Dave Matthews Band
Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

onstage: 8:20
When The World Ends *
Best of Whats Around *+
Granny *+
I Did It *+
Fish Monkey Man -->
Satellite *~
What You Are *
If I Had It All *+
Angel *+
JTR *+
Lie In Our Graves *
Fool To Think *+
The Space Between *+
True Reflections *+
Everyday (#36) *+
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson cover)
#40 (tease) -->
Two Step *
offstage: 10:54
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Angelique Kidjo on vocals

Jamie L.
Hey everyone, just got back from the first night at Foxboro and it was a night to remember. The night started out with a nice Angelique Kidjo set. Macy Gray was alright. Then the boys came out and went right into WTWE. Nice tune with a cool cut off. Then the ladies came out for BOWA which was a nice surprise. Granny was next. This really got the crowd grooving and everyone was singing "love, baby." Next was a standard I Did It which sounded much better than the album version. Then Dave introduced us to a street fish and played BEF with the monkey staying in his fucking tree. A nice transition followed with penny whistle solo from Roi and then right into Bartender. Dave did some nice wailing and the ending was great with even more pennywhistle. Dave then introduced Angelique Kidjo and they started into Satellite. Kidjo sang the first verse in South African I believe and then Dave finished up. It was a nice touch to a classic song. What You Are and If I Had It All then followed. Pretty standard, nothing special. Angel came next with a nice intro by Roi. I actually enjoyed the outro with the ladies and how they introduced everyone. Dave had a nice solo too. Dave busted out the 12 string and went into JTR. However, the Ladies were rushed, so we didnt get the "rain rain" intro. After JTR came the highlight of the evening. Boyd went absolutely nuts on LIOG. It was a surreal experience. The lights flooded the floor for a period of almost two minutes of pure jamming. I could not stop dancing. The boys then slowed it into Fool To Think and Space Between. Fool to think needs a little work, but the Space Between was unreal. Boyd then took center stage on True Reflections which was pretty cool and featured a full band jam. Everyday was sweet, i liked the foot pedal deal with Boyd. I thought that was it, but then Dave switched to the electric and I knew it was time for PNP--> Rapunzel. Unreal. Nice way to end the set. The encore was a little disappointing. I wanted to hear #40 or Waste. Instead, Dave busted out a Woodie Nelson (editor's note: that's Willie Nelson) song "Aint it funny how times slip away." I was nice and mellow. Then they went into Two Step. Unfortunately, we didnt experience a 17 minute version. It was more like 8 minutes. I wonder what happened with the Butch Jam. Oh well. Overall i give the show an 8.5. See ya all tomorrow.
Adam B.
macy gray: HORRIBLE...tomorrow will be the third and last time i ever want to have to see her perform. she is soooooo damn bad i can't even descibe. DMB: my 14th DMB show. opened with When the World Ends...odd choice i must say but interesting. then always nice to hear Best of What's Around and Granny. I Did It isn't sounding all that bad live anymore. ahh, then a big highlight for me. Big Eyed Fish > Bartender. first of all, BEF is a phenomenal song and i am so glad that they brought it out to play ("a monkey should know stay up your fuckin' tree"). the segue between songs was gorgeous. thank god for Leroi discovering the pennywhistle. then Satellite...hmm....it was a unique version to say the least. Angelique Kidjo came out and guested on it. she does not have a very pleasant sounding voice. What You Are, and If I Had It All were good. they are progressing. and then Angel. this song is a nice chill song as it is....but this like sweet jazz jam with the ladies singing lead vocals tacked on to the end of it is just great. i think they jammed it out to about 10 minutes. the ladies are becoming less of an annoyance and are learning how to use their voices as instruments. always gotta love the JTR jam. LIOG was high energy...boyd was on tonight. Fool To Think, Space Between, True and Everyday were all good. nothing special i guess. PNP > Rapunzel with the electric was sweet....a different edge to it. and the electric that dave plays for it is beautiful looking. and that concluded the set. when Dave came out for the encore i was expecting #40/Waste to kick off. but he did Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away which is a Willie Nelson cover and it was quite good. i was impressed. two step closed out the night. lots of energy. they carried out the ending.
Timothy Z.
