Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL
Graph of songs performed, by album
Steady As We Go
The Stone
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
Hello Again
Out of My Hands
Stand Up
Louisiana Bayou
What Would You Say?
Lover Lay Down -->
All Along The Watchtower

Hunger for the Great Light
What You Are

I went to the show on Sunday. Seeing as it was my very first DMB concert I was totally excited. I felt that the show overall was good but it had it's weak moments. (Such as Stolen away on..etc and Out of my hands) However, #34, Lover Lay Down and What you are were AMAZING!!! I wasn't crazy about all the music from the new album. I would have preferred if they played a little more from the older albums. Also, the sound quality at The Sound Advice Amphitheater is AWFUL!!! I had lawn seats and I got there reasonably early inorder to get good seats and we still had trouble hearing Dave over the roar of the people are us. I feel I missed out on Dave's banter w/ the audience and that's one of my favorite parts about a concert. All in all it was a good show. I hoping my next concert will be better! :)
Pat C.
Okay, this way my sixth DMB show. I went on Saturday as well. Songs were okay. They jammed it out as usual, but is anyone else sick of hearing 8 new songs during one DMB show. I understand that DMB is a business and they need play their new songs, so their future shows are as ecelctic as possible, but come one; 8 new songs. Give me a break! I love the band; my favorite band of all time but I am over their philosophy that gives me more new songs than songs I actually want to hear for the $60 I paid to go the show.
coming off last years shows here, i was looking forward to 2 good shows. i went to both west plam shows again, and combined i am am extremely dissapointed.sure there were highlights, #34 was amazing, warehouse, watchtower and lover lay down were spectacular ...but besides that i felt like all i heard was STAND UP. I'm an old school fan, i want to hear more from crash, under the table, and before these crowded streets. i understand that they want to play their new stuff, but they should realize how it takes the entire crowd out of the show. Everytime i got pumped, the show just got way too mellow. And then they decide to play hunger for the great light, and WHAT YOU ARE for an encore...come on that is pathetic...i didnt drive 8 hours to hear that EVERYDAY crap....they need to get it together out there, i have seen about 12 shows, and these were by far the worst 2...i will give them another chance next year, hopefully they will be better.
SO I'm a huge DMB fan and had lawn seats to this particular show. The setlist was diverse; new stuff was solid (bayou was off the hook!!!!) Loved Everyday, to hear #34 was a treat, never heard that live. The main problem that I had with this show had nothing to do with the band, it was the venue. I mentioned I had lawn seats, so we were a good distance away from the band. Now there is a slight possibility it was that the band was just mellow tonight and was playing soft, but when they started playing everyday and boyd was ripping the wah-wah on his fiddle, I could barely hear it over the usual crowd murmur. This continued on the whole night. The sound would fade in and fade out. When Dave is rockin' I need to hear that music as loud as it'll go. Watchtower; I mean what can i say, what would you say? (which coincidently was also played... ;o) the intro to what you are was the best i've ever heard, really original effects and sick vocals. All in all, great mellow show, horrible sound at the venue. Bad enough to make me not want to go back again, but as always the boyz delivered
Energy is what it was all about. The band was having a blast from Dave high-fiving Carter and Boyd, to cracking up on stage, the Boys had a great time. The selection of songs was good and hearing #34 for the first time was great. This was my 11th Dave concert and it was middle of the pack as far as his concerts go, which means it blew every other play the same songs every night band out of the water! The opener of 36-everyday was a repeat from Tampa but it still was good and got the crowd going. All the songs were played with great energy and Bartender was awesome, Dave adlibbing?? was the highlight. Bayou was off the charts, everybody where I was were jamming and Boyd was going off! The only problem is that they were turning every song into a 15 minute jam..lets cut it back to 3 or 4 15 minute jam songs and throw a few more total songs into the mix..besides that..it was awesome!
Amy F.
I attended both WPB shows, and while I enjoyed both, Sunday's was amazing.

Hands down, it was one of the best DMB shows this tried and true fan has seen----fairly high praise, considering I've seen multiple shows each year since 1995. The awesome seats I bought through Warehouse (6th row) certainly didn't hurt, either. I was skeptical and cautious coming into the show because the newer studio releases have not resonated with me, but in true DMB fashion, they jammed on both old and new pieces with a mastery of the language of music and of the instruments they play as only they do, translating stuffy studio cuts to energy-packed classics. Their showcase of different musicians from time to time truly rocked the musician in me.

I didn't stop dancing all night (hell, I'm still dancing in my head now)!

