Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Hunger for the Great Light
Donít Drink the Water
You Never Know
Smooth Rider
You Might Die Trying
Louisiana Bayou
Grey Street
Where Are You Going?
Jimi Thing
American Baby
Too Much

Old Dirt Hill
Two Step

my first dave show * everyone was calling me a "new bie" and considering im only 17 the older dave fans werent exactly "loving on me" but i dont care. I love dave matthews band with all my heart and this show was amazing. for sure willnot be my last dave concert ! ya rite. even though me n my other 2 friends were "new bies" we were the 3rd car in the parking lot getting there at 10 a.m. when we asked the women were the parking for dmb was she siad it wasnt even open yet. we spent about 7 hours in that HOT HOT HOT sun and got in line at about 2:30. First in line also :O). the concert was amazing. i know that alot of older dave fans hate on crash but i dont understand y. i know that its commercialized but thats bc every1 likes it and every1 likes it bc its a KICK ASS song. so i was SOOOO EXCITED WHEN HE played it bc.. it doesnt get played 2 often. honestly. tears were rolling down my cheeks i felt liek some proud parent. also, i cant remember in exactly which song this occured but dave and the boys went off and dave started strumming something and saying "then i did" and then u did and then i said and then u said and for sure. he was making LOVE to every single girl in that crowd and MAN was it good. the concert was amazing and.. seeing daves feet move IN REAL LIFe. all i have to say is my life is now complete
Jack R.
The concert was...not bad. Maybe a 7 out of 10. I'm glad that he didn't play "Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up ...Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up...Stand Up" (get the picture?) That song makes me want to dig a hole all the way to China - and bury myself in it. And West Palm - it was hotter than an deathcamp oven up in there. I was getting really thirsty, so I bought a bottle of water for $3. But once I got back to my seat, Dave kept shouting... "don't drink the water...don't drink the water." I stopped the bottle at my lips and was like, what? "There's blood in the water...don't drink the water!" I held the water up to the light - it looked okay to me. So I gulped it down and Dave started howling like a drunken Indian (feather, not dot). I don't know - I think he's lost it somewhere. Speaking of the heat, Dave was sweating so much that it looked like he wizzed himself. I think it was making the girls in front of me really passionate for him. I guess some guys can do no wrong.

The venue really needs to get its shizat straight as far as traffic control goes. It took my friends and I almost 3 hours to drive from I-95 to the parking lot, which is only about 5 miles. And when it was over, it took 2 hours to get out of the parking lot.

Some hippy-dork, phish throwback couldn't handle his drugs and dropped his breakfast, lunch, and dinner on my feet. Free love brotha hippy? How about a nice kick in the chops with a puke covered, Gator flip-flop?

The setlist was mellow. Dave and the guys were mellow. And the crowd was all...yellow?

In closing, it was an average show in hot weather and with lots of stuck-in-traffic time.
First night of a two night stint at West Palm. First Dave show for my 8 month old daughter. Not a bad show for your first one. Opened up slow with One Sweet World and Crash. First time hearing Dream Girl live and I think it's going to be a staple for years to come. Hunger For the Great Light was a good time to get another beer so I could be ready for what followed. The band fired the crown up with Don't Drink and then let the crowd slip into a small lull until the audience participated Warehouse. My daughter was especially fond of Warehouse and got her groove thing going. Bayou has become a favorite especially with the jam but the band really through a surprsie with Grey Street. One of the better live Dave songs out there. Jimi Thing and Too Much were good but not as energized as at Bonnaroo and a couple of the other shows. The Two Step closer was nice as it's been awhile for that one. All in all, not bad but I didn't get what I came looking for. Say Goodbye has been dusted off and no love. No Nancies and no Typical. Great chance to have pulled them out but they were shelved. Oh well. I am sure I'll get it at Red Rocks.
Paul K.
I have to admit that I was a bit timid going into this show, my first of the summer. I know the reviews have been mild and whiny about the high level of Stand Up material. But I think I speak for a majority of DMB fans when I say "thank you"! Great mix tonight with quite a varied set. OSW...great opener...nuff said, but then hit me with the 1-2 punch of Crash and Dreamgirl...and DAMN! A little downtime with Great Light and then another 1-2 combo with DDTW and You Never Know (probably the most underrated song off Busted Stuff) Probably the highlight of the night for me was the Warehouse and Granny Jimi mix in the second half of the set. The new material is sounding phenominal and makes a perfect transition into the live sector. Wrap it up with a littlw Two Step and I said it before...DAMN!! Can't wait for the trip up to Wisconsin this weekend, keep it up fellas!!!
@nd of 3 Florida shows and #10 overall and happy to say that the boys rocked hard tonight. A great follow up show and the freakin energy was awesome! Made me forget the miserable traffic trying to get to the show, one lane from the turnpike and only 4 gates open for a sold out show..leave it to the Florida idiots who run the highway dept . Anyway!!!! Dave was dancin up a storm, Boyd was jammin, Carter was chewing and blowing and the others were doing what they do best. The song selction was very good and the crowd was way into everything. Bayou was incrdible again, Crash to start with got everybody singing, it was a great night and Two Step while a crowd favorite and def an awesome song, left me wanting a bit more in the singing dept. a 15 minute 2 step with 6 min of singing then the next 10 of just music to close a show left me hoping tomorrow night they close with a bang.
Doingit4u .
This was my first DMB and I am hooked. Me and my good friend drove down to West Palm and watched both shows. This show was great, because they played most of the songs that I wanted to hear :). They played some older classics that I love like... One sweet World, Granny,Warehouse, Grey Street, and Crash Into Me. They played a lot of music from their new cd which was cool to actaully hear live. MY favorite was Hunger for the Great Light. They had great lights and the crowd was into this one alot! I actaully got to see Dave dance which was really cool. To be completly honest I wasnt a big fan of Dont drink the Water until you hear it live; it was Awesome. Too much was definately a great last song to play before the encore, because the crowd was pumped and excited to see what else they would throw at you. Overall, this experience was incredible. I am so glad that my friend got me into Dave about a year ago! :)
Matt S.
I attended both West Palm shows this year, my 8th and 9th Dave shows, and I must say that this night was the far better of the two. As many of you have said, traffic was a huge problem, as was getting tickets if you showed up late without one. My firend has been to 45 Dave shows, and this was his first time having trouble getting tickets. This show was very high energy, from Don't Drink the Water on. I was very pleased with the return of You never Know, and Jimi Thing was excellent as always. I was a little disappointed with Too Much as a closer, but the encore more than made up for it. Old Dirt hill had an Interpolation of Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, and a tiskit a taskat, played by Leroi. Finally, Two Step was amazing. It was jammed out nice and long and really capped off a wonderful evening.