Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN
Graph of songs performed, by album
American Baby Intro -->
Dreamgirl -->
You Never Know
Time of the Season
Hunger for the Great Light
Jimi Thing
Steady as We Go
American Baby
You Might Die Trying
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
Stand Up *
Louisiana Bayou *

Old Dirt Hill
What You Are

* With Robert Randolph
Note that "American Baby Intro" is the track on Stand Up by that name, not "American Baby."

Well this was my 4th and last trip to see them this summer. Just wanted to say to DMB thanks for giving this Little boy from West Virginia one hell of a summer. Anyway i took my little cousin P-Nut and it was his 2nd show, and he really wanted to hear Jimi Thing and DMB delievered. I was happy for him. I thought it was one hell of a show to end the summer on. It was cool to hear Time of The Season. I went to both Columbus shows, and when i seen them bring Robert Randolphs Steel out i was going nuts because i knew what was coming up. By far the best live performance of Louisiana Bayou ever, they rocked it out. and i heard Crash again which is always a pleasure. Over all great show loved it. peace out now Bryan.
I was so thrilled to hear DMB play "Time of the Season"... that was the most awesome thing I've ever heard. I was a little disappointed that they didn't play a little more of the "oldies", but they really rocked. All of the new songs sounded even better than they do on CD. The band seemed to be having a great time on stage, I even saw Leroi Moore open his eyes a few times :-)!
Jake M.
The show last night in Antioch, TN was probably one of the top performances that any of us DMB fans would be so graced to see this tour season. The energy of the band was high almost all night long, with the cover "Time of the Season" being an instant crowd favorite. The big hoorah, however, for this show was the special guest, Robert Randolph, who with the help of his slide guitar turned "Stand Up" and "Louisiana Bayou" into an energy packed, all out free for all jam session. Overall, this concert was one of my favorites of late because the energy the band and the crowd both displayed the whole show. Big thanks to everyone who came to the show. Peace.
I've been to over 15 DMB shows, and I'm still debating over this one being the best I've ever seen. If not it's up there with the best. Despite a lame crowd after the first few rows (I was 6th) Dave and the guys brought out tons of energy from the first note. Stephan was particularly energetic, which was a nice change from his usual lethargic style. The set list was average-to-good on paper, but the DMB rendition of the classic "Time of the Season" to perfection was timeless. After "American Baby-Intro" DMB threw us for a loop (happens every time) and we found ourselves instead following Dave's conducting through the intro vocals to "Dream Girl" (great song!), the "yeaaaaa, yeaa, yea" countless times which brought about a frenzy in the crowd like I've never seen. As many DMB pureists like myself, the old stuff never gets old, and are actually the songs we'd rather here. However, Dave played his newest album almost entirely and I enjoyed it rather thoroughly because of his unpredictable style. On top of all that, he brought out Robert Randolph to absolutely tear up the steel guitar for the last two songs of the set. Then, in again typical Dave style, he teased us with "tables turned again..." to begin the encore before playing "Old Dirt Hill" instead. Overall, great show and great night, maybe the best ever!
Ariel G.
Umm...Let me say this much. If I saw this set list in another city, I would have been happy that I didn't go, but this was the set list in my city and I did go. Now I love Dave Matthews Band, but last night, I lost some respect for them. Don't get me wrong now, all of these songs were great, but they were all love songs. Everyday, American Baby, Crush, Dream Girl, Crash, Time of the Season, Hunger for the Great Light, and Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd. Now again, these are all good songs, but Dave should have not played one type of song (love songs) continuously throughout the night. It felt like a couples night. There was a full moon, the show was sold out, and Dave kept playing slow love songs; he lacked his intensity. But there were good parts. Everyday was good to hear, Crush and Warehouse were both amazing, and anything with Robert Randolph (Stand Up and Louisiana Bayou) will have great intensity and energy. Besides that, the show was lacking speed and the normal drive that we all love in Dave shows. He didn't seem to get into it until well into the show. As for the encore, he did a #40 tease which the sound guy completely and then went into Old Dirt Hill, which is half the song that #40 is. I don’t believe that musicians should tease a great song, and then play a song that could never compare to the song being teased. And then the show ended with What You Are, which was very good. Maybe I was spoiled with the Bonnaroo '05 show, but I expected much better. Maybe next year they will learn from their mistakes. If not, I will still come, but not expect as much from the show.
Even though I was front row at the golden gate park show last year with Carlos Santana as the 'special guest', I have to say that Robert Randolph not only led the band in the best jam of the night but he blew Carlos Santana right out of the water. I am huge Dave fan but this guy practically stole the show. This show was full of raw moments and a fairly decent set list. Even though I could have done without a few of the new stuff, this is the first show out of the many I've seen by DMB that really wore the groud out! Amazing Night!
Alex G.
Let me preface my review by saying this: I've only been a DMB fan for about three months. My girlfriend has been a fan for a long time, and those three months ago, I asked her to make me a mix CD of Dave stuff I might like, to see if it was for me. The CD stayed in my car for two weeks... just long enough for me to get my "Crash and "Under the Table and Dreaming" CDs in the mail from an online store. I've been hooked, buying the other albums at every paycheck, ever since. Last night was my first Dave concert, and the same for my girlfriend. I was truly amazed at how great a show these guys put on. I've said before that I like Dave because of the great songwriting, but I love Dave because of the jams after the songs. I love tunes like "Dreaming Tree," "Halloween," "Kit Kat Jam," "Proudest Monkey," and "Watchtower," for the great soloing and musical mastery of the group. Last night only secured this for me.

