SBC Park, San Francisco, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Drink the Water
Say Goodbye
Hunger for the Great Light
Time of the Season
Rhyme & Reason *
One Sweet World
Where Are You Going?
American Baby Intro *+
Jimi Thing *+
You Might Die Trying *+
Smooth Rider *+
Louisiana Bayou *+
Too Much *+

Ants Marching

* With Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ With Eric Krasno on guitar

Matthew C.
This was my 14th full-length, full-band show, and I think it's the ever-changing setlists and innovative turns the songs take that keep me coming back for more. After this many shows, you tend to hear many songs several times over, and some you don't particularly look forward to hearing anymore--"been there, done that." "Rhyme & Reason" and "Jimi Thing" are examples of this, for me. But the added dimension of having Rashawn Ross on trumpet and Eric Krasno on electric guitar perform on these tunes gave them a terrific, fresh feel. I greatly enjoyed them. "Don't Drink the Water", "One Sweet World", "Too Much", "Everyday" and "Ants Marching" are standards that are never surprising to hear live, and as always, they did not disappoint.

New songs. I've noticed they are playing quite a few from "Stand Up", and they fit in well with older stuff, and even add a freshness to those older tunes that make the entire show a rich experience. "American Baby Intro" simply blew me away--that song has evolved into a song in its own right, and I look forward to hearing it in future shows. The extended jams on "Smooth Rider" and "You Might Die Trying" were also great to hear.

The low point of the night was "Bartender". The performance was terrific, one of the most beautiful I can remember. It's just sad that it seems, when the band is at its most poignant, the majority of the crowd is busy talking. A bunch of drunks can really ruin a beautiful pennywhistle solo by Roi. I had a similar feeling during "Where Are You Going". Beautiful performance, unattentive crowd. "All you need is--what you want is--all you need is love." And a little less alcohol.

All in all, I'm grateful for the bounty to attend the show, and look forward to the second show at SBC. I live overseas and have a number of friends from different countries in the world--Ecuador, Bolivia, Australia and some African countries--who love Dave's music and would have loved to have been at the concert. My thoughts were with them throughout the show...
Michael W.
This was one of the top three or four shows of my career as a DMB fan (since 1995).The band was so stoked to be playing. The crowd was not bad but a little distracted as many people sat down for some of the show and as Dave out it, "Thanks for hanging around with us." The SBC in S.F. holds alot of people and the upper deck was empty but for us in the ninth row the show rocked. Eric Kranso showed up and tore it up. This guy can really play. Time of the Season was flawless and the best Rhyme, Bartender and OSW I have ever witnessed. Thanks to the Special guests (Kranso and Ross) for a excellent show as this band keeps getting better every year.
Heather C.
Beautiful venue - although FREEZING cold being directly off the ocean! The Black Eyed Peas warmed things up a bit by getting people on their feet and dancing. Then once the DMB took the stage, the bitter chill of the wind was no longer present. It's hard to think about anything else when you're that excited! The band was full of life and the jams were exceptional with the addition of Ross & Krasno. Highlights included: Say Goodbye (it's been a while for me), Time of the Season (with the entire band harmonizing), Smooth Rider (Butch's funky keyboard), & Louisiana Bayou (fave on new album). Thanks to bartender David for inviting us up to the DMB lounge party and for taking such great care of us. Disappointments: The rowdy crowd - a fight broke out down in the 10th row - and being shoved several times as people step on/over you during their beer runs. Looking forward to an even better time tomorrow night @ SBC Park.
Geoffry L.
Not necessarily disapointed with the two shows, it being my first time in San Francisco, the city made the trip well worth it. Couple complaints/rants- Why are we stopping after every song Mr.Matthews? It's called a segue. They only strung two songs together the whole weekend, Nancies>Warehouse. He seemed not all there, thanking the crowd dozens of times both nights and tanking the lyrics to Ants the first night was suprising, he sang the third verse twice, forgetting the second. The new songs jammed hard, they were played really well, probably the highlight of both nights. Also repeating songs two nights in a row is something this band doesn't have to do with all the material they have to draw from. My biggest complaint is the lack of flow. The time in between songs was ridiculous and irritating.
Sean T.
This show began wonderfully with the first 7 songs. However once the guests came on the jams began, with little excitement, and the show completly lost my attention. It was still fun, but by the end of the first set, I was bored. The encore was fun and I tried to get into it, but because if the absebce of energy in the latter half of the set just kept this from being a very fun show. Out of my many many shows this ranks at the bottom. I give it a 6 out of 10. ON A SIDE NOTE. If the 2 nights were combined into one show, it would have made this part of the show, Spectacular.
Matt D.
August 12th at SBC

