Dave Matthews Band
Six Flags Darien Lake - Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Norah Jones
When The World Ends
You Never Know

Grey Street *
The Stone *
Rhyme & Reason *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Scat Outro) *
Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics) *
When The World Ends *
Drum Solo -->
You Never Know *
Bartender *
Crush *
Everyday (#36) *
Captain *
Fool To Think *
Loving Wings *
Where Are You Going *
Stefan solo -->
All Along the Watchtower *
Gravedigger +
What You Are *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Mike G.
What can I say other than I had the best time of my life. The crowd was suprisingly into alot songs, most shockingly grey street. I dono how this concert will sound on tape or whatnot, but I think it was a "you had to be there". I was in section 404 and all i can say is that the people there were awesome and the band played an amazing show. KIT KAT JAM AND CAPTAIN. Simply orgasmic. The BS stuff is GREAT and I LOVED fool to think to my surprise. Anyways, I had a great time, and Im pretty sure a lot of other people did. Just a great concert and a pretty damn good crowd. and if the person who was sitting behind me is readin, thank you so much for the bud! It made the "hani hanis" that much better ;)
The show at Darien Lake was my 7th Dave show and by far it was the worst setlist I've ever heard live. If it wasn't for the crowd being absolutely freakin nuts, this show would've been a complete dud. Yeah yeah, they have to play Busted Stuff, but can we forget Everyday please? Fool To Think and What You Are have to go (glad I found out they played WYA for the encore AFTER I left). They played that Loving Wings song so low that I thought they were goofing with and intro or something. OK, this show's highlight...definitely "Everyday" Dave played the intro, and the crowd starting singing "Honey Honey, come and dance with me". Dave sings Everyday...and then the crowd takes over with Dave singing backup to the "Honey Honey's..". That was the sweetest thing I've ever seen at a Dave show. The crowd is absolutely jacked...and then to kill the hysteria, he plays Captain... ARGGGGGGGGHHH I guess its better than "I Did It" Very disappointing show for me.
First of all, I've been to about 8-10 DMB shows so far in my existence, and this ranks as quite ossible the best show i've seen yet. (possibly Vernon downs ties) Grey street was a great opener and it was awesome to hear three oldies in a row afterwards. (stone, rhyme, and one sweet world) the band was feeling it and you could tell during there everyday-#36 jam. And if anyone wasn't sure if the concert was heading in the right direction, all bets were settled when they played crush... easily the best version of crush i've seen or heard... ever!!! stefan played a cool intro boyd jammed hard, it was sweet. dave also played his two new songs, so seeing one of the first live performances of loving wings and gravedigger. gravedigger is savage. the encore was a little weak (what you are), but thats ok, b/c they absolutely wailed on watchtower before going into the encore. they could have stopped the show there and i would have been satisfied. again, i've seen and heard many versions of watchtower, and this was by far the best. leroi went nuts, and butch blew my mind, it sounding awesome. another new twist to their live act, was boyd using a wa-wa peddle in the intro to i believe it was "where are you going" carter was great all night as usual, pulling off some sick fills at times. dave was singing his @#$ off. and i'll say one more thing, for all you everdyay bashers, most of those songs wail live, eventhough most hate the album. give it a shot one my time after you see a show, it'll grow on you more and more.
Blake C.
Incredible show! This was my third DMB show and probably the best! Some of the most amazing stuff I've ever heard. During the "Everyday" jam the crowd started signing the "honey, honey..." from #36 and Dave started signing backround vocals while the audience sang the lead. Quite possibly the most incredible thing i've ever heard! It really made people in the audience feel like an integral part of the show!
Lou B.
one of the weaker shows out of the six ive been to. the setlist had some highs and lows. hearing the stone, rhyme and reason, one sweet world, and kit kat jam with words was awesome. watchtower is always awesome. what you are, good song but a little weak for an ending. but the worst part of the show was the venue. that is the worst ampitheatre ever. rear reserve should be decent visibility for an ampitheatre. instead it was like sitting in the last row of the floor at a stadium show. not only that but the sound sucks. the parking lot scene was pretty ridiculous, a little too chaotic to enjoy it. all in all the show did not do justice for a typical buffalo concert.
Jay T.
This was my 8th show and not one of the best. It had its strong points but overall was somewhat of a lack of energy among all the fans and band members. Started off strong with a good version of "Grey Street". It was my first time hearing "Fool to think" which was good. One sweet workd was a surprise but was really good. Gravedigger was sweet as the first encore. Highlites included a very powerful "What you are" and a strong version of "The stone." See yaa at SPAC
Dmb F.
this was my second dave matthews band show for the year and my tenth overall. the band puts on a great live show, so i was excited to see them again. i thought that they were great, as ususal, and very technically profiscient. there were a few things i disliked. one was the detours that i had to take to get to and from the concert. i felt as they directed us the longest, most out of the way direction as possible. the parking and parking lot conditions were terrible too. especially navigating all the beer bottles and debris afterwards. i also disliked the set list. i thought it was very boring and average. opening with "grey street" was great, but the set got weaker as it went on. seven of the sixteen songs came from the lilywhite sessions/busted stuff cds. understandable as they are touring in support of busted stuff. loving wings (a newer song) was enjoyable. the everyday cd was represented with four songs including an incredible singalong during the cd's title track." before these crowded streets" was represented by two songs. the "under the table and dreaming" cd was represented with one song . noticibly absent was any "crash" era dave matthews material. it would have been nice to hear tripping billies, proudest monkey, ants marching, dancing nancies, or some vintage dave .the encore was good , but the band could have closed with two much stronger songs. i would rate the venue a four, the setlist a five, and the band a ten. overall i would give the entire show a six and a half. it would have been much higher with a better venue and a better setlist. on the plus side, the weather was perfect for a concert (especially in western new york!!).
