Dave Matthews Band
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Los Amigos Invisibles

onstage 8:22pm
Don't Burn The Pig *
Warehouse *
Grey Street *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
Donít Drink the Water *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro, Scat Outro) *
If I Had It All *
Kit Kat Jam *
#41 (Everyday) *
I Did It *
Raven *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
So Right *
Ants Marching *
offstage 10:26pm
onstage 10:31pm
Dancing Nancies +
Two Step *
offstage 10:56pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

Note: scheduled encore was Gravedigger, Everyday

All I have to say is that tonight's show was absolutely amazing...I have seen a great many Dave shows and this one was by far one of the best...incredible setlist and great energy...I have to give it up for the guys, they never ever let me down, especially at this venue...and I can't wait to see them again next time around...
P. D.
Tonights show was insane the encore made me shit myself...i laughed i cried i went home soiled...it couldn't of been better...everyone should bow down to that, that is DAVE MATTHEWS ...the encore oh my...two step and the long awaited dancin nancies...bye all
Incognito (.
when you go to SPAC - go lawn - the vibe is so great and the crowd is so friendly - except that they keep walking up and down trying to find other people. anyway to the concert it is-- at least the highlights-- PIG- what a great opener. it is great to hear dave play pig this tour-brings back the real BTCS- so good. warehouse was awesome- crowd screaming "woo"- gotta love it. Proudest Monkey- dave's bringin back the best of crash-shit was tight. Satellite-crowd pleaser-i just looked up at the sky. OSW-mellow and nice. #41-BUTCH went nuts on keys. its so great to see him jam- i respect him so much- he made the song. LW->WAYG? - what great songs. ill say it again .. oh what great songs- ANTS- haaaa dave seems to love playing this at SPAC- great tune great dance song- ... E-N-C-O-R-E --- BEST PART OF THE CONCERT --- lovely solo of dancing nancies- made the first concert goers happy-and was a solo- could you ask for more?? .. oh wait yes the crowd could. TWO STEP WAS CHANTED FOREVER throughout the whole concert and dave was about to play AATW but then switched to Two Step. made the crowd happy and made me happy. great concerttttt! spac rocks. great setlist. MSG 2 this year still tops em all. LW-ywfbimh HW-cute
Jared W.
THE MOST AMAZING, INCREDABLE, FANTASIC, GOOSEPIMPLING SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. I have never danced, cheered, and jumped so much in my life. And I don't just mean the best DMB show I have ever been to, and I have been to a few. I mean the BEST SHOW I have ever seen. I could not have wrote a better set list myself. They never let you take a break to chill out, they were straight up in your face the whole night. It made yesterday's good show look like a joke, and I feel horrible for anyone who went last night and missed tonight. My god look at the set list, Pig, warehouse, greystreet (my new favorite DMB song moving "seek up" to #2), Satellite, Proudest Monkey... Proudest Monkey where did that come from? #41/everday was awesome, I have never heard him play it like that. "Don't Drink the water" was a song that I was not expecting to here and it was great. "So Right" was as powerful as I ever have heard it. "Ant's Marching" better then I have ever seen. NO MORE TEASING, yeah that's right a Dave solo, Dancing Nancies, amazing! They played A "Two Step" that would rival any version out there, and wasn't even going to be played until the crowd began a "two step" chant. Dave started something else and when they crowd began chanting "two step" he looked at Carter, shook his head, waited a second, and began playing "two step". What a great way to end an amazing show. Oh did I mention that they played "One Sweet World" with an intro. I wrote yesterday that I was waiting for a show that beat DMB Hershey PA, 8/23/00. Well this one pounded it into the ground and raised the bar for ever concert I am going to see from now on.
Drew P.
