Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Norah Jones

Everyday *
Rhyme & Reason *
Captain *
I Did It *
#41 *
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro) *
Grey Street *
Digging a Ditch *
Lie In Our Graves *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
If I Had It All *
Where Are You Going *
What You Are *^
Long Black Veil +
Ants Marching *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo
^ tease of "Save Me" during intro

Eric W.
the first review!!! WHAT A SHOW !!! i must say it was short ... about 2 hours even from start to finish (shorter than last night and even shorter than usual) but the quality was incredible. BOYD was on fire all night !!! way to go brother. a night of some classic old school ... warehouse, ants marching, #41, lie in our graves. all i can say is that this may be the best quality show that i have seen (and i have seen quite a few). can't wait till tomorrow night for the camden finale ... then it's off to hershey!
James D.
Hello all! Great Show tonight. Short and Sweet. Not as long as last night, more uptempo, more fan friendly hits, but not as deep. It certainly rocked on all levels. Boyd Tore it up once again on LIOG. What you are is the shit! If I had it all was a poop break. The encore was sweet as shit Long black Veil solo was unreal, people in front of us needed to shut up though. Ants was unexpected the second night. Night #2 to summarize it all was a "DAVE SHOW"
Evan M.
WOW.... All I have to say is Wow!! First off, Dave was drinkin' some beer up on stage... He was noticeably tipsy and yelling in jibberish the entire night. Anyway, the show got off to a slow start, however it picked up quite quickly. I must say that being in the 3rd row is AMAZING.... it makes the entire show more fun! where to start? everyday,not my favorite opener. R&R, standard. Captain, I am really starting to like this song.I could have lived without I did it. #41(this is where the show really picks up), Awsome Jam... I love this song. Warehouse Fonz and Carter were really feeling the crowd on the stop time intro. Grey Street, I LOVE THIS SONG... Carter's fill at the end is just SOOOOOOOO amazing. Digging a ditch, settled down the crowd but it was nice. LIOG, WOW!!!! Boyd took control of this one... In the middle of boyds solo, Dave and Leroi left the stage... i dont know where they went ... but thats dave for ya. SMTS-> Too Much, standard. IIHIA, I really like this one too. What you are was standard... it just sounds like the cd. WHAT YOU ARE! I called it, but it still amazes me how powerful this song is. i love the aditional lyrics at the end. LBV was pretty cool as a dave solo... AND ANTS...... I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! awsome show, i really liked it. ROCK ON DMB
Jamie K.
Last night's show was definetely the better of the two so far. While this show was especially cool for it's dedication to older material (I think this might be the first show in a long time that the older songs were heavily favored over newer), hearing "Captain" and "Kit Kat Jam" for the first time ever full-band is still far more stunning. "Captain" today was as excellent as it was yesterday, though, and Long Black Veil as a Dave solo was nice. "Anyone Seen the Bridge" was a first for me, I'm glad I finally had the chance to hear it. Can't wait for tomorrow!
Ive caught every DMB show in Philly since 95 and have traveled far and wide to see them, and of all those shows, tonight was by far the worst show I've ever seen. I've been reading some reviews of other shows that talked about the lack of energy(overall) on the second night of back to back shows and boy could you see it tonight. They opened with a humdrum EVERYDAY/36 that just didnt sound right without the lovely ladies. I think the only highlights of the night was a long but uneven LIOG and a nice solo acoustic LONG BLACK VEIL in the encore. Lowlights(and there were many--never saw so many people sitting down at a show before): playing CAPTAIN for the second night in a row, predictable typical jam on the end of SMTS, I DID IT(nuff said), that annoying SMTS into TOO MUCH, a boring WAYG for the second night in a row, an IIHIA that was note for note the same as any other time Ive heard it, sleepwalking through DIGGING A DITCH, ending the set with WHAT YOU ARE(what kinda last song is that?), and closing the night with an ANTS that was about as long as the studio version. Believe me, I am a huge huge fan and I know there will be newbies out there who will say its the best show they've ever seen, but they need to stop scheduling so many shows or even take a year off to recharge. The jams are getting massively predictable and I'm finding myself just not liking them as much any more. My bad feelings began when they released Everyday and have continued to this day. Or maybe its just the $15 I paid to park in a crappy Camden lot which is just an ungodly rip off. On a positive note I do think they tore it up last night and I hope tomorrow night is better. Hope you have a good show!! Peace
John B.
