Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Charlotte, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars
When The World Ends
Grey Street
Where Are You Going

Note: Soundcheck broadcast on America Online

So Much To Say *
#41(Everyday outro) *
Grey Street *
Crush *
When The World Ends *
Grace Is Gone *
Too Much *
Blue Water (tease, chords only)
Rhyme & Reason *
Lover Lay Down * -->
The Stone *
Blue Water (first verse) +
Lie In Our Graves *
Fool To Think *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Ants Marching *
Gravedigger +
What You Are *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Absolutely incredible. I'm pissed I got stuck in traffic and missed the Allstars. For those of you who don't know these guys, they rock. Now on to Dave, I don't even know where to start except Leroi stole the first half and Boyd stole the second half. I still can't believe we got SMTS, Grey Street, Crush and Too much right off the top and 20 minute versions of lie in our graves (Boyd went absolute insane)and 41 ( Leroi's shining moment) in the same night. Gravedigger is kinda cool and What you are as a closer sucks. But a great show in total with Dave staying away from most everyday garbage but I must say When the world ends is a great song. Actually Dave kinda stayed away all night and let his band do the talking and they definately did.
AMAZING! My second DMB show in a row and all I can say is after being let down in Raleigh last night, this show definatley made up for it. I got there just as dave was taking the stage. He play back to back classics, "So Much To Say", and #41, I wasn't expecting to here either. But the highlight of the night was Boyd during LIOG. He was going nuts, and the crowd was totally into it. I was a little dissapointed after the Raleigh show because the crowd really sucked, but tonight, EVERYONE was on there feet. AMAZING show!
Myles W.
One word...AMAZING......Tonight was only my third Dave Matthews show, but I was completely taken away. They jammed for 2 and a half hours and really blew everyone away. Boyd and Leroi both did tons of jamming, I think Boyd stole the show. Highlight of the night: Lie In Our Graves. Boyd and Butch both had ten minute solos. Boyd starts tearing it up and you never think he's gonn stop, then he slows it down and gives it to Butch. Butch starts slow and completely controls the crowd, everyone had their lighters out and was going crazy. I thought SMTS was a good opener, was expecting something newer so that was a pleasant treat. Only sour part of the night occurred there, the crowd was really dead at first, not even a full crowd for the first two songs. But Dave #41 and then Grey Street and wakes everybody the f*ck up! At the end of #41 Dave sang some Everyday lyrics, but never played the song, pretty intresting. Crush was INCREDIBLE. One of my favorite songs live now. Gravedigger was also great. Really like this song a lot, Dave held it down with great acoustics and smooth singing. What You Are was a surprising end, but I really liked it. Dave poured his heart into it, and ended the show with a bang. They also pulled out Ants Marching to end the first set, and the crowd lost it then. Overall awesome show, I really hope to get a hold of recording of this show, tonight made me want to catch a bus to VA Beach for the next one, and pissed me off that I didn't go to Raleigh. This tour will be remembered!!
The band opened with a chilled down version of SMTS but though 'they came slow they started speeding' with 41 which was great and not expected. By Grey Street the band was jamming out. My jaw dropped when I heard Crush (By far the best song) and was ecstatic to hear them play that especially with such passion in Dave's voice. WWTWE was played with plenty of power and i was happy to hear them jam out a Everday tune. GIG was chilled out. Too Much was great but nothing out of the ordinary about. R&R and LLD were great but i didnt expect old tunes to be in the setlist. Stone was a great rocked out song which had so much energy. I met this guy named Dave who was so cool. Carter, Butch and Stefan went crazy in LIOG. Loving Wings is a great new song and an awesome intro to the sweet WAYG. Then they blasted out an Ants Marching before the curtain call. Dave came back out alone the crowd went crazy as he passionately sang Gravedigger. Then they went into an ambient trip with What You Are. Awesome setlist, great treats, and hot chicks it was THE BEST!
Words cannot describe tonight's concert. WOW! The band was ON FIRE TONIGHT! I don't write reviews for concert but tonight i will make an exception. i've seen over 30 concerts and this one blew my mind. One of my high school teachers is good friends of the band and she chilled with them backstage after the concert and the setlist tonight changed completely after Crush. The band was suppose to play I Did It, and thank god they didn't. But from at point on, the band made a new setlist as they went along. Lie in Our Graves had the longest Boyd jam i've ever seen. The band jammed this concert out soo much and songs like Grace is Gone What would have been more awesome was if they ended with Trippin' Billies, but i will settle for this. Back onto the road for me. see you guys in VA, etc!
