Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band:Jim White

When The World Ends *
So Right *
Crush *
(Captain tease)
Too Much *
Fish Monkey Man -->
Warehouse (Stop-time intro) *
Angel *+
If I Had It All *+
Fool To Think *+
Crash Into Me *
Digging a Ditch
Grey Street *
I Did It *+
Long Black Veil *+
Two Step *
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson cover)
The Stone *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Michael F.
Of all the DMB shows I have been to, this is easily one of the greatest, if not the greatest. When the World Ends was a typical opener. So Right got the crowd going, but there could have been more in it. Crush, truly amazing, couldn't ask for a better song to be played that early. One of the best parts of the night was when Dave did a *long* tease of Captain. No words can describe how estatic I was when I heard this. Too Much sounded great, even without the SMTS-->ASTB lead. Fish Schtick, otherwise known as Fish Monkey Man, was great to hear live, even though its gloomy, its such a great song. Great lead into Bartender. Warehouse sounded greatest of all the times I heard it, so much effort put into it by Dave and the boys. Angel was great with the help of the lovely ladies, even if they weren't there it would still be awesome. If I Had It All, had to add another EVERYDAY album song. Same with Fool to Think. Crash, crowd pleaser, a little tired of hearing it though. Digging A Ditch, great song to hear live, Carter added some mellow drumming. I Did It, ehhh, could have been better. Long Black Veil, great to hear this after a long absence. Two Step, WOW, long, jammed out, couldn't ask for any more. Nice solo encore for the first song, Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away. By far the greatest closer I have ever heard, The Stone, emotional and direct. Overall, 9.8 out of 10.
Rob E.
Well first night at Camden is done and it was an adequate night. Nothing really special and nothing terrible. Started off with WHEN THE WORLD ENDS and it was short and to the point with the cutoff as the album and the rest of the tour. SO RIGHT is great live. The boys have really worked on this and it shows as Leroi's solo gets better everytime. Defitinly a keeper. CRUSH was surprising in the 3 hole but it was great like usual no matter where it is. TOO MUCH was surprising consider smts wasnt before it. Standard but good version. Then FISH SCHTICK/BARTENDER which was really great. BARTENDER has improved so much with the addition of the pennywhistle. WAREHOUSE was sick. It felt longer tonight than other shows but it was beyond great. The highlight of the night for me. Leroi tore it up. Then the Everyday songs came in. ANGEL had a nice intro but the outro with the ladies does seem a little long. IF I HAD IT ALL followed and is much better live than the studio. FOOL TO THINK has so much potential to be jammed but its still cut short. Its not bad though. CRASH INTO ME was surprisingly not bad tonight. It was actullay pleasent to see it. Just when I thought they were going to pick it up, they bring out DIGGIN A DITCH. Crowd wasnt into it much and it kinda dragged. But then GREY STREET brought everything right back up and is defitinly one of their best songs. The jam is real tight at the end. I DID IT was its standard self with nothing special. LONG BLACK VEIL was pleasent although I still wouldve liked to pick it up a little bit. TWO STEP closed and man was it amazing. Butch and Carter were so on tonight. AINT IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY is a nice song. Dave came out by himself and said that it was a Willie Nelson tune. THE STONE ended and it was my first time seeing it live and I def remembered why i like the song so much. It was a great way to end a very decent night. Cant wait for the next two. Also, highlight of the night was having Dave say "Carter just remininded me to introduce you all to Butch Taylor on the saxaphone."
Tim H.
Let me start off by saying that the Tweeter Center (or E-Center, whatever u wat to call it) is an amazingly intimate venue, although it really is quite large. I had a great time just hanging out on the lawn with friends. Now on to the show: A good performance by the band, but only 7 not-new songs?!? 11 new (Lillywhites included) songs came out of the set, kind of disappointing. They got into a slow-song rut after Warehouse, kinda dulled the show until Two Step. But wow was 2Step awesome. It sounded just like the Hershey version last summer (8/23/00), especially with Butch jamming away. Pretty good encore, but I was expecting a quick follow up after The Stone, instead they just said goodnight and left. Overall, a medium show, but great venue. They could have thrown in a LIOG or something to break up the slowness in the middle of the set, but thats just my opinion. I just hope the rest of the weekend gets better!