I'm not sure I've heard anything that could top these performances of "Dreamgirl," "Jimi Thing," "Crush," "Warehouse," and certainly not "Lousiana Bayou." Even songs like "Everyday," "What You Are," and "Hunger for the Great Light" which I didn't like as much in studio were simply amazing live.

Thanks DMB for one of the best nights of my life. The whole production was altogether great with lighting design and some of the best jams I've ever heard.
Dustin C.
The Dave Mattews Band once again comes through with an amazing performance. The shows energy was great and Nashville, aka music city always comes through with a great crowd. The only disappointment of the night was my friend Tater and I getting our hopes up to hear Watchtower with Robert Randolph after him suprisingly showing up on stage and then not coming through, it was a real let down. At the show in Nobelsville, IN they rocked out Watchtower with Robert and it was the best version ive ever heard. Overall this was once again a kick ass show and always a great time. This was about the 10th show for Tater Mason and I and we will be back summer after summer as long as the band is touring. I do wish Starwood would upgrade there screens though, Nobelsville has a much nicer venue.

Dustin Cherry
An amazing night, not what you would really expect from the setlist, but the band brought it. My friend who went to the Atlanta show said they brought so much more energy to the stage and it showed. I was really glad to hear You Never Know, and Dreamgirl blew me away. Obviously Warehouse had a bunch of energy, but the night was stolen by the Bayou. Robert, Dave, Boyd and Stefan were in a line on the front of the stage, all doing their respective dances. They played the ending riff for what seemed like forever and the crowd was really going wild. What You Are intro this year is so amazing with the combination of the lights and Dave's yelling. A great show!
This was my first DMB show after over a year of ... being interested, I suppose (what does everyone else call it? Love? Obsession?), and - I don't say this lightheartedly - I am disappointed. Everytime the show's energy would kick into gear, on great jams like "Crash into Me", "Jimi Thing", and "Warehouse" (an EXCELLENT "Warehouse", I might add), the mood was killed by overproduced stuff that just doesn't translate well to live performance, ie: "Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd" and "Old Dirt Hill."

The only exception to the blah Stand Up fare was Robert Randolph's show-stealing appearance on "Lousiana Bayou".

