Dave Matthews Band
Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, Massachusetts
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

on-stage: 8:40pm
JTR *+
#41 (Everyday outro)
Donít Drink the Water *
So Right *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Mother Father *+
Angel *+
Warehouse * (stop-time intro)
When The World Ends *
All Along the Watchtower *
Sleep To Dream Her *
Grey Street *
Long Black Veil *+ (Maker tease)
Drive In Drive Out
The Space Between *+
Stay *+
Angel from Montgomery
Ants Marching
off-stage: 11:15pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Ryan Z.
OH, what a night! With the heavy rain pouring down on Foxboro Stadium, Macy Gray performed a funky opening act, amusing the crowd with her comments/lyrics about love and sex. Then the Dave Matthews Band came on as the rain ceased and the clouds moved ahead to reveal a nice sky. Anyways, Dave acknowledged the rain and expressed his appreciation for all of his fans showing up in such terrible weather. From his opening words, Dave's voice sounded so clear and strong. I knew it was going to be a good show. He went right into JTR, entertaining the audience with the phrase "rain, rain, rain down on me." One of my favorite songs, #41, was played next. It was mellow and Leroi was fantastic on the flute and the saxophone. After Don't Drink the Water, Dave switched to electric guitar to play So Right. His voice was so sharp. Another song off the new album Everyday, Angel, was sweet. The three gals dragged it out a lil too much but it was pretty cool. Another highlight included the crowd-pleaser song Warehouse. The crowd went crazy when the lights flashed on and off to the sound of a loud drum beat. I think this was one of the most exciting parts of the show. After When the World Ends, Stefan started off Watchtower on his bass guitar. The crowd began grooving again when Dave went into the upbeat song Grey Street. The next two songs, Long Black Veil and Drive In Drive Out, were spectacular. Afterwards, Dave played the very popular song The Space Between. Dave then played a lively Stay with the three gals. He did some sweet jamming and dancing towards the end of the song. For the encore, Boyd sang Angel from Montgomery. Finally, Dave and the crew ended on the fan-favorite Ants Marching. The entire audience was rocking back and forth with hands flying in the air. The four big screens were pretty chill. I had the feeling that Dave was going to treat the packed, Foxboro audience to one hell of a show as a result of the rainstorms all day. He was really grateful to his fans for coming and did, indeed, provide a very energized and thrilling show! SCORE!!!
Went to both nights and thought Saturday was a snoozer compared to the show on Sunday. He definitely put on a different show for the teenie-boppers than for the more traditional Dave audience on tonight. Highlights: a killer WATCHTOWER--totally jammed out; a suprising WAREHOUSE; and ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY which I have never heard. After 13 shows and a strange weekend by Mother Nature I have to say this show was up there in the top few. Foxboro can never top Hartford but the crowd does do its best. See you in August at the Meadows. And that girl next to me in A1 29, you're beautiful.
Jamie L.
Hopefully the second nite at Foxboro will put the negative vibe surrounding last nite's show to rest. I was un-friggin-believable. Due to the rain, the boys felt it was wise to open with JTR and it was well recieved by the crowd. The grooving continued when they went into #41 with the nice "Everyday" outro. DDTW was full of energy and kept the crowd goin. So Right is one of my favorite Everyday tunes and it did not disappoint live. I thought the outro was longer than usual. SMTS-->ATSB-->Too Much was awesome and kept the energy of the crowd and band goin. Mother Father was next. It was a nice tribute to father's day. They played Angel which was the first repeat of the nite. Pretty standard with the new Lovely Ladies outro. Warehouse was a great surprise. I called it as an opener, but will take it anywhere in the set. WTWE was the second repeat. Standard, but we got the burning world on the screens this time (Last night the screens didn't work until I Did It.)Then Dave introduced Stefan and he went into the mid-set Watchtower. Unforgetable. Boyd, Butch, Stefan, and Roi got a solo. STDH slowed the show down a bit, but its a nice mellow tune. I was expecting Grace to follow but he got the 12 string and went into Grey Street. Different lyrics from the Lillywhite's. He talked about "red blood bleeding from her, but it felt like cold blue ice down inside." The Ladies then joined the boys and did a nice version of Long Black Veil. I enjoyed this song. I just sat back and continued to groove. DIDO followed in which Dave mentioned being the "captain of this ship" which suggested Crazy. The Space Between was the final Everyday of the evening and third repeat. The crowd loved this one, its a really good tune. They ended the first set with Stay because of the rain that stopped at the end of #41. Everyone still went nuts and the Ladies did real well. After about two minutes the whole band came back. I knew it was time for Angel From Montgomery. I'm really glad they brought this back. Ants finished a perfect weekend in my opinion. I give this show a 9.5 and definitely one of the best I've seen. Hopefully all the harsh critics will be silenced after this show.
Brian R.
Well what can I possibly say! This was my 14th Dave show and I would have to rate this as #2. They were definitely on right from the start. Very tight version of JTR to open. Used the whole rain theme for this opener. Next up was #41. One of my favorite tunes and it was a solid version. Very nice everyday outro to end the song. Don't Drink the Water had a nice drum intro by Carter. My first time hearing So Right and i thought that it was very nice. Good spot to throw it in. Electric guitar givesit that dirty edge. SMTS->ASTB->Too Much was typical yet always great to hear. Mother father was suprisingly good without the talented Carlos Santana. Angel was better than last night i felt. Placement was better and it was a nice mellow spot. Warehouse was amazing. Stop time intro with the crowd woo's. Energetic as always. When the World Ends was great tongiht as opposed to Saturday night. The band ended it better and the placement was better. Next came the highlight of the night. Watchtower was the second best version i Have ever seen and only fall short of the version with Carlos Santana. Boyd and Butch jammed back and forth and it was great to see. Sleep to Dream her was nice, yet not my favorite song. I like it better live than on the album. Grey Street always a personal favorite. dave whipped out the 12 string and toyed with the lyrics. Long Black Veil was amazing tonight. i usualyy don't enjoy it but tonight they jammed it out very nicely and the ladies were right on top of things. DIDO was in an unusual spot but always gets the job done of raising the energy. I love the lyrics, "I am the captain of this ship so follow my goddamn rules" The Space Between was standard but a nice placement and great setup for the ladies to jam on Stay. Stay was excellent tonight. I didn't think the jammed too much. Dave was dancing so much during this one. Encore was a great one tonight. Not too many people in my section recognized Angel from Montgomery but i knew it and was singing along. I always enjoy Boyd singing. Finally, the best way to end a great night is to play Ants Marching. Awesome version and I couldnt stop dancing. Excellent night tonight. Thank you very much Dave!
As the rain pounded down on us on the way to the stadium, I commented to my buddies, "Wouldn't it be cool if they opened with JTR?" And indeed DMB did not fail to please, kicking things off with a chorus of "Rain down on me" - truly the first of many magical moments during the evening. Despite the $60 ticket price (ouch) and the hordes of drunken "fans" in my section who didn't seem to be paying attention to anything that the band was playing, this show turned out to be an incredible experience that won't soon be forgotten. The setlist was very well-rounded, featuring some of the best songs from each album. Some highlights...Tonight's show featured the best version of Watchtower I have ever heard. Leroi, Butch, and especially Boyd ripped out some absolutely incredible solos, and Dave was gettin down the whole time...An excellent version of Grey Street with some nifty new lyrics...Dave's trip around the stage during Stay and his crazy dancing that kept everyone going at full throttle...And by far my favorite moment, when Dave was singing Drive In Drive Out (a really sweet new version in which the verses are kept very subdued, almost waiting to bubble out), the last line of one of the verses that he seemed to be making up on the spot was "Because I am the captain of this ship"! My friends and I went absolutely crazy, but I don't think anyone else in my ship got it. That tease was enough to make my night, though, it's only a matter of time before they bring out Captain at a future show. I get goosebumps just thinking about it! I could really do without each and every song that the band played from Everyday. Besides the jam at the end of Angel, none offered anything that I can't hear on the album (which doesn't do it for me in the first place...). But it felt like I was alone on these sentiments, the crowd seemed to cheer louder for The Space Between than for any other song. Nevertheless, it was a great show filled with a ton of good songs, both new and old. Once again, DMB does not disappoint!
