Dave Matthews Band
MARS Music Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, Florida
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: North Mississippi Allstars

Crush *
Grey Street *
I Did It *
Instrumental Intro --> *
One Sweet World *
Granny *
You Never Know *
Grace Is Gone *
When The World Ends *
Bartender *
What You Are *
Everyday (#36) *
Loving Wings (partial song) *^ -->
Where Are You Going *
The Stone *
Tripping Billies *
Gravedigger +
What Would You Say *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo
^ first time played

I first off have to throw out that this was my 7th concert to see the band. I have to say that this one just didn't do it for me. From start to finish, the band was too mellow throughout the concert. The crowd was not into the band at all. I didn't feel very much energy except for one guy in front of me that showed up some time in the middle of the concert. Highlights of the concert were Granny, What You Are, and Tripping Billies. Where Are You Going and You Never Know we pretty cool cause they were new. Low points of the concert; everything else. I am off to the second show tomorrow night and we all hope they will give a better show.
Started off quite nice with the N.M.A. playing some nice tunes. DMB kicked it off with CRUSH , oh wow was it nice , acoustics were AMAZING , great sound and i was around 300- 450 feet back or so. For Grey Street it seemed Dave was able to hold his last final "yell" for much longer than usual which gave it a heckuva whole lot more energy. I Did It was alright nothing too special. Then came the Intro to One Sweet World , a delight to say the least and the obviously One Sweet World , a nice touch especially for the people on the muddy or semi-muddy ground. Granny took us all away into a huge sing-a-long till the very last "LOVE". The sing-a-long died when they began You Never Know , not because it was bad , but mainly not a lot of poeple know that song. Heck I was singing soo loud just to be arrogant and show off how I know the song. LOL , The Grace is Gone...pretty cool , my and my buddies waiting for a uplifting song , nothing dragging , thus far the concert seems a bit too emotional. Then (I called it b4 they played it) When The World Ends...Awesome!! Bartender was infront of What You Are which was cool , but for Bartender it was the best version , Leroi just would not stop playing the flute...it seemed to go on 4ever~!!! Then a lucky guess would be What You Are...THE ABSOLUTE HANDS DOWN BEST VERSION OF THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave did his awesome "yells" and at the end , kinda of like the Molson Centre show , he added some lyrics. OMG he just like tore it up with the extra added in lyrics!!! I no lie , just layed down afterwards. We were waiting for a up-beat song still and then came a intro. Twas Boyd with the best intro to Everyday I have heard....no , not just any Everyday , but Everyday #36!!!!!!! That semi-satisfied our thirst for an upbeat song. A treat for all of us was a new ,(to my knowledge)never before heard or played intro to Where Are You Going? It was a nice acoustic sound to it , and some added help from the collective band too. Then Where are you Going? still mellow. I told my friends Either Warehouse or Stone , and there and behold , lay The Stone. HAHAHA I so called it , it was nice , spectacular to hear that! We were waiting for that one song that would bring us back and livin us up. Our prayers were answered with the best ever versin of Tripping Billies!! Then the encore came with a Dave solo of Gravedigger. I was estatic , I neevr heard him play it live before. Then the whole band came for an awesome last song of What Would You Say and damn did it jam!
