Dave Matthews Band
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Los Amigos Invincibles

What Would You Say *
Song That Jane Likes *
When The World Ends *
Crush *
Kit Kat Jam *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
You Never Know *
Captain *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
Dancing Nancies (tease)
Jimi Thing *
Fool To Think *
Where Are You Going *
Grey Street *
Cry Freedom +
What You Are *

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

First off id like to say that i think they are overselling all of their shows. I went to both meadows nights as well as saratoga tonight and they have been by far the most crowded ive ever seen. But onto the show...WWYS was a great surprise and really got things moving. STJL also set the mood. WTWE is standard as always. Crush WOW! this was absolutely amazing Boyd and Leroi were on as well as the always amazing Carter. It was tight. Tonights Kit Kat Jam really made me apreciate the song and realize why the boys love playing it so much. SMTS -> ASTB -> Too Much was tight as always. You never know is pretty standard. Captain enjoyable as always, i personally like the old version more. BEF -> Bartender was great dave really sings the hell out of it and every lighter on the lawn was held up high. He played 2 verses and chorus' of nancies i really wish they brought it back into the rotation. Jimi thing has become one of their most solid songs and tonight was no exception. Fool to think...Where are you going...Greystreet is definately one of the bands best songs. I was once again amazed to hear cry freedom. What you are was a disapointment. Its a quality song but shouldnt be closing shows especially when i go to 3 nights in a row and dont hear Watchtower, ants, billies, rapunzel, liog i mean come on boys. I think saratoga is the most unorganized venue ive ever been to. It took me as well as 10 other new found friends over 2 hours to find the car. And the park police are all completely useless. All and all not bad. the band was tight, i think dave had a few too many.
Jorge S.
Ok if I have one word for this show its mellow. There was really nowhere near the energy I would expect from a regular show. I don't know if tonight was used by the band as a recoop night after that amazing show in Hartford but tonight was kind of a letdown. First the show started with WWYS, kinda wierd but not too bad as an opener. STJL, sounded good from what little I heard. For most of the song I was distracted by all the assholes pushing around on the lawn. Also didnt help that the crowd was an Everyday crowd and only about 20 ppl out there knew the words to it. WTWE: okay, nothing spectacular. Crush was pretty sweet. SMTS-ASTB-Too Much combo was pretty good. Bartender was definately the highlight of the night, very long very good jams. It was awesome when everyone pulled out their lighters. Beautiful sight. Nancies teased again (long tease too...grrrr...) Jimi Thing was a nice surprise and had a pretty good jam to it too. Grey Street, the song that youd think would pick up the tempo from this very mellow set, was played in kind of a 'going thru the motions' fashion. Nowhere near the energy usually given. Encore was nice in that Dave's Cry Freedom solo was unexpected but sweet and then finally finished w/ WYA. Overall kind of a downer, I expected more energy and the lawn crowd being cocks didn't help much either. Oh well, still lovin' the band and the music. Hopefully night two will be better!
it was a fluke that i wound up going to SPAC, but i had the most wonderful seats ever and the sound was amazing! i was front row balcony and i had a unique view of the stage--i will never forget it! i could see the band from a different angle and the acoustics up there were awesome. i was pleased with the set and happy to be at a show. they really looked like they were having a good time tonight and i was absorbing all of their vibe! thirty-five shows and i still get giddy like it's my first!
