Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Spearhead

onstage 8:13pm
Cry Freedom (tease)
Grey Street *
Captain *
#41 (Everyday outro) *
Proudest Monkey * -->
Satellite *
Don't Drink the Water *
You Never Know *
Big Eyed Fish -->
Bartender *
I Did It *
The Space Between *
Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics) *
Jimi Thing *
Digging a Ditch *
When The World Ends *
What You Are *
offstage 10:22pm
onstage 10:31pm
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Cry Freedom (tease)
Tripping Billies *
offstage 10:51pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Boy was my instinct correct! I felt going into tonight that it was going to one of the best shows because a)the show reviews/setlist from Sunday night were luke warm; b)they had a night off last night; and c)it was pouring rain for 3 hours leading up to DMB hitting the stage. There was just something in the air tonight (much like Foxboro last year Fathers Day). I blindly and optimistically predicted a JTR opener (the rain thing) but was more than happy with the Grey Street opener. Did you see that setlist? Fantastic. What scares me is that there will be some jackasss that will say this show wasn't very good. I honestly can't imagine what was not to like about this show. I'll be the first to say if a show was just ok (see Boston 2nd night this past spring). This was my 6th show and I couldn't have asked for more. Sure, no Ants or Two Step, but for "classics" we got 41, DDTW, PROUDEST MONKEY, Satellite, Jimi Thing, and TRIPPING BILLIES as a close (FINALLY my first TB)! All Busted Stuff tunes were right on, particularly Bartender... man that song never disappoints. "What You Are" was a tremendous close to the set, especially for me because I've loved that song since day 1. I really feel bad for anybody that missed tonight... the place was just electric from beginning to end. Next (and final)stop - Hartford Fri night....C'mon, boys, give me ANTS!
yea ummm, AMAZING!!!! definately 4 out of 5 stars....we didnt get ants, lie in our graves, crush, two step, stay, warehouse, pig, or watchtower (which were all ones i was routing for) but we still got a few really good ones. the surprise of the summer i think is that he played "proudest monkey" which he NEVER EVER plays anymore....Grey Street was a great opener...crazy was good, but it let the crowd drift cause no one knows all the new lyrics yet. #41 rocked, got everyone on their toes again, Proudest Monkey sent me through the roof, and Satellite was a sure bet for a follow up but great none the less. DDTW was ferocious and You Never Know was very sweet and well played. I liked it alot. BEF--->Bartender was great as always. I Did It is still only a good time killer, but improved from last year for sure. Space Between was standard, KKJ was cool, especially better with lyrics. JimiThing was a surprise, but welcomed at that. dave has certainly improved his solo for that one, Diggin a Ditch was cool, WTWE was ok, and what you are, granted it was a good showing (dave played it real mean like, it was cool) it doesnt belong as a closer. Loving Wings was cool to hear finally, Where Are You Going was decent, but BILLIES was the true higlight of the night.....BOYD WENT NUTS on his solo, the best way to end the night. it was great for sure!!!
Joe R.
DID THEY JUST PLAY PROUDEST MONKEY??!! Yeah I believe they did and I believe that was the greatest concert I've ever been to. It was ninth and third this year. The venue was awesome, the sound was awesome and the band was on tonight. They opened with GREY STREET which kicked ass. Word for word with the studio version of it. CAPTAIN was next. I was pretty excited to hear it for the first time. Then #41 which was unbelievable. Boyd and Roi tore it up on this one. Dave sang the Everyday outro as well. Then the most random, most incredible thing happened. I was trying to determine what the hell he was playing then all of a sudden it clicked, PROUDEST MONKEY was amazing. Never in my life did I even think for a moment he would play this song. It was great. It went right into SATELLITE which was actually pretty cool since I haven't heard it in a while. DON'T DRINK THE WATER was next and the crowd went nuts. Dave was just wailing on this song. YOU NEVER KNOW came next and was pretty standard. Then the ole BIG EYED FISH into an absoloutly incredible BARTENDER. I've never seen Dave go this nuts at the end of Bartender. Something special. I DID IT sucked like it always does. I'm sorry it just doesn't do anything for me. SPACE BETWEEN was next which was nice to hear. Then KIT KAT JAM. The band gets into this song a lot. Very cool. JIMI THING with an unbelieveable jam at the end was a big highlight for me. First time hearing this since 2000. DIGGING A DITCH was nice song to rest too. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS was standard but I'm starting to love the end of it. Then what I've been waiting for, WHAT YOU ARE kicked ass. The intro and outro definitly make that song something very special. Very very intense. LOVING WINGS was nice but I couldn't really hear it and obviously it went right into WHERE ARE YOU GOING. Another crowd pleaser. Then finally the most incredible TRIPPING BILLIES I ever heard. Boyd tore it up. Probably my favorite show out of the 9 I've been to. DMB just keeps getting better. See ya'll in Hartford on Thursday.
Joseph M.
Dave should have called this the Busted-Day Tour!!! I have to admit, it wasn't too bad, but I was a little disappointed. About half of the songs from the setlist were from Busted stuff, and another quater were from the Everyday album. Highlights of the night were definately songs not from these two albums. It was great to hear Jimi Thing and Proudest Monkey was a very big surprise. Closing with Tripping Billies was unbelievable, especially since I had never heard it live before. Don't get me wrong, all the songs were great, Captain and You Never Know rocked, I really love these songs. Big Eyed Fish-->Bartender was great, What You Are, another awesome song, but I just wish Dave had a little more variety tonite, especially seeing He was only playing one night in Boston. I would have liked to hear maybe 41, Warehouse, JTR, or even Recently. Out of the 6 shows I've been to, this one was a little disappointing, but I'm really looking forward to Hartford and Saratoga, hopefully Dave can brighten my spirits a little bit after a dark and rainy night in Boston!
Timothy Z.
It was the final week of classes, freshmen year in high school when I walked softly onto the lawn of Great Woods for my first DMB show. I never thought 6 summers, about 10 other venues around the East Coast, and almost 30 shows later I'd be returning to the same place to enjoy their mastery again. The name of the place has changed, the lawn is no more, and Dave dresses a little better, but so much has remained the same- the best live band around continues to do their thing. The parking lot was a splendid scene.. we were splashing around with a frisbee, some lovely beverages, and rain-soaked grilled meat. Little Proudest Monkey tease from Dave and then Grey Street was an awesome opener as usual. Captain caught the audience mostly dumbfounded but I've waited patiently for years to hear this live and I'm happy to finally have done so. #41 with the Everyday outro was a crowd pleaser. Then the tease found fruition.. Proudest Monkey, having not swung down from its branch in just about two years, was resurrected and played perfectly. Continuing into Satellite had a very Red Rocks, circa 1995 feel. Couldn't believe it, especially since this wasn't part of the setlist planned beforehand. DDTW reminded me of Leave Me Praying and that first awesome Great Woods encore I saw so long ago. Great jam on Bartender but Jimi showed it up a little later. I Did It was enthusiastically booed upon completion, which amused me greatly. Having drowned myself with "Busted Stuff" in the cd player for a week straight, the electric guitar made me cringe. Kit Kat Jam was damn chill, loved it. Everyone ripped up on Jimi Thing.. so proud of Lil' Davie every time he adds a little more to his guitar solo towards the end. But Roi and Boyd still shine brighter. What You Are has become a hauntingly bad ass DMB tune. It used to be a piece of Glen Ballard nastiness, but hanging out with the boys on the road for a couple tours has loosened it up and made it something that the band can come at you with much harder (thus its adequate roll as set-ender). After a painstakingly long nine minutes, Loving Wings was fresh and beautiful. Don't think Dave will ever run dry of love song material, and that's wonderful. Billies was a cool closer because I adore the Nature intro and a taste of that made things special. Boyd- unbelievable. But that's nothing new. Now Hartford lies in waiting. craziness at the Red Roof Inn down the road from the Meadows, several days of only eating at the sketchy McDonalds on the same road. Can't wait!! Tonight was truly wonderful.
