Dave Matthews Band
Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Norah Jones
Where Are You Going
Too Much
Loving Wings

The Stone *
I Did It *
When The World Ends *
You Never Know *
Captain *
Kit Kat Jam *
Two Step *
Grace Is Gone *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Digging a Ditch *
Lie In Our Graves *
Rhyme & Reason *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going *
Grey Street *
* with Butch Taylor on keys

WOW! What a great show! It started out pretty slow and the crowd wasnt really into it. During the first four songs most of the crowd was paying attn to the people that were crowd surfing. Once the boys started to play Captain the part started (well at least for me). KKJ - awesome with words. Two Step- WOW AMAZING, didnt expect to see it so early,great jam, got everyone moving. GIG - usual. Pig- Once again great as always, third time i heard it this year. DaD- Very nice song to hear live, much of the crowd sat down for this one. LIOG- Suprise!! Great jam. R&R- first time i ever heard this live and it was great! SMTS->>Too much - WOW! first time i heard Anyone Seen the Bridge and it was awesome! PNP->>Rapunzel - another first-timer, very awesome. ENCORE: Loving Wings- very nice song. WAYG - eh. Grey Street - AWESOME!! second time i heard this one as a closer. Overall i thought this was a very solid show and 10x better than Hershey '01
M D.
First I have to say Norah Jones was excellent, I am sorry I missed her at Camden. DMB was good tonight, it was nothing really special, just a good show. I like the fact that only 2 Everyday songs were played. I think we almost saw a third but then Dave put down the electric and picked up an acoustic and played Rhyme & Reason. I liked the Crash stuff...good jams on 2 Step and LIOG. Overall a very good set, but a little weak on the encore. I like the fact we got 3 songs, but Grey Street is not a good closer, and WAYG just does not belong in the encore. I would give the show a B/B+. Could have been, but it could have been worse.
Joe H.
Well, my "quota," ever since 2000, has been to see Dave Matthews Band at least once a year. My first show was Hershey 8/23/2000, and it blew me away. My second show was 6/9/01 RFK...that was satisfactory. This show tonight BLEW ME AWAY. Opening with the Stone set my mind at ease...I Did It was a good crowd pleaser (Carter seems to be funking it up a bit, too). When the World Ends - another good Everyday song. My happiness grew when the Everyday songs were given the boot for the rest of the night. I like them and all, but I love the rest more. You Never Know was the one song I got my hopes up for. However, as the night progressed, they played nearly every song that I secretly wanted. Captain and Kit Kat Jam were super funky. Two Step - heard it 3 times live now, but this one was the best...didn't get too boring in the middle. Grace is Gone was beautiful - Pig was one I was hoping for, and I'm glad he pulled it out at Hershey. Digging a Ditch was a nice relaxer, and a great song, of course. Lie in Our Graves - Boyd looked on fire all night, and suddenly, he goes insane with the best solo I've ever heard him play live. Rhyme and Reason - the only UTTAD song tonight, but a good choice. So Much to Say was another great treat, and once the jam started, I knew that Too Much would kick butt - which it did. PNP into Rapunzel, once again, third time I heard it, but the best. Dave messed up the lyrics, but it was all good. Encores: Loving Wings will be a great song when it's finalized. Where Are You Going left us all wondering if he was done with that...but he switched guitars and happily graced us with a great version of Grey Street. All in all, the best concert I've been to, with my little experience. I'm still on fire about it. I was half-dancing, half-headbanging all night. I loved it.
Mark D.
Average show at best. First off the sound at Hershey the entire night was horrible. Secondly, the crowd really didn't get going until Two Step. Stone opener was awesome, but after that the show dragged up until Two Step. At that point, I believe Dave was just trying to do something to get the crowd into the show. Pig and LIOG are always nice treats. However, Rapunzel really doesn't work as a set closer, and the encore was lacking a lot. Grey Street is a great song but an extremely poor closer. Hey Dave, how about giving us a little Ants or Billies? Would have liked to have heard #41 tonight as well, that's a little disappointing. I give this show a 6.5 out of 10. Hershey was my 6th show this tour(Camden all 3 nights, Raleigh, Charlotte, and tonight), and Charlotte is still by far the best show I have seen. Tonight wasn't terrible, but I have seen FAR better.
Ok folks, here we go.......this was my 11th show......and it was by far the worst concert I have ever seen (and yes, friends, I have seen MONSTER MAGNET live, hehe). Now, i'm not a complainer.......i've defended DMB all I could with bad reviews, etc. However, tonight's show left MUCH to be desired. This, however, was not the band's fault. Hersheypark Stadium must go.....it's a terrible venue and a waste of concert space. Let them stick to football and soccer. The sound is just a joke, and security, well, let's not go there. Also, the amount of smoking (and no, not mostly pot.....it was the cigarettes that bothered me) was rediculous.......if you want to smoke, talk, and drink......go to the fucking bar. Setlist wise, very weak. I'm sorry to say that, because any show with You Never Know, Captain, and Kit Kat in a row should be a gem. Two Step was TOO DAMN LONG and drawn out for a mid-set song, and Grace totally killed any kind of buzz that the Two Step ending stirred up. Lie In Our Graves was nice......but standard. The electric was pulled out by Monk before PNP-->Rapunzel, and I was hoping for What You Are, but to no avail. I skipped out during the encore break, and spent the rest of the show in the GA section, which I thought was very nice......alot better than the assholes around me in Section A. However, I walked out there, and someone asked what song they were playing. I thought to myself...."shit, they're playing a song, and I cant even hear it" the sound IS that bad. I barely made out only Carter during Loving Wings.......and same goes for WAYG......sad part is, the only vocals i heard in that song were that of my girlfriend, singing it, haha......not that that's bad for me, but for others......they pay to HEAR the show, not to watch the screen and imagine. I left right when Carter busted into Grey Street.......the first time I have EVER left a DMB show early.....yes, I even stuck out the encore of 4/5/02 ! Where was Ants Marching, WWYS, Jane, Raven, Busted Stuff, Everyday, DIDO, So Right, etc...........come on DMB......that was one BORING show. That's the bottom line. Some will say that i've gone to too many DMB shows and my expectations are too high. That is not true. That show, and i'm sure those that were there will back me up, was too lackluster to be DMB.......let's just say it never happened, and i'll go back to loving this teriffic band.
