Dave Matthews Band
Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars

onstage 8:15pm
Grey Street *
Everyday (#36) *
Satellite *
You Never Know *
Seek Up * -->
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
When The World Ends *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) *
So Right *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro) *
I Did It *
Don't Burn The Pig *
Granny *
What You Are *
Long Black Veil +
Stefan bass solo -->
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 10:52pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Victor R.
First off, 4th matthews show, 1st of the season for me, 2 more to go in Pitts. Grey street was a sweet way to start off the set, only of a few played from busted stuff. Everyday with the #36 outro let me down. I expected a little more from the outro, one of few good songs from the everyday CD. Satellite, a crowd favorite, got all the pseudo matthews fans going which was good. Next, You Never Know, was incredible...my opinion one of the best of the new cd. Sounds great live. Then the pseudo matthews fans were lost in a great version of Seek Up. Probably the best version I've ever heard until Butch butchered it. That went right in to PNP which led to crowd favorite Rapunzel, seems like the whole band was really in to this song. When The World Ends was played great, lots of emotion from the band, and got a good response from the crowd. OSW was awesome, some people again got lost in this one, but personally one of my favorites played tonight. So Right got the crowd going again only for Dave to lose some of the audience with Loving Wings. This song is incredible, the lyrics are great and Dave's guitar was nice. That led right in to Where Are You Going which wasn't much different than the studio version of the song. Warehouse was sweet, the stop time really got the crowd going. I did It, i hate more than anything but kept the crowd going. Another great one for the night was Don't Burn the Pig, which I never heard live and was always a personal favorite along with Granny played after. To close out the set, Matthews pulled off a great What You Are with the "on your fucking knees" outro....That was awesome. The Encore was great, Long Black Veil played solo by Dave was amazing, I've heard it whole band, but I like it this way better. To finish off the encore, Watchtower. Great song as always, but Butch redeemed himself with some great electric guitar-like synthesizer playing in the jam. Overall a good show, but I've seen better. See you in Pittsburgh
Brad P.
Wow what an awesome show...Grey Street is a fantastic opener that gets the crowd on its feet. Everyday was a nice little touch that wasn't too bad. Satellite was the standard hit...You Never know was really good, but no one in the crowd knew it. Seek Up totally surprised me and it was just awesome. PNP had the heartbeat intro and Rapunzel was electrifying. When the World Ends has a nice little jam in it which was good. One Sweet World surprised the heck out of me too. So Right was really good too (my fave off of Everyday). Loving wings was really cool. Dave went into this story about where the song came from. He said that he had visited a cancer patient and had been keeping in touch with her. She had died recently (seems sad that people that Dave knows keep dying). He wrote that song for her. Where Are You Going was good. Warehouse was awesome...I Did It was good for my bladder because I really needed to use the restroom. Dont Burn The Pig was friggin awesome. Didn't expect that one at all. What You Are was well, "eh" at best (although Dave really put in a lot of energy to it). Long Black Veil (solo) was awesome, after he came out, the crowd was still cheering, and he turned his back on the crowd like he was waiting for us to be quiet. He then pulls up a little stool and proceeds to play the song. Then the standard closer of Watchtower but it was as good as ever... I had an awesome time tonight.
Dj P.
got to the venue, waited around fro VOJHA to get there. he calls, explains he is in the parking lot and got pulled over on the way there but for me to come find him so we can go get beer. meet up, go sit and chill and drink beer talk Dave talk. come up with 6 songs that we're definitely gonna hear: grey street, i did it, loving wings, where are you going, you never know, everyday. guess what??? we nailed them right on the head, got EVERY ONE of those songs in our set. out of the 5 dave shows i have been to, this was by far the best!!! also, he played When the World Ends, then a little jam that sounded like Lie In Our Graves, then into One Sweet World.....that was definitely awesome!!! great ender with Watchtower, could have been jammed out more, but i'll take what i get. it was good to see the boys come out with smiles on their faces!!! its 4AM, i'm still going at it, can't wait for charlotte tomorrow and va beach on saturday!!!!! let's get an entire LIOG at one of those shows dave......20 minute jam!!!!!!