Just got back from the show ... yes, it was shorter than most shows, but definitely very good. Very high energy set. They really didnt take a whole lot of time in between songs .. i think the heat was getting to them, so they wanted to move through the set as quickly as possible. Anyway ... on to a few quick notes from the show --- Everyday with #36 was a great opener .... the whole crowd had 36 going before the band even did, which was really cool. R&R - wouldnt expect it at this point in the set, but well played. Captain surprised me again - and it sounded wonderful - but seeing how much fun they seemed to have playing it both last night and again tonight, i think we'll see it a lot. I Did It - standard. #41 .. wow. great Roi solo especially. Didnt see this song coming at all - very welcome surprise. Warehouse - most fun stoptime intro EVER! Stefan was getting so into the "woo" thing ... every "woo" he jumped up and down pumping his fist, carter was getting into it too, it was great. Cant complain about a Grey Street repeat. Ditch - Yes! I really wanted to hear this, the crowd was so quiet during it, and it was played well. Great to hear this come back for the first time in a while. LIOG ... boyd is nuts. absolutely sick. His glasses fell off during his solo, but he didnt seem to care. Insane boyd solo followed by a nice Butch solo. Dave also messed up some lyrics in the beginning. Looked like Dave broke a string too, because he left stage during the butch solo and switched guitars. SMTS>ASTB>TM, fun as always. Stefan was jumping all around again during ASTB. If I had It All - dave really seemed to get into this one. Only the 2nd time i've heard it live, and I would say it was better than last year. WAYG - surprised me without Loving Wings, but standard otherwise. What You Are - i had really been waiting to hear this after all I read about it, and it did not disappoint. Extended intro with dave mumbling some lyrics really builds up the song well. Then the outro ... wow. So intense. This song has a come a long way from last summer's tour, and is definitely a great closer now, which i would have never said this time last year. encore: LBV - really well done Dave solo, I was thrilled to get to hear it. and then to end the night .. Ants! wow, I really thought this would end the 3rd night, but you gotta love when the band throws you for a loop like that. Carter went absolutely nuts at the end, Dave was all over the place. Overall: very solid show, great distribution from different albums, except BTCS ( 3 UTTAD, 4 Crash, 0 BTCS, 4 ED, 4 BS, 1 cover) Again, a little short on time (about 2:10 i think) but def not short on energy. Looking forward to what they might pull out on the 3rd night ....
Adam W.
WOW! That was a fantastic show! The setlist pleased everyone from the die-hard fans all through the novices that were on the lawn in the back that didn't pay much attention last night. I was in awe of the jam sessions Dave had during Lie in Our Graves, #41, and Warehouse; and even loved Grey Street for a second night. This was #10 concert for me, tomorrow will be #11. Right now I am watching the PBS special of Dave at Giants Stadium in '99, which also has an amazing setlist and enthusiasm. Can't wait for tomorrow!!
All i have to say is WOW!!! tonights show was prob the best show ive been to, or at least one of the best. it started out a little slow with EVERYDAY instead of #36 but everyone got into it with RHYME AND REASON. i was real glad to see that space between has yet to make an apperance in Camden, but on this second night, the band coundnt help themselves from playing that radio song, IDI. im extrememly tired now so im just gonna run through the highlights... #41 was very predictable but awsome, it was jammed out nicely and played to a good length. WAREHOUSE was incredible; it lifted the crowd so much and got everyone in the mood for an amazing evening to come. this was the first time ive heard DIGGING A DITCH at a show and it was pretty enjoyable. LIOG was simply the most amazing thing i have ever witnessed in my insignificant life; the song featured solos by Boyd, Boyd, Butch, Boyd, Stephan, and, oh right, Boyd. when LeRoi went to come in for his solo part during the jam period like on CD versions, Boyd just simply didnt stop playing and LeRoi was forced to put down his sax and eventually he and Dave left the stage for a good amount of time while Boyd, Butch, Carter, and Stephan rocked it out for a good 10 minuites by themselves, then Boyd eventually left for a few minuites to take a well deserved break, then the whole band came out to finish the song. SO MUCH TO SAY into TOO MUCH was just intense. it was just such a booster and kept the crowd alive even though everyone had been worn out by LIOG. Dave had a solo during TOO MUCH and danced his way through both these tunes. SO RIGHT was actually pretty good; its the 2nd time ive seen that song and its one of the more fun ones off of Everyday. this was also the first time that ive seen LONG BLACK VEIL and it was simply delightful. it was nice to see dave out there alone like for gravedigger and typical situation and i like how he now does 1 solo song as an encore. this lead into ANTS MARCHING which was as predictable as they come, but it was great to just see the whole band rock out for one last tune and for them to all play their hardest. Stephan, Butch, and LeRoi really got into this one and lead the others. It occured to me tonight how good the lighting is at all these shows; im not sure exactly who does the lighting, it must by people with the band rather than the venue because the music and lighting is just corolated so precisly that the people working it have to know the songs as well as good fans do. i would just like to give whoever it is that work the lighting alot of credit because if u think about it, the shows were so incredibly much diferent in the past when there were no lighting effects and its just amazing how much the lighting effects the atmosphere of the crowd and the magnitude of the songs. it also helps convey the tones of teh songs to the crowd almost like in movies, but these guys do it on the spot everynight.
