Dave Matthews Band
Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

One Sweet World (Instrumental intro, Swim Naked outro)
#41 (Everyday)
So Much To Say * (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
The Space Between *+
Jimi Thing
Long Black Veil *+
When The World Ends *
Mother Father *+
Don't Drink the Water *
Minarets (Scat intro) *+
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone
#40 (Tease)
Grey Street *
Angel *+
Stay *+
#40 ^
Waste ^
Two Step
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda
^ Dave solo

Glenn S.
Tonight's performance was just as good as last night's with a little bit weaker set list. The show started out great with #41(with some Everyday lyrics),SMTS-Too Much, Jimi Thing, Long Black Veil, and WTWE. But then, just like last night's show, there was a weak series of songs(Mother Father, Minarets, STDH) in the middle that took a little bit of energy out of the crowd. The band recovered nicely though with a great version of Grey Street and an even better version of Stay. I didn't care too much for the #40 and Waste combo as an encore, but Two Step, which seemed to last for at least 15 minutes was a great ending. As soon as the band came back for the encore the whole place(or at least everyone by me) was chanting for that song and the band sent everyone home happy. Overall, the show was outstanding as usual(except for Macy Gray, she is absolutely horrible!).
Michael H.
First off Happy Birthday to Stefan. I was sitting in Section C Row 2 and I threw him up a Moosejaw t-shirt that Dave finally picked up and gave to Stefan at the end of the show. Again the rain held off tonight and we had another nice night for a DMB show. This show was my 11th show and this tied for the best one I have ever been too next to opening night at Riverbend last year. DMB just had so much energy tonight and looked like they never wanted to stop playing. They played until 11:20pm almost a full half an hour more then last night. Ok onto the show...Opener...One Sweet World, I just love this song as an opener it just sets the mood for a good concert to come...#41, Matt(the guy I sat next to for both show) and I called this song, I was so happy to hear #41 one of my favorites off of Crash...So Much To Say, pretty much standard but I do have the say the big X-Man security guard that was in front of me was sure getting into this song, went right into Anyone Seen The Bridge?, Dave was going nuts with his giberish...Too Much again nothing new pretty standard...The Space Between, I thought for sure that So Right would have been played when Dave put on the eletric but I was wrong, I like the Space Between but really do not think the lovely ladies needed to be brought out to back this song up...Jimi Thing, I knew they would play this tonight in honor of Stefan's Birthday, he did have a good solo, never really can go wrong with Jimi Thing...Long Black Veil, this was an odd place in the setlist for this song but I enjoyed it and the lovely ladies had a great trio at the end...When The World Ends, I love this song it is so good, but like I said in last nights review I wish they could jam this one out because it would be so good...Mother Father, I knew there was a chance they were going to play this tonight because they played it at yesterdays sound check, the songs is a little different without Carlos but I still enjoyed it...Don Drink The Water, a very powerful and energetic song I love this song live...Minarets, this song came out of no where, Matt and I were some of the only few who knew of this song, but I am so happy they played it because I have never heard it before live...Sleep To Dream Her, could have done without this song it is to slow but I knew when they played this song that it would go right into...Grace Is Gone, I was so pumped to hear this song, such a nice quit laid back song "Excuse me please one more drink"...Grey Street, Matt and I saw Dave grab the 12 string and knew it was going to be Grey Street and then Dave started messing with the crowd with a #40 tease the whole front of the main floor was chanting #40 and Dave would play a couple chords and then stop but I had a feeling that #40 would be added to the setlist during the encore, as for Grey Street, great song Dave changed up some lyric since I have heard the song last but I happy that the boys are still playing this one...Angel, the second Everyday repeat from last night but I wasn't complaining, a brand new outro was played tonight with the lovely ladies I enjoyed it...Stay, it was getting close to 11pm and the first set was still not over so I knew that Stay was going to be next, very good song again lots of energy, a nice way to end a great first set...Encore...I knew that #40 was going to be played tonight just by the way Dave was reacting to the crowd during the #40 tease, this was a long #40 tonight and cannot wait to get a copy of it...Waste, a song that I really wanted to hear at one of the Detroit shows, I am so happy that Dave played it, I really like this song...Two Step, I called this whole encore tonight, this song was just unbelievable everyone had a great solo, I really enjoyed Carters drum solo, this songs last 15-20min, it just seemed liked the boys never wanted to stop, Great Encore!!! All in all DMB two night stand in Detroit was great. We were treated to two very good Dave shows. These past two night I have met some many cool new Dave fans, Matt write me an email and enjoy your Chicago shows. Thank you for two great s hows DMB and Happy Birthday Stefan!!! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the tour.
Kevin K.
This show was good. I liked it alot because Dave interacted with the crowd more than ever. One sweet world- traditional, the inro outshines the song. #41- Leroi went all out. Leroi played a little "tell me something good" in the middle, and Dave pulled out the intro riff to "so right" SMTS-usual, solid, ASTB was a straight jam. Too Much- was cool, alot of "fuck it up, Fuck it up". The Space Between- I liked this song better without keys, when Boyd and Leroi improvised it, but I was blown away by it tonight. Jimi Thing- cool jam, I didnt' really want to hear it though. LBV- ladies had a cool solo. DMB started to sound like a gospel soul outfit. WTWE- kinda boring, but, the sudden ending was cool. Mother Father- Surprise!! It was pretty damn cool, they jammed out the end, it was only missing one small thing "carlos Santana". DDTW- the usual, but strong. Minarets- Amazing!!! the jam at the end blew everyone away. STDH- most everyone left for this song, but it was alright. Grace is Gone- one of the evenings highlights, with the full band, a beautiful song, beautifully done. (tease)- dave throws a #40 tease, and we( the crowd) go crazy, and start chanting for it, so he throws another longer tease, we go crazy, then he stops, we start again, and he throws a third longer tease, then leaves us all high and dry. Grey street- Dave busted out the 12 string, and this song jammed, he improvised new lyrics also. Angel- was cool, dave electric guitar sounded perfect throughout the night. great impromto jam with butch, carter, and the ladies after, had a jazz groove, felt like Miles Davis. Stay- Listener Supported City!!! #40- tremendous! Dave played an extended solo version. Waste- was nice to hear, dave finger picking on the guitar in this song is choice. Two step- started out as listener supported II with the mad slow down and Butch solo, which I don't dig soloing up such a groove for a jazz piano solo, but then Leroi disappeared, and the whole band was looking for him for minutes, carter filled the time by putting down an on the spot drum clinic, blowing everyone away, when Leroi finally appeared, Dave looked at the crowd and rolled his eyes. It was so cool to see Dave interacting with the crowd all night. He was all about giving the people what they wanted, and that's why we all love them. Happy Birthday Stefan!!
