Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
Best of What's Around
When The World Ends
Rhyme & Reason
Hello Again
Out of My Hands
Smooth Rider
Hunger for The Great Light
Lie in Our Graves
Louisiana Bayou
Say Goodbye
The Stone
Two Step

Dreaming Tree [tease]
Old Dirt Hill
What You Are

Keith B.
All I can say is "DMB are Gods" , On this very musically historically day, watching DMB play in Philly for the world and then turn around and play the setlist they played tonight goes to show you the heart and love these guys have for there trade. I mean WOW! I love the new CD, but thanks for only playing 7 bew songs Its great to see a great mix of old and new stuff. LIOG, LAB, SGB, Stone, and 2step as the set closer, Best I have seen. Amazing show, I Love What You Are, one of my Favorites, and a awesome way to end a very long exhausting and unforgetable day. Thank You DMB!!! I would have to say "Dreaming Tree" is one of the best written songs these guys play, They need to play it on a regular. What do You Guys Think??
First and foremost there was a fatal hit and run outside of SPAC last night after the show. The local news has stated that the police are looking for any information from anyone that had seen anything. Please if you have any information contact our local police, help the family of another DMB fan. 518-584-1800 Saratoga local police.

The concert was great but mello, didn't see as many people dancing around as normal but the concert was sold out and was very busy, so maybe there just was no room. We had a great time, enjoyed the great music and the good company and can not wait until next year's show.
Sweet L.
Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! This was by far the best show I have ever been to. Dave played for nearly 3 hours and the energy was so high. BOWA was a good opener and when the world ends was a crowd favorite. Rhyme and Reason got the crowd pumped as well. Dream girl sounded better then the first night and all of his stand up material sounded so much better live. Hello again, smooth rider, lou. Bayou, and Hunger were among the most popular songs played from his new album. Out of my hands was disapointing. Crush was my favorite song of the night and it seemed to be a favorite for the crowd. The nearly 20 minute version of lie in our graves was outstanding to say the least. The stone sounded great and obviously everyone was surprised/excited to hear two step. The encore was decent only because he played what you are. Old dirt hill was def. a downer but what you are brought the night to an awesome end. It was awesome to hear it because it isnt played that much n e more and its one of my favorites. Overall no concert I have been to compares to this night of dave, and this show is going to be hard to beat.
Just looking at the setlist does not even begin to describe how awesome this show was. First of all, thanks to the kids from Mass, it was good to enjoy the show with you and I hope that you hear 41 next time! But anyways, the band and the crowd was just pumped tonight. This had to be the most high-energy show I have ever been to (this is my seventh), in fact this was also the best show I had ever been to, as it was for people around me who had been to thirteen! All the songs were the best versions I had ever heard, and the crowd was soo into it it was amazing. I mean, hello, Say Goodbye(hasn't been played in FOUR YEARS!)-Stone-Two Step! All of which were jammed out to the max. Best of Whats Around was a great opener, and the rest just got better and better. The only low point was Out of My Hands-Smooth Rider, but having not liked that song before I loved it after hearing this version. Even the new songs he played were good, and he topped it all off with the best version of What You Are complete with screaming and swearing. I just dont khow how I can ever top this show. You would be doing yourself a huge favor if you got the discs cuz it was amazing!
last nights show was really great, galactic did a great job of opening, considering the last time i saw them i thought they were a waste of time as an opener but this year it was a more established sound and they sounded great. the DMB were amazing as usual, for people that arent very big dave fans that are only familiar with the first album or two this show wasnt for them they played alot of their new songs (of course they did its in support of their new album), and their new stuff sounds so incredible live. i myself am not that familiar with their new album because mine is MIA, however getting into the music and enjoying the atmosphere is something that will never be a problem at a DMB concert. they opend with a couple fan favorites but stayed away from the mainstream radio tracks this year, which in my opinion is great because i hear enough of the radio songs as it is. its always good to get to hear other material. all in all this show was awesome, the fans are great and the atmosphere is incredible i would highly recomend any of the stops on the DMB tour to anyone.
Kat S.
Another great night at SPAC! The setlist is an understatement in terms of what actually went on at the show!I was a little anxious about the show fearing that the boys might be tired from their whirlwind trip to Philly - but they did not disappoint! I think the crowd was surprised by the BOWA opener which is always a great way to start a show! Lots of energy! And it didnt stop there! Hello Again just rocked the place! I was excited to hear it again as its one of my favorites! Crush was strong with Stefan rocking the bass big time! LIOG was amazing - Boyd went nuts - he was all over the stage feeding off the energy of the crowd. The rest of the show was on fire! The band satidfied the crowds desire to hear Two Step and what a version it was! I was up in the balcony tonight and throughout two step- you could feel the whole balcony shaking! Old Dirt Hill sounded kind of awkward at first - perhaps due to its place in the set - but towards the end - Carter was getting the crowd into it by inviting us to clap along with his crossed drum sticks! What You Are was a great way to end a night filled with an incredible amount of energy! Although I was secretly hoping to hear Billies! And for the record- please - for the love of God - just play Dreaming Tree!!!!!!!!!

