Dave Matthews Band
HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, Georgia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars
When the World Ends

onstage 8:08pm
Everyday (#36) *
Grey Street *
You Never Know *
When The World Ends *
The Stone *
Raven *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
I Did It *
Song That Jane Likes *
Jimi Thing *^
Fool To Think *
Lie In Our Graves *
Satellite *
Grace Is Gone *
What You Are *
Gravedigger +
Two Step *
offstage 10:46pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
^ with David Ryan Harris on guitar
+ Dave solo

Robb L.
KILLER SHOW! Perhaps the best I've seen. The band was really into it, as they almost always seem to be in the ATL. David Ryan Harris.. always nice to see him play with the boys. Loving Wings is nice, Gravedigger is awesome. Boyd displayed himself as only he can do on LIOG, STJL, Everyday, and more. WYA outro... Dave wailed unbelievably, and this is a new favorite for me... Very well balanced setlist between mellow and lively. I hope Charlotte is as good on Friday... but I doubt it.
Jeff L.
Amazing show tonight! Everyday was a nice opener to an explosive night. What you are was very intense along with two step to end with. Jimi Thing couldn't have been sweeter with David Ryan Harris stepping in with electric. You Never Know seems to be gaining popularity and it was nice to hear an oldy like Song That Jane Likes. I heard Loving Wings for the first time and it turns out to be a very "sweet" love song. Dave's put heartfelt words into this one. Highlight of the night was in What You Are, Dave screams something along the lines of "kneel down mother f_cker" during the lyrical improv towards the end. All in all my second favorite show out of 13 shows i've been to.
James W.
The show tonight was great.One minor thing i disliked was they played some of the songs off their next cd that is comming out that not many people have heard but they still were good but i wasnt into those songs.Other than that the band did a great job.All the fans were into it and had the fans standing the whole time.Great show,i recommend you to go if they are comming near you.
This was one of the better shows in recent years for atlanta. DMB chilled for the first half of the concert but then turned it up to finish. DMB mixed it up with old school (song that jane likes) to new school (Grace is Gone) hits. Despite a surprisingly good performance of "What You Are" to cap off the initial set, i think most were dissapointed to be teased by the watchtower-esque intro. "Where are You Going" and the widely detested "I did it" both made brief appearances also but overall, you cant beat live performances of "Jimi Thing", "Lie in Our Graves and Two Step". These three made the concert. Great Show. Too bad they still refuse to play "Last Stop."
Tom B.
The task for DMB tonight was to erase my horrid memories of last year at Turner Field. They succeeded with plenty of room to spare. Sure, I guess they could have played more songs I wanted to hear, but they're a band, not my jukebox, and I always figure if you focus more on what you didn't hear than what you did, you're missing out. So in light of that, here are the highlights of tonight's performance. 1) Carter. 2) Great version of "Grey Street," best I've ever personally heard. Knew it was coming and still great. This song has really grown, hard to believe I've been hearing it now for more than two years. 3) Carter, on "Stone." Dave appeared very taken with that particular bit of drumming. 4) Good to finally hear YNK, I think I like it. 5) Carter. 6) Very nice solo Gravedigger, that song has potential. 6) LIOG w/ Boyd and Butch, about 15 minutes or so, not my fave jam of LIOG ever but still always good to hear. 7) Carter. 8) David Ryan Harris on "Jimi Thing!" All right! 9) Did I mention Carter? 10) STJL, always welcome. It seemed one of the longer shows so far. Setlist tended more toward "Everyday" and up, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Even "I Did It" has become tolerable, a disposable, painless song. I don't really have a major complaint ("Loving Wing" didn't do much for me, but it's very much under construction)...which is quite a change of tune from this time last year! I think DMB has its mojo back, and it's great to see. Instead of mechanical, uninspired performance (a la Turner Field), they were really into it. I think they've got several more years in them, if that's what they want to do. By the way, if there's a moral to take from tonight's experience, it's ALWAYS CHECK THE TICKET WINDOW. I walked up with my Warehouse lawns, checked the window at the theatre on a whim, and came away with $50 (no fees) tickets in Section 206 FF - quite an improvement! Sure, I had to basically eat two WH lawn seats, but I figure I got better seats instead of yet another T-shirt.
Probably the worst Dave Matthews Concert I have ever attended, but I have only been to six. The highlight was definitely the new non-Lillywhite songs and TSTJL. I enjoyed Boyd, but the entire band didn't seem into the show. The breaks between songs lasted much longer than usual. What You Are and Two Step should have lasted much longer (I think Two Step is longer on Crash than the length tonight). After Two Step I was dissappointed (as well as everyone around me) that the show was over. Too much Everyday album. I don't hate that album like many people on the boards do, but they could have played more from the older albums. Gravedigger was very morbid, (what Dave song isn't)but a great song. I am excited though the new album comes out the 16th. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the tour.