The only words I have to describe how i am feeling right now are HOLY CRAP!! This cocnert can be summed up in 2 words, simply amazing! Just look at the setlist, it doesnt get better than that, its a gift from god! I arrived at SPAC at about 645 and park wayyy away from the venue so had to truck it up the golf course and got in SPAC just on time to hear PIGG!!! WOW PIG I was waiting for this and calling it all week long! Such a great song and a great opener dave did awesome on this one. What next? WAREHOUSE! OH MY GODD!!! this song was soooo incredible, first time ive heard it live and wow was it worth the 2 hour drive, end the cocnert now and id be happy! BUT NO! They go into GREY STREET!! Such an awesome song and the energy was realllly kicking up during this one! Now for PROUDEST MONKEY-->SATELLITE! CAn anyone spell RED ROCKS? I can! Wow this was so awesome and such a treat! Just like a trip back to 1995! I LOVE THESE TWO SONGS!!! Now for DDTW! Really good version, got the crowd pumped! The energy was really high for this also(SO was I). wow what came next!!! ONE SWEET WORLD!! The intro is soo awesome and the song kicked! Dave really shined for this one! I love this jam. IF I HAD IT ALL was a nie break from the insanity of the last 6 songs but was still great! Really good everyday song! KIT KAT JAM! WOW this song rocks!!! awesome, my only quesiton is why doesnt he sing on the album in this song too? wierd! its alot better with the words! Crowd got really into this one too except for the losers who didnt know the words and werwe just there to hear i did it. Ok now here comes the major insane moment.......#41!!!!Oh MY GOD! quite possibly the most energetic, amazing version i have ever heard.Everyday outro was cool. I DID IT sounded really good which I usually dont say but it really did. RAVEN!! wow I love this song! Realyl cool from busted stuff! YESS!!!WHERE ARE YOU GOING! Good song, really cool to see all the lighters out!SO RIGHT!! WOW this is gonna be a huge hit! Well it already is! but can we say encore material? I can. The energy was high in this one...but wait...ANTS MARCHING!! Without a doubt this was the best version I have ever heard of ants. The crows was so into it they were all jumping up and down not a person was just standing there! Really great moment! AWESOME!!! unbelievable!! so many other words to describe it!now for the encore...DANCING NANCIes was cool but a litle wierd with him singing solo. but still awesome i love this song! And then dave was gonna play something but Ill neevr know cuz everyone yelled two step! and boy did Dave yell TWO STEP BACK!! He played it and scratched what he originally had in mind! WOW IT WAS SUCh an awesome cersion! great way to end the concert! What a great night! awesome concert, awesome crowd! DAVE IS KING! WOW WHAT A SHOW! WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!
Matt A.
Here's your review from 3rd row, stage left. INCREDIBLE. My 3rd show this week, and this may be a bold statement, but it may be the best DMB show I've been to. I've been to 13 now, and this one just hit the spot. Great setlist, tons of energy right out of the gate. PIG sounded good, WAREHOUSE was sick. Loved the wooooo's, and Fonzi and Carter got into the whole "pumping fists" thingy. GREY ST. was awesome, and you see where I'm going. The 3 HIGHLIGHTS of the night: 1)Gotta love the #41. Man, what an awesome version. Butch's solo with the Sojourn of Arjuna in there was incredible. I think Dave was shocked to hear this. He looked over as if to say "wow" to Butch. 2)DANCING NANCIES solo to open the encore! Saw it coming with the teases in previous shows, but as a solo encore?! What a treat...and 3)You gotta love it when the crowd influences a change in the setlist. For the encore, the boys were ready to play everyday. Dave had started strumming the first few chords when the crowd erupted into a TWO STEP chant that was reminiscent of something you hear at a Yankees game(i.e. "Bernie clap-clap. Bernie clap-clap"). Dave looked over at Boyd, and boom they went right into it. Amazing. The sound was deafening inside when TWO STEP started. Anyway, an incredible night with TONS of energy. Great setlist, and the crowd was awesome. Thanks again DMB, you've left me wanting to go to more concerts! GORGE, here I come...
Charles M.
AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! This show was by far the best setlist of the tour. When you start off with seven straight songs like they did tonight, wooh!!! (Pig, Warehouse, Grey St., Proudest Monkey, Satellite, DDTW, OSW) #41 was incredible, it seemed to never end, and Dave was looked like he was having so much fun with the crowd participating in the Everyday chants. Loving Wings was really jammed out tonight which was great, and it flowed right into WAYG. This is the first time I've seen Ants live, and it was worth the wait. The crowd, which was so energetic throughout the show, just erupted for Ants. I knew with the set that the band had just given us that the encore would be incredible, and it did not disapoint. Dave came out solo as normal for this tour, and started with Nancies, I was fully expecting this to just be a tease, especially since he skipped the intro, than my wife turns to me and screams "he's playing the whole song" And I have to say it was amazing. Than to close out the encore with Two Step, that was just unreal, especially since I think they just did it to please all the fans chanting for it the whole show. This show was great, I know I will be gong to many more DMB shows, but if this was my last one, I would be totally ok with that, because I think I definetly saw the band at their best tonight. WOW!!!!!!
Shaun B.
All's I can say is WOW! My 12th DMB show and by far is the best one to date. I don't think that I could've came up with a better setlist in my dreams! Pig...good opener, Warehouse and Grey Street...amazing as always!, Proudest Monkey and Satellite...totally unexpected, gotta love One Sweet World, DDTW was shockingly amazing, IIHIA...KKJ...I Did It...Raven = very nice!, 41...AHHHHHHHH, LOVE IT!, WAYG is way too overplayed and is getting annoying, So Right was a surprise but still amazing, Loving Wings was good cause I've never heard it. As far as the encore: Two Step is getting kinda old and I was expecting Watchtower...however after a week of teases, Dancing Nancies as a Dave solo was orgasmic! Overall, this show rocked. Out of 10 stars, I give it a 12. As for the 12 shows I've been to, this was the best!