Derek N.
Being the last of my 3 shows this tour I was hoping to go out with bang and boy did they top it and then some. Such an amazing show over the two night stand in West Palm that I saw. Totally made up for the mediocrity of the crowds there. To the set...SMTS: Great way to start the evening off. Hope for ASTB once again but to no avail...maybe some day. #41: OMG..this came out of left field. First time this tour and such a jammed out version. Leroi went nuts! Totally taking over the stage. GREY STREET: Saw Dave go for the 12 string and knew what was next. Excellent jam at the end of it and Dave wailed as always. CRUSH: Hoping I would hear my favorite song one last time this tour. Awesome as always..wish they played it forever! Fonzie always amazes me on the bass during this song. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: Typical version. It was weird Dave went for the electric before this song. Then went back to get another electric and then decided on the acoustic. GRACE IS GONE: Great to hear again. One of my favorites off of BS and just love the new twang it has to it. TOO MUCH: Why can't they do ASTB if they play SMTS in the same setlist...hehe. Love this song. R&R: Another out of nowhere! Wasn't even expecting it. So glad to here it live! Loved Dave wailing at the end. LOVER LAY DOWN: Going to the vaults tonight! Totally unexpected and the crowd went crazy singing along to every word. THE STONE: This song was so intense. Glad I got to hear it again. BLUE WATER: I can die happy now...It was only a slight little tease but still the minute it was played was enough! LIOG: BOYD TINSLEY!! OMG! He went totally insane! Get a copy of this show just for this song! FOOL TO THINK: Well almost an entire acoustic show...ok song i guess. LOVING WINGS: This song has so evolved since nite one in West Palm. The whole band is into it now and it is truly progressing. WHERE ARE YOU GOING: Crowd was into it again singing along. ANTS MARCHING: Great set closer. Crowd went nuts during the whole song! GRAVEDIGGER: Another song that is coming along very nicely after hearing it 3 times as well. I enjoyed the lyrics about the mother who lost her sons in WWII very haunting song alot like Big Eyed Fish telling the stories of different people. WHAT YOU ARE: Saw Dave go to the electric and was worried it would be TSB but glad they ended it with WYA. The "get down on your knees..." outro is so great. Overall a very intense show. Totally blew away the two in West Palm and the crowd was so much better. Well that wraps up my 3 shows for this tour and have had an amazing time! See everyone next year if not sooner.
The_d .
i thought last night could not be topped off the night after. boy was i wrong! i took 2 newbies with me to the show, needless to say, after this one, they're definitely hooked. an incredible show, heard many songs i was hoping to hear, but not expecting to hear in one night....the Stone, Ants Marching, Crush (1st time hearing), #41 (always a pleasure to hear), and then LIE IN OUR GRAVES....OMG, i can not even begin to explain. my all time favorite dave sogn, and boy did they ever rock the hell out of it! as well as a Blue Water tease!!! man....no wonder my friends are addicted to them now!!! well, off to va beach tomorrow!!!!! see yawl there!
Sadly, I am now ending my dave touring. I hit three shows in a week and I am satisfied... and broke. Atlanta=awesome Raleigh=awesome charlotte=awesome. All I have to say is that for the people that did not any of these nights, you are blind- or most liekly some of the anti-davites that walk around outside for 1/2 the concert instead of absorbing and taking in all that you could be given-ya'll piss me off. Anyway, the band is by far at their best moment, brightest light, peak, musically blissful period. Hopefully they will only get better. They have turned those stiff everyday songsi n to soon to be classics. Tehy are pulling out songs such as pig and stone and one sweet world and others that rarely do we get to hear. Dave, Carter, Leroi, Steffan, Boyd, and Butch- Ya'll are rockin'.
Robb L.