John C.
Tonight's show was so amazing! The entire band seemed to be in an extremely good mood. EVERYDAY/#36: Great opener especially when every one was singing the #36 part together. GREY STREET: This song I had never seen live before. It was full of energy and Dave put a lot of emotion into the end. YOU NEVER KNOW: Great live song that's growing on me. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: Good song, but I lost 5 bucks to a friend on a bet! THE STONE: The concert really picked up here because everyone was listening for an older song. RAVEN: Was one of my favorite Lillywhites and now I love it even more. LOVING WINGS: Really quiet and couldn't hear it well. Hope to hear it tomorrow night in TN. WHERE ARE YOU GOING: Always a nice song to hear but was distracted by some of the fans. I DID IT: The band was really into this song as well as the crowd. SONG THAT JANE LIKES: This was one of the highlights of tonight's experiences. "I have a sister named Jane..." JIMI THING: AWESOME! David Ryan Harris was amazing. FOOL TO THINK: This song was a lot better live than I thought it would be. Carter kicked ass! LIE IN OUR GRAVES: ALWAYS an amazing song as well. This was also a highlight of the evening with Boyd going off and a nice solo from Butch. SATELLITE: Was a pleasant surprise! GRACE IS GONE: Pretty typical but I liked how the new outro sounded. WHAT YOU ARE: This was the #1 highlight of the evening for myself. The intro was extended with the lights going crazy. The end with Dave yelling was a great way to close the set. GRAVEDIGGER: This song was really nice to hear, but many people were sitting down due to the fact that they had never heard it before. This song actually gave me chills. TWO STEP: This song was so good I can barely describe it. The whole band was on especially Carter. Was a great ending to an extremely electric show. I hope tomorrow night's show in Antioch can live up to this one.
Ben S.
If you look at the setlist, you might think the concert was good, but not great. You would be wrong. DMB owned all of their songs tonight...they just absolutely tore them up. I was especially surprised w/the Everyday tunes kicking some ass. On to the show.. Everyday- Totally mellow. Very easy going. Boyd had fun with his wa-wa peddle. Nice opener. Grey Street- Awesome! New Lyrics were sung very clearly...and, as always, powerfully. YNK- Carter did a 2minute solo before this one. Great song, getting even more tight. When The World Ends- mmm, it was ok. Dave got into it, though, so it was cool. The Stone- Ass kicking! Just as awesome as I'd imagined it would be. Raven- Again, clear lyrics. This song is the shit. Loving Wings- Yes, we saw the DMB improvising on stage. Laughing, making surprised faces when they'd add something new. Reall a cool thing to see. This one was well over 5 minutes...maybe 8 or 10. Where Are You Going- Standard. Nice, but Standard I Did It- Here comes a surprise: This song was FUNKY AS HELL! They were having a great time with this one, and Carter just took this song to school. Song That Jane Likes- Another first for me. What a fun song. I loved it. Jimi Thing- The guest guitarist (D R Harris) was awesome. He taught Dave an improved riff (while onstage), and once Dave got the hang of it, Ryan Harris started playing bluesey guitar licks over it. Again, it was nice to see actual musical discovery taking place on stage. Fool to Think- Second Surprise: The DMB kicked this song's ASS! I'm no huge Everyday fan or anything....these songs were just goood tonight. I swear, I'm not lying. Carter, again, just walked all over these rythms. It was really exciting. Lie In Our Graves- Highlight of the night. This music just surrounds you and makes you feel happy to be alive. Oh yeah...Boyd kicked ass. Sattellite- Perfect placement for this classic oldy. The crowd went wild. I even sang along. Grace Is Gone- Always a pleasure. What You Are- A closer?!? Yes, it's that good now. Really, it's awesome. Encore: Gravedigger- Wow, this has gotten a lot more structured and powerful since Chicago Night 1. Nice to hear. Two Step- Perfect closer. Carter should start a religon. I think I'd join. All in all, tight as hell show. Better than the already good setlist implies. I had loads of fun. After my 6th show, I think that DMB is as tight as I've ever heard them. Ben.