Matt G.
Norah Jones is like a white, jazzy Alicia Keys, fyi. Pretty good. Slow stuff. Not bad. I was in the front row of General Admission. The repeaters were fairly close to me, and it's all I could hear out of (mainly because they were pointed right at me). The sound for the showas *pretty damn good.* Don't let other people scare you away. It sounds good if you have good seats. The Stone: Nice opener. Kinda threw me off, thought he was teasing something, then the whole band came in. The really drew out the end, sounded like they were gonna fade it out, then came back BLASTING. (This was much more dramatic than Listener Supported) I Did It: Glad they played it early, get it out of the way. I sang along, mainly cause everyone else was, fun song. WTWE: That kinda blew the energy of the crowd right there. YNK: Reeeeally long drawn out Carter intro, excellent version, excellent excellent excellent. Captain: I wanted to hear this, I did, and it rocks. hard. Dave played it with a 6-string. Kit Kat Jam: All improv lyrics, nothing nearly close to the LWS lyrics. Dave played it with a 12-string. Tight as shit. Two Step: I think this was when I shit myself. Everybody was singing. Everybody. Badass Butch solo, tho it took him a few minutes to get going. Grace Is Gone: A total country song. Standard. Pig: A nice suprise. I heard it at MSG, hasn't changed much. Digging a Ditch: "He's not teasing DAD, is he?" "no". Oops. Long drawn out Boyd solo. Lie In Our Graves: Got the WHOLE crowd singing.Excellent crowd energy pleaser. Excellent Boyd and Butch solos. R&R: Standard. What else is there to say? SMTS: Again, EVERYONE singing. ASTB: I fuckin LOVE the bridge. Dave was doing all these hand gestures during his beginning scat part. It was funktastic.Too Much: (I called this one!) I thought this was the set closer. Guess not. Lots of fun to hear and sing along to; PNP->Rapunzel: Yay. Excellent jam at the end. Everyone was into it. Loving Wings: First time hearing it, pretty cool. Stands as a song on itself, doesn't really need WAYG. WAYG: Standard. Grey Street: Tight closer. All in all, a very nice show. 8.5/10. The crowd around me was pretty cool except for the 5 or so people who just HAD TO FUCKING CROWD SURF. THEY COULDN'T LOVE ON THIS EARTH UNLESS THEY CROWD SURFED DURING DIGGING A DITCH. Sorry.
What a suprisingly great show!! Started out very slow. Norah Jones as an opener was good but with it being so hot, i felt like taking a nap when she was done and i think everyone else did too. Then dave and friends came out and looked really excited. I felt bad for the band because everyone was ridiculously dead for the first few songs, then a twenty minute two step got everybody going, even the teeny bopper trendys. During the jam, dave walked to the back for a good amount of time where he appeared to be getting his drink on. He was clearly in good "spirits" for the entire show. He even had his corona on stage as a special guest. LIOG was over 15 mins with boyd going absolutely nuts, kicking his legs and punishing his violin. The set was awesome with a great version of PNP/rapunzel to end. Loving Wings is kind of cool but i think only about 5 people in the whole place knew what it was. The girl behind me insisted it was Gravedigger. Someone else insited it was where are you going. (Am I the only one that reads setlists? or even knows the songs?) Only dissapointment of whole show for me was grey st. closer. After a sweet set, I was hoping for something a little longer, but grey street will have to do. See you at the Gorge dudes!
Dave was definatly having problems reaching the fans tonight at Hershey Stadium. I don't think the problem was him or the choice of set list. The set couldn't have had offered any more. It had something for every fan. The problem was the venue. The mood in the parking lot was terrible, and boring. The lots saturation with police (who were on power trips) left the lots scattered with people using coolers and solos. The mood continued into the stadium where a mostly older crowd of parents seemed to be. The so called "lawn" was a hard plastic floor in the middle of the stadium. But the worst to come was something was wrong with dave's sound. You could barely hear him up on stage. People were yelling turn it up or louder the entire time of the concert. I think that hershey needs to learn a lesson from Camden and it's success and be a little more liberal in the way they hold their events. It's all about atmosphere and being able to relax with ppl before and after the show. And dave just isn't dave with a mostly sober 40+ year old crowd. To end i would like to say the band played great and dave was on with his dancing. Lie in our graves was a great jam and boyde and boyde was the usual "amazing". But, next year don't be suprised if dave leave's hershey behind.
Chris S.
Personally, this is the best show I have seen in my somewhat short DMB career. The energy was awsome. Dave came out and gave a little speach about willy wonka and the chocolate factory. Thus I will alwqys remeber this as the Chocolate Factory show. Opened with the Stone. Such a kicking song, and dave voice sounded better than it ever has. A little trip to everyday with I did it and WTWE.Great songs no matter who produced them. But the Concert really began with Captain. I didnt like it on the lws, but Dave and the band have reworked for busted stuff and it sounds awsome. Frickin Two Step!Any Concert is a success to me if they play Two Step. GIG sounded sweet. Digging a Ditch was perfectly chanted. Liein Our Graves was awsome. I love the Jamming. Butch Carter and Boyd did a great job, filled with energy. And what a way to end the regular set! So Much to say-aostb-Too Much-PNP-rapunzel. God bless them. Loving wings is a pretty good song, but I think it could still you some work. WAYG, the usual.And Grey Street, my favorite from BS. All in all a great performance.