Out of the 6 shows I've seen this was by far the best, I don't know if it was the seats I had (6th row, dead center) or if it was the crowd and all the energy. The setlist was amazing. Grey Street was great, THE STONE was incredible very powerful, OSW was good to hear, Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics) was a plus, WTWE was good, YNK is getting better and better Carters drum solo before it was sweet, BARTENDER was excellent, CRUSH was another highlight very long and some great jams. But the absolute highlight of the night was Everyday/36, it was so cool to see the crowd get into a song like that, and even cooler to have Dave (and Boyd) back up the crowd on the Hani, Hani part of 36. CAPTAIN is always nice to hear, Fool to Think was a plus (better than an I Did It or TSB) Loving Wings has potential to be a great song, WAYG was good to hear, Watchtower was insane tons of energy. The encore was great, Gravedigger is a great song to hear Dave play solo and What You Are was very intense (that song is by far the best off of Everyday). All in All a great show...good seats, lots of energy, great crowd, and an amazing setlist.
Jay K.
Wow! What a show! Grey Street I think would be powerful anywhere in the set list, but as an opener it rocked. All the B.S. songs sounded even better live. Dave sang his @$$ off on Bartender. The crowd sang every word to Crush. I don't care what anyone says about the Everyday songs 'cause they rock live. Loving Wings was great, and Dave was an absolute minstrel with a powerful Gravedigger all by himself. One thing I'll say about the venue is that I didn't like it at first. It was my first time there plus I was in the lawn. But the surroundings were definitely unique and appropriate for a DMB show. If you were looking at the stage, the moon was hanging over a farm and a couple silos on the left. On the right you could see the Six Flags park and all the rides lit up along with the sunset. And the parks fireworks during Watchtower and What You Are closer sent me home really happy. Great show. See ya in Pittsburgh.
I have attended over 30 shows in the past and this was by far the worst DMB experience I have had to date. It wasn't so much the setlist, it was the venue. The sound was terrible and could barely be heard over the crowd noise. The high points of the evening for me was The Stone and Gravedigger. The band didn't seem to be up for much jamming last night so hopefully they are saving themselves for SPAC next weekend. To top off the evening, it took 2 1/2 hours to get out of the parking lot following. It was definately a disappointing venue which really took away from the whole show.
This was my sixth show and was the best I've seen. I was 20 rows from the stage and I was in awe the entire time. You could tell that Dave was really enjoying the show as much as we all were. The band had so much energy and looked liked they could have played all night. Crush was amazing. The highlight was definetly Everyday/36. Dave's "Honey...Honey..." is still stuck in my head. It really doesn't get any better than the concert DMB gave last night, it was the kind of show to make first-timers come again and again and reaffirm faithful followers' love of the band. Great show.
Lou S.
Second Show. My first was 4.13.02...that was better than this setlist wise, but this show was still amazing. The boys were on fire tonite...get this show, it was amazing. Grey Street- i called it! good opener crowd was into it got everyone moving. The Stone- As if this song wasn't sweet enough, this version was the best i've ever heard. The way the jammed it out at the end and went completely silent as if they were gonna seague it into something, but then the loud ending came "DUM DUM DUM" etc. awesome version Rhyme & Reason- good song. Crowd i was near was singin with it so it made it that much better. One Sweet World- The intro was beautiful as always. And this song is just fun and when you're outside, it's even better. Kit Kat Jam- well, this song isn't my fav. on BS......but tonite it was good. Gets your feet movin and is jus energetic so you have fun. When The World Ends- good everyday tune. gotta love the "burnin one" part You Never Know- the cow bell intro by carter was the best. And hey, this song is always good, no more to be said. Bartender- Sweet, i wanted to hear this and dave at the end is awesome. Roi's pennywhistle solo was really good too. Crush- When this started i was thinkin "hey cool, theyll play this with nice lil solos"........when it finished i was blown away. This is without a doubt the best version i've ever heard. boyd, roi, and butch owned it. Each havin solos, but boyd was the best. Everytime you thought his first solo was done, he kept going. BEST VERSION EVER Everyday(#36)-Good Song......awesome outro dave and the crowd were feelin each other with the crowd singin lead and dave doin back up, and both parties were into it so much. Captain- i like this song so i was glad to hear it. Good short tune. i like that they do the "how could i...." part twice. Fool To Think- another good everday songs....i like the end "id dance 1000 steps for u...." Loving Wings- crowd didnt feel this one at all, i liked it cause it's basically improv and tonite's version sounded really good towards the end, carter really got into it. Where Are You Going- good tune. Standard version. Crowd loved it. All Along the Watchtower- whatta scene! DMB playin watchtower while fireworks are goin off and the lights were getting bright......sweet version. Again, boyd, roi, & butch had awesome solos, especially butch. Gravedigger-good tune, really comin together and dave had an ending at the end when he kept repeating "grave digger" a bunch of times and the last time sounds a lil different and then he plays the last chord. What You Are- "Well....u pray on your knees....*pause*....mother f*cker!" awesome version, some people were disappointed with it, i loved it. all in all an amazing show i can't wait to see DMB again. Also, get this show...it's worth it just for crush and the stone alone, such amazing versions then again the whole show is amazing.