OK !..This is my 6th dmb show and I have never posted before. But.. After tonight I have 2. everyday was the bomb, loving wings makes me wanna dance all over the place, You never know will be a hit, ok im sure everyone will agree w/ me but they have re-done "I did it".. not the words but the energy and the sound. It reminds me of Halloween. It has a really pissed off sound. I acutally liked it. The winner tonight was "Jimi Thing" holy smoke stacks did the the "tobacco pipes" come out for this one. ;) They jammed the hell out of this song w/ David Ryan Harris ..Hes a bad mofo. I will bet you any money in the world that was the best Jimi thing ever. I have waited 5 yrs to hear my favorite song of all times... Satellite.. I got chills up my spine. LIOG..waited for that bad boy 2. Finally, out of 5yrs this is the most energy I have seen the boys have in a while. Dave was dancing even when they werent playing. The hole band was pumped, dave defenatly had a few, boyd was raging, stefan could not stop bouncing all over, leroi-i have never seen him move. Carter-well nough said. I feel sorry if you were not here.
My goodness, what a great show. Thanks to Matt for hooking my wife and I up to seats, her back appreciates it! I won't go into the set;ist, you can see that on the previous page... Highlights of the evening: Grey Street, Everyday (which happens to be a staple song for every show, great to hear though), What You Are, Jimi Thing (TORE IT UP, DUDE!!!), Fool To Think, and Satellite. Altogether, it was great for show number 8, and number one for my wife. Too bad this is our last show since we're moving to Europe. Thanks to Dave and the Band and all the fellow nancies out there that have madethe last few years great!
Jeff M.
Hey y'all! I'm writing this review the morning after the show because we got back so late after fighting through the traffic that I just went to bed. The tailgating for this show was bad ass! Georgia fans really know how to do it up in the parking lot! As for the show, the energy in the parking lot never really translated to a raucous crowd inside. Whatever, onto my review of the songs. Setlist wise I was not a big fan, too many everyday songs, and no continuity, but they all were played well. EVERYDAY - great opener, really got the show rolling in the right direction. GREY STREET & YOU NEVER KNOW - Two more great songs, I was looking forward to hearing both of these tonight, wish they could be played later on in the set. WTWE - eh, not a big fan of this song live. THE STONE - Here we go, rocking version of this great live DMB tune. RAVEN - I know some people like this song a lot, but I'm not one of them. LOVING WINGS - Going to be a sweet little tune, but it really kept the crowd out of it after Raven. WAYG - incredible rendition of this song, even the band was pumping fists at each other after this one. Still the crowd still wasn't back yet. I DID IT - Not even worth discussing. STJL - Total surprise, tons of energy and really had the crowd on their feet. JIMI THING - Holy Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!! I've heard this song many times live, but this was by far the best version I've heard. Holy Boyd, Holy David Ryan Harris soloing on electric guitar, and 18 minutes long. Pick up Harris' CD, it's definitely worth your 15 bucks :) Oh no, FOOL TO THINK - this may rival I Did It as my least favorite Everday song live. After Jane and Jimi, this killed the energy again and ruined any kind of flow that the band had going. LIOG - Holy f#%king Boyd Tinsley, he just tore shit up on this one, may be the best solo I've seen him perform. SATELLITE - haven't heard this in a while, good to hear again. They sound checked this, so I knew it was coming. GRACE IS GONE - Beautiful, Beautiful song, please don't put it on the radio boys? WHAT YOU ARE - yes folks, this is the new DMB closing song, may rival Halloween and Watchtower for intensity. Lights were bad ass on this one. GRAVEDIGGER - gorgeous musically, but the lyrics make me want go hang myself. TWO STEP - What better way to end the show than to hear my favorite song of all time! I love seeing DMB, and although the setlist was below my expectations, the night was pretty damn good :)....Except of course for my cooler and guitar getting jacked during the show as some focker broke into our car, but Friday at Charlotte should heal my wounds. See y'all in Charlotte on Friday! Peace out!
Not gonna talk much about the individual songs here, but have to say that this was one of the best Dave shows I've ever seen. For all the people who were complaining last year that he has sold out, he is definitely making up for it this year. This was one of the most energetic shows I've ever been to in my life. Boyd definitely owned the spotlight last night, especially in the LIOG jam. The new mellow toons are very GRACEful. The light show is kind of trippy, and Dave seems to be a happy, married man
Greg E.
Wow. After last year, just about anything would have been a good show in my opinion. I really have to say, however, that this show was fantastic. Everything about it was awesome. Dave started with a nice everyday to get everyone into it, and by the time Grey Street started, the place was rocking. After WWTE, Stone, and Raven, Dave busted out the new tune, Loving Wings for a little while, but once he began Where are you going, the crowd went nuts. He played a nice WAYG which was followed by I Did It. I personally dont like I Did It, but it got a much bigger crowd response than i thought. The Song That Jane Likes was awesome! i love that song, and it was no exception tonight. After this, dave really played incredible versions of Jimi Thing (with David Ryan Harris), Lie in Our Graves, Grace is Gone and Two Step. This was really an amazing show, and it was much much better than last year... Thanks to the band for an amazing night!