Nice show! The band was into it, but altogether differently than Atlanta. The mood was more mellow, but the jams did not suffer from it. Nice to be one of the few to get #41 this tour. Boyd was in rare form and jammed incessantly. I will Never get tired of having LIOG played at a show. He wailed on this one. As the jam progressed his shades started to slip off, and he had to stop to fix them. He just grabbed them and threw on the floor and the crowd went nuts! When Ants Marching came around, he just took 'em off right from the get go... He knew better! Nice to have a Blue Water Tease! Man I love shows with a little distinction! I actually thought it would be Typical Situation at first, and got really pumped about that possibility. But, nice to have the tease! All in all a solid show and setlist. What you are as an encore ending is spectacular and a great new alternative, but would have been better as an exit if it had had the energy of the Atlanta Version. Still nice and I'm not complaining. Loving Wings is nice but kind of a crowd killer. Fool to Think is a nice surprise this tour.. they've beefed up Carter's prescence and turned into a jumpy live tune. I love Gravedigger and can't wait to see how that song progresses. After attending Atlanta and Charlotte, I would have like to have heard BEF->Bartender, but we can't have everything can we? Already looking forward to next year, and I'm bummed that I'm done for this summer.
I came to this show to promote NMAS (the opening band), and had the benefit of staying to enjoy an incredible show. NMAS got a good response as far as opening bands go, and really captured everyone with the spoons as a closer. Other reviewers have captured the hilights of the show, so I won't dwell on them. I just have to say that hearing tonight's LIOG will let me die a happy man. This is my 16th show, and it rivaled the LIOG I saw in Worcester, MA with Bela (12/7/98). My main reason for posting this review (which I've never done) is to give props to the crowd. The seats I got through NMAS were in the 2nd tier in the Pavilion, a location I would normally consider questionable at best (not in spitting distance of the stage, not on the lawn...), but I met and had a great time with every person around me. Everyone was pumped and on their feet for the whole show. In all the shows I've been to, I've never heard post-set, pre-encore roar like I heard tonight. The pitch and volume never subsided from the end of Ants 'till Dave came back for Gravedigger, and I actually melted my favorite Jimmy Eat World lighter in my efforts to join the thousands of flames requesting an encore (what a way for a prized lighter to go out). Thanks and props to everyone at tonight's show, you all helped to make it the incredible experience it was.
Nick Y.
Being the last of four straight shows I went to, I wanted to go out with a bang. DMB delivered and this whole setlist was amazing. When they opened up with SMTS I was dying for ASTB but I'll take what I can get. The place was excited and singing and dancing. After 3 shows of people chanting and hoping we finally heard #41. Leroi owned this song and actually moved while jamming. Grey Street was standard, but still very good. Dave was very intense on this one. Crush was great to hear and had the place going nuts. WTWE-yay (sarcasm) standard version. GIG was very good and should be a pretty big hit. Crowd was into it. Too Much was great and one I've wanted to hear the past 5 days. R&R was awesome. Very intense and definitely a suprise. LLD was another good suprise and lighters were out for this one. The Stone was another great song. Blue Water Baboon Farm- HOLY CRAP!!!! I swore I heard Dave playing this a little earlier and sure enough he played it. I was going nuts and think me and my friend were the only ones around that had a clue. Never thought I'd see it in a million years. It went straight to Lie and this Lie was the best I've ever heard!! Boyd was jamming and threw his sunglasses off and went right back to jamming. He must've soloed hard for a good 6 minutes. I was glad to see Butch take over and he played beautifully. You could've ended the night w/those two and I would've been satisfied. Loving Wings and WAYG- standard. Ants Marching was a great closer and I thought Carter was going to have a heart attack at the end b/c he was destroying his drums. Gravedigger is a great song and I think everyone will like it a lot. I knew WYA was coming but hoped they wouldn't close with it. They did and it was a good version. The Atlanta and Raleigh versions were better and the new verse is incredible. He didn't say his new line of "Lay Down on your knees MotherF---er" or something like that. That part is awesome. Amazing show and all of 7-8 through 7-12 was awesome.
Jeff M.