I know that some of my mood was killed by my fellow lawn-seaters (there was a fight during "Everyday", which gave me chills, about 3 feet away from me); I know that the boys have an album to push and explore, and I'll go see them again, but with caution.
Ashley W.
This was my first time seeing DMB Live and WOW. Great performance, very energetic. I loved their cover of "Time of the Season". They played I think ten songs from the new album, and even though I had not heard all of them, I thought they were still great. I missed hearing some of my favorites, like DN, TB, BOWA, TS, etc. but I still had a wonderful time at the show with my friend. They're all amazing musicians. Robert Randolph was amazing as well and really jammed on LB. AWESOME SHOW GUYS! I'm looking forward to going again. I'm told that when they are not on an album tour, they do more old stuff, so I'm looking forward to that!
Jay R.
My second time seeing Dave this summer is one that I probably will forget about. If he didn't play the entire new album, which I want my money back for, he came very close to it. The only thing about the show that made up for all of the new material was the Robert Randolph appearance. If only they have played Watchtower with Robert's amazing dobro work added to the mix. Otherwise, I can't wait until the next tour when the Band is not promoting an album. Then the classics will come out.
Johnny R.
This was only my second DMB show ever, but it absolutely rocked! They played a pretty even mix of new stuff and classics, and by the end they were all soaked with sweat and exhausted. Robert Randolph also made an appearance and wailed on his slide guitar for jammed out versions to end the main part of the show. We waited about 15 minutes for the encore, but it was amazing as well. Overall, I'd give this show 9 out of 10 only because the weather was horrible (90 degrees, 100% humidity) and the venue left something to be desired. Awesome show!
Jamie B.
Fellow DMB fans, Let me start out by saying that I have been a lover & follower of this band for almost 10 years now and have been to countless shows, including Bonnaroo `05. This show ranks in the top 3, it ROCKED!! While I was not initially a super huge fan of the new CD, this performance made me fall in love with the new songs and proves that DMB truly is a JAM BAND. Robert Randolph, as always, was off the hook and I almost lost it when Dave came out with Robert's hat on! Seeing the four of them (Dave, Robert, Boyd and Stephan) rock out on "Louisana Bayou" was the highlight of the night, hands down. Dave's intro to "What You Are" allowed for some magical insight as to his South African musical background and uniquely diverse talent. More old school jams would have been nice but overall an unforgettable night. PEACE and LOVE to DMB!!!!!
Alright first off, I LOVE DMB!!! I have been to this years bonnaroo show and this years atlanta show. This year in Nashville was AWFUL. This setlist was one of those setlists where you look at updated sets on DMBand.com and you say to yourself "Thank-god I wasnt there". As soon as Dave and the band played their first note (everyday) i could tell it was going to be an awful night. He had trouble hitting his high notes all night, which is why the set consisted mostly of slower songs including lower pitched tones. Honestly, I think that dave and the band got wasted together the night before and woke up extremly hung over and said to themselves, "let's just get through with tonight". Robert Randolf was amazing and so was stand-up and Bayou. It seemed like at those two moments, were the only time that the band was into the set. It was great to hear You Never Know, crush, American baby intro and dreamgirl. One word of advice to the band. Don't play a show that lacks the amazing talent that you guys are fully capable of performing at.
This was my third advanture this summer and was a great time. I agree alittle too much new stuff, a few more classic are always well received. Times was great and highlight for me, Randolph, of course, was all energy. In Cleveland he blew me away and last night was no letdown. I heard a few reviews from people saying Dave had no energy. I am not sure what show they saw but Dave looked ampted and well rested. When Randolph was jamming on the slide, Dave looked like he was about to tweak!