Peter A.
First off, the rain was awesome! very cool. and with the rain, it was very hard to believe that the opener wouldnt be... jtr - awesome opener!! i love this song! it definately set the tone for the show #41 - very tight, very energetic. roi really grabbed ahold of this one. dont drink the water - i forgot just how awesome this song is. very tight and this is the song when the rain just about ended. so right - you're damn right this song is so right. this is one of the two or three songs that has felt the hand of "road material" so much>anyone seen>too much - alright alright, some oldies making their way forward. very nice! very typical versions. made everyone dance. mother father - ahh yes, have yet to hear this live and let me tell you, roi really does a phantastic job with the soprano sax. its awesome! nice jam at the end with the ladies just kinda adding a little something, but barely. again, this song is feeling (can still use some work) the hand of "road material" angel - the jam at the end saves this song. very cool outro. warehouse - so many older songs breaking through. dave loved how the crowd was screaming "whoa" during the stop time. brought a giant smile. when the world ends - love this song. love the ending. very short but sweet. watchtower - to anyone who was there, how sick was this? it was standard, but the intensity was enormous. butch had his solo, but it was set as electric guitar! so to all who hear the show, the electric on watchtower is butch on the keys! so good! sleep to dream her - another "lover lay down" its a good song. brought people down from the high of the song previous. grey street - oh dear god yes! i absolutely love this song. so well done even though dave has yet to write set lyrics for it. long black veil - very cool and unexpected. very standard, nice little outro by butch and the ladies drive in, drive out - so the show is getting later, im figuring that this might be the closer. and i would have been happy. would have been a great way to end it OF HUGE NOTICE: during the "god has left me behind, why should i worry, im gonna start a new god...etc.." lyric, he says "why should i worry, I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP" folks, Captain is coming... space between - the crowd drowned out dave. the fans were electric for this. stay - holy shit, stay. this must have been 10 minutes. ive never seen the boys (and ladies for that matter) having so much fun. roi is going nuts along with boyd, carter is laughing at dave b/c hes going balistic on stage. stefan and butch are in grooves. wow! what a set closer. best ive ever heard! so now its 11PM, curfew time...im thinking one encore.... angel from montgomery - YES!! never heard it live before! so sweet. ants - tore the house down. you people know how sweet ants is when the boys are electric and on fire. enough said. GREAT SHOW!!! one the best of my twenty two. the show lasted about 2 hours and 50 minutes. (8:25-11:15), captain lyrics, jtr opener, the rain, the electricity, all that...also, one quick note, the only song butch didnt play on was drive in, drive out.
Timothy Z.
Starting this review on the later side of the evening, so I apologize before hand for my inevitable redundancy. Dave summed up a wacky, precipitous day when emerging on-stage, picking up some oversized sunglasses, throwing them on talking about Benny and the Jets, having Carter and Butch play a bit of that, and then remarking "it's a wonderful wet day for joy." Throughout the show Dave expressed his sincere appreciation to the 60,000 who completely accepted the 5+ hours of pre-show rain and stuck it out. The precipitation theme flowed heavily into the beginning of the set, with JTR, #41, and DDTW. The energy was incredible, and by this point the raindrops stopped falling on our heads. So Right kept things rolling like an active stream, and SMTS-->Anyone Seen the Bridge?-->Too Much concluded the best opening excursion I've ever seen the band produce. Around this time a chill swept through the stadium and Dave explained that to keep warm "you can put your hands under your arms and your fingers down your 'draws.." and then later, "gotta put your arms down your draws.." Although, Dave joked " 'cept for Boyd, 'cause he's wearing a white shirt." Awesome Davespeak all night. No "Everyday" triplets tonight, just Mother Father (solid) and Angel dedicated to "a friend of ours 'round Boston who's been fightin' a monster and keeps kicking its ass. This is for her." I'm definitely heading down to Camden with a sign that reads I'LL BE YOUR ANGEL, BRENDA! The "WOO's!" during the stop-time intro to Warehouse invaded much of the floor and Dave broke a string at the end of the song, forcing Carter to take the band over and bring the song to a close. WTWE was excellent, and Watchtower slightly past mid-set was both surprising and incredible. Sleep To Dream Her was a beautiful way to mellow things back out, but Grace was definitely Gone. as in missing completely! Alas, Dave stated "nothing more lovely than wet jeans" and waddled around stage like he was wearing nut-huggers. Quite amusing. Grey Street was a pleasant surprise, Long Black Veil was chill, and DIDO was spectacular. Among with some new lyrics was "God it seems has left me behind. But.. why should I worry? Because I am the captain of this ship." The Space Between provided for one more quiet moment before Stay blew shit up. Totally awesome because in the third row Dave danced to about ten feet away from my DMB buddy Brandon and myself. Absolutely beyond words for us. The full band came out for the encore, Dave explaining that he had a "horny toad" in his throat, and so Boyd took over on an "Angel From Montgomery" that came way out of left field like a drunken girl wearing a white shirt on this moist, moist day. Or um, it came out of no where. Whichever you prefer. Anyway, Ants was a very proper, adequate closer that completely the night and weekend of Foxboro 2001. The band seemed to enjoy themselves, were well-received, and now for me it's time to prepare the '89 Chevy Celebrity that can't break 75mph on the highway 'cause it'll overheat f! or the journey to Camden. The adventure continues..
Ryan S.
This was my second night at Foxboro, and coming off the first show, i really wanted them to play with some of the energy which they had lacked the night before. I just didn't 'feel it' walking out of the first show, like I have at every other concert. Well the second show began with rain, just like last years's Foxboro show, and like last year the rain pulled up just as the show was beginning. Again, he filled the setlist with his water-mentioning songs, with the crowd going crazy with every "Will it rain today?" or "Rain, rain down on me.." JTR was a perfect opener, with it's booming ending setting the crowd up for an energy filled show. 41 was a surprise so early ..it was still light out, and was short, but sweet, and ended with the Everyday outro. DDTW added to the spirit of the show and the energy level, coming off a quietly ended Jam. Most of the Everyday songs had brought the mood down a bit on Sat. night, but So Right came in strongly after DDTW, and was jammed out more than the others. SMTS>ASTB>Too Much always gets the crowd going...ASTB seemed Louder and longer than i've heard. Mother Father was clearly a lull in the vibe of the show, along with Sleep to Dream Her, but not as much as it could've been if they hadn'tve rocked out on mother father. Angel was done the same way as the first show, but far more beautiful..not as much the album-like beginning, but they slowed it down and played a jazzy little jam, while one of the lady's wailed..this was a high point in the show, for she went around singin' a few lines about each musician, like Carter being the "Beat of (her) heart." Each member respectivly threw down a nastly little solo. Warehouse with 'stop time' was great, and the crowd was definatly in it, cause each time he played the beginning riff, the crowd would respond with a high pitched yell that actually sounded cool. WTWends was good but not great, but the longest bass solo to watchtower iv'e seen,followed by the electrified song was sweet as usual. Grey St. was unexpected but nice to hear. LBV was another surprise, but the biggest surprise here was when they went from the slow ending with theLadies into the Slow, repetative jam at the end of"The Maker." DIDI was good, as was the Space Between, which most everyone knew the words to. I thought they'd end the show before this, since they'd done 19 song, but they palyed an average but always fun to dance to version of Stay to send them into the encore. I couldn't have imagined a better encore...Angel from Montgomery was amazing.. i'd never heard it with the whole band. Then came Ants, which i was dying to see, and knew they were going to when Dave exitedly crouched with his guitar in front of Carter waiting for that sweet drum beat to begin. After a long 'RedRocks' intro, the Jam was nice, and new to me.. Carter built up this long jam by adding offbeats in a building way that reminded me of the recently jam on remember2 things. This led into the band blowing up with a loud rockin' ending to a great show. The show had a good feal too, but compared to the great pre-Everyday shows, it was a step below. However, these 2 concerts also gave me new veiws of a few Everyday songs that i didn't really give a chance to. -peace out, Ryan
Incognito (.