My 6th Dave Show. Probably the worst setlist i have been seen. First of all, the concert was short, only 2 hours. Secondly, I know its a first night show and I know that Dave and the guys are promoting BS but lets not play the entire cd. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY - Alright opener, I didn't see it coming but the sound quality was weak..I could barely hear the guys. SONG THAT JANE LIKES - Unexpected and very nice. WTWE - I would like to ask why this song has to be played at every concert, there are so many better everyday songs. CRUSH - Amazing as usual. KIT KAT JAM - Could have done without this one, I knew we were in for too much BS when he played this. SMTS -> Anyone Seen the Bridge -> TOO MUCH - Nice but pretty standard. YOU NEVER KNOW - Not a bad song. CAPTAIN - Really wish he would bring back the Lillywhite versions. BEF -> BARTENDER - Even though its more BS, this was my highlight of the show. Unbelieveable solos in Bartender. NANCIES (Tease) - I called this, a nice touch. JIMI THING - Nice to hear an UTAD song, very long, nice. FOOL TO THINK - We really need some Crash tunes right about now. WHERE ARE YOU GOING - Typical, had to be played, more BS. GREY STREET - A great opening song, good song overall, but in no way is this a song to go offstage with. ENCORE - CRY FREEDOM - Love the Dave Solo. WHAT YOU ARE - Dave, its not a closer. It's a good song, especially with "Kneel down Mother F**ker" but where is Watchtower, Two Step, Ants, Stay, anything that can be jammed out. Overall, weak setlist (Way too much BS & Everyday, not enough Crash), short concert prob one of my worst. Can't say I didn't expect it since it was a 1st show out of 2. Weather really saved the concert - rain, thunder, lightning out in the lawn seats made for a great time. Last thing, did Dave forget about a little song called "JTR" he used to play last year? I also read someone in a review asking what happened to "Dreaming Tree"...Dave, what do you have against that song? It's a classic...
Michael R.
Wow!!! Dave was definitely "on" tonight and so was the crowd. With over 25,000 people standing in the rain this was one of the best shows I've seen. The setlist was a great mix of new and old with not that many Everyday songs (good). WWYS was a great opener and Song That Jane Like was unexpected but equally incredible. The jam on Crush was insane and Boyd went wild. The show mellowed out a little in the middle with some BS songs. I loved SMTS --> ASTB --> Too Much (always wanted to hear that). And my personal favorite was the closer Grey Street...thanks god I finally heard it live. The encore was a lso really great, though I don't like What You Are as a last song. Out of 7 shows so far, this was definitely up there (probably #2).
Jared W.
Good Show overall. They didn't play "I did it" which was wonderful. Greystreet was awesome, crush was great, and bartender was also really good. I have never seen cry freedom so that was a plus, but overall the show was kind of slow. There was no real explosions except for greystreet. Also the sound system sucked. I was on the lawn and SPAC's sound system is not made for 25,000 plus fans. DMB always plays two shows at SPAC and this was the first one. Last year I saw number two and it was amazing. I am going again tonight and hopefully we will see a two step, or tripping billies to get the crowd going a little more. I love busted stuff but the crowd doesn't know it well enough to get into a show that is primarily focused on it. A boring crowd can put a damper on the show. I hope we see some more classics tonight, seek up, #41, say goodbye, the stone, whatever. I just pray that they turn up the volume tonight. I am still waiting to see a concert that is better then Hershey PA, 8/23/00. Check out the set list, and that can't even tell the whole story.
This was my third dave concert and not that i'm an expert on dave music, but this was horrible. the past two years dave has done excellent jobs at spac, but this year was horrible. he played way too much busted stuff and didn't relive the "good old stuff". i really think there were only two highlights to the show, bartender and dave's solo of cry freedom. in the past it has seemed that dave as well as his crew had bundles of energy, but it almost seemed as though he and the band were ready for a nap. it also seems as though he always uses watchtower, but not this time. last night was a real disappointment for me, i'm hoping he'll do better the second time around on monday night.
Lou B.
AMAZING SHOW!!!! the venue is awesome. i sat in the last row of the balcony and they were great seats. i felt like i was on top of the stage, and it was great because you could look out over the lawn. it was surrounded with trees which was cool. the setlist was great, starting off with wwys was awesome and it was cool hearing sjl. crush bartender and jimi thing were huge hilights of the show. and it was cool only hearing three everyday songs (not that theyre bad). the energy of the crowd was awesome and only got stronger when it started to rain. one of the best shows of the summer im sure, and definitely worth getting a copy of. i would definitely recommend going to spac for a concert, especially if its for dmb, they really go off at spac.