Tonight showcased Carter's incredible talent on the drums! However - the best part of the night - the whole band took a moment to thank the crowd. Dave started saying how "We were all talking - and we really love playing hear each year - the energy in this room is always amazing - so Thank YOU!" You could tell the bad was really enjoying their time at SPAC and it was great to be a part of it! At the end - Dave even went and got one of Carter's sticks and threw it into the crowd. On the way out of the venue - the buses flew by- honking their horns and giving the crowd a shout out.

Good times with good good friends! Can't wait for Randall's Island!
This night was just another reason why Dave Matthews Band is by far the best live show to attend. With their jazz-like structure of solos amoungst each band member taking turns sharing the spot light. And as each solo goes on, each other member still displays their own individual talent at their station on stage. Really Dave Mattheews Band sholud be called the Dave, Boyd, Carter, LeRoi, Stefan, (Butch) Band... The July 2nd show was the concert where they played more music than words wer sung. Dave Matthews and co. put on a wonderful performance worth every cent and failed to disappoint when they came back out w/ Old Dirt Hill and What Are You. GREAT SHOW.
Nate H.
amazing show, you could tell dave boyd and carter especially were really feeding off the energy from the sold out crowd. solid bowa opener into wtwe. stand out songs included an awesome ryhme and reason, stone, and say goodbye. as for the new songs, i really enjoyed smooth rider and lousiana bayou, out of my hands was the only new song i would consider medeocre. all and all it was an incredible show, great people, great energy, great setlist.
Wow, another amazing night at SPAC. Galactic was a killer opening band. They rocked the place without singing a note. As for DMB, Best of What's Around was a much better opener than One Sweet World was the night before. Dream Girl was fine, a bit longer than the previous night. The most energetic song they played was definitely Hello Again. Dave didn't do the "she was my girl" intro, but the song was played with the greatest intensity. At first it didn't seem like Carter was going to do the drum solo, but then he came in quietly, turning it into possibly the best drum solo I've ever heard. The place went nuts. I think Hello Again will eventually evolve into a closer. Out Of My Hands was an interesting choice, but it worked somehow, especially when the big screens showed Dave from above. Smooth Rider was a bit repetitive, but at least is wasn't two minutes long like the studio version. The new songs Hunger for the Great Light and Louisiana Bayou rocked the place as always. Lie in Our Graves was a nice surprise; the crowd loved it. The crowd also really appreciated Say Goodbye even though Dave messed up the lyrics a bit. The group of people behind me had the been doing the Two Step chant all night. When I say Boyd in strumming position I turned around and said "I think this is it, guys." When the band started the song I got a few high fives. Butch's solo was really sweet. He used a clavinet/rhodes type sound. I never get tired of that ending. What You Are is always an interesting closer. During the intro Dave was screaming really loudly, but far away from the mic so it made this quiet screeching sound, very creepy, but very cool. They rocked the song, but I had been hoping for Watchtower. That song keeps eluding me. It was an amazing night nevertheless. Good setlist, good jams, tons and tons of energy.
All I can say is that this show was awesome! BOWA was a great opener. I was so excited when the band started playing when the world ends, which is one of my favorites! I was kinda nervous about how the new stuff would sound live, but i was pleasantly surprised. Carter had the best drum solo during Hello Again, and i really liked the live version of Smooth Rider. Crush got the whole crowd singing, but i think the highlight of the night for me was LIOG. Boyd came out with the best violin solo i think i've ever heard! The whole crowd was goin nuts! The next 4 songs just blew me away. Louisiana Bayou, say goodbye, stone, and 2step as the set closer, what an ending! There was so much energy! Old Dirt Hill for the encore was ok, but What You Are completely knocked me off my feet! what a great show, i cant wait for next year!