where do i start? the energy and vibe tonight was at an unbelievable point so much that the crowd was screaming and chanting for dave the whole night in their hearts. it was amazing to see such emotion from the people and i think its what got dave going tonight. onto the songs... JTR loved the opener. started with a little billy joel in the beginning i think..... anyway. it was great! dave jammed perfectly. #41.. always pleasant to hear in concert. DDTW- although im not a fan of this song... there was so much energy that i have to give it up. So Right- "our love is so right" what a nice verse ... ahh what a nice song. so mellow so smooth. SMTS->Too Much - it is always a combination in dave's concert and what a great one at that. nice to hear once again.. crowd yelling "i drink too much" ahh i loved it!. Mother Father- different from classic dave and i respect it .. nothing too spectacular though. Angel- SOOO SWEET. dave dedicated it to his chick-> which made him perfrom it even better. best song on his new cd. the lovely ladies made it great. Warehouse- omg! best song of the night.. got the crowd moving and grooving into a great night of fun. boyd, dave, leroi, carter, and butch all jammed in perfect harmony!. WTWE- another great version. AATW- one of dave's best concert songs and he proved it to be. STDH- nothing great. just a happy version. Grey Street-this song is beautiful, i loved the song. just release the lillywhite session already! good mix of songs on the setlist with this included. DIDO- great jammer. Space Between- set the mood and got the crowd hyped for the next song before the encore. STAY- DJM went all out with the band. not once did he let out on anything. the ladies did a great job on backup. so so so nice to hear!. and the encore.... ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY- awesome song. thank you dave for playing it. ahh! can you ask for more? Ants Marching- a guy behind me called it so i give it up to him. but dave and boyd went nuts here.... so much respect oh so great. all in all. if you wanted to jam, have a good time and dance like no other. then tonight was the night. thanks to ds, lw, and of course tg for making this night live up to what it was meant to be and more. great concert!!
Sarah M.
I work at Foxboro Stadium and this was my 4th DMB show. I enjoyed the 2 last year so I was defintely looking forward to this year's. Sat. night it was hot and muggy out and I didn't think the songs got the crowd going enough but Sun. night, the show absolutely rocked. I thought Dave and the boys did an awesome job. Everyone was singing and dancing in the stands and on the field. I loved "The Space Between" and "Angel" but the real crowd pleaser I thought was "All Along the Watchtower." It was so good. I was hoping Dave would do "Say Goodbye" but you can't have everything, can you? I can't wait for the new stadium to be finished because then even more people will be able to enjoy DMB's music. Again, like last year, the 2nd show was the better of the 2. If anyone wasn't a Dave fan before this show, then they are now.
Eric D.
Wow, much better than the sixteenth. I was very impressed. Opening with JTR... Kind of a surprise and kind of not, since it was raining, you know Dave and his sense of humor. When he followed that with #41, however, I knew we were in for a good show. I loooove that song, and was half-expecting it, after not hearing it last night. I think that with perhaps not playing enough Lillywhites stuff, (Grey Street was OK, but not great), and knowing that they were going to play at least 5-6 songs from Everyday, it was a damn good set list. Warehouse was perhaps my personal highlight. I love that song, and was incredible, I just love it. Angel was good, too. It got the "Motown" treatment from all three of the Lovely Ladies, as well as a very good but seemingly aborted keyboard solo from Butch. People in my section didn't seem to be too into it, but I'm glad that he has finally started taking songs from Everyday and doing different stuff with them. The same goes with Mother Father, as Boyd fingerpicked Santana's part on his fiddle. Good stuff. Watchtower was good as well, as as always. Ants Marching is not one of my favorite songs, but they played perhaps the best version I've ever heard, an excellent jamming rendition. Angel From Montgomery was real tight, too. 8.7/10, I'd say
Josh M.
AWESOME!!!!! This was my 18th show and it definately ranks among my top 3. The boys were on fire. The rain made for an incredible show. At first I didn't even think the show was going to happen. While in the parking lot "warming up for the show" my girlfriend and I found out that there was a strong chance the show would be cancelled and that there was a big meeting between the band, the stadium, and the town of Foxboro as to whether or not they would cancel the show due to the thunder and lightning from the tropical storm. Well, THE SHOW WAS ON. Now to the show. To start, the band comes out on stage and a fan had thrown a pair of the juge glasses that like clowns wear onto the stage. Dave put on the glasses, walked around a bit, then went to the microphone and gave a nice "Ba, Ba, Ba Benny and the Jets" Chill way to start the show. JTR was the perfect opener. Rain...rain...rain down on me! Then came the #41. The crowd was so into the show since they were all drenched. Everyone started dancing. Especially when Dave hit the Everyday outro as part of 41. They started fooling around with some chords and I knew DDTW was coming. And it did. Nice version. Lots of singing and dancing around me. Way to go anyone in A1. He followed with So Right. What a great song to see live. Very upbeat. The band kept the upbeat theme by going into a nice SMTS>ASTB>TM. One of my favorite combinations. Then we got to here a very nice Mother Father. I was psyched to hear this song because he hasn't been playing it too much. Then came Angel. It was Awesome on Saturday but last night they blew it away. The ladies make that song incredible. Then came Warehouse...a DMB classic. Always nice to here. The crowd was hitting the Whooooo's perfectly in the stop time intro. Then Carter did a nice little 1-2 minute jam on the drums. Next came WTWE. Good change of pace and the crowd was pleased to hear it. Well what can I say about the next song. As soon as Stephan started jamming on his bass you knew exactly what was coming. Dave and Stephan did an awesome intro jam to Watchtower. The band got really into the song and Boyd, Butch, and Leroi all hit their solo's nicely. He followed with Sleep to Dream which I thought to be a little slow after getting the crowd on fire with Watchtower. Then he came out with Grey Street. The crowd was extremely pleased. People had been yelling for him to play that throughout the show. They did an extended ending to it and just jammed. The came "This is a song by Johnny Cash" LBV was perfect and the entire crowd seemed to be singing with Dave. The band also did a long jam outro on this one. Jamming was definately a theme of the night. DIDO was a crowd pleaser and everyone started dancing again. Then came the space between. Very nice. He ended the set with a nice long stay. Dave was all over the stage on this one. The band went off and everyone was trying to guess the closers. I don't think anyone picked what came next..I know I didn't. Angel from Montgomery. One of my favorite songs. I never thought I would get to hear it live. But I did and it made my night. There weren't too many people other then my girlfriend and me that knew the words. It was awesome to see Boyd singing something other then True reflections. Then they just expoloded into Ants. No snare drum intro. They jammed good on this one then we called it a night. I loved the set and I loved the show. The rain only added to the experience. I can't wait to see them in Hartford. Hope everyone had as good of time as I did. I love you Maura. Check ya'all later.
Trish R.
