Dave Matthews Band
ctnow.com Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Spearhead

onstage 9:20pm
Don't Burn The Pig *
Everyday (#36) *
When The World Ends *
You Never Know *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Bartender *
So Right *
Song That Jane Likes *
Captain *
Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics) *
Jimi Thing *
Digging a Ditch *
Dancing Nancies (tease - first couple notes) -->
Rhyme & Reason *
Crush *
Grey Street *
Cry Freedom +
What Would You Say *
offstage 11:48pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Good show. Once again, Hartford was a hot spot and greated the band with open arms. PIG was a good opener but I'm not sure it gets the crowd into it enough but I loved it. EVERYDAY and WHEN THE WORLD ENDS were well done. I love these two "everyday" songs. YOU NEVER KNOW is just fantastic. LOVING WINGS had a Roi solo this time. This was a longer version than the Raleigh one, I'd say about twice as long. WHERE ARE YOU GOING. next "Crash Into Me"? Perhaps. well done tonight. BARTENDER and SO RIGHT were great, as always. SONG THAT JANE LIKES was a GREAT surprise. definately a highlight. CAPTAIN and KIT KAT JAM are two new gems that were good and will only get better. JIMI THING was awesome and DIGGING A DITCH was a real chill, amazing song. RHYME AND REASON was great, an older gem that was so good. CRUSH was a surprise late in the setlist but great as well. GREY STREET was great but I dont know if I like it as closer yet. encore break and then a rare and surprise CRY FREEDOM! so good. havent heard it since '96. definately the best song of night. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY was a great way to end a very chill night. All I can say is that I can't wait until tomorrow.
Jamie L.
Wow, what a show-my 13th, 3rd this year, and definitly one of the best setlists I've ever heard. It felt like he played forever...Don't Burn the Pig was an awesome opener and the version of Everyday, which went into #36, is what I've been dying to hear! WTWE, You Never Know, and Song that Jane likes were high lights, and he played probably one of the best Jimi Things I've ever heard. My only complaint (and its a big one) was the crowd-unfortunately I was stuck up in the lawn and I can't stand being surrounded by all the teenybopper NSYNC fans, who only reacted when he played Where are you going? Even then, I heard some idiot girl say, this is his new song right? What happened to all the real fans? I would like to tell all of these psuedoDMB fans to please just find someone else to pretend to like, so all of the real fans can move up and enjoy the show! It was hard to hear at some points because the drunken teenagers were too busy screaming and falling all over each other! If they are coming to the show for an excuse to get drunk and be annoying and ruin everyone else's time, then stay in the parking lot, and let the real fans enjoy the show! Other then the crowd, it was one of the best shows ever :)
Dan G.
Bottom line: The boys were on, the setlist was not. Needless to say, I didn't have an angry bone in my body. What a show. Pig was a blast. Everyday, well, let's put it this way, EVERYONE was hugging. Hell yeah. Other highlights: WAYG, Bartender, So Right, Song Jane Likes, Jimi Thing, Rhyme & Reason, Crush, Grey Street, CRY FREEDOM!!! = AWESOME SOLO. What Would You Say: Well, I'm always hopin' for Two Step and could've gone for a Watchtower, but this was an awesome, up-tempo way to end it. Awesome performance, fellas. From Lindsay, Laura, Alex, Brian and Dan (and guest appearences from Katie, Em, Jut, Jackie and Michelle, take it easy everybody! See you at tomorrow night's show that's getting webcast(and will be a live cd in a little while!)
its my 16th show and i have to say this was a pretty medeocre show but it had alot of surprises. Pigwas a surprise and is a great opener but the crowd pretty much sucked. Everyday was good but the crowd didnt really catch on with the 36 intro then the boys played a few new ones You Never Know and Bartender are amazing.STJL was the second great surprise and was awsome. One of the best Jimithing ive ever seen. Crush was good and Grey Street was rocking. Then the encore...CRY FREEDOM i didnt actually believe i was hearing it...damn i still dont believe...it was great. I was sure there would be a watchtower closer so WWYS was kind of disapoiting. All and all thumbs up because of cryfreedom.
Tom W.
This was my second DMB show ever, and it was great. I guess my highlight of the evening was when my girlfriend nearly jumped out of her pants when they played So Right. That was sweet. She also noticed Dave took his wedding band off in between Pig and Everyday. Little bit of trivia there for ya.... Hmmmm, great show, the lawn sucks. Thank god for the handicapped seating. Standing on that we could catch a glimpse of the stage every once and a while. The solos kicked butt, and I was pleased with every song on the playlist. I'm not a big Captain fan, and I could swear that they played Lying in our Graves where the nancies.org playlist says they played Rhyme and Reason. Then again, I have been driving for 4 hours......