T M.
OH MY GOD!!! One of the best concerts I've ever been to. The audience was totally nuts. especially at the front of the lawn. at points i could hear the crowd singing louder than Dave. Grey Street as an opener was great followed by The Stone.(one of my absolute fave songs)Then Rhyme & Reason. I heard him play the fist few notes while the band was tunin up before the song and i went nuts, and then when he actually played it the whole crowd went nuts. One sweet world and Kit Kat Jam were great. WTWE is always pleasant to hear. You Never Know was nice followed by an amazing version of Bartender. Followed by the highlight of the night: Crush. One of the longer versions i've heard of it. Boyd went totally nuts and the crowd belted out every word. Everyday (#36)was great, esp with the crowd singin "Hani Hani" with Dave. Captain was great and i was pleasantly suprised by Fool to Think. Loving Wings was good and the crowd was into Where Are You Going. But All Along the Watchtower... Amazing the band rocked and gave us there all durin that song the crowd was beltin out every word again and went absolutely nuts when Carter laughed behin the drum set. It was made even more amazing by the moon over the trees and the fire works goin on in the park. Grave digger was a great encore, followed by What You Are, a great song but a better one could have been picked for an encore Overall an amazing crowd and an amazing concert
Ryan L.
AWESOME SHOW!! This was my 3rd DMB show and I have to say that it was the best! I went with 7 of my buddies, 6 of whom were Dave-virgins. We got to our lawn seats right after the gates opened and the atmosphere was already amazing. I was talking to all kinds of people. The crowd was pumped when Dave took the stage. Everyone was hoping that he would start great and they didn't disappoint. The version of Grey Street was kick-@$$. Then for the band to pull out The Stone blew my mind. I was very pleased to hear R&R followed by OSW. Great classic Dave tunes that don't get much play. After the three classics we were lookin for a new song and we got it. It was great to hear KKJ with the lyrics. By this time, the crowd was definitely pumped and settled in. WTWE, YNK, and Bartender left me in awe. I couldn't believe how powerful Dave was during Bartender. The crowd was amazing at this point, but as soon as they heard Crush, the place erupted. One of the best versions of Crush I've heard. Probably the second best song of the night was Everyday. It was great. The crowd was singing the whole song and at the end, they started singing "Honey, honey, come and dance with me." That was probably the part that made this my best concert. That was the first time I have ever felt like the crowd was a family. During Everyday, everyone was hugging and high-fiving one another and I was amazed. I was looking at the people in the amphitheater and they were just kinda singin and watchin, but us in the lawn seats were making this song our own. After Everyday, the concert kinda went downhill with Captain, Fool To Think, and a very quiet version of Loving Wings. I was looking forward to hearing that song, but the acoustics in that venue were horrible and with people around me talking and laughing, we couldn't hear the song at all. But the place picked up with WAYG. Everyone was singing along and cheering, trying to wake up for the encore. Then the band started with this really psycodelic sound and everyone around me was like, "what the hell is going on? Dave's gone crazy." But I knew what was coming and I was psyched. I just started screaming "Watchtower! They're gonna play Watchtower!" No one believed me until Dave stepped up to the mic and then the place went nuts. This was the rowdiest crowd I've seen. After a killer version of Watchtower, the band went off and people started leaving. I couldn't believe they would leave before the encore. My group and about 100 other people started chanting "Two Step, Two Step," but to no avail. Dave came back to play Gravdigger, which I was very happy to hear. Then they ended with WYA, which was a good song, but not what we wanted to hear. Overall, kick-@$$ show, but it was ruined by the ungodly traffic afterwards. Happy with the concert, terribly unhappy with the venue. Kudos to the band for making this an awesome experience for all my Dave-virgin friends.
Annoyed F.
I can't believe I'm even saying this...but that was just horrible. First of all, the crowd was absolutely nasty. Everyone was having converstions and not even paying attention to the band. If you're going to go to a show right after they release a cd - learn it! Or at least know something off of it. Absolutely no one even cared that Dave and the boys were playing their hearts out on the stage until they played Crush. That was like the tenth song they played!! The setlist could've been a little bit better, but overall no complaints about the band. But for those of you who attended that concert - you sucked! If you're going to act like that just don't go - you take so much away from those of us who actually enjoy watching DMB...not just socializing with old friends!
Band gets a ten, venue gets a 6. The definite highlight of my night was the #36 twist with everyday. I kept hearing things about this arrangment and I was very curious, and let me tell you..... It was very very very cool. The crowd was singing "Honey Honey" and a call and response type of thing went on with dave as he quickly responded "Honey honey." The crowd then finished the line "Come and Dance with me!" and dave responded "Everyday.." it went on for quite some time and the crowd was into it all night. As for the closer.... good, but not what I was looking for. I was pleased to hear "the new what you are," and it was definitely full of energy and was very well done. I just wish he didn't close with it. Overall great show!
I'm sorry to say that this was not a good show.It starts with a detour to the venue that in no way helped the traffic situation.This concert was oversold.Too many people for the size of the venue.The parking lot was turned into a garbage dump,young kids drunk and falling over each other,and just a total lack of respect for the land they were on and the people they were sharing it with.OK enough of that.I've been to over 200 concerts and seen Dave a number of those and this show was very weak.The band seemed tired and the setlist was the same.Of course there was a couple of nice moments but as outstanding a band as this one is they played a very unentertaining show with no jamming.
