Dave Matthews Band
MARS Music Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, Florida
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars

onstage 8:17pm
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
If I Had It All *
So Much To Say *
So Right *
Crash Into Me *
Grey Street *
Jimi Thing *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going *
Fool To Think *
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro) *
You Never Know *
The Space Between *
Too Much *
Two Step *
Gravedigger +
Ants Marching *
offstage 10:36pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Back in Coral Springs now after fighting the traffic coming out. So not complaining about the night though, Section 2, 5th row, center (THANK YOU WH!!). Before the show, I grabbed a burger at the concession and this girl approaches me saying "Hey Nancie!" (I had on my nancies.org Granny tshirt), and it turns out she was at the show with Wendy the Traveling Nancie. We spoke for a while, and it was pretty cool, I met out own little celebrity tonight. On to the show, I thought the band started out nicely with a PNP --> Rapunzel start, pretty standard version though. Same can be said about If I Had It All, SMTS, and So Right. Good vibes though up to this point, and things were gearing up to be great. Then it came, what I thought was the turning point of a good show to a great one, Crash. Everyone seemed really on here, and when those first few chords hit, I got a HUGE smile on my face, just love that song. They put portions of the video on the big screen behind Carter, which I thought was a really nice touch. Grey Street was tight, good stuff there. Jimi Thing... very very cool tonight, and the crowd was definitely feeling it. I smelled more of that funky stuff during this song then any other time :) Loving Wings, which I guess is the official name now of the intro to WAYG was the same as last night. Dave needs to speak up some, nobody really knows what he's saying here, and while I would have put money on hearing WAYG again tonight, I could have done without it. There was no segue for the record there. Fool To Think... I didn't really agree with the selection here, but who the hell am I to say what works and what doesn't. Dave was into it though, I'll tell you that much. The crowd got into Warehouse pretty good tonight. Not nearly as good at the crowd at Staples in May, but still good energy I thought. Nice arrangement, good surprise, I enjoyed it. At this point, the band starts You Never Know, and I know it's getting close to the end of the show, but those drinks before the show have hit, and I have to pee like a racehorse, so I missed the majority of this one. I'll have to wait for the show to become available in a week or two to judge it. Now came some serious stuff... The Space Between. OK, so it's an Everyday song, and like everyone else in America, I'm not so big on Everyday, but it was a good transition from a mellow tune into what was coming next. As a side note, Dave played his guitar so hard on Space Between that one of the strings popped out, but he just kept on playing the six, er, five string... Too Much was incredible, great jam, and then the highlight of the night, Two Step. People were calling for it all night and we finally got it. I can sum it up as saying that this Two Step was wickedly sick. It felt like they went on forever!!! On to the encore presentation - I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed to hear Gravedigger for the second night in a row. I was really hoping to hear Long Black Veil, love that song and think Dave plays it excellently solo, but no such luck. Thankfully, they had a better choice for a closer then last nights WWYS... we got ANTS!! And what a crazy sick version it was. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. The lack of Everyday was a welcomed departure from last night, and though I might be biased about this show due to where I was sitting, IMO this one was fantastic. Carter has plenty of great moments, and Boyd, well Boyd was full of energy. Oh, yes, big thumbs up to the North Mississippi Allstars, I recommend getting to the upcoming shows they're playing at early so you can hear them. For once, an opener worth listening to!
Bowen D.
Hey second night of dave's visit to Florida and what a night it was. The weather held off the whole time which was uncharacteristic of the band's performances in fl. Highlights included Crash, ants and all the other classics. Loving wings is turning into a great intro to wayg. Also, Fool to think is just a kicking tune. I didn't mind hearing grey street two nights in a row, cause its just an awesome song. However... grave digger both nights for the encore was just an energy killer. I would have been stunned if it could of only been ants then watchtower, but i can't be picky and choosy. Jimi Thing was definetly the most jammed out tune. A little too much everyday music, but i believe it fits well most of the time. Great two nights in sunny Fl. Just my 2 cents
Eric B.
