Dave Matthews Band
Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

The Stone *
So Right *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)*
#41 (Everyday)
If I Had It All *+
Satellite *~
Donít Drink the Water *
Fish Monkey Man -->
I Did It *+
Crush *
JTR *+
Angel *+
Grey Street *
All Along the Watchtower *
Everyday (#36) *+
When The World Ends *
The Space Between *+
Stay *+
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Angelique Kidjo on vocals

Bobby V.
Amazing show at Buffalo!! One of the best I have seen. Lots of energy not from the band necessarily, but the music!! The crowd was really energetic as well and that added to the great atmosphere. It was supposed to rain and luckily it did not for it would have killed the tailgating schene like it did at the last show (Foxboro Night 2) That being said tailgating was great all day and on to the show...STONE was the opener and yes! First time it was played this tour and very welcome. I knew this was going to be a great show. SO RIGHT, I saw this at Foxboro and wanted to hear it again, serious jam potential to this song and will develop over time into an ever better song. CRASH INTO ME I never though I would say this, but I was happy to hear this song. Only the third time this tour it was played. Perfect set placement too because it was dusk and the sky was all pink and it was beautiful out. Next was #41, excellent rendition and one of the best I've heard with no guests, (excluding Butch) Always great to hear at any show. IF I HAD IT ALL, one the strongest songs on Everyday and it was awesome! Really like this song. SATELLITE...hmm, at the 12/5/00 Chicago show the band played this and Crash Into Me. Not a big fan of both these songs in the same set, but Angelique Kidjo guessed and added a little spice to it. DON'T DRINK THE WATER is such a deep song and is great to hear live. Starting to hear a lot of it lately, but for now its a great live song, no doubt! BIG EYED FISH....my favorite Lillywhite song and it was awesome!! Completely blown away and of course this went straight into my second favorite Lillywhite song..BARTENDER!! Another great song and so passionate. I love this two song punch...incredible! I DID IT was actually pretty good. I was surprised. Gets better each time its better, but it better not be in the sets too much for future tours. CRUSH, was the highlight of the evening!! Oh my gosh! Completely dumbfounded and never thought thye would play this. It was jammed out with great precision. The best Crush I ever heard without Timmy. JTR was next and the outro always gets me! Starting to hear it lot though, but always a treat to hear. Angel is not one of my favorite songs, but the Lovely Ladies jam is great. I love how they introduce all the band members and they each do a little solo, this jam at the end makes this song worth hearing. GREY STREET was powerful as well. Love this song and glad they I saw it the past two shows. WATCHTOWER blew me away as well! It was rhe best Watchtower I ever saw and the band was really into this song, as well as the crowd. Stefan gave a nice long solo into this song and this version was awesome. EVERYDAY began with a little #36 and Boyd on the wah wah pedal is incredible! Really nice job done on this song. would have liked to hear more of a #36 influence in this version though. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS was the closer although its not as good as soke other closers, it was still completely appropriate. This show was phenomenal, but the encore was less than spectacular. THE SPACE BETWEEN is a nice song and fits perfect as first song encore. STAY is a pretty decent song to close out a show, would have rather had a Rapunzel, Tripping Billies or Ants Marching to close out the encore. This was a great show and I can't wait to see the boys again at SPAC and Toronto.
Mark W.
Overall not a bad show, nor a great one either. A absolutely smoking Bartender, one of the best I've heard. JTR was also worth the ticket price. His #36 teaser intro for Everyday was cool, although I would have been happier with a stronger return to it at the end of the song, especially the scat singing part. Dave was pretty lively on stage, with a few dance steps here and there. He was really hopping around during Watchtower. Good sound quality, somewhat young crowd and nice weather. A good deal all told.
Jay T.
This was my fifth dave show and probably the second if not the very best. Stone is always great as an opener. So right is definetly one of the stronger songs to hear live off the new album. #41 is my all time favorite song which he played and was amazing, with the outro to everyday. it was my first time hearing fish monky man-->bartender and that was amazing. The solo by leroi on the pennywhistle was intense. The highlight of the night was definelty Watchtower, this rocked man. Half way through it dave switched guitars and was jamming on the electric then he switched back to acoustic. Everyday was good and angel was great with the lovely ladies. He started the encore with space between which was a suprise but it was good, then went in to stay which is always nice to hear. Overall great show. Highlights-#41 +Watchtower. Cant wait until the Albany show!!!!!!!!!
Jarrod .
WOW! DMB was on 2nite! this was my 4th show, and it was the best one by far, it destroyed the show here last here (7/21/00..first..THE STONE.i love this song its amazin' opener!! great song..SO RIGHT...sounds ten times better live! boyd and leroi ass alot! CRASH..normal...#41..beautiful..the everyday outro is gettin better! IF I HAD IT ALL mellowed things down after a very strong beginin, but didnt mellow everyone down 2much. Satelite..KIjdo ruined the beginning but that alright..standard..DDTW...very good..BEF.awesome love this song!-> Bartender...omg! breathtaking IDI..alright better then teh studio...CRUSH was soo unexpected.. good outro! CARTER!(boyd wnet crazy lost his shades) JTR..amazin the outro was soo amzing..very ver cool...loved it..ANGEL..very good relaxin! love the jam..GS..WOW soo awesome! Watchtower..better then ever! EVERyday love the effects on boys violin..amazin..thohght they were done..but then they WWTE! wow niice...ENOCORE...SB...ver very well!! STAY..nice version..but it was niice bc i wanted 2 stay 4ever! AWESOME SHOW!! thanks DMB! best day of my life!
Alphonse D.