What an amazing show. It had seemed as if they never took a month off. On to the Review: CRUSH: Wow what an opener. The jam was incredable, Boyd was nuts, so were the fans GREY STREET: Awesome as Usual. It seemed a bit short Tonight, Maybe 5 mins Long. Still great though. I DID IT: Yeah you know. One Sweet World: Awesome Intro with Roi. I loved this song for a long time now and Have finally got to see it live. Granny: They love to play it here in south florida. I loved every bit of it. Standard but good. You Never Know: WOW what a great Song. This one is a gem to see live. Great slapstick inro by Carter. Grace Is Gone: Absolutly Loved this song. Roi was louder then usual on this one. WTWE: Pretty Standard but the crowd loved it. Bartender: Great suprise with out Big Eyed Fish. Dave Held his walings long and lounder tonight the best Bartender I have heard out of 5. What You Are: So intense. Absoulty love this song live. Dave makes this song at the end with his outro. Amazing!! RIGHT BEFORE EVERYDAY DAVE YELL AT SOME GUY WHO WAS WAVING AROUND A LASER. DAVE SAID" HEY YOU SITTIN NEXT TO THE GUY WITH THE LASER, COULD YOU THROW THAT SHIT WAY OVER THERE OR SOMETHING, THANKS". THAT WAS FUNNY AS HELL. Everyday: Awesome Dave let the crowd sing the Hani Hani part while they ended the song with the #36 outro. Great. Intro: Sounds like we have a winner here. This intro has an awesome riff and some greawt lyrics " The angels fell on top of me.." Something like that. Great to see them creating songs. This one was with Steffan, slaping the bass. WHERE ARE YOU GOING: Awesome song, a bit short but with the new intro it sounds longer. The Stone: The lights were quite a site to see. This sound rocks and got everyone standing on there feet. Tripping Billies: What the Fuck. This version was nuts. Boyd went absoultly nuts taking front stage and kickin his feet like he had red ants on him. Amazing set closer. ENCORE: Gravedigger: awesome to finally hear. dave added some new lyrics about ashes ashes we all fall down. Pretty damn cool. That was a 5 minute version. WWYS: Great way to end the night. All in All this was an amazing show to start the tour off. Me and My friend rushed out of the Amphitheatre and went towards the Buses and we caught Carter and Butches bus leaving he waved at us and then he went off. Awesome experience for me. Well see you guys tommarow for another great show.
Jon R.
Hadn't seen the boys since their Florida run last July, so I was ready for this. Somehow pulled good seats from TM this afternoon. Nice luck. Overall, I'd say this was a very solid show...nothing amazing. Crush opener was very unexpected, yet very cool. Grey Street always great. One Sweet World amazing. Finally heard the intro live. Granny is always great to hear. The middle of the set was very up and down mood-wise I thought, but good. Bartender was sick. When they started Everyday, the crowd started into #36 and the boys went with it. Doesn't show up on the setlist, but this was definitely a 36/Everyday/36. Intro to WAYG confused me and everyone around me briefly, but then once the song started all was good again. It sounds so good with the full band live. Then Stone...uhh WOW. I can never get enough of this song, and to hear it down here 2 years straight (7.20.01) is awesome. Then Tripping Billies a perfect set-closer, with a ridiculous solo from Boyd. Encore was disappointing though...Gravedigger was cool, WWYS for like the 4th straight show at Mars...but that was it. Surprising to me. Only 16 songs total tonight. I'd say the level of this show was about what I expected after a month off for the boys. Hopefully just a warmup before an incredible show tomorrow. Warehouse? Please? Until then...
Bowen D.
Tonight was the firts Dave concert I've ever been to and it was unforgettable. I didn't make it in time to see the allstars play. Ive been following the setlists this whole tour so I had a pretty good idea what was in store for the night. Dave and the boys came on around 8:15 and opened up with setting the tone of the concert with crush. Nice, but not the type of song to get us floridians pumped, but hey, im not complaining. Next, saw dave switch from six to twelve string, and knew right away it was gonna be greystreet. It was so thrilling to hear it and happy i bought a ticket to the first night. I did it next blaaahhh. One sweet world was jammed out and was good to hear an oldie. Granny was a pleasure to hear also, sounded just like listener supported. Carter then opened you never know with a kick ass bell/wood block intro that really got the crowd wanting more. Love the song, can't wait til the 16. Grace is gone kind of killed the energy and called for a beer run (im underage, so i just danced) When the world ends wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't followed grace, cause people looked like they were dozing off. Bartender and What you Are were definetly a good way to bring up the energy. What you are is gonna be around and it sounds awesome live. Dave teased #36 into everyday, then after everyday ended tied it up with the ending to #36. It was awesome to hear and see how th boys can move their music around. Where Are YOu going was a radio crowd pleaser. Carter was all over the Stone in his drumming tonight. Tripping Billies was the highlight of the night, dave or whoever kind of accidentally skipped a verse in the opening, so the song was made longer with an incredible solo by boyd. Gravediggers was hard to hear in the encore, and wwys was a bummer to hear. I wanted something more like ants or watchtower. Maybe tomorrow night. peace all :)
Ty W.