First off, I can only say that I was at my 14th show and have never been so dissapointed, not to say that the quality of the music was bad, but the setlist....I was at the Meadows night one....last night 12 of the 17 songs were the same....and to get worse the set ender-Grey Street, and first encore-Cry Freedom were the same? That seems wierd that a band that has over 200+ to bang out, could have more in the tank than the same show every third night....replace WWYS with WYA and there is my encore, and they opened last night with WWYS!!!! So frustrating....whatever....tonight he'll probably play nancies...there is my luck
This show was amazing. Highlights were definatly CRUCSH,BARTENDER,JIMI THING, & CRY FREEDOM. lessard looking good like always was dancing the entire time. Dave was great and so was the rest of the band. I was really leaning towards more crash songs like say goodbye two step or tripping billies. or even watchtower would be good but i thought this show was pretty good. hopefully for 7/29 the sound will be a littl better for everyone and the weather. i actualy felt kinda bad for everyone on the lawn. it poored and everyone looking like they couldnt breath because they were so close together. but overall great show and cant wait for the next one!
Joe B.
First off, I drove over 6 hours from Cape Cod, MA for this show, and it started off very nice. I had never been to SPAC, and I had no idea how unorganized the lawn is, thanx to a friend though, we snuck all the way up to the front and ended up having great seats. WWYS, great! I heard it as an encore the other night, and its not too bad of an opener. Song that Jane Likes, always good to hear, second time for me this week. WTWE, I like this song personally, but it was my third time this week, I think Dave plays it a little too much. Crush, my favorite DMB song, and second time this week. I love it, and it sounds better and better every time I hear it. At about this time during the concert I actually looked around and realized that this was probably the best crowd I've ever been a part of. Everyone around me new all the songs, and they were all jamming and having a great time...seeing that the crowd was on, I figred Dave would be too, not quite. This is where it started to become week. Kit Kat Jam, good song, but I don't think anyone wanted to hear it. SMTS->AWTB->Too Much, really got the crowd back after a kink in the setlist. You Never Know, thank you Saratoga so much, I've heard it 4 times this year, everytime I think I was the only who knew it until last nite. Everyone around was singing the words, and the words are beautiful. Captain, please, please bring the old lyrics back, these ones just don't make the song. BEF->Bartender, always great, and I honestly thought that the band would turn it around hear...Dancing Nancies, about time he actually played the whole thing, nope, not for us apparently. Jimi Thing, still good, even though I've heard it three times this week. I don't think anyone pointed out the angel tease hear, he should of played it, a lot better than Fool to Think. WAYG, he had to play it, fine with me. Grey Street!!! Great song, at this point I thought things were just getting going, then Dave gets off?????? Way too Early, especially for a crowd as hot as this. I figured he'd tease us then come out and play a nice long Encore. Cry Freedom is great, and the crowd really loved it. WYA, I love this song, and I think Dave does too, maybe as a closer once in a while, but what happened to Watchtower? Ants? Two Step? I feel as if Dave has forgotten about a lot of songs. For my last Dave concert of the year, very nice, The crowd was on fire, but Dave should have given us a break, for sitting throught the thunder and lightning, JTR, SBT, So Right, 41, any of those songs would have made me happy. Once Again, thank you New York, You Guys Rock!!!
Leslie A.
This was the best dave concert that I've ever been to! I was so happy to hear Crush. The lighting schemes matched the music perfectly. But the highlight of the whole show for me was when they performed Bartender. It was a moment I'll never forget. I thought it was a great song before, but then I heard it live and I think its the best song dave has ever written. What else can I say? They are the best band around and to get to hear them live is a wonderful gift. Rock on Dave Matthews!!