James D.
What an absolutely awesome show tonight in Hershey! I sat on the floor so the sound was great for me. But people! Stone Opener, Kit Kat Jam, Captain, Two Step, Pig, Lie In, So Much-->Too Much PNP, Rapunzel, Rhyme. 3 song encore. Beautiful Close to my 5 shows in 9 day run. I see this as the greatest hits of the week recap. The band was just having a hell of a lot of fun tonight and so was i and everyone else near me. its coming more impossible to compare shows anymore cuz theyre all just becoming too damn good. Well its over. 5 shows 9 days,and i Met the band. This was without a doubt the absolute best EVER! and tonights show was non stop fun from start to finish. and as i always say.. until next time dmb....
Jason D.
WOW!! Absolutely amazing for me. Yes the crowd was a little slow, but why should that slow me down? It did nothing of the sort. I was singing and dancing up a storm and people around me loved it. Stone was a good opener. Then I did it came on and I said shit this isn't going to be great. All uphill from that point. Two Step was immaculate, being around 20 minutes. When Pig started I lost it. Definitely didn't expect that one, and it was awesome as well. Boyd was a genius on his violin during LIOG. My girlfriend (whose not an avid fan, and hasn't been to a concert) loved that song and Boyd's works on it. I had never heard Anyone Seen the Bridge, even on a CD, so that was so cool for me. Rapunzel was a great ending, although looking for Ants. Encore was a little slow, but with Grey St. being my favorite "Busted Stuff" song, I left a very happy man. This show was 20 billion times better than the State College show at the beginning of the tour. Nothing less than the best day of my summer!! See ya'll in Pittsburgh!!
Nicole P.
It's all about where you are seated at Hershey. Fortunately, I have been in one of the front reserved sections two years srtaight. The concert was awesome. The slow start (wow, "Stone!") was compensated for as soon as they busted into Two Step. The "Grey Street" closer was spectacular. The lack of Everyday songs was a plus for me. Glad "I Did" got out of the way early. The jams, though long, were unexpected. I missed them and was glad to have them back. Much better than last Spring's BJC concert in State College.
Last night was my 11th dave show...and boy was I disappointed. First of all the scene in the parking lots was less than anything special, considering the fact all us Dave fans were spread out between soccer mom vans and families going into the park. The only real highlights of tonights show was THE STONE to open. It was my first time hearing this one live. Then PNP-->RAPUNZEL also lifted my spirits for a bit...But then dave came back on...I was hoping for something solo like LBV or #40, but instead what does he give us? Where are u going--->Grey Street. It took every nerve I had in me to NOT leave during the show, but I noticed other people didn't give a shit. I will always be a firm believer in DMB, but after tonight's show some serious changes need to be made in their setlists and the energy they're bringing to the crowds.
Well this was show number 6 for me and probably the best one yet. The stone was fantastic as an opener. Got the crowd going early. Then i did it and when the world ends. Im just glad we got them over with early although i will say that i did it tonight was the best version i have heard. You never know was great as well although nobody seemed to know what it was. Captain was very very good. The bass line to this is so jazzy and stands out a lot. Kit kat jam i loved too, even though once again the people i was around had no clue what this song was. The next song is where the night took off. TWO STEP was unbelievable. It was definitely one of the best versions i have ever heard. Hershey 2000 two step being the best. This was one song i really wanted to hear tonight and i was so glad i got it again. Grace is gone was very beautiful as it always is although it did drag the crowd energy down a bit. The next song was one that i just had to hear at a dave show before i died. PIG was the highlight of the night for me and was an incredible version. When i heard the opening notes i went nuts. Digging a ditch was played very slow tonight just like on the busted stuff album. Also, it completed me hearing the whole busted stuff album live. (i have now heard every song off the album in concert). Although played slow it was a very good version. Lie in our graves, oh my god, once again, how great was this version. This one finally got the people around me who were sitting the whole time to get up and dance. This was yet another highlight for me and i think the show period. Boyd just took off on this song and didnt stop for probably 6 or 7 minutes. rhyme and reason kept the show going nicely with lots of energy. It was a pretty standard version but very good anyway. So much to say > anyone seen the bridge > too much was fantastic. The two girls who i went with (lacey and danielle--thanks a lot) went insane with this. One of the girls favorite songs is so much to say while the other is too much. This had so much energy to it and the best versions i have heard of these songs. I thought this would end the set but then they played a very nice pnp>rapunzel. Rapunzel sounded a little different because in parts they changed the tempo or something. The ending jam to this was great as always. The encores...well i called loving wings and where are you going. I knew if we didnt get them in the set we would have them as encores. Standard version of where are you going, but i still liked it. The third encore song i did not call. I was yelling for watchtower because then i knew the show would end with a bang. Grey street however can be played at any dave show i see. This is my favorite busted stuff album song and i love hearing it live. The crowd was into it a lot too. To me, the only lowlights of the show were no rare songs, (nancies, dreaming tree etc) and no watchtower. I think watchtower would have fit very nicely to end the night. oh well, it was still the best show i have been to. Pig, two step, and lie in our graves made up for anything that wasnt there. Hope to see a winter tour and to all the RSHS people who were there and shannon from salisbury, i hope you had a great time. GREAT JOB TONIGHT DMB!!!
Sue B.
last night's show was great! it was my first time seeing him at hershey park, i usually see him in CT at the meadows. i saw him in april at the mci center, which personally was a bit of a disappointment. but last night i was really happy that he played pig, rapunzel, too much, and digging the ditch. where are you going was awesome live too. 3 encore songs was also a plus! wahoo!