Holy crap! I've been to 25 shows and this may be either the best show i've been to, or at least in the top 3. If you just look at the setlist its great, but to actually have been there was a whole different experience. Dancing Dave was back in full force tonight! Haven't seen him go crazy like this in a number of years.....The band was having so much fun tonight, probably because this was the most wild and respectful DMB crowd I've ever seen. Oh, did I mention Boyd F-cking Tinsley!!!! Here is my brief review of the set! SMTS - Never heard this as an opener, definitely set the tone. #41 - holy shit another classic dmb tune, incredible jam on this one. GREY STREET - quite possibly the best version of this song I've heard in person or on a live recording, keeps getting stronger. CRUSH - unbelievable! Can you believe #41 and Crush in the first four songs. Boyd and Dave jammed the hell out of this one :).....WTWE - never really liked this song live until tonight, it was tight! GIG - As I mentioned after the Atlanta show, DMB please don't make this a single, it's such a wonderful song. Now the set really took off when they broke into TOO MUCH - tons of energy, crowd was going absolutely crazy singing the words. RHYME & REASON - so much emotion from dave on the vocals, great mid set song, kept the energy going! LOVER LAY DOWN -just when you thought the setlist was incredible already, here comes this classic dmb tune. Longest version I've heard with a new jam at the end. It sequed into THE STONE! This song is so good live, the energy level was off the charts for this one......(BLUE WATER) - this was only the first two verses and a part of the chorus, but a total surprise to say the least. Dave played a few chords earlier on in the set, but this was the real deal.....Thank you DMB!!! Blue Water sequed into the most freaking unbelievable version of LIOG I have ever heard. I'd not shitting you here, but Boyd Tinsley had a 6 or 7 minute solo by himself on this one.....At one point he threw down his glasses and just starting lifting that leg in the air and ripped into that violin...I was starting to feel bad for the violin, he was hurting that thang...He then proceded to exchange blows with Carter for a few minutes......Definitely the best LIOG I've ever heard, and might possibly be the best DMB tune I've ever heard in person ever. Whew! FOOL TO THINK -like wtwe, didn't really appreciate this song until tonight....Great set placement to cool down from LIOG! LOVING WINGS -> WAYG - standard playing of both songs, but still nice to hear them both once again....Crowd really got into WAYG, probably because it's on the radio, but still really well played. And just so they didn't leave any of their cards on the table, DMB breaks out ANTS MARCHING for us fans in Charlotte...Unfreaking believable version of this song, so much jamming by all the band members, especially Boyd who once again tore up the stage for a few minutes......The key word at tonight's show was "Jam" and that's with a capital "J"...Encore began with GRAVEDIGGER. This song was the best Dave has played it so far, going to be an awesome tune with the full band. WHAT YOU ARE - honestly wasn't expecting this to be the closer, but as I said in my Atlanta review, this WILL BE the next Watchtower/Halloween! Awesome lighting, awesome playing, and the loudest scowls and screams by Mr. Matthews, especially at the end....Great great closer to one of the best DMB shows in recent memory.......Get a copy of this one folks, it was a CLASSIC!
Wow, what an incredible show, 4th Dave show I've been to, and it rivals 7/27/01 at VA Beach and the best. He pulled a lot of rabbits out of his hat for us. After hearing myths that DMB doesn't like Charlotte, I realized they were just that, myths. SMTS, good opener, albeit typical, crowd was still really chilled out, but started getting me hyped up for the show to come, and what a show it would be. 41 would follow, and Leroi was spectacular as always, I've see it at all 4 shows I've been to, and it's been amazing every time, from '98 to '02. Grey Street was great, can't wait for BS to come out, to hear the new studio version of it, great jams. After that, the bassline punched, and Crush blew me away, this setlist was primed to be good. I loved every minute of the soothing sounds of Crush, as well as the more upbeat WTWE. Grace is Gone was beautiful as always, and Too Much was really good as well. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE PLAYED IT AFTER SMTS SO I COULD HEAR ASTB??? Well, that's the way it goes sometimes. R&R was another oldie but goodie, as they jammed it out at the end, and The Stone, another personal fave, really rocked my world. At that point, I didn't think the show could get much better, and then comes the tease. 2nd time hearing the minute of blue water, and I love the excitement it brings. I Wished he'd played the whole thing for us. I forgave him, however, after the best song of the night, a 20 minute LIOG that just blew me away. Boyd was AMAZING, as was Butch on the keys. First time hearing LIOG live, and it was just awesome, everything I hoped it would be. Fool to Think was a typical everyday song, not really high up there on songs I wanted to hear, but a good change of pace, and a decent lead into another treat, they experimental Loving Wings. THIS SONG IS COOL!!! I kept wondering if it was just an intro, but it didn't end, and that made me very happy, as it is a heck of a song. This led to Where Are You Going, which is a really chilled out song, and was played very well, expected to hear it, which is mroe than I could say for the next song. Ants was great, Carter and Boyd were on point for this one people. It was awesome, with the crowd singing every word along. He left the stage, only to return and play Gravedigger, with amazingly powerful lyrics and a lot of soul poured into it. What You Are is a very powerful song, but I'm not so sure the crowd wanted to hear it as an encore. Everyone expected to hear Watchtower or Two Step (which I hear was what the setlist had him actually ending on). Would have LOVED 2 step, but it's ok. All in All, GREAT SHOW. Pulled a lot of tricks from the bag, and I can't wait to hear them again.