Wrote this review while sitting in the Foxboro parking lot/ dust bowl with the lights on the new stadium, under construction, illuminating just enough. Before I delve into the set, I feel it necessary to state that the Foxboro crowd finally did it- we were louder and generally more enthusiastic than Giants. Been to both venues within a week and on this Foxboro simply rocked harder. No one sat down during the slow jams and no one seemed apathetic. Only people struggling were those who drank too much in that hot sun. It was pretty harsh. WTWE was a solid opener, and I wasn't surprised with BOWA or Granny because they kept the vibe going. During the chorus of I Did It Dave looked like Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) flailing his head back and forth a bit. As he procured the 12-string and began Big Eyed Fish he proclaimed "something smells fishy in here." Going into Bartender makes these songs hauntingly beautiful and a highlight anytime they're played in a set. No doubt. Miss Kidjo kicked it l'espanol on the first set of lyrics on Satellite, and her back up vocals made it the best version I've heard in a while. What You Are, If I Had It All, and Angel... the band always seems to include "Everyday" triplets, and these didn't disappoint. Other big highlights of the night were the crazy jam on JTR and the way Boyd took control on LIOG. LeRoi threw in a little pennywhistles, the band all contributed, but no one gives that song more authority than Boyd. Played solid but standard Fool To Think, The Space Between, and True Reflections. Everyday/ #36 was a beautifully mellow way to end the set. Or so I thought. The red electric guitar came out and Rapunzel tore the place up. Dave emerged alone for the encore, I anticipated Waste, and instead received a Willie Nelson cover where the speaker in the song is talking to his ex-lover with wit but serious distaste and a subtle loathing. They're in very different situations and the question is posed, "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away?" Very cool tune. Two Step to close was excellent, but as a closer will forever be inferior to the first night at Giants. All in all a very satisfying evening, with much Dave gibberish between songs and a crowd that was into it from beginning to end. A Dave fan couldn't ask for more that what we got tonight. When the lights came up they played the original version of"For the Beauty of Wynonna." That was interesting. Now let's see Mother Nature has in store tomorrow...
Tiffany A.
It's 2am and after a HOT and STEAMY night at Foxboro, what can I say, they did it again! Amazing show. Opening w/ When the World Ends was a great suprise and going right into BOWA rocked. Definitely the highlight was Lie In Our Graves. Boyd was absolutely ON FIRE! The energy on that stage was incredible and the crowd just couldnt handle it! The outro to Angel was so cool, The Lovely Ladies sang a cool piece about who their angel may be...is it the drummer? is it the guitarist?? SO cool. Dave was pretty talkative and Butch Taylor was unbelievable on the keys. Two Step was incredibly high octane, they were just so ON tonight! Hearing all the new songs live was definitely exciting. Fool To Think was a nice surprise, as was hearing Granny again. Angelique Kidjo's version of Satellite was pretty cool. Very eclectic show. Hope all of y'all enjoyed it!
Timmy B.
I must say that I thought that the show last night was dissappointing to me. This was my 3rd show, 2nd in a week, and I thought that it was the worst. First, I had been to RFK the week before and they were almost identical setlists. I thought that they were a little tired from NY and that they were less than perfect, displayed by Dave's mixing of words on Space Between. But, there were some good stuff. Boyd had the most amazing solo on Lie In Our Graves, It must have lasted for like 8 minutes. Another that was cool was to hear the first ever life performance of Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away by Willie Nelson. I would have never thought it for the encore. The people around us were cool as hell too, in A1, row 29. It was tough to stand during the entire show cause I was so tired. But, I am going to tomorrows and hopefully it will be better.
Brandon L.
Well if anyone went to monday nights jersey show i guess theres nothing you can really say other than WOW. They pretty much played an identical set and frankly this one was alot worse. At least in JErsey we got a drive in drive out and a CRAZY two step. True Reflections has got to go, along with When the world ends its a great song but cmon every show? I just hope tomorrow i hear dancing nancies or grey street if either of those were played last night the whole show would have been 10 times better. Good energy tho thats about it. Oh yeah and some girl in front of me had some of the skunkiest damn nuggets ive ever tasted. Thanks whoever you were.
Eric D.
A very up-and-down show, to say the least. Eight songs from Everyday was a little bit too much, and besides "Angel", none of them were that different from the studio versions in arrangement. Angel, however, was incredible, somewhere in the ten-minute vicinity, with Tawatha (I think, I'm not exactly sure who is who) having a great breakdown/soul/sort of deal. Really a treat... Lie In Our Graves was unreal as well. Boyd had an an unbelievable solo, it had to be at least ten minutes, fantastic, fantastic. Then, after Dave did the last verse, Butch had a solo that was pretty sweet too. The song was probably ten minutes long. Fish Monkey Man/Bartender was really good, too. Leroi did a segue on the flute, and when he had finished, I yelled, "Bartender", and everyone turned around and looked at me with what-the-hell? expressions on their faces. But, yeah, they played it, a pretty good version. Granny and Best Of What's Around were pretty good as well. I also liked Satellite with Angelique, too. Angelique was really good, I was impressed, a nice groove, and she can really sing. Macy Gray, Dave what are you thinking? Where are the Roots? Santana? Steve Earle? Bela? I hope Ben Kweller is good. Macy was not, and it put me in a bit of a bad mood.