I would just like to offer an opinion. I have only seen DMB twice. But as the Hershey show compares to the Vet (7/15/00), the Vet was so much better. Everyone seemed to be into the show at the Vet. At Hershey, the crowd was into it for certain songs. Noone was really into the newer songs with maybe the exception of Where Are You Going and Grey Street. The sound system was horrible. I was on the floor and it sounded so bad. The sound would come across so clear and then go out then come back then go out. It was never good for a long period of time. This is 2 years in a row that the Hershey sound system messed up one of their concerts. I say, DMB dumps Hershey and come to a place where they has never played, Montage Mountain in Scranton Pa.
This was going to be my last show depending on how things went, and I can say that I've changed my mind. The band definitely redeemed themselves from the last show I saw in State College. Opening with the Stone was great and then they got the two Everyday songs out of the way which was nice. This left plenty of room for some great jams and a setlist heavily populated with Busted Stuff/Lillywhite songs. YNK and Pig were definitely highlights, they're great songs. Also the great jam in Two Step and LIOG were just amazing. I'll admit that I think the band is still struggling to find the energy and force that they used to play with before the Everyday fiasco, but atleast they're moving away from playing too many of those songs in concert. Ending with SMTS-ASTB-Too Much and then PNP-Rapunzel was a nice touch. The encore was average, the sound quality at Hershey is always poor and Loving Wings didn't come across well. Ending with Grey Street was cool, although I would have liked to see something a bit louder and longer. While they didn't play everything I would have liked (Warehouse, Seek Up, Long Black Veil) they definitely played some great jams. I'll be looking forward to seeing them again for the 15th time.
I've now been to eleven DMB shows, and before I write what I thought about the show, I'd like to take a moment to raise a glass to the Mensa group in Hershey who thought up the parking lot evacuation plan. First, in the future, someone should tell these people that a concert has been scheduled and that there will be 20,000 cars in the parking lot. Second, maybe the rubes at the helm should reconsider their decision to have all 20,000 cars merge into a single-file line. Thumbs up to security-guy-with-the-flares (let's call him Larry), who assured us that the cars would move like lightning once the pedestrian traffic cleared up. Major thanks to baton-waving-security-guy (Curly?) who haphazardly and ineptly tried to direct traffic that sat in park for almost an hour. As to security guard Moe, who I'm sure was supervising the fiasco/nightmare/trainwreck, I can't say enough to let you know how much we appreciated an extra two hours in your parking lots. The parking lot was enough to make me want to lead a boycott of Hershey Park, Hershey products, international chocolate, and anything made in Pennsylvania or in the mid-Atlantic states. There has to be some way to hurt these people. And while this post is intended for the drooling idiots in charge of parking, I'm pretty sure none of them would be able to read it, so I'll stop before I get too fired up. Fantastic show. Enthusiastic crowd. Terrific set list. When did they let Bruce Hornsby join the band? See you again in Pittsburgh.
Ken P.
after 3 great nights in camden,alot was expected to match those nights, but it didnt' happen. it may have been the band, but the crowd certainly had partin it. they were dead. from the beginning,in the middle, and even somewhat dead at the end.when the band came out, some girl had an "ill back you up" sign and dave kept teasing her playing the opening chords. STONE was a good opener and actually brought the crowd alive, probably about as alive as they got. I Did It killed them and WTWE didnt' help though i love that song, so it got me excited.YNK can and will be a major live song for dmb but they can't placew it between new songs like they did. it has to come between 2 established songs to get recognized i believe. Captain & KKJ were very good and then a 23 mins Two Step was amazing. crowd finally got movin in the intro but lost it durin the jam, for a reason i cant see, it was a great jam. Pig is always fun, while Ditch slowed em down again. The end finally picked up with a great jam-ful LIOG then R&R->SMTS->ASTB->TOO Much the ASTB 2 min jam was actually one of my fav highlights (if that speaks for the show) because the band finally seemed energetic. PNP->Rapunzel was a good closer and they left the crowd wanting more. 3-song encore was nice with Loving Wing, which almost nobody knew but mistaked it with WAYG. either way, both were good, and at least GREy street was a good end to a mediocre night. I'd have to say the Camden nights blew this show away. The band had more energy and better song selection at all points, esp the beginiing, but hey, the crowd also fed the band that energy so maybe it's our fault. welkl cya in saratoga. "eat, drink and be merry"
HERSHEY WAS SO AWESOME THIS YEAR! "chocolate...mmmm...i love chocolate...mmm" this made me laugh when dave kept saying that. this was my second show of this tour and it was great. i had awesome seats and i thought the sound was great. i sat far back at hershey last year and i understand how bad the sound can be. great seats=great sound. anyways onto the set list... he opened with THE STONE! oh man...this is one of my favorite songs and all the people around me were really into it. two songs from everyday...blah. YOU NEVER KNOW and CAPTAIN were sooooo good. first time hearing captain live and i loved it. KIT KAT JAM was good, i like it better with lyrics than just jamming like on BS. then to the highlight of the show, TWO STEP. it doesnt get much better than this, the band jammed it out and was really into it. GRACE IS GONE was standard, i like it but its going to be sold out to the radio so then its going to be so overplayed. i was very excited to hear PIG tonight, first time ive ever heard it live with the whole band. the crowd wasnt really into DIGGING A DITCH. LIE IN OUR GRAVES rocked! long jam, but it was so cool! RHYME AND REASON is a classic and it sounded great. SMTS->ASTB->TOO MUCH is so cool live! i was hoping he'd play these and it was awesome. then i was sure he was going to end on TOO MUCH but then he starts playing PNP->RAPUNZEL! WOW! i thought it was a great way to end a show. his encore was alright, at least it was three songs long. all in all this show rocked and totally made up for VA Beach being pretty bad and short. see everyone at nissan!
Adam B.