Patrick O.
THe most amazing show i have seen of Dave's i've been to 26 of his shows and this was by far the best a great mix of old stuff with new...and solos that would of impressed the most avid fan....you all should of been there it was a night to remeber...especially because i ask my girlfriend to marry me and she said YESSS!!! have a great night all
Bobby N.
Jiminy criminy! What a frickin amazing show they put on tonight! Roi spent half the show sans-sunglasses, Boyd went off on Jimi Thing like none other, and Kit Kat Jam was off the hook. Loving Wings was also tight... I can't wait to hear it when it's a finished piece. All in all, an outstanding setlist, and during the grand finale Tripping Billies, it seemed like Carter kept closing up the song, but Boyd and Dave were like "no way man" and just kept on playing... It was sweet.
All that i can say is WOW. This was my first DMB show ever and what a show it was to start off with. Grey Street i love, and they opened it off with great precision and power to get the crowd pumped. Next they followed that up with Captain, which i wanted to hear live. It sounds great! After Captain i could only wonder, and what do they play next but one of my favorites #41. It was EXCELLENT. They sounded so great. I was really into the Everyday outro too. Got the crowd yelling "Everyday"! Then just when it can't gte any better, they play Proudest Monkey. I thought something wonderful was happening as i listened to this song, and when i got home tonight i checked what it was. Well it hasn't been played for 2 years!!! I got to be a part of the return of Proudest Monkey!! And next they threw in another great song, Satellite. Lots of energy, had the crowd going. DDTW was extremely great, and they played this with magnificent power and emotion (as well as the WHOLE concert!!!)YNK, i was sure they were going to play this because they've played it just about every concert since BS and boy was i glad that they did. I loved it on the CD and somehow DMB managed to make it even BETTER live. Then BEF came on, a song me and my friend had been hoping for since we like this song a lot. EXCELLENT. That went straight into Bartender, and wow what a great version. They held the jam out on this song for what seemed like forever. Magnificent. And never have i seen so much emotion and deep lyrics as in Bartender. IDI came after that. I wasn't crazy about the song on Everyday, but i thought that it sounded great live and it got the crowd singing. After that The Space Between, which i think is a nice song and this also had the crowd singing. Also, like it was on key, when he sang the line in the song about rain it started raining up there on the lawn like it was on key. The crowd up there roared. I then got to hear Kit Kat Jam which i think is a great little jam song. Really into it. Again sounded even better live. Now what would Dave surprise us with? A kickace version of Jimi Thing that i never saw coming. Thought it was a great jam on Bartender, well this jam even outdid that one. Once again the band took a step up and got the whole crowd into a great groove. Then came Digging a Ditch. Pretty great song there. Played flawlessly. When the World Ends, i am really getting into this song. I started getting into it when i kept watching it on the bonus DVD from Busted Stuff, and now i'm really into it, great song. Then what i thought to be a great and powerful setlist closer, What You Are was played with extreme power and feeling. Awesome job there! Then the longest 9 minutes of my life came as i stood jumping and screaming for Dave to come back out (with the little voice i had left from singing so much throughout the night) and finally after what seemed like forever there they were. I got to hear Loving Wings for the first time, and was really into it. Good song, and they played it out for a few good minutes too. Glad to finally hear it. Then WAYG, like this song really loved the live version great. Now they're killing me with anticipation as Stefan changes bass's and Dave goes around talking to the other members of the band? I had no idea what was coming. And then the openinf riffs to Tripping Billies rang out through GreatWoods! I just started screaming and got into a great groove. I couldn't have thought of a better way to close off the night. I love that song and really wanted to hear it and there it was. Sweet version, Boyd and Leroi and the whole band just took off on it. They had the crowd screaming. Awesome concert, especially my first one. Couldn't have asked for anything else. AWESOME is all i can say. Peace, love, DMB!!!!!!
Jim A.
By far the best set I have seen all year. Even though not mentioned in the set list...41 into everyday tease was completely unexpected and delightful. The crowd was sucking up every drop of energy that dave and the guys were spewing out continuously. Bartender!!! much emotion and effort put into this jam by the whole band. Loving wings proved to be a nice little segue into wayg. Space between with rain references just got the crowd on their toes. Satellite and Proudest Monkey took us back a few years, and with the crowd as lively as it was, even I did it was rocking.Well, off to Hartford for two nights.
Patrick P.
Dave Matthews Band impresses veteran fans and newcomes alike, with this smooth and grooving show. Starts off with a very powerful performance of Grey Street, my all-time favorite song. #41 was a real crowd pleaser and fans quickly sang along with Dave's Everyday outro. The Summer 2002 debut of Proudest Monkey complemented the relaxed atmosphere of tonight's performance. Don't Drink The Water actually caught my attention tonight. It's not really a favorite song of mine but I really enjoied Dave's and Boyd's energy on this piece. After Massachusetts first saw the live debut of You Never Know, the song is back around again tonight, this time more recognized because of it's release on Busted Stuff. After listening to the B.S. track, I really appriciated being able to hear it again live. Big Eyed Fish was well done and it's cut straight into Bartender was perfect. I Did It and The Space Between were well done songs for the Everyday fans. Kit Kat Jam with the lyrics was a real treat for all of us that missed them on Busted Stuff. Jimi Thing and Digging a Ditch again points to an overall smooth theme in the setlist, with lots of slow and mellow but jam-packed songs with faster more powerful songs placed in between. When the World Ends featured lovely background graphics featured by Digital Juice. What You Are proved to be a powerful song to stop with. Fans were in for another treat when Dave walked out with Loving Wings. Still pretty rough, I enjoied seeing the individual members contribute to the song right before our eyes. Where are you Going seemed out of place in the encore, I would have left it in the regular set. Tripping Billies turned out to be a very well done closer, as Dave, Boyd, and Carter poured everything they had into the performance. Tonight's performance proved to be terriffic as Dave pulls off another great show! What impressed me most was the well done video effects done by the crew, hats off to all of you. Cheers!