Jessica E.
I give the show about a 7. The opening wasn't strong enough(big screens weren't on and sound was low..plus it was wwte)and the closing was too typical(two step). Granny, Lie in our Graves, Bartender, the 36-everyday-mix (great), and the solo willie nelson cover were good dmb material though. I'm not sure what it means when I leave the concert not thinking "amazing" but thinking, well hopefully they make up for it tomorrow night.
Colin S.
This show was very good - not as good as the Foxboro shows last year, but still solid. The setlist was heavy with stuff from Everyday and the Lillywhite Sessions, which don't get the crowd as excited as the band's older songs. But the band's energy was high and the show rocked. WTWE- Not a great opener, but they played it well and I like the abrupt ending. There's an extended intro. BOWA- I hadn't heard this in 8 previous shows and I was glad to finally hear it. The ladies aren't intrusive on it at all, so I didn't mind them on it. GRANNY- My favorite song that I was lucky enough to see again. Most of the crowd sang the "Love Baby" jam at the end. IDI- This song sounds much better live. It's not their finest piece of music by far, but it gets the crowd moving. A LITTLE FISHY- Dave introduced this song as "A Little Fishy" so that's what I'm calling it. He's obviously been listening to the LWS, because the lyrics are much more similar to the album version now than they were earlier in the tour. Some people actually knew this and sang along, and a few people asked me what it was because they saw me singing. I think they liked it. BARTENDER- Dave's wailing on this one was the highlight of an otherwise standard version. SATELLITE- Opener Angelique Kidjo came out and sang the first verse in some foreign language, which was pretty cool. She added some sweet backing vocals to the rest of the song, too. WYA- This was the best Everyday song of the night, featuring an extended bridge with a LeRoi solo. Good to see they're trying to jam them out. IIHIA- Butch's keyboards really fill this one out. ANGEL- Not a bad version of this terrible song. There's a jam at the end where the ladies ask if each of the band members could be their angel, and the band members play a little solo. Interestingly, the best solo belonged to Dave, who played a cool electric blues type thing. JTR- The end jam gets better each time I hear it- it's so intense. LIOG- Quite possibly the best version I've ever seen. Boyd totally tore it up, the Butch did, then they had a duet, and Dave waited a good 20 seconds before re-starting the song. So beautiful. FTT- This song stinks in the studio and isn't much better live. TSB- This song sounds so beautiful live with the ladies and Butch. They really fill it out nicely. TRUE- There was a definite Minarets tease before this one. Dave started doing the strumming but then went right into the riff from TR. This one featured great solos from Boyd, Butch AND LeRoi. Everyday- I thought this was the closer, but was pleasantly mistaken. The #36/Everyday jam at the end is pretty cool, with everybody randomly switching back and forth between the two songs. But it wasn't nearly as good as it was at Charlottesville. PNP->RAPUNZEL- The electric guitar on this one is a nice touch. Along with the keyboards, it makes the song sound great live. Awesome jam at the end with all six members just going off. ...TIME SLIPS AWAY- Dave came out by himself with the guitar, and we were expecting Waste or #40. But instead he played this quiet Willie Nelson song for the first time. Quite a treat. TWO STEP- There was a #40 tease before this song, which featured an abbreviated Butch solo but added the most intense outro I'd ever seen. Carter just went nuts behind the kit and ended the show with a bang. Let's see what the boys can do tonight...
There was so much energy from the crowd last night. I've heard and read many articles of fans complaining that the concerts are not the same anymore because of their new album. Well! this is so not true! Everyone was dancing and sung along to every song including JTR and an awesome mix of #36 and Everyday. They combined both songs perfectly! Very cool concert. Probably one of the best I've been to, except the concert at the Meadows Music Centre last year. Where they opened with Dancing Nancies!
Ken D.
