Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band:Jim White

What Would You Say
#41 (Everyday)
Drive In Drive Out *
When The World Ends *
So Right *
Minarets *+
Lover Lay Down *
Seek Up *
I Did It *+
Recently (Some people do intro)
Digging a Ditch
Angel *+
Don't Drink the Water *
Fool To Think *+
The Space Between *+
All Along the Watchtower *
(Captain tease - two verses)
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson cover)
Ants Marching *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Jimi M.
WOW !!! What a way to close out 3 straight night in Camden/Philly ! The crowd was pumped even before Dave and the boys came to the stage... and when they got there... they produced. This show was easily a 9 out of 10... Setlist was mixed well with songs from every album and then some. Highlights tonight were... Minarets, this was the first time i've heard this live and DAMN !!! what a great jam..Seek up had the crowd feelin great and singing along,Angel was again soaring because of the lovely ladies... they really take this one to a new level... it was incredible to hear Recently...and then of course was the big daddy jam of the night, and possibly the 3 nights in camden... WATCHTOWER... i've seen this song done many times live... Until tonight my fav. was with Carlos Santana at the Vet 2 summers ago... but tonight was special... they just were feelin it.. The whole band was rockin hard...and Dave was just in his glory... it was nice when the song was over Dave and Boyd shared a long feel good hug at center stage... just one of those moments... ya know... the encore was sweet again Ain't it funny... is a really cool song.. the sitting on the dock part of the song got everyone smiling...and then came the closer... which was so predictable but still as fun as can be ANTS... the boys gave it everything they had... we all owe them so much thanks for the work they do..and the positive and happy times they give us... Peace and keep jammin ...
David G.
Two nights of old school in a row, what a show. Not that it was the greatest show I have ever seen but combined with last night I think it is the best back to back that I have ever experience first hand (Friday Night was mostly new stuff thats why I didnt throw it in there). Unfortunatly there was not enough jamming as there was yesterday. Minarets was awsome, especially the intro was just out of this world. I did not like however the Gospel singing at the end of Seek Up just before the Ladies introduced the band, If I want to hear Gospel music I will go to Church, but I will give them this it was different. Opening with What Would you say got the crowd into it early, and clearly tonights crowd was better than yesterday's. Then doing #41 into Everyday was tremendous, Just like the FU Center Last year in Philly. I wished for it last night and only got #36/Everyday, but tonight was the #41->Everyday that I wanted. Then Drive In Drive out for only the third time this tour got the place rocking before he got into some new stuff. When the World Ends was tight and so was So Right, they did a little jamming but not much compared to other shows I have heard. But Minarets Blew My Socks Off. Roi's Soprano Sax Solo was amazing, one of his many amazing solos of the night including the Alto Sax solo on What Would You Say. and the Tenner Sax Solo on Seek Up which came after this tours first appearance of Lover Lay Down which got the crowd into a bit of a somber mood before breaking into a medium long jam on Seek Up whith the ladies doing their Gospel Routine (Ugh). I Did It was predicatble and so was Don't Drink The Water Later in the night. But Recently with the Some Poeple Do Some People Don't Intro was grrrreat. Then Digging a Ditch and Angel got people back in a nice somber mood to relax and jam to some more Dave. Don't Drink The Water, Fool To Think and The Space Between sounded like they were right off the album with almost no improv, except the lack of Alanis on DDTW. When Steffan started his Bass into into Watchtower as the shows closer I could only hope the LIOG would be in the Encore. When Dave came out by himself to to his Captian Tease I was already to hear the whole song but of course he cut it short and when into his Willie Nelson Song Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. Then When the Put the Moon up on the big screen and Dave commented on the light of the moon I thought the next words out of his mouth were going to be "Step into the Light" but then I heard the Snare beat kill my dreams of LIOG and a crowd pleasing closer in Ants Marching that got everyone, including me, in an uproar to end the show. All in all I would have rather heard Angel from Montgomery than AIFHTSA and LIOG instead of Ants but it was a good show nonetheless
Ben M.