Good show. I'm positive Sat night will be better though. The bottom line is they are out of the gates on this 2nd leg continuing trends that were growing at the end of the 1st leg and that is a very good sign. Starting with CRUSH, playing EVERYDAY, coming out with a fuller WAYG intro and a facelifted, longer, intense GRAVEDIGGER. The best song of the show was THE STONE. OSW was very sweet as well. Dave was in mellow and calm form. I have gotten him in the "Charlie Brown" shirt (the grey with the black stripe horizontal across the middle) the last 3 out of 4 shows I have seen, very strange. GREY STREET was solid as usual. back to the subject of trends, tonight I'll be looking for Two Step, Rapunzel, Busted Stuff, Raven, Lover Lay Down, Jimi Thing, So Right, Space Between, Ants, DIDO, Too Much, #41, LIOG, Fool To Think, Aint it Funny, Pig, Warehouse, Rhyme and Reason, DDTW...bet we get 13-15 of those.....we'll see ?!
Chris L.
Wow, what a great show last night. There were a lot of repeats from last year but still a solid performance by the boys. Dave introduced NMA by saying, "If you get any mud on you, fuck it!" The crowd was on tonight which made for a really good concert. CRUSH- Great opener everybody was standing and singing along... GREY STREET- This one seemed slower but still sounded good IDI- I called this one when he tested out the electric, they had fun playing it, OSW- long instrumental intro and great song YoiNK- didn't know what this was at first, good lyrics though, GIG- very beautiful BARTENDER- lookin forward to hearing this, great song, awesome pennywhistle solo be Leroi WHAT YOU ARE- also wanted to hear this, rockin song dave sang a blarin outro that sounded really cool EVERYDAY- everybody was singing #36 sounded good BILLIES- What a closer!!!! the energy was up and the lighting was amazing!!!! GRAVEDIGGER- good sounding song dave played it solo WWYS- pretty good energy good encore, was hoping for Rapunzel or Ants but oh well... Overall a great show and the energy out on the lawn was awesome... Thanks dmb... -"C-Lane"
First up was Crush. It has always been a favorite of mine and was performed very well. Grey Street got the crowd going which was nice. The guys are getting better and better at playing the new songs live. A standard version of I did it was next. There was a cool intro into One Sweet World. This song was a nice suprise. I was also pumped when they played Granny which was my first time hearing it live. The energy level was doing well but over the next 5 songs it went way down. You Never know was my first time hearing it live and it was a sweet song. The guys played a very nice version of Grace is Gone but most people didn't get into it. WWTE was standard too. Bartender was definitely a highlight. Very nice jamming. What You Are was intense but the crowd didn't get going to much. Everyday/36 was absolutly fantastic and the crowd started to rock the house. I think this was the song that Boyd had hs violin tuned different in. What ever he did to it was tight as hell. What a cool sound he made. But the band brought the crowds intensity down with a new intro and into Where are You Going. A very sweet song but the crowd was bouncin and they lost it. The Stone was a welcome suprise and i really loved it and Tripping Billies was crazy. The crowd really got into it which really made for a nice atmosphere. I was suprised to hear a solo gravedigger but it was ok. I called WWYS as one of the encores and loved it. Crowd got into it too but not like Tripping Billies. Overall the show was very chill but good. The highlights were Everyday/#36, Tripping Billies, One Sweet World, Granny, and Bartender. I predict tomorrows show to bring down the house. Oh and I hope the guy that shined the lazer pen at Dave got his ass kicked. That kind of crap gets us a short show with weak jams, thanks ass. Well thats it and see you next year.
Jen C.