Ricky B.
Well, this is the first of six shows for me and my friends and we could not have asked for a better opening setlist. The band was jamming and dancing all over the stage. Dave did a great job tying #36 in with Everyday. Seek Up was a pleasant surprise in which they jammed for 15 minutes. They slowly jammed through PNP and rose the crowd when they busted into Rapunzel. We didn't expect to hear Pig due to the number of playings in the spring tour, simply a great treat. Great throw backs such as Satelite, Warehouse and Granny filtrated through the show. Dave got a little wild towards the end closing the show with What You Are, he last line was..."on your knees mother f*ckers". Very explosive moment and what a way to go out. A slow acoustic solo of Long Black Veil started the encore. Dave sang very gracefully and the crowd knew every line. Stefan stole the act with his intro to Watchtower and his endless plucking throughout the show. A powerful and angry version of Watchtower got everybody up for one last dance.-two thumbs up from Raleigh.
this was only my second dmb show (unfortunately) and i can't imagine it gets any better, although i'm sure it does. anyway, grey street was a good opener; i feel they did that for their real fans, the everyday with #36 outro was cute, but could have been longer. seek up was amazing, rapunzel always kicks ass, and i loved one sweet world. i also loved warehouse, pig, and granny. i did it was the only one i could have done without. i wish they played longer, but i will always wish that, so oh well. all in all, a great show because i didn't see too many kids there, and i smelled 'my kind' all around me....QUE VIVA DMB!
Clay K.
First off, I will agree with one thing I have read several times. Lawn seats do kinda take away from the expeience of a Dave show. Still though, it was an excellent show. The set list was definitely good. I was surprised to hear seek up, and figured that would replace Two Step and Jimi for this show. I was right. I really got into Grey Street for the opener. That is my favorite off busted stuff. Ready for Tuesday so I can hear the whole thing. I was kinda hoping to hear Billies or Ants in the Encore, but got Watchtower. It was cool to see Butch getting more spotlight and grooving more. His playing was cool in Watchtower so that made it better for me. I just have heard Watchtower so many times, and it never seems different. But it is a standard Dave tune I suppose, so I should have expected to hear it. Intensity crowd wise was down around me, but it did not stop me from jamming. I had two Dave virgins with me and they were blown away! Never an arguement why Dave is the best live show ANYWHERE! Great Job as Always Guys!
Bec M.
For starters I'd like to thank the guy giving out the blow pops in section 2 for the seat swap. My brother's first dmb show was last night and while 5th row center was great, 3rd row center was even better. On to the show. Grey Street was a great opener - one I wasn't expecting at all. Then dave started Everyday and most of the people around us started in with the "come and dance with me's" which he seemed more than willing to encourage and started singing at the end of the song as well. Satellite seemed pretty much like the other times I've seen it but was still nice to hear. You Never Know is still awesome. Like on 7.6 it didn't seem the people around me really knew it, but this time next year I'm sure they'll all be singing along. Seek Up was awesome. Somewhere in along the way their jam out of it turned into the one they tend to play before PNP->Rapunzel so I wasn't too surprised when they stopped played, paused for a second or two and went right into that. It was great. When the World Ends was good as well, but I still really hate the way they build and build and build this song and then just cut it off completely. Next they did One Suite Whirled into One Sweet World which is always nice. Then dave pulled out the electric. I was thinking So Right and we got it. I love this one live - so much fun. Dave pulled out Loving Wings again and dedicated it to a girl named Liz he'd met who had recently died of cancer. This went almost directly into Where Are You Going. Not much difference in this from what's on the radio but it's still a nice song. They brought the energy back after this song with a great Warehouse; lots of crowd participation in the "woo's". My brother was amused by all the people who were about to "woo" when the stop-time ended. I Did It was easily the low point of the evening. I just don't like this one live. They came back from this pretty strong though with Pig (love love) Granny (love baby) and What You Are with an outro I'd never heard that started with "on your knees motherfucker" They were off stage around 1030. For the encore Dave came out and did Long Black Veil solo which was really nice. I don't know anything about "pulling out a little stool" though. >From where I was in the 3rd row he appeared to be standing the whole time but maybe that's just me. The band returned and Stephan took the spotlight so I knew we were about to get Watchtower. They played the hell out of this, but then again they usually do. My brother commented that he didn't like the keyboard player and didn't think he fit. Honestly, I didn't notice him all that much - except for the fact he seemed to be dressed like a convict. Overall, this was another great show; lots of energy and very few repeats from West Palm night 2 which I was at last week.