Wow..this show, which was only my 3rd, wasn't the best I've seen but certainly a unique and amazing one. It was a good variety of stuff..ranging from One Sweet World to Fool to Think to Gravedigger. There were a few lulls..especially w/ FTT and Loving Wings. LW was hard to hear. It may be a great song, in fact I'm sure it is, but it's tough to grasp a song when you're hearing it for the first time live. However that was not true for Gravedigger, as I'd never heard that and love love loved it. Bartender, Crush, Everyday, Captain (so glad he played!), Watchtower, and, surprisingly, What You Are, were crazy good..very intense and lots of energy all around..band and fans. Couldn't see well but the sound was great where we were. Dave was annunciating really clearly and I heard lyrics I'd never been able to make out before..which was so fun for me. Lyrics on Kit Kat Jam were a nice surprise. Grey Street is such a powerful song..one of my favorites..and I love it as an opener. I'm not an Everyday basher but was pleasantly surprised that there was no Space Between or I Did It, and that instead we got songs like The Stone and Rhyme & Reason. Too bad we didn't get a Too Much, So Much To Say, or Rapunzel, but not a big deal. Fun show..hectic scene/parking, but so so worth it. P.S. Who wants to join with me in reminding Dave of a little song he wrote called Dreaming Tree? I need him to play that!
Johnny A.
This was my 8th show, first time at DLPAC and while i was in the lawn i thought it was one of the best shows i have been to. The set list was great. I dont understand why people have problems with it, I liked hearing the new songs live,(Kit Kat, Captain, GraveDigger, Loving wings) th crowd was a big suprise, very hyped for the show. To me i felt there was less of the "Clear Channel" feel to the crowd, ie. less girls waiting to hear crash and the space between. ONE SWEET WORLD was nice to hear. WATCH TOWER, one of my favorites live, WHAT YOU ARE.... ok let's get this straight, while i wish the Everyday CD never came out, this song kicked some major a$$ then dave yelling "down on your knees.... Mother F*cker! everyone just flipped. GRAVE DIGGER was a good song i thought. LOVING WINGS... still dont know... couldnt really hear it i will have to catch it on the CD. for everyone who is hating on DLPAC parking...give it a rest it was a sold out show what do you expect? All in all A EXCELENT SHOW! I hope SPAC is even better i will see u cats there ~*peace*~
Jeff K.
Well my 4th DMB show and it was incredible! First off, Norah Jones was terrible. Grey Street was an awesome opener, too bad people weren't into the concert until about the third or fourth song. And when I'm trying to burn a joint and this faggot behind me in section 306 is telling me to put it out case he doesn't want it in his system. Hello!??!?! your at a Dave show and you don't want weed in your system!~?!?!??!?! WHAT! Back to the show...The Stone!! This was unexpected and was unbelievable, glad we got that. Rhyme and Reason was very good, but we heard it in Buffalo in April. One Sweet World was soooo good, definitely one of the highlights, the intro was sooo cool. Kit Kat Jam was very good, should have put the lyrics on BS but the jam is still wicked. When the World Ends...if I have to hear an Everyday song I was damn glad it was this one. Easily the best Everyday song. You Never Know was very cool with a little drum/cymbal intro from Carter. BARTENDER!!! This song was played soooooo perfectly. I know it's Dave's favourite song and I love to hear it live because he gives it all. Now this next song I called when I saw Dave say something to Stefan....Crush! This was the 2nd best song of the night. I could hear every single person in the place singing. The ending jam was soooooooo good. #36 into Everyday into #36 was awesome. Everyone was singing "honey, honey, come and dance with me" and then Everyday broke out, which was nice, and then back to #36 and Dave joined in and was doing a quick Honey Honey! Even though everyone left during Captain it was great. That is a good song and people should appreciate it. I don't know why almost everyone left to get drinks and bathroom and shit. They should have done that during Fool To Think and Loving Wings...Well I went to get water during Loving Wings and I missed Where Are You Going, but I heard it from line. And after all the times I have heard Dave play that on TV it's getting boring...but I still like it. And I also missed Stefan's Watchtower Intro which I heard was unbelievable, but soon I will have the show and I'll hear it. Watchtower was easily the highlight of the show. Gravedigger. That song is going to be GREAT! I downloaded it last week from the July 9th show and I almost know all the lyrics. Me and my buddy were probably one of the only people there singing it. Ring around the rosey...etc is such a good line. And although What You Are is my 2nd favourite Everyday song...there is no way Dave should be closing a near perfect show with What You Are. I liked it, but not to close. I think myself along with about every other person there was disappointed when we saw the electric guitar and we knew that we weren't getting Two Step again. It would been nice. All in all, awesome show. Buffalo show rule!!
ok- i will admit that the sound was sub optimal and the traffic was a nightmare, and i felt that they would play one more encore- HOWEVER that being said, this was an absolutely amazing show- and this being my wife and I's 17th show i do believe we are qualified to judge ! this may be in our top three - and for those who ripped the setlist- one question- are you still stoned ???? without a doubt the first 11 songs were the best opening 11 i have ever heard - period ! the highlights were as followed : * grey street opener was kick butt- love this song- cannot believe the washington post reviewer actually called this song on BS "drivel" ! * YNK is already in our top three songs and it was beautiful again- too bad most of the crowd did not know it- no prob this time next year it is a crowd fav *followed by bartender ! oh my God- what an incredible song *then crush- all words sang by crowd- second best we ever heard next to alpine valley 3 yrs ago *everyday ( #36 )- when we ( the crowd ) brought in #36 and dave sang back at us my wife and i got the chills - one of our all time highlights !!! *AATWT- that was in one word - incredible !!!!! *gravedigger- very cool new song, but dave is sure hung up on death!!!!!!!! we drove from detroit just for the show and we are so glad we did - absolutely amazing !!!!! peace
Brian B.