good show tonight...a little disappointed it was only a little over 2 hrs long...but the quality of songs made up for it...EVERYDAY...great song to open up with...my best friend Jen called it...great mix into 36...RHYME AND REASON...good song standard version...CAPTAIN...nice song with full lyrics...I DID IT...decent song...this is where it got real good...AWESOME VERSION OF 41...BOYD WENT NUTS! WAREHOUSE! I was hoping they'd play this...Crowd went nuts with the WOO chant! THEN CAME GREY STREET...I love this song! made my night! DIGGING A DITCH...good song..Then Boyd stole the show with one of the best versions of LIOG I have ever heard! at least 15 minutes! Then came SMTS --> Too Much...great versions of both songs...IF I HAD IT ALL...good version...WAYG - nice sweet song...good version...Then WHAT YOU ARE...dave was screaming is head off for this one..I loved it....Then for the encore LBV Dave did alone...Then I thought they'd end with Tripping but instead pulled out ANTS...crowd went nuts...good show...see you all soon...
Ken P.
just got back from the show. its like 2:00 a.m. WOW!!! what a show. i saw last night's setlist and read about the energy there, didn't think it could be repeated. It certainly was. EVERYDAY what an opener with boyd playin the violin as they also threw in some #36. good mellow opener. then RHYME & REASON, a song definitely not played enough. CAPTAIN sounds good live, but it was the first time i heard it so can't judge it well. I DID IT only went like 5-6 mins which was enough for me. then #41 and a jam with it which was amazing practically right into WAREHOUSE. as sson as #41 ended, the opening "stop-time" intro started and was greeat. Then follwoed by a great great GREY STREET, which is likely my fav song. The new BS version is great with more lines each time the verse is played, and dave really seemed to put himself into it. supposedly LOVER LAY DOWN was replaced by DITCH literally seconds before they would have started, fine with me. it's a little too slow for me though. slower than the LWS. LIOG featured a spectacular jam with every band member gettin a turn to shine and they did. after the great jam came, in my opinion, the best segue of songs DMB has in SMTS->ASTB->TOO MUCH. the 3 songs had amazing energy that the crowd ate right up. IIHIA slowed the crowd down unitl the end when it picked up and WAYG is just a great song, startin to be overplayed, but a good song. closes with WYA with dark intro and screaming outro,very very good. Encore was LBV which is great with dave solo then ANTS to bring the crowd to an amazing close on a pretty amazing setlist and vibe that competes with last night. I'll see ya all again tomorrow and hopefully write about how seek up, billies, and gravedigger were. (others i wanted tonight)til 24 hrs from now, "eat, drink and be merry"
OK night 2, was it just me or we got really old songs on this night... i was hoping for more BUSTED STUFF but none the less it was good night not better then the first night but we got tomorrow night so we will see... they come out & i call the opener, Everyday (#36), the crowd was not into it at all. actually the crowd kinda blew nothing like last night, well my section at least... then they go into Rhyme & Reason, wow dave & boyd were awesome on this... then the first repeat of the night but who's complaining on this cus it was Captain, i just love this song.... then they play I Did It, what did i tell you guys yesterday, i knew it... goes into a sweet #41, but on nancies it says they do a Everyday outro i don't think they did that but anyway LEROI was the man he must had a good 5 min jam but nonetheless this song was like there's more to come... then they pull out the popular Warehouse & this is finally where the crowd got into singing woo-hoo, LEROI just blew me away on this as well, i'm just convinced this guy is just awesome... then finally they