Slight drizzle during tailgating turned into a good half-hour of moderate rain during the opening band, but no one seemed to mind, as it was no surprise to us from South Florida. Oddly copying the West Palm 2001 concert, the rain stopped as the band stepped on the stage. I guess I technically called the opener as "CRUSH", even though I meant it as a joke. But WOW, I was just exiting the bathroom as I heard the bass licks, and I freaked!, but it was well-worth the freak-out, and it set a great mood. GREY STREET, awesome again, a definite highlight. I DID IT, eh, you know how it is, great energy of course but not one of my favorites. ONE SWEET WORLD, on the other hand, IS one of my favorites, I thought they were just teasing us with the intro... but they actually did it. GRANNY, always wonderful to hear the crowd scream, "Love!" YOU NEVER KNOW, I love this song, though most of the crowd seemed a little confused and couldn't get into it. GRACE IS GONE, beatiful song of course, couldn't be better. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, this was another pee break, but it was decent from what I heard. BARTENDER, an epic and brilliant song, Leroi was just.. wow. WHAT YOU ARE, I was impressed by the energy and power they put into it. EVERYDAY, of course a crowd-pleaser, very upbeat and fun, nice moment for Boyd to shine. WHERE ARE YOU GOING, another pee break (you know how it is), not a fan of this song so I pretty much ignored it. THE STONE, I was so glad to hear this, even if the crowd wasn't so into it, I was rocking out. TRIPPING BILLIS, holy cripes, absolutely incredible, blew me the hell away, the absolute highlight of the night. After this song, I was just glad no one in the band had a heart attack, and I can understand why the encore wasn't so spectacular. GRAVEDIGGER is a beautiful song though, I look forward to hearing it evolve. WWYS, crowd-favorite but lacking energy and could've been much better. Overall... no real extended jams, but an excellent setlist, flawless playing, and beautiful energy. Thank you, DMB.
Scott M.
Let me just say wow...crush as an opener, how great was that. Then he did Grey Street, very nice, first time live for me. Then he did I Did It, followed by One Sweet World. I was hoping for it, and i got it, and that intro was the greatest thing i've ever heard. Then he went into Granny, biggest suprise, but i lvoe that song so i was more than happy with it. I liked You Never Know, and Grace is Gone was nice too. When The World Ends, pretty good live, and Bartender had a hot jam at the end. What You Are, wow, amazing. So much energy there. Everyday was good with that #36 outro, but i kinda wish they would've mixed up the lyrics throughout the songs like they usually do. The intro into Where Are You Going confused me because i never heard it before, and i had no idea where they were going with it. But I liked it. The Stone came out of nowhere, but i love hearing it live. They played it at the last concert of theirs that i was at. Then Tripping Billies. Let me just say it was beyond amazing. Then i liked gravedigger, first time hearing it for me, and What Would You Say was different as a closer, I'm used to it as an opener, but had a nice jam in the middle of it. I was impressed. Overall, I'd have to say it was an amazing way to start off their summer tour.
Well, this was my 7th show...and as all of you know dmb NEVER puts on a bad show...but tonight was the closest they could of came to dissapointment...i just thought the setlist was really choppy and the emotion really wasnt there...On a more positive note, the new songs keep sounding better and better...YNK and Grey ST. are becoming instant classics...we got a knew tune tonight also called "loving wings" or something of the sort, very great guitar work by dave ole' boy...Highlights of the night were defintetely the most powerful stone i have ever herd and GRAVEDIGGER!!! omg, how could anyone sit during this song?!?! Its evolved soooo much since MSG...dave added a new bridge and all...damn, when the band gets their hands on that i KNOW FOR A FACT it will become a top 3 great setlist song!!! Well, anyways...pretty decent show,but kinda lacluster...tommorow night will definely be nuts!!
Overall, this was a good quality performance...probabally a little more mellow then some other performances but still had its own greatness. Started out with a great crush..which was jammed great...then into grey street which was awesome!!! I did it was next..nothing really to say about it..good straight forward version of the song..just glad it wasn't in the encore..One Sweet World was awesome...nice little intro to it..You never know it next and it is an awesome song..fa sheeze..standard grace is gone and when the world ends...great bartender..and what you are was next..which rocked the place..great lighting in it..but everyday was the song that was jammed with the fans...was just gonna be a regular everday with out 36 until we started singing 36..then boyd came in and then dave..it was awesome...loving wings...new song...it was sweet to hear it even though i didn't know what it was. where are you going was next...well done...then the stone....freakin awesome..and trippin billies..jammed out as usual..good last song...then the encore..gravedigger solo was very well done..although the song does spook me out..lol..then a standard what would you say..nevertheless...a song that i wanted to hear...overall..great show..every dave show is great..this one had a good feeling to it..Awesome.