Nate Y.
Every year, I enter into the DMB tour season more and more apprehensive about what the summer will bring. Just as in 03, this show has put my worries to shame. I have been going to shows for about 8 years now, and I have to say that the energy and emotion being tossed between the band and crowd was second to none. The first half of the concert set the tone very nicely. The cheerful BOWA opened up everything on a positive note, with this ancient song pleasing the "older" members of the crowd I'm sure. Subsequent songs provided a fascinating contrast between earlier DMB and their most recent release. The bluesy Smooth Rider highlighted this portion, although the inspired jam at the end of Crush also had everyone dancing in their seats. LIOG blew the lid off the shell, propelling this show into another realm of greatness. I have heard this song many, many times, and I can honesly say that on this particular night they played it with more heart than I can ever remember. Boyd's ecstatic solo erupted and spilled all over the crowd. I will never forget that jam. Just to let us know that their newer work can stand up to the monsterous classics, they followed up with Louisiana Bayou, with Boyd once again stealing the show. Say Goodbye....all I can do is say thank you. Solid versions of Stone and Two Step finished off what I consider as the best second half of a show EVER. Old Dirt Hill is a sweet sentimental song, but we really want to hear Dave yell, and What You Are answered our prayers. I left the show with a huge smile and haven't been able to get rid of it. My non-DMB friends remain fascinated by such a reaction, asking me how I cannot get tired of doing this summer after summer, year after year. The fact that they have to ask that question reveals that they will never understand.
First of all this ampitheatre was amazing the park itself was gorgeous. Dave showed up right after he got in from the albany airport and rocked the house with an amazing BOWA, WTWE is always a treat, Rhyme and Reason a good song to keep the energy goin. When hello again came on everyone was very excited.....SAY GOODBYE OH MY GOD FINALLY HE BRINGS IT BACK, the song was incredible the boys really rocked tonight althought the encore was a little disappointing. but dave and the guys will make up for it.....see you in camden!
WOWWWWW!!!!! This show was amazing to say the least. BOWA was a great song to open with, it got the crowd into the show immediately, and was very unexpected. Right into WTWE. Great choice, a great song to follow up BOWA, one of the best songs of the night. R&R, incredible, always a crowd favorite. Dreamgirl sounded better than first night, hello again was a pleasure to hear, out of my hands was a little disappointing, smooth rider, good. And then there's crush. Need i say more? I've heard numerous live versions of this song and none of them come close to comparision with this one. It was one of the best songs of both nights, the crowd was so excited. Hunger was again a great song to hear. Lie in our graves...wow...20 minutes with some sickk solos. Louisiana bayou was the best "new " song of the night, the crowd was amped. Say goodbye was def a surprise to hear, but a pleasant one at that. The stone....incredible...i was waiting for dave to start the opening riff at some point and when he did i went crazy. two step. BY FAR the best song of both nights....the crowd was jamming for 15 minutes. when you're on the lawn it's hard to hear the teases..but i could hear something...when i found out it was the dreaming tree tease....HOTDAMN...play that song it's awesome! ODH was disappointing, for once i can say a version of a DMB song sounded better studio. What you are was probably the best song dave and the boys could have ended with, it was so energy-driven it was ridiculous. I dont know if there is a better setlist than this one boys and girls, it's a hard one to beat.