After seven shows in less than two years in the late 90s, it'd been two long years since I last saw Dave. So needless to say, I was pumped. I wish I could say I enjoyed the show at Hershey, but in all actuality, I would have been better off in parking lot. This is my third Dave show (and fifth show overall) at Hershey, and I have never, ever heard the sound any worse. You know when you come across those old tapes of Dave that when the crowd decides to sing, they drown out the band? That was Sunday night at Hershey. A complete waste of 40 bucks. It looks like it was a great set list. I wish I could have heard it.
Robert O.
Enjoyed the show for the most part, but wanted to comment on the sound in the stadium.Our seats were in section 8 close to the stage and we had trouble hearing. I can't imagine how it would have been at the back of the place. Good selection of songs from the entire catalog, and the show went uptempo right at the time the laser show next door started, which was cool. Also, I have been to 150+ concerts and 1000+ events at arenas and stadiums and have NEVER seen a cluster fuck trying to get out of a parking lot like last night. If people weren't driving over curbs to get out, we would still be there!
Well, for my ninth show (I know, how pathetic!?) it was a good one. Started out a little slow and the smell of vomit didn't help... but, it just adds to the "Dave atmosphere", I guess! Missed half of the first song (The Stone) because of a horrible potty line, but end was good. I Did It was okay, wouldn't have put it on my list of faves, but that's OK! I love WTWE, You Never Know was good and so was Captain and Kit Kat Jam! Then... the showstopper, Two Step, Hershey was FINALLY on their feet and jammin' along! It was great. Slowed it down a bit with Grace Is Gone, and DBTP was next-good tune! Really enjoyed Digging a Ditch but was hysterical when they went into Lie in Our Graves! From Two Step until the end, it was awesome! The encore, I felt, was a little weak, but was happy to hear Grey Street... although I was hoping for Watchtower or Billies! Was disappointed that the screens were basically out of sight for me, would have preferred the ones on the sides of the stage, BUT...! Lots of people around us bitching about the mellow feel and how Dave sucks...well, leave then! Obviously most of them are fairweather fans. Maybe Dave HAS mellowed a bit since becoming a daddy, and good for him! He did us right, though, by bringing out some old stuff and picking up the pace! Thanks Dave, can't wait for next year... I'll be there!
Mark D.
The crowd seemed dazed 'n' confused during the first few songs... though I loved hearing The Stone, maybe it wasn't the best opener. The new songs (WAYG?, YNK, and all the Busted Stuff songs) came across beautifully. The mood picked up tremendously, at least from where I sat. Some of the people in the crowd were annoying, but hey, it was a stadium and there were 10,000's of others who were jamming along politely. Great energy on stage, lots of great songs and performances. Another top-notch job from DMB.
Josh S.
Holy crap! This was the best setlist ever! it seemed like the band played songs they knew were crowdpleasers just to do that. First off, Norah Jones was incredible, and I had to love the upright bass. Dave introducing them was good as well...."Mmmmmm...Chocolate....I love willie....wonka" then coming out starting with the stone, we all knew it was gonna be a great night. it was a beautiful night and the lighting was perfect. Two step's ending was so good i could have cried. What a wonderful night!
Kevin F.
first of all, the setlist was great- we got,liog, two step, rapunzel, smts, too much, grace is gone, dbtp, the stone, and rhyme and reason. you never know was the highlight of the show for me, this song is slowly becoming my favorite busted stuff song with bartender(not played)I've heard Rhyme and Reason at almost every show i've been to, and tonight was the best version. now on with the problems, if this setlist was played at camden, i would call this one of the best shows i've ever seen, but it was in hershey, i've never been before, and i might never go back. unless i'm in one of the first few rows. the sound was TERRIBLE. i heard the conversation next to me about some girls sex life, better than i heard the show. i was very disappointed. The crowd was weird, the people were crowd surfing....CROWD SURFING!!!! and the GA section was flat. the girl i was with, could not see a thing. and last but not least, (this isn't really a problem, just something i noticed) dave was sing the wrong lyrics..all night long. skiping lines, switching lines. it wasn't bad it just was confusing at times. overall, this was a very good show, i just can't get over the venue problems.
Jeff B.
Wow what a great show. My best so far. They started of the set good with the STONE. This got a lot of people into it and then he got the Everyday fans into the show with I DID IT. I actually enjoyed this. And then came the last Everday song of the night, WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, one of my favorite songs from the album. Then the show picked up with YOU NEVER KNOW, awesome intro and song, love it live. CAPTAIN was so incredible followed by a cool KIT KAT JAM. TWO STEP was a big suprise in the middle of the set, got everyone into it. Then they toned it down with GRACE IS GONE, with LeRoi doing the solo instead of Boyd. DONT BURN THE PIG!!!!! Oh my god, I finally hear this. One of my favorite songs. Just great. Dave changed the one line to, "On this moony night..." Then came DIGGIN A DITCH, which was good as always. LIE IN OUR GRAVES! Insane, Boyd went nuts, got the crowd goin'. RHYME AND REASON was next. Happy to hear this. SO MUCH TO SAY was good with an awesome ASTB into TOO MUCH which was full of energy. We thought they would end it there but they went into PNP->RAPUNZEL. This is a good closer. The encore was a little mellow at first. It was hard to hear LOVING WINGS and WHERE ARE YOU GOING. GREY STREET was very good. Overall a great show. Sound was a problem. Highlights: Captain, Kit Kat Jam, Two Step, Lie In Our Graves and PIG!!
Good solid set other than a little weak of an ending with LW, WAG, and GS.....but Hershey park stadium sucks1!!!! totally took away from the whole concert...the sound could only be heard if people were virtually quiet and if you were in the stands closest to the stage you had a bad view....Dave should band hershey from the tour until something is done about the sound and the view...sorry to any first timers or second timerss!~!!
Kara B.