Lets just say this show was incredible! Except for a few of the new songs, the rest of it was really good. JTR was the perfect opener because it had been rainging all afternoon, and it fit the occasion. Whenever Dave would sing "rain down on me!" the whole audience would cheer. #41 was beautiful, as usual, and I love it with the Everyday outro! This song always gives me chills up my spine, and I'm so glad they played it. This was my first time hearing Don't Drink The Water, and I don't want it to be my last! This song is great live, it sounded very similar to the version on Listener Supported. Either way, it was great! So Right, this song wasn't bad, but again I don't like the new album very much. So Much To Say ->Anyone Seen The Bridge? -> Too Much, this ROCKED!! I love hearing this, and I've heard it at every DMB concert I've been to. The audience was def feeling these songs, and so was the band! They looked like they were having fun. Mother Father, man this song, grr. They either need Carlos to play it with them, or just drop the song all together. Its not a fun song live, and the audience didn't seem to like it either. It just doesn't have that libe that some of the other songs do. Angel, now this is a song I don't mind. I think it sounded pretty good live, and I liked the outro "find out what you want, find out what you want, find out what you need" it sounded really pretty. Warehouse was incredible, and this was my first time hearing this song live! It has such a great feeling to it, and the boys were just tearing it up. When The World Ends, well I think I like this better as a studio song. It was cool when they cut off the lights when the song was over. Watchtower was great, and Stephan did such an awsome solo before going into the song. I love when Carter laughs on that song, but they never seem to repeat the greatnes of the laugh that was on the CD Recently. Sleep To Dream Her, another song I could have done without. Grey Street, I'm glad he played another Lillywhite! This song is just so powerful, and the boys did a wonderful job with this one. Long Black Veil, everyone did great on this song! The Ladies were wonderful, they add so much to that song. DIDO was great, another first for me! I love this song a lot better live then on Crash, its so much fun! Space Between was awsome, I called they were going to play this, I knew they couldn't have a show without it. It sounds great live, and on the album. Stay sounded so great, and the ladies and Dave did awsome vocally, and the audience def loved it! Angel From Montgomery, I didn't know this song before going to the concert, but I'm downloading it right now. It was so pretty. Last but CERTAINLY not least, ants marching!! Man this song was so great, and they were tearing it! Dave was dancing around a lot, it made up for his lack of dancing during the other songs. It was just crazy, and I didn't want it to end! All in all, it was an awsome show, but nothing beats 7/8 last summer!
Nick Z.
Thi was an insane show. First off, the rain started at about 2:00pm and didn't let up until the third song in DMBs set. The rain gave the crowd so much energy and the band fed off us and gave us an incredible performance. Secondly, it was my first DMB show. Onto the set. JTR -- figured this would open with all the rain we had today but was hoping for Seek Up. Great outro jam, probably the best I've heard. #41 -- This was incredibly. Lerio's solo was amazing and the "Everyday Outro" was very nice. DDTW -- Heard Carter's drum intro to this song and knew it was coming. This song made the crowd go nuts tonight. There was so much energy and so much emotion coming from both the crowd and the band. So Right -- I am loving the Everyday stuff live (I love it on the album too) This sounded so right tonight. Perfect performance. SMTS --> ASTB? --> Too Much -- Loved this. It was so great. Pretty standard but it kept the crowd moving. Mother Father -- Wished that Santana was on this one tonight. It was very good, tho. Leroi did a great job of filling in for Santana. Angel -- Not my favorite song. It was pretty good live but the Band intro jam that the ladies did at the end was just tediously long. One good thing about this was that it gave me a chance to think about my girlfriend. Warehouse -- What a great song. Stop time intro had the crowd woo'ing and the band put so much energy into this song. WTWE -- Loved this one live. The cut off at the end was so cool, couldn't have asked for a better performance. Watchtower -- A mid-set Watchtower, and possibly the best I have ever heard. The band left the stage and Stefan did an incredible solo. Dave came out and jammed with him a bit then started in on the song. The crowd was going nuts for this song. Boyd did an amazing solo followed by Butch on the keys doing the most intense solo in the song. Incredible. STDH -- I, personally, love this song, and we needed a mellow tune after that intense Watchtower. I loved it tonight, the little outro to it was very cool. Grey Street -- Thought Grace is Gone was coming after STDH, but we got an awesome Grey Street. This is one of the best of the LWS songs. Leroi was on tonight on this one. LBV -- Thought we were getting Stay with the ladies coming out. Then Dave said "This is a tune by Johnny Cash" and I was happy. This is a song that the ladies definately belong on. Thier jam at the end was incredible, DIDO -- So very cool. I loved the Captain tease near the end of the song. Dave put the "cuz i am the captain of this ship" line in the last verse and I went crazy. Space Between -- Knew it was coming. Great song but no real jam to it. Enjoyed it anyway. Stay -- Knew this was coming too with the ladies still out. It was awesome, tho. The end was very long and Dave was dancing like mad. Great end to the set. Angel From Montgomery -- Never thought I'd hear this live, especially for my first DMB show. It was too cool. Boyd kicked ass on this song. Ants -- Thought they were gonna play it and it kicked right in. It was absolutely incredible. The crowd was going insane during this song singing at the top of their lungs. The most energetic version of this song I have heard. Boyd was on, this was all his song. An absolutely amazing close to three hour show. The rain, the crowd, the show, it was all incredible and I can't wait to go back again and again.
Jessica E.
Great great great concert! Topped last night's show for sure. Opening with JTR was a nice touch with the "rain down on me," since it was pouring at the beginning of the night. #41 was pretty standard, but beautiful none the less. Threw in some Everyday tease in there at the end. DDTW fit in well with the whole water/rain theme, and you could tell by then that the crowd was pumped. So Right-knew they would play that one-but good. SMTS going right into Too Much seems common among the shows and it's no wonder, because it sounded really good and kept the crowd going--singing so loud. Mother Father, now that was a surprise. I saw many take a bathroom break during this one, but I will say that it's much better live than on the cd. Angel was special, Dave talked about how it was for a loved one of his and how it was something special. The lovely ladies got in on it and anounced each band member for a little solo. Warehouse was outstanding; everyone got off their seats and screamed for this one. WTWE was a lot better than last night's. Watchtower was another crowd pleaser, amazing energy there. Sleep to Dream Her had the similar effect that MF did. Grey Street was a personal favorite, who wasn't amazed by that one? LBV-standard, Space Between-"will it rain today"-haha YES! And then STAY, wow, I called that one. The boys had to keep the Stay/foxburo tradition going. Encore was one of the best I've heard. Angel from Montgomery sounded beautiful--boyd really tore than one up. And then Ants--perfect ending to a great concert.
Pat M.
Was I a "Fool To Think" that the boys would put on a better show tonite... HELL NO! The boys put on an unbelievable show. One of the best I have seen at Foxboro. With a setlist that includes Grey Street, #41, Stay, and Warehouse. How could you go wrong? Just when you thought the concert couldn't get any better... They bring out Ants Marching and bring everyone to their feet for an unbelievable finale. Dave sounded great tonite and was full of a lot more energy than last nights mediocre at best set. I swear I must have been some of the only people to know "Angel From Montgomery" the cover of Big Voice Jack. But it was a pleasant surprise, as it gave Boyd a chance to sing. Watchtower was great as usual and the new songs really rocked. Special thanks to the people in Lot #11 for some great makeshift tenting. All in all a pleasant surprise from last night! Hope they come back soon!