Joe B.
One of the Best Shows I have ever seen, ever!!! First time in CT, 7th show over all, and this one def ranks up there. First of all, I believe this one blew Boston away. Starting off with Pig was great, and Everyday with the 36 outrow was great. The crowd got really into this song, and everyone on the lawn was singing and dancing. WTWE, still like this song, You Never Know, growing on me even more. I love this song, I hope more people come to appreciate this song. Loving Wings->WAYG, I could't really hear loving wings cus everyone was getting up and leaving, but as soon as everyone heard WAYG, everyone just shut up and sang a long. Bartender, this has to be his favorite song, Dave sings this with so much heart, it's amazing. So Right, Best Everyday Song!!! I dont think there was a single soul not dancing to this one. Song that Jane Likes, its been a while for me, still a great song, I was very surprised to hear it too. Captain, I wish he would sing the old lyrics!!!KKJ, good song, a lot of people didnt really know it though. Jimi Thing, twice in three days! Everyone was singing and dancing and the band had to have jammed for over 20 mins on this one. DAD, great song, I really love this one. Dancing Nancies? Why Not!!! I almost flipped, instead we got Rhyme and Reason, and I wasn't complaining. Crush is by far the best Dave song ever, no questions asked. I love this song, and everyone was on their feet for this one, singing and dancing along. Grey Street, love the new lyrics, even though its a real depressing song. For the Encore I was very surprised with Cry Freedom, there were a lot of teases in Boston, but he finally played it hear and it was very nice. Finall WWYS, This song Rocked the house down. One of the best shows I've seen in a while, Thank you Dave for making the 3 hour trip worth while, see ya in NY!!!
I know it says to only submit one if you attended the show but I have to say this...what a great setlist! The last few shows they have played they have pulled out some "oldies but goodies" and being that I have only been a huge DMB fan for about three years now I must say that the last few have been "real" Dave Matthews Band shows. Very impressed I must say!!! I have been to five shows and the only one that I was really impressed with was the Charlotte show. Like the others b/c it is DMB but Charlotte was a real show. Hopefully when they play in Manassas, VA (Nissan Pavilion) they will give us a real DMB show. I will keep praying for it!
Rob J.
When you have seen as many Dave shows as I have, you start to compare them and sometimes become a bit disheartened. The setlist was pretty good last night. I thought the band came out a bit flat, but definitely picked up after a while. By the end, they were smoking. I knew they were going to play Crush when I heard a little tease of it I think right after Pig. When they played it late in the show I was pumped. Cry Freedom was absolutely the highlight of the night. I never thought he would play it as a solo in the encore. Awesome. All in all, it was a good show, but not in my top 10. What's up with the crowd?!?!?!?!?!? Wait until Friday - we are in for a real treat!!!!!!! See ya then.
Patrick P.
Dave Matthews Band strolled into the sold out Meadows Music Center with a monster set filled with lots of jams and some rarely played songs. The night started off with Pig, a song played only three times this past tour. Boyd and Carter were on there game with their grooving licks. I also appriciated the lighting provided by the road crew. To follow up, butch and Boyd jam it out before Dave started a beautiful rendition of Everyday. The crowd was chanting the words to #36 while the guys were jamming. Dave responded by throwing in some #36 lyrics. When The World End was nicely done, I also have to give props to the nice graphics from Digital Juice. As a member of the television industry, I can't get enough of the fact I know where they got it. You Never Know was introduced by a great Carter jam that really displayed his percussion talents. Loving Wings, a new song this tour, was performed by Dave, Carter and Stefan. Leroi also put his two cents in with a nice saxophone jam. Where Are you going recieved a big reaction from the crowd. With the recent release of Busted Stuff, it's no doubt a lot of the audience were new DMB fans. Bartender was powerfully done, I think Dave gave it his all in this song. So Right is another rare song for this tour, it was well done. It was followed by The Song That Jane Likes. Dave introduced this song with, "I have a sister named Jane, and she likes this song." With only one other performance of it this year, it was a true joy for the crowd to hear. Captain and Kit Kat Jame were two songs off the Busted Stuff album, fans should noticed that Kit Kat was done with lyrics, unlike the instrumental version on B.S. Jimi Thing was terriffic, I truly enjoied the "Power Jam" after, it brings a faster pace to what was a slow jam in the past. Digging a Ditch followed along with Rhyme and Reason. Crush was a big crowd pleaser, and another tour gem for most of us. Grey Street proved to be a powerful closer as Dave sang what I think is a terriffic song. After the set break, Dave returned to play Cry Freedom for the first time this tour. It was great. The entire band returned to close it out with What Would You Say. Dave Matthews Band returns to Hartford and brings the crowd a beautiful combanation of crowd pleasing, and rarely played, pieces of music.