First off, the parking there is a joke. Instead of turning right into the lot. The cop made us go down to the next light and come back down to then turn in. For all those nagging us for tickets, GO HOME!!! Try buying tickets like the rest of us!!! Don't go to the venue, expecting someone to buy extra tickets to sell just for you. People going aroung with there fingure up like there #1. Is that how you ask for a ticket now?? I saw this one kid in the lot who had a sheet of paper taped with electical tape onto his shirt stating, "I need a ticket" I ran up to him to read it because it was written in pen and not a thick marker that you could read easily, what a sap.

Then there was the mother and her Daughter going around collecting everyones empty beer cans. Where did they "barrow" the shopping carts from?? I felt sad at first, but then realized that if you spent time today WORKING and not trying to grab people's bottom of the swill infested cans you wouldn't be in that perdiciment collecting sticky, stinky cans. So I protested by taking my cans home!! On a sad note some guy next to me dumped his beer cans on the ground, forcing the overweight lady to bend over a pick them all up, instead of just putting them in her barrowed cart from Topps or walmart. How classy was that? He threw the cans on the ground to make the lady pick them up off the ground??!! She must not be doing to bad finacially in the can buisness as she was definatly overweight. Hey lady dont be pushing you barrowed cart through mcdonnalds ordering a bigmac, supersized. When you go back to Walmart to return that cart you "barrowed" here is a tip for you...buy some soap. and shampoo. maybe a toothbrush and some toothpaste for you and your daughter to share.

Moving on. I had lawn ,(highly recommended), thats where the energy is, well almost electriciy when it started to pour. The crowd before the show was getting anxious for Dave. No one around could keep still, weed was being smoked all around us, probably to take the edge off the opening band. I do not know who played los amigos or something. But no one was into them anyways. Kind of reminds me when I saw Pearl Jam in Buffalo in '96..the opener....Fast tracks!

Props given to the mystery girl who scaled over the railing and walked all the way up the ramp to the belcony on the ledge. I was about 10 feet away from the ramp of her little stunt. Hey lady thanks for no jumping onto me and my friends. But umm next time when we chant, "show us your tits" You better deliver.

How many people does SPAC hold? 25,000? I may not know what 25.000 people looks like, but I do know that there had to have been more than that there. At times I felt like a sardine in a can crammed in that venue.

I realize some of you have gone to "upteen" different dmb shows. I heard people saying I want my 40 dollars back after the concert. Do us all a favor and stop going to these concerts. If your are going to whine like the baseball players and owners over the labor talks. As you see from this set list is was pretty even with old and new songs. cry freedom was done by just dave accoustically and I begain to hear boos and poeple pissing and moaning. After you go to all these you begin to be too critical of the artist and his art. You do not appreiciate the art presented to you. Be thankful that you had the opportunity to see the band and where a part of the performance. Its like seeing your favorite movie 20 times but you always pick up something new every time you watch it again. How do people judge art and criticize it is beyond me. this was only my 2nd time seeing the band live and I must sayIt was great. Maybe I thought it rocked because they are not being compared to the 100 of other times I saw them. Those people need to take a break from going and maybe then you will regain your appreciation to the art that is dmb. In closing, trying to get out of SPAC was so much fun (add SARCASIM here). WE would take literally one step forward then wait 5 minutes before we moved again. Once we got to the bridge it was clear sailing. TIPs to live by when you go: Bring a cooler with food and beer. Bring a portable grill to cook food on. Lawn chairs to sit while you eat and drink what you have prepared. (my one friend bought a hotdog off of some guy for $5.00 and got no bun!! Remember where you park too. We ran around in circles trying to remember were we parked. Remember this: ticket to see DMB: 36.00 mich light 18 pack 10.97 watching the band perform in front of your eyes: PRICELESS!!