Third Show of the tour and all I can say is WOW!! The night started out a little doubtfull with the dark clouds loming over the stadium but it was almost like God wanted us to have a good show. The clouds parted and the sun set in a beutiful pink and orange setting. I was pumped. I couldn't figure out what the were warming up too but then they open with The Stone, wow, big surprise and treat!!!! One of my favs and it was totally unexpected. Then came So Right which was pretty decent. Then Crash, nothing special with the song but i didn't hear it in vegas so it was cool. That melded into #41 my favorite song and the boys rocked. Leroi was incredible on the flute. If I had it all was next, short and simple. Then Satellite. The stadium looked and felt like a beautiful stary night. Very intresting version with Angelique Kidjo singing the first couple verses. Then dave moved in to finish the song. It was actually cool to see it played differently.DDTW came next, no surprises. Fish Monkey Man was great!!! Bartender was next and I'm sure this is my new favorite song. That song can reaaly get the crowd going. Dave was on fire!!! So much intensity. UNBELEIVABLE!!!! I Did It was next, sort a simple wagain, no surprises. Then they slowly moved into Crush which was very surprising. Not a normal tour song. My first time seeing it played live. WOW!!!!!!! Just a beautiful and wonderful song. Dave voice really shines in that song. JTR was awesome!!! Then came Angel, probably my favorite song off Everyday and WOW did it rock!!! The lovley ladies went off on this song. My third time seeing it played, and this was the best version yet by far!!! The outro was incredible with the ladies introducing the band and there instruments. WOW it rocked!!!!! Grey street and then Watchtower. Kinda cool for it not to be the closing song. Lots of intensity as usual. The Everyday/ #36 mix was great, secong time seeing it. WTWE was a great song, sang perfect. Kinda of a weak encore. I wanted to see Two Step but oh well, I have the Gorge to see it. On my way back to vegas and then WA. See you all there!!!!
Christopher S.
Just a great concert, Crush was def the highlite of the night........Get this concert if ya can, it was fantastic and had a different set than anything ive seen lately...it was an amazing setlist and an amazing concert! The main highlights were Crush, Stone, a great JTR, and Watchtower. Great stuff last night! This was Boyd's night, he was going crazy all night, even had his sunglasses fly off during his out of control Crush solo. The closer could have been better, but you need to hear Stay with the ladies at least once during the tour. Great show here in Buffalo.
Jeff M.
WOW! What a great show last night at Ralph Wilson Stadium....The rain held off, and some great tailgating was going on in the parking lot....The fans in western New York are some of the best around, and last night sure proved that......After Everyday (#36) the fans on the floor kept chanting, "Honey Honey, Come and Dance With Me".......Carter stood up and was waving his drum stick and Dave was just smiling and nodding his head......This went on for about 5 minutes...Onto the highlights of the show.....STONE - was a nice surprise as an opener, first time all tour......SO RIGHT - my favorite of of the Everyday songs, and it was electrifying in concert....ROI'S BENT MONKEY - the new title for this beautiful song, my first time, so that was pretty cool.....BARTENDER - was f#*king unbelievable, Dave's vocals were incredible in this song, and also for the best DDTW I've seen....Spectacular run of songs mid set.....CRUSH was as bit of a surprise, all the fans around me were thrilled that they played this one....ANGEL - Great jam at the end with the lovely ladies singing about the band members, and some guy in a white hat out in the crowd....GREY STREET and WATCHTOWER were both absolutely incredible.....Best versions of both that I've heard, and I've seen them both many times....EVERYDAY - awesome mix with #36, I hope everyone gets a chance to see the dueling vocals live.....WTWE - the sudden stop was a cool way to end the first set......SPACE BETWEEN - wonderful in concert, the crowd really sang along on this one......STAY - left me dancing, what else can I say (Dave was going ape shit with his dancing feet)....Anyways, awesome show, might be the best I've been to in 21 shows........Special thanks to the great fans in Rows 7-10 in Section 2 for keeping intruders out of our section......The comraderie was so kick ass.....See ya all at SPAC, Peace
Ryan W.
Pretty solid show last night for the boys in Buffalo. Unfortunately we got there about half way through macy's set, so we had to listen to about 30 minutes of her. You cant understand how bad it is until you hear it, thats not really an exaggeration she was aweful. The band came out around 8:25, a little earlier than everyone was guessing but sstarted things off with a pretty mellow versian of THE STONE. Pretty standard, but still was good to hear. They got the audience into it a little bit with a solid versian of SO RIGHT. It sounds a lot better than earlier in the year, it's really comming along. They slowed things down a little bit with CRASH, and all we could hear were 14 year old girls screaming at the top of your lungs behind us. They brought out #41(Everyday outro) next, and that kind of got the crowd back into it and dancing around. It was a solid versian, maybe 12 minutes and was good to hear. One thing you could tell early was that Dave was really into it. He was dancing and hopping around on songs ive never seen him really enthuthiastic about before. IF I HAD IT ALL was next. Unfortunately that really ruined the tone they had set with #41, IIHIA sounded a lot better than it did earlier in the tour, but kinda killed thw vibe early in the set. We saw Angelique Kidjo walk on stage, and knew that SATELLITE was next. She sang the first verse in South African, it actually sounded pretty good, but it was another mod ruiner for most of the audiance. This show was becoming radio heaven after they started out with DONT DRINK THE WATER. It was really mellow, until towards the end of the song, Dave started screaming at the top of his lungs, kinda sending chills through most of the audiance. Normally I dont like to hear this song in concert, but it was actually one of the highlightes of the night. They played a really tight versian of BIG EYED FISH(FISH MONKEY MAN) into a long versian of BARTENDER. This was great to hear for the first time live, Roi's pennywhistle solo is really cool, not to mention they played two of my favorite songs back to back. I DID IT was next, and thank god they kept it under 5 minutes, it really souds pretty bad live, although it did get a lot of energy back into the crowd after the quiet ending to Bartender. CRUSH was next for only the second time this tour, and it really sounded great. It was played for maybe 12-13 minutes, and actually had a lot of energy. It was really nice to hear, but come on, CRASH, SATELLITE,CRUSH, and ANGEL(which was comming up) all in the same night? O well, i saw Dave get the 12 sting and was thinking GREY STREET or JTR next, and he busted out into JTR. Pretty tight versian, not a lot of loose jamming, but the outro was awesome. ANGEL was next and killed the mood again, until the ladies came out for a realy cool ending. Next was GREY STREEY, jammed out for the first time ive ever seen anyway.It sounded good, and got the crowd going again. Next was the coolest thing ive ever seen in about 15 DMB concerts. He started the intro to WATCHTOWER with Stefan. They played the standard beginning, but after Dave screamed "Yeah, Yeah, YEAAaaahh, him and Boyd tookcenter stage for the most intence jam i have ever heard. They dueled back and forth for literally 5 minutes, both dancing around trying to outdo each other. They quited down just a bit, and Stefan picked up his electric guitar, and started going nuts. The 3 of them went on for literally 10 minutes, going absolutely nuts. Get a copy of this show just so you can hear this, it was amazing. Everyday(36) was next and sounded great and kept the vibe up in the crowd. I was shocked he didnt end after Watchtower, or at least after Everyday cause the set was about 2:30 before the encore. They really did play a long solid night despite the radio songs. They closed with WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, and kinda took their time going off stage. They came back about 5 minutes later, and started the encore with a nice versian of SPACE BETWEEN, quiet but nice to hear. Unfortunately, one of the worst concert closers came next, STAY. Average versian, but was kinda disappointing after the energy they had in watchtower and everyday. Overall, a solid show but definately not one of the best. 4 Lillywhites were great to hear, along with only a few Everyday songs, but come on, where was Two Step, Lie In Our Graves, Dancing Nancies, Jimi Thing, Seek Up, anyhting along those lines. o Well see ya in a few weeks at Saratoga and Toronto peace
Jim T.