The stage was set for a beauuutiful show. The weather was perfect, the parties were bumpin'and everyone could feel the excitment in the air. Dave started his set earlier than expected however. It's not usually till dark when he comes out. But however, he opened the set with 'When the World Ends' and jammed through 'Best of What's Around' which he rarely busts out in Boston. Fish Monkey Man was great....not many people knew it...but now they do! Dave churned out an emotional 'Bartender' and an interesting rendition of 'What you Are'. He played a little from his newest album, Everyday, then slipped into the Lillywhite Sessions again and got the crowd bouncin' with JTR and topped that with an incredible 'Lie in Our Graves' jam with Boyd. Dave made everyone happy when he tossed in 'Space Between. The mixture of 'Everyday' and #36 was classic and 'Rapunzel', is still one of the best live songs he plays. For the encore Davie went old school and played Willie Nelson's 'Ain't it Funny' and gave everything he had 'Two Stepped' it all the way home.
[Name R.
Coming off of what I considered to be three really excellent shows in their own right, I was very excited to see the boys play at Foxboro Stadium Saturday night. From past experiences at Foxboro, I was also looking forward to a similarly excellent show. My buddy and I called the opener, WTWE, but were greeted with a surprisingly album-like version of the song. In a set that featured 8 everyday songs, most of them were album-like (with the exception of angel) and I must say that this was very disapointing. This is probably my 15th DMB show, and I would rank it as one of the worste. The band's energy was decent, and a quick look at the setilst would make it seem like the show was pretty good. But I can definetely say it lacked something. That something was jamming. The only songs that were even remotely added onto were Angel (which has actually taken on a nice little funky part at the end) and Lie In Our Graves (which was and is always an excellent song). But all the rest were standard versions. Even Two Step in the encore was only around 9 minutes long!!!! that's ridiculously short for a closing Two Step. High Points: The gorgeous girl I met in the lot and who made the night worthwhile (see you tonight, Kaley), Ain It Funny How Time Slips Away (which, by the way, brought me to tears. Honestly, the most beautiful song dave has ever played), 36-Everyday-36 (tons of emotion and energy, really got me dancing), and LIOG. Low Points: The drunk 13 year old that kept falling on me and screaming for Crash, the meathead who talked on his cellphone through the majority of Two Step and said the Willie Nelson cover sucked, the brevity and lack of jamming in all the everyday songs, and a Two Step encore that had to be one of the most disapointing closers I've seen. Don't get me wrong, I love the everday songs. But I really think the guys need to do a little more with them, or at least I wish they would. Overall, I'd rate the show a 6. BUT, I still have complete faith in the guys and am sure tonight's show will be incredible. I'll let ya'll know.
Brian S.
Alright, so this turned out to be one of the best shows that I have seen even though I went into it a little afraid of what the new songs were going to sound like. WTWE, Best of, Granny, I Did It...good opening, strange mix, had me worried it would be a short show with nothing but the new material...but then the band fixed that with Fish Monkey Man into Bartender...incredible...I'm still laughing at all the confused people in my section who had no idea...Satellite with the weird lady was different but it was nice...WYA, great song, reminded me of Last Stop and got me wishing for BTCS song...Angel was very nice, and then the lovely ladies did a very interesting but great sounding outro...JTR - loved it...fantastic and most fans were confused again...LIOG AWESOME...they needed a jam song and this was it...Boyd and Butch were both incredible...reminicent of the 29th Spac show last summer...Fool and Space Between were great...love them..True Reflections starting to get sick of it but stilla great song...Everyday with 36 was sweet...I love the mix...it got everyone dancing...love the outro...then PNP and Rapunzel fulfilled my wishes for a BTCS song...awesome closer...normal but still a great jam at the end...Time Slips Away was a cool song, better than Crash would have been by far...but at the moment I had no idea what it was..I really wanted to hear Two Step, haven't heard it in a while...and was quite excited...it was a bit short but solid and powerful...didn't touch the one i heard with Bela and Tim but still a great song...all in all a great show...20 songs...a good mix...I'm just hope the band starts to lengthen the new songs....
Jim B.
This was my 7th show (including Woodstock '99), but my least enjoyable. It would have been a very enjoyable show if I only had the new album, but being the truist Dave fan that I am I didn't see the enthusiam that Dave usually brings to the show. It seemed like he was on stage because he had to be there. It had some awesome moments, primarily on the older stuff like Boyds incerdible solo on LIOG and the electric finishing with Two Step, but overall was not their best effort.
Tom R.