OK this was my first show ever and I have to say I can never look at the DMB the same way again. The kid standing next to me in line said that after the concert I'd never be able to hear a Dave CD in the same light and boy was he right. So anyway HiFi was buzzing with energy, the people were dacing and screaming the whole time but it never got annoying... on to the music: I really didn't expect Dave to start out with EVERYDAY, but hey, it was nice all the same. Everybody was doing the #36 lyric from the very beginning, so Boyd picked it up during his solo and Dave followed suit. He picked up the twelve and I knew it was coming- GREY STREET was one of the highlights of the evening for me. Just awesome, and the band was really having a good time playing it. Then Carter started hitting the rims and went into YOU NEVER KNOW; the guys sitting next to me were drummers, so they said, and they kept on screaming to Carter that he's the Baddest A** MotherF***** on earth. That got on my nerves but hey, let 'em sing the praises, right? The song itself was really really great, and I knew the words from a taped show so I had a little sing-along fun. Dave started shaking his head afterwards and said "Now Eeeeeeverybody's gonna dance to this one..." and here ya go- WHEN THE WORLD ENDS. I don't like the Everyday stuff that much, so I have to say this was my least favorite song of the night but Dave was into it so I can't complain. THE STONE was the one saong I said I really wanted to hear and I got it. Roi and Stefan really stepped up on this I loved watching them have their fun. RAVEN took me by surprise but was a nice addition from BS/Lillywhite. LOVING WINGS was a good intro but it dissapointed me in that it was lengthy, but didn't have much buildup to it. Oh well it went into a great WHERE ARE YOU GOING- sounded just like the radio edit, too. I DID IT- it was good but it's still Everyday so blah. Now another of my highlights- SONG THAT JANE LIKES!!! Dave said before: "Yes, yes, Jane likes this song." and me and the drummers couldn't believe it. Hey don't doubt a gift from David Matthews I loved every minute of it. David Ryan Harris came out for JIMI THING and I can't review it, I can't tell you, you think you know but you have no idea how badass this song was. Simply put. FOOL TO THINK was ok but nothing special. LIE IN OUR GRAVES was Boyd's time to shine, as he went crazy and played the fiddle like a man possessed. SATELLITE surprised me but everybody sang along and the ladies loved it. GRACE IS GONE- one of my favorites, I was grateful, and finally WHAT YOU ARE- what the hell? An Everyday closer? I can't tell you, I thought it would be awful but I've never loved that song more. Full of energy, and Dave added an outro with lyrics like, "On your KNEES, MOTHERF*****!!" and everybody was going crazy. Including me. I was happy but Dave treated us to a great GRAVEDIGGER and then the crowd went mad for an incredible TWO STEP. Boyd was on, Stefan was on, Roi was Roi, and Carter was unbelieveable. I couldn't have asked for a better first show, now I'm hooked, kids... peace.
Pierce C.
Good Show. I really like the first five songs played especially Grey Street but I felt like they were out of place. Grey Street didn't have the energy that it usually has placed between Everyday and You Never Know. Loving Wings and WAYG were nice live but in my opinion the show didn't really take off until I Did It. It really had a lot of energy and then they started playing some old school stuff like the STJL, Jimi Thing (really tight - nice jam), LIOG (Oh my God! Awesome), and Satelite. The best songs have to go to LIOG, and What you are (kick ass version!!). The encore was nice with Gravedigger. First time I heard this song and really enjoyed it. Closed out the show with an awesome two-step. Carter was off the hook the whole night and especially in LIOG and Two-Step. Overall - A slow start but a great finish. On to Nashville.
Mark M.
It was my first show, but I've been crazy readin nancies.org for a while so I knew what to expect...IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Everyday>>#36 was good, I had wanted to hear it, but the crowd wasn't really into it that much. Grey Street was great live! You Never Know was everything I expected, but the crowd wasn't all that into it, cause they didn't know it. WTWE...I've never been a big fan, but I sung along. The Stone! Man, it was so good, I had been wishing for that one. I'd always skipped over Raven on LWS, but now I won't, it was really really good. I liked Loving Wings alot, it'll be cool to see how that ends up. WAYG, pretty standard, Roi's solo isn't long enough though. I Did It was where the concert really picked up, it was full of energy. STJL!!! I was like "NO WAY!" One of the highlights. Jimi Thing was pretty awesome with that guy on guitar. He tore it up and really made it sound different. Fool To Think was cool. LIOG! This was the highlight of my night. Butch sounds SO GREAT on this one and Dave let the pause linger so loooong. Satellite was good. Grace Is Gone was awesome! What You Are....man...for like 5 minutes they introed it and everybody was like "what song is this" and then they just ripped, Carter KILLED the drums. I liked Gravedigger and the crowd seemed to like it too. Two Step was so SO good. The lights with the drums are freakin really cool. Carter tore it up on this song too. can't wait til Raleigh!!!