just to start off... oh man the traffic was killer. there were "more cars than a beach got sand." but we finally got there just in time to take a leak, buy another tshirt, and find our seats. under the bright lights the dave matthews band shined tonight. the band came onstage at about 8:20. stuffed pigs were thrown onstage and the roadie crew placed them on some speakers. being in row 22 and about 40 yards from dave was quite surreal. this may have had a little something to do with wesley pipes or angelina bowlie, but mabye its cause dmb really is too good to be true. the spotlight shined down on dave as he opened up with a high energy WWYS. next the band played a mindnumbing 41! leroi was en fuego. drive in drive out was very good, and loud. next was when the world ends for the third time in three nights. (riverbend??) "we'll be burnin one" for sure. so right was great to hear again, the jam just keeps gettin better. the band got into a little jam next as they played a rockin intro to minarets! minarets was unbelievable and was followed by an equally unbelievable lover lay down! for the first time this year. leroi was sooo good on this number. next the band pulled out seek up! i couldn't believe it!! i did it was decent as dave made some very comical facial expressions and boyd really nailed that one. recently!!! the band put together quite a setlist. next they slowed things down with diggin. the ladies came on for a jammed out angel. at one point one of the lovelies did a sort of band member introduction thing. very cool, the crowd gave the boys amazing salutes. next was a powerful DDTW. dave put on the electric and played fool which was chillin. dave's baritone sounded great on space. the lawn was lit with light from lighters. then as steffan started to play around on his bass i knew that the time had finally come. we had waited so long... and finally WATCHTOWER!!!!! it was incredible, steffan, wearing his backwards white nike hat, did his intro then dave joined in. the anticipation was building then finally the band joined in and the chills went down my spine. i was absolutely in awe. the band stepped off to a loud howl. dave came back on, strapped on his guitar, then played the chords to captain! he sang about two verses then went into the willie nelson cover aint it funny how time slips away. dave added in the otis redding line from sittin on the dock of the bay. the lines in this song were dedicated to the three nights in camden, aka davefest2001. it was insane watchin dave solo up on stage by himself in front of our all too intimate setting. the "room" as dave called it. the band came together and talked for a few moments. to no ones surprise they finished off this weekend with ants marching. the tvs kept flashin from the crowd to the band which got the audience excited. ants was really superb!!! magical if i may say. davefest2001 has come to an end. it was quite a ride, it's hard to say goodbye, but i'll just hafta make the best of what's around. thank you dmb!!! see yall in hershey!!!
James D.
PLEASE PINCH ME...THis show did not happen! Folks, If you couldnt make it to this show, i dont know what to tell you. If you had tickets to this show and sold them...Ur the most unfortunate human being i know right now. Ladies and Gentlemen and DMB fans.. Myself and the fans at this show are just in utter awe right now. This was my 11th show and now It is #1 in my books. The vibe from the crowd and the band was something i have never experienced before. The band had thier game faces on tonite like i have never seen before. They kicked it old school tonite. Fukin RECENTLY!! MINARETS! SEEK UP! The first lover lay down of the tour. They were just having the greatest time 2nite.It was THE greatest dave matthews band show i ever witnessed. After Watchtower (which was the sickest thing i ever heard) Boyd and Dave embraced in the middle of the stage for more than a few seconds, it was just sometihng to remember folks. The Everyday songs were incredible and "Angel" is just something i have to be there for. Encore: CAPTAIN!! yes oh yes he sang about 2 minutes of it solo, and Aint it funny just keeps me smiling and ANTS just blew the rook off the place. Boyd went insane. The only thing u heard after the show was "the greatest show" I will never forget that concert as long as i live. May i add that was the most emotional dont drink the water i ever heard too! Well that was one for the books and if u were there u know what i am talking about. Well my 3 night camden run is over. I rank the 1st night as the third best, but it still had a sick setlist, The 2nd night comes in as 2nd best with its non stop energy and get off your ass and dance feel to it. and tonite takes the cake easily as the best show of the weekend and one of the best ever. See you all in Virginia beach and hershey...what a weekend!!
Erik O.
