can you not love this song. As mentioned before the hani hani chants are always spectacular and make this song that much more awesome to remember the days of #36.

Dreamgirl - this was the first tune that I really dug on the new album and I must say that I'm a dreamgirl fan, love this song and was great jammed out some.

Don't Drink the Water - Does something really need to be said, the energy the energy, I think some people may have thought it was raining b/c I got my groove on and man the sweat was pooring, how can you not dance like a maniac when DDTW is being played. Great energy the boys had, yes.

Drive In, Drive Out - Ok, DIDO being played this early on in a show, you know it's on. As always lots of energy and just sounded fabulous.

#34 - Holy Hell, slap me and call me Susan.. I mean, really 3 years ago Boston got the first live performance of You Never Know and this year we get the first full #34 in 12 years.. who woulda thought this song would ever make it's presence known again.

Say Goodbye - Carter, Carter, Carter.. man can he play some nasty percussion or what? All I know is I was stoked to hear that drum intro and of course the rest of the song, but I think when I heard them drums and knowing what we were going to get treated to I may have jumped and whacked my head on the pavilion roof I was so pumped for this tune. I must mention a friend in the crowd I saw at this moment, Katie from Framingham, great to meet you doll, stay beautiful.

Time of the Season - I was wondering if I was tripping out just from jumping around so much. This was a serious treat and I had trouble believing mine own ears.

Hunger for the Great Light - Great new tune.. what more can I say.

You Might Die Trying - Another great tune, although not my favorite, gotta respect the musical genius period point blank.

Lie in Our Graves - OK, at this point it's just surrealistic. LIOG... Thank goodness for Boyd. Man, he tore it up.. but that's Boyd.. are these guys the best or what?

Steady as We Go - Another great new tune..

Stand Up - I was diggin this quite a bit, stand up and dance your boooyah off that's what it's all about.

Crush - Now this song holds very special memories for me. Katie, I've got to say that this was pure magic, thank youf or sharing that dance with me. You will forever be remembered in my DMB memory bank and hopefully will have more memories to come ;) Not where but who you're with that really matters.

American Baby - By this time I was singing to this girl that took my breath away at first sight.. stay beautiful, baby.

What You Are - This song, wow, just pure chills up and down each time i hear it.

Old Dirt Hill - Tied as my new favorite song, was great to hear this tune.

Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel - I was hoping for Two Step but was very very happy to hear this start up. I tried like hell to get a Two Step chant going but it only got about 50 people deep (I'm guessing) and died down. So much for re-creating SPAC in 02. But, seriously knowing this was the conclusion, cannot complain one damn bit.
This show was THE show to see. A truely special night all around. Hits from old (LIOG, DIDO), an unexpected #34, a fantastic cover of Time of the Season, plus seven strong songs off the new album. Anyone who tells you that they do not like the new album is nuts. The new songs sound even better live. Die Trying was my favorite. And Old Dirt Hill was perfectly placed right after the encore. It eased you back into the show with its laid-back, feel-good "bring that beat back to me again". Seeing this band live is like seeing no other band...A well oiled machine!!
Top 3 best DMB shows I have seen, July 9th marked my 20th show and what a way to celebrate it by getting to hear the rare #34 played. I thought it was just going to be another tease but then the band started joining in and they began to jam it was awesome. Highlights were of course #34, Say Goodbye....I haven't heard that in about 5 years, Prob the best Lie in our graves I have ever heard....Boyd tore it up for about 10 minutes, DIDO, Time of the season was really cool to here. The band had alot of energy that night. I felt like I was back at my first concert again. I know this tour is only gonna get better
This was only my second DMB show, following last year's which I attended at the Tweeter Center. I'm only 16 but 3 summers ago, my mom and uncle from St. Louis really started getting me into them; they've each been to about 15 shows. I was amazed to hear #34, as I know that it hadn't been played in quite a while. I was estatic when they started in on my favorite song, Say Goodbye..I couldn't believe that they played it! Lie in Our Graves was awesome & so was Don't Drink the Water. Drive in, Drive Out was another great one & Crush, the classic that it is, was superb. I enjoyed the cover of Time of the Season, it was interesting to hear a little something different. The music from the new album that was played was awesome! I'm so glad that those songs were chosen to be on the playlist and I loved how Old Dirt Hill was a part of the encore. It was a fantastic show & I'm very much looking forward to attending more & more as the summers go on!
this weekend's shows were my 3rd and 4th DMB concerts and the previous two (the first of the two at the Tweeter each of the past two years) had left me a little underwhelmed mainly due to the setlists...my feeling has always been that if your metaphoric gun is loaded (with great songs), why leave any bullets in the holster?...give the audience what they want fellas...that being said, this show blew me away and was easily the best show I've seen other than that epic 46 song, 3 1/2 hour night # 3 by Pearl Jam in 2003...Everyday was a unique, but effective opener that really got the crowd going...Dreamgirl was solid, this song is growing on me...then they busted out DDTW which should always be played towards the beginning of a show, this really fires the crowd up...DIDO kept the momentum...and then they busted out # 34 after 12 years!!!! I was going nuts with the guy in front of me, but alot of the people around me didn't quite understand the significance...to top this off, the boys followed with a breathlessly beautiful Say Goodbye...this song still works even though Dave can't hit that high note at all anymore...Time of the Season worked cause of where it was in the setlist...then came a 20-minute, unbelievable LIOG which was sandwiched between 4 of the new tunes...not even gonna comment about those as I think the new record is by far their worst, but hey, at least they didn't play Smooth Rider and Out of my Hands tonight!!!!!!!!The placement of the new songs worked, though, becuase of the momentum built up from the first seven songs...Crush, American Baby and What You Are were a solid last three songs of the main setlist, but the encore was weak in my opinion with Old Dirt Hill and Rapunzel...I strongly feel that none of the new songs should be included with the encore...people don't stand and scream for 10 minutes to hear "Bring That Beat Back To Me Again" repeated 20 times...encore songs should be long time favorites...top it off in style with Ants or Tripping Billies next time fellas!!!
wow! what can i say!! the show was off the hook!! the guys really showed a lot of energy...i cant belive it but dave stared at me the whole time!!! and i got carter's two drumsticks!! AND MET BOYD BACKSTAGE!!!!!!!! WOW what a night....i really loved time of the season...it was really good!! The boys really jammed to "you might die tryin" it was crazyy!!! it was a great show!