All in all, a pretty sweet show. Macy Gray was terrible, at one point she said "is cursing the only way i can get a rise out of you?" to the crowd and then yelled "f*** you" about 15 times. Anyway, all was forgotten when dave and the boys came on. Someone had thrown excessively large toy glasses onto the stage (like the ones Elton John used to wear) and Dave put them on and sang "b-b-b-b bennie and the jets" which butch followed with a little bit of the piano riff, which was kinda cool. JTR was good and standard, it sounds really good with the 12 string, but very similar to last nights version. #41's always great, very good to hear. I really liked DDTW, even though i dont really like the studio version, it sorta came alive in concert, Dave's slightly hoarse voice made the lyrics sound even rougher than normal. SR was nice, the Everyday songs have turned out to be really nice in concert, and the mix between Everday and the classics is nicely balanced. SMTS->ASTB->Too Much was high energy and very enjoyable. Mother Father was ok, not my favorite, and it sorta dampened the mood and energy of the evening. Angel was the same as last night, but the ladies were really good both nights, and everyone in the band got to do their own tiny solo (dave even did a little guitar solo, which was surprising). Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse!!! absolutely sweet, i didnt think i'd get to hear it this time around, but they pulled it out (mid-set too) and it was great as it always is. WTWE was the opener last night, but they threw it in the middle this time. Both versions were good but not spectacular. Watchtower was unbelieveable, stefan's bass intro was sweet and everyone went crazy on cue, energy was awesome. The location was suspect tho, as it was squarely in the middle of the set, and it was such a great performance that whatever song followed it would pale in comaprison, which was what STDH did quite spectacularly. Probably the weakest song of the night. Grey St. was great as always. I was praying for LBV all night, i couldnt have been happier when we got it. While the song is ovbiously not as intense as Watchtower, i thought it was equally enjoyable, especially with the great imporv by the ladies in the outro. DIDO is always great, really intense and enjoyabe, i think dave might have put in some new words, but i couldnt really make them out. TSB was okay, but some asshole two rows in front of me decided that it would be a good idea to ruin the views of 5 people by standing on her seat and dancing strangely, which she proceed to do for the rest of the night, despite everyone's frequent projectile assaults. Stay closed the set well, Probably the best ladies performance of the night along with Angel. Angel from Montgomery was terrific, Dave always rewards the fans when they show up in the rain. Between that and "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away" last night, we got treated to two great and rare live performances this time around. Ants is a good way to close , great energy, and Dave did a little two step toward the end (ie dance, not the song). Overall i'd say a B+/A-. I think ill try to get to Hartford in early August, hopefully ill see ya'll there!
Chas A.
This was my first DMB show, and I have to say it was one of the most awesome things I have ever witnessed. We got there early, despite the rain and howling winds, and prepared to be amazed. The stadium was fairly empty early, (most people were sent to put their umbrellas back in their cars), but it filled up by the time Dave came on at about 8:20. I have to say that the first few beats of JTR were much more enjoyable after waiting through all that rain, not to mention the awfulness of Macy Gray, who my friend adequately described as having a voice like an '80 year-old dying cat', and the crowd really got into the rain-intro of JTR. #41 was great, and the intensity of the band was awesome. They got jamming on this song right away, and it gave Boyd some time to let it go, which he continued to do the rest of the night. I was really psyched to hear DDTW next, and it was a great version. (Leroi played a nasty sax). So Right was very good for an Everyday song, and was so much better live than I expected! So Much To Say was great to hear live, and the transition between that and Too Much was really awesome. The fact that Dave can blend his Everyday stuff into the older stuff so effectively was really good to hear. After Mother Father, (better than the album version by far, but still just okay), the band then went into a really long version of Angel with the Lovely Ladies introducing all the members of the band through the song...amazing! From there, he went into Warehouse, one of the highlights of the evening. He was really on for that song, Boyd's acoustic violin brought the house down. Then came the underrated WTWE, which was really great live. Gotta love the abrupt ending! He then turned it up another notch, though, when Stefan and Dave started an acoustic jam which proved to be the intro to Watchtower, the best version of it that I had heard. Everyone was really intense, and again the whole band working together made that a highlight of the show. Of course, it could only go downhill, and Sleep to Dream Her was pretty much that. A bunch of people in my section sat down for it, and it was the only real letdown of the night. Dave made up for it, though, when he came right back with Grey Street, which was really amazing! Anyone who likes the lillywhite version needs to hear it live - much more intense, and a lot longer. From there he went into Long Back Veil, a really beautiful song that the crowd really got in to. Then it was Drive in Drive Out, which missed a bit of Boyd's violin that was in the album version, but was still great. The Space Between was good too, and was a nice treat to hear live even though it gets overplayed on the radio. Nice to hear it end with another Crowded Streets song, Stay, in which the Lovely Ladies again proved why they tour with Dave to begin with. The true highlight of the show was the encore, however. After a great redition of Angel from Mongomerey (a real treat, truly an underrated song), Dave went into an indescribable version of Ants Marching, where the band just let it go, and everyone really got into it. All in all, the show was extremely good, the intensity was wonderful, and the setlist was amazing. Can't wait for the winter tour!
The Dave Concert last night was amazing. It was outdoors at Foxboro Stadium and it poured for two hours. Finally around 9PM, the rain stopped. The songs were great and the encore was the best I've ever seen. I like that "Angel from Montgomery" song. And of course, who doesn't love "Ants go Marching." It was worth getting soaking wet. Dave was great!!!!
Sam F.
There is one word that sums up last night...WOW!!! I gotta say that i'm 14 and have been a fan for almost a year now, and this was the best first show that I could have asked for. The boys were totally on fire!!! I think that they were so happy that everyone came out in the rain (the stadium was packed) that they just put out so much energy in the set. oh well, on to the show. JTR was a great opening, and it got everyone outta their seats and ready for a great night. it just set the tone. #41 was awsome with Roi and the EVERYDAY outro was fun to hear. When the everyday album came out, i wasn't a big fan of it, but the songs really have come a long way in concert with solos and jams, and they are really growing on me. I really wanted to hear SO MUCH TO SAY, and became estatic when dave started with the opening rift. It became even better when they faded into TOO MUCH, which Butch was on fire in. Angel was another of those everyday songs, but i liked this one from the start, and the jam at the end was phenominal. I don't care what some people say, the LOVELY LADIES WRECKED IT UP!!!! There was a little brake, but when the boys came back with WAREHOUSE, everyone rored and dave was having such a great time with this song, smiling and wailing throughout the whole thing. When Stephan started in with his solo, I was just waiting for Dave to start singing WATCHTOWER. This was by far one of the most energitic songs of the evening and everyone was just into it, the band and the screaming crowd. While we're on energy, i don't know what it was, but the band had so my fucking energy last night, it was crazy, and it rubbed off on the crowd. SLEEP TO DREAM HER was the one song that I could have done w/o, but GRAY STREET more than made up for it. I think Dave like the lillywhites so much more than he does the Everyday stuff. LONG BLACK VEIL was nice, but boyd and the ladies were awsome on the end. DIDO was great, i really like this song, didn't expect to hear it, but was supprised when they played (pleasently supprised). He said goodnight to the ladies, and i though that they wern't gonna play stay, which i thought they were gonna close with all night. Then after TSB, they came right on out again, and put out such a high energy STAY that i was almost laughing, i was so happy!!!. They left and the crowd went wild, just screaming, throughing glow sticks around ect. They band came back out, w/o Butch or the Lovely Ladies, and got ready for the encore. It took me a second to reconize ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY, but when i did, it was great. I really wanted to hear Boyde sing, and this song was the perfect one to hear him do it on. This song was worth the whole show, eventhough it is a cover. When it was over, i was just saying to myself over and over "ants, ants, ants". I didn't hear Cater with the snare, so i got a little disapointed, but then they came in storng with ANTS MARCHING, and the crowd when wild!!! The band was half as loud as it was all night cause of the screams!!!. They just went to town on this, putting everyting into it. It was the perfect way to end a great show. Boyd tore it up, and i think the strings on his bow were beginging to fray, he was playing that violin soooo hard. This concert was worth it, and mabye its just because its my first, but i think they should make a cd of it. hope to see ya'll this winter or if not, DEFINATLY NEXT SUMMER!!!!