Wow I don't even know where to begin with this show. If I said my story, you probably wouldn't believe it. My friends and I had to leave late so we left (Northeastern PA) at 5. Little did we know we would be stuck in traffic by the pocono exit for over an hour... Then finally things got moving and we got to the Ben Franklin bridge to get to camden at 8:05 and well it then took us an hour to get to the parking lot. That pretty much sucked. Then the car ride then changed from making it to the tweeter center to making it through an episode of seinfeld. I couldn't believe it but it was Puerto Rico day in Camden. Everyone had parades are stuff going on and traffic was even worse because of this. It was probably the last thing I ever would have expected to happen. Like I said, just like that episode of seinfeld, the one thats banned from TV. haha.... but now to the show. We arrived to the tweeter center and made it just in time for the jam of Seek Up. Missing a WWYWS opener, Minarets and Lover Lay Down all because of the traffic... I mean Ive seen the other but but would have loved to have seen Minarets just because it would have been my first time. Besides this really shitty setback, it was overall a great show... My highlights were the awesome intro to Recently. I've seen that a few times and of any version this was by far the best I've seen with a very lengthy Some do and some don't... Don't Drink the water was great. The music was ofcourse very tight but the whole band was really into this. I havent seen Dave dance like that in a long time. Watchtower was also very powerful and stephans intro was one of the better ones in a long time I think. Now the encores were great. Captain was alittle bit longer then it was on the first nights show, probably because it didn't go into something with the whole band. This Willie Nelson song 'Aint it funny how things slip away' was a lot of fun to hear and that Ants was perfect. Boyd really went crazy on this ants, sure he does on every ants but it just felt better with this ants.. Besides this major setback that I mentiond, I had a great time. I was still there for a good portion of the show and was lucky to catch the songs that I did. It felt kinda nice to be in a amp. and not a stadium too. It was a comfortable feeling and I had a great time. A+ overall... I think it would have been a A++ if I actually caught the entire show... Great show though...
Bryan C.
well let me just say that the Camden Police is great in the parking lot. whatever is whatever they say. i woudl just like to say hi to the people i met along the way this weekend, you all know who you are front section of the lawn in the middle. and to the girls who were raping me...Its all good. well onto the show. i must sya jim white was pretty good. Now WWYS unexpected but still a great song with just the band. #41 holy smack this one was great esp w/ the everyday outro totally DOPE!!!!. DIDO is just another great oldie, but a newie with all dave lyrical changes. And on comes my 2 favorite Everyday tunes to hear live. WTWE is just phatty all inits own the way it ends and everythign abotu it is just awesome. SO RIGHT is just the tightest everyday tune to hear. it is performed to a "T". then wait you think its only gonna go downhill form here. NO way the old school intro with dave as a beat box sorta sound very good. MINARETS was just amazing to hear a see they were lovin it up there. THe one song i thought i woudl never hear agian live was the next one LOVER LAY DOWn. god this song just slows it down and gets us ready to hope for more. it was just awesome the way they played it. then the little bridge and disguising of the intro to Seek up i heard it my boy did nto hear it until i told him what it was. holy shit the jam was great as well i am a huge fan of this song. and now the baritone comes out and you have to figure SB or IDI. it was IDI and a good version at that. then comes Recently and some people like to smoke a fat one and some people don't. that lyric got the crowd going. Diggin was just a great tune to slow it down. as with Angel, its nto my favorite, but i can live with it just kinda liek the studio version than i do with the LL they sorta make it into a gospel esque song. DDTW very unexpected and it s placement is very weird but still a great song to hear. the screens were dope. the comes the other electric used only for two songs so far this tour. FOOL to THink, gosh i like this song. its pretty cool to hear. and it gets people pumped. then the LL come out for SPACE BETWEEN. what a good song. it fit rigth where they played it gave us a chance to get ready for the close. WATCHTOWER. stefan was just phenomenal on the bass intro and the emotion in the song and this whole set was amazing, the dave dance was evrrywhere tonite in every song. great ending to the frist set. ENCORE>> 2 entire verses of CAPTAIN and it must have been the signs that got him to do it. then the little willie nelson cover Aint it funny how time slips away. great song and lyrics are awesome, i liek the solo encore then bring on the band for the big bad exit from camden NJ.. ANTS holy moly was this such an enthused ending to the three nights of great songs. with only 4 or 5 everyday repeats. they mixed the songs very well. see you all in hershey. thanx again.. 10 out of 10 for 6.24.01
Dennis W.