Tonights concert was awsome! Just want to give a shout out to everyone in section 13, we were having a great time! And boy were we wet!!! Opened with Grey Street, and I wasn't expecting this as an opener, but it was hot just the same. Than the new Captain, and I don't know the new words yet so I was singing the old ones and forgetting that I was totally off! Than Dave was strumming around and I could just tell #41 was coming up, and I screamed "41!!" and people around me were like "no way" and then the first chord came out and I knew right away that I was right! God I love this song, Boyd and Roi were just tearing it up!! Prodest Monkey, uh, where did this come from?! I wasn't exactly sure what it was at first, but definitly a suprise. Satelite! It was my first time hearing this song live, and I really liked the energy, I think part of it came from that everyone knows that song, even if its their 1st or 100th show. DDTW was intense, as always!! You Never Know is a good song, but its still growing on me, and it took me awhile to get into it live. Big Eyed Fish rocked my world!! Dave was singing "stay up your f*cking tree" and the crowd went nuts! I love when he swears! And then everyone thought that Grace is Gone was coming up, but I knew Bartender was next, and this song is beautiful!! Dave was hitting those notes like I've never heard them before!! I Did It, well they did it, and you can't avoid it. Space Between was great, it started to rain again during this song, kind of symbolic I think! Next was Kit Kat w/words, it was alright, the song is still growing on me, its fun to dance to though. I wish they kept the lyrics on the CD. Jimi Thing was HOT! They were jamming and really feeling the crowd, and everyone was feeling them of course! Digging a Ditch was typical, I've never been a huge fan of this song live. When The World Ends is a great song, I love it live, its just more upbeat. What You Are is such a wonderful song, I think its my favorite off of Everyday, it doesn't have the feel that most of the other songs have on that CD. Tonight was my first time hearing Loving Wings, and although it was pretty, I have a hard time hearing songs for the first time at shows, I think it makes them difficult to get into. Where are you going, you knew it was coming, and everyone around me was pointing at the band during "where you are is where I belong" because its very true! Tripping Billies! AHH, first time hearing that song, usually not a big fan of it, but damn was it hot. All in all, one of my favorite shows, the vibe, the people, the rain, everything just clicked. Woohoo!!
Wow...what a show. I mean, any show with a Proudest Monkey -> Satellite. That's just crazy. Although, to make a correction, that was a "Cry Freedom" tease to begin the show, and a "Cry Freedom" tease before "Tripping Billies" in the encore. Okay, onto the show First of all, the fans SUCKED. Horrible fans. Had some drunk lady behind me spilling beer all over the place. Everytime the TV screens were darkened, she started screaming about putting Nick at Nite on or something like that. On the other hand, the sound was great. The band seemed to be on tonight. Boyd didn't really seem to be into it, but, doesn't matter, he was still great. Not to mention that my friends met Leroi before the show. What a great way to start the show...deciding not to walk with your friends, them coming back w/ autographed ticket stubs. I was hoping that wasn't going to indicate my night. Thank god it didnt. Onto the show. Cry Freedom Tease 1 - Dave came onstage, and after noodling around for a bit, comes up to the mic and says "Hands and feet are all alike". Whoaaa.... Grey Street - My friend called this one. Great, strong way to open up the show. Standard, but obviously great. Captain - First time hearing it full band, sounds great. Wished it was the Lillywhite Captain though... #41 - Wow, what a great 41. A stop-time, Everyday outro. It was amazing. Proudest Monkey - WOW! "Am I hearing this?" that's all I could think about...then, the unexpected, yet known... Satellite - That just completed it. I could've gone home right now and been so happy. When was the last time that was done? Dunno... DDTW - Liking the newer DDTW's with the faster paced verse buildup...Brought the energy back up. You Never Know - Such a beautiful song. It's already evolving, with a nice Carter extended stick intro. Big Eyed Fish - Saw the 12-string, and called Bartender, but, hearing Big Eyed Fish, you knew what was coming next. Songs evolving, sounds great...liked the old lyrics better though... Bartender - Self explanatory. What Bartender isn't absolutely incredible? I Did It, Space Between - I like to call it the "One-Two Punch". Just when you thought you were down for the count, he hits ya with the counterpart. Ahh well, time to sit and rest i guess... Kit Kat Jam - Wow! Absolutely crazy live. Not sure if I'm partial to the lyrics or the non-lyrics. Brought back the GOOD energy. Jimi Thing - Wow...I haven't heard this since summer of last year, and they really evolved the jamming. They changed it into some funky, scat type jam in the middle. Had to be within 20 minutes. Just great. Digging A Ditch - There goes the momentum. Nice song, but not great to hear live. When The World Ends - Never liked this song, still don't. Maybe if they jammed out the end. What You Are - I'm loving the intro. Really brought the energy back up to close out the show. Great version. Loving Wings - First time hearing it. It sounds relatively good. Hoping it'll evolve more...into.. Where Are You Going - Thank GOD they didn't close with this, I was going insane thinking they were closing with this. I'm already sick of the song. Already overplayed. Just not DMB potential. Just when you thought it was over... Cry Freedom Tease 2 - Yeah...they teased Cry Freedom again. Right before they broke into the Nature intro. Sure, it woulda been great to hear, but not to close the show, so I was kinda upset.... TRIPPING BILLIES - WOW! What a great way to end a show. Always will be. The fool-proof method. Had the crowd going, boyd going, stefan going, carter going.....wow.
Seen between 30 - 40 shows and this was top 3 if not #1. Best set list all year. Maybe second to MSG (2nd night). Great mix of songs. Proudest Monkey Satellite brought me back to some old school. DDTW was so strong. Big Eyed Fish Bartender were spectacular. Stefan owned Kit Kat, which had some great lights. Great new jazzed up Jimi Thing jam with Roi and Stefan in the spotlight. WAY was a perfect close to a unbelievable set. All and all a top notch show.
T J.
OH MY GOD. This show was truly amazing. It was only my third DMB show but this was by far the best. I went with my girlfriend and I couldn't have had a better time. First off, Grey Street was an awesome opener, one of my favorite songs on the new album. Captain was nice to hear, first time I've heard it live. Then came an AMAZING #41, just totally blew my mind. But what came next was one of the happiest moments of my life. Ever since I've been a DMB fan, Proudest Monkey has always been one of my absolute favorite songs, not just by Dave but by any band, EVER. They basically shelved the song two years ago, and I've always said that if I ever saw that song performed live, I would shit myself. And what do you know. The only summer show I get to see this year, and it's the one they use to bring back PM. My girlfriend told me the look on my face was priceless the moment I heard the first note of PM played. I mean I knew it right away, and what a great version it was. I will NEVER forget that moment. Next game a typical Satellite, followed by a powerful DDTW. The crowd really got into that one. A few other highlights from the show was BEF-->an amazing Bartender, as well as hearing Jimi Thing live for the first time. KKJ was also nice to hear live, it sounds really good with lyrics. What You Are, surprisingly, was a great way to close the set in my mind. I've never really been a fan of this song on the Everyday CD, but the boys put a powerful performance on tonight. Loving Wings was good to hear for the first time, which segued nicely into WAYG. Personally I thought they would end after WAYG, and I would've been completely satisfied (hell they played PM for God's sakes). But when they didn't leave the stage, my one last wish was to hear TB or LIOG again (love that song). Whaddo you know, an awesome version of Billies, with Boyd absolutely going insane. What an amazing night, I'll never forget this, being out in the rain just made it even better (loved the part during TSB tonight during the lyrics "like will it rain today?" and the section of the crowd who isn't covered by the roof goin nuts--yea that includes me). One of the best nights of my life. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EM AGAIN!