Ben M.
well to start off, the cops in the parking lot were real cool. "if you're gonna be drinkin alcohol, just make sure it's in a cup." no thanks to the lady on the phone who tried to lie and tell us that the lot didn't open till 4. we saw dave and the lovely ladies come out of the buses. dave gave us all a wave and seemed pretty baked as he slowly walked inside. very cool. the venue was sweet b/c even on the lawn we were only about 90 yards from the stage. well whitey came on for some groovin music, then stepped off as the roadies went to work. the band finally stepped onstage at about 8:14 and started off the show with when the world ends at 8:17. dave kept the bari on and played a killer so right. next to my surprise the group played crush which was jammed out in great fashion. next dave hit a one verse rendition of captain... very cool! too much was funky and then dave strapped on the twelve string and lillywhite stuff proceeded. fish monkey whatever into bartender. warehouse was great. then me and my friend thought we heard a say goodbye tease when carter hit the drum roll. instead the group invited the ladies onstage and they hit a long version of angel. if i had it all was good, and so was fool to think which dave played electric. then a fan fav crash, then a chillin diggin and absolutely rockin grey street. i did it was energetic, and long black veil was nice. next was the highlight of the night... TWO STEP!!! absolutely blew me away!!! the group stepped off and dave came back with a quiet one. the willie nelson cover aint it funny how time slips away. it was cool that dave threw in the sittin on the dock of the bay by otis redding verse in there. then the group started up stone which would end up being the close. carter went nuts at the end of this one and served as a great way to go out. afterwards we caught the band leaving in their tour buses which was cool. wait what's tommorrow?... day two of davefest!!! can't wait for two more at the tweeter!!!
Jacob M.
Well this was my 2nd DMB show and out of the two this one was much better, I think the smaller venue played a big part in that. Just before DMB took the stage I asked my buddy what he thought the opener would be, I forget what he said, but I said WTWE, and I was right on the money, I thought this song was a great opener and the abrupt ending is awsome. So Right was next, another everday song that I enjoyed, I think the band is really starting to make them sound great. OH MY GOD!!! Crush was amazing, the band and crowd were really into it, big highlight for me. Too Much, full of energy kept the crowd rocking. Next was Big Eyed Fish, which was called Fish Schtick tonight, great song I was looking forward to hearing it and I loved it, they went right into Bartender next which blew my mind, it is such a beautiful song, and Dave was so emotional, just amazing! Warehouse was next and was great as it always is, great to hear one of my old favs, the whooo's were so cool. Angel was so God damn good, the long jam with the ladies adds a great deal to this song, I loved it. IIHIA was up next, and once again sounded great "If I had it all, oh, I'd fuck it up!" awsome! Another Everyday was next and it was Fool To Think, I though this was the worst of the night but is still a nice song. Crash, I do and forever will love this song no matter what, crowd loved it. DAD is a great song, my first time hearing it and I hope its not my last. I LOVE GREAY STREET!!!! enough said. I Did It sounds much better live, it really got the place jammin'. The one song I really really wanted to hear was Long Black Viel, and sure enough there it was, I love this song and it got me so hype, this made my night perfect. The final song before the encores was Two Step, and all I have to say is WOW!, this song is a classic, and the jam was out of this world. The crowd kept going through the break and finally Dave came out by himself. He said the next song was by a friend to him and a friend to all of us, and introduced Willie Nelson's Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away, this is a beautiful song, I am so happy Dave has started to play it, I loved it. I had no idea what to expect next, and when they started The Stone was a little disappointed but as they got further into it I loved it, awsome song, and a great closer! All in all an amzing show. I kind of wanted to hear TSB live, but nothing could have ruined this night. Thank you guys for giving me another great memory, I can't wait for the next one!
James D.