this was a solid, solid show...it offered something for everybody, from the casual DMB radio listener to the show-trading junkie. the show was heavy with the singles (crash, satellite, DDTW, i did it, crush, TSB, and stay), but was very well balanced with the lesser-known songs and the lillywhite stuff...i really think this was one of the better sets that i've seen them play in some time. THE STONE...great opener, didn't see that coming at all. SO RIGHT...love this song live, roi had it going on during this one. CRASH..say what you will about this song and how they play it too much, but regardless, it really is a beautiful song, and i thought it was played very well. 41...certainly one of the highlights of the evening, thought maybe the solos were cut a little short though. IIHIA...my personal fav from everyday, played very well. SATELLITE AND DDTW...hadn't heard in a while, nice to hear them all again. first time i had heard BIG EYED FISH live, and it was great..love roi's outro with the picc. BARTENDER is one of the best songs i think dave has ever written, both musically and lyrically. I DID IT..blah, nothing suprising here, some changes in the lyrics, about it. CRUSH...excellent..in my humble opinion, this is a very underrated song, and i'm glad it got resurrected back into the live set...awesome outro. JTR..another great lillywhite song, fantastic outro, dave's feet were MOVIN! ANGEL...wow, this was easily the highlight of the night...the song starts so sweet and adoring, and then we catch some soul, compliments of tawatha, cindy, and brenda, followed up by solos from BT, roi, and a little dave...they took this song to another level tonight. GREY STREET..my fav lillywhite song, sounds like dave has got the lyrics all cleaned up now.. WATCHTOWER..damn, i swear this song will never get old..they put so much energy into this song..BT tore it up, and butch even caught a little solo. EVERYDAY, with the 36 overtone was real nice..towards the end, dave stopped playing, and was just looking at the ladies, as they traded lines back and forth..kinda bringing the show to an end with a happy vibe. WWTE..awesome closer..song stops on a dime, and exit stage left..perfect. as for the encore, SPACE BETWEEN predictable, but sweet..and finally, thought for sure they'd break two step or billies out, but ended with STAY...great song live, the boys really put some muscle behind it, and dave was out of control with the dancing. all in all, a beautiful night, a fantastic show, and give some credit to the roadies who take care of the lights and cameras...awesome, awesome job. look after each other everybody, and stay strong...
John L.
This was my seventh time seeing my favorite band, at least once per year beginning in 1996. First off, great pre-show scene. The lots were full early and everyone had a blast. To Saundra from Toronto: hope you enjoyed the Tequiza and thanks for the kiss. Onto the show. THE STONE-Dave's riff intro was short, but with LeRoi's haunting baritone and Boyd's anxoius violin, the ominous tension that makes this a masterpiece came through, balanced by the release of Dave's refrain and the gradual violin and sax setdown. SO RIGHT-killer intro. Dave's riff set against LeRoi's staccato baritone set up a great night to "stay up and make some memories." Next came CRASH (DIXIE CHICKEN) and #41 (EVERYDAY) back to back. How sweet, have mercy. The #41 outro with Dave singing the Everyday lyrics while the band backs out of #41 is a beautiful blend of old and new. IF I HAD IT ALL-Dave sang some terrific lyrics with a new outro where the song sort of fell apart, each player playing a few short beats between pauses, Carter sounded great here. SATELLITE-Angelique Kidjo sang part of the first verse, Satellite is a nice visit from an old friend. This show really took off with DON'T DRINK THE WATER, Dave exorcised his demons and the sound system brought out the unmistakeable power of this song. My first FISH MONKEY MAN lived up to its billing, great intro with Dave's riff and Boyd plucking, the line "a monkey should know stay up your f***** tree" really got the crowd going, this song tells a great tale. The transition to BARTENDER was masterful, Boyd slowly and repeatedly drawing the length of his bow across the strings like the earliest versions of this new classic. I DID IT was cool, got the crowd going and gave us a nice look at Dave with his electric. CRUSH-Wow! My higlight because it is so rare. Stefan's into picked up nicely by LeRoi and carried by the biggest crowd sing-a-long I've ever heard at a Dave show, followed by an old school extended jam, what a jem. Now a long puase, would they trot out the classics, or run through Everyday? Instead they took a marathon middle course. First came JTR, man this song is sick. Once the lyrics are done, the song just becomes a mess. First Boyd went psychodelic, then Carter's vicious, detached drum with Dave turning to him to "air drum" with his right hand. Next came ANGEL, the only song I didn't appreciate. After the impressive lyrics, the LOVELY LADIES turned this a soul extravaganza with one Lady singing a description of the band, this was really too much, unlike DMB. Again my friend PJ and I hoped for the classics, figuring only one song remained because we lost track of the number of songs. Instead GREY STREET, this is new DMB at their best, Dave's riff and lyrics are great and everyone, especially BUTCH TAYLOR give this song a full sound that shows how musically sophisticated and mature DMB has become. Was this the end? No, suddenly the spotlight was on Stephan and his black bass, time for ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER. DMB has made this there own. This is a frightening song, with the band letting the tension build, backing off slowly, then letting loose, especially with LeRoi's ungodly sax bursts. I thought Dave's head would burst when he howled the final lyric, "and the wind began to HOWLLLLLL!" BUTCH TAYLOR had a sick new effect on his keyboard that sounded like a ELECTRIC GUITAR, and Dave acknowledged Carter's crazy drumming. And they weren't done: next came #36/Everyday/#36. So sweet. Boyd began in the spotlight with a PEDAL EFFECT that added a trippy into to the LADIES' soulful "hurry honey, come and dance", taken up by Dave's "pick me up love, life me up love" that is a throwback to the joyous, "carpe diem" lyrics that make DMB so great. The end was maginificent, with the LADIES weaving in and out with "hurry honey" while Dave & co. sang "pick me up love, lift me up love" with all joining in to sing "everyday...everyday" at the end. This marathon was not over. Dave played acoustic for WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, my