This show was awesome, best i have ever seen. Dave started out the evening kinda mellow and not getting to into the music but then by the end everyone was going crazy and the whole band showed lots of intensity while they played the last few songs of the set. Grey street was a good opener. Boyd used a pedal for everyday and that kicked ass. You never know was awesome tonight, and then he played the best song of the night, Seek up. Very similar to the Red Rocks version except much better. Rapunzel got the crowd going and everyone was having a good time. So right also got the crowd pumped and that's when dave started really getting into the show. Loving wings was good, he spoke about how he played it for his friend that just died with cancer, everyone brought out the lighters for this song. Warehouse rocked the house it was so awesome. Pig was a very nice surprise, it was great. What you are they rocked out on everyone in the whole place was going crazy. Long black veil great choice for the first encore song that dave played solo. Then they had a spectacular version of all along the watchtower, the jams were incredible. Thanks dave, leroi, carter, stefan, boyd, and butch for a great night.
Andrew E.
This concert definately rocked. GREY STREET - a solid opener that made the band get the energy from the get go. EVERYDAY - Boyd does a fantastic solo at the beginning. It got the crowd singing for sho! He even let the crowd go when the song went in to #36 singing "hunay Hunay...come and dace with me". SATELITTE - definately the crowd was even more mellow after this one but it was a solid version. Stefan through all the first few songs is gettin in to it big time and talking to dave during a couple songs. YOU NEVER KNOW - I hoped this one would come and the drum intro was awesome but the mumble of the crowd could not let you enjoy it as much since the intro is soft but this version rocked. SEEK UP - When I heard the soft chords start I went crazy. Seek up was 26 minutes if you time it up to when they started PNP. PNP -> RAPUNZEL - A huge and awesome version. They definately jammed this one out more than normal prob a good 9-10 min. WTWE - A great version that got you in to the show if you havent been by this point. OSW - Awesome old intro as always and it was just a fantastic jam. one of my fav's from the night. SO RIGHT - Dave got out the Barratone and started to strum so right. It was a high enery version. LOVING WINGS - Dave explained the reason he wrote this song. It was for a girl the band knew that died to cancer a few weeks ago and he dedicated it to her. A soft version almost a solo by dave but small parts by Stefan and Boyd to give the song some lift. Good new song. He sould have gone either in the WAYG or GIG cause the chords are simliar. WAYG - its a cool song that alot of people knew the words to. WAREHOUSE - everyone did the whoop with the stop time intro and Stefan and Carter raised there hands with each whoop. A great and powerful version. During the part where dave says "at the warehouse" CArter did some awesome stuff in the mic. Kinda like the bubbles in Proudest Monkey. Crowd loved it. The jamed it for a good 10 min. IDI- eh nuff said...ok version. DONT BURN THE PIG - I was pumped when this came on...it was an awesome version. Granny - Just Dave, Carter and Stefan for this one...got the crowd singin. WHAT YOU ARE - This is my song of the night. The Band freaking rocked the heck outa this song. DAve started being very agressive with the lyrics at the end and was yelling them out. It is a version you all should hear. Total kick ass. LBV - dave solo and it was a cool version. WATCHTOWER - This song was heavy from beginning to end. NO dead points. The band jammed this the hardest I have ever heard them play it. A very energetic show from the 4th song on. best dave show ive seen out of the 5 ive been to See yall in Hershey and Bristow!!