This show was one of the greatest shows I've seen, this being my 8th. First I want to start by saying the crowd was great, except for where I was, I was in Section 21 (balcony) and I have never seen so many people sit at a DMB concert in my life (but since almost everyone was sitting my friend and I got an even better view. Ok, on to the show...PIG, very suprising and very good. WAREHOUSE, great version everyone got into the wooo's. GREY ST., i saw the 12 string and knew it was coming, it was amazing to say the least. PROUDEST MONKEY-->Satellite, first time i've heard Proudest Monkey and hopefully not the last great version. DDTW was good as always. OSW was great especially with the instrumental intro and scat outro. #41 was an amazing jam, Butch ripped it up, the everyday outro was enjoyable. RAVEN is a great song, glad to hear it. LOVING WING is getting better and better, this is a great song. WAYG is always a plus. SO RIGHT was a suprise and I'm glad to hear it, but i'm glad that that didn't close the set. ANTS!! So glad to hear it, best version i've ever heard, Boyd was on fire during this. ENCORE- this is where I went fricking nuts, Dave was teasing Nancies and thats what I wanted and I got it, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! The crowd really wanted 2 Step, so the boys played the best version i've ever heard....though it would have been nice to hear them play what they were originally going to play for the encore, which was Everyday, just so we could sing #36 like at Darien Lake. I rate this show 10 out of 10, one of the best I've seen. It will be hard to top!
John S.
Holy shit tonight was insane! First off, at least six or seven times tonight the crowd was chanting for Two Step. I personally was screaming Nancies all night, but the crowd continued there quest for Two Step. To the show. PIG OPENER!!! #41 was great. Lenghtened a little too, cause Butch took a solo between Boyd's and Leroi's. Even I Did It was fine. I could have swore So Right was the closer but then came Ants. Stefan had his peddals on the stage so I figured that it would be Grave Digger, Watchtower for the encore. Now that would have been fine but what came next, all I have to say is WOW!! At this point I was estatic but figured my chances of hearing Nancies shot. Then Dave walks out on stage solo as I expected and starts strumming... Nancies!!! Now I thought this might have been a tease, considering how much he has fucked with the crowd in recent days, but we got the whole thing!!! Then I still expected Watchtower, cause of the peddals being there, but Dave started strumming Everyday. At this point the crowd deafened the band with another Two Step chant, except this time it was even louder. Dave looked back at Carter then to Boyd. I watched patiently and Boyd put down his bow. I nearly died. And then the plucking began, the crowd had won. We had changed the encore. And what a great encore!!! Now I've seen a Two Step closer before but wow. This wasn't the short and sweet Two Step, this was a full blown jam session, that usually comes mid-set. I don't think Butch knew it though, cause he was looking at Carter like should I go, well should I? Carter just kept smiling and nodding to Butch, and then the jam began. All in all Two Step ended up being like 15-18 minutes long. All I have to say is thank you DMB soooooo much. First MSG night 2, and I thought that couldn't ever be topped, but it has. Tonight was insane. By far and away the best most energy filled show I have ever been to.
Wow that was a pumping show i finally got to hear proudest monkey i love that song!All i wanna know is who let the dogs out tonight?They were going off like it was no bodies business,i'm so glad i went today they really brought my spirits up.However i don't think they wanted to end with two step they were teasing #36 and if the crowd wasn't on his ass about two step they probably were gonna break another special song out but that was ruined because people can't keep their mouths shut do you know how many times i heard two step this week and i'm sure they didn't wanna do it either you could see it in their faces but what's done is done next time let the man do what he wants to do.Thank you Davy boy for such a beautiful night.
Sameer S.
What an unbelievable show!! Amazing to hear a pig opener and when they broke out proudest monkey-> satelitte, i nearly sh*t myself. Amazing. And what a way to close the show, loving wings->wayg was awesome and probably the most energy filled ants i've ever seen. Nancies was a wonderful suprise to open the encore. That two step chant that we had going all night finally got to the boys and OH MY GOD!!! what a ridiculous version. Gotta love butch's solo in that song, and carter was definetly feelin it tonight! my god what a show. all i can say is UNBELIEVABLE!!
Just look at the setlist....never, EVER, could this setlist have been better. If I kidnapped the band and made them play in my backyard, they could not have come up with such a list (I exaggerate b/c I am speechless). The show was simply-awe inspiring! I had crappy seats and it didn't matter. I was at a bland venue and it didn't matter. I had a headache before the show and it didn't matter. Dont Burn the Pig and Proudest Monkey and One Sweet World and 41 AND WAREHOUSE AND Dancing Nancies (plus an ants and a two step)? Add to the mix, all of the great new stuff that is tried and true. This sums the show up: The only way to have beaten this show was to have been a Charlottesville resident from 92-94...and that, most of us can't help. I need to go change my pants now for I have soiled them.
Jay T.
This was my tenth show and definetly one of if not the best show yet. As soon as he came on stage the crowd was so into it and was anticpating a strong performance. Opening with pog was grear and playing warehouse next was cazy the begining of the set was very sstrong and didnt think it could get better. But when he pulled out kit kat jam and 41 i was pumped. Ants was a good choice to close with. Coming out on dtage for the encore by himself i expected to hear gravedigger but when he pulled out dancing nancies everyone went absolutely nuts. Then he began to play the chords to what i think was supposed to be Everyday but after hearing almost every single person yelling for two step they quickly pulled it out which couldnt have ended the show any better. Amazing set....see ya in columbus.