6 hours after the show, and i'm still in complete awe. When he opened up with Pantala/Rapunzel, it gave me chills to hear the slap of the bass and the blow of the sax once again. Then after they rolled from "If I Had it All" to "So Much To Say", the crowd finally got up.(i must say it wasnt the greatest crowd to have when ur at a dave concert though). everyone was dancing and singing as dave went wild. After playing that song, dave "rolled down" into "So Right", which is probably one of my favorite songs on the Everyday CD. He played the song amazing as usual, ending it in a perfect way how he went into the verse while the rest of the band was still on the chorus. Then as the sun left the amphitheatre, he played Crash, which was the first time i heard him play it. once again, the crowd got up to sing and dance. his performance of "grey street" definatly was the best ive seen so far. with sudden breaks and solos. And then after grey street, the band played "jimi thing" for a blistering 20 minutes, taking turns soloing on every instrument. One of my favorite parts of the night was when dave played his new finished song "Loving Wings". This song was amazing, with its strange timings and amazing lyrics (as usual). He played "Where Are You Going" shortly after that, and then "Fool To Think". After that, "Warehouse" came on. This was a great performance by all the boys. They all showed their talents even when playing together.After a few more songs, they busted out "two step", or should i say ten step! it was a half hour song. butch taylor's solo was strong and perfect. Then for the encore, dave played gravedigger, and the band came on to finish of with Ants Marching, which is always the perfect way to end the night. Each and every person in the band showed all of their strong points and held out their instruments like nothing that ive ever seen. Their musicianship never ceases to amaze me. of the 4 dave shows ive been to, this definatly beats all of them by a longshot. Amazing show guys, and i hope to see u all next year!!!!
One word to describe this show ... INCREDIBLE ... allright dave and the boys come on stage round 8:10 - 8: 15 ... round there ... open with PNP-Repunzal ... the best version ive heard ... then they bring it down a notch after the amazing version of pnp/repunzal with If I Had It All which was a very nice version ... then SMTS kicked it back up got us in a good mood ... So Right was next ... this is my favorite everyday song so i was happy to hear it ... then outta no where CRASH comes in and I love this song so much it was incredible even tho dave didnt give us the " Dixie Chicken outro" then after this came Grey Street which is one of my favorites off the Busted Stuff cd ... it was a really good version ... dave uses a 12 string acoustic durin this ... then one of my all time favorite songs comes on ... JIMI THING ... it was a fuckin nasty version ... not as good as listener supported but really really good ... i loved it ... then comes this new song daves been workin on .. called " loving wings" when it came on i had no clue was it was but i liked it alot ... it went right into where are you going ... i love this song ... Rois part in the middle is so nice ... then they busted out some more everyday tunes with Fool To Think which was ill ... i liked it ... then all of a sudden ... WAREHOUSE .... omg whats with this setlist its amazing ... warehouse was kick ass... then after this came my favorite busted stuff song " you never know" ... i love this song so much ...when i heard it at 4-12 i fell in love with it .... i think its gonna be one of their big songs .. everybody was lookin at me weird cus i knew all the lyrics to this song but who cares ... then after this came The Space Between which was a good version everybody in the arena was singin this song ... then TOO MUCH AHH this song is so nice i loved this version ... then silence came ... and ... my favorite song ... TWO STEP ... boyd started the intro fast like he knew we werent ready for it ... the song was atleast a good 15-18 minutes ... they jammed it was so nice ... off stage like 10:13 ...dave came back on like at 10:22 round there and did "Gravedigger" for a solo ... i like this song alot ... then to finish off this great show ... ANTS MARCHING ... o man i thoguht for sure it was gonna be watchtower but im not disappointed ... thank u dave and the boys for the great show tonite it was great .. no not great ... INCREDIBLE ... see yall at tweeter center and meadows ... have a good one ~ Josh