Hope to hit up some more shows before it rounds out...Still waiting for a few classics...
It's true, the setlist from this show was not nearly as good as the setlist from the Atlanta show and the band did seem to lack some of the energy they had a week ago but it's hard to top perfect (which they were in Atlanta). Considering this is the Stand Up tour, you have to expect to hear the new music and that we did. It was all great. Mellower, but great. There's passion in Steady As We Go and energy in Louisiana Bayou; not to mention the amazingly talented Robert Randolph sitting in. I loved hearing Old Dirt Hill and What You Are for the encore...Dave's intro to What You Are is an amazing glimpse into his musical heritage. Overall it was a great show.
Waring J.
i have been a Dave fan since i was about 14 and this is the first show i have been able to attend (22 now). first of all, having O.A.R open was just awesome. the crowd was not really into them but this was the 3rd time i have seen them and they put on an awesome show. I thought that Dave put on a great show!!!! I expected to hear some of his new stuff so that was no big suprise. I thought warehouse, crash, and opening with everyday was awesome. Stand up and louisiana bayou w/ robert randolph was great. I wish they would have played watchtower though. time of the season was amazing!!! I plan on seeing Dave every chance that i get. i think that it was an awesome show
i drove from indianapolis to see the band, hoping to hear "say goodbye." we all know that didnt happen. this was my 16th show and i figured since they had been playing it lately that i would finally get to hear my song. i saw that roy had the flute out and i was very anxious for carter to just start with the drums. after every song, i hoped to god that they would play it next. i guess i just have to keep going to see them until i hear it, which i have no problem with. every year this band seems to get stronger and stronger and i hope they never stop. dave started to play #40 after the encore break, he sang about two lines of the song and the damn microphone gave a little feedback and totally ruined the moment. i dont think he was done, but he stopped. the crowd got very loud and i thought he might go back into it, but no. i have never been dissapointed with a performance but when you go with such high expectations like i did, you have to be prepared for some sort of letdown. i love this band and i will continue to see them in the years to come. DAVE ONLY! (if you were in the lawn and heard two dudes yelling "dave only" that was me and my best friend.)
Zoe H.
The nashville show was incredible! They had so much energy, and the new stuff was great live, as I knew it would be. I have never heard Stefan get so funky -- he just funked out all night! Robert Randolf was more of a treat than I could have ever dreamed --- it blew us all away! They did not do as much old stuff, so I can see where some fans could be disapointed, but it a rockin show. I loved it! And the fact that the lawn was just a HUGE mud pit made it all the more fun -- I'm still cleaning mud outa my chucks!
Olivia N.
This show was incredible. Alot more low key songs than last years Antioch show. Also, alot more songs from the new album than what i was hoping to hear. However, it was once again worth the 10 hour drive from south miss. The only repeat from last year was crush, and i doubt that there were any complaints. randall rudolph was a great addition to the show. i was extremely glad to hear warehouse and it was amazing to hear them cover time of the season. thanks once more, DMB, for a great summer.
Unreal !!!! Ive been to 5 DMB shows there & this ranks among the best. The 2003 setlist was more to my liking but this years energy level was off the Richter Scale. Also nice & loud out on the lawn. The sound & lights was the best I have ever witnessed.
Jeremy M.
This was the best show I've ever attended. Robert Randolph guest appearance during Stand Up and LA Bayou was a very nice treat. Dave was going nuts. Dave came back out for the encore and started to play #40 and then a huge feedback noise streamed out. Dave just backed away and paused and started playing Old Dirt Hill. I don't know if this was going to be a #40 tease or the whole song. I really would have liked to hear the whole song. Either way it was a great show.
Amazing Show!! This was my 15th show. I was a little nervous going into this one with it being a "New Album Tour" and all. After hearing the new songs live I really am in love with the new album. The stage lights were awesome. They had this arch full of lights and at the top there were three big round balls that would change colors. I was in the grass and I could the light show perfect. And the sound was great. Dave lead the band, like a highschool choir conductor, with his right arm extended during the Dreamgirl intro. It gave me chills. I have never seen so much movement and energy coming from Dave. In Nashville, when Dave says he wants to invite someone on stage it could be anybody ranging from Willie Nelson to Young Buck. I didn't expect Robert Randolf to come out and tear up the steel guitar. The ending of "stand up" was like 5 minutes long with Robert and Dave going back and forth with "stand up!"---RR, "Stand up!" DM "Stand UP!" over and over..I loved it. I've never seen a steel guitar player stand on his chair and dance around and not miss a beat. After they finished Robert Randolf put his "pimp" hat on Dave's head and he wore it during Louisiana Bayou. Thanks DMB, best show ever.