JIMINY CRICKETS!!!!! this show was, for lack of a better word, incredible. i have been to 8 shows and this is either the best or 2nd best. it is in tough compitition with 7/29/02. but this show was absolutly amazing. BOWA- best opener ever. period. it was defintely a treat to hear and was a good way to start the show. the energy kept picking up with WTWE then R&R, but then exploded with hello again. that song is just incredible. crush was very pleasent as always, and got the crowd back into after OOMH and SR (which were both pretty cool live). but then. LIE IN OUR GRAVES!!! not only was it LIOG but it was THE BEST LIOG EVER!!! it blew the lid off of SPAC during boyd's solo. it was incredible. that was the start of the best run i have ever seen that included LB(amazing song live) SAY GOODBYE!!(very awesome) stone(always cool) and a two step closer. WYA to close the show was great. i hate how that song gets hate. it is amazing, everybody was screaming with delight during it. everybody left in a good mood, i bet it was the best show ever seen by most of the crowd. DMB ARE MUSIC GODS!!! props on another great show.
Spac W.
all i can say is that both nights of spac this summer 05 were absolutely amazing. 1st night, even with the downpouring rain, the crowd was wild. 2nd night, it was even better. everyone was thrilled to hear the stone and two step, but goodness gracious.. play dreaming tree! i was scared that the band would be tired out from their earlier day in phili, but.. they weren't, they came on with amazing energy which got the crowd going wild. cant wait for spac 06!!
To make a very long story short, the show was unbelievable. To play Saratoga, fly to Philidelphia, then back to Saratoga is amazing in itself. The boys left nothing behind from the very start. At one point in the concert after Lie In Our Graves, the band actually applauded the crowd. The energy from the fans was unimaginable along with that of the bands. I sure as hell can't wait for Darien now, I could only hope it will be half as good as this concert.
Good show... this show started out with the absolute most energy i have ever seen at any show period. BoWa through R&R was absolutely incredible, cited most by how Dave had to thank the crowd before Dream Girl. The energy continued till Crush. Boyd's jam was crazy but they cut it short which pissed me off because they do that a lot. From there on the intensity declined just a bit. Graves and Bayou were still hot though. A twist and turn here and there and this could have been one of the best shows ever, and i do mean of all time.
This show, my 9th overall and third of this tour was by far the best show I've seen. The boys were just on fire all night long. Boyd, continuing from his crazy solos on Friday night, went off on Crush, LIOG, LB and so on. The band just seemed to feed off the energy from the crowd and from their 3 concerts in 24 hour stint. The majority of the Stand Up songs played tonight were probably the best off the album. The only dissapointing performances were OOMY and ODH. I've heard ODH twice now in 3 shows and must say this is the one DMB song I'd rather not hear in concert. There's no energy in the song and seeing Carter screwing around with that electric crap on the drums makes me sick. Night 2 concerts seem to be coming up with a nice blend of old and new material. From the opening BOWA, grooving through SR, dancing along with Boyd on LIOG, sining along to LB, awesome to hear SG and screaming through WYA, this show was awesome. Hearing the boys thank us, the fans, and expressing their joy at playing at SPAC, just capped off the night. Though I'm biased, this show was such great quality that it should be released in the LIVETRAX series. Cheers to all who were there, and hope the rest of the tour goes on like this weekend.
I sadly missed BOWA and WTWE because my friends end I got stuck in the rush to get into the venue after tailgating all afternoon - however even from outside the gates they both sounded amazing and the crowd was pumped up. It was amazing.