I went to tonight's show expecting another amazing show like I saw last July at Ft. Lauderdale. My friend and I barely made it to our seats before Dave & the boys came out (missed the All Stars; were they any good?) and we were floored to hear such an awesome rendition of Crush. Unfortunately, we both came to the conclusion that the show had a good start and end, but we were disappointed as heck by the middle. I love Everyday and Lillywhite/Busted Stuff, but it gets old real fast when you're dying for the band to launch into #41 or I'll Back You Up or something along those lines. Chalk it up to fate that Saturday's set had some of my favorite songs, like Warehouse, Jimi Thing, AND Two Step. The concert was good, but I just felt like I dropped $50 on the wrong date. Nevertheless, a kinda lousy Dave Matthews concert is better than a great performance by almost anyone else, and I'm still glad I went. :)
This was my first DMB concert and I have to say I thought it was amazing...until I read the setlist for July 6th! The entire night I had been praying for them to play TWO STEP (my all time favorite song) and, as luck would have it, they performed it the next night...It's all good though, Crush was a wonderful way to start the concert. My other favorites were One Sweet World, Granny (great sing-along), Bartender, Where Are You Going, The Stone (absolutely beautiful), and Tripping Billies-everyone loved that one. A slow solo encore was to be expected after such an awesome performance, and What Would You Say definitely got me pumped up and was a nice ending to the night. It would have been helpful if they had played some kick-ass song in the middle of all the semi-emotional ones, but all in all I'd have to say it was a great show...I just wish I had bought Saturday tickets!
Sat front row center, the view was too good Mississippi allstars were pretty good, loved the drummer, he never quit. Crush- never thought they would open with this, so it was pretty much a surprise. Standard version. You Never Know- love this song, it keeps getting better and better! Everyday (36)- Awesome awesome awesome! I'm not sure how it was everywhere else but everyone up in the front started singing Honey honey come and dance with me, pretty soon Boyd actually joined in and Dave started singing it as well. Loving Wings- Great song, love the lyrics, I'm sure soon the rest of the band will be jammin it out more but for now it's pretty much a Dave solo. The Stone- Great surprise, don't know if it was on the setlist, a few people were yelling for it though. Tripping Billies- awesome version the band was going nuts, gotta love Boyd!
Aaron W.
What a great preformance by Dave and his crew. I had so bad vibes it was going to rain and it did but not to hard. This was my second dave concert that I have gone to. I thought the one last year was beter just because it was my first dave concert and they say your first concert is always the best, and it was also inside you didnt have to worry about bugs rain etc...They played my favorite song "the stone" and "one sweet world" and they opended with Crush wow it was an awsome night and I can't wait till next year.
Dan I.
MISSION TO MARS! Me and my friend Dawn (aka "The DMB Bandits") took an Independence Day pilgrimage 3,000 miles from San Francisco to Palm Beach to see Dave and the boys resume the tour. Friday show July 5th. I quickly forgot about the sweltering Florida humidity once they broke into Crush (yes I LOVE that song) and then it was such a treat to get both Grace Is Gone and Bartender in the same set. After clapping myself into an encore lather, I was a bit let down by Gravedigger ("dig" the song, just questioned the placement), but they made up for it with a What Would You Say farewell. Overall, the energy was not what I'm used to at a DMB show, but I wrote it off to the first day back from a layoff.