Frank M.
Great show! Dave did a great job of mixing the old songs with the new. We were rained on all day and Dave responded with his first song choice and had several related comments during the show. Including some "choice" ways to keep your hands warm. Liked the everyday lyrics linked into the end of #41. The band was the most "upbeat" and happy I have ever seen them. Lovely ladies took the stage at the end of Angel describing each band member as their angel.
Joe R.
My third DMB show this year and I must say there was something special about this one. It poured all day long and there was some question if this show was even going to be on. But the rained cleared just in time for Dave and the boys to blow us away. They opened with JTR which was pretty cool because of the "Rain down on me". Crowd wents nuts all night everytime they heard the word rain. Next came #41 with the Everyday outro which was always great to hear. Great jam at the end. Carter then began a little drum solo that seemed very dark then went right into Don't Drink The Water. First time hearing this and it was very very good. I enjoyed it. So much energy. So Right has come a long way since the first show. In my opinion best Everyday song in concert. So Much To Say(Anyone Seen The Bridge)into Too Much kept the crowd very energetic. Mother Father was next which was a big suprise. Doesn't sound right without Carlos though. Nice to hear though. Next came Angel. Very mellow song with a big jam with the lovely ladies introducing the band members. Very cool. Warehouse was very suprising to hear. The stop time intro is awesome with the crowd. The WOOOOOOOS were LOUD tonight. Great song. When The World Ends was much better tonight than last night. The band just had so much energy tonight. Next came Watchtower and it was absoloutly incredible. It blew the place away. Very nice. Dave was going nuts! Sleep To Dream Her was mellow. No one even sat down for this song. Grey Street was special. I love this song in concert. It's awesome. Long Black Veil with the ladies had a great jam at the end. Nice to hear for the first time this year. Then came a very suprising Drive In Drive Out with Dave saying "I am the Captain of this ship" a bunch of times. Space Between keeps getting better and better. Dave messed up a few times though. Finally Stay blew Foxboro away. Again Dave messed up but laughed about it. "Makes you wanna stay" about 50 times! Dave was dancing all over the stage. Dave came back for the encore and said to the crowd he had a "horny toad" in his throat tonight. He picked up some necklace that was thrown on stage and put it on for the encore. They lead off with Angel From Montgomery. Boyd was great on this song. Very suprised though, kinda wanted to hear Waste but oh well. Finally Ants.......and only one word can describe it....wow. Thanks for a great weekend at Foxboro guys. Three shows down and only one to go. See ya'll in Hartford! DMB rules
Derrick K.
As soon as I saw daves 12 string up on stage before he was, I knew this was going to be a good show. For some reason I belive the band loves it when it rains because they love their die hard fans. He opens with JTR, (sweet) the lyrics were changed a bit because of the rain. #41 was a solid second song. Dont drink the water a great third song. So right is a great song with some intensity. They are also starting to jam w/it a tad. So much into the bridge into too much always good. Mother father better then I thought it would be live but not good enough. Angel, Blah why the extended jam? Warehouse always good. When the world ends good song. Watchtower, oh boy. Buch taylor had his keyboard set to an electric guitar sound. I thought hendrix was playing w/dave best I have ever heard by far. Sleep to dream her got my heart rate back to normal good song. GREY STREET, oh yea. Long black veil has been soo good.The ladies are just eating this song up. They even made dave fall to his knees. Drive in Drive out there was a tease of Captain in this. This is the second tease for captain he could play it very soon in the tour. Space between better and better every time. And then an easy call to close it out stay. Encore: Angel from montgomery. All the mainstream fans were like what the hell is this. I love it. And then Ants No better way to end this great night. I give this concert a 8 1/2 out of ten. I have been to 8 dave concerts in the past two years. The only thing I would have like to see is One eye fish -> Bartener these songs are rediculus. also Dave was not dancing a whole lot. But over all Great concert. peace-Derrick Kirkpatrick
Bobby V.
This was a very good show, but not one of the best I saw. A torrential downpour beofe the show hindered tailgating somewhat, but still not dampen any spirits. Usually I am specific about all the songs, but all I can say is that was an ordinary show. It did have energy, but not as much as many other shows I have seen. The highlights of the show were So Right, Watchtower, Grey Street, and a remarkably excellent Stay (never thought I would say that!)The fans were excellent and surely outclassed the whole RFK disaster
This was my first DMB concert ever and I thought it was unbelievable. My favorites were Watchtower and Ants, but everything was great although I was dissappointed the didn't play two step. But crowd chants of "Yankees suck" and other things made the crowd electric. I've been to Guster and Dispatch concerts, but those don't even compare. I will be sure to go both nights next year.
My 10th show and I'd have to say it was one of the better shows I've seen. I wasn't even planning to go until last week when I learned field seats were still available. Section B1 was pretty nice except for the people around me. I'll get to that later. As for the actual show, Dave came out wearing a pair of huge sunglasses (those plastic ones which are found in joke stores). Everyone laughed when they flashed it on the screen, and Dave replied, "Awwwww, shut up!" The band opened w/ an amazing JTR, and the blankets of rain all day made it even better. Amazingly, the rain stopped during JTR after a miserable miserable day (weather-wise). DMB is THAT powerful. I was glad to see Destiny's Adult (the lovely ladies) didn't butcher the song. Too bad much of the crowd was clueless to JTR. 41 was a nice follow-up. Pretty standard (similar to 4/28/01 in Raleigh) w/ the Everyday outro. I must admit I wasn't thrilled to hear DDTW, but it def. woke the crowd up. This song has gotten much better cuz the band doesn't play it as often. Knew they'd play So Right tonite, and this was a good spot for it. Not sure if Butch makes it better or if the band has just improved throughout the tour, but this version sounder much cleaner and crisper than in Raleigh. SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much is def. not my fav, and I was cringing as Dave played the first chords. This is when the concert took a detour from excellent to mediocre. The first 4 songs were amazing, but the duo of SMTS and Too Much stole the smile from my face. I was excited to hear Mother Father, the only song of the nite I'd never heard live. Unfortunately, the trace amounts of emotion in the song on the album were non-existent in tonite's version, and many people around me sat down. It was at this time the guy in front of me (Fatty McGee) started yelling at people around us, saying, "C'mon, whadya wanna hear? Whadya wanna hear?" Kudos to the girl behind me who answered, "We wanna hear you shut up!" Heh heh. In fact, the only smart thing the guy said all nite was, "Sorry I'm so fat," as he tried to climb over a chair. Angel followed Mother Father. Another idiot in front of me finally stopped bragging about how drunk he was and started telling his friend the song was Everyday. He would not shut up throughout the whole concert, either screaming about how much he loved a song or singing the wrong words (seriously). I know security has gotten a bad rap lately (esp. after RFK), but I wanna say thanks to the staff member who told the kid (in a firm tone) to try and let others enjoy the show. That shut him up for a while. Sorry for that tangent. Although Angel is not one of my favorites off Everyday, I had to laugh when Destiny's Adult started calling out each band member. Was it just me, or did Butch blush when they singled him out? Yea, Butch! I think Brenda wants him. I was expecting somethin fast next, like Warehouse or 2Step. I tried to get the "wooh" goin in my section during Warehouse, but my area was totally clueless. Thanks to the fans in the stands for keepin it goin, though. Dave had a huge grin as the woohs got louder and louder. WTWE was pretty standard; I don't think much of the crowd knew it. Too bad for them. Watchtower followed, and for the first time in my life I was not excited to hear it. It's kinda sad, but I guess I was hopin for some more stuff I'd never seen live. But of course, I loved it tonite. I always love it. Boyd finally woke up for this one and dueled nicely w/ Dave. STDH was next. It def. took the crowd out of it, and gave Fatty in front of me a chance to get more beer (great, just what we all