This show was INCREDIBLE!!! Dave and the band were lettin it all hang out tonight. They were full of energy, along with the crowd. Dave opened with SMTS and it was a great opener, it really got the crowd going. Then he followed with a 20 minute version of #41!!!! I have been waiting to hear that live for some time now and he didnt disappoint, it was rockin. After that he played CRUSH!! This is my all time favorite song and I couldnt believe it. My friends and I began to hug each other and jump up and down in amazement. What a jam, it was another sensational song during this sensational show. Next came GS and WTWE. They were great, the crowd was full of energy the entire night. Grace is Gone is one of my favorite slow jams and the crowd was really singing along during this one, along with Crush and #41. He followed with Too Much and the crowd was rockin during this one. Then he played a couple old school jams in Rhyme and Reason and Lover Lay Down slowed the crowd a little. My friends and I started swaying back and forth and the row began to join in. The Stone was a good jam that got the crowd back into it. Then he played a 20 minute LIOG and Boyd owned this. He was jammin like crazy, the crowd was really into it again after this song. He then played FTT and LW and kind of mellowed the mood. Where Are You Going was bringin everybody back into it a lot of people began to sing, then he hit it....ANTS!!! This had to have been the best version ever, the light work was incredible, Dave was dancing it up and down the whole stage, Boyd was killin the violin and Carter was beatin the hell outta the drums. Everyone in the place went nuts and got into it. My friends and I, along with the girls in the row behind, put are arms around one another and sang and danced in complete satisfaction. WHAT A SHOW!!! The encore wasnt much, I was hoping for Watchtower or Tripping Billies, but he played Gravedigger, which has potential and What You Are, which is a good song about in the middle of the show, but a terrible song to end with overall. Again the show was spectacular. See yall next time...Three Fingers
Justin S.
DMB always puts on a great show in Charlotte and tonight was no exception. The entire show was awesome but I just want to mention a few of the best parts. SMTS was a great opener and Crush rocked the place out. The Stone blew my mind and I definitely wasn't expecting to hear Blue Water, even though it was only the first verse. LIOG was out of this world and the jam was absolutely unbelievable. Loving Wings was a nice little song and Ants had everyone up and dancing to close the show. Gravedigger is a dark song but I enjoyed it a lot, as it was my first time hearing it. And no matter what anyone else says, What You Are was an amazing encore. Once again, DMB was kind to Charlotte, NC. Get a copy of this show, words can't describe how great it was!!
Tom B.
Neither my favorite show ever nor my least favorite--I'd put it somewhere in the middle, which I guess means it was average, although it's important to remember that an average night with DMB is a lot better than 98% of 99% of what's around. SMTS was an interesting opener. I guess the SMTS>ASTB>TM volley has gone the way of the dodo, at least for now. They'll probably bring it back with a vengeance in another year or so. I don't think I can get tired of hearing "Grey Street." What a song that is. #41 was a matter of time, and while this was not an exceptional version, it was perfectly solid and nice to hear, although I think he should junk the "Everyday" outro, it really doesn't work. ED fits much better with #36 (I almost think of them as the same song now). I think LIOG was better tonight than when I last saw it, in Atlanta on 7/8--the Butch part of the jam seemed much fuller, and more on par with previous versions I've heard. Boyd throwing his glasses brought a huge roar from the audience. Getting R&R and "Lover Lay Down"--back to back, no less--shows the boys still have plenty in their bag of tricks. And, of course, the teasing of "Blue Water" shows Dave's playful side, and I think he brought it out just to see if people were paying attention. I shamefully admit it caught me flatfooted--I thought it was "Typical Situation" at first. Another bonus--no "I Did It" tonight, although as I've said before, I just don't get the vitriol over that song, it's perfectly harmless. "Loving Wing" seemed better tonight than 7/8. I wonder if we should just start calling "What You Are" by a new name: "GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES, MOTHERF***ER???" (BTW, is it just me, or does Dave sound exactly like Roger Waters in full "Wall" mode when he sings that part?) It's in danger of being overplayed now, and I don't know about it as a show closer--set closer, maybe, but not for the encore. Oh well, that's just me. Still a good song. All in all, perfectly acceptable and solid, and, as likely my last show this year, a far better way to leave things than the travesty of Turner Field (which I will never speak of again). To Dave, Stefan, Boyd, Roi, and (especially, once again) the mighty Carter--thanks, guys. I enjoyed it, let's do it again next year, huh? Special thanks to Jeff & Melanie, my Charlotte hosts! Thanks again!!!!