Before I start I want to say that last night's show changed my opinion of Everyday entirely. I liked it when it came out, then hated it when I started hearing the songs live and didn't think the band's status as a jam band was represented by the new album. After hearing the songs done a month and a half into the tour I realize I was totally wrong. Band came out, opened with When the World Ends, great opener, sounds incredible now. Best of What's Around and Granny, both standard but got the crowd involved. Just as Dave hits the first chord to I Did It, the view screens came on, very cool, this song sounds so much better then it did early on. Big Eyed Fish, or whatever they are calling it today, hilight of the show for me. Dave went back to the old words, but kept the Fish, Man, Monkey order. Even the people in the crowd who didn't know the song were loving it. Immediately followed was Bartender, those two songs go great together. Satellite with Angelique Kidjo was intersting in her native language but I wouldn't call it a hilight. What You Are and If I Had It All sound amazing now, they have them both down really well, and Butch makes a big diference. Angel has a new outro with the girls introducing the band during the song, great jam, shows the potential of Everyday. JTR and Lie In Our Graves were absolutely incredible, two of my favorites. If anyone saw the beach ball floating during Fool to Think, that was mine, it said Please Play Halloweeen and I wanted it to get to the stage but someone must have stopped it. The Space Between was great, another big improvement of late. True Reflections, standard. Everyday was beyond incredible. They really have it in top form now. Rapunzel with the electric guitar brings new life to an already great song, excellent closer. Dave came out for the encore and played a Willie Nelson song, Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away, very cool, and he sang the lyrics "Sittin on the Dock of the Bay" in the middle of the song. I think I heard him tease #40 and a few people agreed with me, then he closed with one of the best versions of Two Step I have ever heard. If you do not like Everyday I suggest you give the songs a second chance, the band obvioulsy loves them and are going through lots of tuning to get them great on the road.
Chris L.
All in all a decent show. I was praying for Seek Up for the opener but hey. To the Show... WTWE- Sounded really good, but I don't think its an opener. BOWA- all time favorite and glad to hear it, I though it sounded good with the ladies. Granny- Pretty standard, but good to hear. I Did It- Not a fan of the song, but sounded really good live. Fish Monkey Man- Awesome!!!->Bartender so good, best version I have heard. Satellite- Pretty good with the background vocals. What You Are- Well played. If I had It All- Very good one of the favs on the evening. Angel- One of the best songs played on the evening, loved the jam at the end, really strong. JTR- Standard have heard it at every show. LIOG- BOYD BOYD BOYD !!!!!!!! ALL I CAN SAY! Fool To Think- Well played and the electric sounded great. Space Between- I hear the song ten times a day on the radio, but it was played so tight and it was really good, a highlight of the night. True Reflections- See LIOG... Everyday- Sounded great with the #36 jam as the intro and outro very good, thought that would have closed the show but... PNP->Rapunzel- Absolutly Amazing with the electric, So much energy to end the show. Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away- Great tune to hear Dave play solo, but would rather have heard something eles #41 or Grace Is Gone but still well played. Two Step- My favorite closer but it was jammed out as much as last year, but still really good with some good dancing by Dave. The Boys had the engery tonight but I would have loved to see the show go a tad bit longer. B+ as the grade! See you in Hartford!
Dan E.
This was an awesome show. Just plain awesome. 21 songs i counted (and kept track) Here are some big points (not in any order) Lie in our graves... awesome. pure awesomeness. boyd soloed for probably 8 minutes, and Butch soloed for another 6. the song was 18 minutes total. Big eyed fish - Bartender... cool to hear live.. LeRoi rules with that wistle thing... where did they come up with street fish?Satelite... Angelique Kidjo guested... sang the first verse different.. kinda didnt add to the song.. but singing backup through the rest was cool. Space between... he screwed up in the very beginning.. hehe. even the best of us make mistakes. The song by willie nelson was like if i had a boat mixed with the maker mixed with 40. I liked it... The Lovely Ladies jam they do was neat.. everyone did a quick solo.. too long though.. it was one of the longer songs.. and it was Lovely ladies.. doh. There was a 40 tease before two step.. i swear i heard it. Two step rocked. Plain and simple.
Josh B.
This was my 8th Dave Show and it was by far the best. Ive NEVER seen Boyd jam out as much as he did tonight. He smoked through lie in our graves and it just flored me. Dave was awesome on I did it. My favorite part of the show was when he played everyday and mixed that with #36. It caught me completly off gaurd.
Joe R.
This was my first dave show and all i can say is that is was awesome. The entire atmosphere of the show (and before the show) was great, everyone was very friendly (or just drunk) and i enjoyed it all. Although dave played a lot of new songs it was still a great show. Highlight of the night was when he played everyday/#36 and the encore. The Willie Nelson cover was excelent and two step was UNBELIEVABLE. Overall it was a great show.
Patrick P.