bring out some BS when they did Grey Street & Digging a Ditch... well Grey Street was so awesome as always & Digging a Ditch was nice & mellow cus we were going to get LIOG.... i love LIOG, BOYD finally tore it up like no other... but did anyone notice when Dave & Leroi left the stage & then Dave just appeared by BUTCH... i must say this song must of been like fifteen minutes maybe i'm pushing it but BOYD & BUTCH had some long jams in this song... then the popular SMTS-->TOO MUCH, but they graced us with a funky anyone seen the bridge interlude but TOO MUCH just blew me away with the lights & Dave had so much energy & wailing at the end of this song, it was so well done, i can't complain about this night at all... i was wondering where the Everyday songs were & then Dave pulls out If I Had It All, which to me was well placed in the setlist & i like this song alot off Everyday so it was all good... then comes WAYG but no Lovely Wings but that's ok, it was good anyway... then the best way to end the first set with a powerful WYA, when he was improvising, he said something like "get on your knees motherf*cker" wow so much energy & the crowd goes nuts during this song wherever i see them, i think this will be a closer for some time now, its just a great way to end the first set but it was only ten, which surprised me so they left for like 5 min or so & he comes out & plays Long Black Veil solo, & i called this as well... i love this song just with him, it sounds so good... & the band comes back out & they do ants marching which didn't surprise me cus they will end the 3rd night with Everyday... this song was so awesome how they ended it, so much energy & Carter finally did his thing.... well as far as tomorrow i hope to hear Raven & Busted Stuff, but i know PNP--> Rapunsel will end the first set, we will hopefully hear Jimi Thing, Pig, Seek Up (a guy can wish can't he???), & DIDO... well lets see how good i really am with calling songs but i'm on the lawn so hopefully i can find better seats so we will see but if not oh well as long as i see them its no biggie... see you guys here tomorrow...
Kevin F.
what a great show!!!!! i loved the everyday songs (if you read my review from last night, i'm not a fan of these songs)but they sounded nice. all i've gotta say is:#41,warehouse,smts,liog,long black veil, and ants.i've seen them about 15 times and i would put this in my top 5, without a doubt. digging a ditch and grey street were very nice busted stuff songs. tonight was more like a regular show not a cd release party for busted stuff, and i enjoyed every second of it
Erich W.
So far, I liked night 1 better than night 2, but this show wasnt a write off in the least bit. I found a nice place on the lawn behnd a pillar so i didnt see anything on stage, but i closed my eyes and listened while i danced, and what i heard was definatly top notch. I thought the repeats of last nights show were so-so, but the fireballs that were LIOG and #41 definatly made up for that. What You Are was a surprisingly nice set closer, very high ended energy there, and the Long Black Veil was also really well done solo. I hadnt liked that song before, but solo it definatly takes on a new light. The shows definate standout wasnt the performance though, it was the people i talked to. I met a wonderful pair of friends that came from Germany and Italy just to see the band, and thats totaly cool. So im definatly looking forward to tomorrows set, as it should hopefully top the last two nights :)
Crassher71@aol.com .
This show was the 5th show that I have gone to in the last 2 years ... and it was one of the best! That is because my friend & I made it up to the front right in front of the stage. This band is just amazing ... and Dave Matthews posesses so much raw talent it is awesome!!! Tomorrow (7/18 at the Tweeter in Camden, NJ) will be my 3rd show this week and I cannot wait!!