For me, one of DMB's finest hours!
Kevin M.
the band was great tonight. fortunately, i was close enough to the stage to see how well they interact with each other. that is a sight to behold for those who haven't seen it. i was with a good friend of mine who had never sat so close, and to see how excited he got being up front made the set that much better. also, we could see Ashley and one of the twin daughters dancing during the first few songs...they jam out just like the boys...

on to the highlights: everyday was great, can't go wrong with that as an opener IMO. steady as we go was chill, kind of weird to hear it as the second song. dreamgirl got the radio crowd up and going, but i love it, too, so i didn't mind hearing for the 4th night in a row. PNP>Rapunzel was the most crazy i have seen them go this year. they went so crazy, in fact, that dave "had to rest" as he sat down for stolen away. they ripped it up and got me pretty pumped. baternder and hello again were solid, Outof My Hands doesn't do it for me. #34 is so special, i could hear that every night, they really nailed it. 'Roi blew me away. LLD was a treat, i have heard it a few times, but this caught me by suprise. Bayou is great on CD, but even better live. Watchtower was unbeleivable. even though i know what to expect, they still seem to get me with this song. i hurt myself jumping up and down when i landed on the seat in front of me. the encore didn't do it for me. i like both of those songs, but not where they were played. WYA intro was especially long tonight and had a few more ascertainable words than i usually remember, but still didn't save the song. i was praying for billies, especially because we already got two step on night 1, so WYA was a little bit of a bummer. as i say, though, and song i hear live is a great song, so i left happy. see y'all at Red Rocks.
Doingit4u .
For this being my second show it was also great! I did like the first shoe better, because they played older music and more upbeat; however the band was their to rock! They were so pumped for this show. Everyday was cool to hear live especially with #36 intro. This got the crowd singing. The stone was cool, because it was an older song, and i never thought i would hear it live. Dreamgirl was unexpected, because they played it last nite, but it was still great the second time around just like hunger for the great light, and Bayou. WOW! Rapunzel rocked! This song was my favorite of both shows, the band was into it as well as the crowd. The lights were great and them jamming. Lover Lay Down.... well I can say I was very exicted to hear this live, because besides the radio songs this is the song that got me hooked. It is very special to me and I was glad me and my freind got to hear it. He has been to 7 shows and that was the first time he heard it live :). What would you say was also a great crowd pleaser and along the watchtower ( which I never like until i heard it live). And for a supriser... two upbeat songs for the encore. DMB got me hooked and cant wait to see them live again :). I ahd such a great time wacthing them play in West Palm .
I have been a DMB fan for about 10 years. I have seen over 20 shows. I will never spend money to see them again. I do not know if I am growing out of the music, or if they have lost their "flare", or if it something else. The show on Sunday was one of the most boring concerts I have ever been to. There was nothing wrong with the playing. As a matter of fact, I thought the Rapunzel was great and VERY energetic. I thought that Butch added a ton with the keyboards and LeRoi took over the jam at the end. #34 was a nice treat, as I (like most people) have never heard it. I also thought Bartender was good, with extended solos.

A main problem of mine with DMB was the setlist. While I do not love the new CD, I don't hate it like others. It is a good CD to chill to, but it does not translate well to concert at all. Every time they had the crowd going, they would suck the energy out of the crowd with a new, slow, boring song. If you look at the first 7-8 songs, they go from old song to new song. In addition to the new songs, they play the same exact songs, over and over again. Every time the band comes down here, they play the same exact songs. I am sick of hearing Watchtower and WWYS. I was so utterly bored during 85% of the show.
I've seen Dave play many many times (about 40 times in the past 5 years.) Sunday's show was probably one of the best shows i have ever seen. To hear Repunzel, #34, and Watchtower in the same set just proves to me one thing. You never know! You never know what you are gonna hear every time you see him. This is what keeps me coming back for more. The way that Dave starting jammin out and dancing on stage was the best.
Mike B.
I thought the show was great. While I would have preferred the set list from the Saturday show, I was blown away with the jams. While they do seem to playing more mellow songs (#34, Stolen Away) they are making up for it with prolonged jam sessions like Bartender, Hello Again and Louisiana Bayou and, of course, Watchtower. Rapunzel was awesome, as all the band members were obviously enjoying the energy from the crowd. I was a little disappointed in hearing What You Are as an encore again (hershey) Dave really put everything he had left into it.
Matt S.
Of the 9 Dave shows I've been to, this one was by far the worst. The heat and a humidity was killer all day, and had really zapped the energy out of alot of people, and I wonder if the heat had not gotten to the band a little bit. The set was soooo slow. Steady as we go, Stolen Away, and Lover Lay Down, are real snoozers, and the combination of the three do not belong in the same show. Dream girl, Hunger, and Bayou were all repeats from the night before, and # 34, which everyone has been raving about the return of, is extremely boring. The Stone was good, as always, and rapunzel was very good as well. I enjoyed Hello Again, although most of the crowd sat for it. WWYS and WatchTower are way overplayed, and I really don't like Stand Up. At least they ended the show on a good note with a great performance of What You are. I understand that the band is trying to plug their new CD, but with as many songs as they have, it would serve them better to mix it up a little more, and please the crowd a little better.