Well, first let me say that I was a little dissapointed by the show. After being a DMB fan for a while and figuring that 'its now or never' to get tix I was pretty pumped as my wife and I sat through a pretty energetic set from the Black Eyed Peas. However about 3 songs into it, I got the feeling that Dave himself was not that into it. Not to mention the shit croud at sbc. I have never seen so many people on their freakin' cell phones at a show in my life, and I come from L.A. It seemed that the crowd was there to hear the songs they wanted and not to enjoy whatever the band decided to produce. I almost felt that Dave was deciding what songs to play (hence the long pauses between tunes) and I really enjoyed the fact that he wanted to mix it up. However, He just seemed lackluster. I will go again though. Maybe just an off night.
Shawn M.
The show just got better as it went on. From the dynamic start with Don't Drink the Water to the surprise of Time of the Season to the great encore of Everyday and Ants Marching, Dave was just outstanding. He was personable, the band was great, and the venue was fantastic. About halfway through I thought it would be in my personal top 3 but by the end it was by far my favortie ever. I can't wait for the Chula Vista and Carson shows.
Brandi C.
This was my 10th show and as always I was not disappointed! I think for me the highlight was Time of the Season, it was such a great surprise! I personally enjoyed the new music, especially Smooth Rider, and Hunger for the Great Light, the band seemed so into it. Although I was sitting in front of "DMB Fans" who did not mind voicing their distaste of all the "new music". The band really seemed into playing the new music. I thought it was a great concert.
Colby L.
This was my 84th show and I had first row, right between Dave and Boyd. This may be a bias review, due to my seating (any time you're in the front row - it's a completely different experience - you feel like they're playing just for you) this was my 8th time in the front row and it was even more OUTSTANDING than I remember. Anyway, DMB absolutely went off that night - Say Goodbye, I haven't heard them play that song in 6-7 years; what a treat! I was shocked that Dave remember the words... he suggested that's why they don't play it that often.

In conjunction with Saturday night's show, they outdid themselves in San Francisco... they had the perfect mix in their setlists on both nights.

People who are not huge DMB fans always ask "How can you go to the show 2 nights in a row" and the answer is so simple, as we know... they were completely different shows, and they both kicked butt.

Saturday night I sat in the upper deck in the very last row, dead center - the closest person to us was maybe 100 yards away, which is wonderful to just sit back, relax and take in the great music. My girlfriend was absolutely blow away by DMB on Friday night and also enjoyed the layed back atmosphere of Saturday. She had not been to a DMB show before, so she really got the best of both worlds.

A quick funny story - Friday night, we noticed the photographers leaving after the 4th song. at which point, Dave took off his ring, slipped it into his pocket and continued on with the show. After that song, he walked back to Carter and Carter put the ring into a duffle bag.... it obvious why Dave wears it during the first 4 songs while the pictures are being taken... funny to see stuff like that go - finally I understand why the photos are only taken during the first 4 songs... he was quite the charmer towards the hotties in the front row, as soon as the ring came off... oh, the life of a superstar front man for the world's best band.
Mark H.
Great show. I went to both night hat SBC and although there was a definite difference in the two nights I cannot complain about either. The only complaint I have is that I don't see these guys perform nearly enough. Time of the season is a perfect song for this band and the new album is amazing when heard live.
Carre B.
Okay, I am a die-hard DMB fan and have been for about 7 years. This week, I won Back-stage passes along with Front row seats. It was the most incredible adventure of my lifetime. Dave was so down to earth and friendly back stage. Then, while in the front row, smiled and nodded his head at us the whole time. What a great night. This music makes everything okay in my life. This band is entertainment for your ears, mind, body and soul. I will never forget this night. I hope every DMB fan get this experience some is once in a lifetime.