Amanda J.
Show number 17 and certainly one of the top three, if not number one. After last night I needed something to keep me from questioning a trip to Soldier Field and boy did I get it. Minarets was probably second to only Halloween (12/04/00) as far as the most shocking and electrifying song I have ever heard the band play. The intro was amazing and then the gong Carter had going and the lights - holy shit! Mother Father was also a pretty nice surprise. One of my least favorite Everyday songs, it sounded a whole lot better live. I thought I was wrong for liking it, but it really sounded crisp and rehearsed. I was hoping for a One Sweet World beginning to the show because I seem to have good luck when it's the opener. I even found a place for the So Much to Say/Too Much combo and Stay. The encore was fabulous with #40 and Waste putting the crowd in shock. Two Step was different from what I've heard previous, but I think I liked it even better. The cool man on the way to the parking lot who was selling the shirts that said "Everyday Tour 2001 - Sold Out! - I Was There" made for a perfect ending to a perfect night. I don't know why last night lakced so much in comparison to tonight, but I'm looking forward to Soldier once again. DMB is back! (9.5+/10)
Ben F.
After a phenomenal show on Sunday night, my friends and i were poised for another great performance. OSW was a great opener, although predictable. The instrumental opener was very nice and got the band in a jamming mode which seemed to carry through the entire show. Three Crash songs followed, 41,SMTS-Too Much. All of which were excellent versions. The stop time outro with the Everyday lyrics on 41 sounds really slick. The Space Between followed and this song gets better and better everytime i hear it, although i was disappointed the Ladies joined in. It seems to me that the ladies do more harm than good to DMB. They belong on about three songs; Stay and Long Black Veil they were awesome on tonight, and last nights True Reflections. Other than those three the ladies suck! Anyways, Jimi Thing was very jammy, got everyone going, and had great solos by all. Long Black Veil was very unexpected and a nice surprise, sounded better than the Listener Supported version. When the World Ends is the best Everyday song live. Mother Father was ok, nothing special. DDTW was awesome, very intense powerful version. Minarets was a nice surprise as well, but I didn't think it was a very good version at all. Sleep to Dream Her, ehh,kinda boring. Grace is Gone is beautiful, best LWS song. Grey Street followed and with the lights was awesome, I thought it may have been the closer with the intense jamming, the band had awesome energy, easily the best song of the night. Angel was ok till the awful improv of the Ladies at the end. It ruined a great song. Stay was the expected closer, good version. 40 was a rare treat, very cool song, although only the first verse was played and hearing waste next was cool as well. I was hoping for a Two Step closer and I got it. It was awesome. Such a great song and a great way to end two days of awesome DMB. Great couple of shows in MOTOWN, although DMB is better without the Ladies, it was still two very very good performances.
Samuel J.
So last night I told you guys that it was the best DMB show I had seen, I didn't lie. Up to that point it was, but tonight, holy mother of God. You guys I swear get this on tape please because It was so incredible. The entire set was jammed out, even Angel. Jimi Thing had some nice Latin scales in its jam and the Lovely Ladies sounded great (can you belive I just wrote that?) They each did solos and I was in awe. Dave teased #40 and I was mad because I thought that he wasn't going to play it. When we got the full version, Waste, and an insane version of Two Step for the encore I knew that Dave was sending a message back to the reviewers of our news papers who weren't fair to the band last night. Highlights - Butch Taylor and Carter really rocked and I have to say that it was a solid three hours of music worth any ticket price. Thank you so much Dave and happy birthday Stefan.
Well, I thought last night was good...then I had my head blown off tonight! What a show! This was number 18 for me and it definately ranks up there. OSW, great opener, #41>everyday, I love this song I always will, Leroi rocks. SMTS>Too Much, I like the dave beatbox at the beginning of the bridge. Space Between, probably the best song from ED (I really like What You Are though), Jimi, no need to say anything you all already know that this song rocks. Long Black Veil, time for a little Johnny Cash! Great version. WTWE, well, the first repeat from last night, I wish they would play with it a little more than they do. Mother Father, this surprised me, in a good way. I dont really care for the studio version at all but it was fun live. DDTW, Dave was wailing! MINARETS!! My first one! WOW! Sleep to Dream Her, Well, you gotta piss sometime! Thanx for the break guys, got back to my seat just in time for the fade into Grace is Gone. Standard version, which was fine with me. Did I hear #40, I think he's fucking with us AGAIN! Grey St. was nice to hear. I was pretty sick of it after they shoved it down our throats on summer tour 2000 (Im pretty sure they played it EVERYDAY, no pun intended). Angel, another repeat from last night but tonights version was SO MUCH BETTER! They actually jammed on an ED song!! Maybe there is hope! Butch and the ladies added a beautiful ending to it. And how about Leroi!! Jumping up and down smiling and waving down the LL's! Ive never seen him show off the vertical before, He was definately having fun. Stephen actually took his bass off when the song usually ends before quickly realizing that it wasnt quite over yet (give him a break it was his birthday). Ok so the show closed with 'stay'. And yes the Lovely Ladies did sing the word 'stay' something like 500 times. I was actually happy to hear it (at least I knew that they wouldnt ruin the encore with it ;)!! Now to the encore...first of all, if you ever get to see a 3 song encore you know you were at a great show, because it doesnt happen very often! Dave walks on stage solo. #40! The whole thing, no more teases. I was expecting the band to join Dave on stage after this but Dave played a really nice version of 'Waste' (the phish tune) before being joined for a GREAT version of TWO STEP! Butch really adds something to the band, I hope he sticks around! Really long version, I would say that the encore lasted over 20 minutes! These Comerica shows were the first for me since Charlottesville (which really disappointed me). The boys totally redeemed themselves! The ED songs are really starting to flow!
