HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Donít Drink the Water
Hunger for the Great Light
Dancing Nancies
Say Goodbye
Time of The Season
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
American Baby
Smooth Rider
Stand Up
Jimi Thing *
Louisiana Bayou *

You Might Die Trying
What You Are

* with Trey Anastasio

David O.
INCREADIBLE SHOW last night !!! By far the best Atlanta show since the ' 98 show with Tim on electric for the full show. Only 2nd time since 1993 that they played #34... And then Trey Anastasio on guitar for Jimi with the and my favorite of the new songs Louisana Bayou... The entire song but especially the last 5+ minutes or jamming was powerfull. Trey A kept pushing them farther and harder into the jam and it was great. sick!!!! Loved the old school triple threat of Dancing Nancies, Say Goodbye #34.... Before #34 Dave says they are going to play a slow one. Granny is one of my all time favs as well. Time of the Season was a fun cover... Dave sat down on a chair for Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd. Encore was less energetic than the powerful set ending stuff but it was a nice cap to a great evening. Thank you Trey Thank you boys!
Ben C.
Atlanta had been waiting for a night like this. Last night's show was amazing. To those at home, the setlist might look semi-questionable, but I have never seen the boys more on fire than tonight, and the crowd as well was very much into this show, much better than last year. OSW - a beautiful extended intro to start the night off, followed by the catchy Dream Girl. The energy turned extremely high to one of the best DDTW's that I have ever heard. Hunger For The Great Light is one of the best new songs, so it was nice to hear it. Nancies and Say Goodbye were flat out amazing (I still couldn't believe they played SG). Now I know they played #34 in Mansfield, but I was still exstatic to hear it! Second show in 12 years they've played it! Time of the Season was crazy and Granny was absolutely gorgeous. The next 4 (SA5533 - which Dave sat down on - a personal first for me, American Baby, Smooth Rider, and Stand Up) were all new, but I was impressed with the way the jammed them out, something the album "Stand Up" is in like of. But it was just after Stand Up that Dave announced "a friend" would be joining the next few songs. TREY ANASTASIO!! The place went bizerk. Jimi Thing was unreal with his soloing, plus LeRoi's. WOW! It was the best version of that song I've heard, and it must've lasted 20 minutes. This song is must download. Louisiana Bayou to finish it off - I know what people must've been thinking out home, "WHAT????" - but it was the perfect way to end it, with an unreal jam at the end featuring the great Phish-man. The encore was excellent, a powerful You Might Die Trying and What You Are. This is the best of my three shows I've seen. The new lighting is unbelievable. All in all, a wonderful night in Atlanta.
I've been to many Dave shows, but this had the best jam session. Trey rocked!!!! The last five minutes of Louisiana Bayou was so intense - you can just feel the intensity build and build. The time between their main set and the encore was longer than usual because I think they had to recover from that incredible jam session. I almost didn't come to this show, but I'm so glad I did. The new stuff rocks and I heard a lot of my favorites - especially Dancing Nancies.
I thought the ATL show was great. It started off so strong with OSW, DG, and DDTW. Hunger For the Great Light is proving to be so solid live... and then Dancing Nancies just blew everyone away. The show mellowed out over the next 5 songs (SG, 34, Time of the Season, Granny, and Stolen Away) and Dave kind of commented on how the crowd seemed a little mellow... well, Dave, wassup? It was a very warm evening so, I think the Band needed to pace itself... Dave's shirt was soaked after only a few tunes. The Band really attempted to finish each of American Baby, Smooth Rider, and Stand Up with strong vocals and instrumentals which was really cool. Jimi Thing with Trey was simply absurd... everyone taking turns just completely jamming... Encore was good, though I guess you are always hoping for a classic... What You Are is building momentum, though... Thanks DMB!
Atlanta show - AMAZING!! I have been going to shows for years and this is one of my favorites. The energy, setlist, Trey, etc. All awesome. I was hoping to hear Time of the Season and Say Goodbye in which both were played. Smooth Rider was another favorite. Jimi Thing was the best version I have heard with Trey playing with the band was even better. Dave, Boyd, Stefan, and Trey started jammin' out in front of Carter's drum set, WOW. Dave busting out his jibberish had the crowd going crazy. Then Louisana Bayou which rocked!! The fans couldn't have asked for a better show!! DMB ROCKS!!
Although I wish I had listened to more of Stand Up going into the show, Dave did such an incredible job that he made me love them after not even hearing them before! OSW and 34 both were incredible as they are two of my favorites--one thing that I need to learn is that he cannot play them all because there were so many that I wish he would have played. The ones that he did were spectacular especially when trey came out to join for jimi thing-that was the best version ever, no contest. All in all- the best version of an awesome song, but the set list could have had a few more golden oldies!
The main set of the show was incredible - #34 was a first for me and always love when Say Goodbye is included (the most romantic song about cheating on your girl ever written). The finale of Jimi Thing and Louisania Bayou with Trey was amazing. The best version of Jimi Thing in my 8 shows. The encore, however, felt like a let down after those two. Dave could never go wrong if he ended every show with Watchtower.
WOW! The best way to describe tonight was JAM! The band proved tonight that they are still Jam artists. Forget the four and five minute arangements that have blogged their last few studio albums and at times made their way on stage. Tonight there would be none of that. The OSW opener was a perfect start to the evening. Dreamgirl was great, everyone was just wailing along with Dave at the beginning of the song. It seemed the whole night Dave was so excited and energy-built. He kept trying to get the crowd into it, and I'm not sure if we ever got there. It seemed like last year the crowd was more into it but the band wasn't quite as much. They played a great show but Dave wasn't as pumped, scatting as often as he could get the chance, like tonight, especially early on and it sounded great. I knew it before they hit it, DDTW exploded and sounded absolutely great. When Dave went through it with perfect vocals I knew we were in for a great night. Hunger for the Great Light was good, but I wouldn't say great. Nancies had me excited, it was great, even better perfect. I was so expecting to go straight to Warehouse from there but it never happened. In fact I have to say that if there is a disappointment in tonight its that the guys never went full on into another song. But that's okay, I was estatic to hear Say Goodbye. #34 was beautiful and Dave and the guys covered Time of the Season so nicely. Granny was great, they jammed, it was a-typical. Dave sat for Stolen Away, which was beautiful, and sounded great. American Baby had everyone just rockin' and Smooth Rider sounded really good live and Dave got really into the song. Stand Up was played and it sounded a thousand times better live than on the album. Jimi Thing was one of the greatest JT's ever played. With Trey sitting in. Oh, it was awesome. It was such a treat to have Trey join up in Atlanta. And he had the crowd wrapped around his finger all through Jimi Thing. Although I did think that Jimi Thing came a little late in the evening but I was SO EXCITED to hear it live for the first time and to top it off with Trey. Another great thing about the Jimi Thing song was the whole Buffalo Springfield's "For What Its Worth" outtro at the end there. Louisiana Bayou with Trey in on guitar again was great. I sort of got the feeling like the guys were exhausted and about ready for a breather. Jimi Thing took a lot out of them. The set ended but they were back on stage one more time and we saw You MIght Die Trying, nice, and what has become a staple encore song What You Are, both were great, but it was cut and dry. I would have like to have heard Grey Street or it would have been really awesome, in my opinion, to have Trey come back out and sit in on Watchtower and just blow the roof off the place. It was a great show, it attend it a thoudsand times over again, Band was on and had great energy and everything JAMMED.
WOW! This was my 6th show and it was purely amazing. the best one by far. Jimi Thing with Trey was an AWESOME TREAT! my jaw was dropped the entire time. hunger for the great light was much better live as well as the others. Nancies is always wonderful to hear and dave and the guys were REALLY into it. carter had on a du-rag and all i have to say is that he is a pimp. say goodby and #34 ,awesome, the band jammed and i am so happy i got to go. it didn't rain which was a plus. overall, the best show i have been to. this show made my year!
G.J. C.
DMB was awesome again as they rnchanted the audience at the hi fi ampitheater in Atlanta on July 13th. Always seeing Dave and the boys is a thrill. One of the greatest gifts of life is DMB and their innovative contributions of new and old music they play. They certainly blew me away with Jimi Thing Wednesday night. Good times are the best times as DMB shows us over and over again how much they love us with their magical sounds!!!