Ryan H.
well even tho "TICKETBASTARD" screwed me over getting good seats I settled for lawn seats for the first time ever. I have seen better shows but I was very excited to see the band so alive and so excited to play. Grey Street was a nice opener but it was still light out side so it didn't seem like everyone was in to it yet. Everyday (36)the same version we heard last year in raleigh but I still liked it altho the lovley ladies would have made the song better. Satellite I guess starded the night because it is a crowd favorite. Good version. I was happy to hear You never know because all of the people around me who thought they were cool because they new all the words to satellite had to sit down because they had no clue. I think this will be one of my favorites on the B.S. CD. And then one of the most energetic versions of Seek Up I have ever seen or heard. This was a chance to see the true dave in a long Jam that the crowd enjoyed. PNP in to Rapunzle was a great choice after Seek up it was perfect! When the world ends is my favorite off the everyday CD and I always love to hear it live. One sweet world is a nice song I have heard better intros but it was good. (I recomend ben and jerys One sweet whirl ice cream mmmm good)any way next was So right a good song to cuddle up next to your lady with. And then The show stopper a very emotional version of Loving Wings. The story at the beggining was very apporperaite. " This song reminds us to live it up while you got it live it up live it up" And the nice lighter/cellphone glow was very cool. Where are you going humm I think it may be growing on me but i would like to hear a jamed out version. Then wherehouse never heard this one live so that was nice to hear and the very cool intro got everyone it to the show again.I did it, well he played it, all the pretend fans sang, and I pouted. Dont burn the Pig was very cool and a crowd favorite. Granny was also fun to hear for the first time. I think DBTP and Granny was a reward from dave to all of the long time fans and I enjoyed it. What you are was a good song but a dissapointing clos to the set. the encore was a quiet one for some reason. I wanted Dave to play a cover but then when he played Long black vail I couldn't be more happy with it. And I know since I had been yelling for my favorite song all night dave saved it tell last. Watchtower is the best song ever and it was so great to hear it as the closer. a great night over all and I cant wait till tues day morning!
Garrett Z.
First off this was my first DMB show EVER!! God it was amazing. GREY STREET-wow great great song. not a surprising opener but who is complaining when carter goes off at the end. EVERYDAY(#36)-this one took me by surprise.what can i say other than BOYD TINSLEY!! he lit it up with the wah-wah pedal. hands down the best violin i have heard ever in this song. #36 outro was short but had the whole crowd singin "hani,hani..." SATELLITE-i called this song. it chilled everyone out and dave's voice was on tonight. YOU NEVER KNOW-god i love this song. carter started the intro and god he is amazing this song has one of the hottest beats. i still like this one better than WAYG, the message is so hopeful. SEEK UP->i called this as the opener but they couldn't have played this at a better time. this was the turning point of the show after this song the crowd was into it the rest of the night. the whole band shined on this song. boyd is coming into his own now but carter still ruled the stage while dave belted out the lyrics. then it took an interesting turn with butch coming in right at the end of the song to pick it back up. personally i loved and this is why he is touring with them. as it slowed down i turned to my friend after passing the bole and said it sounds like they could go into the HEARTBEAT JAM and sure enough...bump bump...-> PNP->RAPUNZEL-this was the highlight for me. the most energy in the whole concert. i can't put it into words just an amazing set. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS-great song good version kept the energy goin ONE SWEET WORLD-another HIGH point of the show. love the intro. i was hoping for swim naked outro but it definitely didn't hurt the song by not doing it. SO RIGHT-great version carter closed it like only he can. LOVING WINGS-cool song liked being one of the first to hear it played. he explained the inspiration to it about a friend who died of cancer and dedicated it to her.-> WHERE ARE YOU GOING-great song glad to hear it played. WAREHOUSE-stop-time intro was a blast...whooo. roi lit it up definitely a crowd pleaser. so much energy. I DID IT-this was the lowest point for me. not that it was really a low point. DON'T BURN THE PIG-soooo happy to hear this song played. dave kept on mixing up "don't burn the day, don't throw the day, don't burn the pig." GRANNY-big surprise i loove this song WHAT YOU ARE-UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE he sang that so well then "GET ON YOUR KNEES MOTHER FUCKERS" dave scared everybody there. it was great. LONG BLACK VEIL-dave solo it was beautiful when stefan startedinto the bass intro i knew what was coming. WATCHTOWER-amazing version raw energy. everyone and i mean everyone was dancing and singing along to this song. GREAT CLOSER GREAT SET I LOVE DAVE!!