needed). I was convinced we'd get GIG next, but Dave surprised me w/ Grey Street. Not as spectacular as last summer (will never forget Polaris both nites), but good nonetheless. Felt like I was the only one who knew it, though. LBV was a nice surprise; hadn't heard it since Foxboro 5/29/99 when NO ONE knew it. The crowd warmed up to the song cuz people finally stood up again after sitting down the previous two songs. DIDO was solid, but woulda been great to hear Stone preceed it (like last summer). I must admit I'm not too fond of DIDO, but I always enjoy it in concert. Good to hear Dave ad libbing during it, esp. when he said somethin about not caring if God leaves him behind cuz "I am the captain of this ship." Oooh, Captain woulda been an AMAZING surprise, but of course, didn't get it tonite. TSB has always been one of my favs on Everyday (liked it more before the radio got a hold of it), and it was beautiful tonite. Woulda been better w/ Lindsay, though. Destiny's Adult added a nice touch to the song, too, cuz they LIMITED their singing. Lots of cheering on "will it rain today." Next was the song I was hoping NOT to hear ... Stay. The Red Sox losing in the playoffs, the Celtics stumbling through the season and Stay at Foxboro are all traditions that need to end. Anyone who's seen the band play Stay w/out backup singers will agree this tune is robbed of its greatness when Destiny's Adult gets involved. The encore was a good combination of rare song and overplayed song w/ Angel from Montgomery and Ants. AFM seemed abbreviated, though, and Boyd didn't solo as much tonite. Ants Marching was a good closer to the weekend in Foxboro. All in all a solid show that did not leave me disappointed. Some highlights include Dave saying, "Nothing's lovelier than wet jeans," then walking around the stage stiff-legged. It was pretty damn funny. Also, Dave couldn't stop thanking the crowd for staying out in the rain to hear the band. Had to smile when chants of "Yankees Suck" from the stands got the crowd going before the band got on stage. Was hoping to hear BigEyed Fish--> Bartender, but that wish died when the band played it last nite. IIHIA and WYA were some notable absences (two best live songs on Everyday), and was hoping for a Seek Up, too. It was good to hear some BTCS, unfortunately it was two radio hits. Bring back Halloween and Dreaming Tree! I'll see y'all in Hartford.
Matt K.
Wow! These guys never cease to amaze me. It seems they get better and better every time I see them. Everything was simply perfect last night: the rain and the party under my tent, the Maestro and the Frisbee, an unreal Ants Marching, and one great friend. Dave was very talkative tonight, the most I've ever seen him. He was very responsive to the crowd too; he kept pointing at us, and laughing with us. At the beginning of the show someone threw these giant sunglasses on stage. Dave promptly put them on and began doing his best Elton John impression, singing Benny and the Jets. Hahaha. The boys started off with JTR (me and Duffy called it). The place was goin crazy during the chorus due to the buckets of rain that had fallen down on us all day. #41 was great, with everyone singing the Everyday outro. Don't Drink the Water was also very appropriate, but after it was over, the rain stopped. So Right was beautiful; better than C'Ville when Dave messed up the lyrics, remember?? So Much and Too Much got the place groovin like only they can do. Mother Father was decent; the outro was awesome though-very intense, with Boyd playing Santana's part on the violin. Angel was so sweet. The Ladies introduce the whole band during the outro; it really got the crowd roaring. Warehouse rocked!! Dave was jamming so hard that he busted a string toward the end of the song. WTWE was groovin again last night-you got it, Melis! Watchtower was off the hook. Stefan definitely shined; his bass intro wailed through the stadium and he took a rockin solo in between Boyd and Roi. STDH slowed it down nicely... but where's Grace, my song?? Oh well. Grey Street was intense; Dave pours so much into this song. Long Black Veil was great, with all the lighters and a soulful outro from the Ladies. Only the second DIDO of the tour followed, but Carter and crew got it again! I was praying for Space again... and we got it. They absolutely nailed it. This song means so much to me... and to get to share it again made the night really special. Finally, the Stay which got my feet moving like theyve never moved before. Dave had the happy feet out too and was all over the stage, to everyone's delight. Encore: I felt like we were back in '94 - talk about old school. My first Angel from Montgomery was incredible. But what weekend would be complete wihtout Ants?? My favorite song, and I'm always psyched to hear it. Dave got jamming so hard that he forgot to come to the mike to sing the last "Lights down you up and die!!" It was awesome. Once again, thanks to everyone I hung out with and to the rain for an awesome night. Last, but not least, thanks to the incredible girl who helped make last night... the best. Peace and love. See yall in Hartford.
As a whole, this show had a lot more energy in it than any of the past Dave concerts I've been to. It rained heavily most of the day and for the beginning half of the concert, so any song with a rain-related lyric got a big response from the crowd. You could tell Dave was in a good mood when he first came on stage and put on a pair of oversized sunglasses which had been thrown from one of the first few rows of seats. Dave interacted with the crowd considerably more than I have seen him do in the past. #41 sounded great, and the abbreviated version of EVERYDAY he added at the end was a cool and unexpected addition. DON'T DRINK THE WATER really rocked tonight and it easily topped the Listener Supported version. SO RIGHT, SO MUCH TO SAY, and TOO MUCH built steadily, and MOTHER FATHER took it back down a notch. ANGEL sounds spectacular live and tonight he dedicated it to a close friend of his in the Boston area "fighting a monster and still kicking its ass." They jammed on the ending with the ladies, which adds a nice touch to the song and also incorporates brief solos for all members of the band. WAREHOUSE was next followed by WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, which also sounds great live. WATCHTOWER came next, which was clearly the highlight of the show for most everyone there. It literally brought the house down. They put so much energy into this song, it never died down, just continued to build and build. It surprises me that they played it as early on in the show as they did, simply because there was no topping it. SLEEP TO DREAM HER came next, which slowed things down quite a bit (and probably gave the band a well-deserved rest). GREY STREET sounds even better this year than at last year's shows. LONG BLACK VEIL was next, with a somewhat shorter jam with the ladies at the end, which in my opinion, improves the overall impact of the song. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT brought the tone back up before THE SPACE BETWEEN, which sounds simply beautiful live. They ended the set with STAY, which had an extended jam at the end and you could tell the band was really going all out. At this point in the show, Dave was dancing constantly (and he had done a lot of dancing through the entire set). They started the encore with ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY, which I had never heard live, but has a wonderful sound to it. And they concluded this concert with a long version of ANTS MARCHING, which was even a little longer than their encore versions from last year's shows. All in all, an absolutely amazing show. Hats off to you Dave, you did it again.
Ryan D.
Tropical Storms don't stop the DMB experience and tonight was in no doubt the best damn DMB show I ever attended. My 10th show simply was AMAZING and I'm calling tonights setlist the RAIN SETLIST cause almost every song had the word rain in it. Dave came out and put some oversized glasses on and was singing Benny and the Jets with Butch adding backup was funny as all hell and JTR was the perfect opener with the rain starting to letting up, #41 my favorite awesome, DDTW awesome predicted it. When the opening riffs of So Right were played I went nuts (Fav Everyday track) and it was the best version I heard as Butch made it sound even sweeter. SMTS-2MUCH always awesome and Mother Father was sweet, didn't need Santana cause once again Butch made the song sweet. Angel same as Saturday, Warehouse awesome, WWTE better because it was dark not like Saturday. Watchtower was tremendous best version I've heard in concert. STDH was cool. Grey Street "WOW" I love this tune so much. LBV sounded better than ever and DIDO was cool. Space Between Us always cool and Stay perfect with again the rain lyrics the close the fantastic setlist. Angel from Montgomery was awesome and Ants always kicks ass. Tonight proved that DMB is the best live band and the world as they wraped up what I cool the 3rd Annual DMB Foxboro Weekend and a weekend I will never forget until next time.