James D.
All I have to say about this show is...AMAZING, the best DMB show i have been to. Everything was there the energy, the music, the people, it was great! When they opened with pig, at first i was kinda like "strange choice" but when they got into it they tore it up! It was awesome! It was so happy, and it had so much energy. Warehouse was the best, when the crowd screamed "woo" when the lights flashed, it just added so much to the song, and they played it so perfectly, with no error, what a great song! Proudest monkey was a nice touch to the concert, then it segued into satellite how awesome, wow, it made the concert worth $60! Grey street was pretty good, for the third time i have heard it live, but its always an awesome live song. Don't drink the water was really good, for hearing it the first time, i was never really a big fan of it, but it was breath taking live. Dave talked for quite a bit before he actually got into one sweet world, but we all saw it coming, when he talked about ben & jerrys ice cream, lol, and then the sax and guitar intro to it, that was good, real good. If i had it all was okay, i mean they had to play some songs off of everyday, what better song than that, and everyone sang a long to it (well atleast in my section) and it was really good. When they played kit kat jam, i was like "wooohoo!" but who knew they would keep the words, and go back to lilywhite, and not stick to the busted stuff version, that was really good though. When i heard the first guitar strum, and piano hit to #41 i almost soiled myself, i remember hitting the person next to me as hard as i could in the back, and going "its #41!!!!! omg!!!!" I was so happy and in shock when they played that song, and they played it so well too, theres not much more i can say, but boyd butch and leroi made this song then when dave started to sing a little of everyday at the end of it, wow, amazing...Next was a little i did it, which was a nice touch, i thought it sounded really good, i always like to hear dave on electric. Raven....wow, what a good song, the violin and sax solos were amazing, yet one more time you guys continue to shock me! loving wings was a nice little soft song, into where are you going...that was awesome, two really good songs. so right was a really good touch, the whole crowd sang, and it was so loud, i just love that song, and it is known to make an appearance at SPAC. Ants marching, wow, i think the third best song of the night, this song blew me away, the crowds energy was so high for this song, you cannot even describe it! omg! it was great...then the encore....oh the encore, the highlight of the show, first he stopped the teasing and finally played dancing nancies, and it was an acoustic solo, it was awesome, had a real dave and tim sound to it. Then the second song....wow, at first they weren't gonna play two step, but the whole crowd started chanting "two step, two step" and they played it for us, and wow, the best version of two step i have ever heard, it was maybe 12 minutes, and it was awesome, carter was so good on this song, he shocks me everytime! and then he threw his drum sticks, what a lcuky guy who got those! Anyways this was the best DMB concert i have been to, they continue to shock me and always are better and better each time.
U C.
thank god i am typing because i have NO VOICE!! PIG-nice opener. WAREHOUSE-crazy! the woos are great and reminded me of HSBC in april. GREY STREET-heard it day 1, but still just as awesome. MONKEY-awesome -->SATELLITE-amazing live DON'T DRINK THE WATER-after warehouse, not expecting this awesome song also. we got it and we ate it up! glad to hear it! ONE SWEET WORLD-expected after dave talked to us for a minute about the icecream. nice to know he knows we're there! IF I HAD IT ALL-good, got some swearing in. KIT KAT-good, heard it yesterday but different words, could have done without again but always a good song. #41- AHHH!! SO glad! especially happy because i screamed 41 right before they played it! awesome jam with it. solos and etc. I DID IT- first time he pulled out the electric in the concert, we were starting to think he might have gone acoustic the whole way! crowd got into it, good to sing to! "I did it for myself!" RAVEN, LW-->WHERE ARE YOU GOING- good, always great to hear new stuff. SO RIGHT- great everyday song! hoping it wasn't the last song though. IT WASN'T!!!! ANTS MARCHING- WOW!! we called this one, bc we thought they'd definitely play 2 step last to please the crowd. i've never heard such an uproar for a song! ~encore~ DANCING NANCIES- we heard it!! teased for a week and WE HEARD IT! thanks to the girls in the front with the "DANCE F*CKING NANCIES" signs! it worked! and it was a dave solo! kinda miss the sax on that tho. EVERYDAY-not the song, but dave teased it, just to be funny i'm sure. we all knew what the closer had to be. TWO STEP(clap, clap) TWO STEP (clap, clap) AWESOME SONG WITH AN AWESOME JAM! seemed really long to be the last song but it was better than we could have asked for! Was it just me, or was Leroi totally on his game tonight!?! he jammed in almost every song. i'd like to think that it was due in part to the girl that was up at the right of the seated area screaming "I LOVE YOU LEROI!" to him. oh yeah, THAT WAS ME! he was the star of the night in my eyes. Carter was cocky as hell and it was AWESOME! Dave was so funny, drunk as hell, it was cool when he walked to the front of the stage and was drinking. also how he had his hands in his pockets when he was screaming! so funny! Boyd was great and flipped during Ants & 2 Step! Fonzi was good, but couldn't compare to the awesome job of day 1. To everyone that was there for both shows, we are the luckiest people in the world! i don't think anyone could have asked for something better & they totally redeemed themselves from Hershey! i think we'd all be happy if that was our last show but we're so glad we have years to come! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME 2 DAYS! I WILL NEVER FORGET IT! I F*ING LOVE YOU DMB!!!