This is my second concert @ Hershey and my second dave concert, and it totally blew me away. Not only did they cut almost all everyday songs from the setlist (which is a must in my opinion), they played great lillywhite/b.s. songs such as You Never Know, Captain, Kit Kat Jam, and Grey Street, they also went old school w/ two great jams Two Step (which was phenomonal) and Lie In Our Graves (which is one of my favorites, and glad to hear it live). Too Much, So Much To Say, PNP-->>Rapunzel were all filled with so much energy! Even though I was trying to sing to Rapunzel it was great having Dave mix up the lyrics a bit. Pig was also good, but was it just me or did people not know the song too well? I guess they just didn't appreciate as much as I did. R&R was full of energy, it reminded me a little of the version in Listener Supported. From where I was sitting I could not hear Loving Wings well, but I'm sure it will end up being another great DMB song. WAYG should not have been in the encore and while I love Grey Street it shouldn't have been a closer. I loved the show and hope to go to more in the near future. While I have not been to many DMB concerts, whenever you have both crowd and band energy like last night plus a great set list (in my opinion) there is no reason to be dissappointed...except maybe waiting 2 hours in the parking lot afterward. Hershey, you've gotta find more than one exit!!!!!!!! Well hope to see you all next year @ the big old chocolate park!
Philip G.
With this being my second DMB show I must say that last night's show at Hershey Park was ten times better than last year on a personal level and on the whole scale. For starters security was much tighter this year, so there weren't to many problems. Norah Jones was nice to hear, but I didn't enjoy her as much as my colligues did. But on the whole she was a good opening act, as this was her last night preforming with DMB. Ok, fast foreward to 8:15. The boys take the stage to a pumped up crowd. The Stone: As an opener was so cool to see. They really rocked out on this one and they sounded great. The crowd around me didn't seem to like this but I was real pumped I did It and When the World Ends: Back to back Everydays. The crowd really seemed to like these. They were a great time for me to sit down and recouperate from the stone:) You Never Know: This was expected. It was a fun song to hear. nice little ratta-tat-tat intro by Carter. Captain: Also expected judging by how this tour has been going. One of my favorite songs but no big suprise. Kit Kat Jam: Also expected. Nice to hear lyrics with it. Remnicient to the lilywhites. Two Step: This is what I was waiting for. Another one of my favorite songs. The band really seemed to enjoy playing this one. Butch Taylor proved again to me why he's such a personal hero to me. Considering that I am a paino player. His solo at the end boggles the mind. Grace is Gone: A good slow song after an intence Two Step. This years GIG was better in my opinion than last years. Don't Burn the Pig: By far the highest moment of the concert. Boyd was right on tune. Diggin a Ditch. This was a nice song to hear. Lie in Our Graves: This a good song in General but I could've done without it. So Much to say->Anyone Seen the Bridge-> Too Much: This whole section was a lot of fun. I'm glad we got So much to say with the Bridge that was real fun. Pantala Naga Pamba->Rapunzel: This is a great song but wasn't the strongest closer. I'm glad I heard it Loving Wings: The version we heard sounded a lot more completed than the MP3 I had heard prior to the concert. Where are you going?: This was slightly expected. Necessary to be in there. But I wouldn've minded if it wasn't Grey Street: A great song but not a strong closer. Despite the mixed reviews this concert has recieved I really enjoyed myself, The setlist grade I would give this show would be a 7 out of 10 because of the predictability of many of the songs. And also I did not get to hear Crush or Warehouse or What you are as I was hoping. But it gets the 7 because of hearing Pig and Two Step. That completed the night. On the whole I would give my entire experiece at Hershey an 8 out of 10 because of all the fun I had before and after the concert. And I would give the parking situation after the concert a 0! out of 10 becausee I sat through two hours of traffic. Ugh.
D B.
First of all, I'd like to say that Hershey is an awesome place to view a concert... you can see the amusement park all lit up, and any seat in the house is a good seat. Also, Hershey Park was a great place to spend teh afternoon before the show. Setlist: I thought that the boys could not have picked a better setlist. They balanced the slower songs with up-beat songs. The sound quality SUCKED!!! (I read that Dave teased I'll Back You Up at the beginning of the show, but no one could hear anything until Dave played the opening riff of The Stone for 5 minutes) Highlights: The Stone was an awesome opener, since I hadn't heard it before. Two Step was a personal highlight because it was also a 1st. the show's highlights were probably KIT KAT JAM with lyrics You Never Know (cause its the best song off of BS) and SMTS> an awesome ASTB> a funky Too Much. I was a bit disappointed by the encore. I think Grey Street belongs at the beginning of a set to get things going, and I was hoping for a Ants Marching or Tripping Billies. Overall: I'd give the overall experience of the show a 7 out of 10.
John B.
Alright, i can only start this out by saying that that was the best Dave show i have ever been to. i am listening to these "fans" say that Two Step was "too damn long" and that the setlist was "weak"... are you kidding me?! Anyone who is a true fan of dmb would never say that! Look at the setlist! it was amazing! and as for the venue sucking... i agree that it could have been better but who gives a shit if there is a rubber matt over the grass or if people are smoking? try listening to the music instead of worrying what other people are doing! to end this, awesome show... period dave was feelin the crowd and the crowd was feelin him
Ok, i read a few reviews and decided to submit a review to defend what i KNOW was an awesome show. This was my third Hershey show and my favorite so far. I think Dave and the band were totally "on" all night and if there was anything that sucked about Hershey it was the lame crowd there who couldn't appreciate a good set. So many old tunes throughout the show, all uplifting but most of the crowd were unernergetic corpses. The band was awesome as ever. SMTS into Too Much a definite highlight, Don't Burn the Pig was a favorite, Grey Street was a wonderful energetic ending to a great show. Hershey is a great place to see a show Two thumbs up!!!