first, this was my 20th dave show or so. it was easily the strangest, most caotic show ive been to. the parking lot before was great. lots of people partying and having a great time. definitely, made me think the night was going to be good. trying to get in was unbelievable. 20,000 people trying to jam through one small entrance. pushing, shoving. had to walk over broken bottles and cans about six inches deep. it was like going through the gates of hell. inside, i have never seen so many wasted and wacked out people. i dont remember the entire setlist, but dave seemed to be having a good time. really enjoyed watching his facial expressions. i think he had been partying also. at times, the crowd seemed out of it; almost uninterested in the show. after the show, people were passed out all over the lawn.the parking lot was gridlocked until at least two. we sat completely still for three hours. it was horrble but we managed to stay positive. met some cool people (the girls who jumped us-thanks, emily from rodchester). overall, exciting time, very wierd and different from every other dave show i've seen. i am interested to see how other people felt about the show and the vibe there. also, in the mens room,guys were going to the bathroom in the automatic hand blowers. pretty neat. darien lake needs to rethink how they handle things. still, i would go back. security was real cool too. anyways great time, but i need to view a setlist to spark my memory.
Ira C.
This was my second show this year (4/19/02) and it totally blew the Toronto one away. The crowd was NUTS, unlike Toronto, they played a much more variety of songs, unlike Toronto, the band showed great energy, and the fireworks were sick. HOWEVER, there were lowpoints to the show, number one...fool to think...really unnecessary, they couldve replaced that with something from CRASH, which we didnt get to hear one song off of, and it wouldve been nice. I didnt really get a good feel for Loving Wings, i don't know if it was the sound system or the band, it was soooo freakin low, anyways im sure it's a good song. Captain...can you say bathroom, when they started playing it, my buddy pointed to the bathrooms, and there was alreasy a HUGE lineup. People should give this song a chance, it had potential. Finally, the closer...gravedigger was really nice, WHAT YOU ARE - NOT a closer. I think it's fair to say that this song is a must to have in a setlist, but NOT as a closer. Higlights - Grey Street - awesome opener, really hyped me up. TS,R&R,OSW were all played beautifully with a really nice outro to OSW. The BS songs - You Never Know, Kit Kat, Captain, WAYG - Awesome to hear. Kinda pissed didnt hear Raven..oh well. Bartender - WOW!!! This was played with such emotion from Dave...amazing, definite no. 3 highlight. No. 2 Highlight - Everyday (#36) - Ive been dying to hear this song, and let me tell you, it doesn't dissapoint. The crowd was singing the "honey, honey" part, which was really electric. For all you Everyday haters...you shoulda came to this show cause, by the end you wouldve had a diferent opinion on the album. The songs kick ass live (gotta love WTWE). No. 1 Highlight...we have a tie!! - CRUSH, and WATCHTOWER. Crush - unbelievable!!! You could just feel the energy and excitement as soon as you heard Stefan play the opening bass licks. When it came time for the jamming, Boyd, Leroi, and Butch owned, they each had their own uniqte solos, AMAZING. Watchtower - This was a first for me live. Very electric, this song was pure energy from the band and the crowd. Luckily the encore was next for all of us to catch our breathes. All in all, I give this show an 8 1/2 thats awesome compared to the Toronto show, which received a 7. DMB ROCKS!!!
Annie D.
show #13 or so, and 7th row seats ended up as front row right in front of dave seats thanks to an amazing guy from buffalo who gave me his seats, to take mine so he wouldn't obstruct anyones view for taping purposes. Best bartender and everyday I've ever heard. Dave was suprised to hear the audience start singing the old #36 intro, and smiled his dave smile, echoing the audience made my heart melt and allowed me to fall in love with the band all over again, so best everyday i've ever heard as well. Crush was a plesant suprise, as well as the gray street opener. Ray Ray one of the best roadies ever gave me the set list and dave originally had down satellite but replaced it for loving wings later in the show which was nice to hear. Veil and two step were the original encore. Boyds solos didn't seem to impress me as much as they have in the past tonight, but his smile made up for it. Dave looked down in the front row a few times and the one time I waved and smiled he noded and smiled back while doing a little chuckle not sure if he remembered from when we met but either way it made my night. I heard getting out sucked but I made it out in about 10 minutes, I guess timing was everything tonight. Maybe I'll give this show a better review becasue of my luck and where I was sitting but the crowd seemed happy and what dave show isn't worth smiling about?