friend PJ loved this one. That line about "I'm gonna tie you up like a baby" is really something, as is this song's abrupt, cut-off end. The encore put the finishing touches on a show that proved DMB can deliver a outstanding show without any of their original stable of classics. THE SPACE BETWEEN is tight, efficient pop. The riff for STAY is definitely one of the sweetest in Dave's vast repetoire. Although this version was not as jammin' as last year's at Buffalo, LeRoi still tore up the bridge sections and the extended "Makes ya wanna, makes ya wanna...stay" gave time for some terrific Davedancing for the crowd to jam to. Overall, great vibe from the crowd, terrific performance from a band that proved once again that it performs live like no other, and proof that DMB's new material is outstanding. My only criticisms are that the new songs don't showcase Boyd the way the old ones do and the tongiht's setlist didn't allow Butch to shine the way last year's Buffalo show did. For the newer fans, the older shows, with Tripping Billies, Dancing Nancies, and Recently, and lots of Davespeak were truly unique. Overall B+ show, last year's Buffalo: A.
Todd D.
Another great DMB show. A little light on older stuff. The crowd was pretty small, estimated at 25-30,000 by one local deputy. It sure makes a 85,000 seat stadium look empty. It also makes you wonder what's up, when he sold out this venue last year. The crowd was very enthusiastic, though, and very knowledgable about the new songs. The crowd seemed a little perplexed that he left out any of ants, two step, or long black veil. However, the show was near 3 hours and everyone in the band seemed to enjoy themselves. A little short on the encore, though and the crowd seemed let down that it was only 2 songs.
Wow. Such a wonderful show. After like 20 of them, I am always amazed how impressed I am each time I leave a show. Which is good, especially when you drive from Ohio to Buffalo to see it. Such a bad crowd though..at least where i was sitting. I hope the rest of you were standing and dancing and singing. The people in my section sat there, like stones, and THREW things at us because we daned and enjoyed ourselves. I have never experienced such a lame, unenthusiastic crowd at a show. (Again, this was in my area, where my group was literally the only ones standing and singing. I know there were many great fans out there, especially on the floor.) What a shame...the show was beautiful. How often do you hear Crash and Crush in the same show? Crush was just spectacular..gave me the chills. Such a wonderful song to hear live. The songs from Everyday sound so much better each time the band plays them...I loved what the "Lovely Ladies" did at the end of Angel..the little introductions of the band members in song form. It was nice to hear The Stone, and Bartender AND JTR AND Grey Street. And as usual, Watchtower had us screaming out heads off and dancing like fools. It seemed as though they played forever, over 2 and a half hours...and enjoyed every minute of it. What more can you ask? Awesome set list, great energy, and such talent!! Is there an instrument Leroi can't play? Stefan...simply mind blowing leading into Watchtower. Boyd's opening of #36, Everyday was wonderful. Carter...well, Carter just rocks. And I am always glad to see Butch there. Space Between was beautiful, and Stay ended the show on such a high, exciting note. I am glad DMB wasn't affected by the seemingly small crowd and lack of energy coming from them. We truly were impressed and are still raving about it today. What a great set lsit. I have never written a review before, because I always enjoy the shows, and don't need to pick them apart and talk about what would have made it better, etc. But I wanted to comment on this show, how wonderful it was, and most especially the crowd and the rudeness of a lot of the people there. Come on!!!! We go to the shows to enjoy them, so if you don't want to do that, don't go. And DMB, come to Ohio already! Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Columbus...we'll show you what great fans you have here!! Later...
Jason G.
Tonights show was awesome, that is until the last 3 songs of the set. First off, it was simply amazing being in the 2nd row and that close for a Dave concert. The night started off so great with The Stone, 1st time he's played it this tour, and Dave had sooo much energy from then on throughout the night. Anybody else notice that he had the same shirt on as he did on Politically Incorrect? Anyways, I'm not going to babble on so here are the highs and lows of the night, Highs: Definately the energy on all the songs especially Stone, Don't Drink, Watchtower. It seemed as if the band had just started out by how much energy and life they showed. I never expected to hear Stone, Crash, Crush because they had been so rarely played this year but they were awesome. Angel was probably the best out of 5 shows I have heard it this year. Lovely ladies took it to new heights tonight. Butch's solo during Watchtower, where it seemed like he was playing the electric guitar but on the keys. Gotta give him props, that was dope. After Dave played Watchtower I thought they were gonna go but they went into Everyday. Always great to hear that and now the crowd seems to know the combo, finally, but a lot still dont. The night was so amazing, and I was thinking it was near the best out of the shows I've seen so far this year.... until... the last 3, which brings me to the lows. Lows: I love WTWE but after they were done with that, they just left. Didnt even say goodnight or anything liek that, so that was dissapointing to look up and notice them leaving. Flat out, the encore sucked. Space between was good, but cummon, in an encore? Just doesnt fit the bill here. When they started with it, I said, They better not play Stay or I'll be pissed... but whatd they do, they played it. I am so unbelievably sick of Stay in the encores. 3rd time out of 5 shows Ive heard it this year in an encore. Really really dissapointing. Dont get me wrong, it was a great version, but Im so sick of it. There are a ton of other songs to p lay that are so much better and not overplayed. I dont know, if y'all liked it I'm sorry, I just felt like I left the concert unfulfilled. Thanks Carter for the giveaways at the end, great to see that. Anyhow, I give this concert a 8 out of 10 (Much props to the energy and divergent songs, no props to the ending). Thanks though Dave for another wonderful evening. Never cease to amaze, again and again and again. Still looking to get Last Stop, Dreaming Tree or Say Bye sometime...hopefully in Saratoga either night. See y'all there.........