Well Folks Dmb is back..and so am i!! I never thought i would get the chance to see them at the E-center. I am here for the review of the first of three nights. Holy god! this was a really solid show to open up a 3 night stand. I called when the world ends opener, so right is such an awesome song excellent jam at the end. Crush suck up on everyone as the third song of the evening, gotta love it!! Then....He starts bustin out the first minute or so of captain..at this point were going nuts..then he stops. hahh those guys can be bastards sometimes, would love to have heard all of it. The everyday songs sound so good live. Angel is phenomenal live with an end jam with the ladies introducing all the band members, then they do a solo. This will become a concert favorite for years to come. the Big eyed fish blend into bartender gave me chills. I loved seeing the lilywhites tonite, with a lot of classic favorites mixed in. An off the hook awesome Two step. What a great night..A good amound of jamming!! The encore was so awesome and very unpredictable. The willie nelson cover is so sweet! Ugh..as much as i hate it and i thought it would never get to me i must touch on the fact of the so called "Fans" there 2nite. people behind me begged for songs to be finished, two people were asleep on a blanket, one dude only cared about his joint all night. Me and my friend got looked at completely strange for singing big eyed fish and hte lilywhite songs and all non radio songs. The crowd around us only came alive for radio tunes and of course they went ape shit for cras "wow i know this song" and for u bastards behind me who complained about songs being too long--HA HA HA they kept jamming all night! WOW what a show--hopefully i meet some Warehousers tommorw and sunday
John B.
Very good show. The highlights... "Crush", very unexpected. i actually went to the bathroom, at the beginning of the song, and when i came back,the crowd was practically drowning out dave, everyone was singing."Bartendar", this song gets better everytime, the band really puts all there energy into this song,especially dave, who yells at the top of his lungs.Then a song i really wanted to hear "Warehouse" very well done, lot of energy, i couldn't believe i was hearing it when dave first started playing the beginning of it. The lovely ladies went nuts on "angel", bringing out each member of the band for a small solo, it was awesome. "Grey Street" was absolutly amazing. the band played this song very well. everyone was grooving. i enjoyed "long black veil", first time i had heard it live, and it was worth the wait. closed with "two step", if you have seen it live, then you know what i mean, absolutly crazy. dave came back by himself for the encore, i was thinking "waste", but almost even better, we got the willie nelson cover. very impressive, dave could probably do any song he wanted, and it would turn out ok. finished up with "the stone." kind of surprised me they would end with this. i really thought they were gonna do something after it, possibly "watchtower" or "everyday". nevertheless, i was very happy to hear it and the band played it very well, as was the whole show.
Matt K.
Great show as expected from the DMB. I never have a bad review for any show, they all differ, some are better than others, but they are all great. Highlights from this show for me would have to be Crush, a suprise for me, one of my favs though. The captain tease was great, Dave acknowledged the dude holding the Captain sign, very cool. Warehouse was awesome I always like to hear that one live. I especially liked the crowd chants between the stop time intro. Grey street was a plus, defintely one of my favs from the Lillywhites. Two Step was crazy, not ascrazy as the first night at Giants Stadium, but still a good version, Butch went a little crazy on the keyboards and Carter was sick as always on the drums. The Willie Nelson cover was cool to hear and ending the show with the Stone was a plus, first time played all tour. All in all a good show. Dave seemed to be enjoying himself, LeRoi had a lot of solos tonight, while Boyd was pretty quiet. Some Dave speak really couldnt make most of it out, if anyone had a clue as to what he said let me know.
Buck T.
All in all the show was great, with some nice highlights that made the show a little bit more dynamic. I've heard that the beginning of the tour was a little dry as they were getting used to the crowd with Everyday. Around 8:15pm they went for When The World Ends, a great opener. So Right pumped up the crowd. The Captain tease was just that, I've never seen Captain live so I was ticked that he didn't drop into it, but I guess they do that a lot now. Too Much: Boo. Fish Monkey Man was one of the highlights of the show. Dave was so into this tune, he loves to play it live. Warehouse: Whoo! Angel: I think this is where the ladies fit in well to the show. I think this is the one where they had band member intros which was awesome. Dave showed a little hint of technical guitar just for a second. Fool To Think: Loved it live, growing on me...sounded a little faster on the LP. Long Black Veil rocked. Aint It Funny: loved it. The Stone: great way to end! Dave and the band had an average energy level and hopefullly tonight we will see some JTR.
Bryan D.