Just got back from a kick-ass show. This was show #3 for me, last night's being show #2. Tonight definitely blew last night away. Setlist wise, I enjoyed it better. And both the band and the crowd had lots more energy than yesterday. So on with bits and pieces from today. First off: As of today, I consider myself lucky. I just found out at Dmband.com that this ditty he was playing before W.A.Y.G. is actually a song of its own, called 'Loving Wings'. All I can remember right now of the very small amount I was able to catch was something like this: "That long and dusty road that you've been walking on that I want to pull you away from." Not in those exact words but very close. Trust me on this- it's a beautiful song.(He played this last night and tonight). So first Dave would come out and play/sing solo and then the band joined in kinda just making it up as they went I suppose. Knowing that I witnessed the first 2 times these guys played this just adds so much more meaning to how much I love them. Highlights were THE OPENER. I had been wanting this one so i was very happy. During JIMI THING I think Dave broke his guitar string or something cause he walked off the stage and into the wings and I could see him talking w/ the guy who hands him his guitars.I think they were freaking out cause they couldn't find a quick replacement.It was kinda funny.Of course the band kept it together wonderfully while he was gone & when they found him a guitar they kept right on. WAREHOUSE was awesome! I was really hoping for it and the Boys delivered.(Thank you Guys) I was hoping for a wild audience 'wooing'. I don't think overall it was very powerful though i was screaming my guts out.But made me smile to see Stefan and Carter lifting their arms in the air, signaling for the 'woos'. TWO STEP got the crowd going crazy. I was very happy about this one too. The crowd was dancing all over and singing along- was just great. Oh, nice jams on JIMI THING and TWO STEP. On to GRAVEDIGGER. Now i had a friend who went to MSG that this was incredible. At last night's show i thought it was alright but it didn't grab me. Tonight, that changed. WOW WOW WOW is all I've got to say.Again, can't remember lyrics right now but it's just Dave up there w his guitar and some powerful lyrics. Both GRAVEDIGGER and this brand new LOVING WINGS have this special magic or power about them. Well onto the closer, ANTS.It was a great way to close their stay in Florida. I heard it last year too, but I'll take it any day since it's such a crowd pleaser and gets us all hyped. Oh, I was happy to hear GREY STREET both nights. I know it's a Lillywhite and not exactly new, but these new lyrics are awesome.TOO MUCH was another crowd pleaser. During 1 or 2 of the songs tonight Dave messed up the words, I can't remember which now. This may sound odd,but I tend to smile to myself when he does this. I think it proves that he's just as human as you and I are. I do wanna mention that Dave wasn't dancing his usual dance last night or tonight.I wonder what's up?? He was smiling a whole lot though, as were Carter and Boyd, and Butch. I can't tell who had the most energy tonight, but a good candidate would be last night's winner- Stefan. Now HE was grooving all over the place,jumping and dancing around. That's about it.I wrote more than I wanted to but I can't help it-it's DMB. Once again, thanks to the Boys.I am very happy and satisfied with their stay here this tour...and very much wanting another show just hours after getting back from tonight's.
Frankie A.
What a night! Lemme tell you, Dave was all business tonight, raping and pillaging us with a barrage of hits, classics, new songs, and personal faves. PNP -> Rapunzel was gorgeous, great opener off their still best album BTCS(waitin' on Busted Stuff...). The Everyday songs sounded so much tighter than at last year's NCRC show in Ft. Laud. So Right was just that, and Carter really spiced up Fool to Think. Space Between was really heartfelt (sidenote: does anyone think it's weird hearing this song in the background of the commercial for Black Hawk Down? Images of men at war as Dave croons, "I'll be hiding, waiting for you" just don't add up right. ;-) )SMTS and Too Much - both rocked my world, but I was left hungry for ASTB? Crash was sweet - but where was Dixie Chicken? Ah well, next time, my under-the-table-and-dreaming-tree friends. Loving Wings and You Never Know have such gorgeous lyrics, and Gravedigger was so so sad. Dave is a master at melody and mood. I will always be in awe of his Two Steppin' Highness. Speaking of, a rockin' version to close the set. And Warehouse, man, I felt so proud to be Latin! But, I cannot go to bed without saying this: I've wanted to hear Grey Street live for years now, and he played it for me tonight! Friends from all across the venue congratulated me. For that, I will forever be greatful - to my buddies, and to DMB. A killer song from a killer band at the peak of its form. It can only get better than this! Dave, you're still my dad.
Noam Y.