Joe B.
Un-Frickin'-Believable!!! Expectations were high, and Dave came out strong. Grey Street, awesome song, finally solid lyrics for it too. Captain, first time baby, and I'm so glad I heard it in Boston too...I kind of wish he had stuck with the original lyrics though. #41, I called it! My second favorite DMB song, and It sounded great in the rain, I really love that everyday outro with it. Proudest Monkey? I want to know where the hell Dave pulled this from. I had never heard it live, and it was a pleasent surprise. Satelite, great as usual. DDTW, solid, and You Never Know is great, I figured more people would have known this song, but I was the only one in my section singing along, this is quickly becoming one of my favorites. BEF->Bartender, usual, but I still love it. IDI, why, the show was going so great!!! The crowd really started to get into it here though, SBT, awesome with the rain, and KKJ was crazy. Jimi Thing, I finally got to hear this song again, and this is where I finally got into the concert, everyone was dancing and singing, and it def brought a smile to my face. DAD, good jam, first time for me hearing it live, WWTW, good as usual, What You Are!!! The more I hear this song the more I like it, I think Dave is trying to make everyone appreciate it. Loving Wings->WAYG, Sorry, but I was a fan of this song about 4 months ago, when noone knew it, but I think its becoming another Crash Into Me, it's played way too much. Finally, Trippin Billies!!! My first time ever hearing it out of 5 shows, and it was great, I was expecting maybe Ants or Watchtower, seeing that everyone was yelling it, but I think the fans were content with Billies. All in All a great night. A little disappointed Dave didn't play more older stuff, half the setlist was from BS, but other than that an amazing show, I only wish He was playing another show in Boston!!!
Regis R.
This was my 7th dave show and by far the best...Great mix of new and old...He gave us a little of "Everyday", "Befor these crowded Streets", "Crash", and "Under the table and draming"...including all the great "Busted Stuff" songs...great show
E M.
WOW WOW WOW! my 10th and final show of the 2002 tour and what a way to go out! 4 songs that I'd never heard before! dave came out and teased Cry Freedom and since the 12 string was out and it was storming I was hoping for JTR, but GREY STREET is always a solid opener....next came CAPTAIN, a first for me, and I love what they done with the song!....#41 is one of DMB's best songs and hasn't been played much this year, especially not with the Everday outro...then came PROUDEST MONKEY, I couldn't believe it! highlight of the 2002 tour hands down! and I knew SATELLITE would follow, and it's so much better without Angelique Kidjo who nearly ruined the song at Staples Center....DDTW had tons of energy...YNK grows every time they play it...esp since the song was first played in Boston...BEF>>>Bartender, some of the best versions I've ever heard, love the light show...at this point I was thinking this show would be a classic along with Shoreline 2000, Hartford 2000 or Gorge 2001, but it was also at this point that the electric came out...IDI and TSB back to back really killed the mood for a bit...thankfully KIT KAT JAM (another first for me) got everyone moving again....JIMI THING kept everyone moving, and the jam may have been the best I've ever seen on the song, Roi was insane! then dave's guitar solo looked like his fingers were dancing on the guitar!....Ditch-standard version, WTWE, standard as well...WHAT YOU ARE was good but not great, I've seen it better at other shows this year and I don't like it as a closer....LOVING WINGS was another first for me, and I think the song definitely has some growing to do....WAYG, same as always....BILLIES always tons of energy and a great way to have everyone leave smiling. All in all an amazing show for DMB's return to Great Woods, and it made up for the awful 2 night stand at the Fleet Center in April. If you took out the everyday songs it'd be amazing!
After a 2 year DMB haiatus, I must say that it absolutly made my night to be in the front row for the first 3 songs and have my favorite #41 be played. Ive been to 4 dave shows, and this one by far blows all the others away. The intimacy of the venue, the mood of the crowd (awesome considering terrential rains) and absolutely amazing jams by dave boyd and the rest of the gang made this the best concert I have ever seen and a night that I will never forget. I looked over the crowd at one point and saw pretty much everyone dancing in sync, and when dave was doing his thing, the crowd just loved it. HIs set list was phenomenal, the only thing that could have been better would have been Back YOu up and Ants as a closing. But really, if you missed this show I'm sorry, Dave could not have played better if he tried.
WOW! what a show. this is one of the best ive seen in a long time. i missed the grey street opener b/c the girls i were with had to go to the bathroom. highlights of the show- proudest monkey, that says it all. DDTW was jamemd out hard on. BARTENDER was one of the best ive heard. 41 was good, nice jam with the everyday outro. jimi thing was awesoem with the dave solo. he seemed to be just winging it for alittle while. KKJ- nice to hear w/lyrics. TB- nice closer. while i hvaent been to the other summer shows, ive seen the set list and this is one of the best in my opinion
Good lord, I don't know what to say after this concert. It was awesome! Despite the cold wet rainyness, it was awesome. It started with an awesome Grey Street. Captain was good, nothing spectacular. Then it started to get awesome. #41 was chilling then the everyday outro was the coolest. Surprise song of night: Proudest Monkey. Then Satellite! I love Satellite! It was an awesome version. A very strong, intense Don't Drink the Water. One of my fave songs on BS is You Never Know , and it's even awesomer live. Big Eyed Fish was cool with the "Up his fucking tree" line. Chilling again. (maybe it was just the rain and coldness, i don't know). Everybody knew that Bartender was next. When Dave did the "i'm on bended knees, father please part" it was amazing and the crowd went nuts each time!!! I remember saying earlier that I hope they don't play I Did It cuz it would take the place of something better, but they played it and it did, but oh well. It wasn't horrible and its always fun to see boyd sing. I am a huge fan of The Space Between and its a good live song in my opinion. They broke into Kit Kat Jam and then Dave started with new lyrics and it was amazing. Jimi Thing is a Dave-Live steeple for me. It is an awesome song and boyd is the coolest! Digging a Ditch was nice and serene. When The World Ends is a cool live song and a crowd pleaser. What You Are. Good lord. I didn't really like this song before tonight. This was the strongest performance in the world. It was completely intense and brilliant. encore: Loving Wings: ick. I didn't really like this song, especially as an encore. Nobody knew what it was and no one was really into this one. Where Are You Going was ok. I was worried that they were gonna end with this one, but they didn't, cuz they broke into Tripping Billies and the whole place was NUTS! That song is the perfect finale and it was hopping after wards!