Steve S.
Well, these last two days of music were as good as ever. I've seen the band 9 times and they always pull something special out. Dave came out in a golf cart when Macy Gray finished up. He checked out the crowd and took off. The upperdeck was virtually empty. But, it was Dave's birthday and the floor started singing Happy Birthday to him he replied by saying he loved everyone. Minarets and Waste were the highlights of the night though. Played pretty much the same songs I heard them play in San Francisco. Oh yeah, border patrol sucks....almost got denied entry to Canada and arrested for claiming one too few bottles of beer....until Chicago.
Matt H.
My 10th show and first big stadium show, and I have to say it was better than I expected. The crowd was a little too chatty for me, but the sound was fine and the screens were a very nice touch. The show itself was very solid. Highlights for me were Jimi Thing (always) When The World Ends (very cool in concert) a very energetic Minarets, the flow from Sleep To Dream Her into Grace is Gone, and the encore. Two Step was simply amazing, and had to clock in around 20 min. Waste is a really nice cover as well, and it's always a treat to hear 40. For anyone who worries about the Everyday songs, they are pretty well performed in concert, and although I am not a big fan of them, I found myself groovin to them just the same.
Travis J.
This was my 10th show, and it was intense... I always seem to forget how amazing this band is live until I actually see them. They made almost every song sound magic. Even songs I've never cared for live, like DDTW and Stay were great. I don't know what time they took the stage, or when they got off but they played a really long set. The highlight of the night was Minarets hands down, I thought it was better than Two Step which followed a close second and then Grey Street. The everyday stuff sounds 10X better live than on the album, they've really tightened it up and made it sound better. They did some kind of funky jam at the end of angel, I don't know if it's standard or if it's the first time they've done it
Matt L.
Ok, lets just start by saying this was the most amazing show I've ever seen! Better than Sunday for sure, and Sunday was seriously sweet. They played for just about 3 hours. They use to not like Detriot(for some good reasons) but that has definately changed! The Park wasn't very full last night but that didn't hamper a thing. It was Stephan's birthday as well, which only made things better! On to the show....ONE SWEET WORLD, just a gorgous intro, a lovely way to start a lovely evening. This got me dancing real quick. #41, another fave, the outro was real nice, Dave seemed to be enjoying himself already. Boyd and Roi's solos were kick ass too. SO MUCH TO SAY-->pretty standard but awesome. Got the crowd that wasn't already into it, into it. ---> ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE, Dave's scat's were sweet, and Stephan and Carter tore shit up as usual --> TOO MUCH. Dave has so much intensity on this one and the jams are just sweet! SPACE BETWEEN. I really love this tune and I'm so glad to hear it, could do without the ladies as most songs could. JIMI THING, kicked ass, sweet Roi solo, went on forever. Dave's solo was badass too. LONG BLACK VEIL, this song makes you believe that every song should be a DMB song. They switched some things around, now Butch's solo comes before the last verse. Threw me at first. MOTHER FATHER, only the second time ever. This song is just awesome live, didn't expect to hear this one. DON'T DRINK THE WATER. Pretty standard, tons of energy though. MINARETS, after teasing us last night with it before TR, this just kicked ass. The ladies mics didn't get turned on till the very end of the song, so they didn't get heard much, but I wanted to hear this real bad, and it was everything I imagined. The end jam was just outragous. SLEEP TO DREAM HER, nice tune, kinda mellowed the crowd out. ---> GRACE IS GONE, love this tune. Such an awesome song, especially segued with STDH. #40 TEASE! Dave teased 40 on the 12 string at this point, he acted like he was going to sing, but just played the chords(kind of like the Little Thing tease on Sunday). GREY STREET, one of my top 5, and it was just awesome, so much energy. The lyrics changes were unreal too. ANGEL, repeat from Sunday but they added a Lovely Ladies/Butch outro, it was cool. STAY, knew it was coming, but fun in any event, the one song the LL are needed on. ENCORE: #40, I though he was just gonna tease it but he did a nice long one....it was just amazing. Better then I thought it would ever be. WASTE, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, two Dave solos, this Phish cover is sweet, I'm really glad I got to hear it. TWO STEP, this just made the night even better, it was so awesome, Stephan's solo was awesome(on his b-day) and they played a kickass outro, it had a sort of funk beat for a while then they went into the tradition outro(if you can call it that). Overall, this was just amazing. The best show I've seen and probably the best of the tour(I know that's a bold statement you just had to be there). The crowd(even though not full) was awesome, the set was awesome, Dave was have tons of fun, Stephan's B-day, sweet seats. Probably the best two days of my summer right there. I met some really cool people too! See you at Soldier.
Mike N.
Well, last night was # 43 for me and I must say a very very good show!!! I was thouroughly impressed with the band and the crowd. Minarets( my 1st time ever live I believe) was outstanding and chilling. Waste, another 1st for me was unbelievable. Butch was really on fire and smiling alot. I really loved the drawn out jam for angel where brenda was in the spotlight. To top it all off two step was very very well improvised and there were a couple of hints where the band teased the ending but just kept right on jammin. I loved the three song encore especially with dave solo. Ive only saw dave solo encore once before. I really thought the night in general was awesome. And it was my mom's first show ever and she had front row. thanks to the Warehouse:) last nights show was much more energetic than sunday's. both were solid shows!!!!!
Casey M.