Dave S.
I thought that Dave and the boys played well. However they played Way too many new songs. I believe that 11 of the 18 songs played were from Everyday, Busted Stuff, or unreleased (Loving Wings). I think that this is too big a percentage and the reason that the crowd was not overally into it. They have so many old classics that they could play that there is no need to play so many "new" songs". I could see them wanting to push the "new" album but these songs have also been being played for 2 years. The classics they played (IE Jimi Thing/ Pig) were tremendous.
This was my 14th show, and I have to say overall I was very disapointed. The guys just seem to have a great thing going, then take a wrong turn somewhere during the set, and have trouble ever turning back. Pig was a great surprise, but fellas' not as a opener, it did not pump up the crowd enough at all. Everyday I do have to admit I like this song live a lot better than on the CD. WTWE quality song, right on with the ending, as always. You Never Know, one of my absolute favorites off the new album, no doubt. Loving Wings didn't really impress me at all. Bartender and So Right were both pulled off very well, and Song That Jane Likes totally saved the night from going down as one of the worst shows ever. But this is where it all started to go down hill. Captain next? Well that just killed any energy that people had from "Jane". Kit Kat Jam??? Not a good choice. Don't get me wrong it's a great jam, but you needed something more well known, maybe a Tripping Billies right here would have been key. Jimi Thing was decent, it is just too played out. The boys play that song every show I've ever been, throw in a Nancies or Typical Situation instead, mix it up a little. Digging a Ditch, great CD song, awful awful live song. Another mood killer. Crush, once again a decent song got the crowd back into the show. Grey Street though was incredible! One of my all times favorites already! Cry Freedom, holy crap what a great first song encore. WWYS, I love the song but I was hoping for something more. Overall here's how it breaks down: Thumbs Up: Everyday, WTWE, You Never Know, So Right, Bartender, STJL, Crush, Grey Street, Cry Freedom. Thumbs Down: Pig (bad spot in the set), Loving Wings, Kit Kat Jam, Jimi Thing, Digging a Ditch, WWYS. They better pull off a better show tonight, but when I think about a lot of the other songs they haven't played, I'm sure they will.
Rob B.
Wow, what a show the boys put on last night. Knowing that tonight will be even better blows my mind! PIG was a bit of a surprise as an opener but it was good as always. Then came EVERYDAY which got the crowd singing along with the #36 outro. WTWE was pretty basic followed by an incredible YOU NEVER KNOW with Carter doing his intro. YNK is a great tune and the boys have a lot of fun playing it. LOVING WINGS-->WHERE ARE YOU GOING- First time hearing Loving Wings live, was surprised it was played so early in the show but it was good to hear. BARTENDER-Definitely a highlight of the show. The screams at the end were very intense and the crowd went absolutely crazy. Then Dave grabbed the electric and I was pleased to hear SO RIGHT, which I hadn't heard since last year. It was good to hear and kept the crowd going after Bartender. STJL- "I got a sister named Jane." It was great to hear this song and was one of my highlights. CAPTAIN was pretty similar to the BS version and KIT KAT JAM was excellent with words. The album version is awesome, just wish they would have included words. JIMI THING was one of the best versions I have ever heard. Leroi and Dave had solos at the end and they both rocked. Slowed it down a big with DIGGIN A DITCH but they haven't played it much so it was good to hear. Then the whole crowd started chanting "Nancies, Nancies, Nancies" it was so awesome. Dave leaned into the microphone as if saying "What song, what is that you want?" RHYME AND REASON- First time hearing this live and it got the crowd rockin again after DAD. CRUSH was a pleasant surprise so late in the set. Boyd's solo ripped it up as usual. Saw the 12 string come out, knew it was GREY STREET. Love that song! Dave came out solo for the encore and I figured Gravedigger but he played CRY FREEDOM and I think almost had a heart attack. Amazing, first time since 97!! Still can't get over it. WWYS got a good response from the crowd. Wish they would have done one more but I guess they're saving Two Step, Ants, Watchtower for tonights show. All in all a great night. See y'all at the Meadows in just a few hours.