This was my fourth DMB show and I rank it #2 of 4. Providence 4/12/02 being better. I really enjoyed their energy and all of the long jams. They really PLAYED tonight---- It was great!!! Boyd was on fire for so many songs. The Busted stuff songs were incredible. I have heard every song live now except Busted Stuff. Kit Kat was great with words. I wish it was on the cd like that. Highlights were Grey street,DDTW, WTWE, Bartender, What you are. Billies was my wish and it came true!!!!! I was going nuts!!!! It was the best closer ever!! It was worth waiting in traffic for three hours to leave. Something has got to be done about that. I loved the guy next to me, in the parking lot, sitting on top of his car, in a chair, playing Dave stuff, for 2 hours before his car moved an inch. It was a great night-- rain and all!!! Thanks Boys, can't wait for thurs and Fri!!
Martin O.
GREY STREET - sounded good - when Dave sang, "With colors, bold and bright!" the crowd went nuts. CAPTAIN - dedicated this one to someone so I thought it was gonna be DDTW cause he'd been dedicating that one to someone on the spring tour but I was psyched to hear this cause I'd never been to a concert where I heard a full version. Sounded real good and they added on an extra verse of "How could I..." and it made me wonder why they didn't do that on the album cause it sounded so good. I still wish they didn't change the words from Lillywhite Sessions but I still love this one. #41 - can they ever go wrong with this one? I don't think so! it kicked ass - LeRoi's wailing got the crowd really into it again. PROUDEST MONKEY - um, excuse me? Am I really hearing this song live in concert? I was pumped! I totally thought it was just gonna be a tease and then it'd be Satellite right away but then he started singing! Pretty mellow version but everyone was grooving. But I swear to God, it seemed like it really was impromptu and that it may not have been on the setlist, but it probably was - they throw us for a loop sometimes. SATELLITE - everyone knew it was coming after Proudest but it was still good. I mean who doesn't like this song? DON'T DRINK THE WATER - Since Dave had just been playing a 6-string and then Monk brought him another 6-string, I knew it had to be a drop-d song so I figured either Crush or this but I was leaning towards Crush cause DDTW had kind of disappeared from the setlists recently - but I was totally wrong and they busted this out - and it rocked. YOU NEVER KNOW - finally I was able to sing along! I'd heard this song a few times before and always liked it but I like singing along better. It was good but I think Dave may have fumbled the lyrics a little - but this is a cool song and it sounded good. The started it with a small drum solo by Carter. Nothing like the Say Goodbye solo intros though. Just like some like snappy beats. BIG EYED FISH - one song I don't think I'll ever get sick of - I love this one. Again I liked the order of the verses before on the Lillywhite's but I still love it. BARTENDER - again everyone knew it was coming after BEF, but this one really is becoming one of their staple concert songs. Everyone goes nuts when Dave screams. And the outro is one of their best. Butch actually had like a tiny little solo. I DID IT - totally figured it was this or TSB cause of the electric baritone - and I guess I have to admit this one is fun to sing along to. THE SPACE BETWEEN - pretty standard. can't really think of what to say about it - um, they didn't mess it up! it sounded ok - it's just not like one of my faves I guess. KIT KAT JAM - Third song I had never heard before at a concert. Sounded good - lyrics are little different than what they were on Lillywhites but it was good. The boys looked like they had a real fun time playing this one. JIMI THING - totally out of the blue - didn't really expect this one - Carter's playing was a lot louder and funkier on the jam at the end. Dave through in a little solo and lost his pick at one point and made and funny face as he grabbed a new one. DIGGING A DITCH - Another one that I totally love. Sounded great. I never expect to hear this one cause they don't play it too much but I love it. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - they did a nice job with it - so I guess near the end when Dave says "When the world ends, we'll be burning one" it's kind of like the last verse in Two Step how's it's pretty much only Dave and everyone else kind of just plays quietly. I kind of always just though the sound went or something but I'm beginning to realize they're doing it on purpose! WHAT YOU ARE - sounded pretty good, again not one of my faves but Dave goes pretty nuts at the end which like definitely boosts the songs. LOVING WINGS - wow - 4th song I'd never heard at a concert - sounded upbeat and punchy and catchy and fun. It'll be cool to see how this turns out but I think they a got a good one here. WHERE ARE YOU GOING - they've been playing this one a ton! it sounded pretty good but the highlight was when the camera was on Butch and he was like totally singing along to the whole song! It was pretty cool to show him doing that I though. CRY FREEDOM (TEASE) Dave just kind of strummed the beginning as he was like talking to Stefan and I knew it would just be a tease but it was cool nonetheless. TRIPPING BILLIES - Dave gave this the Nature intro treatment and this song was a real good closer and the crowd was going nuts. So all in all this concert kicked ass. Few things I noticed - Stefan has totally incorporated jumping up and down into his playing - and LeRoi didn't have his sunglasses on for a bunch of the songs - this may sound like a small thing but even though he had his eyes closed a lot, you could still see him straining them and you could tell he was putting a lot into his playing. With those glasses on you can never kind of tell what kind of expression is on his face but you could see he was really giving it his all. Sorry this is so long guys - peace
i called grey street as the opener, and a good one it was. it really got the crowd up and cheering. captain slowed everyone down a bit, but it's come a long way and i was glad to hear it. 41--people were loving this...and at the end w/ the everyday outro and the crowd taking over the slow "every-day" part-very cool. but then dave worked his magic and amazed us all.....PROUDEST MONKEY?! i've wanted to get this one live forever, and never would i have guessed it would have happened tonight. i was a little hesitant-like is this really it? bc ppl around me were all acting like it was a normal song to be hearing. awesome stuff though. satellite was actually pretty good-everyone loved it. DDTW always welcomed at a show. YNK..no one was really singing or doing much to this one, but it's one of those songs that is awesome to watch them play. BEF-->bartender, amazing bartender like usual, dave just tore that up, and it seemed to go on and on. next were the 'ok i know you have to play these songs so just get it over with now please' songs. well that's what i was thinking anyway....it kinda upsets me when IDI gets a bigger applause than proudest monkey or DDTW. KKJ, i never use to like this song, but holy cow it's crazy live, and alot of ppl really got into it. JIMI thing was a surprise and very very well done. digging a ditch...standard, nice. WTWE didn't get the crowd as much as i would have liked to see. WYA was awesome, just like on last call....the boys were so into this and seeing dave scream like he does at the end and yell mother fucker just does something to ya. encore...i swear this was the longest i've waited for the band to return. loving wings...wasn't paying full attention to this one, and the crowd wasn't into it either, but it sounded alright from what i heard. WAYG, all i was hoping was that they wouldn't end with this.....but it really is a sweet song. TRIPPIn billies----WHAT? yeah i was going crazy and even better, so was everyone else. it lasted quite a while, and i think it's safe to say the best version i've heard of that song. boyd, wow. carter, smilin alll night. so glad i can say i was there....i give it a 9