Nick H.
Awesome! This show is right up there with some of the best I've seen. EVERYDAY-36 was great to open with and the crowd was singing "Honey, honey, come and dance with me" before dave was! I was glad I got to hear a lot of new stuff, but when dave played SONG THAT JANE LIKES, that sent the crowd into a frenzy. SATELLITE, LIE IN OUR GRAVES, and JIMI THING were amazing. Dave's solo of GRAVEDIGGER was incredible. TWO STEP was killer as always with Carter doing what he always does. All in all a kick butt show!
Brad C.
Everyday(36 outro)- Slow starter, I think the tempo was a bit slower than usual. Most everyone singing but only the old schoolers seem to know the 36 outro part. Pretty good opener nonethless. Grey Street- My frist Grey Street. This is one of my favorite songs. Partially because it's so easy to play for me. But i just love the song in general. Casual fans were kind of looking around like "WTF is this?" YNK- I finally got to hear this masterpiece of a song in person. AND LET ME TELL YOU. IT IS THE SHIT. My first though when Carter started messing with the woodblocks was YNK, then Say Goodbye, then possibly Billies like on Crash, but then it was YNK, always trust your gut. Sadly there were too many people around me talking for me to fully enjoy it. WTWE- This song grows on me more and more every time I hear it. It's the obvious sleeper hit from Everyday cause so many people knew it. Cheers for the "burning one" part as usual. But Just an average version. Stone: I was surprised at how many people know this song. Typical version of the song. Still one of my favorites. Raven: I loved this. It's the first time i've seen it in it's re-lyricysed form. I love the new lyrics and Dave is much clearer when he sings it now. Loving Wings: Has lots of potential I think. But there was soo much chatter during this that it was hard to hear the chords to pick out a melody. Everyone finally has joined in on this one and it's no longer a solo. WAYG- Could there have possibly been more people singing this song? It's barely been on radio 2 months and even the casual fans knew it. Typical version of it. Glad to finally hear it in person. I Did it- I soon found out that yes there could be more people singing as almost everyone in the joint was singing this one. I absolutely DESPISE this song. I literally sat down for it. Half way through it I got sick of the loud casual fans around me and moved to the middle to watch the show with one of my friends I had met earlier. It was the typical version of the song I at least payed that much attention to it. Dave must really love the crowd reaction to this song so I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. STJL: "I got a sister named Jane, this is the song that Jane likes" This was the breaking point where the show went from average to phenominal. I totally did NOT see this coming. It's my second one and I'll never get tired of it. It's a great classic DMB tune that will stand the test of time. Average version but it beats IDI any day of the week. Jimi Thing: Like I said the show only got better after STJL. Jimi Thing, a jam song is one of the reasons I've come to love this band so much. Great version. Lots of singing. It seemed the annoying fans were no longer around me. Except for this one girl on someones shoulders asking the whole crowd for a bowl, which was really just funny. She got her wish and she got down. Great solo from David Ryan Harris, a bit repetitive, and surely no Tim Reynolds but he's pretty good. Oh and Boyd, jeez Boyd went off like a baddass...thats all you can describe him with... Fool To Think- OMG this song is awesome now. It's been almost totally de-ballardized. Even the guitar riff sounded different to me. Carter has just done wonders with this song. It almost makes me wish they would go back and redo some of the Everyday tunes in the studio the way they are now. LIOG- What can I say. I though Boyd was having fun earlier, but no. He saved his chops for this one. Somehow everyone knew this song, EVERYONE, even more so than IDI. It was my first LIOG and i'm glad I got it. It's one of my favorite tunes. Nice solo from Butch at the end. They almost faked me out they waited so long to come back in. I'm so glad to have seen this. Satallite- This song is good in the studio. A classic. It's even better when its on a taped concert. But the real magic of the song lies in really seeing it live. With thousands of people singing it. Dave changed the ending some by holding notes and going up an octave. Faked out everyone around me but I knew he would cause he did it in the soundcheck. People singing it screwed up and looked at me like I was a psychic cause I didn't miss a beat with Dave. Grace is Gone- I love this song. I've had it at all 3 of my shows. It was a standard version and had lots of singing along with it. Nothing special but it's a great song without anything else. What You Are- My first instict with this LONG opener was Minarets which would have ruled, but I thought no it has to be WYA. And sure enough Carters hihats were a dead giveaway. Daves moans were almost funny they sounded so different. BEST PART OF THE SONG: new outro "GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES MOTHERFUCKER!" Crowd went total apeshit over that, it's one of those rare Dave moments that people will put in profiles and signatures. This song was one of my favorite from Everyday so I thoroughly enjoyed it. ENCORE Gravedigger- This song shut everybody up. Partially cause of the "This is a quite song yall, a quiet one" but the song has just gotten so good since it premiered. It's rather eerie but I like it. I hope to see a full band version. It has soo much potential. Two Step- My frist Two Step. I came wanting this song after hearing the version from 4-21. And DAMN DAMN DAMN. This song is all it's hyped up to be and more. Everyone went crazy on this song, with the exception of Roi, who for some reason only had a solo in Jimi thing. Boyd, Carter, Butch went total apeshit at the end. Everyone was singing, even the totally drunk people found the strength to mouth the words it seemed. GREAT GREAT GREAT WAY TO END THE SHOW!