I gotta say that I was more than a little disappointed by the performance last night. I have been trying to see Dave for a number of years but couldn't afford it so this was my first show(although i have seen several other concerts). I have always been a BIG fan of DMB but really didn't know what to expect. I have heard stories from friends about the "frat party"like atmosphere but had no idea what it would be like. The music was fine.... was glad to hear a number of songs like #41, LIOG, Ants... but the atmosphere SUCKED. First of all, the Tweeter Center is absolutely useless. We had lawn seats(no $$$ to upgrade) and felt that the stage seemed a whole world away. My friends all agreed that it feels like you are on the outside looking in the whole time, at least until the sun set and you couldn't tell there was that obvious divide. Secondly, what is up with the people at these concerts? i have been to lots of other concerts before and never have i ever seen so many sloppy drunks. I swear i saw at least 10 people puking. I feel like DMB concerts have turned in to glorified high school parties where people go just to say they went (and an excuse to party) rather than to hear some good tunes. Now I'm all for partying to have a good time but throwing up over railings at a concert?! Anyway, I suppose it didn't help that the entire concert we stood behind a group of 6 or so obviously wasted high school girls probably drunk for the 1st time. Not only were the literally falling in to us, they spent the ENTIRE concert trying to think of people to call on their cell phones. Once they thought of a person's name they would scream in the phone "Lisa, we're at DMB.... [hold phone up to the air] Dave LOVES you!" It was ridiculously annoying. Anyway, I'm not sure what this message proves since it won't get me back all the money (i won't even get started... what a ripoff for tickets like those) but at least i've got this off my chest. The music was good but the atmosphere killed my high... literally. All in all, I'm glad that i finally got to a show to say I've been but i won't be going again. I can think of plenty of better ways to spend my money.
Rue S.
I think this was my twentieth show, give or take, since 94 and I've gotta say it was the absolute worst show I've witnessed Dave put on. There was no energy until around "Too Much," which was 3/4 of the way through the set. "LIOG" was great because of Butch Taylor's amazing playing and "Long Black Veil" solo was awesome. Everything else was little more than what's on the CDs. I love DMB, but this show sucked big time. Also, if you're going tonight, unless you have seats I would skip Norah Jones. She is totally incredible, but super mellow and it's very hard to get into from the lawn. VERY mellow.
Dan K.
The Tweeter Center, my second home for the summer, and I'm hear to see DMB. Not bad for a Wednesday night. Overall, the setlist was very solid. A good collection of old and new songs, with great placement of slow/mellow songs to calm us down from dancing our hearts out. The beginning (after Everyday) was weak, but recovered after #41. LIOG was very sloppy in the beginning, and it seemed they couldn't jam it out as much as they did at the FU Center on 4/10 cause of that. Only problem with the night was the concert was TOO DAMN SHORT. Two hours and 5 minutes? I do not expect that from a DMB show. I hope it's longer tonight, and they pull out some rare stuff for 3rd night Camden, the first 3rd night show since last year at the Gorge. Rock on.
Jake S.
This is the 45th dmb concert I have been to and it was probably the shortest one clocking in around 2 hours or so. It was just a erratic night. I personally loathe the tweeter center despite a good crowd. DMB just didnt seem to have the energy it usually has had. This wasnt the worst show I have seen but it was just the same old stuff. Lie in our graves was great but typical. I have realized the middle night of these night stands are usually short and to the point. Captain i personally dont like but its a beautiful song. Grey Street is a great song though. I was just shocked it ended so abruptly. Long black veil will always suck to me it just doesnt work for me. The people who tell u it was a awesome are "everday" fans or novices. Just a erratic show like this review.
Mark Y.
WOW!!!! Amazing show, if not the best show I've ever seen it ranks right up there. Only complaint was that it was a wee bit short, but they sure packed in enough high-energy fan favorites tonight to make up for it. Everyday/36 as the opener set the tone for a fun-filled upbeat show. #41 sounded great, but then again has ever been any other way. Warehouse really got the crowd going with the Woooo and Stop-time intro. Grey Street sounded much better tonight then last night. Boyd tore Lie in Our Graves to shreds. The new and improved What You Are works great as a set closer. You can never go wrong with Ants as the closer. The atmosphere at the Tweeter Center was awesome tonight and you could tell the guys were feeling it.
Last nite was my 6th show. It was pretty decent, but so short! I would have expected What You Are to be the halfway point....not the end. But I did have a great time. It was awesome to hear Captain. I really like the new lyrics. I wish they would stop playing I Did It though. If I could have one thing, that's all I'd want. But they made up for it with an orgasmic 41, and Warehouse. LIOG was excellent with Boyd tearing it up as usual and a really beautiful solo by Butch. Grey Street was a surprise since I think they played it the nite before too. I'm kinda glad they played DAD instead of LLD cause I'd never heard the former, and it was really sweet. One thing though...did no one else hear Dave scream "Get down on your knees motherfuckers" during What You Are? I almost lost it! LBV was nice, Ants was typical (well I wish it had been Typical. lol) All in all a pretty good show with a lot of old tunes. Ring-a-ling-a-ling, Dave. That man cracks me up. Have a good time tonite, y'all. I hope it's better than last nite.