AS we sat through the pouring rain in the lot, drinking our brews, there was something in the air saying that something special was gonna happen inside tonight. A little proudest monkey tease right into grey street really got the crowd going. Everyone saying the lyrics and got the show going. Next was captain, never heard it live so it was kinda exciting, sounded pretty good. Then into a monster 41 outta no where. This song rocked, and thanks to the hot blond chick who decided to make out with me for a couple mintues. Then the lawn got into the everyday outro. Awesome way to end 41. Then up next comes PROUDEST MONKEY outta no where. Everyone on the lawn who new what it was was sooo excited. Hasn't been played in two years, thanks dave i'll remember this one for a long time. Then right into satelite, just like on red rocks cd. Sounded real good. Then one of my personal fav's to see live, ddtw. DAve rocked on this song, singing and jamming away. You never know is a nice song to hear live, then was big eyed fish. A solid song from busted stuff, with the crazy boyd ending/opening to bartender. This song just kicked ass, it kept on going forever. I did it and space between were standard nothing special. Then kit kat jam, awesome with words and jammming live, the whole band really gets into this one. everyone in the lawn was jamming out. Right into an unexpected jimi thing, as the opening beats started, smoke clowds magically filled the lawn. DAve really hit the high notes on this one, and the awesome jam just got everyone dancing and singing along. Digging a ditch was a good song into when the world ends, this ones growing on me, as is what u are, not the best set closer but a much better song live. AFter bout 10 minutes the boys came out and played loving wings, first time i heard it, it sounded pretty good, into where are you going, sounded like the studio version but still very good. Then i knew we had to get one more song, fonzie changed his bass, then came tripping billies. great way to end a rainy night in mansfield. Boyd rippped this song apart on his solo's and dave and roi kept the song going when carter tried to end the song. Overall an awesome night, and finally some good old dmb jamming and a good mix of old and new songs. anyone who says this show wasnt too good, either needs to go find another band, or learn that when dmb jams out songs, no one is better. Awesome show, see ya in hartford
Since last night, all I can say is WOW. Simply amazing. This was my first DMB show, and after reading certain reviews from the show at Hersheypark I was a little nervous that the set wasn't going to be that great. But oh no, I couldn't have been more wrong. It was simply amazing. Opening with Grey Street was great it got the crowd up on their feet. Then a good live version of Captain. Then #41 which rocked, I was rooting for that one. Then PROUDEST MONKEY, we couldn't believe it. that was amazing, and then into a nasty Satelite. I mean, I could have left after the 5th song and been completely satisfied (I didn't, no worries). It was all good, through a great version of Bartender, then I Did It, which kept up the energy. Then the Space Between, which wasn't anything different, but still amazing. Kit Kat Jam, Jimi Thing both great. WTWE okay, then ending with What You Are which simply rocked in this great pavilion. Then we had to sit and scream for NINE MINUTES until they came back with Loving Wings, which I didn't really know that well, but still enjoyed, kinda sat back and chilled during that. And and amazing version of Where are you going, wow, some people don't like that song that much, but I was just... I can't describe it. And then to torture us EVEN more (not that the show was tortureous at all..) but Stefan switches basses, Dave's walking around talking to the other group members, and then you hear the opening to Tripping Billes the place went crazy and just rocked out. All in all AMAZING, (besides not getting two step, lld, liog, it's all good though). oh and Spearhead was a pretty good opener too!
Patrick C.
iv been reading the reviews of recent shows and seen people posting that the band had been lacking energy, and tonight there was definatly not a lack of energy at all! The band was going nuts, and the crowd was one of the best crowds i have ever been a part of, everyone was tottaly into the show. and the set was amazing! a bunch of reviews are already up so i'll just hit the highlights- #41! this is my favortie song of all time, i havnt heard it live since 2000 and when i heard the opening notes i lost it. incredible version, and the everyday outro at the end with everyone singing was awesome. Proudest Monkey- this was almost confusing cuz i could hear dave starting to play proudest monkey and was just so shocked when they actually did! never ever thought wed get this one tonight. You Never Know is such an amazing tune. i loved the lillywhites so much and never thought that a song that wasnt on the lillywhites would become my favortie song off of busted stuff. sounds so much better live then on the cd. BEF->Bartender was unreal. the emotion that dave puts into the end of bartender is so intense. it doesnt get much better than that. I Did It- i cant believe im saying this was a highlight, but IT WAS! this song is diffrent now, over the past year and a half i have grown to tottaly love it. its just about dave spreadin a little love and theres notin wrong with that! yeah, i would have rather heard many other songs but still I Did It is soundn great these days, and most people seemed to be diggin it. Afer an amazing Kit Kat Jam i expected the set to die down and end, but they suprised me again with Jimi Thing! jimi thing is definatly one of the best songs to hear live and daves guitar solo at the end was so cool last night..it keeps getting better and better. What Your Are- i wanted to hear this so bad, because even tho im not a huge fan of the album version i have heard so much about this new live version and it blew me away. yeah i would have loved to hear watchtower, ants, twostep, but i dont think i would have ended this set any other way. Awesome Encore- Loving Wings was very cool to hear itll be fun to watch this song grow. Where Are You Going sounded awesome, even if its gettin played a hell of a lot on the radio i dont think this one will ever get old to me. and finnaly- TRIPPING BILLIES! the PERFECT closer to the night...theres nothing like watchin all the guys go nuts together on this one, esp. Boyd. All in all, it was an amazing evening in mansfield, i could have written every song as a highlight, they were all damn good. there was not one low point to the evening,the flow was awesome and kept me dancin all night.Out of the 7 shows iv seen, this was very close to being the best, right behind 8/27/00. the energy was so high tonight, if it wasnt the best show iv been to it was definatly the most fun iv had at a show, and had a way better set then i ever expected. Peace everyone, enjoy the rest of the tour!
Amy M.
oh my god...so many reviews...i'll keep it short -- THANK YOU DMB for a fantastic show!! of course, proudest monkey especially. looking forward to SPAC, Polaris and the GORGE!! Thank you JOANNA and MARTHA for being two of the coolest DMB fans i have ever sat next to at a show. hope to hear from you two soon - have fun at Hartford!! YEAH TWEETER BOSTON!!!
just got back to jersey and this show was much worth the 3 hour trip...i thought to myself on the wayup how great it would be if they played proudest monkey..and of course the boys didn't fail...not to mention songs like #41, grey street, jimi thing, satellite, WAYG, and loving wings..better of the songs among others..i must say though that iwas a little disappointed with what you are to close the pre-encore..nonetheless it did keep us moving...it seemes like they were all having fun entertaining all of their soaking wet die hard fans...last show for me this tour...see you all at farm aid
PaT M.