My biggest fear was that the guys were going to be tired from flying to and from Philly after having played the night before, playing that afternoon in Philly and then coming back to play at SPAC that night. But they proved me wrong. Actually, I knew I was wrong when they arrived at SPAC and as they drove by the parking lots they honked and everyone tailgating just went wild. It was the perfect summer night for the most amazing DMB concert I have ever been to on the East Coast.

It was more than a pleasure to hear Crush for the second year in a row performed at SPAC - that is by far my favorite song of their's of all time and this was the best performance of it I have heard live. The band was into it, Boyd's solo was incredible and def. will not be forgotten and the crowd inside the pavillon and outside on the lawn sang-a-long. The energy didn't die after Crush - Hunger For The Great Light second to Lousiana Bayou of all the new songs. Both of them sound really good live and get the crowd roaring.

I personally was not a fan of the new album until after hearing the songs live two nights in a row. Lie In Our Graves was a great surprise and was absolutely incredible as well as Say Goodbye (I'm so glad it's back!) and The Stone. We could not have asked for a better closer of the main set than Two Step. For at least the past 2 years the crowd has shouted "Two Step" during both nights at SPAC and they did it that night as well...and then crowd and the band just erupted with energy when it was finally played. It was amazing and the crowd was def. very pleased. THANK YOU GUYS FOR FINALLY PLAYING IT!

The encore was quite amazing as well. Carter helped get the crowd into ODH by getting us to clap along and WYA was full of energy. The Dreaming Tree tease got at least everyone inside the pavillon going and next time they really just need to play it!!!

This set was by far one of the best and it is going to be hard to top and it is def. one of the best shows they have ever put on at SPAC. The band thanked the crowd but I'm sure everyone who attended this show would agree with me when I say that we should thank them.
Rob S.
AMAZING....The only word to describe this show. After driving 5 hours from LI me and my friends made our way through some heavy traffic to SPAC. After walking about a mile through woods and parking lots trying to find the damn place we met up with our other friends in the main parking lot. After drinking a few beers we made our way into the front gate. While waiting online for a 3 dollar pretzel B.O.W.A came roaring out of the speakers. This was a great way to start the show, and had everyone on their feet. WTWE and Rhyme and Reason kept me on my feet while me and my buddy got separated from our "group' or friends. What made the show even better was meeting girls from Saratoga who were madd chill. After a mix of new and old songs treating my ears The stone and Two step came on, which made my night. I though that the encore could have beed different (all along the watch tower :) ). Either way this was one of the best shows I have ever seen and can't wait till randalls Island.
Friend O.

Thanks to everyone who gave information to police about the hit-and-run accident that killed Grania Maggio after the July 2 concert at SPAC. On Thursday evening, police arrested the man they believe killed Grania. He is being held without bail on multiple charges related to the accident.

Grania was loved by so many. To simply say that her loss deeply saddens her family and friends is a gross understatement. We will mourn her passing for years to come.

Grania was a loving and thoughtful person with constant enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. She was a huge DMB fan, and the long lines of people who paid their respects last Thursday couldn't help but notice the Under the Table and Dreaming CD that had been placed in her casket.

Sleep well, Grania. We will miss you.
Shauny B.
Night 2 of SPAC being my 8th show here...now I know why I love this venue so much! First and foremost though, my condolences to the friends and family of Grania Maggio...a fellow DMB fan...may she rest in peace.

To the show: BOWA as an opener...wow, this is my favorite song from them and hearing it as an opener is just as amazing as hearing it as an encore the past 2 years! WTWE and R&R were amazing as always and a pleasure to hear, DREAMGIRL was hot...definitely one of my favorites from the new album, HELLO AGAIN just gets better and better...much improved from last year, OOMH was good but a snoozer, SMOOTH RIDER has everyone dancin' again, but CRUSH really got the crowd going with Boyd and Carter going absolutely nuts. Once everyone hears Stefan's riff off the bass, they go crazy! HFTGL is an awesome song but to hear LIOG and LOUISIANA BAYOU back to back was awesome...LIOG was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Finally, I thought the trifecta of Watchtower --> BOWA --> Tripping Billies from '03 and '04 was awesome...nothing compared to the trifecta of the crowd pleasing versions of SAY GOODBYE, THE STONE, and TWO STEP was breathtaking. I wish they would've played DREAMING TREE as everyone wished, but maybe at Darien again? ODH and WYA were good, just not what I expected from an encore. Amazing show and an amazing weekend with amazing friends and an amazing band. Simply AMAZING is the only word that can sum this up!