Wow- three shows in a row- my first time for that- and I think that's really how to enjoy all that the DMB has to offer- As Dave says, "Thank you very much..." No, Dave, thank you. You and the band outdid yourselves this weekend. Last night we brought a couple of friends who were not yet familiar with your work and they were blown away. Hard to put into words what I am feeling, but suffice it to say that the range of songs, moods, colors, and phrases took us places that we had longed to go. Thanks for mixing the "new" with the "old" and creating arrangements that included both. You have two fans for life. Believe it.
Mike S.
I missed the early part of the show but from teh part that i saw it was UNBELIEVEABLE. Lets get started: WWYS,41,DIDO,WWTE,SR,MIN,and part of LLD i missed . Seek Up- Great version, great jams by each member and one of the best i have heard in a while. I did it- starting to grow on me live after hearing it 3 times in concert this year. Some people do->Recently- LOVED the intro...said somethin like"Some people like to roll a fattie and burn it up"....Recently was just fantastic... Diggin a Ditch- Also have heard this 3 times this year and loved it each time. One of best live songs.. Angel- Too jammed out with the ladies but the best Everyday song of the night. DDTW- My friend called it and it was the best live version I have heard. Dave wasgoing crazy on this. Fool to Think- Got a little better from the first two times i heard it but still needs work. Space Between- Too played out...but was a crowd pleaser. Watchtower-After not playing it the first two Camden shows i thought it would b the encore but it was the set enderand was perfect...stefan had a great solo to start it off and the songjust got better. Encore: CAPTAIN(acoustic dave)-Been dying to hear some of the other Lillywhite stuff and finally Dave plays it...only the first two verses but still great. Aint it funny- played the first night but still excited to hear it...wouldve rather heard Waste or 40. Ants Marching- was hoping for Lie in our Graves since i havent heard it yet and he hadnt played it once at Camden, but oh well. still a good closer with a different jam to it with Boyd getting more time. Great part of the show I saw and probably one of the best half sets ever. give it a 9-10.
Lauren H.
Well, well once again another GREAT show! This show was probably the best of this tour...how can you beat starting out with the oldie but goodie WWYS...then following up with 41! Fantastic choice by dave and the crew! Then he started on the newer songs with an AWSOME performance of WTWE and SO RIGHT, then it was back to some more old school songs like LLD. Then he stuck with the newer songs for a while with banging performances of I DID IT, DIGGIN A DITCH and my favorite song...ANGEL! Then it was time for his strong ending, with jammin performances of DDTW, FOOL TO THINK, THE SPACE BETWEEN, & AATW. Finally to top of the GREATEST SHOW, an encore performance of CAPTAIN(well a little tease) AIN'T IT FUNNY...and of course the greatest song..ANTS MARCHING. To the entire band (including the lovely ladies) you did a great job best concert i've seen since the 1998 tour! (not that the others weren't good) to dave: GREAT SHOW & I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!
This show was amazing! The venue was soo small, I had no ideam my seats were so close! It is the closest I've ever been to Dave! definitely the highlight of the night was Watchtower. They opened up with What would you say, which was great. The concert all together was incredible- the encore was just as good. They did a tease of captain ( i think it was 2 verses) and How time slips away- it was so good! Ants Marching was also one of the best performances the whole crowd was really into it. The only thing that sucked about the night: Sitting in the parking lot for two hours cause of traffic!
Evan S.
I have been somewhat dissappointed with the last 4 shows I've seen. Sunday's show was different. I was incredible. They pulled out all the stops in performing. It was great having What Would You Say as an opener then streaming into #41 which ended in such an incredible manner. Then 2 Everyday songs were played which the performances were phenomenal. But this next song hit me hard. THEY PLAYED MINARETS! I can't believe they played that song. I knew it as soon as Dave was playing the song while palm muting on his guitar. Then to go into Lover Lay Down and Seek Up, WOW! The performances were incredible. Every member was really into each song. Then Watchtower was an insane display of each member's talent! WOW. That's the best way to describe this show.
Bill L.