Price of tickets to section 12 Row Q = $50. Monetary value of gas wasted in traffic for 45 minutes on 495 = $5. Price of Bud Light = $7. Listening to DMB perform Grey Street and #41 in the rain = Priceless. A few years ago with the hugely successful Crash tour I remember thinking that might be the end of the small venue tours. But after their last incredibly commercial release(Everyday), the boys have added on to the Lillywhite Sessions and even added new lyrics to some songs and thus "Busted Stuff" was born. (Which goes back to showing the real talent of the band) But if anyone had any doubts going into last nights show they were quickly dashed as the boys played one of the best sets I have ever seen. I'd comment on every song but for those of you who were there it would be a waste of your time and for those of you who were not, the setlist alone should speak for itself. I hope someone out there has audio of that concert. The ad-lib to "Big Eyed Fish" was awesome AND HE WAS PLAYING THE REAL LYRICS! they even played the real lyrics to Kit Kat Jam. This was by far the best Dave concert I've been to and I've gone to 7. I was a little peeved at the lawn not being there as much due to the new seats but it was still a fine show on a fine night. -Cumberland, RI
Well, its been about 5 years since the band played the Tweeter Center (Greatwoods) and it was a pretty good return. You know any time it rains that it will be a good one. Grey Street was great to hear as an opener, Dave had the 12 string, and I thought it may be JTR because of the rain and how he did the same thing in Foxboro last year. I won't go into every song and my opinion, but it was great to hear Captain and Kit Kat Jam for the first time live. Definate suprise with Proudest Monkey. I Did It and Space Between, hell that just gave me a chance to run to the bathroom and grab a beer, what are you gonna do? I wasn't a big fan of What you Are as a closer, but it definately could have been worse. I was psyched to hear Loving Wings for the first time, I couldn't find a great recording before this. Billies was a cool closer with some good energy. Good night, with the rain and all. My section sucked, but I didn't let that get me down. Oh yeah, the dude next to me trying to get with the teenie bopper, next time you scream "GRAVEDIGGER" 30 seconds into a song, do it during Gravedigger and not Loving Wings. All in all good show, minus the 2+ hours of traffic on the way out!! See ya'll in Hartford, shitz gonna get nutty.
Brian A.
This concert kicked ass! I have only been to three but this was definately the best. Especially after the spring show in Boston. Proudest Monkey was cool and Jimi Thing was too. But anyway, to the ****s in front of us...excluding lauren...yall are cool when you arent high. Thanks for a cool night. And Brian says thanks for the action.
Brian B.
This Concert Rocked! Dave you are the man. I've been to two concerts already and this was deffinitly the best one yet the last one was inside no rain no rain = no fun yes i was stuck outside but the sound was great and Daves voice was awesome. great surprise to hear Greystreet to start it off AND WAY TO END THE FUCKING SHOW Trippin Billys that was just awesome. Boyd rocked on the violin making his usual trip around the stage and Dave busting out his Dance moves great to see. And thanks to the girl in front of me cute panties theyll look good on my wall!
My second show, and was much better than the first night at the fleet. Grey Street was a great opener, and #41 was awesome. What you are as a closer was better then i expected, theyve picked that one up. Loving Wings- Get this out of here. Worst dave song i have ever heard. Half the crowd was sittin down.Where are you going was nice, then Tripping Billies. Good lord. Boyd went nuts, him and dave were duelin it out for a little, and closed the night off with a bang. Next stop, hartford.
Dave and the boys put the "great" back into Great Woods tonite, hammering out a spectacular setlist that covered almost everything I was hoping for. But before the review, let me just say Spearhead was fun to watch. The guy beat-boxing was incredible, and the music was a nice blend of hip-hop and reggae with a touch of flower power. Looking forward to seein them again Thurs. Spearhead left the stage around 750pm, a little later than I'd hoped, but wasn't too worried. Now before I delve into this concert review, let me just say reading others' reviews is usually fun, but it bugs me when people brag about predicting certain songs at the right time. Everyone does it, folks. The difference is some people need attention for their talents, while others are content with just doing it. Anyway, the guys came out just before 815pm, and I was hoping for a fast opener. Thankfully Grey Street greeted the 19,000-plus fans. It's great to see how a song mutates throughout its history; it's quite different from the first time I saw it (6/19/00 in Columbus, OH). Captain was a treat, although I miss the LWS version. Just something about Dave's guitar solo swimming around Boyd's haunting violin. The new, funkier version is still good, however, and it was funny to hear the crowd sing the only words it knew: "After all." At this point the show was off to a good start, keeping the crowd on its toes as chants of Two Step" rained from Section Four. But the show really began with #41, always a great one live. I was glad to see they kept the Everyday outro, and Dave was hilarious as he continually turned around as the crowd chanted "Everyday." Proudest Monkey got the real fans in a frenzy and allowed radio fans to have a seat. Great to see such a rarity back in rotation (first time in almost a year). Satellite was the obvious follower, which brought said radio fans back to their feet. DDTW rocked as always. I remember a couple years ago when it was a fixture at shows, thus losing some of its luster. Using it sporadically has enabled the band to put more energy into the song. YNK is solid, and reminiscent of the band's older stuff. It's amazing how beautiful Dave can make such simple lyrics as "Dream, little darling, dream" sound. At this point the show was going well, but I had no idea how much better it would become. The first notes to BEF sent chills down my legs. I'd been waiting to see it live since March 2001 when I first heard LWS. I just wish Dave had put more emotion into the BS version, a la his LWS and live renditions. It was harrowing to hear so many young people (not that I'm old) sing, "Oh God, but under the weight of life, thing seem much brighter on the other side." It made me wonder how many fans had succumbed to disappointing desires. The inevitable lead into Bartender brought me even higher; I've considered this the band's best live song since 6/19/00. Everyone should have a list of things to do before dying, and seeing Bartender live should be on everyone's agenda. I could praise the song forever, but I'll move on. During the jam afterwards, though, I felt exhausted. It was like laying in bed next to a lover, reflecting on the previous 40 minutes or so and how intense and beautiful and focused everything was. Anyway, IDI followed and it's actually starting to grow on me. I prefer it to Too Much and WWYS, which are both longer and just as monotonous. The band has really improved the tune, also, now that each member has had an opportunity to add his input. I was a bit displeased to hear TSB next, but quickly changed my mood when I remembered how great a song it is. Too bad it got played out on the radio; it has such amazing lyrics. And next came the question of the night: Why the hell did they put Kit-Kat Jam on BS WITHOUT WORDS??? Perhaps the weakest track on LWS, Kit-Kat is now an incredible display of instrumental talent, and Dave envelops it all with emphatic lyrics. Jimi Thing lasted more than 13 minutes, yet never dragged, featuring solos from Boyd, Leroi, Dave and Butch. I think I heard a Kind Intentions tease before Ditch, but not certain. I dunno how many people even know the song, but I really hope they keep working on it cuz I think it's one of their most beautiful tunes. Anyway, Ditch is another song that I've watched transform over the past couple of years. The lyrics are almost identical, but the band has improved the music. WTWE was a nice surprise: nothing spectacular, nothing bad. I knew the next song would be the last, and was praying for WYA, and damn did I get it! Ever since Everyday came out, I knew WYA would be a concert staple. I think it will soon replace Watchtower as a crowd favorite at the end of shows. Seriously, it's THAT good. The crowd was blown away, especially toward the end when Dave goes nuts singing/screaming with his "angry face" on. Always my favorite Dave moments. The encore was an expected Loving Wings into WAYG. It was good to hear the heralded LW, and WAYG is growing on me. It's a sweet little song. Finale was intense as the entire crowd was bouncing and dancing to Tripping Billies. Carter seemed to wake up for the tune, which was good to see, and Boyd forced me to smile in awe (as always) during his solos. Overall an exceptional show, with highlights being BEF-->Bartender, WYA, and seeing Leroi take off his sunglasses midway through the set. If a certain girl had been with me, I'd rank tonite as one of the two best shows I've seen, but I'm glad I took my younger bro to see his first DMB show. I'll put tonite's concert in my top five and leave it at that. I will remember 7/23/02 for a long long time. See y'all in Hartford, expectin to see Stone, GIG and Crush (and hoping for Seek Up). A bientot.