First let me say this was a magnificent show. My 7th show and possibly the best 12-4-00 in Chicago last year might have been the best. Anyways to the show, thank you Warehouse for fourth row dead center. Boys walk on stage and Dave points to Stefan a few times, the birthday signs were out in force. OSW- got the won suite whirled intro, very nice, leroi sounded beautiful. Then they went into the song itself. Great way to start the show Dave did a little scat, I didn't catch a swim naked,b ut I could be wrong. #41- oh yeah, crowd really got into, boyd and leroi hit their solos nicely. Everyday outro, real nice and slow, crowd was helping along on the "everyday" part. SMTS- seemed like dave's intro was a little longer than usual, Butch came out for this one. which went into-> ASTB- a rocking version, Stefan changed his bass and was rocking, Carter and leroi lit it up.-> Too Much- good version lots of "fuck it up" just a great song to see live, very full of energy. Space Between - I was hoping for this. Very solid version, you hardly notice the ladies. This song really rocks the place, I think it is a good song and I like the baritone on it. Jimi Thing- Oh Man this was good. Boyd was freaking awesome and Leroi nailed down his solo. I even thought Dave's solo was good. Just a real nice slow jam towards the end, very long. Long Black Veil- This was a good song to hear. Real nice slow beginning, the ladies added a lot, but it was Butch that added the most to this song. Butch really was one of the keys to this show. The song was beautiful with Butch and Carter laying down some nice rhythms. When the World Ends- basically the same as the night before, Dave did better with the words tonight, he did his little poetry thing again. They cut off the ending, where I wish they would keep jamming, it seems like it could really be jammed out. The video screen has clip[s of a gold colored globe spinning, very cool. Mother, Father- I heard them soundcheck this the day before. Sounded good. Leroi, Boyd, and Butch filled in on Santana's parts. The ladies were barely noticeable at the end. I like this song live definitely better than on the cd. Don't Drink the Water- The guy behind me started yelling Minarets, but he was off. Fifth time I have seen this song out of 7 shows and it never gets old. Dave is always real emotional and his face gets all contorted, nice short jam at the end, the video screen showed clips from the video of Boyd. Minarets- The guy behind me was real excited. Dave muted the guitar and did a scat intro. Very cool intro. Leroi really nailed this song and Dave had some very nice wailing going on. Butch sounded cool and this was a treat to hear. I never thought I would get to hear this song, but what a great version and let me say I love the gong when Carter nails it, the whole place just shudders from that thing. Sleep to Dream Her- Slowed thing down a bit. Nice song. but I have to admit I was looking forward to the next song rather than focusing on this one, since we all knew what was coming next-> Grace is Gone- made my girlfriend real happy, this is her favorite song at the moment. Greast version, I just love the lyrics, Boyd jammed out at the end, definitely a long version the ending went longer than I have ever heard it go. #40 (tease) Dave walked back and teased three cords. Us in the front yelled. Then we started chanting "#40, #40" over and over. Dave teased it a few more times. Carter and Stefan were laughing. Dave looked at Carter and carter looked like he was telling Dave to do it, but instead they busted into Grey Street- Solid version. This song is always very entertaining, gets me moving. Nicely jammed out at the end. Angel- well I never thought this would be a highlight for me, but it really was. The song started normal and the ladies and dave did all the normal lyrics. The intro is a little longer than normal with Dave and Leroi doing a little back and forth, but the rest was standard until the end, or that is where the end should have been. The song is winding up and the guy who brings dave his guitars comes up behing Boyd around next to Carter to hand Dave his guitar for Stay, but Butch doesn't stop on the keys, Dave looks over and is like what's going on? Carter catches butch's drift and keeps going. Then isaw the ladies kind of laughing and they start adding some overtones. Stefan has now joined in the fun. Dave's guitar guy runs off stage to the left, because he doesn't know what's going on. Leroio and Boyd were just laughing looking over at each other and looking like what the hell is going on. The ladies start singing about "looking for an angel tonight" and they break out into a little soul music. So Butch and Carter are going back and forth, Stafan is laying down a beat, Leroi starts playing real low with the alto, Boyd is plucking and Dave is actually jamming with the Baritone. They continued this for and extra 6 or 7 minutes. The song was probably 11-12 minutes long. Very cool, they were just having a good time, not even knowing what they were doing. Stay- After the Angel jam, Dave finally got his guitar. Good version. You gotta love seeing Dave dance across the stage. encore: #40- no tease this time. A kick ass version, great stuff. I loved it, Dave was nailing the always real loud. The crowd was real quiet for it. Waste- wow two dave solos in a row, I was like damn maybe we'll get Typical Situation solo next. Very nice song, I had heard a few recordings of Dave doing it. Very emotional, and just sounded awesome, a very respectful crowd. Two Step- I knew ti twas either this or Ants and I was glad to get Two Step. Nice long intro, Stefan sounded cool on the bass. Nice little Dave intro, I have no clue what he said. Fairly typical until the jam. Got a nice Butch solo, then a Carter solo and I figured we were done. Then Carter goes off again and Butch goes with him. It was real jazz oriented, meanwhile Stefan was laying down a nice beat. Leroi was offstage the whole time the jam was going on. Then Carter slowed it down again and butch slowed down and things got quiet. They had been out there on Two Step for around fifteen minutes. Finally I see Leroi walk out and they finish with a real loud ending. As they are walking off stage Stefan clasped his hands int he air like he was celebrating, and then he gave us a fist to his heart and pointed out to us, I think he was telling us he loved us. Dave looked psyched. The i see Caarter high fiving a guy in the back and a guy brings hima bunch of broken sticks. I knew I would have one drum stick coming my way. It wasn't easy but I am now the proud owner of a busted up Carter Beauford Drum stick!!!!!!! The show was phenomenal, this will always be a supremely wonderful memory. I hope that the rest of the shows can compare to this one for all of you. Let me just say that the ones who made the show last night I thought were, Butch and the ladies. I don't even like the ladies, but you gotta give them credit when the pull what they did on Angel. Stefan was the loudest and most noticeable i have ever heard him and Damn he is good. Carter was a madman, he made the show. Boyd did a little less tonight, but he was definitely a fator, especailly all of his energy. Dave was on, his solos sounded good and the man can fucking sing. Overall, the entire band was very cohesive and energetic I was truly blown away.
Michael H.
A great show! I went to both Detroit shows and this one was far better than the Sunday night show. This one had much more energy and a better set list. Mother Father and Minarets aren't my favorite songs but I was very impressed hearing them for the first time live. #41 is always a great one to hear and I really liked the Everyday outro. Stay is great live but too predictable as a closer. #40 and Waste were awesome. Dave sounded great by himself. Two Step was a little weak but it always ends great. An all-around great show and one of the best I have been to.
Justin F.