Okay,for my ninth show (I know, how pathetic!?) it was a good one. Missed half of The Stone due to a horrible potty line, but was thrilled to hear/see DMB when I "stepped into the light!" Started out kind of slow, but Two Step worked its magic and had everyone on their feet! Could have done without I Did It, but was glad to hear some of the newer stuff. Grace Is Gone is a beautiful song,and was happy when he went into DBTP! Jammin' to LIOG, R & R and SMTS, Too Much, PNP and a mean, hard Rapunzel, which is always good! Loving Wings and Where Are You Going were okay, but not real great encore material. Loved Grey Street but was hoping for Watchtower, Billies or Nancies! Maybe next time! What a great 26th Birthday it was, although it is very depressing to be on the way home and know I won't see Dave until next year! What a downer! Until then, thanks Dave!
Nick Z.
What can i say but this show kicked ass. Norah Jones did a great job opening, and she was quite funny. now to DMB: The Stone, I was so glad this opened, Its one of my favorites and i was glad to hear it, I Did It was funky, and i was glad it was now and not closing the encore (Ala Bryce) WTWE was standard but nice to hear, I never tohught YNK was coming cuz Carter kept going going and going, but i'm glad it came, this is my first time seeing it live and it just kicks ass. Captain sounded great as did Kit Kat Jam, I wanted to hear these 2 and didn't expect them next to each other. Two Step was phenominal, it was palyed nicely and great solos by Butch and Carter, Grace was great to hear again, had everyone aroudn me singing along, Pig was amazing as always, Diggin A Ditch, it may have killed the crowd, but i was so glad to hear it b/c i never thought i'd get to hear it, and hey atelast it's not SLeep to dream her, LIOG was amazing, second time seeing it and i welcome it, R&R third time seeing it, and it was energetic, and got the crowd going, SMTS -> Too Much was great, and got the crowd going, always a pleasure ot hear. PNP -> Rapunzel sounded great and glad to finally hear it. ENCORE of Loving Wings -> WAYG this was my first time ever hearing loving wings, and it sounded very nice, its gonna be a great song soemday, and WAYG was great, unlike Bryce the crowd now new this song b/c its on the radio, GREY Street!!! I almost died when i saw the `12 string out, thank you Dave. I tried to get a setlist , but they were out. parking was terrible, we finnally just had enough and drove over the curb and left.
i have to say, this show started out sorta slow. the stone for an opener was random bc he'd opened with it recently but i was hoping for it so i was happy. the next couple songs after that the crowd was not into at all so i think they might have just thrown in two step to get people into it- the rest of the setlist was amazing though, a lotta old stuff but some new stuff too but just enough. all in all it was really good. some people said that the sound wasnt all that great but i guess it just depended where you were sitting. Loving wings seems like it could be a really nice song but most of the people there didnt know what it was so it wasnt that great. i think when they've figured it out more it can be a really nice song. all in all i thought it was an amazing show and dave seemed to be really into it and so did the rest of the boys. boyd was off the hook amazing and it was just a lot of fun. he needs to have another concert in charlottesville though, thatd be sweet ;)
Just went to my first DMB show last night in Hershey. Loved the show, and the setlist. My boyfriend and I are also going to the DMB show @ the Nissan Pavilion center next week. Looking forward to it! Hopefully I'll hear "Where are you Going" again, because I love that song!!
Wes R.
First of all, the word for tonite's show was MELLOW. A bit of history first, this was my second show of the year, the first being the Penn State show in April. That show was my worst dave concert experience with absolutly no jamming to be seen all night (except a little bit of LLD and BARTENDER) concluding with I DID IT as the final song of the encore. I was hoping dave would bounce back with a higher energy set tonite. The show was not high energy at all but was really mellow...the band didn't really kick into high gear until the end of their set. However, the show was the most mellow, laid back, dave show i have ever seen. The STONE was a great opener but I was to busy trying to find somewhere where I could hear the music to really enjoy it. (more on this is a minute) I was really excited to hear IDI as the 2nd song so I didn't have to worry them closing with it agian all night. YOU NEVER KNOW was great to hear live. TWO STEP got the crowd jumping (huge jam - I havn't heard this live in a couple of years) - best version of GRACE I have heard...this song is really getting some legs live - I couldn't believe they played LIOG - best jam of the night (Boyd and Leroi were playing their hearts out - had to be about a 20 minute version) - R&R sounded flat...not high energy enough... but SMTS -> ASTB -> TOO MUCH really got the band flying - I thought that they would leave the stage after this but much to my shock they played PNP RAPUNZEL - what a great version of this song - they really tore through this one - LOVING WINGS i really couldn't hear very well but sounded cool - next was WAYG - I was terrified they would end the show with this (getting tired of it already) but was treated to an awsome GREY STREET - a laid back version for a laid back show - overall, the best show I have seen in a couple of years P.S. Hershey Park Stadium has about the worst acoustics I have ever heard...I urge everyone not to attend concerts at this venue...I had general admission tix and it was extremely hard to hear the band from the lawn...we tried moving all around but the sound was horribly awful...I plan on writing a letter to Hershey...If anyone else had a similar experience...You should write and complain as well
Why do I bother going to hershey. Did they even have a sound man? Overall too quiet, too much drums in relation to the rest of the band. This show was so bad its hard to know where to begin. The setlist was terrible with only about 4 or 5 songs played well. The set list was horrendously ordered, and the crowd was terrible. The stone was a great opener but no one was even into it. Everyone in section 27 was too busy watching security tackle this 40 year old blond lady. What is the deal with giving Butch Taylor the long jams. During LIOG and Two Step he had what felt like 20 minute solos. I could see giving LeRoy or Boyd those jams, but Butch isn't even in the band. Dave literally left the stage for about 10 minutes 3 times. I wonder if he sensed how crappy the crowd and sound were. Normally I would say that #41 would have been nice, but half way through the concert we didn't want to hear anymore. This was my 5th show, and the first one that I left early. I told my friend if they play WAYG during the encore, we are leaving. So we heard Grey street from the parking lot as we exited. What a dumpy waste of time and money. I would say it was 50% the 40 year old/Abercrombie Catalog/"Let's Go To A Kegger" crowd's fault for not being into it at all, 35% the sound guy's fault for not mixing the band or putting it loud enough, and 15% the band's fault for picking a lousy set list. By the way, security in the parking lot was fine, they just told us we needed to put stuff in cups. If it weren't for the free chocolate bar at the end of the chocolate world tour, I would say this was a wasted day.