Ben S.
I was at last night's show at the Tweeter Center, and I would say that it is tied with 12/11/00 for the best show that I've seen. GREY STREET - As soon as they set out the 12-string I knew this was coming. Even though I've seen it before, it was a great version, and a good way to get the crowd into the show right away. CAPTAIN - was dedicated to a girl Dave knew. I'd never heard this one before, so naturally I loved every minute of it. #41 - Everyone was singing along, there was a good jam which eventually turned into the Everyday outro, which the crowd really got into. PROUDEST MONKEY - This is the most suprised I've ever been at a show. I've loved this song ever since I got Live @ Red Rocks but I accepted that I would never get to hear it live. Luckily Dave proved me wrong when what was supposed to be a tease turned into a full version of a simple but great song. SATELLITE - I had bad memories of this song thanks to Angelique Kidjo last year at Foxboro, but I actually enjoyed this song a lot. DON'T DRINK THE WATER - I'll admit that I usually skip over this song on BTCS, but it has such great energy live that it's hard not to get into it. Dave was stomping and dancing all over the place on this one. YOU NEVER KNOW - I really like this song, but for some reason tonight's version didn't do it for me. Might be because the crowd wasn't really into it. Either way, it was a good song but not a highlight. BIG EYED FISH - I called this one when Butch left the stage. I hadn't heard this one since Foxboro last year, and it has come a long way since then. The crowd got into this one, which kind of suprised me. Also, the "stay up in your fuckin' tree" line got one of the biggest responses of the night. BARTENDER - I've heard this a bunch of times live, but like Grey Street, it never really gets old. Especially with Dave wailing at the end. My only complaint was the lady sitting behind me who kept screaming during the mellow outro (but there's nothing that the band could have done about that.) I DID IT - I don't mind this song as much as some people. It was really energetic... I don't know what else to say about it. THE SPACE BETWEEN - I REALLY don't like this song, but at least it's not too long and the Lovely Ladies weren't on it. KIT KAT JAM - This was the perfect song to bring the energy back up after TSB. This was another concert first for me, and it put the album version to shame. Dave was going nuts dancing on this one, looking at Stefan most of the time. JIMI THING - I didn't see this one coming at all. I usually don't like this song as much as some of the other "jam" songs like Two Step and LIOG, but I was really impressed with it tonight. It was good to see Dave solo for a while near the end of it. DIGGING A DITCH - Nice mellow song. I've heard it a few times, and I've never had anything bad to say about it. The crowd was quiet, which is a big change from other shows I've been at. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - I think I've heard this song too many times. It just seems to me like an average song that never changes. I was really hoping that this wouldn't close out such a solid set. WHAT YOU ARE - When the electric came out, I knew what was coming. This version had a really long intro, which really got the crowd riled up. I had never heard it with the new outro, so that was exciting. The "Get on your knees motherfucker!" line got a huge cheer from the crowd. Great way to close the set. After about 10 minutes, the band came back on. LOVING WINGS - I had never heard this one either, so it was nice, but I'm not sure if I want to hear it again like it is now. I think it could really be a great song with more of the band involved, but for now it's a nice one-time thing. WHERE ARE YOU GOING - The crowd liked this one, and so did I. Even though it gets a lot of play on the radio and at the concerts, I still like hearing it. TRIPPING BILLIES - I was hoping that this great show would have a fitting end, and Billies was the perfect closer. The crowd and the band were both going crazy from the beginning right up until the last note. The highlight of this version was definitely the Boyd solo. He danced around the stage the whole time and had a huge smile on his face. Overall, this was a great show that had a little bit of everything. Intense songs (DDTW, Kit Kat) Mellow songs (Ditch, WAYG) Good jamming (#41, Jimi) and a big surprise (Proudest Monkey). The crowd was great, and the band looked like they were having the time of their lives.
Matt A.
First off, let me say that Spearhead is one incredible opening act. I had never heard of them before, and after their first song i was blown away. They are def. worthy of being checked out!! OK..now onto the show. This was my second show in a week(12th overall), my first being the opening night Camden. TONIGHT WAS UNREAL. I had front row seats, directly in front of Leroi. I had my "Carter: How bout a drumstick sign" so I was hopin for some luck, and man did I get it. Grey St. opener was awesome, and #41 just blew me away. The back of my sign said "Thank You" so I flashed that towards the end of the song, Dave looked over and winked. Then smiled and went back to singing the everyday outro. Awesome feeling. PROUDEST MONKEY was just sick. No words to describe it. I dont think there was one downfall to this show. Sure, the I Did It/ Space Between in consecutive order spoiled the amazing feeling in the venue, but it was picked up with a great Jimi Thing jam by Boyd. He was rockin out so hard his monitor flew off. What You Are was a strong closer, and the Nature intro into BILLIES was soo awesome. Carter went nuts at the end of this. OK, so the show is over. I have my sign up again, and Carter leaves his kit and walks toward the end of the stage. He throws 2 drumsticks directly out into the crowd, then walks over to me and hands one to me. HE HANDED ME A DRUMSTICK. He shook my hand, I thanked him, and he said "Thanks for coming out tonight." Incredible. My love for this band grew so much after this concert. Amazing setlist, amazing crowd, and I witnessed the genorosity this band gives back to its loyal fans. Thank you DMB.
This was the second Dave Matthews Band show that I have been to in recent months, and it lived up to all expectations. I would not have been able to come up with a better setlist had I been given the chance. Grey Street was a fantastic opener which really got the crowd pumped up and set the tone for the rest of the show. The majority of the song on their new album were played, with the exception of Busted Stuff and Grace is Gone. However, Satellite was greeted with open arms and put the crowd into a frenzy. The Jimi Thing jam must've lasted in upwards of about 20 minutes, it was great seeing all of the improv that they put into it. Everyday songs get a very good response as well, with them playing When the World Ends, I Did It, and the Space Between. It had been raining for most of the afternoon and continued during the show so the audience went nuts when Dave sang the line " will it rain today " during the Space Between. My personal favorite of the night had to be Bartender, that should be a single for sure. The encore was good too, but many people seemed rather calm when they played Loving Wings because it had never been heard before. Then, the band went into Where Are You Going, and closed out the show with Tripping Billies. A perfect ending to a perfect show and I don't know if I'll ever see another DMB that was as great as this. It blew the Fleetcenter show in Boston on April 7th away.