First off: Macy Gray was fantastic! Very surprised with how well her and her band performed. Finally, DMB came on. ONE SWEET WORLD: always as pleasant opener. 41: Very surprised that it came up second. Great version with the Everyday outro. SMTS->TOO MUCH: Very typical...good bridge jam, but Dave had mike troubles which continued throughout much of the show. SPACE BETWEEN: First time I have heard it live, very enjoyable. JIMI THING: Another one I haven't heard in a while, had a new Dave solo jam which was welcomed. LONG BLACK VEIL: Excellent! The ladies and the band had a very funked up jam at the end, one I have never heard before in the 5 times I have seen the ladies on for this song. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: Amazing live. Much better than last night. MOTHER FATHER: Even without Carlos, they did a great job. DDTW: Haven't heard this one in 2 years so it was welcomed back for me. I thought they played it with great energy. MINARETS: I am not a huge fan of this one live, but they re-did the end into a high powered finish. SLEEP TO DREAM: Nice quiet tune. GRACE IS GONE: Two quiet ones in a row, but this one was nicer to hear. GREY STREET: Wasn't expecting this one so it was a nice surprise, and played very nicely with the crowd. ANGEL: Same as last night, except for the excellent jam with the ladies again! They really earned their spot on the tour with this show's performances. STAY: Great set ender...high energy. 40: Great tease before Stay, only to play most of it solo before the next song WASTE: Fantastic! crowd was not too noisy. TWO STEP: When is it not good?
Scott L.
Well, this was my thirteenth Dave show and I would have to say the setlist was awesome!!! Space Between was beautiful!!! First time I have seen Minarets and it was phenomenal. The encore was absolutely perfect with a beautiful #40, Waste, and by far the best Two Step I have ever seen. Despite this unbelievable setlist though, I was dissapointed by the venue and the fans. I had floor seats and the acoustics still sounded horrible with it being VERY hard to hear Dave's voice during Grey Street and Mother Father. What made it even harder to hear were the fans, who decided that it's cooler to talk through a whole show than listen to it. It almost seems like going to Dave is more an event now than a concert to a lot of people....and it is rather dissapointing. Nevertheless, a great performance by the band, but the venue and fans made it a mediocre show. Either way, I'll see you all in Chicago!!!! I'm out.
Nick J.
This was my first Dave show and all I can say is WOW. I was a little worried when they started off with OSW because thats not one of my fav. songs and there didn't seem to be much energy in it, but after that the show was flawless. 41 was great and I really loved the everyday lyrics over top of the 41 music. Jimmi Thing was incredible, Leroi Moored is a god. His solo lasted forever but never got boring. I also enjoyed hearing Dave take a guitar solo on that song. I was happy to hear MotherFather and Grey Street both played, since they are less regular occurances, they are both two of my fav. of his new songs. The Everday stuff was well mixed into the overall show and it does sound much better live. The encore was amazing Dave playing 40 and waste solo calmed the crowd down a bit, then Two Step kept us rockin right till the end. All in all an unbelievable show and i can't wait untill my next.
Sam E.
The band kicked it off with the OSW, the instrumental into is beautiful, and it gave a mellow feel start off, however, things changed when SO MUCH and TOO MUCH were played. The concert went like a roller coaster of mellow to jammin'. Great show. The energy was conveyed so nicely by the band. It seemed like it was Leroi's night. His solos were spectacular. Dave wailed on DDTW and MINARETS (the highlight b/c it's a rarity to hear it played). The only down side to the concert was Dave's mic volume sorta went down a bit midway through the show. The instruments were projected over his voice, and I was on the field. The encores were another highlight with #40 and Waste as solos with Dave his Taylor and a spotlight. What a real treat. Angel came off really well as a jam. The show seemed like a great mix of old and new DMB, though more old school. I got my money's worth and then some. *thing of note: Jarrod the subway dude was in attendance and he got a rousing applause just as DMB were coming on stage. He was trying to signal to us that the band was on but it wasn't until they started playing that everyone turned to the stage again.
Ben B.
oh my goodness gracious. what can i say? this was an AMAZING show. dave seemed really into it. one sweet world what "sweet" and the so much to say/too much really got the crowd going. butch taylor played really great in long black veil and don't drink the water was the most powerful i have ever heard it. stay was a great song and the lovely ladies were exsquisite throughout the show. #40 and waster were cool and two step was an amazing song to close with. it lasted over 15 minutes. the everyday songs were ok alright and were better than i expected. the ladies and carter did a very interesting jam at the end of angel wich was a good addition to the song.
Laura G.
Although not my ideal setlist, this show is currently my number one (out of 10?) because of the energy level of the guys and much of the crowd. Although CoPa was not even close to being sold out, it seemed those individuals there came to have a great time. The band was incredibly tight throughout the night and obviously having a good time. Dave wandered on around 8:30 looking confused, saw the dozen or so signs for stefan's birthday and song requests and grinned. Probably the best part about this setlist was the variety. Throughout the night the band seemed to discuss the setlist. I wonder what it looked like originally. There were so many high points to the night - LeRoi had a SWEET solo in #41. All of the energy songs - Jimi Thing, DDTW, Minarets, Grey Street... were really up there. Carter and Stefan were so together on so many songs, carrying them. Butch played some beautiful stuff and the lovely ladies were even tolerable. Dave's solos were so improved over a few years ago when he would try to solo and not quite make it. They played for so long and had such a flow. My friend and I kept expecting the show to be finished and Dave would play a chord or switch guitars. And the encore made me want to cry I was so happy. Two Step went on forever and Carter OWNED it. A ridiculously great show.
Patrick N.