Alright... i wasn't too sure of what to expect with the show last night because i really think everyday is a horrible album and i've been hearing mixed reviews about the current tour w/ the everyday songs. I was really stoked for the show cuz it would be my girlfriend's 1st dave matthews show and my 4th. I thought the show was nice but nothing spectacular like the last one I was at (hershey 8/23/00). I guess I'll go through a review of every song because that seems to be what people do here. Opener was WTWE= didnt sound that good and i felt bad because thats one of the very few songs i like on everyday. Next song was SO RIGHT= this was kinda funny because dave tried to end it where they usually do but carter and the rest of the band kept going on and dave looked confused but they finally ended it. another blah everyday song in my opinion. CRUSH = a typical version, leroi added a little more on to it w/ the flute at the end and this song finally got the crowd into the show because the first 2 songs certainly didnt. CAPTAIN = just a tease.. not even the first verse i think, i think they planned on playing the song but someone must not have known how to play it because it just sounded real bad and then they stopped and decided to play TOO MUCH = nice little surprise here, wasn't expected w/out astb and dave got real into it yelling fuck it up fuck it up,etc. one of the better too much's i've heard. BIG EYED FISH = great song. i was really happy to hear this because its a beautiful song and then of course that meant that bartender was next :)BARTENDER = i was beginning to feel that this song was taking over #41 in being my favorite dave matthews song and last night just confirmed it.. this song is so hauntingly beautiful.. you have to hear how it sounds on the lillywhites.. it makes me want to cry.. i don't know how the band could have passed on the lillywhite sessions.. its a million times better than everyday. the segue between the 2 songs kind of took awhile and i didn't know what carter was waiting so long for but bartender was still amazing. WAREHOUSE = another pleasant surprise but not a song i was really hoping for.., typical jam just like crush.. i think dmb needs to do something about these songs, they have very little variations in their jams, i feel like once i've heard a song of theirs live once that i dont need to hear it again ANGEL = out come the lovely ladies and they stole the show.. angel was incredibly beautiful tonight and it was about 13 minutes i was wondering what this would sound like once i found out that they jammed this out and it was just great, perfect placement in the set, IF I HAD IT ALL = not a song i like too much but its one of my gf's favorites so i was happy they played it for her, it sounded pretty good tonight though and who knows, i may become a fan of the song yet, FOOL TO THINK = blah, thats all i have to say, this song is bad, CRASH INTO ME = i've heard this at all 4 dmb shows i've been to and even though its a singalong and most people hate to hear it, you have to admit its a beautiful song and its always welcome in my opinion, DIGGING A DITCH= nice to hear another lillywhite, a great song as well, GREY STREET = this was the highlight of the show so far along w/ bartender, the band got so into it and again it made me wonder why the hell they didnt release the lillywhite sessions, I DID IT= blah, another bad song, LONG BLACK VEIL = out come the lovely ladies again to do their magic, another beautiful song and to hear this and angel tonight really made the show so peaceful and added a nice feel to it, TWO STEP = i was expecting this as the encore so it kind of shocked me to hear it as a closer but i was still happy to hear a nice jam finally, got everyone dancing.. carter missed a beat towards the end of the jam but hey thats alright, the man is almost a god..encore AINT IT FUNNY...= great song, willie nelson cover, i didn't know dave played this song but it was definitely nice, THE STONE = another song i've heard at all 4 dmb shows and it sounds the same, i wish they played watchtower, or ants, or billies, or liog, or really anything older, and they could've made it an amazing show, but instead it goes down as a decent show,... a great night and a good show
Tim C.
Opened with "When The World Ends" which was pretty good. Went into "So Right" and then played "Crush" which was cool because I had never heard it live before at it was really good, plus they really had not played much this tour it was a suprise. Then teased us with "Captain", only to go into "Too Much". "Fish Schtizk" which was Big Eyed Fish with the last verse first was in my opinion the best song of the night. It led into "Bartender", and then a classic "Warehouse", which has always been my favorite live song. "Angel" came next. They performed it with the ladies and jammed for a while, which shows maybe they are getting back to their old ways. They continued with the songs from everyday and played "If I had it all" and "Fool to Think", both with the ladies. The best part of the evening came next when they played "Crash", a staple for this area, and then "Digging a Ditch". Me and the girl I was with left our seats on the floor and went upto to lawn to be with or friends so it was really nice when they played both of them. "I Did It" was next, but nothing special. "Long Black Veil" always a treat, followed and then they played "Two Step" which had an awesome solo by Butch Taylor. For the encore, they covered Willie Nelson's "Aint it funny how time slips away" and then played "Stone" A pretty good concert but I hoped for a better ending. Good jams though. Best songs were "Big Eyed Fish", "Crush", and "Two Step"
Dan K.