Time for my two cents on this show. Macy Gray- I tried to tolerate the singing, but ending up on the floor after every song is not cool; at least the backup dancers were nice. I thought that WHEN THE WORLD ENDS was not a great choice for an opener, the song doesn't have the energy as others he could of picked. BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND did have that energy, I would of liked to see that one first. I enjoyed GRANNY, but I soon wondered why weren't the video screens on. That's when I DID IT started up with the nice guitar on the screen. BIG EYE FISH (or Street Fish, One Eye Fish, etc.) was cool, especially how Dave started in the middle and looped back to the beginning. BARTENDER was fun but Kidjo on SATELLITE was new and interesting, a very unqiue expirience. Moving on, the only other song I have to talk about is #36->Everyday->#36, very nice, first time I saw them perform it. As soon as I heard Everyday when I bought the album, I said to myself, "Isn't that #36?" It's cool how they combined the two songs. For the encore, I think Two Step had the closing energy, but it was amzingly short. The verdict: It had it's good points, but the Everyday/Lillywhite set lacked enough crowd pleasers. Also, I give props to the man with the pink balloons that tried to get Pig played.
Jeff G.
Due to an accident with a McFlurry in the car, we missed the opening acts, which made no difference to us. Out of the 3 real shows i've been to now, this was the best by far, i was calling songs i wanted to hear, and dave played them, it was sort of weird how that kept happening. highlights: the pink Pig balloons were going before they got there, but some made their way onto the stage when dave came out, and he smiled, and said something to carter, and caught one on his guitar and balanced it there for a bit and strolled around. BEF-->Bartender with the visuals as well was unbelievable, I'm so happy to be able to hear not only BEF (Street Fish), but the combination of both. What You Are is my favorite Everyday song, nicely done, happy to hear it live LIOG was expectedly spectacular with Boyd and all the rest Satellite with the Angelique Kidjo made a boring silly song into something more unique. Angel had this whole other part with the ladies singing things about the boys and just in general, and this made another mediocre song very cool. The Willie Nelson cover "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away" debut was a nice treat, the Sittin On The Dock line he threw in was appreciated, as well as the "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away" line in the Two Step intro. Two Step was great to hear finally as the last song,esp since i thought the #40 tease was Diggin A Ditch as a closer (suck). it wasn't jammed out really, which i appreciated, but i'm sure disappointed some people. the electric PNP-->Rapunzel was an unexpected treat for me as well, though the electric wasnt as prominent as i'd have hoped. the rest of the songs were excellent on their own, this show didnt really have any low points for me, i got a great mix of good/excellent songs. Thanks for reading my thoughts.
Ryan D.
Night One of DMB Foxboro Weekend 3 was simply TREMENDOUS. My 9th DMB show, first this tour made me realize how much I really love EVERYDAY. The Band came on around 8:20 and opened with WTWE, I love this tune but tonight it was a little odd because the sun was still out a little. Next were BOWA and Granny, played beautiful then I Did It. What the hell were those object things that came up during I Did It. Fish Monkey Man (BEF), the best Littlewhite session song awesome then right into Bartender was awesome with Leroi's intro. Satellite was alright with Angelique Kidjo coming out to sing the first verse. What You Are and IIHIA were awesome and let me say this know Butch Taylor makes the Everyday songs AWESOME. Angel was cool with the lovely ladies little chorus at the end. JTR was great and LIOG was the best and BOYD is the man going nuts of the violin. Fool to Think was surprisely good becuase I never was a fan of the song until tonight and Space Between was awesome just like the MTV Awards and once again Butch Taylor makes that song ten times better. Never been a fan of True Reflections, just sick of hearing it. The boys closed with Everyday and PNP-Rapunzel and I was sort of shocked Dave played electric on Rapunzel. Dave was crazy and usually so when he came out for the encore I really wanted to here Waste but he played a Willie Nelson cover which didn't disappoint at all. Two Step was the closer, a lot harder than usual to end Night One of DMB Foxboro Weekend 3 on a great note. See you tomorrow.
Pat M.
I'm gonna start off saying this... Every Loyal DMB Fan has to be disappointed with the show tonite. It was an extremely random setlist with a very disappointing Encore. I mean it's great to hear something new like the Willy Nelson cover but C'mon don't put it as an encore. You want your audience leaving with a good taste in their mouth not the taste of mixing Coke with prune juice. Yes the show was rather nasty, But you know what? It has become a trend to play a better second ngiht at Foxboro so I'm stoked about Sunday's show. It's "Redemption" time. I got a great feeling. More jams please, less commercial shameless plugging of "Everyday". Let the boys rock!!
Josh M.