Jim R.
Last night was my second show, and it was unpredictable to say the least. i would give good money to anyone who could predct more than four songs on that list. biggest surprise: first night that Loving Wings and Gravedigger are not played, a little dissapointing, yet i ahve to offer it up to the unpredictability of this band. to start things off ED was very cool, especially with boyd's kickin intro(he owned tonight, awesome jams on every song). rhyme and reason was really nice to hear, especially so early in the set. same goes for captain. IDI was incredibly funky, I'm definetly beginning to enjoy that song live, they gave it some real balls(methinks that butch is the reason for this. then the best song of the night, 41. though it is not my favorite song roi and carter were amazing on this tonight. warehouse was fun, i realy don't mind the woos that much. they kept the energy going with grey street which was more or less standard. diggin a ditch was next, the first time i've heard this live with the full band, i thought it seemed to be in the wrong spot in the setlist though, it probly would have worked better later on. LIOG was next and, though its been played a lot this tour, it was on tonight, especially cuz butch got a turn to solo, and he did it real nice, definetly chill. the usual smts-astb-too much came afterward pickin up the energy. if i had it all was standard. WAYG was the same, nothing different from letterman or last call. WYA closed the set, interesting closer, the hallelujah intro was trippin and it is definetly one of the ED songs that have gotten a treatment on the road. the encore was cool, LBV w/ dave solo(he was obviously wasted at this point) ants closed an exciting show and im glad i went. overall between songs there was a good bit of incoherent davespeak which was funny. the tweeter center is a cool place to see shows, and the ferry is the safest way to get there. also props to the people from turkey hill handing out free ice cream before the show!!
AMAZING SHOW! better then last night. EVERYDAY: nice chill opener, didnt expect it. RYHME AND REASON: i personally love this song, got the crowd really into it. CAPTAIN: GREAT GREAT SONG, heard it last night, wouldnt mind hearing it again night 3. I DID IT: YUCKKKKKKKKK 41: my alltime favorite song, THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! standard version, no leroi flute after boyds solo though. WAREHOUSE: my second alltime favorite song. standard version, but still great. GREY ST: great song, always a pleasure to hear. DIGGING A DITCH: o k version, im not that crazy bout this song buts its not space between so its cool. LIE IN OUR GRAVES: love this song, so great to hear. first for me at a concert. SO MUCH TO SAY -> ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE? -> TOO MUCH: oh man, so awesome. my sister loves SMTS, she went nuts when dave started the riff. i knew they would play this into too much, so great to hear. IF I HAD IT ALL: this is one of the better everyday songs, so thats cool. WHERE ARE YOU GOING: really starting to like this song a lot, nice version. WHAT YOU ARE: great great song. really the only song off everyday that i would like to hear in concert. LONG BLACK VEIL: love this song, never heard it before live, so thats awesome. ANTS MARCHING: predictable but still awesome nonetheless. crowd went nuts for this song. all in all, great show. IMHO definitley better then night 1. cant wait for night 3. pantala into rapunzel is the only songs i know for sure they will play, but i have no idea what else. SEE YOU GUYS THERE!!!!!!!
Adam Z.
WOW!!!!!!!!!! ALl i can say is PHENOMINAL!!!!!...This blew away the first of 3 shows at Camden. What a great night...If i had it all and what you are were awesome live. hearing rhyme and reason for the first time live was a great addition.i was surprised he didnt play When the World Ends like he did in all other shows but thats alright. Lie In Our Graves(hence it was long but the instrumentals were great) drove me crazy i was so excited to hear it.The encore (long black veil/ants marching) compared to last nights (gravedigger/two step) was better in my opinion. Ants Marching drove the crowd nuts(what a fun crowd tonight was lol) Fans would cheer D-M-B till the encore..I think the band appreciated that..I wonder how dave can possibly top this one tomorrow.