Last night was my fifth dave show and it was probley the third best. Highlights of the show was the amazing Crush and of couse the energetic upbeat Too Much and Grey Street. Two Step was great and Warehouse was very good but I wouldve like dot see a longer jam. Great encore with a brilliant Nelson cover and of course a Davehead favorite, The Stone. Songs from the new album were alright, So Right was great. The energy was there but too many slow songs brough down the set but it was still a decent set. I wouldve liked to see Watchtower or Seek up. Hopefully well see some suprises on Sat and Sun. Peace, Go DMB!!!
Barry E.
This show, id have to say, was pretty interesting. This is only my second Dave show, but all together I wasnt to impressed. It didnt start off to good, with WTWE, and So Right, kinda weak. Then they burst into Crush, which I was looking forward to, so that was really great. Then was a little teaser of Captain, which really caught me off guard. Another great song was an extended versian of Warehouse, another one of my favorites. The Everyday songs were better than i expected, but not great. They did do a couple songs off Lillywhite sessions, which was great to hear. Other good songs where Crash, LBV, and Too much. The encore one again was kinda weak, playing some song which i never heard (which i found out later was "Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away ") and The Stone, which im not to fond of. It wasnt a bad show, but not great. Im looking forward to the next 2 shows, hopefully with some Watchtower thrown in. See you at the next show...
Jimi M.
Well although this was a laidback show,Dave and the boys played their hearts out! If I had torate this one from 1-10,I'd say it's about a 6 or 7. I would have liked to hear some more old stuff, but it was nice to see the newstuff streched out ! Highlights would be... believe it or not the Lovely Ladies they stole the show tonight ! Angel was great,crush,and Stone as a closer was amazing... I can't wait until sunday .... Hopefully we'll hear LIOG !!! Peace !!
Jennifer C.
last night's show was incredible. absolutely incredible. on the way to the show i said to my friends, if he plays half as good as he did last week at giant's stadium, it'll be good. although he played MANY of the same songs, it was still such a good show. i was a tad skeptical when he opened with when the world ends, and then so right. but as soon as i heard stefan start to play crush, my night was made. crush is my absolute favorite song (along with back you up which i've decided i'll never see in concert since he hasn't played it in the 10 shows i've been to) and it was perfect last night. i'm not a big fan of the everyday songs, but i can't get enough of the lillywhite songs-fish monkey man into bartender was a definite highlight. i'm not usually a huge fan of the lovely ladies, but they are definitely a good addition to the everyday songs-especially angel. the crowd seemed to get a little mellow while crash and then digging a ditch were being played, but once grey st. came on it picked up again. grey street is such an amazing song. long black veil was nice, and 2 step was awesome as always, but it will never be able to compare to 6/11/01 at giants stadium when i heard the best rendition of 2step EVER. i was hoping for a watchtower closer, but was definitely pleasantly surprised when they played the stone. i can't wait for tonight! it's raining like hell here in good old south jersey, but nothing can spoil the show!
Jayme G.
Well, this was my second DMB show and I can say I was equally as impressed as I was at Penn State. The band threw in a great combination of old, new, Lillywhites, and they ended with a short, but still very strong encore. If I had to pick some highlights, Two Step, Grey Street, and Warehouse were defiantely some of the better songs. But, everything sounded awesome. It was just a damn good time with some damn good music.
Kyle R.