I thought the show was fantastic. This was my 17th and the weather was beautiful. I like the hot sunny days for a show. My highlights were Fish Monkey Man with his change of lyrics, Bartender with Leroi jamminig on the the whistle, If I had it All, the ladies jam on Angel, LIOG..of course, 36>Everyday>36. I just want to add I loved the encore and for those of you who did not pick up on it I absolutely loved how Dave used the lyrics from the Willie Nelson song (Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away)to be the opening verse of Two Step. I had a fantastic time at the show and I know tomorrow will be more incredible.
Gregory R.
Got back at 4am from the weekend at foxboro. Macy, thanks for making the trip but honestly, we have all heard that same song a million times. It might as well be Margaritaville, enough. Of the two days, the 2nd was by FAR superior, but I digress. Highlights were Fish Monkey Man, and an unexpected, yet unbelievable LIOG. I was hoping he would open the encore with WASTE, but the Willie tune was nice as well. Can I talk about Sunday yet?! DAmn Sunday was unreal.
Chris F.
First of all it was an awesome day for a show especially because it cooled down just enough by the time dave came out. Second of all, $25 to park my damn car, whats up with that. And last before i get on to the review, Macy Gray is absolutely terrible. You know your bad when Dave invites the first opening act out to sing and not you. WTWE was a good opener but i wish it was darker so the lights would have had more of an effect. the lovely ladies came out next which i though was a little early and they busted out with BOWA which i was not expecting so that was awesome, and the lovely ladies didnt ruin it, which was another nice surprise. then granny, which was kind of predictable but it is still an awesome song to get the crowd moving early. it was getting darker by this time and they ripped out a surprisingly awesome version of i did it and right as the first chords were struck the screens came on focused on daves hands, it was real cool. the crowd was goin nuts at this point and then he told us that "it smells a little fishy in here" as he put the 12-string on. i love how he messes with words on this song and i also love how not alot of people knew what it was but they still went nuts cuz they realized how nasty of a song it was. then leroi went off with the pennywhistle and it lead right into the most emotional song of the night, bartender. all i can say is awesome. its the ulitmate jam song and dave goes all out for it. satellite followed with angelique. it was kind of weird but i liked it because it was different. WYA and IIHIA and Angel followed which were all solid, especially WYA. the jam at the end of JTR is absolutely nuts but i have heard it all of the last three shows that i have been to so i could have dealt without this one. Lie in came next and Mr. Boyd Tinsley is prob the coolest man on earth. easily the best version i have heard of this song by far and it was the absolute highlight of the night. fool to think needs work but space between was played tightly. true reflections, the one song i did not want to hear, but oh well. everyday mixed with 36 is great and it is prob the only song that the lovely ladies add to. the elecric went on and PNP-->Rapunzel brought the house down. its alot different now with new jams and the electric guitar, not the one used on the everyday songs but a maroon one that sounds different, he also used it on if i had it all, i think. it was real cool to see him cover the willie nelson song especially cuz it was the first time ever. two step, the second best closer to watchtower. my friend and i wanted it so bad and we got it. it topped off and excelent night but then the mile walk to my car and the 2 and half hour ride home that was supposed to take 30 minutes. gotta love traffic. peace
They tried to do what they did last Monday at Giants Stadium. The setlist was almost exactly the same. ...They didn't succeed. Energy was good, but they simply didn't live up to the amazing performance last Monday. Rapunzel rocked, as did Lie in Our Graves. It's sort of disappointing to realize that the stuff they're doing isn't unique from any other night - When we got the 20 minute Lie in Our Graves and the Pantala/Rapunzel last week, we thought we'd lucked out. Oh well.
Jacqueline M.
This was my 15th DMB show and had the most energy of all the shows I have been too. BEF or Fish Monkey Man is an excellent song and Leroi's penny whistle interlude into Bartender was awesome. I was really excited about hearing BOWA and Granny, but Satellite with Angelique Kidjo, in my opinion, could have been left out. I would have much rather heard Angel From Montgomery or another of their older songs. As for the Everyday songs, I think that the band is beginning to get a feel for them live and by the end of the tour will be able to jam on them in DMB style. Overall the show was awesome, I had more fun at this show than any of the others, it was a memorable evening.
Katie L.
this was my 8th show and the night had its moments...but i'm still not sure how i feel about 8 everyday songs in the set. highlights: the pennywhistle from leroi and a solid version of BOWA to keep the crowd happy...the introductions in "angel" (isn't it funny how we're now coming to respect the lovely ladies more? they actually added quite a bit to the everyday songs)...TSB, which was beautifully done...the best LIOG i've ever heard, it made the whole night worthwhile and the crowd was mesmerized...and the willie nelson cover, which i pray that he'll keep in circulation for awhile. overall a good show, very mellow, can't wait for philly this weekend. to the security guards who upgraded our seats for the encore, you rock (as did my companion for the night). See y'all this weekend!