I have probably not been to as many concerts as many of you all, but this is easily the best concert I have ever been to. Plus I've listened to many many shows on CD-R and this has got to be up there near the top if not at THE top. This was also my first show with good seat (field) it's so much more intense and amazing, at least i think so...anyways about the actual show, i won't give a song by song review. Let me just say the show kicked some serious booty (am i allowed to say a$$ on this??) for two reasons mainly. first of all was the selection of songs...I mean minarets??! LBV in the middle of the set!?!? Mother Father for the first time without santana, the encore was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! dave was teasing us with the beginning of #40 earlier in the show, i think after grace is gone, could be wrong though, he would play the first few notes and then just laugh at us. but then he came out alone for the encore and i knew waste was coming but #40 too!!! and then an absolutely AMAZING two step, i don't know how long it was but it was up there. The other reason this show rocked was the length of the songs, it seemed like they were jamming out the end of almost everysong! and they played their 3 best jamming songs (in my opinion) all in one show: #41, Jimi Thing, and Two Step. They were so full of energy tonight, dave was laughing and dancing up a storm...this one time he did an imitation of this girl yelling "I love you dave!" in this weird voice with his face all wrinkled up, oh man what a great time. forget all the "substances" this show gave me a natural high! this is a must have for any trader...my only regret was no ants marching over the 2 nights at the CoPa but they haven't really been playing that much anyways...i wish they would cut deeper into BTCS too than DDTW and Stay, whatever happened to Crush...and oh god, Pig would be a dream come true, but last night was a killer show from top to bottom.
Diana C.
This show was amazing...by far one of the best I have seen in a long time (was just as good as 6/3 at the CoPa as hard as that is to believe)...the One Sweet World opener was fantastic...the show was very solid, lots of fun old stuff (and only five off of Everyday!)...it was such a good show I feel bad picking out highlights, but they would have to be: the "everyday" ending to #41 (although the #36/everyday that I heard last night was by far one of the best things ever!), the extended (and by extended I mean it went on FORVEVER) jam on Jimi Thing, Long Black Veil (I am in LOVE with this song and was just so excited they played it!), Stay (the band tore this song up! they attacked it, killed it, it was fantastic!), the 20 min (TWENTY MINUTES!!!) version of Two Step to close the show (WOW! WOW! WOW!) it was so fantastic and you could just feel that everyone in the entire stadium was so happy singing their lungs out! and finally...MINARETS! Oh my! I didn't think I would ever get to hear Minarets live, it was fantastic...this show was incredible (it didn't rain! again!) the energy was so high...you could just tell that the boys were so happy to be out there playing...such a different feel than the tour last summer...there was just this tremendous happy energy...they all had huge grins on their faces and were loving the audience (despite that the upper bowl was less than half full!)...dave even said halfway throught the show "I love you!"...great show!
Alex D.
Well I thought it was gonna be tough to beat the frist night @ Comerica. Lie in our graves was amazing and so was like 90% of the set. Well when Dave took the stage after that no talent ass clown Macy Gray, i was amazed at what he played. First off was OSW, great opener, one of my favs, no jams though. Second song was the incredible #41. Nice jam. Great solos by boyde and mr. moore. After that was the so much to say and too much combo with ASTB in the middle. Nice groovin time. Next up was the space between. Suprisingly amazing, the ladies add a nice touch to it. Next was a very long and good jimi thing. Crowd went nuts at the weed refrences, well, at least i did. Very nice jam. Next up was Long Black Veil. I loved everyminute of that damn song. I love the little singing battle the ladies do. Next for the second night in a row was When the world ends. Eh, it was decent. Next was REALLY surprising, Mother Father, minus Mr. Santana. They pulled it off amazing without him. Leroi made up for carlos guitar with some killer sax action. After that was dont drink the water, not a bad song, but ive heard it live many times, so i decided to take a weed break. A fatty later the next song was starting....MINARETS! Amazing, i love that song. Next up was Sleep to dream her.....but one twist.....it was accoustic. Pretty phat. They faded into Grace is gone....one side note, someone thought grace is gone was crash into me...i wanted to beat them. But, GIG was great. Then he started to tease #40, i was pretty stoked, but then he busted out......grey street. He puts his soul into it EVERYTIME and i love it. Great concert song. Next up was angel. Not bad, even though he played it last night. Nice jam at the end with butch and the ladies. The new stuff is jammin pretty good. The last song before the encore was stay, nice up beat little tune. I was boogieing. After about 5 minutes, they were back and he finally came through on the #40. Not the full version, but still enough to keep me happy. Then came waste...kick ass live, but i like phishes version better. Then the song i have waited 6 shows for...two step. Not much i can say for it besides it was THE SHIZNIT. I love that song live. overall the conert was a 9.7 out of 10. GREAT SHOW!
Bob R.
Last night was my 17th show, and by FAR the was the most energetic, interactive, musically entertaining show I've seen yet. Usually when I see a show, I leave feeling like it was the best one yet, but then the next day it seems that I'd seen better when I put it in perspective. Not the case last night. Whatever people said that the band was lacking on Sunday night was not evident last night. Simply put, the boys were ON last night. On to a brief review: First of all, Macy wasn't all that bad. Her band/posse/whatever is badass. They brought the funk. Problem was...Macy sang. I had front row seats, about 4 seats to the left of center (Warehouse!). Getting there was a bitch, because security was tight down in front. Onstage: 8:35 p.m. One Sweet World (Instrumental intro, Swim Naked outro) - Like I said, that was my 17th show. I've seen OSW played before, but never as an opener. I always wished that I could someday hear a OSW opener, and it was a magical way to start the night. I sensed something special in the air... #41 (Everyday) - Smooth version, very tight. Boyd was on fire, and Roi played a great flute solo. I have no idea how long it was, but it was a nice long jam. The Everyday outro was neat: I don't know if they'd been doing this, but when the "Everyday" lyric came, the band stopped and the crowd was singing it. Kind of a stop-time Everyday outro, I guess you could say. So Much To Say * (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->Too Much * - Standard. Stefan had his sweet-ass effects goin on. The Space Between *+ - This song is slowly becoming a favorite of mine, and the ladies really didn't ruin it for me like people said. I hardly noticed them, actually. I'll tell you one thing though: they NEED Butch on this song. On SNL, Boyd plucked the notes of the