this was my third show, and definatly the best. let's do the run down: SMTS-awesome, feel-good song, really got the crowd going, great opener; 41-my personal favorite, leroi was amazing, incredible as usual with a surprise everyday outro; GREY STREET-full of energy, great song, can't wait for BS to come out; CRUSH-HUGE surprise! couldn't believe my luck! carter tore it up at the end! WTWE-this song sounded SO good live, i was very impressed; GIG-beautiful song, great to hear, mellowed the crowd out; TOO MUCH-SO MUCH ENERGY! everyone was up singing and dancing for this one; R&R-another big surpise, sounded really good and dave was really getting into it; LLD-they busted out some old-school stuff and it was great; hadn't heard this one live before and it was absolutley beautiful; BLUE WATER-I about freaked out when he started to play this! i thought i had heard him play it before and i think i was the only one in my section that knew what it was. LIOG- definatly the highlight of the evening. everyone else has said what needs to be said, but it was unbelievable. thats all i can say; FTT-sounded very good, one of my favs off everyday; LOVING WINGS-definatly a good song, kind of a crowd-killer, but was great to hear anyway; WAYG-i expected this one, i think this song is beautiful and it sounded great; ANTS-AWESOME!! so glad i finally got to hear this one! so much energy from the crowd! GRAVEDIGGER-this song is fantastic, and the lyrics are very emotional; WYA-i thought it was gonna be Watchtower, but that's ok, dave had mad energy going at the end and i love the new verse. overall, a tremendous show and definatly worth all the hassles i had to put up with to get to go.
Patrick S.
a few things not mentioned above-several times, such as during the liog jam, dave would move over into the shadows and just watch. the band sounded tighter than i have heard them sound before, i have been seeing them since 1997. butch is really coming into his own in the band, his solos were great and the notes he added in other songs fit nicely. also, dave humped his guitar.
The show was awesome but the venue has problems getting people in and out. I was in traffic for 3 hours and missed the first two songs! All I have to say is Butch Taylor is a madman and has so much talent on the keyboard! He should be in the band!
Awesome show. Had to park and walk two miles because traffic was so bad. Got there towards the end of crush- incredible jam as usual with this one. When the world ends- stellar. Grace is gone- what a sad song! but incredible. Too Much- wow, unbelievable energy on this one. Rhyme and reason- better than heroin for sure. Lover lay down- nice quiet jam. Stone- great effects from Mr. Lessard. Lie in our graves- unreal. Butch and Boyd stole the show with this one. Fool to think- nice. Loving wings- stupendous intro to WAYG. WAYG- solid tune. ANTS- I can't believe it, so much fun to hear this one live. Gravedigger- amazing solo that has real potential. What you are- this song rocks. The boys were on fire tonight. Wish I could finish out the tour with em. -King
This was my very first show, and I must say that it was everything I hoped it would be and more!! My seats were not as close as ticketmast told me (those jerks) we were still were so close that I didn't miss a thing!! WWYS as a opener was enough to start the night off as perfect... #41 next just put me in to bliss! Everything else was wonderful, but nothing..nothing compared to LIOG!! I said it once and I will say it again that Boyd is a GOD!! The energy that he put into it was enough to take my breath away. I am sure that I stoped breathing for a second. I also should tell you that if you haven't seen songs form Everyday live, then you don't know what you missing. I came away with a new respect for it, and even found myself excited to hear them (I did not expect that to happen) It seems to me that alot of people were unhappy with the WYA close, but those people are fools...Dave and the boys put so much energy into it that there was no disapointment. I am hooked even more now, and could not have asked for a better first show!!
WOW, another amazing performance by the Dave Matthews Band. The band had a lot of energy tonight. The highlight had to be Ants Marching, but LIOG was unbelievable as well. Wasn't expecting WYA as the second closer, but it was a good one. Probably the best version of WYA I've ever heard. Lots of long jams tonight as well, Crush, #41, LIOG, Ants, and even Lover Lay Down had a nice slow jam at the end. Just a great show overall. I left wanting more DMB, which is always a good thing.