Overall the show was very good. The venue was great especialy with the video screens and great set, along with the lively crowd. Everyone was really into the show and most seemed like the hardcore Dave fans that help make these concerts what they are. The band's performance couldn't have been better and the jams were good. What killed this concert though was the realization that they just came out with a new record and, like most groups, they had to tour it. Us fans have gotten used to hearing a great variety of songs at the concerts with amazingly long and exciting jams. Last night there were too many new songs and way too many slow songs that were grouped together creating too much down time. But, when The Stone, Too Much, and Warehouse were performed, the place came alive.
Michael B.
It was a great show. The best songs of the night were Warehouse, Long Black Veil, and Two Step. He did an extended version of the song Angel with the Lovely Ladies which was an interesting twist. Dave played a two hour and forty-five minute set the longest I have heard in a while.
Graeme C.
This was easily one of the best DMB shows I've been to since Hershey in '98. When The World Ends was a fitting opener, if not a little predictible, but nonetheless great. Angel was excellent, being the first time I heard it live, and the jam w/the lovely ladies talking about the band made it even better. Would have liked to hear all of Captain, rather than Crash, but beggers can't be choosers...Crush was spectacular and fit the mood of the show, as did Digging a Ditch and Bartender...Two Step, amazing, no more, no less. But what made the show even better was the venue itself. Being that it was a small open air theatre made it much more intimate, and hopefully they'll keep it up!
Mark H.
The first of three shows at the newly named Tweeter Center was one of the better shows that ive seen from dave and the boys. If you would have heard before hand that they were only gonna play one song from UTTAD, three from Crash, and one from BTCS, one might have said that the show sucked. But, this one definitely didnt. The mix they played from Everday was good. But the songs they played from 'The Lillywhite Sessions' just blew me away. I almost fell over after hearing a smidge of Captain. Only a handfull of people around me had any idea to what that was. Plus, we got Bartender, Grey Street, and Fish Monkey Man. Why they didnt continue to record this record, i will never know. But, all i can say is that it would have been a phenominal one. The lovely ladies added a little R&B feel to songs like Angel and Long Black Veil which sounded good actually. Highlights of the show were the Lillywhite songs, So Right, Warehouse, Two Step (which Butch makes so much better), Long Black Veil, and The Stone. I was suprised to get the Stone as an encore song, but it was a pretty good version. Bartender and Grey Street was by far the two best songs that they played, and we can only hope and pray that someday those songs will find their way onto the next studio album. This was the only show on the tour for me this year, and the first time seeing them since 99 at Hershey. They may be a little bit older now, but the boys still know how to put on a good show.
Katie L.
i have never, ever been happier with a dave concert as i was with the one last night (it being my 9th show). Unbelieveable. Highlights: Crush was a special treat, and unexpected; Warehouse blew me away, EVERYONE did the "whoooooaaa" during the stop-time intro, and dave loved it (nice tradition for that song to have); called Fish+Bartender, but both were fabulous (loved the blue "underwater" lighting for fish); the ladies were SO "on" tonight, and the setlist was not heavy with their songs, which was nice for us and them; the real standouts were Crash, which I am going to be castrated for loving because it's "radio" but i've been waiting a long time for it (with seas/oceans and dixie chicken to boot!! how lucky were we??)...then GREY STREET and LBV!!!!!! Everyone in my section thinks i'm a wackjob for freaking when dave strummed the LBV cords, but who cares, it was such a treat to hear. We FINALLY got our 17 minute Two Step (to make up for the 3 minute version in boston last week, i guess) and it rocked. LOVE the willie nelson, hope he keeps it around for awhile...Stone was a suprise and appreciated closer. All in all, the best show ever, thanks to my awesome company, a great venue, and the man himself, DAVE. See y'all in hartford!
James D.