Justin R.
this was my 13th show...INCREDIBLE!! this show crushed both of last years raleigh and last years charlotte show (s) like a grape. here are my highlights... grey street is my new fav dmb song...i love where are you going and you never know...wish loving wings would be on busted stuff, ill pick up a bootleg or something with that one on there. seek up is simply one of the best live dmb songs ever and one of my all time favs...wrap it up with a strong, jammy warehouse a smooth seauge between seek up and pnp/rapunzel and the first watchtower in a while and this show was nothing short of amazing. beautiful weather, band was having tons-o-fun and the crowd was into it...thanks dmb, nc loves yall!!
Solid show in Raleigh. Definitely better than either of last year's shows. The show was standard all around but the setlist flowed real nice with the exception of So Right and I Did It. Hadn't heard Loving Wings yet and really liked Dave's guitar there. Seek Up, Everyday, Pig, OSW all made for a good set. And I must be a "pseudo" fan cause I enjoyed hearing Satellite. Really impressed with What You Are with the trippy new intro and screaming outro. With some extended jams in the middle to lengthen the song up to 10 or 12 minutes this could easily be the next closer, right up there with Watchtower and Two Step. The Long Black Veil solo was real tight, I was expecting Gravedigger since that seems to be the solo in the encore recently. And Watchtower closed it out. Like I said, good show but pretty standard all around. Crowd was also really pumped tonight.
First time seeing the boys since 4/28 in Raleigh last year and 5th show overall. My girlfriend and I drove from Myrtle Beach where we were vacationing to catch the show. First off, the crowd was horrible. The band was amazing, but the crowd just never seemed to get into it. We were in section 5 and no one around us was dancing or even standing up barely. Either they were too drunk to know what was going on or they just didnt know the songs. The show itself was unreal, probably best ive ever seen. Hightlights of the night - YNK then SEEK UP into heartbeat jam into PNP and RAPUNZEL - this was simply amazing and unexpected - i prayed to hear these three songs and it was at this point i could have went home and been completely satisfied. But wait, DMB busted out OSW, WAREHOUSE, PIG, GRANNY, and WHAT YOU ARE towards the end. In my opinion, all of the best everyday songs were played (excluding I DID IT)and they sounded so good. The encore was awesome with a solo LONG BLACK VEIL and then the best version of WATCHTOWER ive ever heard, Butch went nuts, the song is a lot more rocking now. Overall, couldnt ask for a better show, check the boys out this tour, they are on fire. See yall at Darien Lake!
Franco H.
This is the first night for 3 shows in 3 nights for me and my girlfriend and arguably the best show I've been to ever (15+ shows). We were in section 6 and were surrounded by cool fans dancing the night away. Here are the highlights in my opinion: EVERYDAY- I finally got a chance to sing along to this song in concert (only heard this before back at UVA). I got our section singing the honey honey chorus and at the end of the song Dave encouraged others to sing too. This song, although it could have gone on longer, was one of the highest points for me in all the shows I've been to. SEEK UP- I had hoped they would open with this so I was really surprised they played it a few songs in. I absolutely love this song. Stefan went crazy during this song, moving and dancing around more than I've ever seen him before. ONE SWEET WORLD-damn I love the intro into this. This song is one of their bests. LOVING WINGS-first time I've heard it and I love it! GRANNY-I've been waiting to hear this live for a couple years now. The band sounded good in every song. While he may not be an official member, Butch adds a lot to the shows. The combo of him and Leroi really do give the band a sweet jazz element that helps give DMB their distinctive style. All in all this was the most fun I've had at a show and my favorite! Check out my review for July 12.