Amber Z.
Completely amazing. First, The Stone totally suprised me as the opener. It was unbelieveable. I was blown away that Crash and Satellite made the setlist, including Bid Eyed Fish. #41 sounded awesome as it faded into the chorus of Everyday. Stefan had this awesome jam before Watchtower and Stay was explosive. The crowd was wild.
Ryan M.
this was a great show!!! Best out of 4 shows i have seen. the set was a mix of old and new/ slow and jamming stuff. the highlights were watchtower, satelite, angel, crush, and stay. i totally disagree with this tour being lame and not that great. Keep it up boys!!!
Brian C.
Alright this was my frist show this year. I thought the set was awsome. He opened with Stone which was good but the crowd was really into it. SR was awsome with more jamming at the end. Crash was normal but the dixie land ending rocked. #41...awsome! I wanted him to play this so bad, he added in lyrics from Everyday at the very end which was supurb. Next was IIHIA. Mine as well listen to the cd because it sounded the same. Then he introduced Angelique Kidjo and she sung the beginning of Satellite. Different but very good. Next was DDTW. Very nice Then came FMM! That song was awsome. That lead into Bartender which was good but a good time for a rest. IDI next...umm it was ok. Crush was next!! This was a delight! All members jammed out. JTR was so so.. Angel was awsome but a little dragged out by the Lovely Ladies at the end. Grey Street was good. The highlight was defenitly Watchtower!! Exellent!!! Daves voice was awsome. Everday was pretty good and WTWE wasn't. Sounded the same as on the CD. The encore was Space Between which was expected (Pretty good but standard) And Stay. Stay was pretty good and the crowd was enjoying it. Overall the set was a good combination and the performance was great. 8.5
Tim M.
WOW, Buffalo was given a treat tonight. I went to Eric Clapton five days ago, and i thought it couldn' be topped, but it was. The boys came out and dave muttered something into the mic, and then they busted into The Stone. GREAAT OPENER. The ran around each album and then when Ms. Kidjo came on to the stage I knew it was Satelite, and I went off. Then when they played Big Eyed Fish, and dave changed the part about the monkey stay up in your tree, anyone who was there would know what I mean. GREY STREEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!!!!!! Thats all I have to say about that. Watchtower was phenominal, and when the closed the show with Stay Dave went off dancing on the stage. IT WAS AWESOME CANT WAIT TILL TORONTO..
Matthew C.
Tonight was my first of three DMB shows for the summer and it was an excellent way to start things off. The set list was pretty great. No big surprises except for 'the stone' as the opener! I was so psyched to hear this song again especially since it was the first time they've played it the entire spring tour! After an awesome opener they broke right into 'so right'! This is the one and only song that I wanted to hear from the new album and it was better than i expected it to be. The band jammed it out for a couple of minutes at the end and I was very pleased to hear that! Other highlights of the night included Angelique Kidjo singing 'satellite' with the band. The versus that she sang in her native language were beautiful and I was excited to hear her sing it with them after finding out that she did the same thing last week. The band also played a great rendition of 'big eyed fish' (or 'roi's bent fish' according to the official website). This was another song that i really really wanted to hear and they didn't disapoint me. Dave sang "a monkey should know stay up his fuckin' tree" which i thought was pretty cool. Overall it was an amazingly complete show with 4 songs from BTCS! The band had so much energy. I had never seen carter beat the hell out of his drums like i did tonight. He was on fire and by far the best i've ever seen him play. Boyd was so into his violin playing that his sunglasses went flying off his face during an unbelievable solo. Dave seemed to be having more fun than ever dancing around the stage and singing some scat in a bunch of the songs. I've never seen the band so energized and the songs off 'everyday' definately did not disapoint me, almost every one was jammed out a little bit more than on the cd. Over all a great show, I can't wait until the saratoga springs shows!
Jason E.
The Band opened with "The Stone" they played it well but the crowed wasn't really into it. Perhaps it would have been better placed later in the set. Dave then strapped on the electric for a standard version of "So Right". Unfortunately they were trying to promote EVERYDAY and played seven of its songs. "Crash" was all right nothing special, and probably could have been left out. After "IIHIA" came "Satellite" with Angelique once again singing the first verse. Surprisingly "DDTW" was really good; Dave was really into this one. Then came "BEF" it was great hearing this one live, but it was obvious that no one know the song. Bartender was played well but its not one of my personal favorites. Roi played what looked like a fiddle for the intro and outro. Dave then got the TRL watchers back into it with "I Did It" which is another song that I could do with out. "Crush" was okay, it did have a nice little jam at the end. The highlights of the night were "Grey Street" and "Watchtower". Both were played with a lot of emotion and energy. However I thought "Watchtower" would have been more fitting towards the end of the first set. "Everyday" was good, I enjoyed the #36 tease. The Band came back onstage after "WTWE" and played a beautiful "TSB". I figured for sure after this one they would play something from UTTAD since they only played one song from that, or even "Tripping Billies". However, I was greatly disappointed when they played "Stay." Which I feel is one of there worst closers. I would rate the show a 6 out of 10. I can't wait for next year when they don't have an album to promote.
Googly O.
The thousands of partying tailgaters outside of the stadium seemed to be pumped up for an exciting performance by the DMB. Opening up with The Stone was a great surprise. The band seemed immediately energetic. But although they were energetic, many of the songs seemed to drag on, instead of jam on. Having Angelique Kidjo sing the beginning of satellite in what I assume was an African dialect, was also a nice surprise. The lovely ladies set up some solos for the band members at the end of Angel wich was very cool. If there was one thing the band had going for them last night, it was surprises like these. Watchtower probably had the most energy out of any song, and the crowd went nuts! As Dave brought out the electric for the encore, I think all the fans wanted to hear The Space Between, and they got to. Yet I think it was slowed down a little too much and lacked energy. And then ending with Stay (although it was very energetic), left many fans craving for more. And I was baffled that they didnt come out for another song. Overall it was a decent show, but the song selection was just a little slow for what the fans wanted to hear.