When The World Ends: Standard opener.So Right: Really really beautiful vocal ending. Got the crowd moving. Crush * Best i've every seen, and i saw it only 2 times (2.2.99 and 6.13.01) So nice to hear live. Great to dance, sing, and everything else. (Captain) We went NUTS. I think i screamed liek a girl when i heard the first few chords. I totlaly though they were gonna do the whole thing because he played it solo for at least 3 minutes. err, hopefully it will come out. Too Much * Great to hear WITHOUT So Much To Say. Really really good live. Plus Dave changing the words to all kinds of profanities. :-) Fish Schtick ->Bartender I like this a LOT live. Great combo. BEF is getting really tight lyrically and musically. and Bartender is just beautiful at the end. Warehouse * Kinda tired of hearing it. Doesn't do it for me anymore live, maybe too many of it. Angel *+ here's where i sat down. I think the ladies are HORRRIBLE on this. Esp at the end when they have their little breakdown ("i got whatchu want, i got whatchu want, i got whatchu need") Very bad. If I Had It All *+ Again, VERY VERY GOOD live except when the ladies RUIN it and say "if i, if i, if i had it all" Fool To Think *+ Great live. Carter, i don't know how you keep that time signature. Crash * Actually really nicely done. Enjoyed this one a lot. Digging a Ditch Like this one live too. Great improv on the lyrics. Grey Street * Don't like the new lyrics but the music still remains amazing. Great one that got the crown moving again. I like the line "feels as cold as ice in her heart / head (2nd and 3rd time)" I Did It *+ Don't remember, i was sleeping. Long Black Veil *+ Don't remember, i was sleeping. Two Step * Not as good as Giants, but then agian, no other one will every be that good.\ unless greiser comes back and does the salsa breakdown. Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away Didn't really like this one too much. Not bad though The Stone * simply amazing. Love the song ANYTIME. Hopefully we will get the Wise Men Say some time again.
Natalie S.
The show was quite good I thought, despite the lack of older songs played. I thought Crush was a great song to play third to follow up the decent performances of WTWE and So Right. I loved hearing songs from the Lillywhites. I thought Fish Monkey Man and Bartender were awesome. However, my favorite of the night perhaps was Grey Street! The crowd really responded to that song and the band had a good flow going by the middle of the show. The lovely ladies were spectacular. Angel was actually really good thanks to the lovely ladies. Too Much was terrific, it got the crowd to really respond. The highlight of the night I think was Two Step. It was the best version I've EVER heard of that song! That was such a terrific jam that had the whole place going crazy. Then Dave came back to play a solo performance of Ain't It Funny..... a Willie Nelson song. Beautiful Song. Would have preferred Billies or LIOG over The Stone but still good. Overall a really good show.
Dan Z.
Ive been reading all of these set reviews for this show and have been amazed by the comments people have made. Everyone has been talking about what a great show it was, and I am wondering if they saw the same show as me. I love DMB and dont get me wrong, but I have been to about 20 shows and this was by far the worst show I have been too. It was honestly a waste of money. I just need to say a couple things. First off, the setlist was bad. He could have come up with a much better setlist then that. Next the crowd was not into the show at all. Nothing he played got the crowed excited (except for two step). And the crowd was not excited cause the band wasnt excited. In no way was he into the concert at all. Finally those three girls suck. And butch taylor is the man. I love the keyboards. Hopefully the next shows will be better.
Craig W.
My first show of the tour and definitely a good one. It started out incredibly with the two new songs which I have to say I enjoyed most love - WTWE and So Right. Both were energy-packed and electrifying. Next came Crush, a big surprise so early in the set. After a brief Captain tease (i really thought we were gonna get it!), Too Much rocked the house. I really do love this song live. Such energy. Next came the highlight of the evening, Big Eyed Fish -> Bartender. Between them I'm sure over 20 minutes elapsed and the emotion that these songs are filled with was incredible. BEF was soo soo awesome, better than the album, and the words were switched around a little bit, which I enjoy. The transition into Bartender was great too and the song itself was wonderful. Warehouse as always got the place going. After here though, there was a huge lull in the show as angel, if i had it all, and fool to think really put me to sleep. Can't say I'm a big fan of any of these tracks, live or studio. The lovely ladies and butch weren't much of a help. To me, these tunes really aren't anything special. Crash surprised me next, and was a good version, diggin' and grey street followed to give us a solid 4 LWS songs on the evening. Both were very enjoyable. I did it was actually a pleasant surprise, and not too bad live. LBV mellowed the crowd so much though, it was tough to get up for Two Step. The Willy Nelson song was really really cool. this was one of the 1st times i've seen dave do something solo. Stone was a cool treat, but I wish it wouldn't have ended the show, it was a bit anti-climactic. Still, all in all, a good show. I'd give it a 7 out of 10.