The beginning of the show had a lot of energy. Having lawn seats is always fun and the fact thast it was raining helped too. The Song That Jane Likes was a surprise, and a great one at that. The band really got down on Crush and the crowd responded. During the middle of the show, the energy just seemed to disappear. Big Eyed Fish into Bartender was probably one of the best parts of the show. The guys really jammed on Bartender, always a good song live. The Dancing Nancies tease really had me excited for it, but Jimi Thing was played really well. Grey Street was a good closer. Cry Freedom as a solo was a really big surprise and Dave played it really well. What You Are isn't the best song to end the night with, but it was played well. All in all, not a bad show, but it could have been better. It was only 2 hours, so that didn't help much. Busted Stuff is a good CD, but that doesn't mean they have to play the whole thing in one show. The band should definitely mix it up with some more old stuff.
David F.
I just got back to Colorado from a week in New York. This was my 12th DMB show and by far the worst I've ever been a part of. We attended Ozzie Smith's induction into Cooperstown earlier in the day, and made the trek to Saratoga for what was to be the highlight of my trip into upstate N.Y. Everything I'd ever heard about SPAC was positive, but I found the experience to be terrible. Long walks, poor security checks, gate crashers, and awful lawn seating. I can only compare our top of the venue seats to watching a show from outside of a stadium. No view the stage. One video monitor. And horrible sound. All coming with the cost of admission. The biggest joke were fans flocking to the One Sweet Whirled booth inside the venue. After thoroughly trashing one of New York's prettiest parks, fans of all ages and sizes flocked to get ice cream that supports the environmental campaign. As a DMB fan from the Red Rocks days, I'll go on record and say this: I hope they NEVER play the venue again. DMB fans, for the most part, don't deserve scenic venues. Immaturity and and plain rudeness should guarantee arena shows for the rest of DMB's exsistence. Throw in this setlist of songs, high humidity, and rain, and it's a wonder I made i through six songs.
This show was sooo amazing. I can't believe how great it was, they played so many good songs. I really like the new song, Loving Wings. Hearing Ants Marching was INCREDIBLE, the intro to it seemd to never end, it was the greatest way to end a show, and then hearing Nancies and Two Step as an encore was wonderful - Dave soloing on Nancies was sooo great, the crowd was going crazy through all of it. Two Step went on forever too, it was so amazing, I didn't want the night to end. If I Had It All was great, and it was soo great to hear #41 and Warehouse. The show was a great mix of the older and the newer stuff, exactly what I wanted.
Well, this was my first Dave show. I've been a fan for some time now, and spend a lot of time listening. But...this show was..well...disappointing to me. I heard a few songs I liked, but was hoping for ants, #41, or satellite. Well none of these got played, and were all saved for night two at Saratoga, which must have been nothing short of incredible. I'm not sure if I'm going to return next year, but if I do, I'll be sure to go to both shows. Spent my whole damn summer getting pumped to finally hear Dave and get a letdown.
I really enjoyed the show. The setlist of couse kept me guessing and WWYS was a great opener. It got the crowd pumped right away. The higlight of the night for me was Bartender and even getting rained on. The only dissapointment of the night was WYA as the last song. It's not a closer. Anything else than a song from Everyday as a closer. I was in the front row of the lawn and I had a great view of the stage and the sound was good. All in all a good time, see you at Bristow
Matt B.
WOW this show was a huge dissapointment. The setlist sucked it was much too mellow and without any punch. What happened to the old dave the one who played Tripping Billies, Ants Marching, two step, satelite, 41, lie in our graves, crash. I mean there was no excitment except for maybe two songs. He closed with a BS song wheres repunzel, Watchtower, best of whats around i mean come on. Dave blew it.
Mike E.
show # 12, mellow show. its good to hear the new stuff played live too but its time for some funk. this is the 3rd mellow show in a row i have been too. night 2 should be the one we are all waiting for. the band played some good tunes tonight, Jimi was nice and a good solo of cry freedom. see you tomorrow......
T D.