WOW...WOW...WOW, this show was absolutely amazing. The whole thing was full of energy, life, and beautiful music. Between the first and second nights at MARS Music we got most of the DMB classics. Unfortunately not Nancies or 41 but pretty much everything else. Two Step was amazing...What a jam. Ants Marching wow!!! Even the slower songs like If I Had It All where full of life and played with so much passion. One thing I know is that the band loved the night just as much as we did. Another thing that made this concert awesome is that my sister got engaged to her boyfriend during "Where Are You Going?" If you look at the lyrics, it's a great engagement song. It was awesome. Also, my brother, sister, and I saw Dave from pretty up close before the show. The tour bus arrived and had to stop for a minute for the crew to open the gate to the backstage parking and we stood there and waved at dave and he waved back. I know its nothing like meeting him but I'm gonna keep trying. Also, based on statistics of which songs are played in double shows and on how often the band plays certain songs, I mad a 14 song list of what they woudl play. Out of these, they played 10. The people around me were like "He's God" It was pretty hilarious. The same guy that said that yelled out "I want to smoke a joint with you Dave" after every song. Anyway, it was a great weekend and I couldn't aske for anything better. I just hope htat next year I have enough money to follow the band around during their summer tour.
Ty W.
Good show, not great. RAPUNZEL great start but the song has so much more intensity as a closer of a set or an encore. IF I HAD IT ALL 2nd...ummmm, bad, bad placement guys. I don't want to hear the song live anyway. JIMI THING was really good, as always. LOVING WINGS sounds good, 1st night thought it was an extension of the 1 minute intro that WAYG had end of last leg...maybe it is an extension of that..I'll have to hear it on disc. Best part of the show starts with FOOL TO THINK, which is all about Carter..WAREHOUSE may have been the song of the show. I was very glad that YOU NEVER KNOW was repeated, it was excellent. THE SPACE BETWEEN was in the way of the flow of those last 3 songs and the 2 to come but the rebound was great versions of TOO MUCH and TWO STEP. Standard ANTS and I guess Dave really likes GRAVEDIGGER, which is good, but a little LBV or #40 would have hit the spot. The 2 night stand I saw in May in Houston ripped this 2 night stand to shreds in every fashion and all 2-3 night stands from here out will likely as well. I still had fun, will catch them some more before the leg ends.
Justin B.
If the July 5th Show was an opening act for tonight it worked out well because the boys finally did shine. This was my 10th show (Happy Anniversery to me) and I must say that it was the most varied set-list that I have ever been to. I would have liked to hear pig but oh well. Big moments of the night included the Warehouse jam, Jimi thing Jam with Dave on the guitar and of course Carter absolutely going nutz on the drums at the end of Two Step. Thank You guys for the great show and I will see you all when you are in town again.
Wow, the Band kicked ass. I have to say that they made up for last night. I was chatting with this guy next to me for half of the concert and we just decided that me sitting in the lawn reuins the experience. So many highlights for tonight's concert. PNP -> Rapunzel was a cool start. The crowd seemed to be more into the band tonight. Big plus!! So Right was awesome, Crash and Grey Street were played very well. Jimi thing was one of the best jams I've seen the band do in my 8 concerts. Loving Wings tonight was a complete song and it sounded good. Warehouse was kick ass. It's always fun when the crowd sings along and gets pumped up. Two step was great to lead out to the encore. Hearing Gravedigger twice as another encore wasn't all that great, but Ants Marching made up for it. The Band proved tonight why they are they best live act around.
Jon R.