THe show last night was ALRIGHT. The guys were on point, but they song choice was a little shoddy. I loved to hear Don't Burn The Pig, but it was not a very solid song to open with. It just didn't get me excited like the opener should. It was cool for me to hear You Never Know, Loving Wings, Captain and Kit Kat Jam for the first time. I also loves Bartender,and Crush. They were both rippin, posably the best that I have ever heard for both of those songs. Grey Street anf Song That Jane Likes were also very solid. But the encore was weak. Cry Freedom is an awesome song, but not for the encore, and What Would You Say was just down right weak for a closer (I really don't like that song.)
Chris &.
Hey everyone! First off, let me say that though this was our 21st show we've seen, it was the first we felt we needed to review. We won't go into everysong, because we honestly only remember our highlights of the show. The boys never seem to put on a bad show in HTFD and we love this venue! We sat with a good section, thank GOD!! Pig as an opener was a surprise to us as well as many. It's not our favorite song, though its nice not having the same opener all the time, right? And the crowd seemed to like it. Our highlights were Bartender (nat), Kitkat, which was our first live & we thought it was great, great great!! Captain was very nice, though we do miss the older version, & this seems to be catered to the chicks with the new lyrics. I called STJL, which everyone loves & I also called Jimithing, which was awesome!!!!!! The one long jam that we were waiting for, Dave's new solo was great & always the part I love the best! You Never Know is such a beautiful song, musically & lyrically, that if we hear it every show, I don't think we'd get tired of it!! Ron heard the Nancies tease (I didn't), & though we all chanted Nancies, Nancies, Dave just smiled!!! He can be soo cruel sometimes.hahaha!!!!! Hopefully tonite they'll play it!! Of course the showstopper of the nite was Dave's solo of CRY FREEDOM!!!!! Ron called it "cause of the MA show tease. I am not ashamed to say, I had tears in my eyes thruout the whole song!! I never thought I'd hear it live & it was soo beautifully played!!!! I'd love to hear it again tonite, but I won't be a greedy pig for I can truely die happy now!! Of course expectations are high for tonites show, but whatever they play will be awesome & the boys will leave us all wanting more as usual. Of course, everyone would love to hear more old songs & longer jams. It would be nice if I Did It dropped off their playlist FOREVER!!! But we will all dance & have a great time & I'm soo happy to have finally have heard Cry Freedom, that whatever they play tonite is icing on the cake!!
Gpo5e .
Disappointed to say the least in this show. I don't think it ever really jelled together at anyone one point and the band, at least to me, did not seem to enjoy each other's company. The setlist was halfway decent (but all over the place) and I thought the only real highlights were Everyday (which blows away the album and had a really cool extended Boyd solo), Bartender, and when Dave effed up on the last two verses of YNK--which is a really great tune. The encore was pretty weak, save the rarity in which Cry Freedom is played, although I don't understand what the buzz is about this song. And SMTS is and extraordinarily crappy closer. At the end of the day, a DMB show is like pizza--you never have a really bad slice, but relatively speaking, not on par with a typical DMB show. Maybe they are saving all of the heavy hitters for tonite's webcast???
Fantastic show on Thursday. It was my second of the week which I saw the show at the Tweeter Center at Mansfield in MA on Tuesday. This setlist was more enjoyable thanks to surprises like THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES and CRY FREEDOM. Opening with PIG was incredible and if you were sitting on the lawn like I was got the crowd going early. At no point did I hear a DANCING NANCIES tease but then again there is alot going on in the lawn so. Can't wait for the webcast tonight.
Mr. W.
Well, a very good night overall. This was my 10th or 11th show, 4th since 2001. I must say that minus that rainy night in Foxboro, it's hard to say that a DMB show is great now when I can compare it to those 1995-99 shows. I dunno, something is different now...he is still *great*, just different. Anyways...I love Pig as an opener, but Everyday, and When the world ends don't really do it for me personally. You never Know and Loving Wings were great, Where are you going was average. From that point on, the show was great. Bartender is AMAZING, Kit Kat, Jane, Jimi Thing etc...(basically the rest of the show) was very good, and I did enjoy Grey Street as the closer (as opposed to popular opinion). Cry Freedom was a great surprise...although I very much dislike WWYS as a final encore. All in all a very good show, doesn't rank in my top five...and doesn't even approach the summers of 95 and 96 at the old NJ Garden State Arts Center (now PNC Bank), but then again, I doubt anything ever will. BTW...Spearhead was actually very good. Check them out if you are going tonight...