Steven B.
Here's a song by song of the show, which was my first: SO MUCH TO SAY: not a strong opener, but was still good. i knew it was gonna show up because i heard him strum the opening chords to it while they were setting up #41: VERY surprising. awsome jam at the end, its all about leroi. ended with the cool everyday intro. GREY STREET: cool song. nothing special about this version. it was still light outside so it didnt seem as cool. CRUSH: turned dark during the middle. boyd controlled this one, tons of energy in the ending jam. had a false ending right were the vocals stop, but then turned right back on. also, dave left the stage for a minute during the jam, which i dont know the reasons for. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: lackluster after such an awsome crush, but was still ok. GRACE IS GONE: very cool, as usual. much more layed back than the album version, but holds true to the lws version. TOO MUCH: brought in some energy after two slower songs. very energetic, but nothin special. RHYME AND REASON: very energetic, powerful version. the chorus sounded very awsome, more than usual. butch used some electric guitar effect in the middle, which was awsome. LOVER LAY DOWN: not my favorite song, but was good, suited the mood well. very long, jazzy jam my leroi and dave. THE STONE: very cool, i knew it was coming. he started with some alternate lyrics, not the "i've this creeping..." ones, then went on track for the rest of the song. awsome reprise. BLUE WATER: definately one of the highlights. who wouldve thunk i would've gotten it on my first show? it was only the first verse, but was cool. i didnt recognize it at first, but when i heard the opening words i nearly pissed my pants. it segued right into: LIE IN OUR GRAVES: and it was the best fricken version of it i have heard. the jam was a VERY long one by boyd, followed by a 3 minute or so butch piano jam. gotta love it! FOOL TO THINK: wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. carter has a cool drum part, they kept doing close ups on him during it. LOVING WINGS: another highlight. i hadnt heard this song before, but now i would swear it was "build you a home". mostly dave, with help later by stefan and carter. boyd came in also with a YNK-esque violin riff, and leroi with some saprano sputters. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?: i knew it was coming. nothing special. the crowd went nuts, of course. ANTS MARCHING: very cool. had the red rocks intro, and the 1, 2, 3 violin solo. very energetic. -long, dull encore break- GRAVEDIGGER: dave said "i'm trying to get this one right." very cool song, great to hear live. very evolved, i cant wait for the full band to appear on this one. WHAT YOU ARE: ending with an everyday, that is bad you say? not WYA. incredible, with a long buildup in the beginning. it went threw an awsome album part, and then went into the new verse. dave screamed at the top of his lungs at the end "rainin down on me!" or something to that end the show was great, the weather was, but the traffic wasnt. i missed the openers cuz of the traffic jams. i left an hour before the opener was to start, and i got there after they had ended. and my hotel was five miles away. shows the conditions...
Even though we missed the first 3 songs because of the flat-out slack in the Charlotte parking crew and shitty traffic control, DMB absolutely redeemed themselves in Charlotte this year. I had low expectations from shows in '00 and '01, especially after last year, but no one can say again that DMB doesn't like to play here. LIE IN OUR GRAVES. Incredible version and the highlight of the show hands down. There were also TWO Blue Water teasers in there, one that opened LIOG when I thought for sure JTR was coming. Good change to that old bit. Ants kicked ass, I'd really like to see Dave let the crowd sing "...No words exchanged, no time to..." verse Red Rocks style, but a great closer. I really like the new intro/outro with What You Are, and it is becoming a great live song, but didn't really like it as a closer. Seemed shorter than Raleigh and not as much energy. BTW, what ever happened to Sweet Up And Down? Heard it live 3 times in 2000 and it hasn't been played since. A great jam that should be brought back. Gravedigger has got to be the most depressing shit I've ever heard, sounds more like story hour than a song, so the encore was lacking some energy. LLD, Stone, and some crazy stop-time in the Crush ending were all great as well. Bummed I missed 41, but heard it from the parking lot, sounded pretty standard. Great show, no IDI or SB so real happy there. Looking forward to the triumphant return to Deer Creek after a year lay-off, always a good show. Gotta say hey to my DMB P.I.C's Carley, Marie, Beth, and Eric. Later Ya'll.