Jon S.
This was an awsome show. It is my 5th Dave show, and it was by far the best. The Stone was a great opener, and it really got the crowd into the show. So Right sounded really good live, Crash into me good as usual, this #41 was the best one I ever heard. If I had it all was decent, Satellite very good, odd however whe Angelique sang the first part, Don't Drink the Water quite good, Fish Monkey Man was really cool, and Bartender is the best song from the unreleased album. I did it was the only dissapointing song in the entire set, Crush was absolutely increadible, JTR very good, so was Angel and Grey street. Loved openning to Watchtower, it was the best version of it and really got the energy in the crowd going, Everyday was also really good, and WTWE was also good but I don't like the endind. The Encore was sort of a dissapointment. With all of the new stuff they played, i hoped that they would end with two step, jimi thing or even something like seek up. But both songs were decent. All in all it was a great show.
Marissa H.
well my mom and i drove from cleveland so she could see her first dmb show. let's just say the show definitely lived up to the standards i had prepared her for. in the 8 other dmb shows that i've attended, never have i seen all 5 of them play w/ such emotion and energy. the boys started off w a strong opener in the STONE and kept going w/ SO RIGHT to follow. CRASH was next-coulda done w/o this one, but oh well.next was 41 w/ the Everyday outro. from other shows i've heard this outro just keeps getting better. If I Had It All was pretty standard, but still good to hear. SATELLITE was next w/ angelique kido sitting in. she's got a beautiful voice and it mixes well w/ the song. they pulled out DDTW which was great to hear. i was kinda disappointed though bc i figured w that song we wouldn't get to hear BEF->BARTENDER. i was wrong. these 2 songs together are absolutely amazing. i only hope BEF doesn't get TOO much play. it's really special to hear. the energy followed w/ a suprisingly good rendition of I Did It.i think they've been fine tuning this one bc it's sounding much better. CRUSH was another pleasant suprise to hear. they did an Awesome jam on this one. JTR and ANGEL followed. if anyone happened to read my review of the detroit show, you'll know i'm not a huge fan of the 'lovely ladies' but the outro they did in ANGEL was amazing. i can't even describe it. next was GREY STREET. SO glad i got to hear this it. one of my faves from LWS. WATCHTOWER was another highlight. one of my mom's favorite songs:) i thought for sure this would be the closer to the set, but dave picked right up into EVERYDAY-36. god is this song great. even after the band ended, the crowd was still singing. i think dave was pretty impressed and i'm glad to say i was part of it. the set ended w a strong version of WTWE. the 'lovely ladies' walked out for the encore so you could pretty much bank on TSB and STAY. i was praying for TWO STEP (my personal fave) but the energy dave put forth made up for it. he danced around and talked a lot more than i expected, but was damn happy for it. overall, i'd say this was the best of the 9 i've been to. glad my mom got to see the boys at their best too:)
Eric D.
Well first of all it was a very solid show. An improvement on last year's Ralph Wilson Show- the boys were obviously having a lot of fun. As far as Macy Gray, I'm sorry for all you folks who didn't enjoy her set. Personally I thought it was fun. The music was Parliament-esque at times. Her band was mad cool- seemed to be having a great time too. I've also got to say that I think her backup singers/dancers are a bit cooler than the "lovely ladies". (Although, I was very impressed with the ladies band intro/jam thing in Angel - very nice touch). My Macy highlight was at the end of her set when she threw the mic to the girl right across the isle from me. She was completely into the music and it was a cool thing for Macy to do. My DMB highlights include: Stone as an opener- always a good opener and a nice surprise. #41/EVERYDAY and EVERYDAY/#36 - very cool. Nice to see them throwing some new twists into the music. (I love ASTB but it was getting bit overdone if you ask me.) Anjelique was cool in SATELLITE - I generally enjoy guests so it was fun to see a different version of Satellite. FISH MONKEY MAN was great- People really seemed to enjoy it -the "a monkey should know stay up your fuckin' tree" got a good reaction. WATCHTOWER was sweet as usual- couldn't hear Stefan's intro too well but the solo section was incredible- so much energy. WTWE was a cool end to the set- I enjoyed how it trailed off and they walked off the stage. For the encore I was hoping for WASTE or something but TSB was cool- mellowed down a bit and was very chill. STAY would have been disappointing if I hadn't already heard everything I'd hoped for, but it was a damn good version anyway. Seemed like a good lenghthy show (didn't see exact times but it felt like they were never gonna leave). After all the crap I read about from RFK it was reassuring to see a mellow crowd down front as well as good security. One interesting tidbit was security checking out all the tapers setups late in the show because someone apparently was streaming the show live from DAT(or something like it) to their cell phone to their PC and the Internet.... I could see why that wouldn't be kosher with the band ;) In conclusion- no real complaints (I was very happy the weather turned out to be nice despite the dismal forecasts), and the show goes somewhere in my top 5.
Pat S.