Unfortunatly the last show of an outstanding three night stand for Dave and the boys. It is so hard to say which of the three were the best, the guys had such great energy all three nights, but let me concentrate on the third night. It was great to hear WWYS,Drive In Drive Out, Lover Lay Down, and Recently. It really shows that they're not afraid to still bring out some of the older stuff. I love how they're mixing in Everyday with different songs, shows their true muscial talents. The night seemed at first to be the more mellow of the three nights, but than broke into Angel, this was also the highlight of Friday's show, but after Angel the whole night took on another show interly, they really brought out the energy that I knew they had in them and finish the show off the right way.DDTW, not one of my favorites before, became a favorite all over again. I had begun to feel they were overplaying it, but once again they made it a whole different song. They finished with another outstanding Watchtower as usual. The encore was great with a nice long tease of Captain, and an incredable Ants Marching, witch was pretty much expected after not being played the first two nights. I didn't think things could get much better after an outstanding weekend with Dave and the boys, but alas as I made my way from the venue to the parking lot, I was greeted with sirens and the boys on their bus waving from the front, on the was to a much deserved vacation. Enoy guys after three stellar shows you deserve it.
Graeme C.
And I thought Friday's show was good! Damn...Dave and Co. really capped off a great series in Camden with one of their best shows...hands down. Not only did they blend a perfect mix of fast and slow songs,they managed to give every fan a little bit of what they wanted. Watchtower, Seek Up and #41 were all great jams, and it was good to hear oldies like Minarets and Lover Lay Down. Finally I heard a live DIDO...it was great!! But I was kinda disappointed that they didn't play Captain again, but Ants was a great closer
Jill C.
Out of the eight show i've been to, thuis was one of the best!! A good mix of new stuff and old stuff. Minarets, then, LLD, and Seek Up, plus Watchtower, Recently. It can't get much better than that. Ending with Ants was great too. The Captain tease in the encore was amazing!!!!!
Frank F.
After three awesome Giants Stadium shows, the boys turned out an even better three Camden shows. Monday was the best perfomance wise, but this show as you can see, has the best setlist. MINARETS is so nice to hear and LLD too. They have been doing this jam on Angel where the Ugly Ladies introduce every band member. Its ashame that they do that now everytime they play it because it gets kinda old after youve seen it four times in two weeks. On saturday however, Dave introduced everyone during jimi thing, and that was sweet. Musically, they havent sounded better. Leroi changed up the melody lines in MINARETS which gave a different feel. The excitement on their faces was really evident and we could all tell they were having a blast. 20th row dead center aint bad seats at all. The crowds there were real cool too...alot better than Giants Stadium. See yall at Hershey.
Ethan K.
This was a great peaceful show. Dave did alot of long and sweet jams. Nothing like the all out amazing things the entire band did the night before but still containing alot of substance. He played alot of older songs like Minarets, Recently, and Seek Up whitch were a great surprise. One of the highlites was Watchtower because I have never seen the band play this and it blew my mind as I knew it would. All and All Dave set the perfect romantic setting for me and my girlfriend. THANKS DAVE!!!!!
Darren C.
hey y'all!! what an absolutely magical show!!! Sunday night in Camden was my 64th Dave Matthews concert and honestly one of the most memorable!! i just love watching them have so much fun on stage!!! The setlist was great, we got some repeats from friday, but they were great repeats!! we had warehouse seats in the pavillion that were perfectly in the center, cheers!! "so right" is an amazing tune, and i tell everyone that my favourite song is #41!! the killer three in a row of "minarets", "lover lay down", and "seek up" blew my mind!!! the passion was there throughout the entire show!!!! "dont drink the water" really was amazing and it was my first experience with the "space between", which sounded excellent!! in a show with so many highlights, its sometimes hard to pick one, but in this case, it has to be "the hug"!!! ya see, after they finished watchtower, dave and boyd hugged like best friends that had not seen each other in 10 years!! it was one of the most moving things i had ever seen in my 8 years of following the band!!! its as if they knew they just pulled off something too special to put into words!!! topped off with a fabulous encore, it was just great!!! thank you to the dave matthews band for being so incredible and giving me so many positive memories!!! this may be crazy, but i have to ask, does anyone know how to get in touch with dave?? ya see, i was recently given a truly wonderful gift of an all expence paid trip to nashville for the show on the 25th for being the best man in a recent wedding in italy!! the groom, who gave us the gift, is unable to go because he is off to africa with his knew wife for 2 years in the peace corps!! we all cried, so this is a very special show and im trying to let dave know!! who knows, maybe he will say something about mike who has been to over twenty shows with me, and we can get a tape and send it over to cape verde!!!!!! cheers, and thanks for listening to me babble!!!!!!!