Jerome F.
The night started great , Pig was excellent, might i add i was the closest i have ever been, 11 rows away, the show was playing a lot of new songs but doing very good jobs, You Never Know was great, Captian and grey street were also good, So right sounded so good and Everyday and Where are you going were very typical. Now into the good stuff, Ryhme and Reason was great, its too bad most of the people in the front only knew the radio songs but thats what you get for not giving out enough good seats through the fan club and giving them to companies who send people that know 2 or 3 radio songs, any way, Jimi thing was excellent, a great jam, and Crush,,,,, wow they did a good job. BUT IT WAS JUST STARTING, TO THE ENCORE, I HAVE BEEN TO OVER TWENTY DMB CONCERTS; for some reason I have never seemed to hear my favorite song, and it hadnt been played in SIX YEARS i figured no way was tonight different, when he said HOW CAN I TURN AWAY; I didnt loose it because i know he teases in the encore, but he Played it LET ME REPEAT THAT: CRY FREEDOM, CRY FREEDOM, CRY FREEDOM, thank you DAVE , thank you god, it was great, he meant every word he sang you could tell, I need the love version of that, unfortantly half of the lower level hardly knew the song, but I didnt care , THANK YOU DAVE, ohh yeah WHAT WOULD YOU SAY was a good closer, he had a lot of energy and song was on. I HAVE been to over Twenty shows including the one at Hartford when he opened with Dancing Nancies and the MSG "greatest Hits" show on 12/12/02, i think, but because of that one song this has made this the best concert i have ever seen, DMB Fans please keep teenie boppers out of our shows
K.C.S. .
Overall, a very interesting and enjoyable show, packed with unexpected tunes. PIG was a fantastic opener; I couldn't have been happier with the choice, and I think it really ugot people moving. Also featured some cool lighting effects towards the end. EVERYDAY came next, and this was one of the stranger versions I have heard. Boyd's solo at the beginning was very, very extended, but surprisinfly wasn't all the exciting. And then Dave added some lyrics towards the end about "Sometimes you just wanna..." I couldn't really make them out, but they were pretty cool. Next, a very tight, standard version of WTWE. That ending is still great live. YOU NEVER KNOW was also pretty standard, but played very, very well. LOVING WINGS was very hard to hear. I couldn't make out very many lyrics as all, but Roi did some nice soloing. WAYG was very nicely played, the crowd was really into it. BARTENDER was a definite highligh. Flat out the best Bartender I have ever heard, with Dave wailing more than I have ever seen. Followed up with another surprise, SO RIGHT. This was surprisingly very well done, jammed out slightly more than usual, and perfectly performed. The crowd was really intp it. Next came another big surprise. "I have a little sister, her name is Jane, and this is THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES." Short but sweet, great to hear. CAPTAIN was nothing really special, no different from the album, but nonetheless nice to hear. KIT KAT JAM kept the trend of new songs alive, and was played with words (but not the words from Lillywhite -- somewhat similar, but very I think). It was really great, the boys seem to love to play it live. Carter especially seemed to go nuts. Out of nowhere came JIMI THING. Dave started it with a little guitar riff that sounded almost like Diggin a Ditch, but tranformed in into Jimi. And it was a very jammed out version, with Boyd kicking ass, and Roi and Butch also doing some nice soloing. Dave even took the lead for a guitar solo towards the end. DIGGIN A DITCH was next, and was very sweet and primarily solo sounding, with some minor contributions from the boys. R&R was a surprise this late in the set, and was very good to hear. An even bigger late-set surprise was next in CRUSH. Definitely one of the better Crushes i have heard, with tremendous jamming from everyone, and a great Carter solo to top it off. They closed with GREY STREET, which I think is developing into a tremendous closer. A ton of energy, and the crowd just eats up the "colors bold and bright" part. Not too long of a break for the encore, and then Dave solo plays CRY FREEDOM. Biggest surprise of the night, and played flawlessly to a mesmerized crowd. This one hadn't been pulled out in years, and it sounded very polished and beautiful as always. Finally, the rest of the band came out for WWYS, which was an energetic, if not slightly disappointing end to a wonderful night. It was still great to hear, though Billies, Two Step, or Ants might have been a better finish. Overall, a great show. Setlist was very heavily drawn from new material, but had some incredible old tunes to balance things out.