I've finally hit double-digits...last night was my 10th show. The boys must have known it because they had a treat for me. More on that later... Chose to sit with the crazies in the lawn tonight. Staked out a front row spot early. PNP-Rapunzel a solid opener. They opened with it here also in '98. Fine with me. Slowed things down real quick with If I Had It All. It's personally one of my favorites off Everyday. Where's Warehouse? SMTS was tight, but I was upset we didn't get ASTB->Too Much. Esp. since they played Too Much later on. So Right is probably the best song live from Everyday. The WPB crowd finally got really excited when Crash started in. I love this song. I don't care that it was on the radio. It's good. Where's Warehouse? Didn't mind the Grey St. repeat...probably my favorite BS song. Jimi Thing was absolutely sick. Words can't do it justice. Didn't find out what Loving Wings was 'til I got home and saw it listed online. Second night in a row...truly amazing to see DMB develop a song live, right in front of us. WAYG fine, Fool to Think coulda done without. BUT THEN...Dave switches back to his acoustic. I hear him play like three notes just messin' around. Did that sound like Warehouse? My heart starts racing...and then...there it is! After 4 years of waiting, too many otherwise-amazing shows...my favorite DMB song ever. Wow was I going insane when Warehouse was being played. By far the highlight of the night. Of course I am biased, but still...just a ridiculous version. Concert coulda ended after that song and I would have been satisfied. Wow. Thank you DMB. Next couple songs I was basically just calming down. And then they hit us with a 17-minute Two Step that was just incredible. Similar to last year in Sunrise, which was fine, because that was awesome too. I'm running out of adjectives. It was fine to hear Gravedigger again, but would have liked something else. And then Ants Marching pretty much brought the house down. Beautiful ending. A better show than last night all-around. Would I have liked to hear a few more songs (#41, Watchtower, BOWA, Nancies) over the last 2 days? Sure. Would I have liked a better atmosphere, with some more fans that actually cared? Sure. But in the end, it was still DMB live on stage. Which is better than not seeing them at all. (Plus they played Warehouse!) Until next time...
Tommy L.
This was one of those shows in which I only remembered half the songs, but the half I remember were good as all hell. Sweet setlist; maybe a little too much Everyday, but still good as hell. To get warehouse, 2 step, rapunzel, u never know, and crash in the same show is always a treat. This show was certainly a treat...13th row front and center....never sat that close before, it was amazing. Opening with rapunzel is always a treat; back to the good 'ol days. Helps start things out with a bang. The rest of the show was a typical 2002 tour show, but it was still amazing. Loving Wings was a way cool song...sucks that he's coming out with all these good new songs when Busted Stuff comes out next tuesday. Can't wait to get it on cd. All together, I loved this show. It was so cool I got the opportunity to sit so close and the atmosphere was so unbelievable. I just wish I could have re-lived the show with a more sober state-of-mind...
Bec M.
So this year instead of driving from FL to catch the Raleigh show I drove from NC to catch a West Palm show. I hadn't caught reviews from the night before so aside from checking the setlist real quick before I left I had no idea what to expect. This show was definitely worth the trip though. First, what you prolly care about most, NEW STUFF: After a great Jimi Thing came something I didn't recognize. The only lyric I really caught sounded like "I give to you my everything" and was sung to a cool little tune Dave was playing. I'm not a guitar person so I can't describe it too well but if memory serves me right it sounded kinda like the one in The Maker. He started by himself and was slowly joined by Carter and Stefan. This is a song I can definitely see the band getting into more and also one that I really liked. I think WAYG is a great song and is musically reminiscient of UTTAD. It seemed a lot like the version I've heard on the radio, but I still liked it a lot. You Never Know was one I was really looking forward to hearing although most of the people in my section (05) seemed to sit down when it started. I've been big on this one since I nabbed an MP3 a few months ago, and I have to admit there's always going to be something cool about being able to sing along to a new dmb song as everyone else sits there clueless. Last in the "new" department was Gravedigger which I also liked. There's something bittersweet about "when you dig my grave make it so I can feel the rain," and with all the references to years and less than pleasant occurrences I kept thinking "Deed is Done." Great job on the new stuff guys, you get a gold star. ;) In not so new stuff, I felt a little Rapunzel coming on when the band took the stage and I do like it as an opener b/c it gets the crowd going, but I personally would've skipped Had it All and just gone into SMTS. I was surprised when they didn't jump into ASTB after that and even more surprised when Too Much came later in the set. I didn't mind Crash or Space Between b/c he hadn't played them at the show I caught last tour, but I kinda missed Dixie Chicken. So Right and Fool To Think were good. I wish they played out the Everyday songs a little more, but I guess they're not entirely sure how. I'm liking the new Grey Street lyrics and am glad to see most of the ones I really liked from it's debut a few years ago are still intact. Warehouse was great. I hadn't heard this one in a while and had been hoping they'd play it. Ants and Two Step were also amazing. Overall I'd say it was a very good show; it's always nice to catch songs I haven't heard in a while. See y'all at Raleigh and SPAC.