Well its the day after the show and only now have i stopped crapping my pants after this show. This was my 7th dave show and ranks right up there as one of, if not, the best one yet. All the boys were on tonight and the crowd had amazing energy the whole night. You couldnt ask for a better setlist then what we got and when they stopped playing everyday and listend to the crowd and blew our minds away with an unbelievable two step i thought i was living a dream. Carter was on fire all night long and watching him smiling the whole time from the big screen on the lawn was awesome. This show was well woth the 5 hour trip there earlier that day and the 5 hour trip back home that night. I give this show a big old 10 out of 10....amazing night!
Just A.
Holy shit! I'm still in awe of what took place last night. The people, the venue, the setlist and most importantly the band. 'Pig' (which is what I guessed to be the opener) really got the crowd going. 'Warehouse' was absolutely amazing! The "whoos" in the beginning of the song is so great. 'Proudest Monkey' is not one of my favorite songs, but I have to say it was great to hear in concert. The old classics such as: One Sweet World, Don't Drink the Water, Ants Marching (which was completely unexpected) and #41 were so freakin' wonderful. It was great to hear all the old stuff again. When the crowd was chanting 'Two Step' after every song - I started getting chills. You guys were absolutely incredible! Totally made up for the pain that was suffered at Darien Lake last week. This show will definitely go down as the greatest DMB show I've ever been to. I highly doubt there will ever be a setlist this great again. Thanks to everyone for making last night so amazing. One more thing...how hot was Dave looking in his 'Nancies' solo?? Oh god...
Timothy Z.
My first journey up north to SPAC ended up being one of my best ever. The town and the venue are completely unique and enjoyable. Although many seem to disagree, I thought the first evening was incredible. Although the song selection faded towards the end of the show, the set was overall more intense and energetic than Hartford or Mansfield. They kept coming at you, from the first chords of WWYS, to a classic STJL, great jam on Crush, some rain and a broken string on the 12-string during Kit Kat Jam (the best I've seen it performed), and then the trilogy that always rocks (appropriately including ASTB, since there are actual bridges to the balcony section). No Carter intro on You Never Know made me sad. Sea of lighters during Bartender gave me goosebumps. Nancies tease and Jimi. Long Black Veil was supposed to open the encore, according to the somewhat unpolite lighting dude, but Dave let loose on Cry Freedom again. Second night's energy was an unsteady ebb and flow. Warehouse was great early in the night.. OSW was chill.. #41 was one of the best songs of the night... but then the inclusion of I Did It and So Right (which I love, but needed to be early in the set) would mettle with the vibe I think. WAYG makes me sigh (see the 4.7.02 review). Ants was classic as usual, and Nancies Dave solo was pure heaven. You could tell Everyday was going to close things but the mounting cheers for Two Step, having gained momentum throughout the night, caused the boys to huddle together for a couple minutes while Dave strummed on Everyday, and then Boyd got rid of the peddle and put his violin down to pluck and all became right in the world. Now I must suffer through post-concert binge depression, collect some recordings, and gaze dreamily into the future. Oh, and Rolling Stone is total BS and unprofessional for ending their article about the band with unnecessary and fabricated hintings of some breakup occuring sometime soon. 2003- I can't wait to see!
Dave A.
Incredible show, definitely the best I have ever seen from the boys. I kinda had a feeling they would open with Pig but it was still sweet. Warehouse got the place rocking. God everything was just played so well. Proudest Monkey was great to hear after living in shadows of the DMB song catalog for so long. DDTW was just simply badass, as was Kit Kat Jam. #41 was so sweet and so long with a great scat Everyday outro by Dave. Ants was great setting up for a breathtaking encore. My first thoughts would be a Gravedigger-Watchtower encore, but NANCIES!! Couldn't believe it!!! It was a solo but oh so sweet. I will take Nancies in any form. Then Dave started the chords to Everyday which would have really upset me, but Carter then stood up gave the crowd a thumbs up and then they proceeded to jam out an awesome Two Step that was probably around 18 minutes. The journey to SPAC was most definitely worth it because I don't think I will ever see a better DMB show again.
J.T. D.