Matthew H.
This show was pretty damn good although it was hard to compare to the 6/11/01 "Downpour extravaganza" I attended just 2 weeks before ;) Of course this was no fault of DMB-just mother nature. I missed the first 3 songs on a account of we got there too late and tailgated a bit too long. "When the world ends" greeted us on the way in which was nice and lively (all of the new songs seem to be getting into a good groove) plus it's my girlfriend's new favorite so she was psyched for the rest of the show..."So right kept the energy up and melted into "Minarets" like they were ment to go together. That was the first time I had ever heard "Minarets" in concert (as well as Watchtower and Seek Up) and I was blown away. "Lover Lay Down" slowed it a bit and let us catch our breath which was nice and "Seek Up" had a great intro...I did it was good but I have to admit I am getting a bit tired of it. It was great to hear the "Some people do" intro to "Recently" which I've only heard with the "Pretty pretty girl" intro in the past. "Diggin a ditch" got the crowd grooving (I think that song is the best Dave has written since the stuff on BTCS). "Angel" was better than the one I heard a Giants stadium-it seemed a little looser and more jammy. "Don't drink the water" was full of energy as always which got the crowd going once again so it was a little dissapointing to hear "Fool to think" and "The Space Between." They were still excellent performances though. And then came "Watchtower" I listened hard as I heard a note here, a note there and countless people chanting "WATCHTOWER!!!" and then we heard those words-"There must be some kind of way out of here" and everyone went nuts! I was a Watchtower virgin before this show and Dave just knocked me out with this one...I'm sure there have been better versions, but for me this one was unreal! The Captain "tease" as they called it was cool and the Willie Nelson song wasn't bad either. "Ants Marching" was the usual crowd pleaser-I was hoping for something more, but satisfied nonetheless. I guess I'll always be searching for an ending like "Two Step" at the end of the 6/11/01 oh, and by the way I will give my first born child for a tape of that show...if you have it PLEASE e-mail me and see if we can make a trade! Later.
Erik ".
Alright, now I've been to 10 Matthews shows, and this i can say is the second best show ive seen, the best being may 22 1999(check out the setlist). Now i missed WWYS and #41, which wouldve made the show even better than it was so ill pick it up from DIDO. DIDO was good, not one of my favorites. Which then leads me to Minarets. Minarets is a song that I love but NEVER EEEEVer though id see ive. me and my friend josh almost crapped our pants. It was one of the greatest matthews moments ever. The minarets into LLD into seek up was an extremely well put combination. I did it was played, and was thankully short. Then another huge breakout, recently. It was crazy. Dign a ditch was nice and calm. then angel and a hype version of dont drink the water, which i like. Space between like the calm before the watchtower storm. I good rendition with butch pulling an electric guitar synth solo. nice. The captain tease was exatly that, a tease, all i wanted was more it was insane i went nuts thinking i would hear the whole thing. to my dismay i did not. The willie nelson cover is good as hell. i love the sitting on the dock of the bay inclusion at the end. Then in typical philadelphia fashion, ants marching was the song to be heard. Overall a great show. The new stuff works out well in concert, funny thing is, dave and the boys still know how to jam like mother humpers.
Mike C.
This show was incredible. I love how he pulled out a couple of oldies from remember two things. I think it is really interesting how he played isn't it funny how time slips away. I think Dave is in awe of how fast his life is moving, and the fact that he is about to have kids of his own. He showed a lot of energy in this show, however, Boyd only got into one of the songs. Most of the time he just played, while not showing much energy. Thank you DMB for putting on an awesome show, and thanks to the FANS!! You guys made it even better!
Erin E.
Despite the fact that I was on the lawn, this was my best DMB show yet!!! #41 was a good treat,was even better with Everyday as an outro. There were lots of surprises in this show, a very unpredictable set overall. Recently was a song to get you moving, everyone seemed to be singing along! Dave teased about half of Captain, which I waited to hear for three nights (I was at the whole run) and was not disappointed! It was the big after-show topic of conversation. My friends up front said that there were about 15 stuffed animal pigs on the stage...hopefully Dave will quit holding out and play it when I see them in Hershey!