First nite at SPAC, DECENT time, parking lot scene was fuckin unreal as usual. Can't cmplain. Started the day early at Whispering Pines campsite. The show was defeintely more mellow than nite 2, but if I had known what was in store for day 2 then mighia. I woulda been in heaven. Kit kat jam is a great song live. I love dave signin about plastic eyes and shit. WWWYS a solid opener. And what can you say about Cry Freedom solo. hmmmmmm UNREAL TIME out on the lawn. Fuckin loved the show
[Name R.
I'm writing this review after seeing both the July 28 & 29 2002 show's at SPAC. This first show, my third, was the worst DMB performance I've seen. The songs all sounded fine, but the show completely lacked the energy that normally defines a DMB show. Everything was really limp, and the crowd wasn't raging. Dave seemed really down, he hardly danced or broke a smile. I mean look at the setlist, definitely one of the worst this year. Dave solo and acoustic singing Cry Freedom to begin the encore was the only great part of the show, save one other....right before going into Jimi Thing, Dave stepped up to the mic and very slowly teased us with Dancing Nancies "dark clouds may..." I knew he'd been doing this (check out the 7.26.02 Hartford setlist), but nothing could have prepared me for the next night's show...(read my review of the July 29th show).
U C.
I am in LOVE WITH THIS BAND! Fonzi was totally on tonight! CRUSH! i love this song and i lost it when they played it! & they totally jammed it out! Glad to hear the BRIDGE(fonzi ON again!) YNK & CAPTAIN, great. Nancies tease... i feel it coming for tomorrow... PLEASE DAVE!!! JIMI THING awesome, totally jammed it out. the encore solo dave,(standard at SPAC) CRY FREEDOM! so GREAT! and WHAT YOU ARE... i wanted to hear the new bad ass version so badly! THANK YOU GUYS!! the rain also stole the show. just enough to get the crowd totally pumped, but not too much of it! then dave was singing RAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIN!!! during BEF! All in all, great show & great view! (how do you organize a lawn?) DAY 2 should be awesome!! 3 thanks again fonzi & dmb!
D.C. .
This show was my 10th, and by the end of it, that's right where it ranked. SPAC is one of the greatest places to see a show, and no one plays SPAC quite like Dave and the boys. They sure messed that up quick in my mind. The setlist was subpar at best. The 29th at SPAC blew this one away. It was nice to hear Jane, very nice - but not much energy. SMTS>ASTB>TM is too generic, it lacks the freshness that once made it great. With the exception of Jimi Thing the rest of the show felt like they'd thrown in the Busted Stuff CD and moved around a bit on stage. There was a nice jam in Bartender, but it was too mellow for me at that time, I needed something to pick me up. Nancies tease - ugh. I finally thought they were throwing me a bone but nope. I just didn't feel the vibe. I thought the weather would prove to be the low point of this show. But it was more of a highlight in the long run. Or should I say short run? All told it took longer to get too and from the car than it took to hear their entire set. Way too short. I mean, I've never come home from a show, ANY show, and regretted spending the money, but I'm rethinking this ticket purchase a great deal.
Dave F.
Very disapointing! I have been to dozens of dave shows and this was hands down the worst. The venue was oversold - parking was a nightmare and the setlist was awful. Crush and Bartender were soild jams but the rest of the songs especially the encores were weak by his standards - hopefully tommorow will show his real talent.
Dan A.
Ok,we don't know if this will actually make it to the post board, but if it does, great. We want everyone who reads this to look at Dave's setlist for 7/29 and then look at this set and tell us this: WHY CAN'T DAVE PLAY GOOD SHOWS EVERY NIGHT?!?!?! We all pay the same amount of money for our tickets each night, yet one night is 10 times better than the next. For you all who don't know, Dave's set was ONLY 1 HOUR AND 40 MINUTES LONG and ended so abruptly with Grey Street. He then came on for a quick encore (15 minutes) and left us feeling ridiculously unfulfilled. I hope he had something REAL important to do after the show, because we're really upset because of this show. Between the 2 of us, we've now been to about 30 or 35 shows, and neither of us has ever been as disappointed in the Band as we were Sunday night. One more note, WHAT YOU ARE IS NOT A CLOSING SONG, I DONT CARE HOW MUCH HE SCREAMS AND CURSES IN THE END OF THE SONG!!!! It's just not a closer like Ants or Two Step or Watchtower is. By the way, speaking of those showstoppers, absent along with those 3 was Warehouse, 41, Lie In Our Graves, all the songs that made everyone love this group in the first place. Dave-a note from your loyal and devoted FANS who pay their good money to see you year after year, "STOP SELLING OUT!"