Where to start? We were 6 row left of stage first night and Lawn Sencond. let me tell you!!!! this was my 18th show and by far the best, Pig as an opener was very good and unexpected cause lately then been doin dont burn the pig, warehouse great song as always and PM into Sat was typical, but i was surprised by DDTW, which is done very good, I though that was where the show would take its BS turn like Sunday night but nope OSW and If i had kept the flow going about this time i realized we were about to witness something special, #41 the best i ever heard it done and my personal fav, and KKJ was well done again. LW is a good tune(but does Dave not want to words to be heard?) cause they play it so low and even turn the screens off? o well on we go at this now im thing this show has been great but was waiting my 4th Nancies tease and by GOD he did it and acoustic very well done only second time i ever heard it and was done live, I was expecting something other then 2 step and when i heard em messin around i knew it wasnt 2 step , but the crowd wouldnt give up and so Dave and the Boys lets us have it and TY DAVE cause it was the best i have ever heard, this show beat vernon downs 98 as my best show out of 18 so again TY DAVE
Well my disgusting ass did it again. My fourth show of this summer tour and I barely saw any of it due to my disgusting drinking habits. What a great setlist I missed. This was mine and Slutcarro's first trip to SPAC and It was a great one. My only complaint about this nauseating venue was that you had to go to a special fenced off area to drink where you could't even hear the show let alone see it. I actually think that this setlist may have been better than the second night at Hartford which was also amazing. Dancing Nancies, two step, proudest monkey, dont drink the water, warehouse.....ridiuclous set! Anyway, the people up in Saratoga are cool....a special thanks to all the people I pissed off in my drunken stupor and to all who helped me get back to the car....you finally got to hear two step buddy!!
HOLY SHIT!!! I went to 2nd nite MSG this past spring and thought nothing could ever top that show... but this one did! great times in the parking lot before the show and got in just in time to hear pig, Wow what a great opener. Then to Warehouse, one of my favs. Grey Street quickly becoming a dave classic. Proudest Monkey, i dont love it but its a nice old one. Into Satellite which was great. Dont Drink the Water was a surprise but very good. After DDTW Dave started doin some talk about global warming and that stuff and i called One Sweet World. This song gets better everytime i hear it. Damn that intro is sick! If I had it all was standard, Kit Kat Jam was much better with the lyrics. #41 sweeeeet jesus butch was insane during this song w the fade into everyday it was great. I Did It, I'm probably the only person that was happy he played it cuz it gave me a chance to sit down. Loving Wings was a good new one. Where are you going, well i knew it was coming i would have preferred you never know but i like the song just cuz of roi's solo. So Right, the title sells itself what a great outro. ANTS!!! it was nuts the crowd was so into this one... ENCORE - I had a feeling a Nancies was coming, he had teased it the past couple of nites and it was well worth it. The highlight of the evening came with the very last song. TWO STEP. fans had chanted for it throughout the nite and dave was willing to please, he played a couple chords i thought it was gonna be recently but then he turned to carter, and boyd started pluckin and damn it was nice! it had to be 15 plus mins with a great finish. I had a great time and I'll see y'all at SPAC next summer
I have been to many shows and this by far is on the top of the list. A few highlights included, the crowd chanting Carter, Carter in the middle of the show and him standing up and giving a bow. Hearing Proudest Monkey, that song is one of their best. Butch jamming out on Two Step for the encore. Great energy from the crowd. I think the band saves some of their best for SPAC and last night did not disappoint. I agree with one reviewer, if this were my last DMB concert (it certianly will not be) I would be very content.
Jessica V.
This show was beyond excellent! This was my 3rd in this tour and it was definitely worth the 5 hour drive and camping!!! Warehouse was one of the few songs I really wanted to hear at this concert and the band made it happen! I sat 12th row and from there the view of the band was amazing! I have never seen Dave smile so much before and the whole band was soooo into it and seemed so happy with their performance... Dave singing Everyday over #41 and having the crowd sing "everyday" was one of the best parts of this show! Encore was brilliant!! The same thing happenned at the Buffalo show at HSBC arena-the whole crowd chanted "Two Step" and despite what was set to be played, they played what the crowd wanted...and they played that song like I have never heard it played before!!! The crowd was amazing, the setlist was phenomenal, the band sounded great, and Dave just kept smiling! What more could a DMB fan ask for out of a show?
This was show #11 for me and all I can say is WOW. This show is definitely the best I have seen next to Buffalo 6-20-01. Man, you could tell that it was going to be a good show when they came out and did an opener such as PIG and then to go right into Wharehouse. The boys had the look and it was a good one tonight, which obviously showed in their perfomance. Carter couldn't give anymore than he did tonight and the smile on is face gave that impression. Proudest Monkey really was awesome, I have never seen the band play this and it was definitely the right song that they pulled out of their sleeve this time, dave sang so hard to it, and one sweet world intro - whoa! Kit Kat Jam, Raven and ANTS - my favorie song the band jammed like hell to that one as did the audience. And finally, the encore, dave comes out and sings Dancing Nancies solo - omg, and just then when I thought it couldn't get any better the band listened to the chants TWO STEP by the crowd, ok well the entire audience and played it. All I can add is that no matter where you are at SPAC, when Dave puts on a show like this no one misses out. GReat job guys!