This was a Great Show! CRUSH, was a great way to start an awesome night!, neaxt was GREY STREET, in my opinon one of the best song off of Busted Stuff, very well done. I DID IT, suprizingly was not bad at all. ONE SWEET WORLD, was great as always especialy with the instrumental Intro. GRANNY, was a Suprize and very nicley done. YOU NEVER KNOW, not too many people knew the song therefore the crowd wasn't too into it, but i really like it! WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, very solid song, (is it just me or does the end of that song get cut off more and more every time they play it?)BARTENDER, very cool song i especialy like the extended violin intro. WHAT YOU ARE, is quickly becoming one of my favorite DMB songs and it was absolutley awesome this night, it started out with Dave singing what sounded like some sorted of oprea voice simmalar to that at the end of the Before These Crowded Streets version of Halloween. It was an unbeliveable song the whole way through,it has definalty made a change for the better from the Everyday version. EVERYDAY/#36, definalty one of the highlights of the evening. Boyd did an extended Violin intro like on #36 then the crowd started chanting ....HANI HANI COME AND DANCE WITH ME... it was unbeliveable, everyone thought Dave was goning to sing the #36 intro, but then he started into Everyday, after the Everyday lyrics were finished againg the crowd begins to chant ...HANI HANI COME AND DANCE WITH ME..., then finally Dave joins in ....HANI HANI COME AND DANCE WITH ME... it was Amazing. LOVING WINGS, it is really cool that we were the first ones to ever hear this song! which is a very cool song i might add! Loving Wings went right into WHERE ARE YOU GOING, this is a very good song i enjoyed it alot. THen THE STONE, this song came as a big suprize to me, it is one of my favorite song and i am really glad they played it. TRIPPING BILLIES, this was an another highlight of the night! especially Boyd he went crazy on this song it was great! it was the best version of Tripping Billies i have ever heard! A great way to end an AWESOME set! Now for the Encore, GRAVEDIGGER, this was my first time hearing it , and i really liked it. And last but definalty not least WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, what can you say about What Would You Say? besides its a great song especially on this night and it was a great end to an incredable night. I think the only thing that colud have made it better would be fore the Lovely Ladies to have made an apperance. i really hope the join DMB for the rest of the tour! All in all one of the better shows i've been too!
Derek N.
Tonight's show was my very first Dave Matthews Band show. I have been a fan for a very long time now, collecting shows and supporting the band for years but have not had a chance to go to a show. This year is different though and will now be seeing 3 shows in a week time span, but on to tonights review. I had great seats by the way thanks to the Warehouse. CRUSH: OMG hearing Stefan's 5 opening bass notes I just knew what I was in store for! I could not believe they opened with my favorite song. It was almost destined to be, my first concert and my favorite song played first thing. Excellent jam of the song! GREY STREET: From one great song into another. This is definitely my favorite song off of the LWS and BS. It has truly evolved into an amazing emotional song and I love the new "kicking out all the windows" lyric! I DID IT: Not really a big fan of this song but I must say hearing it live gives me a whole new respect for it. Very funky little song. ONE SWEET WORLD: Love this nice little song and the intro makes it even long. Good to hear it live. GRANNY: LOVE! BABY! Being my first concert I was surprised to get two great older tunes back to back. I felt quite fortunate. YOU NEVER KNOW: I first heard this song from a few shows I got from the spring tour. Such an amazing song and I was the only one in my row that knew the lyrics. GRACE IS GONE: I love the new evolution this song has taken. The slight country twang is really cool I think. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: One of my favorite Everyday songs. Good to hear it live and I just love how it just stops and the lights go out at the end, so cool. BARTENDER: I heard the intro into this song and I was like damn no Big Eyed Fish.hehe that's ok though this was an amazing performance of Bartender. Dave just wailed like crazy at the end. So great. WHAT YOU ARE: This song has become one in its own live. Such a better live song than on Everyday. EVERYDAY: When the first few chords were played I started belting out the hani hani's. I love how they have combined two great songs into one great live experience. The crowd really got into the hani hani's by the end of the song. LOVING WINGS: I had no clue what this was just a little guitar playing by Dave with some short lyrics and still evolving. Nice little intro into...WHERE ARE YOU GOING: Typical live version, but it was cool since it has been out for awhile now that everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics so it was cool to have everyone singing along. THE STONE: So cool to hear this live. One of my BTCS favorites. I enjoyed the lighting on stage during this song...I don't know it just stood out to me for some odd reason. TRIPPING BILLIES: It was funny right when they began to play this song Dave like rushed the mike and just started with the opening...startled me for a second hehe.but OMG Boyd Tinsley is insane! He just went nuts at the end of the song. Dancing around the stage with the violin, so great. GRAVEDIGGER: I had heard this from the MSG show but it has definitely evolved since then. The "ring around the rosy" lyric was cool. This is a very haunting song. Can't wait to see how it evolves. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: Nice way to end my first concert. Crowd was into it singing along. Overall the experience of going to my first show was amazing!