Noah A.
This show was the 19th of my DMB career, and I have to say it was far and away the worst show that I have been to. First and foremost, there was just too many songs played from Everyday. I had decided to go to the show because I had been following the setlists, and it looked like songs from that album were really being limited. Tonight, it wasn't the case. Doesn't Dave realize that so many of his fans think that album is just atrocious? Second of all, he has lost all connection with the audience. Back at shows in '95 and '96 (and before too, I'm sure), he would talk to the crowd, tell stupid stories, etc. to make the show feel intimate, like there were hundreds of people there, not thousands. Now after each song, he walks up to the mic and says, "Thank you all so much for comin' out to see us this evening." After EVERY FREAKIN SONG. Sometimes, if we're real lucky, we get to hear some garbled "Dave Speak," that isn't really even comprehensible. Yeah, thanks Dave. There just doesn't seem to be any attempt to connect with the crowd on a nightly basis...That's not to say that there weren't a few highlights to the show: Warehouse, Jimi Thing, Grey Street, and Ants (which I heard while leaving, just because I was so distraught with the evening's setlist). As you can see though, these songs come predominantly from UTTAD, and Dave should take note. I happen to have the Lillywhite Sessions, and think Dave would be doing himself a service by playing more songs off that (and Busted Stuff), instead of Everyday. His newer songs, especially "Where are you going" are so uninteresting. Look at his guitar work on songs like "So Much to Say" or "Best of What's Around" or most of his earlier stuff...it's so much more intricate than the songs off Everyday. It's the jumping around on the guitar neck that made Dave so great to listen to in the first place, and it's what separated him from all of the generic crap that's around in music. However, Dave has slowly devolved into that generic music genre. There's a glimmer of hope on Busted Stuff with songs like "Grey Street," among others, but other than that, I fear for the complete loss of creative juices in the Dave Matthews Band. An embittered fan? A little...but I really think it's more that I know that Dave has the talent and capability to return to the greatness that he once had, but he just doesn't seem interested in doing so.
Sat front center Mississippi Allstars were good. When Dave came out to introduce them he said something like, "If you get mud on your shoes get it off with a stick, then smoke it" Also my mom got a stick from Carter he came out and handed it to her after the show! PNP->Rapunzel- Best version I've ever seen, band was going nuts I've never seen stefan dance so much and the Butch/Carter thing was great they were both going off. Jimi Thing- Again great version Dave's solos just keep getting better and better, Leroi rocked as well. Warehouse- I was hoping to hear this one, pretty standard but I loved it. Two Step- Love this song, Carter tore it up! Ants Maching- Again Carter tore it up. Loved watching Dave and Stefan dance around.
Dan I.
MISSION TO MARS - Show 2! "The DMB Bandits" (Me and my friend Dawn) returned for Saturday July 5th's show. The long journey from Sf to be here was made well worth it tonight. An A plus setlist for sure! How do you top opening with Rapunzel, well by closing with Ants Marching, and in between treating us to Warehouse, Crash, et al. The band was in the best form (even considering the not so perfect version of The Space Between). The weather was more humid, the crowd was more into it, and the security seemed to be non-existent as fan after fan kept moving down into section 2, filling the rows and dancing in the aisles. Again I was disappointed with Gravedigger as a first encore, but as always Dave and the boys left me wanting more. We'll see you again at The Gorge in September!
Derek N.