I really don't know why people are ripping on this show; I thought it was AMAZING! I've been to four shows, and this one ws by far my favorite. YEs, the parking situation was pretty bad. I waited for about two hours in my car with my friends to move so much as an inch, but I was as giddy as a schoolgirl from the show that it really didn't bother me. Besides; I'm going to give a review based on the music...not the parking. I'll put my parking review in the "parking review" forum. I thought the sound was fine. Everyone else complains that it "wasn't loud enough." True, it was blaringly loud, but the quality ws quite good/clear. You could hear every member. I'd much rather have that than REALLY loud sound were everything sounds like a muffled mess. As for the show (I might not list all the songs or have them in the right order...this is just off the top of my head): The set list was great. Grey Street - Amazing song. Good way to start the show as well. The version sounded great. The Stone - Nice surprise (for me at least) and this seemed to be a good version. The final portion of this song was ultra mondo due to it's loudness and out-of-nowhereness. When the World Ends - a good song off of EVeryday that was played well. Bartedner - highlight of the show. My favorite of all the verisons I have heard. Captain - I love this song and I love the fact that they played ym favorite part ("How could I...") twice to make it longer. Watchtower - Very good version. I usually don't care much for this since it's on all the live CDs, but this version was awesome and the solos were brutal. I also usually don't like the bass intro because the distortion makes it sound like noise, but tonight it sounds excellent. Loving Wings - The only thing that bothered me about this one was the fact that the crowd "socialezed" during it's entire performance and made it rather hard to hear. I was looking forward to hearing this new on and they kind of ruined it. Perhaps they thought it was a soundcheck or something. Cool bassline. Gravedigger - good acoustic number. No one in the crowd seemed to know it though...still great however. What You Are - great energy from the band and I love the evil-sounding intro live. The new ending is mondo too. Crush - a pleasent surprise for me also. This version was superb. I give this show a TEN OUT OF TEN. Perahps that doesn't mean much since I've only seen a few shows, but I'll never forget this one. Footnote: I brought two folks with me who weren't really DMB fans...about 30 seconds after the show they told me they were now fans.
This was my 12 or 13th show and let me just put some issues to rest. It was great. Dave has so many memorable shows that they are hard to rank, but in regards to good times this was up there. I might be the only person to be a fan of teh Everyday material, but the fact is it is great live and that stood true this night. I know everyone wants to hear crash and under the table but I was almost glad not to hear it because I have heard so much of it. The tailgating was strange for me and a few friends because the crowd is changing and I guess I have to get used to it. Seems to be an excuse for high school kids to get drunk and belligerent. On that note though once teh music started everyone was genuinely on teh same page which I found absolutely phenomenal. Watchtower---does it get better than that? I couldn't beleive it I hadn't heard it in years and about peed myself, on top of the fact that it was amazing. My only gripe was the encore...a little low key after ending the regular set with watchtower. If thats all i have to gripe about then it was great if not incredible show.
Mike E.
the show was amazing. my 11th show, dave and the boys played into the night. opening with grey street was a good choice , it really got everyone ready for what was to come. played some older stuff that i havent heard in awhile with one sweet world and R&R is always a favorite. watchtower blew us out of the water. they really jammed it with boyd, carter, steffan and leroi all playing hard. teased us wuth tripping billies but webt into wtwe. a nice version of everyday mixed with a little #36 ... honey honey..... closed with a solo of grave digger and a great version of what you are. off to see both shows in SPAC on 7/28 & 7/29. see you there...got great pics of dave on the superman ride....
Mike L.
OK, First off, Darien Lake is a cool place to go for a dave concert, I mean you go camping for the weekend, go ride the roller coasters and just plain have a good time. We met a bunch of great people from Syracuse and Indiana (Paul, Jay, Mike, the girls, you all rock!)The sound at the venue was baaaad, we had Sec 305 and the sound was horrible. The crowd was nuts, I think it was all the drinking all day and nite that did it. Dave and the rest of the guys were really feeding off the crowds energy, it was amazing, the show started out great for about the first hour, I think they realized that the fans wern't going to calm down after Crush and he just decided to try to tone it down a bit by playing Everyday(#36), Captain and then playing Fool to Think and Loving Wings-->Where are you Going. The crowd wasn't going to calm down, they wanted MORE, so they ended with Watchtower(just as the fireworks were going off). I think this show had the potential to be great, just that the fans were too rowdy and drunk. Sorry, I had a great time for the whole weekend and anyone that didn't, too bad
Hey yall...the concert was very good...yada yada...this is pertaining to what happened earlier in the day. The show was at Six Flags Darien Lake, obviously an amusement park with many cool rides...including roller coasters. One of their "biggest and baddest" is called Superman. So, my GF and I are in line when we hear this huge roar further up in line, where you actually stand to get in the coaster itself. You know it...Dave Matthews, his wife Ashley, Leroi, and members of his crew were on the first 1/2 of the coaster...Dave and Ashley in the front seat. So the coaster goes, and comes back to the beginning, where it's set up to stop next to the line where everybody is waiting (you know, while the other car is being loaded under the roof). So the car they're all in is just sitting there...we were maybe 10-15 feet from them (the car was elevated) and Dave and Leroi, amongst others were smiling and laughing (it's a wicked awesome ride). Leroi looked and waved at us when we called his name. We then proceeded to watch them get off and head back to the carts they were riding in. FYI, Ashley is blonde, thin, and very pretty. So, about 1/2 hour later, we headed over to another coaster, where, you guessed it, all the same people were on the ride...Dave and Ashley in the front seat. This coaster, the "mind eraser" hangs you beneath the track. It's very strange to see Dave and Leroi getting whipped around upside-down and what not. Dave was pretending to run in mid-air as the coaster was moving. I felt pretty lucky to get to see this stuff...not many people did...very entertaining and it made for an even better day and show. See ya for 2 nights at SPAC...