chorus, but it sounds so much better when he uses the bow (like last night). But the keys helped immensely. Jimi Thing - DAMN. I can't say anything else. D-ZAMN. Roi wailed forever. Long Black Veil *+ - Interesting choice, but turned out to be quite the treat. The Lovely Ladies got to show off at the end, and they really made their presence known. You know, I really think they help in the stadium setting. They beef up the entire band's sound. When The World Ends * - I heard Sunday night's was a train wreck, but as far as I could tell this was A-OK. Pretty basic. Mother Father *+ - Yep. That's right; Mother Father. I was SHOCKED to hear this one without Carlos or Timmy (or some guest on the guitar). The Ladies added some backup to this one. I think that was the first time it was played sans Carlos. Don't Drink the Water * - I thought Dave might unleash on that long note at the end ("I'll build heaven and call it home "), but it didn't happen. Still it came off very clean and the crowd loved it. Almost got a slow, Dave solo outro. Minarets *+ - The palm mute-scratching thing started, and I was thinking, 'Minarets? No...' Then Dave started scatting away and sure enough it was Minarets. HOLY SHIT. This blew me away, the ending was just so powerful, everyone on stage was giving it up. Wow. Tons of energy there. Sleep To Dream Her * - They deserved a rest after Minarets. STDH was much much MUCH better than at UVa. The band seemed a lot more comfortable with it. Grace Is Gone - Beautiful. If this gets on an album (that's released anyway) it'll be huge. I can't get over those lyrics (eg "Where you end, where I begin, is like a river going through"). You can just see the intensity in Dave's eyes when he sings this song, everytime. #40 (Tease) - Stefan thought it was pretty funny that Dave could get a lot of us VERY excited by playing three notes very quitely. Grey Street * - What a shame the Lillywhite songs weren't released. This song is so great. "Even the dust runs away from this town." I wonder if he was talking about Detroit? lol Angel *+ - This song went on for a LONG time. A L O N G time. Of all the everyday songs to get jammed out, I never expected to hear a 10 minute Angel. Butch is the man. BUTCH! Stay *+ - standard. Lots of energy coming from the band still. encore: #40 - I swear...this 40 was better than the one on Listener Supported. Dave came out by himself, so I expected Waste. But he started right into #40, and it was beautiful...it was nice, too, since everyone in the front couple rows was very quiet, making it even more special. Simply put: spectacular. Waste - It's a pretty song, and I'm glad Dave is playing it. I'd never heard it before (Phish's version or Dave's cover) so it was 100% new to me. Two Step - At this point, I thought we'd get the standard 9 minute Two Step, Butch solo, and loud ending. NOPE. In the middle of the jam, Butch and Carter took off on this wild jazz tangent. Imagine this: a smoky night club, tiny stage, a drummer, bass and piano on stage, just having fun noodling around and playing some wicked jazz riffs. That's what the middle Two Step turned into. I thought they had a new song or something that they went into. Dave stood off to the side and Carter laid down the drumbeat (a nice swing beat, smooth and relaxed), and then Butch took a solo while Stefan laid down some bass. It was amazing to watch. You could actually see Carter and Butch feeding off each other, probably remeniscent of their club days together. Stefan is just a great jazz bassist, and you can tell he went right with the flow. After a while though, they polished off the song with the usual Two Step ending; loud as hell. Offstage: 11:15 I think anyone that was there last night witnessed something special. DMB was on fire from start to finish. This show will be remembered for a long time as one of the best. Trust me
Joanna (.
I thought that the concert monday was the best. i was there both nites. it seemed as thought dave liked playing to the smaller crowd on monday nite. i enjoyed Long Black Veil the best. i wasnt expecting it. Angel wasnt my fav. song going into the concert but walking out having heard them play it live i have a new found respect. **** i would like to say a hello to the amazing guy that sat in section D row 25! i have never had so much fun. random making-out session while watching dave, the groping was very nice too.;) if u read this e-mail me**** other than that DMB rocked detroit and it was well worth the money. :)
Jeff L.
After Sunday's show, I was expecting a few more of their hits to be played Monday night, yet they kept the hits to a minimum and played an absolutely amazing show, the best of the seven I've seen. With the possible exceptions of Space Between and When The World Ends, DMB has quickly made the new material off of Everyday and the unreleased Lillywhite sound like jams they have been playing for years. I didn't realize until this show how much Butch Carter contributes to their entire sound, especially as another option for improvisation. The Carter and Carter show at the end of Two Step made that version by far the greatest I have ever heard. Another concern I had was whether or not the Ladies would contribute anything musically to the new material, yet that is no longer a concern. They are definitely a nice touch, especially when given a rare opportunity to be featured. All in all, this was a tough show to top.
Cecilia S.
Okay where do I begin?? First of all, this show was the longest I had ever been to. They walked off the stage at 11:25 p.m. Oh my god!! Could that be any better? A three song encore, 40#, and a 20 minute jam of Two Step???? A girl had a sign that said, "WASTE some time with me" Then of course he played it for the encore. I was at last night's show and this one kicked it's ass. Out of 13 shows this was the best. I have been to the World in '98 when they played Pig and this beat it. Some pretty amazing stuff happened. It couldn't have been more perfect. The crowd was a major factor. All die hards from last night. There was not any fighting. No one was trying to scam a seat and everyone was singing and very respectful. This in itself made for a unforgettable night. Now to the setlist, LOT'S of HIGHLIGHTS!! Setlist: OSW: Opened with this one last year in Detroit, it was nice to hear it come back. The entire crowd was singing and into it. 41#: Have not heard this one in awhile. I love the Everyday outro..SMTS/TM: Since it was Stefan's B-Day he got a lot of funk time in this one. He was into it big time and jammin a lot more than I have ever seen him do. He was damn near dancing..Real Cool..after the song Dave said, "Stefan Lessard on Bass.", crowd went nuts..dave said it again and Stefan seemed a bit embarrassed, was nice to see Stefan get some well deserved props. Space Between: I have been liking this song more and more. Nice one to hear. Jimmi Thing: Very cool with Boyd and Leroi nice long lenght. It was nice to hear a nice phat jam that everyone digs. LBV: I love this song. It is beautiful and I will always be happy when they play it..lovely ladies sounded nice..WTWE: Wish I knew what Dave was saying. He was rappin something in the mic.. very cool fastly becoming a fav. of mine..I also like the stop at the end, the crowd always finishes it for him. MotherFather: I did not like this song on the CD, but I liked it live. Dave seems to dig it and at the end has a nice little roar for the crowd. DDTW: Another one that sounds amazing live. This