J. L.
.....I am still recovering from possibly the best show I've seen. I really havent kept track of how many shows Ive been to, (its around 10 I guess) but as they say, I haven't seen DMB enough. Well kids last night was simply amazing, 10 leagues and far far away from any show I've ever seen. Major highs of the show: to hear #41, CRUSH, and GREY ST so early was amazing, and Im not trying to sell SMTS short that was a great opening. I called SEEK UP for Raleigh, and I called R&R tonight, unfreaking possible to explain such a UTTAD classic, god bless Dave. And then we get Lover Lay Down...speechless, Im still trying to figure out what to say about it. The Stone, what a love theme we have tonight, my brother BO said it would be tonight, Then we get teased with Blue Water into LIOG...I am not to going indept in this, get this damn show just for that song, no lie, donate a kidney for RUSH delivery, you have get this show. As much as some complain about FOOL TO THINK, thats one of my favorites off EVERYDAY, great to hear it live for the first time. First time to hear LOVING WINGS, really like it and from earlier recordings this song is only getting better. WAYG- great crowd pleaser, then the gods gave us ANTS, the crowd was going nuts, great great closer, ENCORE- Grave Digger was great I heard it the first time in Chicago, and this has come very far and is 10 times better. the intro into What You Are was tight, lightes were great for this one. Gret show man, I can't say it enough other than the show at the Molsen Ctr with Bela, this is up there as the best show of the year. Another note to be highly mentioned was that he turned away the electric about 3-4 times after it didnt work the first time, thank god!! Get this show for the love of god. My brothers D Rawls (great b-day present), Bo, and Jonathan all are pleading with you to get this show. God bless DMB.
Carl S.
Pure energy, pure awesome..as good as a DMB show gets. Incredible show..one of the best out of 23 that I have seen. Thank god I saw this one before the dud that was Va Beach. Every song was honestly a highlight. In particular, #41 as the 2nd song with what I viewed as an impromptu Everyday outro by Dave. GREY STREET was as off the hook as could be. TOO MUCH cannot have more energy. I felt a hot, edgy, intensity in RHYME AND REASON that was more intense than usual...I literally felt hot, temperature wise, as it was played. LOVER LAY DOWN into STONE was solid. The BLUE WATER thing was more than just the usual tease and I feel lucky to have been there. Cannot say that LIOG was the best I have seen or heard (although I may change my mind after I hear it) but it was up there and quite a moment. Carter's song..I mean FOOL TO THINK was awesome. LOVING WINGS/WAYG was very good. ANTS does not get any better. I love how Dave acknowledged GRAVEDIGGER by saying "I'm just trying to get this one right"...very much like when in summer 2000 at Shoreline in regards to Grace is Gone which was being played a lot as the 1st song of the encore he said "I'm sorry if this is getting redundant for some of you but I just like this song"...same deal. I buy WHAT YOU ARE as a pre-encore set closer but not as the show closer. No complaints though. Out of 8 for me in 2002 this show and 5-4-02 were the best without a doubt..and possibly the best I have seen ever.
B.J. K.
SMTS-always nice to hear, not your usual opener but still great, unfortunately anyone seen the bridge wasnt played which was upsetting...#41-never played bad, lerio was great on the sax as was boyd on the violin, i didn't like butch in the beginning of the song the note he played was off-key...Grey St.-one of the best on Busted Stuff, nothing special added to it live but still great to hear...Crush-great song to get the ladies, awesome jam for some 15 minutes...WTWE-good song, gets better everytime u hear it...GiG-great song but i dont think it should be a single, to low-key and depressing...Too Much-good song but nothing special, blue water tease was played at end of song, only a couple of the chords though...R&R-unbelievable, great energy in this one...LLD-definetly a rare one, great jam with Butch on teh keys...Stone-another great song with tons of energy...Blue Water (tease)-sang the first verse, only a few people knew this one, definetly a rare one and great to hear...LIOG-one of my personal favorite's,Boyd was great on the violin and Butch was just unreal on the keys, there was a 30 second pause then it started back up, 15+ minutes long, amazing...FTT-not a bad song but not one i really care for...LW-great song but it killed the crowd cause no one knew it...WAYG-good song but nothing better tehn teh CD version...Ants-what a great song to hear, would have been better as encore closer but that doesnt take nayhting away from its greatness...GD-one of my favorite solos dave does,very powerful lyrics...WYA-good song but dissapointing to end such an amazing night, i would have rather seen 2 step or tripping billies close but o well..al in all, a great show and can't wait for next year