Highlights: 1) Parking lot 2) Leaving early 3) Making out with some hot blonde a row in front of me Low lights: 1) The setlist 2) The venue 3) Not leaving earlier This was my 47th DMB show, and by FAR the worst. Good thing I was drunk enough to numb the pain of a half-ass performance that barely broke 2 hours. Come on guys, where's the magic? Please make it happen at SPAC next week.
Matt K.
This was a great show and a great day from front to back. The show started out nicely with Grey Street and then The Stone. One Sweet World was a great call by the band since the sun was setting nicely as they played it. WTWE was nice. I was so damn excited to hear You Never Know. This song is a masterpiece. You could hear it coming a mile away if you were in tune with Carter. Some guy in my section jumped up really high when they started the song. I was just as happy too! Bartender and Crush were AMAZING and Everyday with 36 just sent the crowd into orbit. The audience participation at this point was the highlight of the night for me. Captain slowed things down. Fool To Think sounds brutal live as much as I like the song. Watchtower closed out the set nice. But What You Are as the last song? Why? I guess the band is experimenting with it as a closer. Maybe one day it will be that type of song but not on this day. Good show though. Great day. And I was happy to meet so many nice people during at the park and at the show. Peace.
I have mixed feeling about this show. This is my 4th show, and im not sure where to place it. "Grey Street" was a great song to start with, the crowd was definatly feeling it. "The Stone","Ryhme and Reason", and "One Sweet World" were good, but not great, i mean i liked it, but there seemed to be something missing. "Kit Kat" was kool, we got to hear word for it, which was intresting. WTWE was grea, i think this song has come along way, it a great live song. YNK was good, nice to hear the new stuff live and see how its goin. Bartender kicked A@@! Dave really jammed on it and altogether was awesome, best performance ive seen. "Crush" was a incredible, I personally didnt think they woudl play it seeing the more recent setlists. But the absolute highlight of the night was surprisingly "Everyday." The crowd was goin sick, singing the "Honey Honey" part of #36, before they started and then picking back up after the song was over. But what was awesome was Dave and Boyd joining in and playing along with us. It went on for awhile, it really felt like he ws trying to connect with the crowd, all I can say now is WOW. But heres where the down turn is, they go into "Captain", which isnt a bad song, but it totally killed the vibe goin in the place. "Fool" was good, not a personal fav but ok. I could barely hear "Loving Wings". WAYG is a good song, but im gettin tired of hearing it, sorry guys. Watchtower was ILL though, they totally played the S*$@ out of it. Now after this i was expecting a killer encore, but sad to say i was dissapointed. "Gravedigger" was kool, nice littel solo for Dave. But after that, you need something killer to close and the went with "What You Are." I have nothin against Everyday but, this song is NOT a closer. It has alot of energy and sounds great, but it should be the closer. A little something from Crash would have been nice to see, like LIOG would have been a sick closer or better yet Two Step, but oh well. Id have to give this show a 8, it had many highs, but the lows were too low. Lookin forward to next year. Later yall.
True F.
This was my 6 show of the tour. I have to give it to the band, there play from the fleet center (4/7/02-4/8/02) has improved. There mixing up all the songs very well...every song was a favortie. the choice of songs from everyday along with all the others were good. what you are, dave kind of gave up singing at the end. no where near the msg. the crowd was really into it. although the venue sucked...dave belongs in a msg setting... In all honesty try a show sober. you may find your self liking it a little more....and if you thought the show sucked, try learing more dave matthews band songs rather than #41, ants marching and two step.
I have to say this was my first Dave Matthews Band show i have ever attended and $%^# what a doozey of a show. Norah Jones was awesome and what a pleasure to sit and listen to her before the band came on. I had great seats in section 102 row 17, the sound was great from where i was. I hope the sound wasn't too bad for people in other sections. All i can say is that after attending several concerts at HSBC arena, the accoustics and Darien Lake and the sound mix in general were much much better than my previous HSBC adventures. Part of what made the show awesome (in my opinion atleast) is that the crowd was wild,crazy,insane,and just a bunch of fun. I was informed that they accidently oversold 2000 extra tickets on the lawn, alas the place was jam packed. The crowd was eating up every song they did and you could tell the band was enjoying themselves. Dave and the boys all had smiles on there face throughout the night. The energy was very high,they pulled out all the stops. The Set: Despite the fact that many people don't like the tracks off of the Everyday album, they all rocked out tonight. I deffinitely think they are better live, for sure. The set hardly slowed up untill the encore and the band continued to kick ass untill the very end. My advice to anyone attending a show at Darien Lake in the future....park in the front lot which is where the main entrance is off of Rt.77 . The people who parked in the gravel lots way back by the amphitheatre are sure to have a 2 hour delay in leaving. Even in the front leaving was a bitch but it only took me half an hour to get out of the joint. I give the show a 9.5 out of ten, the crowd was amazing and the set rocked untill the end. The parking lot gets a 2 out of 10 because it's fucked up. I was however impressed with the intimacy of the venue itself and would give it an 8 out of ten. Overall one of the greatest shows, great energy, awesome music, good jams, fun was had by all!!!
This show was my 14th and i have to say it ranks in the top 5 for a few reasons. the crowd was amazing. we were sitting on the lawn right in front of that huge Ford sign and i can say those had to be the best seats in the house. we had the sunset, the moonlight, plenty of dancing room, and amazing fireworks, not to mention the sounds of the band. the setlist was like none other i have ever heard. it was completely unpredictable, full of surprises, and random as hell!! i just thought the concert as a whole rocked. One Sweet World and The Stone blew me away...i have seen a lot of dave shows and have many bootlegs, this show you had to be there..a bootleg of it wouldn't do it justice...see ya all at the SPAC show on 7/29!