S.usan B.
Dave took the stage looking fresh and crisply dressed in business casual attire which included loose dress pants, a square cut bottom shirt and boots, all in light earthy tones of green and brown. From my Warehouse seats in section 202, and watching intently with binoculars, I noticed Dave remained fresh all night, while the crowd was sweating from the heat and lack of breeze. By the last encore song, Two Step, Dave had a perspiration spot forming on his lower back, at last. The Dave seemed hesitant to dance or maybe just wasn't in the mood. Ocassionally, he threw in a couple heel clicking mashed potatoes as if he suddenly remembered that this was part of his schtick, like pennies that he was required to toss to the crowd. But he never seemed moved by the music enough to dance in his notoriously joyous way. Also, there was a total lack of Davespeak, and he didn't say anything worth noting. Dave's playful use of the f-word was also missing, even though the audience always loves to hear him throw it into his lyrics in amusing ways. My point is, the band always performs in a professional manner,(except for Dave turning his back on the audience excessively and with impunity) but the Dave has changed. Boyd was the showman with his flamboyant dress and frenetic fiddling. Stephan grooved quite well, and Carter was indescribably awesome. Dave performed nicely and sometimes passionately. But, when he barely breaks a sweat in 80 degree heat under stage lights, I would think he could put more showmanship and personality into his performance. Apparently, Dave has grown up and out of playfulness and the great music they perform is now a lovely recital of classic favorites with the occasional rough play of new tunes under construction. And those tunes are unfortunately more simplistic since he has been under the tutelage of Mr. Ballard. I loved Dave's singing and playing, but there is something to be said for the star trying to entertain the audience with some personality. If you are looking for the fun party guy, forget it. Dave is now a seasoned professional who has dropped those attributes that initially got him noticed, at least at last night's show. Yes, he is a serious musician. At thirty-five, he is acting like a mature man, maybe a little bored. Maybe it is too easy to please the crowd, now.However, the adoring fans will continue to buy tickets. They will reinforce Dave's abandonment of Davespeak and Dave dancing and they will not complain because he is Dave. And they will miss the old Dave. And Dave will not have to break a sweat, or work as hard.
Michael P.
This show was amazing and completley blew away last years show!!! The tailgating in the parking lot was such a blast. personally I thought the setlist was great with the exception to I Did It, I can't stand that song but it's slowly growing on me. The crowd was great (including who ever was on top of the roof!!) and the energy from the band was great.
what a night! the band is great as always. first of all...i don't know why everybody hates I Did IT. i mean yea everyday wasn't the best album but i did it is awesome live. whatever comes out of dave matthews is a great song to me. i mean carter goes nuts on drums. its just a fun song....so just stop bad mouthing it. anyway...the new songs rock! can't wait for august when he comes to chicago. but all in all...another great night spent with the dave matthews band
Well i thought this was a great show and i'm tired of people saying Dave Matthews Band sells out because they play some radio hits.Last year Dave Matthews was good and last night he was just as good.Its funny people claim to be big dave matthews band fans because they like their songs that arent radio hits.But anyways this concert was excellent and i enjoyed Jimi Thing and Satellite alot.Everyday was also a good opener.Great show like LAST YEARS
Taylor G.