[Name R.
THE BEST DMB SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN. This show, my fourth, far and away the best concert I've ever been to. Following last night's limp performance, it was like a whole different band had taken the stage- and a whole different Dave. All through the show he smiled, laughed, and danced all over. The crowd was raging, and the band matched our energy. Look at the first seven songs and the setlist, the crowd ATE IT UP. Beginning with PIG, WAREHOUSE, and GREY ST. was incredible. I'd seen ANTS twice before live, but this performance blew away my wildest expectations, the place was jumping. The encore was one of the most magical experiences of my life...Dave solo/acoustic finally playing DANCING NANCIES in its entirety. Hearing 25,000 fans sing along with an ever-smiling Dave to my favorite tune was like a dream. I knew he'd been teasing crowds with Nancies for days (check out the 7.25/26.02 and the 7.28.02 setlists) but I never dreamed he'd play it- the song he's only played TWICE IN TWO YEARS. SOLO...it couldn't have been better. The crowd was so charged after this as the band took the stage again, and Dave was fiddling around with what sounded like Everyday, the crowd began chanting TWO STEP! As chant grew to a thunderous level, Dave stepped back to chat with Boyd and Carter. After about thirty seconds (the chant still hadn't even decreased) Dave began strumming an incredibly charged TWO STEP.
Chris B.
I've seen DMB around 20 times now...this was by FAR the greatest show I've ever seen. I didn't think it was humanly possible for them to play the perfect setlist...I had my doubts it would ever happen, but this was un-freakin'-believable...From Pig, to Warehouse, to Grey Steet, to 41, to Don't Drink the Water, to Ants, to an acoustic Dancing Nancies, to Two Step...I can't even believe it. One Sweet World was introduced by Dave, who actually spoke for a few minutes, IN COMPLETE SENTENCES MIND YOU, about the environment and how they had "a few special friends" there...Ben and Jerry...he even said "One Sweet Whirled" tasted great! So cool. Anyway, Ants Marching almost killed me...I've never, ever, ever seen a crowd go that insane at any concert...it was the greatest vibe I've ever seen. And then Dancing Nancies was incredible...I thought Cry Freedom was nuts the night before, but Nancies was perfect...utterly perfect...and then, the crowd (which was awesome) started chanting and yelling and pounding and clapping and freaking out for Two Step...that's why they played it...talk about being "the shit". What was my highlight? The whole damn thing. Beginning to end. All of it. Best show hands down I've ever seen...get your damn hands on it people...no joke. I can't believe it...
MY first DMB show was in '96 at the Broome County Arena. That was an amazingly great concert. I didn't even know them and that show hooked me. Now, after SEVEN long years of trying I finally made it back to see them again. I'm full of anticipation, hoping for Two Step my all time favorite and Nancies, my second all time favorite and a huge assortment of others. I have all their CDs and love them all. I found out I was going before the summer tour started and poured over every setlist in anticipation of what they might play. I was getting more and more excited, this is going to be awesome, I can't wait to finally see them now that they are really big! They teased Nancies TWICE the second night in Hartford!! Oh they will definately play Nancies at their next show, the opening night at SPAC!! The one I'm going to!!!! WOOO HOOO!!Well, we all know when they played it and my night wasn't it, of course. Now I like Busted Stuff. It is a good CD. BUT it hasn't touched me yet like the others have. I've never really enjoyed a concert where they play mostly new songs. You wanna sing but you don't know the words, you wanna dance but the beat is unfamilar. Seeing both nights would have been perfect. Night one, new CD, mellow; night two, ALL OF MY FAVORITE SONGS, JAMMIN!! Shoulda, coulda, WOULDA, life will never be perfect. I was definately born with a plastic spork in my mouth. I did have a good time. The people I went with were awesome and we had a blast. Of course the show itself had highlights, Bartender, WYA. We were in sec. 8, right behind the sound stage and had a great straight on view of the stage and floor. BUT during the show I kept noticing that there wasn't a whole lot of movement down there, dance people dance!!. The energy was really low; why? because you wanna sing, you wanna dance, but you just don't know so you're mellow. Oh look, I'm a poet. During the Nancies' tease, I couldn't help but feel that the crowd could've gotten him to play it if they would've just TURNED IT UP ABOUT TEN NOTCHES!! (Shoulda, coulda, woulda) There were various chants around but none them caught on. They faded quickly. It stormed, OH YEA, they have to play JTR, a top ten favorite of mine. OK, maybe not, there is still time for Two Step, LIOG, BOWA, ANY OF THEM, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. What in the hell are the lights doing on??? At the end of the concert I just sat there, I couldn't believe it was already over. Sitting there, I didn't feel at all like I thought I would after all the waiting and excitement. That's it? No Two Step, no Ants, no LIOG, no #41???? Did I build myself up too much? Where was the energy that I heard so much about? Was it out on the lawn? No definately not they were squished like sardines out there. Home again, Monday night incredulously watching the Setlist come up on the web site. Before that, my opinion was that the music was good but definately lacked energy. Now I'm just plain disappointed. I will be on-line searching hard for the 7/29 show. I'll get the 7/28 show eventually but no big hurry, I was there and it wasn't what I had anticipated at all. (I do want to know what lyrics he sang for KKJ though, I heard glimpses of them, but they weren't clear at all.) I will try to never go to a first night show again. Second night always seems to jam!! I hope that I get another chance in less than 7 years this time around though. I will always love this band, I just wish I could get this damn spork out of my mouth. I'll keep trying. Blessed be all!!