This was, to say the least, an awesome show. It helped that i sat, stood rather, in the 20th row, but the energy was just unbelievable throughout. The Stone was a pleasant surprise, as was Crash, with the Dixie Chicken part that got the crowd going. 41 was the best version I'd ever heard, with my favortie all-time solo once again pulled off by Leroi on the tenor. Angelique added a nice, quaint touch to surprisingly the only Under the Table selection, Satellite. That was unfortunate as the girl standing in front of me (hi Pam if you read this!) and I were really hoping for either Seek Up or Warehouse. DDTW was a definite crowd pleaser. I heard Big Eyed Fish for the first time, and it is a perfect setup for Bartender, with another outstanding solo from Leroi. Although the crowd was confused with these Lillywhite songs, Bartender was great, Dave was really into it, and Carter supplied an awesome solo at the end. I Did It was a standard, but I like it much better live in this setting than confined in the studio. Crush was unexpected, but a good fit for the middle of the set. JTR once again confused the crowd, but did not bring down the high energy level one bit. Angel shocked me, as after the standard song a jam ensued for almost 10 minutes, with the ladies adding vocals to solos by all 6 players, culminating in Dave's only true solo of the night. Grey St. rocked, I absolutely love that melody. Now the highlight of the show: Watchtower. Wow! Stefan led in with a great solo, and Dave was goin nuts by the time the chorus came around. The photo opp of the evening was supplied when Dave joined Boyd and both danced their hearts out during Boyd's solo. This was defnitely the climax of the night. But no, not the end of the set yet. Everyday was nice, with an interesting intro where Boyd played 36 while Dave strummed the Everyday melody. The outro was a combination of the two, as well. WTWE was a nice closer, short and sweet. Encore did not disappoint, as TSB delivered a must for the crowd and a fiery ending came with the ever-popular Stay. All in all, of the 4 shows I've seen, I rate this one the best, simply because of the outstanding energy shown throughout the show both by DMB and the huge crowd. I just hope I get a chance to catch the guys at least one more time this summer!
What a show! Perfect weather. Perfect sound. Perfect everything. Great open with The Stone...haven't seen it played much this tour, so its a refreshing add. Grabbed the Jerry Jones Baritone guitar (which Dave used to solo with later in the show...and is such a pwerful guitar live!) and went to work on So Right. Crash Into Me with Dixie Chicken, #41, If I Had It All and Satellite...VERY NICE and mellow...was surprised HOW mellow! By the way, I'm LOVING the intro Dave plays in front of Satellite. I have a live recording of it from last summer...really nic intro. DDTW, not bad. Big Eyed Fish..SMOKIN! Boyd's intro...interesting to say the least. Then into Daves favorite song, Bartender...very strong!I Did It....sounds AMAZING live. Crush, another song not heard much this tour...great addition to the show. Angel, then Grey Street...LOVED IT! Grey Street is my absolute favorite live...the band is so into this song. Thought Watchtower was it, then came back with Everyday into #36, then closed it with WWTE. GREAT ENDING! Lights up, then down. Encore..Space Beteen, sounds AMAZING live....all these "Everyday" songs are exteneded throughout the show...they sound so good. Stay...a staple for an ending. Overall, a solid 9 out of 10.
[name R.
Drove from cleveland wednesday and stayed with my friend's aunt..saved us a few bucks. we came to the conert early...pleanty of tailgaiting, it was one giant party out there. Once we got our wristbands we headed for our seats. We were section 3 row 20 seat 24 & 25....we were within five rows to a couple of tapers. Anyways to the show.....stone was a solid opener...so right was nice and powerful....crash wasnt anything special....41 was good...i dont know if it was just me or the jam was not on....if i had it all was next....one of my fav. everyday songs was performed well...satellite was unique was angelique kidjo...i like how the first verse was in african....dont drink the water....now this what really got every movin...this is on my top 5 list of dmb live songs....fish monkey man was pretty cool..no crowd response when he went into it...first time hearin this song live... i liked the every monkey should know to stay up in its f'kin tree...bartender was nice...little crowd response again....i did it was good..nothing super special......CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....WOW THIS WAS JUST ABSOLUTELY AMAZING....MY HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT!!!!!....nice long and strong...jtr was average..still good.....angel was jamme dout really long with one of the lovely ladies doing this adressing the members of the band thing which was cool....i dont remember clearly if she remembered stefan?...anyways...after angel....my friend yelled out grey stret really loud...dave went back and talked with carter and came to the mic and said this ones called GREY STREET!! this was also a highlight of the show....watchower was good.....even butch had a lil solo...everyday/36 was also nice jammed out an long...when the world ends was a nice set closer...the encore was a lil disappointing...but after a set like that it didnt really bother me...a regular spac between us..and a very nice stay. i give this concert 9/10. anyone who has this sho on cdr..please email me...maybe we can set up a trade..thanx..
Bill M.
stone opener i loved i had the greatest time of my life at that show standing up dancing and singing i loved 36everyday36 , if i could have a written a realistic setlist honestly i dont think i would have changed a thing. Crush was cool to hear live great encore of space between then stay hey there might have been quite a few radio songs played but that doesnt mean they arent classics i dont care what people say about crash it is still great along with stay had the time of my life
John Z.
A good show all in all, even though I got stuck in terrible seats on the floor and right behind a total Crashhead who kept asking me and my girlfriend, "what disc is this one" whenever they played a Lilywhite song. Having heard the new stuff live, I wished they had scrapped the second CD and not the first. Now, the setlist was fantastic. The energy wasn't as high this year as last year's Buffalo show but it was good stuff. #41 will always be one of my favorites and when he outro'd with Everyday it was even sweeter. Satellite was really cool. I've seen Dave eight times and it was the first time I heard him play it, I thought Angelique was cool and gave a very different spin to a great song. Fish Monkey Man/ One-Eyed Fish into Bartender was MAD COOL! (This is when the girl started asking questions, especially when we were singing along to Bartender) Bartender is one of those great Dave epics that we can only hope isn't lost to the Ballard influence. I had only heard Crush at a Dave and Tim show so that was pretty cool. JTR was better when it was John the Revelator (again we lost the girl in front on this one "JTR is the name of the album?" DESIRE TO KILL RISING)To me Watchtower is almost the highlight of the show, I always like to check out his spin on it everytime he plays it, especially when Butch is on the keys. Last year at Saratoga Butch ROCKED out a great solo. This year, again, his solo KICKED ASS. It sounded like he set his keyboard to an electric gitaur and rocked out like Jimi would have. It was sweet. I would've been happy with #36-Everyday-#36. Alot of people must have heard about Vegas and were singing along at the end with "Hani, Hani...come and dance with me" It was cool. Now for a show that rocked like this with a great setlist, I have to say alot of the new stuff doesn't translate live at all. I Did It sounded horrible. The encore was weak too. I was waiting for some Ants, or Grace is Gone or maybe (QUE HOROR) Waste, but was treated (???) to Space Between and Stay? Left a bad tast in my mouth. Well let's hope Saratoga is better, see you there. Oh, the coolest part of the show that brought a smile to my face everytime they showed it on the screen was Leroi, who was wearing a Cobra Commander t-shirt. Now maybe I'm dating myself, but GI Joe ROCKED!!! Yo Joe! C-ya!