Matt D.
Geez people! AM I the only person who thinks this show was incredible?!? BEF into Bartender! in my opinion those are the two greatest songs on LWS! Dave didn't play high energy songs all night but who cares? the slow songs were just as incredible as the loud, fast ones were. WTWE isn't the greatest opener but BOWA and granny were definatly unexpected. LIOG was awesome. HIGHLIGHTS: BEF-->Bartender, BOWA, LIOG, Fool to think, everyday was definatly cool with #36, very very cool. and pnp-->rapunzel was incredible with dave on electic guitar. the encore was great. hopefully dave will keep playing aint it funny because it was a cool ass song two step could have been better though. i've been to 6 shows and this one is definately one of my favorites
Matt K.
Very good show the other night at Foxboro. The band was very happy to be back, and it showed. It was my friend's very first show, and the boys opened with one of her favorites, WTWE (which I called in the parking lot). The whole place was groovin' to it. That one was for you, Melis. As always, BOWA and Granny were great to hear. These were the same 3 tunes that opened the historic night at Giants on 6/11. Bartender was absolutely incredible tonight. Dave put so much energy into it at the end. I think they heard him wailing up in Boston. Roi's pennywhistle solo was gorgeous, a perfect touch to a beautiful song. Satellite with Angelique Kidjo was cool too. She sang the first verse in some foreign language, and then Dave took over and nailed the song perfectly. What You Are just flat out rocked! Lie In Our Graves was aboslutely amazing. Boyd's solo was unreal; he owned the stage. I still can't believe some of the things he did during this song. The whole place was "blown away." Space Between was so sweet. This song keeps getting better and better, and it really meant a lot to me the other night. Thanks, guys; I was praying that you'd play it. Everyday was great as well. The #36 intro/outro, which is such a treat to us old school fans, was a lot tighter than when they did it in C'Ville. Thought this was the last tune of the night... but the band pulled another one outta nowhere. When I saw Dave come back out w. the electric, I knew Rapunzel was next. This is my friend's favorite tune, and she loved it. I told you they'd play it for us, Melis. We were dancin' our feet off. The encore was great as well. Ain't It Funny was a mellow little solo that Dave did. It would be nice to hear him keep doing it live. Finally, Two Step; perfect end to a great night. It was a little shorter than usual, like the 6-11 Two Step, but still full of energy. All in all, a very good show. It was really special for me and my friend because it was her first show and all. Hope you had a good time, kiddo. S ee everyone in Hartford!
Josh K.
pretty good but not enough. I put part of the blame on the week crowd that was pathetic compared to sunday nights spectacular show. The band needs some noise to getem goin and saturday it was soft. I didnt really get the opener being when the world ends. This entire review should just be about how A MAZING Lie In Our Graves was. SICK! possibly best ive seen, and heard, obviously not including the Bela Fleck version from the first Foxboro show ever. CLOSE VERY VERY Close. IT was awesome Boyd went off. wish i saw more of boyd this weekend as a whole, but oh well, what i saw was bomb! yankees suck chants are appreciated, but F* the people doing it during the songs. And the losers in there wife beating muscle shirts chanting DMB need to chill on that sh**! sorry but i think it was 218 front row area if you where there your a LOSER! its the Dave Matthews Band...ok enough of the dissapointments Second nights are always best this was proven to be true once again. sat was still a dope time, but dave was only as into it as the crowd. next year let em hear it. Peace
Paul C.
Tonight was a good show. They played a bit too many new songs, but mixed in some awesome old songs so it was all right. Some of the new songs were really good, like opener of When the World Ends. Angel has a great vocal jam with the lovely ladies. I think one of them sang something about her "hubby" and it turned out to be Carter. Is it true that Carter is married to one of the ladies? Everyday and I Did It were fun but most of the new ones still need a little more jamming. Speaking of jamming, Lie in Our Graves was awesome. Of course, Boyd went nuts and I wanted him to keep playing forever. Satellite was cool and different with Angelique Kidjo taking over on a verse and then singing some nice harmonies with Dave. The Lillywhite songs like Fish Monkey Man and Bartender were a nice addition. Overall, the lovely ladies were used a bit too much. It was nice to see just Dave singing Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away, which was the first time he did it on the tour. I was so pumped when they broke into "Two Step" for the last song but they didn't jam on it as much as they usually do. Still, 2 and a half hours is pretty respectable and it was a fun night and a good crowd.