I was a little disapointed that i had to wait in line to get in, but i did get to hear the end of pig which i heard in hartford thurs night. This show was better then both hartford shows, playing warehouse was so nice to hear in the beginning of the show, it really got the crowd going. This was my first time in Saratoga and the people up there know how to have a concert....anyway the concert kicked ass, but i really wanted to hear aatwt because i heard two step in hartford, but there is always next year. Nancies was the highlight of my night, i got two teases and i finally got to hear it. What a great night.
What an amazing night is all I can say! The boys were on from the beginning. My only complaint was the show was nearly identical to Friday night's HArtford show which I also attended. Otherwise the best performance I have ever seen in 7 shows. Here it goes! DONT BURN THE PIG....very strong opener. Dave was dancing around like a madman during this one and I knew it was going to be a special night. The first live performance of Pig I have ever seen. WAREHOUSE....just amazing. I love this song and the crowd was really into it. GREY STREET....perfectly plaid and Dave was going nuts with the screams. My favorite BS song! PROUDEST MONKEY....I kinda groaned hear because I just heard this Friday night and I was kinda hoping Dave would only use this for an occasional treat. Still nice to hear though. SATELLITE...same as proudest monkey. DONT DRINK THE WATER...this is the point in the show I started to get annoyed becuase it was like Friday all over but it was still very well played. ONE SWEET WORLD...Dave told the crowd that Ben & Jerry were in the house and that this was about saving the environment..nicely played. IF I HAD IT ALL...not my favorite tune but really growing on me and it wasnt played Friday so hey what the hell....KIT KAT JAM....nice tune I like it much better than on the CD...#41...AMAZING!!!! This was one of the songs of the night...awesome Butch solo..just off the wall. During the Everday outro the crowd was so in it and Dave just let us take it away. I DID IT....I hate this song so much..only everyday song I cant stand and I knew it was coming eventually. This was the point when the Two Step chants picked up even though Dave had the electric in hand. RAVEN...I really like this song and very well played. LOVING WINGS...it started out nice but was just jammed out a little to long. WHERE ARE YOU GOING..standard. SO RIGHT...I was hoping for this. Got me dancing again after slowing it down for where are you going. Great tune! ANTS MARCHING...I cant even describe how amazing this song was! The crowd was going crazy and the band played to us. At the end Carter added a few drum hits and you couldnt even hear it. Boyd was going nust jamming onthe violin..just great. It made the night for me. DANCING NANCIES...what a great surprise. Dave palyed this perfectly and the crowd was singing along. TWO STEP...the crowd was chanting for this like nuts the whole night and the band was about to play Everyday and Boyd dropped his bow and the band went into Two Step. A great jam. Personally I could of done without it because Id heard it at MSG night 1 and on Friday night but you cant really complain. The band was on fire all night the crowd was into all night. Try and get a copy of this one but good luck making it out. I have never been in a louder crowd in my life.
Tone D.
WOW, FUCKING WOW, where the fuck do I start. We were on the side of the lots where you have to cross the bridge. Absolutely out of control scene there. Loved erey minute of it. Headed into the show a lil earlier than nite 1 but we wanted good fuckin lawn seast for tonite.I was with a group of bout 13 people so i knew it was gonna make the nite THAT much better. We had a huge spot on the lawn right in the middle bout 20 feet from the seats. Absolutely perfect seast for a perfect evening. Started off with PIG- FUCKIN BEautiful, then into warehouse and grey street, could you have asked for a stronger opener??Then my favorite later on 41 baby!! haha i was flippin out, and of course Ants too close the show. That was the most energetic version I ever seen live. it was absolutely insane.Then WHY NOT play Nancies solo??? oh yea then finish off with a crowd influenced version of Two Step, sickest setlist, absolutely Nasty lil show . A solid 2 and a half hours long. Loved every fuckin minute of it. Best show ive ever seen, no joke, its gonna be a tough one to beat. I think the die hards will remember this one for years to come, im out
This was my 9th Dave show and probably one of the best and surprising combinations in terms of his setlist. He opened with "Pig", and I just knew it was going to be a great show. I really enjoyed how he mixed up the setlist to play tunes off of every single album he has ever made. "One Sweet World" was a pleasant surprise. The encore was what really did it for me. "Dancing Nancies" solo. Again, surprising but very welcomed. Even though I was in the lawn and bascially watched him on the screen, this was an awesome show.