Dmb3272@aol.com .
Verrry solid performance by the boys tonight. Crowd was buzzin' from the beginning and the smell of marijuana was in the air. How nice...Anyway - on to the freakin show. PIG - Tight version, decent opener. Crowd energy was waning towards the end of the song. EVERYDAY > #36 - AWESOME! The band was defintely feeding off the crowd as this tune, surprisingly to me, brought the crowd wayyy up! Lots of hugging and shit from people around me and I was stoned so I thought it was pretty gay heheee WYWE - Tight. Had a nice groove. I smoked a bowl. YOU NEVER KNOW - Wow. I was freakin knocked off my freakin feet. This song kicks ass. A "new classic"? Skipping to BARTENDER. Band has this one down. Freakin energy was great. Dave was screaming his ass off. Carter was slammin those freakin drums of his. The boys were ON! SO RIGHT - One of the better Everyday tunes. Pretty good. What You Are is 10x better live. STJL - SWWEET. Give me some of that old school bitch!!! CAPTAIN / KIT KAT - I'm gonna curse - pretty fuckin good! Wow...Loved it! They both kick ass live and Captain was especially good. I'm growing to like the BS version a lot after hearing it last nite. JIMI THING - I could of done without it. Not one of my favorite jams; I was hoping for Nancies or Graves after KKJ. Still, JT was pretty good. Butch had a little time to play around on the keys and LeRoi was givin us a little funk with big ole' baritone. DIGGING A DITCH - IMO, one of the bands most underrated songs. It's just freakin great. Just a chill song. I smoked another bowl. WAIT a second here - is that, Nancies??? Dave was pluckin those guitar strings, teasing our sorry asses into a pretty tight rendition of RHYME & REASON. Lots of energy from the band. CRUSH / GREY STREET - Solid 2some to close the set. Crush had the '02 tour jammed-out outro which I personally enjoyed it quite a bit and Grey Street was standard - but full of energy. I like how this tune has been reshaped and polished up. But as a closer?? Hmmm Not sure. ENCORE: CRY FREEDOM / WWYS - WOWWWWW CF was excellent and the crowd was goin nuts - at least you could tell who's been a fan of this band for 8+ years like myself. I hope they bring this back with the entire band as well. They could of choosen something other than WWYS to close the show, but it was tight and was pretty good - so I won't complain that much haha All in all, a pretty excellent show. I thought we'd get more old school, but perhaps tonight we will. Maybe a Nancies? Graves? Proudest Monkey? One could only wish...Later ya'llll
Tom V.
Well first off it took me 4 hours to get there from Long Island,must say that hole venue is a joke theres three doors to exit for 25000 people and 30 dollar parking.But anyways show started off slow wasnt really impressing me after the 5/29 show at the Garden. and the crowd was the weakest crowd ive ever been apart of sorry ,you guys sucked.Any ways PIG opener wasnt expecting it always a treat dave was a lil off though during this one.EVERYDAY reason why the crowd sucked, total of 4 people singing 36 fucking poser fans, other wise standard version boyd had a nice funky lil solo.WHEN THE WORLD ENDS alway nice to hear i guess.YOU NEVER KNOW my persnal favorite off of Busted Stuff, good version.LOVING WINGS first time heard i couldnt find it on the web, thought it was great the jam at the end with roi was excelent, into WHERE ARE YOU GOING can you say Crash the second, Iam warming up to it, quality song jsut gettin played out.BARTENDER amazing version this is when the night started to get going, and the 4 hours in the car seemed worth it.SO RIGHT I love this song only everyday song i can honestly say i love to hear live, great pick me up song got me n most the place going.SONG JANE LIKES Amazing.CAPTAIN very happy to hear this great live, should be longer jam,o well.KIT KAT JAM amazzzzzing live especially with the lyrics nice and up beat fun song.JIMI THING possibly best version ive heard Daves solo was key at the end great jamage.Now i believe i read there was a nancies tease?? didnt pick that up, i heard a buch of assholes chanting it though.Anyways DIGGING A DITCH i love this song never heard it live its great.RHYME & REASON excellent.CRUSH sweet version great jam Boyd was on tonight for this one n jimi.GREY STREET love the song, since when is this a closer??Alright encore break everyones got thier lighters up blah blah blah dave comes out aloe picks up his guitar so i figure here comes gravedigger I couldnt really hear the first few chords of the song and then i hear HOW CAN I TURN AWAY..I was liek hell no! cant be it, has to be a tease then he goes into the chorus n the bridge and the next verse and low and behold he pulled off the first live cry freedom in what 3 years??? absolutely amazing! never thought for second hed play that.Was hoping for an all crash encore Billies would have been key right about now instead WHAT WOULD YOU SAY not upset bout that great song never heard it as an encore, good though. All in all te night was quality the cry freedom defnelty made the car ride worth it and all you ct people you gotta learn from the ny crowd or something cause u guys suck hahhah sorry peace
Kimberly P.