Colin S.
A better setlist and higher energy made this show the better of the two nights. On to the review... Dave walks out and someone throws a huge pair of plastic glasses on stage. He puts them on and kinda looks like Elton John. He steps to the mic and says "B-b-b-benny and the jets," then Butch and Carter play about a ten-second tease of the song. Pretty funny stuff. Nancies.org might want to put the tease on their setlist. JTR- A repeat from the night before usually isn't the best way to start a show, but this song, with its "rain" chorus really was a great way to start off the show. #41- A standard version. The crowd didn't really get into the Everyday outro that much, either. DDTW- Standard, but always energetic. SO RIGHT- Butch makes this song sound really funky. Definitely the best live song from Everyday. SMTS->ASTB?->TOO MUCH- Dave missed his cue at the beginning of SMTS and had to do a scat intro, which turned out to be pretty cool. MOTHER FATHER- This sounded surprisingly good without Santana. Butch fills in adequately, and the ladies add a lot to the cool jam at the end. ANGEL- Same as last night. The end jam is still pretty cool to see. WAREHOUSE- Dave extended the stop-time intro so the crowd could continue doing the WHOOs. Everybody got into it and Dave was loving it. WTWE- Carter and Butch had a little jam before the song, which was an otherwise standard version. WATCHTOWER- Perhaps the best version of this I've ever heard. Definitely the loudest and most intense. Dave sang the first part in a sort of Bob Marley reggae style, but from then on it was all rock. The jam featured three intense solos from Boyd, Butch and LeRoi. They were loud and fast and just amazing. Highlight of the night. STDH- Talk about a letdown after an amazing AATW. This song is slow and boring and does nothing for the fans. GREY ST- I was hoping they wouldn't go into GIG, because that would've been a huge energy killer. (Although it is a great song.) But Grey St. was the right choice here. Most people recognize it and it was a good pick-me-up. LBV- I'm still surprised that everyone, even the high school girls in front of my friends who didn't know what Warehouse was, knows this song. The ladies really showed off their talent at the end of this one, reaching some really high notes. DIDO- Not the best version I've ever heard. I think someone got off-rhythm during the end jam. Dave did throw in a CAPTAIN tease, saying "I am the captain of this ship" before one of the choruses. TSB- The same as last night. This is definitely turning into the next Crash Into Me, but at least it's a better song. STAY- I knew it was coming. It's not the best way to end a set, but it is full of energy. Dave danced over to our side of the stage during the end and the crowd went wild. You could tell he was having a blast. ANGEL FM- I was so psyched to hear this. Very few people knew what it was, but those who did were loving it. Dave started the encore by saying his voice was sore, so that's probably why they played this. Mayb! e it wasn't on the original setlist? ANTS- As always a great way to end a show.
Josh K.
The show rocked. Overall a 8 out of 10! I have seen 15 shows and this is just outside the top five, barely. Dave was amped! It was either the rain or the roaring crowd which greeted him the instant the lights were out. The thunderous crowd was juiced before the band came out, putting the crowd from saturday night to shame. The rain was the key I believe for the great night it was. Dave walked out and was wearing those giant clown glasses and he did a little jig before he picked up his guitar just to give a taste of his energy to the crowd. We loved it! I guess with the rain and all JRT was a good intro, then #41 definitely my favorite song, but both Boyd and Leroi got cut short on the old school dave matthews band jam. Even still the song was sick! After that i knew the energy was going to be there the whole night. Dave was AMPED! Angel was cool especially when one of the lovely ladies introduced each member of the band seperately followed by there own individual display of talent. I say STRETCH the display like 2 min longer for all of em. but it was dope. I appreciated So Much To Say going into TOO MUCH! Ive heard it that way a bunch and love it every time. sorry to all the haters but Too much cant be bad live. Neither can Watchtower or Warehouse both Top full O Energy. The place was moving. By the way a lot of fans at the concert s*ck now. They should shrink back to concert venues. I want to hear dave when hes getting tricky on the guitar but the crowd is just stupid sometimes. ok enough of that..... when the world ends was far better on sunday than saturday the energy was so much higher. they played So Right wich was cool but it would be cooler if they turned it into a long song and threw a dope jam in, the opportunity is deffinitly there with So right.The best part of all was that The Band was having a blast up there. Finally they seemed to love playing again last summer they were a drag, they rocked it on sunday night. Dave was Dancing like crazy all night long, especially to STAY. Wich took its place among the great live songs to hear,just on sunday night. They blew it up. Dave danced from one end of the stage to the other for five or six minutes of just straight up jammin. then waiting for the encore i was thinking how Boyd didnt really do anything all night long and that was my only complaint at the time. Then Angel from Montgomery! He sang it and jammed between each verse.very nice. awesome actually. Then came Ants marching. They just seem to end with that whenever they have a good show. Ive seen it sooooo many times live, and every time im dancin to the groove. the song still rocks. They have noticably cut down on there jam band style, but the energy was dope and the managed to remind me of the old Dave Mathews band i know and love. Screw DMB..its Dave Matthews Band!
Gregory R.
"you can keep warm by stuffing a loved one in your armpits, or just put your hands in your crotch."..dave matthews, 6/17. This was my 8th show, and to compare another to this one would not even be fair. From Dave running around with Oversized green glasses, to dancing his ass off every chance he got to an appreciative and soaked crowd, foxboro rocked like no show i've seen. I was 7th row center and couldn't have been happier with the setlist, energy, or weather which only added to the experience
Paul C.
Dave finished off the Foxboro weekend with a great, great show. They played for nearly three hours tonight. Opener of JTR was fun in the rain. Dave was all about the rain tonight. I believe he said he had a wet ass, in between all the other hilarious jibberish that he spoke throughout. Dave seemed to be a lot more lively and playful with the audience tonight than last night. He even walked out in huge Elton John sunglasses and his first words to the crowd were "Uhhh, Benny and the Jets." The new songs were good tonight and there were less of them. Angel (one of only 4 repeats from last night) was even better tonight, and So Right and Mother Father rocked. They made my weekend by playing Grey Street. It sounds so good with the 12 string acoustic guitar and the jam is great. #41 and Warehouse were solid, Watchtower was much more than solid. The jam is incredible now and it was so loud and awesome. Stay was fun to end the regular set and then the encore was terrific. Angel from Montgomery was a total surprise and it was beautiful. Ants was a great way to close out the weekend. It really got the crowd jumping, even after the song ended. This weekend's shows were my 9th and 10th and I heard 15 new songs and about 6 hours of music. Another great summer weekend of Dave at Foxboro Stadium.
My dream that i have been dreaming of came true last night. I saw Dave Matthews band for the first time. I've been a fan since '94 when i first saw the band on saturday night live. i just haven't been able to catch any of his shows. It rained all day up until dave stepped foot on stage. it was like he was incontrol. It was the best show i have ever seen. i didn't care about being wet, i barely couldn't move due to my jeans being so tight with water. i have seen many greats in my life, dylan, petty, floyd, dead...but nothing compares to what i saw last night. it was incredible! i am joing warehouse so i can attend all of the shows, sounds like a road trip to me.