Well after my first concert the night before I was in wonder if the boys could top last nights show. Well boy was I blown away even more. The four songs I have always wanted to hear live (Jimi, 2Step, Warehouse, Ants) came out in full force tonight. Also even closer seats tonight total unobstructed view. PNP->RAPUNZEL: I had a feeling they might open or close with this one tonight. I love this song and it has a special place for me being that I got my first two speeding tickets listening to this song. Great energetic opening. IF I HAD IT ALL: Pretty standard version not one of my favorites. SMTS: The crowd finally got up for this one and started singing along. Was great to finally hear it live and thought maybe ASTB would be up next but oh well didn't happen. SO RIGHT: My favorite Everyday song and such a funky little song played live. CRASH: I'm so catching up on hearing songs I haven't heard over the years. One of the first songs to get me hooked to the band and was great to hear. No Dixie Chicken though but the lighters that came out was so cool. GREY STREET: First repeat from last night. Didn't care though cause I can listen to this one over and over. JIMI THING: So hoping they would play this. Jammed it out like you couldn't believe and Boyd was great once again. LOVING WINGS: Better than last night. It's cool to see a song evolve in front of you. WHERE ARE YOU GOING: Third repeat. But once again everyone was singing along. FOOL TO THINK: Another Everyday song I don't really care for its ok though. WAREHOUSE: So hoping that they would play this one too. Love the wooo's everyone really got into it. YOU NEVER KNOW: Glad I got to hear this one again albeit the forth repeat. THE SPACE BETWEEN: Knew this one was coming eventually. Cool to hear though and it is so much better live. Everyone got their lighters out again. TOO MUCH: Love this song and I Thought they would probably end the set with this, but why didn't they do ASTB earlier on?? Well they didn't end the set with it staying on stage for a minute or so with nothing and then Boyd starts strumming his violin with.TWO STEP: Total insane version. Butch Taylor is the man. He and Stefan jammed out it seemed forever. Roi walked off stage for a bit and came back for the amazing ending of the set. So happy I finally got to hear this and the crowd was singin along like crazy. GRAVEDIGGER: Same as last night. Surprised this was played again. ANTS: This was so great. My second favorite song ending my two night stand in West Palm and Boyd once again went crazy. The crowd was so into and it was such an amazing experience. After the two nights I still don't know which night is my favorite yet. Right now leaning towards night two because of the great songs at the end of the show but I still have one more show to see this tour. See you in Charlotte!
This was my 3rd Dave show- and probably the best I've been to. I thought PNP>Rapunzel was a great opener! I love that song, and it created great energy for the beginning of the show. He followed it up with If I Had It All, and then went into SMTS! This song was awesome. And then the band played So Right, which is my favorite everyday song, and the boys played the song "so right." Then they played Crash, which I had never heard live before, but it was really good. Everyone was really into it. And then they played Greystreet! which is a fantastic song and they played a great version, followed by a kick ass jimi thing, probably the best I've heard them play it. Then they played Loving Wings, which I think is a strong song, but a lot of people aren't familiar with it, so they were talking during it! I could barely hear it!! But still a great song nonetheless. Then they played Where Are You Going, which I like, and then Fool to Think. Warehouse was amazing! That's one of my favorites. Then they went into You Never Know (which was very nice) into Space Between, which I admit isn't one of my favorites, but the crowd was really into it. And then he closed with Too Much and Two Step, which were both awesome! Dave played Gravedigger solo for the encore, which was good and then the band all came out and closed with a kick ass version of Ants Marching! I love this song! All in all, the band put on a good show, and you could tell that they were putting their all into it. Also, when I was walking to my car, their bus was leaving, and Dave and Carter were hanging out the window and waved! It was very cool! Hope everyone who went had a good experience!
Mitch C.
Wandering aimlessly through crowds people looking for my friends I suddenly realized hey isn't that Dave Matthews playing. Immediately I ran up the stairs and dove into the lawn singing and dancing. After getting over the initial shock of watching dave in an open air setting I became in tune with the concert. Damn good set list and my girlfriend she loves the busted stuff. After the concert I might have met you, I think we talked to about two hundred new people. I was the guy with the red sox hat and he was the one who kept putting the busted stuff sticker on his croch.
Kathryn H.
This was my frist DMB concert. I enjoyed it very much. I go to mostly heavier music consert, but this was just as good. In spit of the heat everyone was mellow and caring towards one another. My mother who is the die hard Dave fan, was disapointed that there was an opening band and to say the least they left somthing to be desired. But Dave was wonderful and I wil be going to any shows that come with in a three state range. Thanks for the great time.