well this show was disappointing to say the least. its not that the band was doing badly, as they never do, but hte setlist started out slow, and when they finally decided to play the older (better) songs, no one in the crowd knew them. ive been going to the hartford shows for the past couple of years now, and this is the worst crowd i have ever seen. they didnt even know TSTJL. the crowd was for the most part a bunch of drunk kids who didnt even like the band, which is ridiculous. anyways, Pig was great, considering it wasnt a tease, but it wasnt energizing enough as an opener. he should have started with an older, maybe well known song (considering the crowd didnt seem to kno much of anything), but overall it was decent. i feel like the crowd changed the whole effect of what the dave concerts are like. dont get me wrong here, i know there were plenty of true dave fans everywhere who were just as annoyed at the teeny boppers as i was, but they really helped to ruin it. we need to get the true dave fans back at the concert to keep the shows the way theyve been. i know dave has a new album out, but he really pushed it a little too much tonight. i was hoping for more oldies i guess, and i guess this year was just different. however, i know tonight will be amazing considering he already played most of the new stuff, and doesnt usually repeat...
Decent show, but definitely not a must-have. Tuesday nite's show was infinite times better, and I kinda wish the shows had been reversed. It's tough to match the excitement of a show that features Grey Street as an opener, then proceeds to cover Proudest Monkey, DDTW, BEF, Bartender, WYA, and Billies. As for tonite's show, it wasn't a total wash, but I did not enjoy my Meadows experience. The fans were obnoxious and rude, clapping to TRY and keep a beat during almost every song. A lotta people were singing along to songs, too, sometimes messing up the words. I wonder if they understood people bought tickets to hear DAVE sing, not the fans. One of the low points was the annoying hoots and hollers during Dave's solo of Cry Freedom. As he tried to sing a beautiful rendition of a rarity, people were yelling and screaming at random moments. I wouldn't be surprised if that's why Dave cut the song off early. OK, now to the setlist review. Pig was a nice surprise, but would've done better further into the show. Everyday was good, but also seemed out of place. Great job by the audience drowning out Dave's croons; I really appreciated that. Not. WTWE wasn't anything special, as usual. Look for this song to be "retired" after this tour. YNK was good, but the show was still lacking energy, and LW--> WAYG did nothing to change the atmosphere. The show finally began w/ Bartender, my favorite in concert. It's such a rollercoaster of emotion, always guaranteed to get the crowd going. However, I miss the days when only a handful of fans knew the words, thus enabling Dave to sing the song w/out the help of screaming fans. Dave brought out the electric next, and I was giddy in anticipation for WYA or So Right. Good version of So Right, and I'm waiting for Dave to add a verse a la new WYA. STJL was welcomed by the crowd, and the energy level was finally reaching DMB proportions. Captain simmered the fans, but it was good to hear Dave's voice again from my Section Eight seats. I wasn't that far from the stage, which made me wonder why Dave was drowned out throughout much of the show. The combination of people singing/yelling along and a mediocre sound system is my best bet. Kit-Kat Jam was solid, but I began getting frustrated by the repeats from Tues. Why not GIG or Raven if the boys are trying to promote the new album? And why WTWE twice in a row? I miss If I Had it All, which was loved by crowds early in 2001 tour, but soured as summer progressed. Jimi Thing totally baffled me after seeing them play it Tues. LIOG or Two Step would've served the same purpose, but given fans something to dance to. Ditch was solid as always, and is one of the most underrated songs on BS. Mischievous Nancies tease that got the crowd chanting for it. Dave put his hand to his ear as he pretended to not hear the crowd. He then went into R&R, which was a nice outlet for the pent-up energy from fans. After teasing it throughout the night, Crush kicked off with a dark stage save for a red spotlight on Fonzy. Nice touch. Hearing it for the first time since 5/1/99 was like seeing an old friend after several years. Good to have ya back, Crush. Nice solos from Boyd and 'Roi, too. Grey Street was the obvious closer, but was hoping for Stone, Two Step or Rapunzel. I think GS is much better as an opener than a closer. As the band walked off stage, I realized two things. The band had played zero songs from Crash and I'd successfully avoided the four dark horsemen (WWYS, SMTS, Too Much, IDI). Dave came out solo for the encore and I was expecting/hoping for Gravedigger, but was instead blown away by Cry Freedom, thus keeping my streak intact. All 12 of my shows have featured at least one song I'd never before seen live. My euphoria after Cry Freedom was quickly destroyed by the opening notes of WWYS. Giving the crowd an encore of Cry Freedom and WWYS is like picking up a date in a limo and taking her to McDonald's: disappointing finish to such a promising start. Tonite was probably one of the five worst shows I've seen, and would rank much lower if not for Cry Freedom. Lookin forward to next year's shows in CALIFORNIA. Hopefully Halloween and Dreaming Tree will find their way back into concerts by then.