That was an UNBELIEVEABLE show!! Anyone else that attended must agree. Everyday was a good strong opener, especially w/ #36 outro. Grey Street: second time seein this one, still a favorite. YNK-GREAT to hear this one in person, definitely will be a favorite! When the world ends-also a good tune, like it better live. THE STONE-great to hear this one, haven't heard this one in person before. Raven was great, i wasn't expecting that one. Loving Wings-has great potential, kinda lost the crowd but it was a good song. WAYG-great to see this one in person as well, this one keeps gettin better and better. I Did It-not my favorite, been overplayed many times on the radio but it's not a bad one live. SONG THAT JANE LIKES-WOW! Wasn't expecting that one! When he said somethin like "i have a sister named jane, who likes this song. This is the Song that Jane Likes" I went nuts. Definitely a real crowd pleaser. JIMI THING-Amazing version, david ryan harris did fantastic, great jam. Fool to think-still not one of my favorites but then again most songs from everyday are towards the bottom of the list. LIOG-BOYD FREAKIN ROCKED. I had never seen this one in person and it definitely kept the crowd goin. Satellite-seen this one twice as well, very good song live. Grace is Gone-had not seen this one in person either, but it's definitely a favorite. What you are-at first i wasn't too sure what this one was w/ that long intro but the more i thought about it, i was sure it was what you are. GREAT SET ENDER! The intro and outro parts were fantastic, probably one of my faves from everyday. Everyone liked the end w/ "get down on your knees, MOTHERF*CKER!" Encore: Gravedigger is a great song, will be really good w/ the whole band. Two step-second time seein this one, i wouldn't care if they played this one at every show i go to. GREAT song live, the jam was a little shorter than the last time i saw em but it doesn't matter, it's an awesome song no matter how long it is. Overall, the night was fantastic. GREAT SHOW!!
Vince F.
This was The Last Stop of my tour this year. We took the Grey Street from the two West Palm shows up to Atlanta. It is not Typical for the guys to start with Everyday, but the crowd welcomed it. I have a new respect for "Dave Heads" after being out on that hill. This was my 13th show, but first on the lawn. This was a welcomed experience. If the girl with the yellow shirt from the last row on the left side of the stage reads this, I am sorry, it was me that kept hitting you in the head with the beach ball. For the guys around me that was dumbfounded on how I could predict the next song after Loving Wings and the solo encore, study the set lists from the West Palm Shows. Personal highlights of the night were TSTJL and Two Step. But most of all, I enjoyed What you are. This has been one of my favorites from Everyday since its release. I truly believe it will be added to the list of greatest live songs such as #41, Two Step, Watch Tower, Lie in Our Graves, and Billies. The band was so vibrantly explosive after the long teasing intro and I am not sure if one person there didn't have chill bumps during the mother f-er outro that is not on the album. Shows like this are why I take vacation every year to tour, stay awake for 25 hrs at a time and drive 8 hrs one way. If by some chance you are reading this, and have never attended a live show, save your money, sell lemonade on the side of the road, recycle coke cans, cut your neighbors grass, do what ever you got to do to make it. Jason, thanks for getting us back to Lakeland, Chuck, thanks for being Chuck, Dave, give Butch a raise, he needs a hair cut. I am out. VinnyJr.
John H.
This was my third Dave Matthews Band show and i feel it was the best yet. I was suprised that the band came on so early so i missed the first few minutes of everyday but from what i heard everyday was a great opener. The band then played Grey Street which was good as always i could tell that the song has grown from the last time i heard at the 2000 show in atlanta. The concert started out rather mello with the stone which was great as always. I thought that where are you going was marvelous. This song is fairly new but i think that it will be a crowd favorite like crash and satellite. I also like the song loving wings. I know it was a fairly new song and needs some work but i still thought it was pretty damm good but then again what dmb song is not good. I was ninth row at this concert and i felt like dave was talking to me. His music really gets to me and i enjoyed everything about the band. Anyways the concert started to really heat up with songs like the song that jane likes, jimi thing, lie in our graves and i did it. Suprisingly i did was actually good. I feel that i did it has grown from the last year and i feel that people will start to like the songs from everyday as they mature. The most suprisingly song of the evening was Fool to Think. not because he played it but i felt like the song was really well done. the encore was incredible i really like the song gravedigger it was the first time i had heard it and it was wonderful. Two Step was good as always and i felt like it was the perfect song to end the evening the band left the stage around 10:40 i wish they would have played one more song for the atlanta crowd. I felt a #41 would have been a good follow up to two step but what do i know. Anyways this was the best dmb show i have seen yet and i am looking foward to seeing the band at Charloote on friday peace out
Ed R.