[Name R.
well I was just recovering from a somewhat disappointing show at Giants stadium on june 13, since the fans knew little more than "I did it" and "space between"...anyways, the buffalo was easily the best concert ive ever attended. after seeing dave 5 times, i never thought the band could blow me away like this. the setlist was amazing. i kept thinking after each mind blowing song, "he cant top this on the next one". but hey, he is dave, and he kept it up for the whole show. when i heard the opening bars of big eyed fish, i knew i was in for it. dave even seemed to lose his tempo for a few words and adlibbed an F-bomb right into the song, which drew much cheers and applause. the rest of the night was crazy, from the light show, to the songs (a best-ever version of watchtower), to dave howling at the top of his lungs. most importantly, the band had fun with it. alot of improv, which is something that you tend not to see in this everyday-ridden age.
I was disappointed with the number of "radio popular" hits Dave played - Crush, Crash, Satelite, I did it, and Stay. Though they were good ( and seemed to help get the crowd into it, how many times have we heard them.. I mean, come on.) Also, after Angel, the Ladies seemed to take a talented but bizarre spin. Other than that, it was great! Big Eyed fish and grey street were wonderful.
James P.
Alright, let me start by saying that DMB is the greatest band ever hands down. This was the most amazing concert i have ever seen or heard. Every song was just so jammed out and full of energy. Some highlights from this concert were butch's keys on watchtower that sounded like jimi hendrix on the electric guitar, don't drink the water (which is usually an ok song in my opinion but tonight it was just so amazing), carters unbelievable drum solo at the end of a jammed out crush, dave pointing at carter to keep going on a solo before the last jam of jtr, the crowd continueing to sing "honey, honey, come and dance with me" after everyday and dave saying "i'll give ya'll a little time to yourselves", and last but certainly not least angel.....wow....i can do nothing but shake my head at this concert cause it was beyond amazing....my friend joe hit it right on the money when he said that the only problem with DMB concerts is that they end...peace
Michael M.
Well I drove 4 hours up to buffalo to see my 7th dmb show and it was well worth the drive. the band just seemed to be running on all gears and playing to perfection. They opened up with stone which was totally unexpected but a great way to open up the show. I wasn't expecting the everyday songs to be that great but they sound truly amazing now that the band has been able try them out on the road. angel was definitely my favorite of the 6 everyday songs they played. the lovely ladies rocked and they introduced each member of the band by singing a verse or 2 about each of them which really got the crowd going. another big highlight of the show was the combination of #36 and everyday. dave would be singing everyday and the ladies would be singing #36 and then they would switch throughout the song. wow was that great, I just couldn't decide to sing along with. but, i have to say that my favorite part of the show were the lillywhite sessions. big eyed fish is such a powerful song and sounds tremendous live and they moved into bartender which really shows the band at their absolute best. to end the night off they played space between which seemed to be well taken by the crowd and then they closed with stay which is always a great jam. overall this had to be one of my favorite shows and i can't wait to hear combination of the new and old again at hershey in august!!
Nicholas G.
As hard as it might be to say, the highlight of this particular show were the songs no one knew. At least the girl in front of me sat down and didn't sing. After Macy Gray FINALLY got off the stage, and the 45 minute or so intermission, Dave did his little walk-out thing with everyone cheering, "Yay, yay for Dave". This was, needless to say, a sing-along set. Crash started it all. Satellite (with Angelique Kidjo) seemed a disaster to me, I couldn't understand A WORD she was saying. Everyday was a great outro to #41, and it boggled the mind of that dancine girl in front of me. Don't Drink the Water and Fish Monkey Man are two great songs live. During Angel I sat down in protest, but was amazed when Dave, yes Dave, did a little guitar solo. YES DAVE. All Along the Watchtower was increadible (as usual). They closed the pre-encore set with When The World Ends, which worked quite nicly with the cut-off. It cut-off and they were gone. After a lengthy intermission during which there was more "Yay, yay for Dave", they came back out and played The Space Between, which was inevitable really. I was hoping for something other then Saty for the last song, but, it was a sing-along and it got Dave dancing. On to Camden.
Rob S.
Amazing! I honestly thought the show was amazing! I was not a dave Mathews fan before the show. Anyways...The show was kicked off by Macy Grey. She actually did jam well. I was sitting 5th row and u could just see it in all the musicians eyes that they were ready to Jam. When they played Satelite the show was rocking. THe song rain which i heard for the first time kicked major ass! I honestly do not like the radio version of I did it but at the show that was one hell of a jam!!! Crush was amazing i did not expect to hear that. All along the watchtower was awesome. i think that might have been the peek of the show. THe show was ended with two beautiful encores that really capped of the night. The Spaces Between was a really sweet song. Stay was a great ending song. All in all the show kicked major ass and Dave can jam his ass off. Boyd Tinsley the guy playing the violin jammed his ass off.
Tony D.
This was my first DMB show and I can simply say it was the best concert I've ever been too. The set list was amazing, playing songs from Crash all the way to Everyday. The lovely ladies were excellent and Butch Taylor is freaking awesome on the keyborads. I was hoping to hear one of these four songs , #41, Crush, Say Goodbye or Two step. They played #41 and Crush which was only the second time Crush was played this tour. Dave and the band freakin rocked the Ralph. The crowd was into every song and that made it ten times better. He even played the chorus of #36 and mixed it with Everyday. Watchtower is so good live. That song really gets the crowd going. If you have the chance to see dave, even if it means traveling a bit, DO IT. Every mintue of the show as worth it. Don't forget to tailgate too. It makes the concert that much better. Eat drink and be merry, I'm out.
Steph S.
I travelled all the way from London (am an australian) to see the band. Their music has saved me and cheered me and consoled me and helped me in a million other ways. This night for me was like a trip to heaven. Appreciate your luck all you Americans cause its a bloody long way for me to travel to see the most amazing band in the world play.