Tom M.
I kinda thought this show was either really good or not so hot and it seems like every time i remember it I get a different thought. It started out horribly as I could hardly hear. Since we were to the far left I thought maybe ti was just us but talking to other people on the oppsoite side of the stage, they couldnt hear either. PIG opening was OK crowd didnt seem really into it though. The next 7 songs were either Everyday, BS or unreleased (Loving Wings) and that seemed to be a pretty long stretch. Bartender is awesome live and it seemed like everyone got into So Right which I think is one of the more solid Everyday songs. Return of an old favorite with Song that Jane Likes. I heard this one at MSG in May and it was just as good this time and every time i hear it. Captain was pretty solid and the Kit Kat Jam with lyrics was pretty good. Why no lyrics on Busted Stuff, it definitely livens this one up. One of the better Jimi things I've heard and Digging a Ditch even though it sort of killed the crowd was solid as well. Crush into Grey Street was awesome the crowd really got into it for Crush. I think Grey Street is the best one off BS always great live. Cry Freedom for the encore was shocking, people were saying he hadnt played it in about 3 years so that was cool to be a part of that. WWYS- hmm like the song but a closer? I could have gone for Watchtower or even something like What You Are. Crowd seemed sort of baffled but a good version nevertheless. All in all pretty solid though I have to say listening to the webcast made me wish i was there the 2nd night.
David C.
pretty good show. it was my 14th and probably is in the upper half of shows ive been to. PIG-amazing opener, got the crowd goin. the rest of the setlist was highlighted by JIMI THING, JANE, and RHYME AND REASON. the only problem with RHYME AND REASON was that it was following a NANCIES tease. at that point all i could think about was dave playing nancies and rhyme and reason was not quite as exciting as usual. i think the set could have used some work but then came the encore. dave came out for a solo and i just assumed GRAVEDIGGER was coming but instead he goes into a full version of CRY FREEDOM. this was by far the highlight of the night. i had never heard this song and it was definitely worth the wait. overall a decent setlist that was made by an incredible version of CRY FREEDOM.
After reading all the reviews of this setlist, I was even more disappointed by everyones reaction to this show. I have been to almost 30 DMB shows and this was by far one of the worst all around. First of all I am not saying the set was bad at all. This was more of a smaller venue setlist though. Not a good choice for a place with a lawn with thousands of people with no place to sit. I LOVE lawn seats when the show is jumpin and fun but now when the show is very mellow. The crowd was out of control and I feel like DMB shows are turning out to be a place for people to party and get drunk and not to enjoy the music. PIG was pretty shocking but once I heard it as an opener I knew it was going to be very mellow. Usually when he plays 2 or three shows the first is mellow and the last is out of this world but this one was TOOOOO mellow. He never danced, and I never danced and the mood was just not right. He lost the crowd for most of the time. No one was paying attention and personally I was paying more attention to the sky than what was going on on stage. Because of everyones loud talking, I could barely hear and I could not sit because then i couldnt hear it at all. I personally would have encored with The Stone or # 41 on top of it. WWYS just did not match the list. I would have enjoyed this set list a lot more if I had a seat and if the crowd had a little bit more respect. I am not disappointed in Dave i was just disappointed in the whole situation. I just hope that he doesnt turn into one of those bands where the only reason every one goes is to party in the parking lot. I will be attending Saratoga tomorrow and i hope my final experience for this summer DMB shpows is a lot better : )