Once again GLENN BALLARD'S BAND took the stage tonight for another lackluster evening in hershey. i will say that the setlist was not that bad, but the way in which the songs were played ablsolutely sucked. the stone was a great opener, then we have to head into the infamous everyday crap. dave, and all you dmb fans who became fans after everyday came out, lets just pretend it was never recorded, because it blows. the album is not DMB...it is GBB glenn ballard's band. anyway, back to the show. 2 everyday songs in a row and the show is all but over for me. captain was nice to hear, but once again Glenn Ballard dips his hands into the mix by asking dave to "tighten their arrangements" and all that crap. lillywhite's captain is so much better. busted's captain sounds like an Nsync ballad. two step got everyone excited, but once we realized that glenn ballards band was playing and not dave matthews band, no one cared anymore. because of glenn ballards influence they dont play with the same energy they once used to. two step was sub par. GIG killed any mood left over from two step. LIOG was nice but still slow, and mellow, and not loud. where is the concert energy we knew from 2 years ago at the Vet and all that. where is boyd going apeshit on every song and dave dancing his ass off. carter doing massive fills and leroi's lungs exploding. the lovely ladies and stefans intro to watchtower? butch....you just suck buddy...sorry but you gotta go. R&R was standard, the SMTS into TM...i have seen that too much. sorry boys you cant close out the set with rapunzel. then to finish the night you could easily predict WAYG and GS as the closers because on this tour they have played them everynight, so they must have been comming. i left right after loving wings....great new song by the way. all in all the last 3 nights in camden and 1 in hershey were dissapointing and lackluster. you have lost your touch guys, glenn ballard ruined and you and brainwashed you into thinking you needed to "tighten your arrangements" well he was wrong and your concerts now....(im sorry to say this)....blow because of him. bottom line: i have 4 2nd row tix to hartford on 7/25....anyone want them?
This was my 30 or so show. My last show was MSG, and in my mind I know that Hershey could never touch the N.Y. crowd. I knew that it was going to be a pure Busted Stuff concert. It was a good setlist , Stone good starter Two Step, Pig always gives me chills. I love Loving Wings. All in all this was a average show, maybe it would have been better if the crowd was into it and security would stop flexing there muscles ("I want my camera back"!! :-( ..) But what can you expect from a "FAMILY PARK". And lets get something straight it's still DMB and they kick ass!! So ill see you all at the next show!!! PEACE,LOVE&DMB!!
U C.
Well, i want to start by saying that i love DMB more than anything! this is why i was disappointed with hershey's show. The band was good and the set list was pretty good except for the fact that it didn't kick into gear until Two Step. AWESOME: The Stone, You Never Know, Captain, Two Step, Pig, SMTS->ASTB->Too Much, & Grey Street. CRAPPY: the sound system (we got the echo from the speaker in the middle & could not make out any words to Loving Wings), screen placement (couldn't see from where we were), THE CROWD (1.i have never seen so many people sitting at a dave show, let alone at the beginning -GO HOME!- 2.CROWD SURFERS?!?!? where were we? a korn concert? why were the people letting them surf? & its funny bc before the concert, my friends and i joked about there being moshpits 3. how do you people not know the words? Busted Stuff had been out for 6 days! plenty of time if you listen non stop like a good fan). One more thing, there is nothing wrong with the Everyday songs when they're live... and i think i speak for all of us when i say that I Did It is the best song EVER! ;-) Unfortunately, i won't be going back to hershey & the suggestion of montage is not bad, how about the Broome County Arena guys?!?! haha. DMB- you guys rock and i'm still going to saratoga, i just hope i get to hear and see the show this time!
I just want to say that this was an awsome show. There are a lot of people saying that the setlist was weak and the sound was bad. WEll, the setlist kicked ass, and the sound was only bad on the first song. In fact, the opener of The Stone was the only bad part of the night. The crowd didnt seem to be awake for it, and neither did the badn. But I Did It (while it being a bad song) sparked the crowd and the band. People are also saying that the crowd sucked. What? I dont know where u were sitting but my section (sec 3) was awsome. The crowd loved. Maybe these people are expecting moshing or people lighting stuff on fire. Newsflash: The only thing getting lit on fire at a DMB show is weed, weed, and weed. Also, is it just me or was Two Step AWSOME?! When everyone helf their lighter up. man, no matter how many times I see it its awsom.e
I personally think that it was a great show compared to the last one I saw in April at the Bryce Jordan Center, which I will never attend another concert there again.This was my sixth show and one of the best I've seen, The Stone as an opener was awesome but what followed it didn't really seem to get the crowd going and I have to agree with everyone else when they say that the crowd was not into it at all..I was vomitted on and surrounded by drama, but I still was jammin' out with the music. SMTS>ASTB>TM was amazing it was just packed full of energy and finally got the crowd's attention..PNP>Rapunzel was wonderful for me because I never saw it, but not the best to end the set with. And the encore could have been much better, Loving wings had everyone standing there trying to figure out whether or not he was singing a song or just "intro-ing" into something..and of course what would a concert be nowadays without that famed hid radio tune to please the abercrombie/crashheads..Grey Street is a personal fav but I think he could have ended with something that would have left you leaving there saying WOW...instead I left there saying that was a great concert but could have ended better..Overall an 8 on a 10 scale