Dave definitely always rocks the Buffalo area, and saturday night was no exception, the guys completely regulated!All day in the park I was singing "hani hani..." and I was so excited to hear the crowd bust that one out during Everyday, the guys seemed so into it! CRUSH was easily the greatest part of the evening, seeing how it is my favorite song and all! Everyone around me rockin in the lawn was sooo moved when dave was wailin' on watchtower and the fireworks were going off and the you could see the park all lit up... it took my breath away. Gravedigger was incredible, and I was so thrilled to hear that one, even though I was the only one in my area that knew it. The crowd was so wrecked, there was hardly a sober face in the whole place... but there was such a great vibe form the crowd and I felt like Dave and the guys really connected with us.. esp. in the #36 thing... but what an AWESOME show, it was easily the best one i've seen, and its gonna be a hard one to top! I'll see you guys in Pittsburgh! P.S.- does dave EVER do dreaming tree? i'm still waiting to hear that one!
This was only my second concert, and no matter what, i will always be excited to be at a dave matthews band concert, but personally, i didn't like the setlist all too much. Grey Street was an excellent opener, and it made me happy to see that a majority of the people new it. The band played well, but i wish i had heard more songs like Lie in our Graves, Tripping Billies, Two Step- the more energetic songs that gets the crowd going. After an unexpected move to a different part of the venue, i was disappointed to see the number of people (mainly really drunk girls) that didn't know any lyrics besides the ones to "where are you going" and "everyday". to be honest, I didn't like the venue. Too many people were moving, either asking us to move up, or back, or would just come and stand right infront of us. don't get me wrong, being there "whoa-ed" me and the band really did put on a good show. I just think that the band should have chosen the setlist differently.... by the way, did anyone else see a shooting star at the end of "all along the watchtower"? that was a perfect ending to the night...
Mike G.
This Concert was definetely kick ass! My first DMB concert yet since I'm only 13. Crush was the best version i've ever heard and i'm glad they played it. I liked the twist Dave added at the end of Everyday when he would sing then the audience would respond. What a crowd. The setlist could've been better the with 22,000 people screaming I still had the time of my life. Ending with Watchtower would have been fine but cheering and waving the lighters made Dave come out for the encore! What a show!
I couldn't believe how amazing the show was this past Saturday. The set was absolutely amazing, and they played "What you Are", actually really good. "Loving Wings" was hard to understand, but the show was great. I would probably compare this show with the show in Rochester, NY in 1995, or the show at Vernon Downs! This was my 43rd show, and it probably ranks in the top 3! And the fireworks at the end, from the laser light show just made it even that much better.
Location, location, location... I am sure that if I sat else where this review would be a lot more positive, but since I in the section of drunk assholes it won't be. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE! The pounding on the chairs was great.. the first time! Not 45 seconds into Gravedigger! There were times where I could not hear the band at all b/c of the shitty venue, shitty sound system, and shitty people. *Deep breath* Other then that the concert was great. My first Captain and Kit Kat Jam... Dave backing US UP for #36 was awesome... heard the song I wanted to hear (Watchtower) and like always Boyd and Leroi rocked, and Butch was an all star... Grey St was great (always is)... wish I could talk about Loving Wings but I seriously couldn't hear it... WYA... how do I say this nicely and with respect... great song, but, in my opinion, doesn't belong in the encore...Performance: 7.5 Outside Elements:Can I give negative numbers?
Sarah P.
A few days have passed since the concert, and after reading the others' reviews I thought I'd add my two cents. I've read that some fans were disappointed with the set list, complaining that their "favorites" weren't played and that Busted Stuff was too heavily represented. I understand, as I was hoping to hear "Two Step", "Grace Is Gone" or "LIOG". BUT I was pleased to hear some songs that I wasn't expecting. Opening with "Grey Street" was phenomenal. "Everday/#36" was amazing and had everyone on their feet and singing along. "OSW" was beautiful and Dave really let loose on "What You Are". "Watchtower" was a great way to go out. "Gravedigger" and "Loving Wings" were a treat, although the crowd on the lawn was a little too rambunctious, which made it hard to hear. While I agree that there were longer stretches of mellow tunes and not as many jammin' ones (and dancin' Dave!), it was musically a beautiful show. When you buy a ticket to a DMB show you go to be entertained, not just to hear the songs that you like. You are invited to experience the artistry and be a part of their creative process. The show was entertaining and the boys' talents are always awe-inspiring, whether they're playing "Tripping Billies" or "Captain". I had to remind myself not to feel letdown that I didn't hear more "vintage" DMB, and to appreciate being able to witness the growth of the band musically. As for the venue, I'll agree that Darien Lake did a really bad job planning and controlling the parking and traffic. It also didn't help things that the concert ended at about the same time as the park's closing. In the end though, it was worth being stuck in a chaotic parking lot to spend a beautiful summer night under the stars with DMB. Besides, you can't blame the band for the venue's shortcomings. That would be no different then blaming them for the drunken teenagers stumbling around the lawn and talking loudly through the entire show! A side note: It was pure class on Dave's part to come out and introduce Norah Jones. And the person who said that she was terrible really needs to reevaluate. Whether or not you like her music, her performance was fantastic! What a talent! Looking forward to the next show!