I was really looking forward to this show after lst year's debacle at Turner Field, and I was not disappointed. Nice to see the band back at Lakewood (Not Hi-Fi whatever, dammit!), and I forgot how nice it is to chill on the lawn. OK, here we go. HIGHLIGHTS: -Stefan grooving like hell on Grey Street, TSTJL, Fool To Think, and What You Are. -David Ryan Harris guesting on Jimi Thing. It was neat to see Dave learning the riff in the middle of the jam, the DR laying down on top of it. -Boyd and Butch jams during LIOG -"Get down on your knees, mother f*cker!" during the What You Are outro. The only low points were almost getting puked on while waiting to get off the lawn, and having to wait over an hour to leave the parking lot after the show. Overall, though, a great show, and a great night.
Allen C.
This was my fifth show, the first on the east coast. I took my two boys, 14 and 9, who absolutely LOVED the entire event. Having seen Dave and Co on the left coast the last four years, Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA, hiya. I must say though, the crowds in attendance out west are by far much calmer, cohesive, typical Dave fans. Example: the drunk who stood behind us on the lawn for the entire show proclaiming himself as Carter's third cousin, and screaming to hear, and I quote, 'Stwo Step' for the entire show. Highlights for me. Definitely Jimi Thing, always a great jam. I told my 14 year old they could jam all night on that song. Highlights for my boys. Satellite, he's still trying to get the frets down on that one. Also, the One Sweet Whirled ice cream stand. I'm already a big fan, not just of the ice cream, but for the cause. My boys were introduced to possibly the last flavor of ice cream they'll ever eat. Thanks Dave and Co, and thank you Ben & Jerry's!
Chris W.
This was the best Dave show ever!!! Everyday was a great start to an amazing night and ending the song with song #36 was pure genius!! However only the "old school" Dave fans knew what was going on there. Grey Street was amazing as usual and YNK was unbelievable! This is the song that really got everybody interested in the new cd besides where are you going and all the songs from Lillywhite. Amazing song! I was amazed when they started to play The Stone because that is such an old school song and i was assuming they were gonna stick to mainly songs from Everyday and Busted Stuff....but i was truly mistaken...and im glad that i was wrong! Raven was GREAT (personal favorite of mine from Lillywhite) and Lovin Wings was a great intro to Where are you Goin. Even though they play that song a lot on the radio, I still love it a lot. Pure talent by all the guys. I did it was excellent but the Song that Jane Likes got me screamin like crazy!!!! Jimi Thing (like always) was amazing especially with David Ryan Harris on eletric guitar! Lie in Our Graves was another huge amazement too me and really got me excited but the true amazement from the night was when they played Satellite....what a shocker! It was great!!!! Grace is Gone was beautiful as always and What you are was an great choice to end the night before the encore! I cant even explain the encore however. It was to amazing. "solo" Dave was amazing but honestly in my opinion, nothing compared to ending the night with Two Step (personal fav) which lasted about 15 mins and the ending to it was spectacular with Carter drumin a million miles an hour and Boyd playin the violin like a mad-mam and Leroi and Stephan just chilin as they played and Dave screamin his lungs out! Pure Genius is what this concert was! Unbe-freakin-leavable!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew S.
This show kick ass period i have the cd and cant stop listening to it. I dont care what anyone thinks i think its one of the better shows of 2002. Everyday- great starter got everyone pumped Grey Street- was great great live song really good carter was bad ass on it. You never know- Carter did a solo at first and i thought even though people didt know a lot of the new stuff it was so good. When the world ends was good im not a huge fan off the everyday cd but i liked it. The Stone was unreal it had a great sax solo and was great. Raven was ok i didnt know what it was. Loving wings couldnt really here didnt know what it was. Ware are you going was great the crowd went nuts then it only got better with songs like I did it and Song jane likes. Jimi Thing was insane 17 min long with a sax funk jam and david ryan harris soloing it was great. Fool to think was good very nice live. Lie in our graves is my favorite song it went on for 16 min and boyd was on fire i have never heard him play like that the crowd had out there lighters and butch did a solo to it was my favorite of the night i suggest you get this song from this show. During the middle everyone is real quite and you here me yell in the cd. Satellite kick ass it is a killer live song and people were screaming the words. Grace is gone is a great lyrically written song and it was very good . What you are was great everyone was jumping up and down and dave and the boys were going insane he says get on your knees motherfucker and everyone went even more insane. People kept chanting 41 but he didnt play it Dave came back out and played gravedigger i was hoping for ants but oh well i cant complain. Last he played 2 step and it rocked for 16 min they took it to a new level dave soloed and carter was going insane he is no doubt the best drummer in the world and dmb is no doubt the best band in the world they kick ass.