Shaun B.
Aiight, show #11 for me. I will agree with everyone who felt this show was nothing but MELLOW. I like most all of the songs that were played, but man, put some energy into one of the songs. Crush and Song That Jane Likes were amazing, WWYS was a decent opener, and BEF, Jimi Thing and FTT were good. I felt with an opener like WWYS, it was gonna be a better show, but it was too mellow and the rain didn't help matters at all. However, the fans including myself were still pumped throughout the show and supported DMB throughout the night..BUT TOO MELLOW!
This was my 3rd show that ive been to and it was by far the worst one ive been to. The show was average at best. It started out ok with What Would You Say, Kit Kat Jam and Crush. A little rain in the mix helped liven the crowd up. Though the band didnt seem to feed much off of it. They seemed like they were just going through the motions once they got to the new songs off of busted stuff. I think they may be getting bored of playing those songs night in and night out. Bartender was very good and probably was the highlight of the night as people held up their lighters as Dave and crew jammed. I felt the encore was terrible. Cry Freedom was first and it was another mellow song which i dont think people really got in to. Then came What You Are which is a great song to play in the middle of the concert but not at the end. I think many people left wet and disappointed .. Especially the ones who have seen other shows. The best part in my opinion was after the show even though there was a lot of traffic people were having fun just chilling in the mass hysteria of traffic. Those 2 mini vans of like 20 people were funny as hell trying to direct traffic that was going no where.
This was my first time to SPAC and I must say that the community of people that gathered on the lawn that night was a magical experience. I have only seen Dave once before at Giants Stadium three years ago and this time was a completely new experience. Although I could only see him and the other members very briefly the show was amazing. With the rain and the whole atmosphere was a realistic high. To everyone who was there, I hoped you had a great time because I most definetly did.
Well I liked the concert, it was a great experience, it being my 2nd dave concert, and I got to hear a lot of new songs that I hadn't at my previous concert. It was awfully hot on the lawn, and the rain only made it a little more uncomfortable, but Dave is worth just about anything. My highlight was Bartender, not just because of everyone holding up their lighters (which made the whole place seem magical in a way), but because of the intesnity that Dave played it, and the feel i got from the crowd. We were all there for one reason, and at that moment, we all seemed to feel the exact same thing... awe! Jimi thing was nice as well, a long jam, but it didnt have the intensity that bartender had. The biggest dissapointment was Grey Street as a closer, and What You Are to end the encore. Neither of those songs are meant to close a concert.... and then i look at the encore on the concert at SPAC on the 29th, and I feel robbed!! In fact, i feel robbed that I payed 42 dollars to see a show that is obviously worse than the next nights show at the same place! Oh well... I still love Dave, and am grateful i got to hear Bartender. Until next time, Dave.
I have to say that this was the worst experience of my life. The lawn at SPAC is not a lawn, it is a webcast of the show that is inside the "real" venue. I am a fourth year Warehous emember who sat with 3 other 4 year members in the "lawn". The sound was absolutely terrible. It was completly top heavy, with the bass drowing out any treble. A conversation to the right of me drowned the music out. The venue is the most unorganized, inefficient establishment I have ever been in. I had to deal with Park "police" for 4 hours before I could find my car. This is my 23rd and final Dave show. Dave, take your dozens of marketing tents and $28 t-shirst and have a nice life, because you lost a die hard fan today.