Last night's show was incredibly well played. It may have been a bit shorter than usual, but it was extremely hot out there. DMB played my top 3 #41, Warehouse and LIOG. I don't think I have ever heard #41 and Warehouse back-to-back, I was going nuts. 14th show overall, definitely in the top 3.
A group as talented as DMB gave me somewhat of a sub-par performance last night. This was my 5th show, and I think the band needs something new, or is just exhausted. I say the show was 60% bad, 40% good. Here are the lowlights: the sound and lighting for the show could have been much better. When I go to a concert, I want to hear the music being played loud, and I just didn't think it was loud enough. The lights could have been cued a lot better and would have looked cooler if they'd done a better job in some spots. "I did it" just sucks, and Rhyme and Reason is ok, but not a great song. The best section was in the middle with SMTS>TM, but no ASTB? LIOG is just now way too predictable. A band that talented should be able to switch up the jams once in a while, and the song wasn't really that long anyway. OK... here are the highlights. I liked Everday for an opener, and it was great to hear LBV solo and Ants Marching as a closer. DMB needs to start improvising a little more and the fans need to get into the music instead of sitting there not knowing the words to songs.
Tuba M.
This was my first DMB show, and i must say, i was absolutely blown away. My personal favorites were of course, LIOG (my favorite DMB song ever!), SMTS, Too Much, and Ants Marching. The whole jam where Dave left was just amazing. In my opinion, that song could have lasted forever and i wouldn't have cared. It just showed what amazing musicians they all really are. Watching they're hands just blows the mind. Boyd was absolutely on fire allll night, and LeRoi rocked on all the sax parts. SMTS and Too Much are just such musically exciting songs, hearing them live blew me away. ANts marching was an amazing closer, and i was expecting it. Well, it was an amazing first show for me. Hope everyone had a great show!
Ryan H.
Great Show 4th overall, and they keep getting better. Some small dissapointments, no Crush or Gravedigger, but nothing to bring the show down. Hopefully I'll hear them on the 26th. Back to teh show. Tight thats all you can say about tonight. Dave, Boyd, Fonzi, Roi, Carter, and butch were Jazz Tight. EVERYDAY- nice to hear as an opener, Cool wah wah on the violin. R&R- Never heard this live great song nice to hear the old tunes. CAPTAIN- I've like this song since it was caller Crazy, nice song live. IDI- ehh heard it at every concert since the album came out. would have been nice to hear Rapunzel. #41- I could tell they were gonna play it... I LOVE the new jams. they were great Boyd's was longer than it used to be and Roi just tore it up. WAREHOUSE- didnt hear this once live yet. and what a great first time to hear it. The WOO's in the intro were awesome. GREY STREET- Always a favorite. this song has come so far since 2000. DAD- calms the soul, need I say more. LIOG- One of the best I've heard live. I was hoping they would play this so i could whip out the lighter. Boyd's solo was terrific. SMTS->(ASTB)Too Much- Always gets the blood running after the Jams. Bridge was funky. Suck it up Fuck it up. IF I HAD IT ALL- Nice song on the Everyday album nice to hear live again. WAYG- Oh Yeah. I knew I was gonna hear this tonight. I really wanted to hear Loving Wings but maybe next time. WHAT YOU ARE- definatly the song of the night. The passion intro was long and great. The visuals they had on teh screens were so cool. the song had so much emotion, it was crazy. then the outro was the shit right away Dave wails "Get On Your Knees Motherfucker", and I just flipped out and so did everyone else. it was a great closer. ENCORE-I really wanted to hear Gravedigger. Would have made my night, but hearing LBV was damn good. The Roi took out his sax out and I thought it was gonna be PNP-Rapunzel, but then the rim shots started and it was all good. All in all great concert. first time at Camden and I'll probably go back...unless he goes to Giants next year.
Lauren H.
Well where do I begin??? This show was amazing...by far the best show in all of my 8 shows. I knew it was going to be a good show once they opened w/Everyday. That was a great opener that really got the crowd going. However, the best part of the show was def LIOG...that song just makes me want to jam w/boyd. Especially last night he went buck!! The show was non stop energy...Stefan was jammin like i've never seen and dave was doing he infamous dances more than i've ever seen. All in all it was a great show...i can't wait for tonight! bye!