version was one of the best, Dave was singing LOUD and got the crowd into it. He hasn't been playing this much and it is nice to hear it once in a while. MINARETS: YES!!!! This was a nice surprise. I think they played it in Vegas, not sure..anyhow, the best part of this song was the crazy outro they had at the end. It was a dual betweent he ladies and Dave or whoever was on stage. It was amazing to hear that music could get that fast and it was cool to see Dave jumping up and down to it..very cool..STDH: good, ..Grace is gone: nice, happy to hear it. Now this is when the crazy, cool, stuff started happening...Dave was talking to the band. He was doing a lot of that more so than last night..during this time, the row behind me started chanting 40#...Dave turned around and played the opening cord..we went crazy..he turned around towards Carter and we started chanting again..he turned around and smiled and did another cord..I thought for sure...he was totally loving teasing us with it, cuz we continued to chant it and then he started with GREY STREET..THIS WAS A HIGHLIGHT!! SEC C was going crazy. Everyone knew the song or were at least enjoying it. Like I said earlier everyone at this show were die hards..Angel: This was with the ladies, but they had a great jam at the end. Dave and Butch. The song went on for a while with them singing..I I looked down at my watch and said thought "Well, this must be the last one before the encore." because it was 10:30..I was wrong they then did stay: Fun song. Looked down at my watch and it was 10:50.. Dave back out solo...I thought sweet WASTE, but NOOOOO, it was 40# HOLY SHIT!!!!!! I thought I was going to die. I couldn't believe I was actually hearing it...Everyone was loving it..looked at my watch again and it was after 11:00 and he started WASTE..this was amazing. A guy started flashing a sign that said ANTS and I was like no way this show is over. They have only played a three encore once this tour and it is after 11:00 . I was wrong!! 11:10 the crowd starts chanting "TWO STEP" and Dave holds up two fingers.. and Boyd looks like he is getting ready to start playing and sure enough they go into two step..the most amazing version I will ever hear..Carter was doing crazy stuff on the drums and Butch was very simillar to "listener supported". A girl asked me where Leroi was, he was no where to be found. The boys couldn't end the song without Leroi there..so it went on and on, very cool. Carter was hitting the drums extra loud. I am not sure if this was to get Leroi to come out on stage..after a few Leroi come on and they started the stop time fade out and Dave had the funniest expression on his face it was like, "it's about damn time you got out here". The song went out and looked at my watch and it was 11:25. I am sure I will never see a concert last that long again. What an amazing treat for the city of Detroit. I know many of you are thinking, "I'll never see a review this long again." But I needed to get it all out..Get this show on tape if you can. Thanks for listening..I will trade my soul for this show!!
Brandon F.
I have been to about 6 dave concerts so far, and this was by far the best I've ever seen. It was lessard's birthday and dave just seemed ready to play his heart out right when he got on stage. He was here the night before and the local newspaper gave the band a bad review, and it seemed dave was out to show them up. If that's what he was doing he DEFINATELY did it. Towards the middle of the concert dave started doing his "running in place" dance and by the end of the concert he was dancing like crazy and playing his heart out. At the encore dave walks out by himself and kinda cups his ear towards the audience waiting for more applause and then plays #40 like ive never heard it before and then the phish cover "waste". DEFINATELY the best concert i've ever seen him put on. VERY nice dave.
Celia J.
Okay...so this is my eleventh dave show and I would have to say one of the best ones...I didn't think anything could top being in the front at the Beale Street Music Festival, but this definitely rivaled it. After getting dissed by the detroit Free Press after sunday's show...dave played an up yours show to any of the doubters. First of all.....Dave surprised me riding around in a golf cart and stopping just long enough to say hello in front of the baricades before he backed up and went into the insides of Comerica. The show itself was pretty intense....what a great setlist....I mean, I'm still not to keen on the new stuff but he plays them so well that I'm sick of all this sellout talk. Highlights for me definitely had to be #41.......I've heard this song a lot and still get goosebumps every time. Long black veil...I can actually deal with the lovely ladies and butch on this one just cause the song is so amazing and the guys sound so awesome. Minarets is such an intense song and it seemed shorter for some reason but it was still awesome no matter what they do. Grace is Gone!!! probably one of my faves if I can say I have a favorite...I was so happy to hear this song...it is so beautiful....then right into grey street...perfect. And of course the highlight of my night........#40...I almost peed my pants when he teased it..all I wanted to hear was that song...ever.....and of course the guy next to me was like...that could be a lot of things....and I wanted to kick him cause I was like..that's #40 genius.....and I knew dave was just teasing....but when he came out for the encore by himself I knew I was in for a nice surprise....I started crying cause I had never heard it before in all my 11 shows.....then right into waste which is such an amazing song. Two Step was unreal of course and the guys all gave it everything they had.....the jam in the middle was so awesome and I knew Carter was going to give the audience a show and he did not disappoint. All In all......it was an amazing show.....even though the venue was not as full as Sunday....the boys rocked detroit and gave everyone a unforgettable show. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the show. I know I did.
Ryan G.
This show flat out rocked. The best show I've ever been to, but I'm really really hoping that the Chicago shows are better. The energy the band and the fans had was amazing, this might have put it over the top for me. However, the setlist was pretty awesome, in my opinion Dave only went electric 3 times all night. OSW opener I have to admit I called it, but damn it was awesome. #41 was rockin with the everday outro, a little sad to hear the outro though I was hoping for a #36/Everday for the second straight night. The show overall was amazing, and seeing Mother Father and Minarets was a truly memorable moment. I have to admit I'm not a big Angel fan but they went on for over 10 minutes and now I'm hooked. Grey Street THANK YOU was again awesome. And I'll never forget how #40 was played and you could hear a pin drop in the crowd (3 versus non the less), Waste was great but come on a Two Step that lasted 16 minutes by my watch was amazing. But the highlight of the nigh for me was when Carter was throwing his drumsticks, one was coming for me and I went up with like 3 other guys and I touched but didn't grab it and I thought (I'll never have that opportunity again damn so close) and the fricken drumstick fell right in front of my girlfreind and she got it. This was a great show, like I said the best I've been to, but I think for some reason they'll get better.