I am 51 and my 24 yr old son & I went to the concert together. I couldn't possibly say which music I liked the most but Dave and the boys were Jammin!!!

J .
Wow! I took my 15 year old son to his first DMB show, and needless to say he's hooked like his old man! Wonderful set list with a great mix of old and new. I think we all have many, many older favorites which we could hear time and time again. However, what they were able to do with the new material was fantastic. Louisiana Bayou was absolutely incredible. To see the energy the band gave out on this song has made this song definitely a top 5 live song! Adding Trey to the mix was a big bonus. The band really jammed all night and I think that between Jimi Thing and Bayou they were just spent as the encore was great but not at the level of the rest of the show. Truly a wonderful mix of songs which is why DMB is the band to see live. You never know what your going to get, but it will always be great! On to Nashville for round 2!
This was my first DMB concert and the first concert ever for my nine-year-old son. Amazing! The band's energy is palpable...they jammed the whole night. Throwing Trey into the mix was an awesome bonus. I can't believe that Louisiana Bayou can be done any better live. The set list was incredible as well. We heard old favorites and what are now new favorites. Pulling out #34 was a special treat and hearing Say Goodbye was amazing as well. There is simply no way to describe these guys and the passion they feel for their music until you see them in concert. Their onstage energy forces you to move and their sound forces you to rock. This was the best concert I've ever been to.
This was my first Dave show ever. The energy was intense, and the energy was even more intense when trey came up and did jimi thing and louisiana bayou with the boys. I was a little upset that they didnt play warehouse, but was equally impressed that he opened with one sweet world. i was pissed to find that when i left for a bathroom break he played granny but it sounded nice from the urinal. All in all it was the best concert ive ever been too and it was worth the traffic, time and money and i will be there next year.